Hot Dog for the People and “Holy molly if I win HOH.. I gotta get the bearded man”

POV Holder: Allison Next POV ?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony March 24
HOH Winner: Racehlle Next HOH: March 27
Original Nominations: Allison & Heather
Current Nominations: IKA & Heather
Last Evicted Houseguest Paul, Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Adel, Sabrina, Heather, Arlie


11:45pm Rachelle losses the hot dog costume, Jon puts it on and terrorizes the house.

At one points Big Jon and Arlie meet up in the storage room. They talk about putting Adel up to throw off the scent they are working together. Arlie explains to him it all depends on who wins HOH and they really need to win it. They both Agree Andrew is a huge Idiot.
Jon – “It drives me insane man… ”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-25 21-04-45-496

11:46pm IKA and Adel Poolside

THey both agree NEDA is f**** next week because a lot of people are

Adel – “Just for being loyal”

They joke about everyone who gets close to Adel ends up going home. Adel tells her he’s got his family, he’s got his health and his religion everything that goes on in the Big Brother Canada house is for fun.

IKA is worried that people will harass her kids because she got heated on the show. Adel doesn’t he says Canada isn’t like that we’re not “Full of Crazies” there’s only 30 million people here.
Adel says they will edit it wisely “This is a family kid show..”

Adel – “At least you’re going out with paper.. you may have 10 thousand dollars but you’re going home”
Adel says if he goes to Jury he’s coming back, “I love Canada I am Canada they will bring me back to fight”

Adel tells her his big game worry is they will put Neda and Sabrina up. IKA doesn’t think it will be Sabrina she thinks it’s Jon.

Adel – “They’re not going to put up Jon”
IKA does think they will put Adel up

IKA tells him Jon and NEda are going to need Adel more than ever. Adel is confident about going into next week the only people he’s worried about are Heather, Rachelle or Sabrina and “Sabrina isn’t winning with with all these titans”

Adel goes over his HOH plan , if he can get Kenny up the only votes Kenny will have are Sabrina, Allison, Sarah and Andrew

IKA tells him once Kenny is gone the game is Adel’s. Adel agrees, “I’m going to put up Andrew and Kenny and have them battle for the veto”

IKA doesn’t think putting both guys up is a good idea. He suggests Kenny and Sarah and using Andrew as a replacement nominee. The reason behind this is Kenny will want to keep Sarah in the game and vice versa so they have a better chance to get Andrew out in the case POV is played. (The preferred target is Kenny)

Adel will tell Andrew if any of his crew wins the veto and takes off Kenny or Sarah the house will want Adel to put up Andrew. Adel will explain to Andrew he doesn’t want to see Andrew get backdoored so it’s important that the POV doesn’t get played.

Adel thinks Arlie is going to win the game.. “Holy molly if I win HOH this week..

Adel says after he makes his move he’ll have Andrew, Sabrina, Kenny(Or Sarah), Allison and Rachelle after him. Arlie, Heather, Jon and Heather have his back.

Adel thinks regardless of who wins they will put up Neda and Heather. Adel plans on going up to Kenny and telling him if he goes up he’ll be putting up Sarah with his “Veto Card”
Adel – “I sure hope my bluff doesn’t get called.. I gotta get the bearded man out of here”

Adel says he loves everyone in the house the only person he cannot stand and the only person he wants nothing to do with outside the house is Sabrina. IKA agrees, “I thought she was a nice girl when I first met her”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-25 21-49-29-082

12:30Am Living Room Sabrina and Rachelle
Sabrina is saying she’s lost 5lbs in 1 day. Rachelle tells her if Sabrina goes home she will self evict.
Sabrina – “imagine the day you have to vote against me”
Rachelle says she will never do that.
Racehlle says her (IKA, thanks lacey) face looks like a demon.

Video coming (These videos are big)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-25 21-57-58-466

12:54AM Racehlle and Sabrina HOH

Rachelle – “I can’t believe she gets 5 grand.. why she didn’t do anything.. why is she getting 5 grand ”
Rachelle – “thats so annoying.. she could (hard to hear) buy 5 louie vaton purses.. ugh why did she win.. she didn’t do anything.. I want to win money.. I want to win 10 grand”
Sabrina – “Two.. nice ones.. I love purses”
Sabrina – “F*** europe right there”

Sabrina runs into the bathroom and using eye liner starts to calculate how much her and Racehlle made on their stipend.

