KENNY says he literally threw up in his mouth, swallowed and then made out with a “girlfriend”

POV Holder: Jon Next POV ?
POV Used NO POV Ceremony March 31
HOH Winner: Canada Next HOH: Apr 3
Original Nominations: Andrew and Sabrina
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Jon and Adel

BBCAN2-2014-04-01 06-42-51-433

9:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. In the bathroom Adel puts baby powder on his hands and then puts it down his pants in the front and back. He then gets lotion puts it on his face. All of the house guests complain about how it was the worst sleep ever sleeping in the backyard. Jon says my diary room session were really fun last night. Adel comes out and Jon says good morning meatball f**ker! In the bathroom Sarah and Rachelle are talking about how Sabrina is getting really paranoid now that Andrew is going home. Sarah says we can’t start questioning our relationships because otherwise we will start to crumble. Sarah and Rachelle talk about their strategy going forward and who they would want to win HOH.

BBCAN2-2014-04-01 07-26-29-086
10:15am – 10:30am Out in the backyard – Kenny tells Sarah about how when he was with one of his “ex-girlfriends” he tried to swallow an advil but couldn’t. He says he threw up in his mouth but other people were around and so he swallowed it. He says everyone left but the girl and he says they started making out for the first time. He says months later he told her that the first time they made out he had just thrown up in his mouth. Big Brother puts them on a backyard lock down. All the house guests are sitting around talking about random things.

10:45am The conversation turns to n@ked shots of them getting out on the internet. Rachelle talks about the screen shot of Emmett (BBCAN1) after his shower. Adel and Sarah head out to the hot tub room. Sarah comments on how this is a one time deal for her, she says she wouldn’t do this again. Adel says he would. Adel asks if he won HOH would it be wrong for him to ask the girls not to use his bathroom after night time. He says he just doesn’t want to see them in their bra’s or underwear. Sarah tells him to wait and see how it is on the first night and if the girls do that just tell them they’re being inappropriate. Rachelle and Sabrina join them. Adel comments on how this next HOH its back to normal where all of them can compete.

BBCAN2-2014-04-01 08-00-06-958

11:10am – 11:35am Big Brother opens the house back up for the house guests.

In the kitchen – Allison, Jon, Sarah and Arlie discuss when jury will start and whether or not Canada will be one of the jury members.
BBCAN2-2014-04-01 08-54-03-289

12pm The living room tv screens light up with the boost the meter numbers again and all the house guests freak out to come watch. They wonder what it means and what will happen. Kenny says what if its when it reaches 4 million a house guest returns. The other say oh god I hope not! The screens turn off just before 4 million. Neda, Rachelle and Sabrina talk about the screens. They wonder if it will be a double eviction. Sabrina say she will throw herself off the balcony. Sabrina asks why does Canada hate me? Rachelle says they don’t hate you. Sabrina says I have good diary room sessions. Sabrina keeps asking why Canada hates her. Rachelle says they don’t, I think you’re up there because it causes the most drama.

12:25pm – 12:35pm Out in the backyard – Sarah talks to Kenny and says I wish there was a way for Andrew to stay but there’s not. He is just too obnoxious and Jon hates him. Kenny says no there is no other way. Sarah says I just really want Sabrina gone but we can’t change the numbers. Gordo going really does help Allison’s game. Kenny says that he’s already been trying to have conversations with Allison so that its not fishy when Andrew leaves.

BBCAN2-2014-04-01 09-23-48-256

BBCAN2-2014-04-01 09-45-15-530

12:40pm – 1pm Out in the backyard – Kenny and Rachelle talk about what the numbers on the tv screens could mean. Rachelle says oh my god, I just don’t want to go home on a twist! Rachelle joins Sabrina out in the hot tub room. Rachelle says I just want to know what this twist is. Sabrina says I know! Rachelle says we’ll find out in two days I guess. In the living room – Allison comments on how she likes Neda’s shirt. Neda tells her that its her shirt that she made. Allison asks how much she sells if for. Neda says $33, its pretty cheap. Jon says oh my god, $33 that’s a lot. I pay like $6 for shirts at Old Navy. Allison says but not for a graphic-t. Jon agrees and says that he doesn’t have style

BBCAN2-2014-04-01 09-46-29-725

1pm – 1:15pm The live feeds are down .. Big Brother tweeted that they’re looking into it..

