Heather says I told Sabrina I was sorry for the things I said but it was a lie, I am not sorry!

POV Holder: Jon Next POV April 12th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 14th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: Sabrina & Rachelle
Current Nominations: ADEL & Arlie
Have Nots Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather

BBCAN2-2014-04-15 08-29-46-861
11:25am In the HOH room – Heather tells Jon about her conversation with Sabrina. She says that Sabrina basically told me she didn’t believe me and that she has been a nice person and has never been mean to anyone. Heather says it was a lie I am not sorry for anything I’ve said to her! Jon says she is a master manipulator. Heather says half way through I was pissed off at her and then I was just like whatever. Heather tells Jon she also had a talk with Allison. I lied and told her I would take her to the final 3. I am starting to think that she is more on our side than on the other side because she is a numbers person. If Arlie stayed they would have the numbers but.. Jon says I don’t know any reason why someone would want to keep Arlie in here. Jon asks would you guys even make a final 3 with her. Heather says probably just to make her feel better. I don’t think she would want to get rid of you any sooner than final four.

BBCAN2-2014-04-15 08-39-02-828
11:50am Out in the backyard – Sabrina & Rachelle talk to Allison about their options. Allison says we need to make sure both Adel and Arlie feel safe that they’re staying. Sabrina is scared of Allison saying she will vote one way and then vote the other way leaving them exposed. Allsion says I want it to be huge when it blows up! I would not have set it up this way if I was just going to rip out your heart. If I go with them, then I am still on the bottom. Just trust me! They head inside to eat.

11:50am – 12pm The house guests are sitting around the kitchen table talking about random things. Sabrina says I’m going to have people follow me down the streets in Montreal just to make people think I’m important. Adel says oh my god you’re horrible. The conversation turns to talking about how many followers they’ll have when they get out. Adel thinks they’ll have double what the BBCAN1 house guests have. They talk about whether or not a jury member will come back this season. Jon calls Allison the twisty twisto. Sabrina says Allison had 3 weeks of safety in the beginning. Jon says you were given the veto. Allison says I wasn’t given the veto, that’s all I can say. Neda asks what you worked for it? Allison says I can’t say.

BBCAN2-2014-04-15 08-57-10-126

12:15pm Up in the HOH room – Neda asks Jon if she should tell Rachelle and Sabrina about how she dumped out the condiments last week. Neda says I think Arlie is going to tell them. I think if he tells them he would twist it. Jon tells her he thinks its a good idea to tell them and that it was just to get Kenny out. Jon says we should have a talk with Allison. JOn tells Neda about how Sabrina and Heather talked and she said she isn’t a mean person. Neda says holy f**k! Sabrina is such a a good manipulator. Jon agrees. Neda says it doesn’t even feel like he is leaving. Jon says it feels like more and more that he is leaving. Sabrina joins them. Neda and Sabrina head to the main bedroom. Neda tells Sabrina that she was the one that threw out the condiments. I am telling you because I trust you so much. Sabrina says that is so mean, you have balls. Neda says If I did not trust you, I would not be telling you right now. Sabrina says oh Rachelle is going to be so mad. Neda says well to be fair we were on slop because of her. Rachelle joins them and Neda tells her she threw out the condiments. Rachelle says it was just kind of a mean thing to do. It was just rude. To me its more of a bully.. it was just mean. It’s like bullying almost. Sabrina says to me it looks so hypocritical because you guys are telling me I’m mean and then you’re doing this. Neda says this was from a game stand point though. Rachelle says it was just annoying it didn’t even weaken anyone. Just don’t do stupid sh*t like that again. As long as it was for game and not something malicious. Neda says I’m not a malicious person. Neda leaves and Rachelle and Sabrina talk about voting out Adel/Arlie.
BBCAn2-2014-04-15 09-34-46-431

Out in the hot tub – Adel asks Rachelle if she and Sabrina have been aligned since week 1,2 or 3. Rachelle says well she had my back but I didn’t know about the first five. Adel says well none of us but Jon knew about the first five. Adel says Arlie is smarter than all of us. I think he f**ked up when he was drunk. Rachelle says he’s smart, he played a good game while it lasted. The cameras switch to Heather telling Allison about her conversation with Sabrina earlier today. Heather says I think the four of us will get really far. Jon says I think we’ll clean house!

