Bayleigh “I SAW YOU!! GIRL you can not argue with something I saw with my own eyes!”

POV: ? Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 6th
HOH: Angela Next HOH: Aug 9nd
Noms: Have Nots

11:09pm Bedroom. Bay and Rockstar. Bay – I don’t want to be lied to. Rockstar – I hear you, so tell me what’s up? Bay – everyone thinks you’re the one that flipped. Everyone thinks you have a deal with Brett and that you lied and told everyone that you did not speak to Brett. Rockstar – I didn’t!! Bay – I saw you and Brett in the havenot room this week. Rockstar – I DID NOT SPEAK TO BRETT! Bay – no! You’re talking too loud. I saw you in there with him Rockstar! It was just you and him. There is no way you could not be in the room with him and not speak to him. So tell me the truth! You were in the room so tell me what y’all talked about .. STOP making me look stupid. STOP making me defend you. LIKE I look so f**king Dumb right now. I am supposed to trust people to vote and I can’t even trust you to vote where you say you’re going to put them.. AND then you want to say you haven’t even spoken to him?! You have spoken to him! Just eat that up! You have! I SAW YOU!! GIRL you can not argue with something I saw with my own eyes! I saw you and Brett alone in the same room. Rockstar – when was that? Bay – this week in the havenot room. Not in the havenot room .. the geometry room. So you can’t say you haven’t spoken to him because I know you have .. even in regular conversation.

Bay – I need to know what is going on because I need to know who is looking me in my face and lying to me. I am sick and tired of being played with! If I have people in my corner.. its you, its Fes, its Scottie… if one of y’all are lying to me and I can’t figure out who it is and I am supposed to act like I am good. Every single vote I have been lied to. Rockstar – I agree. Bay – so tell me what’s up!? Rockstar – I don’t know. Bay – so everyone just pointed the finger at you and you say you don’t know. Do you have a deal with Brett?! Rockstar – I swear to god I do not have a deal with Brett!! And you will see when you watch the show. Bay – I don’t want to watch the show.. I want to know now!! Rockstar – I am telling you now. Bay – okay so if I go and ask him now .. he is going to say the same thing? Because he said that you’re lying. Rockstar – WHAT?! Bay – can you lower your voice … if I am whispering, you need to whisper too. I need to know what is going on and I need to know quickly. Rockstar – I have no idea. Someone flipped a vote while I was on the block. True or not true? Bay – true, but everyone collectively agrees that was Rachel. Rockstar – I do not have a deal with Brett!!! They said to me in the doctor (DR) that four times you’ve voted, four times you’ve been wrong.

Bay – I don’ care about that, you can’t prove that. I need hardcore facts!! I need to know because I am sitting here looking dumb as f**k! You have never come to me and said I’ve got you over everyone else. Rockstar – we have a final 3! Me, you and Haleigh! Bay – we never friggen named it (lol). I need to know who is lying to me!! Rockstar throws up her hands. Bay – nope I don’t need you to swear on your kids, you already did that! We will get to teh bottom of it! If y’all want Bay to fly off the handle I will because I am pissed right now!!!! I can’t even look anyone in the eye. Rockstar – I voted Brett out. Bay – you know what I am on the edge of doing right now. Its not a good thing. I don’t need stories. If we all five need to sit in a room and look each other in the eye and go through details that’s what we need to do because I am sick and tied! Rockstar – I voted f**King Brett out! I don’t like him. I don’t talk to him. Bay – but that’s the perfect reason to work with him because no one would suspect it. Rockstar – I wish I had come up with that genius plan. Bay – how convenient that he didn’t vote you out last week. Rockstar – I’ve pulled aside Haleigh, I’ve pulled aside Scottie, I’ve pulled aside Fes.. Bay – okay that literally solidifies.. you have just confirmed that I can not trust anyone in our group. You’ve had friends since day one. Bay leaves. Rockstar – come back I am talking to you..

