Sabrina isn’t attracted to Kenny anymore she says “Sarah is more his type, He likes a$$es”

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony March 10
HOH Winner: Andrew Next HOH: March 13
Original Nominations: Paul & Neda
Current Nominations: Paul and Kyle
Last Evicted Houseguest Anick
Have Nots Rachelle, Neda, Heather and Sarah

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-12 16-07-25-415

7:00pm upstairs couch IKA, Sabrina and Sarah IKA crying about the fight earlier today. They all apologize and agree they need to work together because they’re on the same team. IKA blames a bit of it on the slop. Sabrina understands says when she goes on slop she’s going to be a barracuda.

IKA continues to cry says that after the fight nobody would look at her “I felt like Paul”. They all laugh. IKA goes back to crying.

Sarah – “Everything’s fine we’re good we still have each others back”
Sarah jokes “Girl you ate my potato”
Sabrina jokes – “That’s what happens when you eat my potato you f** b1tch”

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-12 16-19-28-012

7:17pm Bathroom Sabrina and IKA

Sabrina is points out to her that her ‘Friend” Rachelle and NEda are nowhere to be seen they aren’t with IKA helping her right now Sabrina is though.
Sabrina – “You have to be an actress in this game it’s the only way to succeed”

Sabrin says he’s been doing a good job in the house. She explains her parents were worried about her coming in to the house because of the way she is, “You have to have a thick skin”

Sarah walks in.. chit chat about hair. NEDA and Rachelle come in and more chit chat…

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-12 16-25-15-802

7:30pm Heather, Jon and Arlie

Arlie – “I’m a fart machine.. my uncle and dad who are twin brothers will be so proud of me that is what we do we fart and show our butts”
Heather leave..

Jon – “I gotta go poop.. wiping with this one hand sucks”

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-12 16-36-18-859

7:36pm Adel, Paul and Kyle Chilling in the hottub
Paul says the weather is fine, Adel is shivering says Paul has 6 inches of blubber to keep him warm. Kyle is loving it says he loves this weather.
Adel – I’ve never had hard nipples in my life and I’m underwater”

These three finally know what the correct day is after days of thinking it was their last day.

Adel can’t handle it and leaves..


Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-12 16-49-29-630

7:40pm HOH Kenny and Andrew

Andrew says he’ll buddy up with her and they’ll explain to sarah why (Not sure who as the feeds cut in part way through the conv.)
Kenny – “we can’t push too many people away.. let them create their own cracks and me you keep it tight”
Andrew – “good plan ”

Kenny – “I am going to get HOH.. I will murder.. ”
Andrew – You are going to get HOH
Kenny – I love how Heather turned around so quick.. with IKA
Andrew – Quick to jump ship
Andrew – I’m still rattled that JOn said that shit

Kenny I think he said that out of emotion not strategy.. He wants this newfoundland thing with me and he see’s me tight with you

Andrew just make sure he doesn’t vote me out.

They agree to talk less game with Jon. Kenny says it’s going to be tough for him cause Jon always wants to talk game to him.

Andrew proposes that Kenny go up to Jon and say that he’s heard the girls talking about JOn saying to make a big move and vote Andrew out. “I need this squashed right away”
Kenny says he’ll do it tomorrow when everyone is hectic.

Kenny – I don’t think he’ll go against us thats what my gut is telling me
Andrew – he’s not a dumb dumb
Andrew – You’re going to win HOH and i’m going to win it the week after that
Kenny – I’m going to win it the week after that
Andrew – thats what we will do
Kenny says that he can hear people talking through the walls.
Kenny – What if Arlie isn’t what we think he is.. he says he’s unemployed we really don’t know much about him.. there has been saboteur in previous seasons..
Kenny explains that there are two lights that went on over the pictures of Arlie and Adel. adds that two things have happened around arlie’s picture.
Andrew – That would mean he’s acting that would be a talented method actor
Kenny – he never really give us anything
Andrew – look at the way Big BRother reacted to him
Kenny – what did big brother do
Andrew – snapped at him “we are working on it calm down”.. I have a hard time giving anyone that much credit being such a good actor.
Kenny – they have done that in previous season.


Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-12 17-10-03-168

8:05pm Backyard IKA, Rachelle, Sabrina

Sabrina says she’s not attracted to Kenny anymore. She think Sarah is his type. Sabrina adds that Andrew is closest to her of all the girls and Andrew isn’t attracted to Heather at all.

Sabrina says Andrew isn’t her type but she loves his Character.

Rachelle mentions that Andrew told her if she was single Kenny would be after her. Sabrian – “Really when did he say that”

Sabina – He likes a$$es and Sarah has a big A$$, She adds that if she didn’t call Andrew her brother every 5 minutes they would have hooked up.