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i dont understand where these arlie and peter comparisons come from. At least Arlie has a game, and isnt vile and gives them a proper goodbye.


Agreed, Arlie > Peter in every way,

Peter was so arrogant, he was so useless and overrated. He had no social game, his strategic game was horrible also. Even if Arlie leaves this week Arlie is still a so much more superior player. Peter was so entitled he’d always talk about how he was running the game and how he was the best social player and the biggest threat. Man Peter sucked!

Peter should be so jealous of Arlie.


Arlie also doesn’t yell everything he speaks, which makes him better than Peter in my book.


That’s it JOHN and NEDA. Start yapping at ALLISON about being GIVEN the Veto. NEDA shut your mouth. You were given your HOH, and beyond that done nothing but tell JON how to lose the game. Staying on your side is suicide for ALLISON.


I can’t believe how Neda had me fooled for the first half of the season. She’s so rude all of a sudden.


Agreed, Arlie > Peter in EVERY way possible.

Peter was so useless and arrogant, Arlie is a much better player than Mr.Chicken nugget himself.

Russ from Van

I’m waking up this morning with a fresh perspective. I’m more relaxed today, as I was pretty heated last night thinking the season was lost with Allison teaming with the Gremlins.

I’m going to just chill and see how this week and season play out. So much can happen in such a short amount of time.


I agree with Russ from Van. I too have to take a breather from this BB Game or my blood pressure will go through the roof. I now just read the recaps that Simon and Dawg post and if I’m calm enough, I’ll also read a few comments. However, with things changing every hour on the hour, I am so confused now that it doesn’t make any difference what anyone says to, swears by or lies about any more.

I had favourites but now they are all the same………………..a bunch of lying, backstabbing, flip-flopping HGs.

In other words, they are all Big Brother players, finally playing the game, including Allison who just said that she had planned it to be this way, when talking to Sabrina. Maybe Allison has been playing dumb but in reality has been observing and waiting for the right moment to strike. Who knows any more.


I hate Allison.


Why do you hate Allison? Do you know her in real life? This is a game. A show. Relax. Some posters really need to get over THEMSELVES.


I missed the fight between Heather and Sabrina. Does anyone have the link to it. Thanks in advance




I really don’t understand why Neda and Sabrina are lying out of their asses right now about Sarah/Kenny…. geez they’re gone. get over it.


As much as I would love for Arlie to stay and see some fire in his ass with getting out Jon, I don’t know if I can bear the arrogance of Sabrina after it happens! Adel was right when he said they just lost the game after finding out about Jon back dooring Arlie, it was a bad move but since he didn’t know about Allison’s secret Veto I guess it’s not entirely his fault. This eviction is going to be interesting that’s for sure.


In a previous post I said I wanted Arlie out rather than Adel, I like Arlie better though. I just feel like he will be too strong of a player to later get out, but I want DRAMA! So au revoir Adel and I wanna see the three of the four I’m rooting for (Jon, Neda, Heather) sweat it out next week. Everyone loves an underdog, but Adel just isn’t doing it right :p

anthony mizuki

i cant wait for thursdays eviction episode. it’s going to be explosive. and if this alliance is named arlie’s angels then he is the ultimate pimp mastermind in the history of the game. in big brother canada history not including U.S.

just an opinion

Rather grotesque – he went from pleading to be saved to running the Gremlins and Allison – how do the girls put up with that crap – I’d have let him him talk and talk and talk, I’d smile – then call him “my biotch” – LOL wonder how that would’ve gone over.

Johhny (the European one!)

“Sabrina says I used to have people follow me down the streets in Montreal just to make people think I was important.”