11:50pm Bedroom. Rockstar – you’re telling me that I have some mastermind plan with Brett who embarrassed me on my daughter’s birthday and never has spoken words to me outside of calling me out in an eviction speech. I’ve had a buddy system this whole time and I’ve been waiting for him to come campaign to me .. and he didn’t. Bay – how do you explain being alone with him in the geometry room? Rockstar – I don’t remember that. Bay – do you want to go ask him? Rockstar starts to go get him and Bay says no I don’t even want to deal with that. Y’all have had each other coming into this game so I am going to leave all of you alone. I don’t want to get into the drama any more. I am tired of being lied to. Rockstar – I feel the same way. Bay – Haleigh tells you everything. You and Fes are really close and you and Scottie are really close. Rockstar – we are obviously not that close if A one of them are lying and B saying its me. You’ve never done that? Promise me when you watch the show we will still be friends. Bay – I’ve had your back never come after you. Haleigh joins them. Rockstar – are you saying I have a secret alliance with Brett? Haleigh – its been brought up. By everyone in the group. I’ve had 6 people bring it up to me. I have also had people come up to me and say that you said I flipped. Rockstar – who said that? Haleigh – two people from inside our group. Bay – why would you think she flipped? Rockstar – I would think that you flipped ..even though I didnt say that because you have Brett laying in your lap all the time. You hang out with him all night in the hammock. Haleigh – JC walked in on you and Brett in the geometry room. Rockstar – don’t remember being in the room with him.

12am Angela’s HOH room is ready! They all head up to the HOH room. They all look at her HOH photos and then she reads her HOH letter.

12:18pm Rockstar, Fes and Haleigh. Fes – have you talked to her (Angela) yet? Rockstar – I think she is putting me up. Haleigh – why? Rockstar – because I think so. Regardless if I go home or not.. Haleigh – you’re not going home. Rockstar – she said because of all the opportunities to take yourself off she wasn’t putting up anyone that she wanted out. I do not have a f**king secret deal with Brett!! Fes – its not JC .. he came into this late. It doesn’t make sense for him to jump into this late and then jump out.

12:25am Lounge room. JC and Tyler. JC – this week I want Bayeigh out. If I get the app card I am going to tell you.

12:23am HOH room. Angela – I want you to be the first black girl to win this thing. I would love to be sitting next to you in the final two. Bay – that makes me so happy. I support you in what ever you do. When this house goes up in chaos this week because it will happen. Bay – after all this it will be awkward. Angela – It’s been awkward. Bay – do you think all those tears were fake. (Rachel) Angela – absolutely she is an actor and could cry at the drop of a hat.

12:38am Havenot room. Bay and Brett. Bay – I do understand that you were calling Rachel out and I did not know that she said what she said. I just thought you were coming for me. Now that everything is going on the table. When I talked to you the other day I mean it. I respect you as a person. That’s why I walked off. Bay – I didn’t want anyone to know about this power. Brett – last time we talked you said if I am going to use it I will let you know and you never did let me know. I am not holding a grudge and I didn’t meant to throw you under the bus. Bay – I am not just trying to clean up the mess. I really think you’re a good person. From here on out I will treat you like my private school boys. Just no more Honey. Brett – I will never forget that. They hug and leave the room.

12:40am HOH room. Haleigh and Angela. Haleigh – When I heard Scottie was out I was like WHAT? He thinks he is an evil genius. Haleigh – I will support you in anything that you do. Its hard for you this week because you don’t get a normal week. Angela – I am not going to put up people that I would be mortified if they left. I am going to put up people that are able to compete.

1am HOH room. Fes and Angela. Fes – whoever you put up it will be someone that I’m cool with. The only think that I can say that would benefit you is if I win the hacker comp.. Angela – you will keep them the same. Fes – I think you can look me in the eyes and know that I am a loyal person. If I get picked to play in the veto I will keep the noms the same if that’s what you want. Angela and Fes talk about how its going to be a crazy week.

1:20am Bay – its all water under the bridge now. Rockstar – I love you. Bay – I was just freaking out. Rcockstar – I’m sorry. Big Brother switches the feeds.

1:40am – 1:50am Angela tells Scottie that she is thinking about putting hand either way Rockstar is a bigger target than you. Its an easy target this week. And I know that no one is targeting you. The girls.. everyone loves you. If I do decide to do that just know that you are not my target. If I do put her up, I think she will just sit there and not do anything about. IF I do use you as a pawn, I don’t think anyone would pull her down. And if I do win the veto I will ensure that it is not used on Rockstar. If I have a different target in mind maybe I would pull you down and put someone else up.