1:10AM IKa and Adel having some fun

Video coming

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-25 22-46-36-139

1:38am Adel and IKA

IKA says she’s never tried muscles, octopus or clams but she’s had lobsters and crab..
She says she’s never watched After Dark or live feeds.
Ika says “It sucks that she said Jon and Neda” explains that it screw up their game but Helps Adel’s game. IKA feels bad because she didn’t mean for it to hurt Neda.

Adel calls Andrew the nose picker.. they joke around about how Big Brother might edit Andrew picking his nose and cooking. Adel mentions he calls Andrew nose picker sometimes in the diary room.

Adel retells the story where Talla told him she would have to talk to her agent before having a picture taken with Adel and his t2t invention. Adel adds a new bit says he told her “Agent… you’ll be forgotten in 6 to 8 months”

2:03AM Adel impersonates IKA during her challenge earlier today. (The reason the feeds where cut)
(Video is funny)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-25 23-09-15-247

Found this last pic thanks to moon3k for letting me know there was some more gold in the feeds

2:16am everyone sleeping

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they said ika’s face looks like a demon


Simon & Dawg you are saints..don’t know how you can watch Sabrina, I’m almost sick to my stomach watching her, she truly is just a clueless gross pig
like most of us I can not watch the live feeds they are so boring and gross, so I use your site to read up and watch any videos you load of the house guest I want to see (Adel, Jon, Neda) the only ones worth watching. I donate to your site each year but, I think I’ll up the anty this year…..please keep up the good work, I’m a huge BB fan but, I just can’t watch it this year…Thanks again,


Thank you, we really appreciate it!


Donation complete…hope it helps


Thank you! It definitely helps pay for the costs of running the site. We really appreciate it!


I’m starting to hate these girls even more then before. Have you seen this photo of ratchell ? She looks like a demon!


I want Sabrina out now. I can’t trust her as a jury member.


Lol, she looks like a cheap B movie zombie.


Love the tweet LOL “Sabrina not happy about the stipend totals so she starts digging for gold”. She and Andrew are always digging for gold and these are the 2 who do the most cooking and cleaning. There’s a little big of Andrew and Sabrina in all the houseguests.


Ika was just telling Adel that she is so skinny right now because she won’t eat anything that Andrew cooks because of his nose picking while preparing the food. Also, when Sobrina and hot dog were in HOH bed, Sobs started digging with both hands and then starts playing with hot dog’s hair. *gags*


Anyone else think that Rachelle looks like the main character from the show Continuum?

Rachel Nichols I think is her name.


Yes I was thinking that yesterday as I was watching Continuum.


Lol. Wow buying 5 louie bag cost more then 10 grand. Did they not forget Ika has children to feed


Yes, from what I got… IKA took the 5,000 over letters for everyone in the house (which I would def. have done also) while the whole house watched on the tv screens. I think Adel got himself in a bit of trouble, because he yelled at the tv to IKA to go from the money. Can’t wait to see the reactions and thanks for uploading…Late night with Adel and IKA is the best!


could she be lying about it being 5,000??? could it be a pass to remove herself from the block because whats the point of getting 5,000 and letters from home if she is to be voted out thursday and why not just let everyone else get letters to try to save yourself with sampathy …. i think she is lying about he 5,000.


I WISH! …from watching the feeds I believe it was a competition. Thanks to the vids here…on Monday night I believe, Neda, Sabrina, and Rachelle were in the HOH room at night after Neda talked to Jon in the Hot Tub Area. Sabrina asked what Jon said and Neda said nothing.

Then they started counting piece of Art vs. frames of art in the house for a competition the next day, which was Tuesday.

Then after the feeds came back yesterday there was a bunch of crumpled up paper on the dinner table and someone mentioned guessing the correct amount and winning.

So, I don’t think its fake. Ika won the competition for guessing whatever it was and had a decision. The housemates watched on the screen while she was in the diary room.

I can’t wait to see reactions!!!


Thank Goodness !
Who would want a frikkin letter from most of those people?
If there’s a real connection they’ll stay in touch with whoever.


Ooops…so mixed up…I must be Sabrina-ed….


This last paragraph made me laugh and giggle .so funny I think we all got a bit sabrina-ed 🙂


Hey Max,

Where did you see this? I would like to watch!



Hey Megan,

I just replied to Darrel a few posts up. Its all speculation from hearing and what the houseguests were talking about on the live feeds. I love guessing and finding out what happens when the feeds are down.


Does anyone know why they are wearing the hot dog suit


I cannot wait for tomorrow, after seeing Adel’s impersonation of Ika on whatever she said that the housemates saw.


