BBCAN2 TOP CHEF Challenge – The winning team was the one that could successfully disguise SLOP!

POV Holder: Jon Next POV April 12th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 14th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: Sabrina & Rachelle
Current Nominations: ADEL & Arlie
Have Nots Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather

BBCAN2-2014-04-15 14-20-37-725

TOP CHEF Canada / Big Brother Canada Reality Challenge.
The House Guests had two teams the Haves & the Havenots where they had a Top Chef Canada challenge. The haves were the judges for the cooking challenge and havenots were split up into two teams – Heather & Neda Versus Arlie & Rachelle. Their mission was to disguise slop using the ingredients they were given. The Haves then judged the two dishes prepared by the two havenot teams and determined which team better disguised the slop. The winners of the challenge get a dinner cooked by two of the current Top Chef Canada contestants Terry Salmond & Vittorio Colacitti. The HaveNots that won the challenge were: Neda and Heather!

2:55pm – 5:05pm Big Brother comes over the intercom and says House Guests, we need the HaveNots to go to the main bedroom to get into wardrobe and the Haves to go to…. Big Brother then blocks the live feeds. When the live feeds return.. Allison, Sarbina and Rachelle are in the main bedroom talking. Sabrina says if the goal was to show case a sloppy burger you would have won. Rachelle says I thought we had to use slop. Jon joins them and breaks up their conversation. Sabrina says right now we’re on Top Chef and they’re on Big Brother!! I’m so excited!! Sarbina says I barfed so many times. Arlie joins them and says that we lost the challenge because we put too much slop into the dish and they put in less. It would have been better to put in none and gotten points on taste. Arlie commens on how the Top Chef Canada chefs will be coming in to the Big Brother house to cook in our kitchen.

BBCAN2-2014-04-15 14-06-35-804

5:15pm – 5:45pm In the bathroom – Sabrina tells Jon I love you and Neda but I can not keep Adel. Heather comes into the bathroom and Sabrina / Jon head into the HOH room. Sabrina tells Jon again I cannot keep Adel. I trust you and Neda and our four but I can’t live in the house with Adel for another week. You have no idea what its like to be treated like he is treating me. He did it again today. Sabrina tells Jon I cant keep Adel in the house .. if he or Heather win HOH next week Rachelle and I are in danger. Whereas you and Neda’s bases are covered! Jon tells Sabrina he is on board with their final four 100%! Jon says if I or Neda win HOH we are putting up Adel! Sabrina asks if if that would really happen. Jon says 1 hundo hundos! Sabrina says that she is with Neda and Jon .. when I give my word, I give my word! This I swear on the holy bible! I said I was not going to swear any more but this I swear! Sabrina says emotional game point I would rather trust you and Neda than anyone else. JOn says we are on board. Sabrina says I am on board 100% now .. before I wasn’t .. but you need to convince Rachelle. Sarbina says but Adel has to go next week! Promise. Jon promises that Adel will go next week.

BBCAn2-2014-04-15 14-27-50-932

5:45pm – 6pm In the bedroom – Rachelle, Sarbrina and Allison are talking. Allison is annoyed. Rachelle says I thought the plan was to get out Arlie. Allison and Sabrina tell her that it was until about an hour ago. Sabrina says after talking with Neda in the backyard where she swears she will protect us. Sabrina says what it comes down to is I trust Jon more than I trust Arlie for everything that I have been through with Arlie. Allison says this why I didn’t want to 100% give my word to Arlie. Allison says they are going to think I am going to put you up but I won’t. Sabrina asks you are not going to go join Heather are you? Allison says no. Rachelle asks if we go up .. then we’re going home. Sabrina says Jon just said if he won the veto he would use it on us.
BBCAn2-2014-04-15 14-59-00-845

6:10pm Meanwhile – Jon and Neda talk with Arlie about random things and about past events of the house. Neda says that Kenny is nothing now after everything that’s happened. Unless he was doing things that none of us knew about..

6:20pm Jon gives Neda a piggyback ride from the HOH room door down the steps and to the living room. In the kitchen the house guests are finishing up cleaning up for the Top Chef Canada chefs to come and cook for the havenots who won the challenge. The haves (losers) wonder if they will be able to watch or if they’ll have to stay up in the HOH room. Big Brother blocks the live feeds again..

BBCAN2-2014-04-15 15-17-05-596

8:46pm Feeds still out

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Watching feeds now they seem to they are getting Arlie out now wtf just after one talk with jon this is crazy i have never seen this happen so much its unreal if somehow jon gets them to stay on his side…

Sabrina seems be one who wants side with jon and neda since she says she trusts jon more than arlie.


Thumbs up for Arlie to stay

Thumbs down for Arlie to be evicted

I love Arlie, but he’s low in the poll favorite, so I’m curious what you all think.