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No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Are you guys on Eastern Standard Time? I can’t believe I’m up this late. AD is so good tonight. I actually feel bad for RS (I know, biting my own tongue). I just hate to seem someone really down and kicked. It’s not RS’s fault her allies are idiots and blind on top of it.

But, um

Yep, and they are blaming each other instead of Tyler or JC!!

another name

by the end of this week: sitting alone under a blanket in the dark waiting for the xanax to kick in while repeatedly muttering “on my daughter’s birthday.”


LOL, hilarious!! I wanted RS to get up and shut Bayleigh tf down! I wanted something along the lines of “How dare you come in here and accuse me??! how do I know YOU aint working with them? Get yo stupid azz, dumb azz, i fell in love with a boy who wears his name on his shirt azz the fuk out my face”

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Yeah, I’ve had enough of Baileigh. First, you didn’t start the game til Swaggy left, you were too busy laying with him unprotected in front of the world so get over yourself. The one time Rockstar says nothing in her defense… like really? Bay is a diva with no resume to back it up.

BBUS Fan in Berlin

OMG….these people.


Simon and Dawg, who would you suspect is going up this week? Because one post said it would be Fes and Rockstar with Scottie as the backdoor option. And then another post said Scottie and Rockstar with Fes or Bay as the backdoor option. Which one is true if either?


Cause she changed her mind. Prob noms scottie and rc


Think Rachel is upset about leaving? Just WAIT until she hears ANGELA won HOH !!!


Could Bay be any uglier? She acts like she thinks she’s still running the house. I don’t care much for RockSalt but she doesn’t owe Bayleigh any explanations. I can hear Bay being so condescending to her saying, ” What did you talk about? You better tell me right now!”. Sorry but that’s just not right. I never did hear her question Tyler in that rant. Did she? I just can’t believe that every week Foutte keeps losing and none of them can put it together. I hope JC gets his wish and Bay gets backdoored. Get to work Tyler, JC, and Angela. Keep ‘m in the mist!

Miss Conception

I do believe that if you looked in the dictionary for ”mad black woman”,Bay’s picture would appear there! The wheels have fallen off of her bus!

Survey Says

How can The Hive be so oblivious? “Rockstar must be in a secret alliance with Brett.” “It could be Hayleigh. She was in the hammock with Brett all night.” “It can’t be JC who flipped.” This is entertainment gold! I am getting such a kick out of this.


People with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) are characterized by their persistent grandiosity, excessive need for admiration, and a personal disdain and lack of empathy for other people. As such, the person with NPD usually displays arrogance and a distorted sense of superiority, and they seek to establish abusive power and control over others. Self-confidence (a strong sense of self) is different from narcissistic personality disorder; people with NPD typically value themselves over others to the extent that they openly disregard the feelings and wishes of others, and expect to be treated as superior, regardless of their actual status or achievements. Moreover, the person with narcissistic personality disorder usually exhibits a fragile ego (self-concept), intolerance of criticism, and a tendency to belittle others in order to validate their own superiority.

The DSM-5 indicates that persons with NPD usually display some or all of the following symptoms, typically without the commensurate qualities or accomplishments:

Grandiosity with expectations of superior treatment from other people
Fixated on fantasies of power, success, intelligence, attractiveness, etc.
Self-perception of being unique, superior, and associated with high-status people and institutions
Needing continual admiration from others
Sense of entitlement to special treatment and to obedience from others
Exploitative of others to achieve personal gain
Unwilling to empathize with the feelings, wishes, and needs of other people
Intensely envious of others, and the belief that others are equally envious of them
Pompous and arrogant demeanor


Bay makes Rachel look “normal”…..what an entitled brat! I’ll keep you like one of my private school boys! Geeeze!

another name

hmm. one alliance can’t get their heads out of their butts long enough to figure out week one, two or three’s vote, let alone this week’s…. what’s production to do so that it isn’t a complete steamroll….
enter… the hacker comp. changes nomination, changes veto procedure… and negates a vote???? if it was an ‘or’ situation i’d be saying meh… but if it’s an ‘and’ set-up it’s just getting ridiculous…… like grodner can’t let us have nice things like straight up game.
that ought to level the playing field and get them back to the unanimous votes production is so much more comfortable with.
UNLESS a hive member wins the hack comp and they still end up blindsided by a vote. damn… that could happen. Hive is so worried about who is the rogue vote, they might negate one of their own at this point.

