Sabrina says if you flip back on Thursday I will drowned you with my own two hands.

POV Holder: Jon Next POV April 12th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 14th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: Sabrina & Rachelle
Current Nominations: ADEL & Arlie
Have Nots Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather

BBCAN2-2014-04-15 09-59-49-079
1:10pm – 1:40pm In the bathroom – Allison, Sabrina and Rachelle talk about how Neda just revealed to them that she was the one that dumped out the condiments. Rachelle says she told us because she thinks we will trust her more. Sabrina says it doesn’t it makes us hate her. Big Brother puts them on another backyard lock down. Rachelle, Allison, Sabrina and Adel head to the hot tub. They talk about how Jon said Arlie thought Rachelle was Jon’s girlfriend. Rachelle says that is not true can come to my house and egg me if its true. I swear its not true. I have a real boyfriend outside the house. Adel heads inside. Allison, Rachelle and Sabrina talk about being called Arlie’s Angels. Sabrina says we need to do it just for the name. Sabrina says all I know is if you flip back on Thursday I will drowned you with my own two hands. Allison says stop saying that! If you keep saying that I will. Sabrina asks you are for sure voting out Adel?! Allison says YES! Allison says I’ve wanted Jon out since they got Andrew out. He lied to my face, I have no problem doing this. Arlie joins them. Arlie talks about how he would love to stay in this game but doesn’t think he will stay. He says I would kill to get Jon out of this game! Sabrina asks Arlie who threw the condiments out? Arlie pauses and then tells her it was Neda.

BBCAN2-2014-04-15 10-29-58-425

1:50pm – 2:10pm Allison & Arlie talk in the hot tub. He tells her that he would take her to the final 2 and doesn’t even care if she wouldn’t take him. Allison says its hard to trust you though. Arlie says I would look like an a$$hole though.. to you and to fans! And a lot of this I am doing for the fans. Allison says real talk .. one line in your poem floored me.. Arlie says the blonde girl line. Allison says yes. Arlie says that was if I had a showmance. Arlie tells Allison if she does this I would literally hangout with you guys 24/7 so that you wouldn’t have any doubt. Arlie says I don’t want Jon or Neda to win. I don’t want Sabrina to win. If Adel snuck through to the end I would think it was cool but I wouldn’t give him my vote. If you save me I would never f**k you. It is so much more than game to me. Allison questions if Arlie would go with Heather. Arlie says I would never align with Heather she is dumb at this game. I know I need to ride or die to the end and the minute I don’t win an HOH I will go home. I need someone strong with me.

BBCAN2-2014-04-15 10-52-25-595

Jon is talking to Sabrina and Rachelle about Arlie. Sabrina says we are just worried because the only person that can help protect us is Neda.. because you can’t play. Jon asks what about Allison why don’t you think she would? Sabrina says ah .. I am talking about our four. Sabrina asks Jon who else he has a final four with. Jon says just you, Rachelle and Neda. Sabrina asks so you don’t have a final four with Heather, Neda and Allison? Jon says no. Sabrina says because people are running their mouths. Jon asks who? Was it Adel? Sabrina says I feel like you have other peoples backs way more than ours.. in a second. Sabrina says I am 90% leaning towards you. Keeping him in the game keeps a bigger target in the house. If he goes I firmly believe we (Gremlins) will be next. Neda joins them and asks what’s going on. Sabrina says I’ve heard you guys have two different final two deals and 3 different final 4 deals. Neda says people are running their mouths because they’re scared.

BBCAn2-2014-04-15 11-20-18-454

2:10pm – 2:40pm Jon gets called inside to the diary room and BB closes the back door again. The house guests think something is happening. Sabrina tells Neda that her telling them about the condiments hurt her more than helped her. Sabrina says I think we have to go in there and vote! What are we going to do?! Neda says get rid of Arlie of course! Sabrina says but Adel will vote me out. Sabrina asks if you win HOH .. you are not going to put us up, you are not going to put us up as a pawn?! Neda says nope, I don’t want to. Sabrina says Adel is going to put me up! Neda says he won’t. Sabrina says if he puts me up against you.. who is going home?! It’s hard for me to trust you guys .. because of everything I’ve heard. Sabrina questions Neda again about the 3 final four deals she has. Neda says I think you are just hearing about the sloppy seconds. Sabrina asks so you can swear on your sister ours is your real final four? Neda says yes! They continue to talk and Sabrina says I am going to do whatever Rachelle wants to do.. that’s where I’m at, at this point. Neda tells Sabrina I think I have a better chance with you guys.