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people are soooo dirty in this house – they all have terrible hygiene…except for adel and ika. they look the cleanist. nasty feet, burps, farts, nose-picking (and cooking with those hands – -GROSS) touching yourself — and others, dirty clothes thrown all over the room, skin picking, not showering for days……………..SOOOOOOOOOOOOO NASTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

this rant was necessary.


I wish I could like that comment 20000000 times. Seriously the nastiest group of people I have ever seen. Love some of their personalities but HORRIBLE hygiene!

Watched bb after dark the other night and watched Andrew pick his nose when he thought no one could see, then pretend to wipe his face but he really ate his booger. OHHHHHH lordy lord help me. I almost threw up. Last time I saw someone eat a booger I was in the 3rd grade.

If I have to watch these unsanitary people prepare another meal without washing their hands after having them down their pants or in their noses….I will cease watching the feeds cause I just can’t take it. I would NEVERRRRR eat at his restaurant, the place is probably filled with booger flicks.

OH and another thing – does Ratchelle not think that her naked ass won’t be all over the internet forever? Sweetie…those things NEVER go away. I wish you luck getting a serious job one day. Oh wait. You wouldn’t have the brain capacity for that anyways. Nevermind. Keep flashing those cameras.


You know Chuck, Rachelle is in PSYCHOLOGY, OKAY!?!?!! She understands human behaviour or whatever it is you learn in that major.

I’ve actually heard Sabrina call her a Psychologist. Which is not surprising coming out of Sabrina the hairdresser’s mouth.


Also, the fact that Andrew a grown man is eating boogers has to be the nastiest thing I’ve ever heard. I would honestly rather watch Jon grab himself all day a million times more than witness that.

People don’t normally do this right?? It’s not just me who finds it deplorable? Like, I understand the very occasionally nose scratch in PRIVATE but ingesting your own nasal mucus!?

Could this be consider for an episode of ‘My Strange Addiction’? “Calgary restaurant owner can’t stop picking his nose and eating it. Ate it on camera for an entire season on the hit Slice show ‘Big Brother Canada'”.


I seriously doubt that Rachelle would care if pictures of her ‘behind’ were all over the internet.


I’m sure Rachelle doesn’t care.. People have warned her about it and she still flashes her “Stuff” all over the feeds.
I think Racehlle is a smart girl she knows what she’s doing..


Well, dont blame me guys for Allison! All my votes went to Scott 🙂
The reason why I didnt vote for Allison is because I didnt think she would be a character. And she’s proving me to be right.
For someone voted in by Canada, one would think that since Canada obviously doesnt like Sabrina and Andrew that you shouldnt be supporting either and especially not both!
She even said that once Andrew is gone, Sabrina is number one. (if only she knew how much defamation Sabrina did behind her back)

At least Arlie gets it! He wants to do whatever Canada wants.
Thank God for Arlie right?


I didn’t vote at all but promoted Allison in twitter a couple times. I feel like a fool 🙁


Not a fool. I look at Andrew a lot different than many. The nose picking hygiene aside. I’d want him in the house for so many reasons. 1st of these is he’ll never, and I mean never, have a social game to win the game. He’s as predictable as a tree making noise when it falls. You get a straight forward douchebag. Everything is a given with this guy. Add to it he had 1 good HOH and POV comp but that’s pretty sparse success. He looks the part of a comp beast but Kenny has been more effective.

Sab’s the sh*t disturber and Kenny is the brains these are the folks a good player should be targeting. I figure Jon’s offer to Andrew is just production having him give hope so Andrew fights to stay for tape footage! I don’t get the Sarah/Kenny talk on the numbers either. If and it’s a big if, Kenny and Sarah vote with Allison they need 2 more. Heather could make 4 and all they’d need is to cut a deal with 1 person. They maybe could have thought about Arlie right off the top. My gut tells me they want Andrew gone and it’s TV/production driven BS that little bit about numbers. As a HG in the house is the reference I’m referring to not what we feeders see and know.

Just a comment about the almighty “HJ”. I’m pretty old fashion at my age. But 2 people getting together doesn’t make someone a “whore”! ie Allison. My guess is 9 out of 10 commenters here at minimum are not virgins. Since very few of you have waited til your wedding night to cop a feel let alone participate in sexual activity of any kind get off your hypocritical high f*cking horses for Christ sake!!!
I sure would not do this stuff on national TV but some folks are voyeur by nature. Allison has been the disappointment most have said. Superfan she is not agreed. But did anyone think perhaps production sent her in there in part to be in a showmance. I for 1 mentioned many times early on that the casting left them with no showmance week 1. Feel bad for her slightly. She built up expectations based on the war room. Now she has a bunch of p*ssed off ex fans. I think it’s fair to say a lot of hope went into voting her into the house. Grief her all you want about game play(terrible). But leave the hypocracy at the door unless your Mary and the immaculate conception. Most of us have had a little premarital fun. Oh and likely a 1/4 or more of those here are living together with a significant other without the benefit of marriage right now.