We’ll see how that goes if she gets her Benedryl. LOL


Whatever the cause …. picking your nose is gross … After all there is this nifty product called Tissue/Kleenex or even TP
that seems to work just fine for most. … Production is in the wrong for not stopping Kenny … make him stop and wash his freakin hands!


Watcher you mean Andrew, not Kenny.


So there’s hope she’ll asphyxiate.


…naaaaa I think she just likes to dig for gold.


Sabrina has been picking her nose since she waked through the door. Disgusting is disgusting and she and Andrew are in the dictionary under the word.

Grossed out

Maybe so but the least she could do is use a Kleenex, nasty!


Lmao ika screwed everyone over that is awsome!! I cant wait to see all these b#%ches crying GO IKA!!


The last few nights when Ika and Meatballs are talking and looking at the pictures, Ika refers to one of the houseguests as “Xena” and I can’t figure out who she’s talking about. If anybody knows, is it Sarah or Allison? She says Xena fu**ed up her (Ika’s) game. Thanks y’all.


It was Allison – Xena the warrior princess




Don’t they have kleenex in the house? Just keep one in your pocket Sabrina ….and Andrew…..please.


Did anyone else lose big brother after dark tonight? I was watching it then it went to commercial but came back millionaire match maker.


Yes same here.I guess something happened in the house yesterday and wont let us know it yet or maybe someone got in a fight or something 🙂


It blows my mind that this girl can care less that millions of people are watching her constantly pick her nose.




At first I felt all the nose picking comments were a tad petty, however, some houseguests have gone overboard when it comes to finding fishing bait. It definitely explains some of the bizarre behaviour we have all witnessed in the house. After all, when your in your nose up to your elbow…don’t be surprised if you pull out your brains!


I think Jon has a touch of add haha

Likely mental hoh upcoming? if so who you think has a leg up?


Does anyone know what was meant by “it sucks that she said Jon and Neda?”


I’m not positive, but I think that Ika said the only people she likes in the house are Adel, Neda, and Jon. Sabrina heard it and pointed it out to everyone, indicating that they’re working together. Now Ika thinks she may have put targets on Neda and Jon.


I wish I knew Sabrina’s stipend calculations. Does anyone know what their stipend is? I heard Sabrina once say jury is $525. I assume she meant a week but she didn’t specify.

I’m glad Ika won some money. I think negotiating letters to stay would have only given her (if they kept their word) a week or two more anyway.

I hope Peter Brown is not right when he said Rachelle will win. I really feel she is the most boring, clueless housemate I’ve ever seen. The last eviction made it clear where she stood. Aligning with Heather and Ika should have been her goal. It’s not high school, you only have to live with these people another two months. I’ll be so mad if her alliance with Sabrina keeps her safe past two weeks.

Also, I read someone theorized that the show is all actors and scripted, because they noticed ACTRA (The Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists Union) listed in the credits, and an Alberta tax credit that can only be used for non-realty TV shows. I am staring to think Sabrina may be working for production as an actress, because she said she was acting she was drunk, and the only reason she is on the show is to get exposure to be on TV. She seems to know too many things I don’t think she’d be able to guess; the meaning of the numbers, Ika not wanting to be in jury etc. It also seems odd that no one noticed the smell of alcohol on Jon or Allison.


Yes, you’re correct. They get $75 a day, so that’s $525 a week. If they make it to jury then they will get $75 a day for the full approx. 75 days they’re in the house/jury = $5625 total for the season.

pretty trickster

I cant stand Peter Brown. He was my pick last season and he was a complete disappointment. I hope hes wrong too!


Rachelle says to Sabrina “if you ever go home I’m self evicting”. That pretty much sums up Rachelle, her only point in this game is to be an ego booster for Sabrina’s insecurities. Why did she even go on the show? For some stupid reason she only feels the need to bond with Sabrina, doesn’t care about talking to anyone else. Way to play big brother idiot.


Nose picking has become a serious epidemic in this house. Like, wtf!