2:55pm Big Brother comes over the intercom and says House Guests, we need the havenots to go to the main bedroom to get into wardrobe and the haves to go to…. big brother cuts the feeds.

4:20pm The live feeds are still blocked..

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So Allison is going to flip or is she dragging along s/r?


All I have to say is; Allison – YUCK! Sabrina YUCK! I have no idea how Allison conveniently gets to stay in a game by doing nothing, like any of the viewers believe she just got lucky finding the veto (right!) So over watching a show that is consistently interfered with and not letting chips fall where they may. Sabrina and Allison needed to go, now Adel ,Jon and even Neda will be “taken out” by “Arlies angels??? give me a break. I am done with this season. Over and out.


As much as this move is better for Allison i cant stand Sabrina she one worst and most vile people to play big brother ever possibly the worst.

I cant wait to see the look on her face when she realizes shes most hated player ever.

Wait till jon and others get out and see all shit she said about them its disgusting.


Overkill a bit?
Yeah Sabrina is dim, whiny and arrogant but the worst? Among the literally, thousands of people to play the game, she is the worst?


Yes, she really is.


Oh ya, the worst, ONE HUNDO, Bud!

another name

sad reality:
all of the hate expressed toward Sabrina proves that she is a reality producers dream, and all because she’s everyone else’s nightmare.
yup, if there’s ever a bbcanallstars you are ensuring that she will grace your screens again.
my condolences.


Let’s hope they at least bring in a punishment for nose-picking for the all-stars season then. Ten push-ups, for example. Imagine how many push-ups Sabrina and these other people, including Arlie and John, would have had to do by now.


but boy oh boy does she ever keep things entertaining….I must say I am really beginning to like her more and more…especially with all the other HG’s pulling the same kind of crap that Sabs is crucified for…and they all seem to get off scott free with the antics


LOL, nice comment you’re drinking Sabrina’s Koolaid. That is basically verbatim what SHE is telling the other house guests, she’s so good I guess it even transcends the game. Get a clue, my god, listen to yourself.


You’ve obviously never seen BBUS15.


Agreed. Sabrina seems like a fuzzy kitten compared to Amanda and Aaryn.


OMG they were awful. You are so right. I’ve been royally unimpressed with Sabrina all this season, and had forgotten all about those two. Evil personified. You’re right. Sabs IS like a kitten in comparison. 😉


neda needs to win this HOH or Jons toast!


Love the trust game test Sabrina did on Arlie aka Who threw out the condiments?


Arlie way too arrogant. Alison boring. Get rid of both of them please.


I wanna see Sabrina attempt to drown Allison come Thursday. Allison for HOH?


Um girls, Arlie just admitted to the lies he told about Rachelle and John being boyfriend and girlfriend. Do you not see he will sell his first born to win????

It might not be ideal but since Adel is also willing to get out John WHY would you keep the best player in the game???? Oh that’s right because Arlie told Sabrina how brilliant she is, and these girls promises to Arlie/Alison are just as valid as their promises to John/Neda they’ll honor whoever has power.

Alison my god, you made a good move but now you are going to let the Gremlins push for you to be cut and let Arlie take you out as soon as Jon is gone. Alison is so bound and bent on honoring her hand-job-mance, oops sorry I mean Andrew that she isn’t thinking about even trying to strategize for other options.

Sabrina: “you guys were rude to me, I never said anything mean”

1. Continual lies about Heather and comments on her appearance
2. Going from hating Rachelle, calling her useless to bragging about how she owned her and she would do whatever she wanted
3. Comparing her dog necklace to Adel’s religion and then telling people she spoke about her religion
4. Calling Alison a whore and ugly
5. WORST: walking up the camera to tell Jon’s girlfriend to dump him b/c Neda’s dirty vagagay gave him a yeast infection

She is the most vile, disgusting person. Where is the game in ANY of those comments? (well maybe #2)



Why keep Arlie ?
Because Adel can’t win squat.
Neither can Sabs.
And the odds are Ro & Alli won’t either.


Slobrina good lord, what a total physco cocky BITCH, the house had her off her imaginary pedestal, and that DUMB move by Allison, now has her yipping away, Come on Allison, flip on her, and put her and her “butt-tag” Rochelle back to their paranoid state,,,


You are such a hater!!!!! Sabrina and Rachelle are people too with feelings.
Imagine if people twisted your name to Slobbie B and started calling you that?
Doesnt sound nice now does it?