tom weston

not sure how bay/hay/fes/scottie/rockstar managed to always be on the wrong side of the vote since the beginning of the summer. it’s hilarious to watch but still sad. how’re you fighting with your “alliance” first rather than questioning the other side of the house?! and I’m not even mad at tyler. usually I can’t stand when one side monopolizes the house but the fact that you have people that are so dumb and oblivious to what is going on is just ridiculous. no, no, it couldn’t be sweet baby tyler that flipped…we trust him too much. he’s proved himself. it’s not like this is a game of lies and deceit! yeah, it’s easy to have an opinion from the outside looking in but i can’t imagine going on a game where your one goal is to make it to the end and expect someone to not lie to you. i’m sure it’s hard to strike the balance of paranoia and caution but to never have the thought cross your mind???? my gosh. nothing against tyler but from a game pov hopefully something shifts this week where he actually has to show his cards and both sides wake the heck up. also why is jc still there…. talk about a floater. i’m sorry. i’m ranting.


Idontlikebay schooled us on narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) a few comments above. JC is the perfect example of NPD. Having said that I like he’s using it against the brain dead grouping of bay/fes/scottie and rockstar


Clearly some members of the cast are oblivious. Like Kaitlyn can’t figure out a 6 piece puzzle, and the honey bees can’t figure out who is “flipping” the vote. I mean bay is apparently 1 point away from being a genius, I would say she’s closer to being cognitively impaired with how she is treating members in her own alliance! The girl (bay) needs a reality check!


right!? if i was rockchair i would be outta there! singing like a bird to the other side

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Granted I’ve lived 5 decades of life, but I’ve known many “book smart” people with high I.Q.s with NO common sense. Knowing things and practical application are two different things.


Bay really showed how awful she is this week…but man is she sitting in the catbird’s seat if she just wakes up to reality. It’s pointless to try to figure out who in your alliance flipped because the fact you think they did says it’s time to flip on them because she can never know for certain…AND SHE’S LOST 4 WEEKS which means her group is lost. She’s comfortable with Tyler, Angela, and KC, so she needs to go and throw Fes, RS, Bay, and especially Scottie right under the bus. They are now nothing but pawns to her and making clear she’s cool with all of them going restores the little of what’s left of her power, by basically saying “I’d only use it on myself, so keep me safe two weeks and it’s a non-factor”

What she doesn’t know is reaching out to the 3 she’s connected to makes her a great fit to replace Winston/Rachel…and if she can check her natural personality….she could sow dissension within down the line


Bailey told sam she cant conrol the rplecment nom on the veto cermony. Ok.. now they will know the can backdoor you even if you use it. Good job bailey!!


I thought I was watching an episode of the jeffersons last night. Bay’s parents look like George and Whezzy, while swaggy looks like Lionel


Hilarious! Movin’ on up! I didn’t see the purpose of the piece….just filler I guess.


Well, if she IS pregnant – it is good for him to meet them….

Miss Conception

Perhaps that was a setup for a proposed new reality show on CBS called”Who’s Your Baby Daddy'”?


And the ugliness and arrogance of Bay’s power trip continues….WTF


This has hands down been a top season for BB. Brett knows how to jerk chains. Bay thinks she a princess and all should bow to her majesty. I don’t know what Sam is…auditioning for “Tool Time”? Fes is just an idiot and didn’t come to play. He thought he was a ladies man but his religion gets in the way! I suspect he has the same luck on the outside with woman because he thinks they are below him.

Hoping this hacker app isn’t production picking favorites!!!

Obb OG

I can’t understand why Bay or the rest if her crew never brings up tylers name as someone who’s lying to them , he’s playing an incredible game so far or they’re just stupid. It’s seems so obvious. I mean he just admitted he flipped the vite and bay still arguing with people that they better nit be lying to her. Smh.


They know Tyler didnt vote with them. JC is their blindspot ( well more so Fessy’s).


On one of the spoilers, Tyler told Bayleigh that he voted Rachel out because she was being mean about Bayleigh. He said that he changed his mind right before the vote. THAT explains this week….as for the others, they are just clueless.

Tyler is playing a brilliant game and I hope that production doesn’t ruin it!