It’s not that cut and dry for me, as much as I like Arlie, I can’t handle Sabrina’s smugness when the power shifts to her side and nobody is gunning for her because she’s so useless in comps.


Unfortunately, you have to take the bad with the good. Letting Sabrina think she masterminded anything makes me feel ill. Especially when it was all Allison that put things in motion.


I’d say Adel put it all into motion by using his veto comp pass to bump Allison. That led her to thinking she was about to be backdoored. And this destroyed all the trust she had in Jon/Neda/ Heather/Adel. Allison is no mastermind fake drunk or whatever she’s calling herself these days.


can i get an update on how the eviction votes are going to fall?


Right now votes are are toss up they keep changing there mind. Jon talked Sabrina now she is talking to Roc and Ali saying they should vote or Arlie and that she trusts jon more. I thought for sure it was adel but sab seems be in control of alison and roc and she for some reason now trusts jon and his 5 deal.

just an opinion

Dunno, your guess is as good as mine – maybe we should all throw coins in the air and count the amount of heads/tails. Seems about as clear.
I really hope Arlie goes. He is strong and if they were thinking logically they would understand two things. 1) He is strong for comps, and 2) He has NO loyalty and doesn’t keep promises. Now those 2 things are really bad for anyone’s game.


This is Big Brother, NOONE has any loyalty to anyone except whomever they feel can take them farther or they can win against in the end. All the pinky swears on your grandmother’s grave won’t ever change that.


I don’t think any one of the viewers can tell you that .. WHY…. because we are now dealing with THE THREE STOOGES… Allison, Rachell , and Sabrina… sickening ..


That’s the best name ever for them, plus Slobrina does look like mo…


This is flipping ridiculous. Sabrina has to pick a side and fast or else her and Rachelle are
Goners next week and not Adel. They are going to end up evicting Arlie this week, because even if production sways them, Jon and Neda will get the last laugh.


This is the game. This is the entertaining part (along with the comps). Personally, I think it would be pretty amusing if Arlie went to vote night thinking he’d pulled a fast one on Jon and Neda, only to be voted out. But I imagine there will be more flipping and flopping over the next few days, so it’s still a guess as to who’s going to go home. Either way, this is much more entertaining than knowing for a week that the decision has been set in stone.


what is going onnn i am sooo confused fml


All those that are confused, raise your hand! Join the confused club with me.

Sabrina is like a fish our of water, flipping and flopping all over the place. And what did she just tell Allison? “If you flip before Thursday, I will drown you with my two hands” Does Allison get to drown Sabrina now? I’m sure a lot of us would like a front row seat for that.


I am wondering if Sabrina isn’t playing Jon. She may be BSing him by giving him what he wants to hear, just like he and Neda have been doing to her.


ADEL WIN A DAMN HOH FOR GODS SAKEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS GUY DOES NOT TAKE THE GAME SERIOUSLY AT ALL. Adel has to compete like his life depends on it otherwise he will lose and get evicted. He is kind of a difficult jerk to Sabrina, e.g. the tweezer incident from a couple weeks back but otherwise Sabs has brought it on herself for making the game personal and being overly emotional, and faking, etc..


I used to like Adel … but since he has been running around backstabbing everyone and starting sh!t … not a good move.
What a weasel.


At this point it might be best for Allison to go with jon and neda and maybe rat out GremlinsNot sure since sab seems be just horrible player of this game who knows whats going to happen.


Allison could never get into that inner circle, and she knows it.

She’s better off going with Arlie, and then attempt to bring Heather over to her side. I think Allison is who Heather likes the most, and they’d prefer to work together, but Jon/Neda are preventing it from happening. JMO.


Keeping Arlie is the best move for the Gremlins+Allison, and it makes better TV. If they don’t decide to keep Arlie on their own, the DR will push them in that direction.


I wouldn’t get too excited.
Psychobrina enjoys manipulation.
This could change several more times.


By the way, nice top pic of Miss Ball of Fire, Energiser Girl Comp Beast Neda.
Lolling, as usual.


Everyone would be pleased with a John/Neda/Sabrina/Rachelle final. There’s someone there for everyone. A final two of John/Neda or Sabrina/Rachelle would be boring… Give me a mix of those or Heather(:


At first I thought it would be best for Allison to keep Arlie and form an alliance with the gremlins. I don’t think so anymore simply because she will have no jury votes if she ends up being final 2. The backstabbing wound of the sloppy seconds will be too fresh and I’m sure that Alli would lose alot of jury votes because of it. Even if she was final 2 with Sabs or Arlie, I think the sloppy seconds would vote for the other person if she is up – therefore, she’ll never win. Make sense?


If she doesn’t keep Arlie this week, jury votes aren’t going to be an issue for her. The sloppies already plan to get her out next week.