Lets all be friends

Everyone who is freaking out about invididual players need to realize its a game! It’s big brother, obviously people will lie all the time. Yes I agree Sabrina has said some mean things but lets not sink down to that level and start calling people names. It’s being awfully hypocritical. GO GREMLINS


It’s true so many hypocrites on this website. Sabrina’s a bully so let’s combat that by posting mean spirited non-game related comments. This applies to all the HG’s as well. It’s completely normal to have favourites, people you root for or against but the level of vitrol sometimes is really unnecessary. I know there are trolls but not all these long winded essays on why you hate a player are coming from them. Sabrina’s behaviour’s questionable at times but why is she getting flack for playing the game right now? And this is coming from someone who doesn’t care for the Gremlins.


What are you guys talking about? Hypocrites? All anyone is saying that she is vile and disgusting WHICH SHE IS. Let’s just call a spade a spade, she dug her own grave, and let her true colors show, unprovoked, from the onset. It’s not game, I would bet a lot of money that she is exactly the same way outside of the house. Get a clue.

BBCs Gross HGs

Can someone post sabs twitter handle please?


Just type in her name. Whoever posted that wasn’t telling accurate though because it’s all LOVE for Sabrina. And her face book page has 400 & some followers while Jon and Kenny both have over 5,000. Arlie’s is no where to be found. (at least I couldn’t find it).


It’s funny how Slobby’s FB page is run by someone from her family, they keep deleting all the nasty comments (thus why you don’t find any comments at all, except from some Italians-her family- I have come across a few comment that were not even mean on her page, just telling the truth about how mean spirited she is, how delusional etc, only to find them deleted the next day. Her 400 FB followers are probably her FB friends and family, she doesn’t have fans at all… the girl running her twitter fan page barely tweets at all because most of the time she has nothing good to say…


Ok so Jon probably won the one on one time with Emmett and Jillian. What he needs to do is walk around with a big Cheshire grin and wink at Sabrina and Ro and say I got you guys, no worries.

Make them think he just got a big power and then they’ll jump back to voting out Arlie.



He couldn’t have gotten it, because the fanmeter hasn’t reached 20 million yet.

just an opinion

😉 Does that matter? Since when is telling the truth a prerequisite for BB?

little mouse

i do hope bb will supply Sabrina with the medical help she needs when she leaves.

Lets all be friends

That’s rude

oh well

Truth hurts doesn’t it?


I think I have worked out Allison game.

This week get rid of Adel, next week John, following week, Arlie, then the week after a tough decision whether to take go with the Gremlins or flipping back to Heather and Neda and take out the Gremlins.

Therefore Allison is in the best position to get to final 3.

Fingers crossed that Allison will pull it off, if I am correct in my assumption on her game play.


Allison ruined her game …. if she flips she won’t be trust worthy. It make it the end her, Arlie, Sabrina and Rachelle have to win everything from here on in which I don’t think will happen. Heather proved can win and I think Neda has potential. I have no faith in Rachelle or Sabrina winning anything. She will always be at the bottom of the alliances in the house. I thought if she stuck with J/N/H/A she would have a better chance. I can see that alliance in the future taking our Jon or Neda knowing they would never go against each other and she will have H/A to back her. With A/S/H her chances don’t fair well.


It’s real hard to tell if Neda is making any inroads with Sabrina and her pet. I would be surprised if Sabrina fell for it. Call her what you want but she has a good BB brain.


Ali is playing the middle very well; who is she ACTUALLY aligned with?

Does anyone actually know?


Andrew and Kenny.
Don’t tell her they’re gone.


I don’t think anyone knows Kev. We will all be tuning in on Thursday night to find out though.


Allison has never – and will never – have any real alliances with anyone. She has turned on everyone at one point or another and regardless of what she thinks, she will still be on the bottom of the totem pole on whichever side of the house she decides to join each week. Combine that with her 3-week pass and red POV and I can’t see her winning in the final two.


Out of respect for the more sensitive I discontinued this, but….
scr*w it !!!

101 Ways For Sabrina To Die

The whole house is wondering why, for the last several hours, Adel has been sitting on top of the chest freezer….


I dont care how many downvotes this is going to get but I am firmly on Team Gremlins and Allison.