PS… I’ll be so glad when I don’t read about nose picking for a whole day!


Stan7777, I agree with some of your comments. Based on what conversations we have heard from Allison to date I would expect people would be disgruntled with her lack of game and personality even if she had entered the house week 1. I don’t think she has it in her to do anything but the extremely obvious game moves. If Allison went in week 1 perhaps Anick would have not been the 1st HG out.


And hand job while EVERYONE is around AND Canada is watching and is aware of her bf back home! But ya, you are 100% right!

Hand Job Alli

If Scott was voted in, he would have given Andrew a HJ also so what’s the big deal??? Haha just kidding. Allison that was disgusting…


Dear Slice / Insight Productions:

Please let us vote in Allison’s dad before Thursday.




don’t forget “pimple pooping”




omg they are the most disgusting people…the bathroom scene with adel putting powder on his privates then putting lotion on without washing his hands at any point is absolutely gross….then sarah looks like she didn’t wash her face begins to get make up on then rachelle asks for a tampon …then sarah refers to it as’a cotton thing she puts in her vagina….like grow up and be dignified like you want to be saran!…then rachelle comes out of the toilet but doesn’t wash her hands and starts to put make up on…..they are gross…..


Your rant was needed by Canada!! Thanks for typing it for us shay!!!


Sickening. Once Andrew finally gets out, hopefully Allison follows. Forget everyone else in there, get her OUT of that house. I can’t stand watching this show anymore with her around. Its a continuous reminder that the only reason she is there is because of viewers. This could have been prevented. That creature is one of the worst houseguest I feel I have ever seen in BB history. What a pathetic waste. She better not make it to jury. Stop giving this girl anymore free rides. Andrew will supply her with unlimited once she’s out.

With the exception of a select few, what a publicly gross group of individuals.


Thank you so much for saying that! I was trying to put my finger on why I despise Allison so much, but it’s because WE the viewers voted her in!! She’s there because of us and now that she’s proven herself to be a slorbag who enjoys a grown man who eats his own boogers, were definitely bitter

Ugh all of these houseguests besides adel, neda and Jon, are decent. This season from the very beginning has been such a disappoint compared to the first season of bbcan. But, alas, despite being horrible, I will continue to watch, just as I did with the last train wreck of a season of bbus15


I wonder what hospital or private practice employs Allison. When she first came in, she washed her hands and was told by Sabrina she didn’t have to. Now, she is stuck to Andrew, who doesn’t wash, picks his nose and eats it, gives hj’s and it doesn’t bother her one bit. I wouldn’t want her looking after anyone I knew, no mater how great of a nurse she was. I’d be afraid of some infection transferred from her to them.


nice story, from a classy guy, puking then making out with someone right after. such a proud moment.
could this piece of trash be any cockier?


Kenny has the seniority complex of a Greek god. In other words, he thinks he’s the shit

Oh what I wouldn’t have given to have Kenny on the block or at least find out that he was likely voted third to go up