I doubt she’ll be comforted by the knowledge that the sloppies still like her while she’s keeping Arlie company in the jury house.


As far as the Sloppy Seconds are concerned, the backstabbing happened the minute Allison used the redPOV to save Sabrina. It’s too late to go back on that one. I agree that (barring an AMAZING run of comp wins, and probably not even then) Allison has pretty much zero shot at winning. However, Arlie also knows that and he’s the ONLY one willing to take her to the end…BECAUSE he knows that. If he’s voted out this week, there’s a very very high likelihood that Allison will be out next. At this point it’s not a matter of trying to cobble enough jury votes to win the $100k, it’s a matter of what gives Allison the best shot at the (assumed) $20k second prize, and that’s Arlie.

I think that may be part of Sabrina’s sudden flip…she knows Arlie would take Allison to the end…she PUSHED for the two of them to pair up within the Allison/Arlie/Sabrina/Rachelle F4 deal, and now it’s occurred to her that if Arlie was gone and Allison somehow got to F3 and won the last HOH comp, she’d have to take Sabrina to F2 if Arlie’s gone. If Sabrina were to somehow pull an HOH win out of her ass next week, I’d bet on her targeting Heather, just because she’s comfortable that she’s the LAST target on the gremlins side, so she’s more concerned about eliminating any other F2 options her allies might have than she is about eliminating those who will target her.


You’re right, Allison cannot win. No would vote for her in the final 2- no one.She would literally have to pull genius moves every episode until the finish to get people to change their minds on her- after all, no one thinks it’s fair she got to skip the first two weeks, so why would they give her the prize. Allison’s best hope is to get to #2- she probably needs to explain this to someone and make an alliance.


Ugh! Just get rid of Adel and then take out Sabrina. The rest of them can fight it out. Why is it that our seasons don’t compare AT ALL to the American seasons? Maybe because we’re still new to this. I don’t find the show entertaining. It’s actually quite frustrating to watch.


The American seasons have gotten increasingly vicious the last few years. Too vicious, I think.


You never know how a group of people are going to mix. I’m sure Kenny looked like a sure-thing fan favorite, but he was a total jerk in the house and not likable at all.

Pinocchio Obama

I have no idea how this is going to play out.


Hey why did you choose that name, and please forgive my ignorance, but I can’t wrap my mind around its meaning,
Would you enlighten me please, thanks…

another name

just outside the box thinking here:
why is Sabrina allowing jon and neda to dictate the terms of the deal?
she has the power in this situation.
why does she not say why keep adel? i’m his target. so you say trust you to save me.
she could just as easily say if arlie stays you have to trust me to save you.
really, allowing the person with more to lose to dictate the terms of a deal? surrender and be my partner or oppose me and become my enemy.


Maybe because she knows she doesn’t stand a good chance of winning HOH next week, so she still has to play “nice” just in case.

another name

i admit the chances of Sabrina winning a comp are about as likely as rachelle developing independent thought.
she could just as easily say to them, “I’ve shown you that I can be loyal to my alliance. even after the first five broke up I was loyal (true, untrue, who knows at this point but they all comment on it).” show me you are loyal to me now.
that is still being “nice” but it shows the other two they need her more than she needs them. which, at this point, they do.


Sabrina IS GETTING ON MY NERVES. Make up your flippin mind. I hope Neda and Jon screw her over, just because she is stupid. For someone who considers themselves a superfan, she stinks at this game. GO HOME ALREADY!


Name, Jon & Neda will screw over Sabrina. It seems it is a given, unless something else major changes. If she believes them then she might be considered stupid in believing them. Many things can be said about Sabrina but stupid doesn’t seem to be one of them.


The only reason Slobrina is still there is solely because of PRODUCTION, they do dictate the flow of the game,
As much as we want Slobrina and her Butt-Tagg Ro-Ro gone, it’s all about ratings,,
And some of the best comes when the H-Gs are all drunk,
So drink on Pardy boy, when by 30 you need a new liver, let’s hope medical science and BB will be there to help you…


I’m pretty sure that Sabrina & Rachelle would not be Jon & Neda’s first choice to evict next week regardless. If Arlie stays, it’s Arlie. If Adel stays, it’ll be Allison. I do think that Jon & Neda have thought about how easy it’d be to win next to S & R though, so they might actually keep with their final 4 deal.


God damn it! I was finally feeling relaxed, stupid Sabrina, she was so excited for this and I thought she said she wasn’t going to fall for John’s deals. Hopefully Arlie can fix this and the Arlie’s Angles will be born


after watching the sab/jon convo i really think sabs is being sincere


The problem is that she will be just as sincere in an hour when she changes her mind completely. AND she will convince herself that she never said that other thing, or that she didn’t mean it, or that it doesn’t count.