Gremlins + Allison are sure making things exciting on the feeds. Now that most the 1st5 is gone JOn/Neda’s appeal is waning.


I can’t freaking stand Arlie and as much as I want Arlie gone next, Adel deserves to go home for beinf stupid and volunteering himself to go on the block.


He pulled a Lawon. Haven’t seen this in a long time.


I can’t believe they are actually considering keeping Arlie, I know he’s a good player but I personally just would never trust him he lies and has been caught in lies too much even if I was in the gremlin’s and Allison’s position and it would mean I’d have numbers on my side I’d never be able to trust Arlie even if he said he’d be 100% with me because Arlie says that to everyone.


Can’t trust Arlie because of his lies? Ummmm that is exactly what Jon, Neda and Heather are doing too…this is big brother you can’t trust anyone…you just play the best game you can and go for it.


No the difference is Arlie never really kept anyone from the beginning. Jon and Neda have been together from the beginning and brought Aldel and Heather in and Arlie has always been a wild card. Hoping Allison sees this as an opportunity to get rid of one the biggest comp threats. This maybe the only chance they have of getting rid of Arlie (she is totally on the weaker side of an alliance of ever making her safe) . Of course Arlie is going to take Sabrina or Rachelle with him to the end. He has been playing the end game from the beginning. Hope it’s endurance and Neda wins!!!! Allison and Arlie go up, Arlie wins POV and Allison goes home. If he wins the next HOH — Jon or Neda go home with one of them winning the next HOH with nobody else in contention (really R/S).

If he wins the next HOH than Jon or Neda go home but he can’t play in the next. So it will be Heather or Neda with the win. Arlie and Allsion go up — one will go home. Arlie basically has to win everything until the end to stay in the game. Can it be done alone ………. I don’t think so.


its real simple, Arlie is a threat, they should take him out when they have the chance. Otherwise he could dominate hoh, and pov comps the next couple of weeks and will end up going to final 3 with sabrina and rachelle


Exactly. It’s that classic mistake of trusting a person because they’ve admitted that they can’t be trusted–as if the admission of dishonesty cancels out the dishonesty.

In using this strategy, Arlie is clearly trying to pull a Will move.


It’s simple if you want the rest of the game to be boring. Anyone that watches this show, should know that watching one side slaughter the other is NoT entertaining.

Watching Arlie &Allison vs, Jon & Neda (with the gremlins and Heather fighting in the background) will be so much better than watching Neda puppet master the rest of the game.


What happened to Heather? She’s acting like Rachelle lately. All she does is agree with everything Neda says.


Exactly my thought and I like Heather. Neda is as much as a manipulator as Sabrina except she is not mean about it.


Why anybody would trust Sabrina in the first place, that’s what blows my mind!


All anyone can hope for is that Jon smartens up and uses this time he’s had alone inside to make it seem like he got a huge power. He needs to intimate it but say he can’t talk about what happened. (just like what Alison did after she played her veto).

Then Sabrina in her paranoia will think OMG what if he has a big power he’ll crucify us for turning on him and take us out! OR get out Arlie and then we have no protection from him.

THAT would be a smart game move and something Neda would think of if she was in his shoes. Let’s hope he recognizes not to run his mouth the minute the garage doors open and thinks of this on his own.

Hey I would have loved to see Arlie and Neda battle it out in the wits department and Jon and Arlie in the physical department but I can’t stomach seeing Alison or Sabrina go past top 5 simply because I find Sabrina to be a personal player (as per my comments above). I’m not solely against some of her game but I can’t stand the personal. Her comments to the camera directed at Jon’s girlfriend went beyond what was acceptable to me. The fact Kenny, Rachelle, Sara and Sabrina were ALL called into the DR for their behavior regarding what was being said proves even Production felt they went beyond acceptable. (that was the day Sara said she wanted her kids to punch Heather in the face and Kenny discussed the breaking of legs).

As crazy as Dan and Dr. Will were at lying they were NEVER mean or personal. They made the game fun and entertaining. Also the fact she goes behind Rachelle’s back to make sure she is always safest and then chastises Rachelle if anyone speaks to her and she doesn’t ruin her game for Sabrina I find extremely condescending and at the same time passive aggressive. Suffice to say she’s not my favorite person, but I can see why keeping her around til Final 4 if I had a strong guy playing with me would be a smart move. Besides they could always get Heather or Adel to break them up which would leave just one to take to F4 with them (them being Jon, Neda, Heather).