What a stupid slumber party. Everyone was in the house. I thought they were supposed to take everything they needed because they wouldn’t be allowed back in. There should have been barbecues, outside for them, with weenies and stuff, they should have been forced to use a porta potty for one night, and they should have been forced to do something together. After the lights were out and the HG asleep, they should have been haunted by images of departed houseguests all night to make them uncomfortable. Anything to make it interesting. What I saw was Rachelle throwing herself at a gay man with a superiority complex, he couldn’t even hide his contempt for her, but she carried on, and I saw Dr. Douche making dinner while Allison and Sabrina watched. Heather, Jon and Neda tried to circulate, but nobody but Adel paid any attention to them. One of the things that bothers me the most is the way these people isolate themselves from each other. You’re on the block? Shunned and ignored by the rest. One of the alphas doesn’t like you? Then nobody wants to be seen with you. Banished to the backyard. Andrew on the block? He should have been trying to play nice with everyone, instead he has Allison giving him favors under the blankets. And don’t get me started on Allison. Her first move should have been to have a one on one conversation with every HG within the first 24 hours. Instead she hooks up with the biggest douche nozzle of them all. I wish I voted for Nate. Big brother should stop coddling them and make them perform. Lock them in the backyard. Make them interact with each other. Put them in unlikely pairs for sleeping arrangements. Make them interact with people they never have. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Kenny, Andrew or Arlie have an alone conversation with Neda. The 5 are so smug, they hang out in their part of the house and don’t talk to any of the others unless they need something. What a waste of the bb experience. They knew coming in that there would be people they didn’t like, but that’s part of the challenge, getting along and forming alliances for the sake of the game. I am also sick of the Heather and Adel bashing. OK. We get it. Sabrina hates them, but it is so grade 5. I would be ok if Heather or Adel had actually done something to deserve it, but they haven’t. What a disappointing season. Sarah feels special because Kenny confided his secret to her, but she hasn’t stopped to think that if he keeps it secret because he can woo girls if they don’t know, then maybe he is playing her too, which he is. I think he felt that she was on the fence and could do something drastic. He needed to do something to make her get back in line, so he told her, and made a point of telling her that she is the only one he has told so she feels special and continues to burn her own game to further his. As for Sabrina, she is officially the BB queen of pointless lies. She has taken the title from nasty Gnat. The only comfort I get is that sooner or later her lies will be exposed for all to see (if the others actually stop their petty clique crap and start playing the game). When you tell different lies to different people, you put yourself in the position of having to tell more lies to cover yourself, and eventually you will forget who you told what to. Her day is coming soon. Even with Andrew gone it is possible that Kenny, Allison or Sabrina wins the next HOH, and then this week was just a glimmer of hope.


YES! I wish I could like ur comment a million times. Everything you said was true! Love it


That was excellent! 1millionX Likes.

It makes viewers uncomfortable. It is an actual representation of Middle School.

I am so tired of these cliques. Haven’t these people grown up? I don’t know how else to express my distaste for the behaviour in this house.

Last summer’s females were much stronger personalities. Jessie, Elissa, Candace and even stupid Gina Marie at the end stood up to the bullies.

This season the men dominate, the dynamic is completely different.


exactly ! just like season one where BB made the houseguests be handcuffed to each other and brush each others teeth


I wish BIG BROTHER was a bigger presence.
And MEAN !
Stuff like that – punishments for breaking rules or being too slow.
Also picking habits and telling them to stop or they get penalties. Heh, ever tried to break a habit ?
And, like you say, making them mingle. I like the idea of BB making sleeping assignments & switching them up.
They get treated too well.


Haunting them with former HG’s could have been done so many ways. Such a lost opportunity.


I agree with all of you guys. Allison should be grateful the viewers voted her into the house. On top of her non existent game play, she is so boring to watch. I wish I voted for Scott because at least he would be fun to watch and I’m sure he would not let anyone bully him and so he could have been with the underdogs.
On top of that, Allison called Arlie a floater last night! The nerve! She is the ultimate floater! I wish she wore the shield shirt in the war room ( maybe I missed it), then we would know that she was going to be useless. Lol
Neda, Jon, Adel and Arlie need to win the next HOH and get their hands dirty. They should realise that Canada needs them to make HUGE moves. I want Kenny and Allison gone before Jury. As much as I hate Sabrina, at least she played the game so o don’t care anymore if she is in jury.


I get a sense that Allison envies Sabs game plan and will soon mimick it. She has already started. And recall that Jon was her main target n since the war room.
I thought, at the time, that was a strong enough reason to not vote her in. But, she kept flashing those legs and….


Allison has yet to do anything to earn the title of floater.


The fact that Allison is a nurse, and doesn’t care about personal hygiene beyonds me.
I had high hopes for Kenny but him calling the houseguests dumb constantly is pathetic.
He needs to go next, we don’t accept bullies. Rachelle needs to go as well
someone who can’t control their HOH should not be allowed on any BB.
my mind is still blown with that one. Next twistos twist should be vote Kyle or Ika back
in simply bc they would play the game that much harder.


Allison is just as delusional about her so-called “game play” as the Shyield was, so figures…


as repulsed that i am with the over confidence….it does excite me when it comes back to bite them. kenny, sabrina, and allison are not working….theyre too comfortable. meanwhile, john and adel and neda and sara….are going to go further than them. theyre working hard right now…I LOVE IT!!!