Sabs can say mutually contradictory things IN THE SAME SENTENCE while saying “…logically…” and NO ONE CALLS HER ON IT. !
At least, to her face.
And seldom otherwise.

Nana Jo

Xman, you summed it up perfectly! Sabs is incapable of understanding the emotion of sincerity.


I can see why it’s harder too trust Arlie than Jon, but at this point Arlie has no one and Jon has everyone, please Sabrina don’t be stupid. I really want Arlie too stay, but my unbiased opinion is it actually is the smarter move to keep him.


I think it is easier to trust Arlie than Jon. You can anticipate and challenge the position of logic. Arlie rarely shoots from the hip, Jon often shoots from the hip.
Hip shooters are unpredictable…to much depends on the timing of the shot.
Considering how fast the target shifted from Allison to Arlie should cause concern for any HG potentially aligned with Jon.


adel you need to be more active in this game and play smart
i saw a clip of adel telling arlie what to do if he’s in his position and give arlie some ideas to be safe when he sit next to him
omg i really want adel winning but i don’t see it .



Good God I hope not, but on the other hand, I would like to see what $100,000. Worth or booze looks like…


LOL if Sabrina thinks Jon would choose her over neda/heather


Was anyone else watching the clips this a.m.?? Alison told the Gremlins she didn’t want Arlie or Adel knowing who they were sending home. She was afraid Arlie would get coc-y and start strutting around. She wanted this eviction to be a total surprise. Sab’s is just setting them up for the big surprise.. Adel is so gone..


If Sabrina is actually being smart, she is possibly trying to continue to fake out jon and neda and actually say she’ll agree only if they take out adel first THEN arlie. She senses how desperate they are getting and she REVELS in this. So in the end she has ALL bases covered; if they want the girls get out adel. Sabrina is loving her position now, and i do have to say i did love how Heather had to grit her teeth and smile while Sabrina knew she could rip her one and Heather would have to comply.She LOVES having her ass kissed to a pathological level! In addition i think she could actually be paving her way to be in favor and above Ro in case they go with arlie and say it was her and they are a team… omg i never thought i could ever be vouching for sabrina!!!! ive just grown disdainful the sloppies!!!


Allison needs to get on her horse pronto, all she does is drift and go along to get along or pull a mopefest. The Arlie’s Angels deal is 1 HUNDO better than Don Jon’s trickery, she needs to ralley to get this done, go confront Sab when she’s knuckles deep rooting in her nose and play the game. Better to pull the week to week struggle and battle then dreaming about being in Don Jon’s inner circle.


I find it funny and equally annoying that when the house has a presumed evictee making the week a total bore, all you read is complaints about how boring it is. Then when there is uncertainty and back and forth gameplay with indecision (even if it is mostly from that annoying blabber breath) making things exciting all you read is negative nellies barking make up your mind. Get real and give it a break


Arlie gone? Noooooooooooooo


My mind is boggled over Allison basically handing over her powerplay to Slobrina who is making these flip flops for her game only. Why? – We must not forget that Slobs has fame on her narcissistic mind.

I believe she is now enticed by Arlie’s self-proclaimed all-star label and deep inside she wishes she could run with him because she sees him going to the end. She would want to get the tv time and eventual glory onstage beside him (and take over the stage/mic lol). However her gut feeling is saying she won’t even get that far as he will take the Gremlins out a couple moves down the line, possibly even next…..

“The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend”

And then there’s Jeda


On a separate note: Does anyone sometimes get the impression that Adel thinks he’s on another show? He never really seems worried… even when he seems worried. It’s like he thinks he’s on the Real World instead.


ARLIE’S ANGELS! Make it happen!


Are the feeds just not gunna come back?! This is the wrong time for this shit!


ok the live feeds are really frustrating. As much as I hate the gremlins, I hate even more that Neda/Jon/Heather are acting all surprised at what they are saying…The fact is YOU DO HAVE A FINAL TWO NEDA AND HEATHER, AND YOU DO HAVE A FINAL TWO JON AND NEDA! Jeeze why is it just Arlie that is apparently making deals with everyone? Neda is just as bad…Also, it was not the gremlins who wanted to backdoor Allison, it was Neda! Common let’s call a pear a pear and an apple an apple. I hope that Arlie stays because I want Jon and Neda to get off the high horse a bit.


Entitlement is a hard pill to swallow. What seems to be frustrating you are shades of this concept.


The contest is who can build up Sabrina’s ego the most. She’s in her glory. Arlie and Jon are kissing her butt and agreeing with everything she says. Adel didnt agree with her on something, and went running to Jon and he had to stroke her ego. That is why she keeps flip flopping. She is using this as a manipulation between them to feed her ego.I wonder if her friends at home, can speak their minds with her or they all have to agree with her all the time like Rachel. She truly is a woman child.