They all agree Andrew’s personality is better than Kenny’s

IKA and Rachelle say they don’t find any of the guys in the house attractive.

Neda joins them, she is concerned that the guys are not going to stick with the plan next week. (Getting out Paul and Adel)

Sarah joins them, IKA – “Wanna hear a kyle confession”

Kyle told her that was an alliance Kyle, Kenny Jon and they had Paul and Arlie. IKA adds that

The guys tried to each befriend a girl and relay information back to the guys.
The guys also wanted to put the girls on slop so they were weak and win every HOH.

Neda says this worries her because she really trusted Jon.
Sabrina says she’s farting “It’s a pork sandwich explosion”
Neda comments that Sabrina’s farts are OK it’s Rachelle’
s farts that are stinky.

Andrew joins them.. Cuddles up to Sabrina.



Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-12 16-22-54-848

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julie chen

what are your thoughts on sabrina? would she backstab the girls in a second for andrew?

Upsidedown Pancakes

Cmon Paul or Adel for HOH along with a mystery power for Heather that would get things going.


From what I’ve seen, Sabrina has already done that. She pretends to be friends with everyone to their face and then slags them off two minutes later. She even does this to Ika. Sabrina is a slimy, horrible person and I can’t stand her.


Potatogate was something to behold. It was completely understandable on the side of Sarah, who’s been on slop for so long. It really was thoughtless of Ika but I don’t think she intended to be mean (for once), she just didn’t think. On the flip side, she deserved the cold shoulder she received for awhile. No sympathy for her tears. Some people in that house need to understand what it feels like because they’re doing the same thing to others.

This house is so different from every other season. To completely alienate people because they’re trying to play the game is absolutely childish. They’re mad that they’re someone’s target but THEY’RE targeting the very people they’re mad at for targeting them! I HATE HYPOCRITES! If someone was targeting me in the house, oh well. It wouldn’t dawn on me to alienate anyone unless they’ve been a bully to people.

I found it more interesting to watch the folks in the Hidden Room today than to watch the houseguests.

Lastly, this is the most fart-iest house I can remember. I’ve never seen people so proud of passing gas in my life. I’ve not been a fan of Ika at all but I still want Kenny, Andrew and Sabrina out more.


Yea, Sabrina is a leech. So she definitely suck up to whoever she needs to. Butttt will do it in a conniving manner, and get everyone else on board by targeting one person, fighting with them, spreading the exaggerated version of the argument, then victimizing herself, and then solidifying that persons EVICTION (just like she did/is doing with Adel).


Also, thank you to whoever is running this site! Im from NY and have basically no access to the BBCA site.

The title of this article is hilarious. Kenny likes Sarah’s ass because she’s probably the most masculine girl lol.

I can’t wait till everyone finds out the truth about Kenny, especially Andrew.

Did anyone pick up in the hot tub, I think yesterday, when Kenny almost let his secret slip.


haha np!

But, this site is amazing.


Here’s a video of Adel and Kyle praying and Rachelle walks out saying ” I almost burst into laughter” Sabrina replies “I know right” and then BB cuts the audio. So much for Adel mooing at Sabrina. These people are vile.


Wow! What ignorant bitches, I actually really liked Rachelle and now I can’t stand that b*tch. I only like Jon and Neda, I hope they win. I already know Sabrina’s a cow and a b*tch but I’m shocked by Rachelle.


I’d really like to toss in my gratitude, too. I live in Minnesota (and yet I’m still further north than the BBCA house) and I’ve been watching the Live Feeds through Hola. (My volume keeps cutting off every few minutes though and I have to refresh the screen.)

I really appreciate these little updates and being able to discuss them with everyone in as close to “real time” as you can get! It stinks to not have people to talk about it with!

These updates obviously take a LOT of time and attention so I’m just SO grateful for all of your work! It definitely adds to my enjoyment of the show because, if I didn’t have this opportunity to talk about it on this site, I probably wouldn’t care enough to watch anything but the regular shows!

What we see on the show is NOWHERE NEAR as revealing as the Live Feeds! I don’t think you get a true sense of who these people really are from the regular show, do you?


Thank You from me as well. I have been able to watch the episodes but not the feeds. Im in Detroit Mi and I am an OBSESSED Big Brother fan. Loved BBCA1, I love getting a double dose of BB in a year rather then just the 1! However since I discovered this site I cant get a single thing done bc I am constantly checking this site for updates.

I am glad Ika got a little taste of her own medicine today. I do think Sabrina was being a bit abrasive today with the girls an its a matter of time before everyone not just the girls but the guys too will be against her bc her mouth will bite her in the ass.

So far really rooting for Sarah, Kenny and Jon. I do like Neda too!


I would just like to add my thanks too. I’m in Toronto but I love this website because I can just check it quickly too see what’s going on in the house without having to watch the feeds. You guys do a great job, keep up the good work!