Who do you think is playing the actual game the best right now? I ask because most years it’s easy to pick out the true BB players who know how to strategize, manipulate and outsmart the other houseguests but this year I feel like I am watching hidden cameras in a middle school!

If I absolutely had to pick someone (and this is REALLY hard) I would say maybe Arlie? but even with him, everyone is on to him.

I do like the Jon and Neda team but are they strong and ruthless enough to do what needs to be done?


You have to remember that just because other people are onto your game, it doesn’t mean that you’re not playing well. Arlie IS playing really well. I think he’s playing the best game in the house. Why? Because even though people are onto him, they REALLY WANT to be able to trust what he says. They like him for the most part and HOPE he’s on their side.

The only reason Jon and Neda have any power is because they’re aligned and trust each other. Their game isn’t very good it’s just that they’re united and the power comes from voting in agreement.


Good point Jack.


I’m not a fan but Sarah is repositioning herself pretty well. She has been roping in Jon from the outsiders and has Kenny locked in hard. I don’t see her roundly disliked as Sab is. Kenny and Sarah have to change gears but both can still go far. As for the outsiders and in particular JoNeda, Arlie and even Adel Canada did this HOH. None of them has actually made a move. They all be talking lets see some actions to back it up. If it’s true(trust me it is) that it’s a social game I’m liking Sarah at this point. It’s been a bad week for Jon IMO. He seems to be letting his short temper get the better of him. Better get Kenny on the block soon as I see him as a POV comp beast. F6 down everyone plays POV. You can put him up but is he going to be on the block eviction night? There is some “Frank” in him but with more BB smarts IMO. Please note I think Kenny has been losing HOH deliberately letting others do his dirty work. Sab played to hard to early and socially she won’t recover.

Basically when I think floater I think Shelly from BB USA. There have been many others who have done it well over the years. We really don’t have 1 so far. Arlie talks the float but has not done any thing yet. Heather floats, naw she is just an outsider outside the outsiders and a pawn/vote. Still no idea why she is so roundly hated in the house as almost all lie and she gets singled out. She would be girl next door not super model beauty to me. Why all the jealousy? She would be sweet except for the baby voice! No game to speak of. Ratchet is just plain terrible. Psychologist my fat azz! She 20 she might have basic Psych but she is hardly a reader of the HG Sab gives her credit for. If Allison is a “whore” as many have said what’s flashing the viewers with T&A all the time? Rachet needs counselling IMO. Stop biting your lip 😛

Deli meatball nice guy to the feeders not roundly liked in the house. Social on the feeds is 10 out of 10. In the house he’s a 2 or 3 out of 10. I like the guy but his social is not good enough in the house. Neda great with Jon mediocre other wise. Maybe a 5/6 as she has offended virtually no one I can see. Sleeper who won’t wake up. She is more likely to follow than lead. Allison just a very bad player. No need to rehash it. It isn’t that the feeders hate the strategy the HG’s do to. No Andrew go with Sab not a good “plan B”. Arlie’s the tease of the BB season so far. We feeders are checking out the hottest girl/guy in the room. Based on Arlies talk in game he’s the hottie with the moistest! So far he’s been all tease and no ones getting to 1st base. Some(feeders) are starting to lose interest, me included, enough talk all ready!


Go ahead Sabrina and Rachelle, keep whining about Canada having power. You’re in deep crap with the public as it is. They’re idiots and have learned nothing. They’re all wondering what’s going to happen when the counter hits 4 million. They THINK that when it hit 2 million, Canada put two people on the block. Now they’re wondering what power Canada will have when it hits 4 million. And, here’s why they’re idiots — they keep complaining about Canada having power! If Canada is about to be given power over the house, you DON’T COMPLAIN ABOUT CANADA! Smart people would shut up and try to keep on Canada’s GOOD side!


And grab a bag of Twistos.


Is anyone else finding the live feeds on the Big Brother site not working? It’s not that they’re “blocked” with the blue text – they’re just not playing at all. 🙁


I think BB locked them out of the bedroom for the night so they could go in and fumigate and air it out with industrial fans because the stench was getting so bad behind the mirrored walls where the cameras and crew are. Crew kept passing out.


I really hope Jon or Adel figure out the diamonds are the hint for DPOV and don’t tell anyone.


I really think BB Canada should pair everyone up and handcuff them for 24 hours.That would be sweet! I hope Kenny and Allison are gone in a double eviction or Kenny and Sabrina/Sarah. Then bu – bye Heather and Rachelle!