What a disappointing season so far, and as the numbers go home, a cake walk to final 5 gets more and more possible. I can’t believe some of the idiots that were cast this season. Rachelle, who can’t have a thought of her own until Sabrina tells her, and she is proud to admit it, Paul who had the worst strategy ever, makes Joe S14 look like a true powerhouse, Heather – naive and perpetual victim, IKA who singlehandedly ruined any chance of a girls alliance by putting up a girl and believing Sabrina’s lies, Sarah who outed herself last week when there was no need, all to help the boys, while Sabrina comes out of it looking like she was loyal to the girls. Even Adel is dumb. Lying about the power will backfire on him. For all Andrew and Kenny’s talk about winning all of the competitions, they haven’t won a thing since week 2, and Allison who I had hopes for has just settled in as another vote for team testosterone. So disappointing. The only hope is if Jon, Arlie or Neda get some power and use it to shake things up – they have to see that if it doesn’t happen this week, there is no hope for their games. I can’t believe IKA telling Adel not to put up both boys together! Why not? Doesn’t she see that if he only puts up one, the other can win POV and take him off, then neither goes home and both are gunning for Adel, and someone useless will go home instead? As much as I don’t want her to go because she is at least interesting to watch, she doesn’t deserve to be there. She won HOH and POV and instead of building her own game, she ruined it and helped the other side. Sabrina is in control, but only because most of the HG are airheads. Put her in a house with smarter people and she would have been shunned by the end of week 2.


Isnt Arlie part of the first 5 ?

Johhny (the European one!)

He’s a silent partner 😉
He’s in both alliances, and waits for them all to go against each other.
If there was a HOH where he can’t throw it and it’s sheer luck, he’ll ask if he’s allowed to REFUSE becoming HOH!

Nose picker

Who do you want to win next HOH??


Adel, without a doubt.

Anyone else, and it’ll just be the same ole same ole.

Arlie and Jon, both of whom i like, are talking about putting Adel up, thinking his power will save him – and it won’t, because he lied so successfully.

Sarah will just revert to form, follow what the boys tell her, and it’ll just further their game, whether it helps hers or not

Sabrina is totally in with the guys, so there is no point there.

Ratchell will vote how Sabrina says, so that’s basically two Sabrina votes (even if she can’t compete, she’ll follow like a good doggie)

Allison has proven she’ll just do what anyone else says.

Neda wouldn’t be bad; i like her, and i’d like to think she’d make a big move; but Jon is in her ear, so i’m not sure.

The guys are obviously going after Adel, along with Jon.

And Heather is so grateful to stay, she’ll probably vote with the guys.

So really, unless Adel wins (or possibly Neda), i don’t see things changing.

And this is the most ridiculously boring season yet, or either US or Canada.

And the nose picking (And not washing hands after using the washroom – i mean seriously, Sabrina telling Allison she doens’t need to do that??) is making it hard to watch.

Thank goodness Dawg and Simon run this side, so i don’t have to watch After dark or the feeds.

You guys are troopers, for sure. We appreciate you taking the punishment so we can just read the highlights.


I don’t think Adel would be as great as you think. His HoHitis would be off the charts. He went power crazy with a fake power.



He’s the only one who might put up both Andrew and Kenny.


I forgot to add that if Andrew or Kenny won veto then he’d put up Sabrina. Or he might put one guy and Sabrina etc. I would love either combination because it would make the first 5 alliance choose, and even if they got in jury they would know someone in their alliance voted them out.


I want neda to win hoh. I hope it isn’t double eviction.


Isn’t Canada the next HOH?


No problem with the heads up about Sobrina diggin’ in again. I’m sure you know more than anyone that you just have to find a feed with her on it and it’s only going to be a matter of minutes before she goes back in for more. And for the record, I am allergic to dust…and although it can make your nose itch, it makes you want to rub it back and forth on the outside…not reach in there and scrape around…I would be getting a guaranteed nose bleed doing that…but if it were that necessary, I would be using a tissue. That’s my experience with dust allergies anyway.


nose picker; I want Adel to win the HOH next.
Also, I call Bull-shitt, why are the minorities getting picked off one by one and right after another? Racist mother F’ers!!
I smell Bull-shitt. I call bull-shittt. This pisses me off.


What’s with all the nose picking!!!?? Don’t these people know they are being videotaped 24/7 ! Gross , evil dick has already been posting Sabrina’s nose picking photo on twitter! These pics will never disappear! Just ask khalia evil dick is still to this day posting pictures of her in the bathtub shaving her bikini like .,,,


The funny thing the last 3 people including ika that have left all love adel, when they are isolated from everyone he’s always there , he’s a good guy


letsshakeupthehouse….don’t go there with the racist stuff. That is Bull-shitt!!! Be pissed off if you want, but leave that stuff behind. IKA and ADEL are favorites of mine, have strong personalities and I find them very entertaining. I will be sorry to see them leave ever because they are the only two people worth watching on these feeds. But calling the racism card into this is a weak move.


I call it as I see it and AM entitled to my OWN opinions, thank you very much!!!
Are you a relative? pfft.