I do believe Neda intends on taking Jon all the way if she gets the opportunity and vice versa; I just hope John plays his time behind the garage door in the house to his advantage.

I also can’t believe Neda isn’t appealing to Rachelle saying I busted my ass to keep you and also went out of my way to find a replacement that would allow you to keep Sabrina and now you are going to F me.

Neda isn’t done yet, she’ll make sure she tells Alison that Sabrina already told her everything Alison split which might give Ally some pause showing ONCE AGAIN, Sabs only takes care of Sabs.

Plus if I were Jon I’d tell Allison and the Gremlins in no uncertain terms; ok you want to play that way. I just saved all 3 of you and all lied to my face so guess what Arlie is safe as gold I’m not going to touch him I’m coming after you 3! Yeah it’s bullying but at least plant some seeds and play the game.


I don’t think Jon has this much game play in him. Plus if the HGs think he has any power what so ever it will make him a bigger target. They will want to flush it out. He probably won’t be able to say anything to anyone like what they did to Allison.


I hope allison wins hoh next week. Neda got way too cocky in this game and because of her decisions, her alliance is going to go down in flames on thursday.


I think Jon was the one to throw Arlie’s name up first, so I’m not sure why everyone’s blaming Neda. Besides, their plan would have worked it weren’t for Allison having the secret veto. Their biggest mistake was forgetting to plan for contingencies–they forgot that you never know if someone has a secret power.


pppllllsssssss evict arlie on thursday im begging you allison

another name

who is trustworthy in the big brother game?
jon: playing neda, playing heather, playing adel. playing Sabrina, playing rachelle, playing Allison. playing with his junk.
neda: playing jon, playing adel, playing heather. playing Sabrina, playing rachelle, playing Allison.
heather: playing jon. playing Allison, playing Sabrina, playing rachelle, playing adel.
Sabrina: playing jon, playing neda, playing Allison, playing heather, playing either adel or arlie. playing with her belly button.
rachelle: playing with Sabrina’s belly button.
Allison: playing neda. playing heather, playing jon, playing either arlie or adel. playing victim of circumstance.
adel: playing neda, playing heather, playing Allison, playing rachelle, playing arlie for a vote, playing up to the camera.
arlie: playing with his body hair, playing with anybody he’s alone with.
so… given everyone has side deals… and everybody lies as part of game, who is trustworthy?


Allison will evict Adel, i am 99.99999 percent sure of it. She is an emotional trainwreck, not as bad as Sabrina but close. It still amazes me how no one bothered to evict Sabrina BEFORE jury….she is gonna be like poison in there. Imagine Sabrina, Rachelle, Allison all in jury and Sabrina will manipulate them. Big mistake to put Arlie on the block instead of getting out Sabs, if she makes it far enough she could very well end up in final 2 and manipulate her way to win. She has been active in the game and can use that to get votes, e.g. she created the first five, got blood on her hands and along with her little alliance can say she saved Arlie and got back in the game etc. It will be very hard for someone like a Neda, Heather, Adel, Rachelle or Allison to get votes. Ro literally did nothing but be sabs bitch, allison gave a hj to andrew, adel lasted this long because he was put on the backburner, Heather is a follower, and Neda while making moves she has not done them directly so she has to prove it was her all along, and jury has to buy it.


I’d agree with most of that except if ARLIE is in jury he will make them vote for Neda b/c he already said he knew it was her plan to get him out and that she was the only one who could!

That statement in itself should have made Allison figure out Arlie doesn’t even believe she (Ally) is a threat.


So who is everyone voting back into the game? Hope it’s Kenny

oh well

I say Adel once he’s evicted


TOO Funny now Sabrina wants to go with Jon and Neda b/c she doesn’t trust Alison and her deal with Heather/Arlie.

So how funny will it be if Alison made this big move and then Sabrina screws her just to put her on the bottom on the totem pole AGAIN. Karma to Alison for stabbing the people that saved her?

another name

karma to Allison for stabbing the people that saved her?
how is false salvation worth calling for karmic retribution?
they USED her for numbers, promising salvation and inclusion. she helped them.
then they immediately planned to throw her away as disposable. she KNEW she was the target. two days of salvation? whoopee.

she’s hated for not making any moves. she’s hated for making moves. name a situation where she isn’t hated.