Small Table Fan

I’m just here to complain.


When Sabrina and Rachelle get evicted is it possibly for the audience to not clap for them i know Canadians usually don’t boo but can they just not clap for these 2.


Conflicted. If Andrew stays would that take the heat off Jon and put Allison back on the hit list? If Jon is serious about his proposal last night he needs to secure a few more assurances from Andrew (but we know he goes back on his word), like go after Rachelle or something (save Neda). He then needs to not tell Sarah or Arlie. That way it’s the outsiders that save Andrew. It could be explained away to Sarah/Kenny/Arlie.


The only way Andrew (or Kenny or Sabrina) would ever honor an agreement or bargain they made with someone they hate and call a “loser” would be if it helped them even more. If the agreement doesn’t give Andrew the upper hand, he’ll say yes to it but he wouldn’t honor it.

There hasn’t been a single reason to believe that Andrew, Kenny or Sabrina would be anything but selfish and devious. They’ve done nothing to show that they’re honorable or honest.


But if Sarah and Arlie vote to keep Sabs, Andrew would know they do not have his back or at least throw a lot of doubt that way.


Sabrina is pretending to explain (but is actually whining) about how Canada shouldn’t, and can’t, be allowed to have a jury vote to decide the winner. She says it’s not possible because there isn’t time to get their votes in. She is really mad about Canada’s involvement!

Oh, Sabrina, but there IS time and it HAS been done before! I just finished watching BB 6 US which had the first America’s Player. America had a jury vote for who won.

A seriously scary and creepy personality trait about Sabrina is this: When something happens that she doesn’t like, the goat droppings in her head twist it around to form a scenario that makes her the victim, the situation unfair, and the person who has the advantage becomes the villain.

She keeps whining about how Big Brother is SUPPOSED to be “Houseguests nominate. Houseguests evict.” Has she not heard the phrase “Expect the Unexpected?” How about “Twist?” Of course. She’d LOVE the twists if they worked in HER favor. (Then all we’d hear is, “I love you, Canada!”) She knows that Big Brother can do anything they want. Even Sarah told her that BB UK and AU operate so that the public votes to evict/save. Sabrina rants about how she hates that.

I think when Sabrina wakes up in the morning, she has her own theme song and opening credits that automatically play in her head and it starts with, “Welcome to the Sabrina Show! Starring Sabrina! (automated applause) Inconsequential Nobodies also appearing to help Sabrina look good, include seven hot men who lust after her and three jealous, ugly b!tches!”


Allison is so stupid. She is in the house because of our vote. We sent her a very obvious clue by voting Andrew and Sabrina on the block. She is so stupid that she ignores that and ramps up her showmance to Brenchel levels. She shouldn’t be shocked when a twist sends her out of the house. I know she was in a delicate situation when she went into the house, but she should have used her first week in the house to get to know everyone instead of latching on to one person that she didn’t even know and ignoring everyone else. By her second week she would have had a better read of the situation and might have made a smart decision. Now that Andrew is leaving, she has nobody. If she thinks Sabrina will stay tight with her, she is even stupider than I thought. She needs to talk to the others. She needs to talk to Adel, Sarah, Arlie, Jon, Heather. And why doesn’t anyone talk to Neda? Neda needs to step it up. She is smart, she did the right thing in the beginning by letting the others take each other out and define the sides, but that won’t work anymore. I hope she wins that special veto and uses it wisely. The only other person I am pulling for to get it is Adel. I just don’t know if Jon would use it wisely. Meanwhile, Kenny is rallying a girls alliance of his own.


Jon used this weeks veto wisely.


Just read on Twitter that Zinbot will be in the BBCAN house tonight!


Probably an April Fool’s joke 🙁


Is the BOOST METER just to mess with their heads at this pt? Wasn’t it to unlock the power of veto, which Jon already has?


When the houseguest production wants to keep safe is in danger thats when the twist o twist comes out.

(I think it’s for next week April 4th it will be revealed )


so who do you think will be the most favorite of Hg’s for production?
Anyway that will suck if it’s andrew or sabrina




i, for one, enjoyed watching the slumber party last night! it’s good to see who seeks out who socially. it was SO nice to see that Sachelle is basically being shunned lol sabrina looked SO unhappy most of the time, except when she said that nasty stuff about heather. they still have an in with kenny, maybe allison, but andrew is gone this week! yahoo!!!!!

thank you OBB for all your work.