Well, there goes the theory that it’s PLAYING BB that turns them all into those questionnable characters…
Seriously? Who does that? How would that even work?

This is like Rachelle telling them “I peed in the Hot tub”: Something you just shouldn’t admit to in front of cameras…


ok, I have to admit: I am getting lost in all of the side flipping and I can see that some of the HG are also lost, given that they make deals, lie about their deals, make other deals and so on and so forth. The only thing I know is that they made a sloppy seconds alliance and then, for whatever reason, Neda decided to break it, first by wanting Allison on the block and then by wanting Arlie. Jon and Heather merely agreed to the plan and then the plan was somewhat propagated. It is also obvious that Neda wants to use the grmlins to execute her plan, and that Jon is agreeing to this as well. I think that last move was a mistake: putting Arlie up was too soon and amidst too much confusion and shuffling. I hope that this plan backfires and that we will ultimately see an Arlie/Neda showdown, with Jon as Neda’s soldier. I hate that the gremlins are still in the game, but hey, that was part of Neda’s plan and now Arlie should take advantage of it. I am disappointed in Jon and Heather as they are not calling the shots and go along with Neda’s plans. I think they should have gotten the gremlins out and then the alliance should have fragmented and “may the best strategist win”. I am hoping that now, Arlie is saved so that we get our strategy showdown as opposed to just a bunch of people that make and break promises on an hourly basis. It should be a game of chess not a free for all.


Well said observer, well said! I totally agree and hope to see Neda and Jon on the block, with no veto used.


Can someone clear up just who’s idea it was to put Arlie on the block? I keep reading that it was Neda who wanted him up but here is what Simon posted on 4/13 at 1:49 AM.

“Jon asks them if they’ve been thinking about Arlie going up, He knows Alison will vote him out. JOn says he doesn’t see anyone as a physical threat except for Arlie, Jon boasts that he can win every physical competition. once Arlie goes. Jon doesn’t think Arlie would put him up this week. Jon tells them they have enough votes to get Arlie out. Neda, Heather and a Gremlin would vote him out. Jon says he can go tell Allison people in their alliance is trying to get her backdoored. Jon will say if he can keep her safe will she vote their way.

Neda doesn’t think it’s the best idea so soon to take out Arlie.

Heather says Adel would not be onboard with that, “Our Alliance would combust”

Jon – “It would be everyone against Adel” Heather doesn’t want that she wants everyone against the gremlins.”

What gives here?

kevin nash

sabrina is a big brother god. to all you people hating yall are just low life losers. she is a strategist and a competitor. she is also loyal. she is one of the most fascinating players to ever grace this game. her persuasive abilities are second to none. she deserves to not only be respected but be adored by the canadian public. she will go down in history as a legendary player and she should easily be voted back in for all stars. she is simply a treat to watch. neda and jon will crumble in her power.


Oh thanks – I needed the laugh today.


Arlie’s Angels Baby!!! The gremlins and Allison love it. They are deciding who is which Angel in the hot tub right now. Hilarious. But honestly, it is the best game move for them. They go from the outhouse to the penthouse in 1 week. All they have to do is beat Neda and Heather in the next HOH and they are golden. Should be pretty easy.


i find it incredulous that Jon and Neda both were constantly reiterating how “everyone can see through Sabrina’s bs” and how they are all secure knowing how they are keen to it; meanwhile at the same time they let her talk them into saving BOTH of them, and backdoor not just one, not two, but THREE of their own alliance members!!! For essentially they were gonna boot allison; then arlie, and now in the end it will be adel! And Ro may be Sabrina’s puppet, but its laughable how much of a puppet Heather is to many especially Neda! She suggested nothing. Neda suggested all these wholly selfish moves, and heather responded with one of her “me too’s” or “i totally agree” and “ga ga goo goo”; and when jon suggested a game move neda would always shut it down barking “NO! Thats good for your game but it sucks for my game you f**ker!” Then jon would cower to neda’s follow up of “lets think of something that benefits BOTH of us” aka both neda and neda. So essentially too is Neda’s puppet. Which makes him seem even more STUPID (which seems to be one of the only adjectives this house seems to know) when reiterates declarations of how he can just win everything with whoever is remaining now! BTW Is this not one of andrew and kenny’s quintessential remarks that the sloppy seconds found SO ultimately douchey??? WOW they have truly absorbing the worst of who is leaving! Amazing to think i was securely in their corner until 2days ago!