Tyler gives them just enough truth to make sure that they do not doubt him when he is lying. Like not using the veto at Bay’s request, or telling her about his vote for Rachel right before. He is very good at finding openings and bending situations to work in his favor, and knows when to back off like he did with the Kaitlin deal. It doesn’t hurt to have JC on his side with the constant flow of confusion and chaos, he has them looking over here when they should be focusing over there.

The Canadian

Please get rid of Bayleigh. I can’t anymore with her arrogance and aggresivity. She is so extra, it is uncomfortable to watch. And please leave me alone with the race card. I am Black and I was madly rooting for her until last week…. That girl is deranged.

After her, please get out Angela and Brett, I strongly dislike mean person.

I think it is possible to have a perfect gameplay without being mean and getting personal.

So Bayleigh, Angela and Brett out asap please….


Agreed. I was rooting for her too until now. I was really hoping that she was paying Tyler as much as he was playing her, but guess I was wrong. It makes no sense to trust the ppl on the other side better than the members in her alliance.

Just an observation on my part, but the reason why Rockstar almost won and didn’t want the comp is that typically ppl who are not necessarily strong academically (30 x 60 = 1200) are often good at reading ppl and situations. She would have been more likely to pick up on details in the gif videos that the other ppl (Scottie) didn’t, which is why she almost won, and she’s also been the only member of the give to be suspicious enough of Tyler and JC, but her alliance is lacking in wit where she is not.

Now, if only I could pass on this insight to the hive 🙂

The Canadian

Not a fan of RockStar but you made a valid and solid point Speedy W!


When Rockstar was desperately trying to figure out the # of seconds it was obvious, by the look on her face, that she’s not even at the level of Jethro Bodie (anyone remember Beverly Hillbillies?) when it comes to cyphering……


Agreed. I was rooting for her too until now. I was really hoping that she was paying Tyler as much as he was playing her, but guess I was wrong. It makes no sense to trust the ppl on the other side better than the members in her alliance.

Just an observation on my part, but the reason why Rockstar almost won but didn’t win the comp is that typically ppl who are not necessarily strong academically (30 x 60 = 1200) are often good at reading ppl and situations. She would have been more likely to pick up on details in the gif videos that the other ppl (Scottie) didn’t, which is why she almost won, and she’s also been the only member of the give to be suspicious enough of Tyler and JC, but her alliance is lacking in wit where she is not.

Now, if only I could pass on this insight to the hive :


I agree, Canadian. I was rooting for her until today, really. But her big mouth combined with her degrading antics means she lost a fan in me. I personally hate to be falsely accused of something and to see RS be accused so voraciously based off of NOTHING while her sweet little Tyler gets a hug and a head pat when he admitted that he voted against Rachel is so disgusting. And what makes it sadder is that Rockstar is without a doubt her biggest, most loyal fan. Nobody deserves to be screamed at like that, and I wish she would try some sh** like that with me. I feel it’s cowardly to take your aggression out on the “weak”. There is a chance she’s trying to flip to other side though and is trying to show she has a reason to flip.

The Canadian

Songfly, totally right!
She will be so mad at herself when she will be evicted and look at these episodes… I wish I was a little fly to be able to see that.


yep, exactly. bay knows she can bully ( and I hate that word, think its over used) rockstar..make rockstar her punching bag, so she did. she knows rock was the only one in the house she could verbally abuse like a dog then say later say sorry and move on like nothing happened. ANY one else in there would have defended themselves just as aggressively and bay would have been made to pay.


I agree about being mean, but if you are going to say it about Bay, Angela and Brett than you need to add Rocky in that list too. She has been saying mean personal crap about everyone (mainly the Bros). She never talks about their game play just about them personally that she knows nothing about. She makes things up and then repeats it to everyone as if it is truth. So please just add rocky to your list..LOL

Longtime Lurker

I don’t have the feeds, but did Bayleigh actually see Rockstar & Brett with her own eyes? Didn’t JC tell her that? If Rockstar ever calms down enough to think straight she could put 2 and 2 together. (Even her math skills are up to that surely?). Rockstar is getting fussed at by Bayleigh and than Hayleigh drops the “JC saw you with Brett in the geometry room”. It’s not hard to figure out that JC must be the common denominator here.


Everyone is so stupid….why can`t they see that Tyler is the one lying to them….wake up people


Not Everyone! Lol