totally agree. I had so much faith in Heather after her HOH and now she is just a Neda follower, and so is Jon. I desperately want to hear Heather say to Neda: “no I disagree with this…” and for Jon to say: “I feel like you are using me to do all your dirty work and I don’t wnat to do it anymore”… I do hope that Arlie makes it to the end now and that he gets to choose his opponent


Oh gawd lol Slobz people will be throwing shit at you in the streets of Montreal, also guys check out the fan pages on twitter, you will laugh at Sabrina’s “fan page” LOLOLOL… this girl is going to have a nervous breakdown when reality hits her in the face


You don’t get it. Reality will never hit her in the face without psychotherapy.
She’ll retreat to the safety of her family and her enabling world and her delusions.
The personality disordered are not automatically stupid.
They can, in fact, be brilliant, in their ability to manipulate both others and their own self-affirming delusions to suit circumstances.


Sabrina is back to playing the game and doing it well. So ho cares about the other stuff at this point.


ok that’s a really scary thought that BB would allow someone with a clear mental disorder to play this game… what a shame

Oh Hai

Does Sabrina have any clue that she is the most malicious person to ever enter the BB House? Like Ever? ( Amanda is just as bad tho)
Oh how delusional she is
shave your ugly hairy arms Slobby….


Her appearance has nothing to do with anything. Leave her hairy arms out of it.

go adel

I love how sabrina always says when you get out you’ll see. Doesnt she understand that they will get out and they will know that she was lying. Doesnt she understand that everyone will see all the s**t she was talking about. I doubt she will have any friends after this. She even talked s**t about rachelle…
And btw simon and dawg should put a pole of whose the hottest Sabrina or Heather because she always says that Heathers ugly. Heather is a million times better than lookin than sabrina


Simon/Dawg, the Jillian/Emmett strategy session poll is to difficult to choose. Not because of the HG’s left but because this is the lamest twist to date.


These people are way too full of themselves. They peaked too early. Production screwed this game up. Hard to cheer for anyone now.


We actually might be giving Allison way too much credit for her performance in competitions(like we all do for Rachelle), she hasn’t legitimately won anything, she just came sort of close in one endurance comp that Rachelle won.

Allison is going with Sabrina/Rachelle/Arlie at this point. No doubt about it.

Anita Hanjobe

I don’t think Allison gets any credit….Could be worse and have to put up with another season of Gary Glitter…gag


I think Allison is a good player,she is not letting on that she is playing the game. she did find that secret door, no body else cared that them flowers were there, she knew it was there for a reason, that does tell me her head is in the game.I am voting for her all the way.

Adel is smart though

I don’t think Adel is clueless, he already warned the others that allison is very close to the gremline. this game tells us don’t trust the people you know it is untrustful. Sab told every body that kenny and sarah were very bad right after they left to save herself. every body knows her is lying… allison flips all the time ..don;t know why Nada thought she would go with slop..


Listening to Sabrina talk to anyone frustrates me. I can’t imagine being anywhere close to her for any length of time. What is the big deal she makes about people swearing on whatever, it’s been proved it is unreliable anyway. Does she really believe something bad is going to happen to whoever/whatever you swore on if you break that swear? I just don’t get it. And why is she allowed to threaten anyone. I’ve heard her do that a number of times. BB should step in and tell her to stop it. Threats of physical violence are a sign of bullying and should not be allowed


Totally agree with you. At best, she’s exhausting.