Risha and Graig Stories “Watch out for Willow I think She’s a lesbian”

POV Holder: Johnny Next POV April 10
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 12
HOH Winner Brittnee Next HOH April 8th
Nominations: Kevin Bobby and Graig
Have Nots Ashleigh, Bobby, Zach, and Kevin
POV Players ?

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Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-06 15-09-55-088
8:01pm Kevin and Pilar

Kevin asks her if she’s in an alliance. Pilar says the only thing she’s involved in is that thing with Ashleigh.
Kevin says he doesn’t have an alliance with anyone.
Pilar is surprised.

Kevin says he trusts PIlar the most, followed by AShleigh and Willow (“100%”)
Pilar – same here
Kevin says if anyone is going to target their showmance they are going to take him out She’s safe.

PIlar asks if people would actually go after them to break up their showmance because they are different people in the game.
Kevin doesn’t think so mentions that it was Graig being paranoid who brought it up.
They start kissing.
Kevin – I really like Ashleigh… JP and Zach are cool

They both agree after the show they will be great friends with Graig or at least give it a honest attempt. In the show however Graig is a idiot, They laugh at him.

They laugh about asking Graig if he broke a camera and telling him his energy has been down lately.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-06 15-15-04-752

Jordan comes in They start sharing stories about Graig..
Jordan mentions how Graig came up to him saying they have to let Kevin go and keep Bobby, this was right before the veto ceremony.
Jordan adds Graig telling Brittnee that he was a floater, “He’s insane.. he’s nuts”
Jordan – He’s always 604 we’re together
Adds Craig is going around claiming he’s not in any alliances, “He’s obviously with those guys”
Kevin mentions Graig thinks he’s going to stay.
Pilar – He’s going to be shocked
Jordan – 13 people are left
Pilar – it’ll be 10 nothing
Jordan says Godfrey and Bruno are campaigning hard to keep Graig.
Jordan laughs saying that Godfrey came up to him “I don’t know man we don’t have the votes man”
Kevin mentions Graig going around last night telling people that the season won’t be as good without him. He said to Kevin “Take a step back look at our season Production wants me here.. the show is better with me in this house”
Jordan – he’s so full of himself.
Kevin He’s like it’ll still be a good season but it’ll be better with him
Pilar says Tuesday night will be crazy.

Kevin shows Pilar and Jordan about the two trick tiles that activate the alarm in the Have nots room.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-06 15-39-12-978

6:38pm just Chit chat going on.. Zach tells them football has the most swearing in it of all the sports.

6:52pm Bedroom Sarah, johnny, Kevin, Zach, Willow
Sarah can tell Graig is fighting to keep silent around her. Johnny mention how Graig was glaring at her.
JOrdan lets them know bruno and Godfrey are fighting for him to stay they think he’ll stay.
Willow thinks they should tell Graig a hour before the show to let him know he’s going home. Sarah and johnny don’t want to they want it to be a blindside. Zach thinks the way you leave in this game shows your character they should let it be a surprise. Johnny thinks people will boo him when he
Johnny about Graig outside the game – I have no beef about him
Jordan says Graig isn’t a bad guy
They all agree
Zach – Things in this house are amplified…They are put on a high pedestal.. if you are angry in real life your’re explosively angry here.
Zach – He’s real, passionate, Forward, emotional maybe a little bit of a temper.. that gets all magnified and worked up here.
They agree Graig will have the lovers and haters outside.

Jordan climbs on a laundry hamper and it breaks.
They start impersonating Graig. Jordan goes through when Graig came clean about being a former professional baseball player, “I met Derek Jeter. I was an all star man”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-06 16-12-48-102

7:12pm Bedroom bunch
Lots of Graig bashing/impersonating. Conversation move to Risha.
Willow tells them a time when Pilar left a pile of toe nails and Risha started on a tirade about how gross it was.
Willow mentions Risha said “I could puke all over you ”
Jordan – She’s a very lonely person and not use to people being around
Willow – she jumped on me as soon as she thought I was a lesbian “She was like so you’re into girls.. she cornered me in the bathroom”
Zach brings up that Risha told him “Watch out for Willow I think She’s a lesbian” Zach goes on to say she told him “Watch out for Willow I think She’s into girls”
Willow – Watch out for her.. what does that mean
Willow – She’s into girls
Johnny – she said the same thing to me ans I was like Willow’s not
feeds cut

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aww Risha calling out Pewlar about her toe nails <3333333
she needs to come back <3 I don't care what anyone says, she needs to come back for drama!


Great episode tonight. I really thought Brit was just going to be a waste of space but she played that nomination speech perfectly. Well played Brit, well played.


It really was beautiful, wasn’t it. Sweet!

Not Fair

Where’s all the people at now that was complaining about the chop shop/guy alliance? Now that the power is in the girls/underdogs hands it’s okay for people like Sarah to bash on Graig and show her ugly/nasty side! Like I said its no different how people act in the game once they get power because they all get big headed but as soon as the power shifts they will be crying foul again. So now should the fans vote out Sarah, Jordan, Zach, or Johnny now?


Here’s the difference, Sarah’s team has been arrogant once they had power in their hands, after this week for sure they will tone it down, Graig’s team specifically Graig has been arrogant since the start of the game, even with or without power in his hands.

Anyhow, BBCAN editing is so disastrous this season, I honestly feel cheated that a lot of the action that has happened with Brit’s HOH has been edited into a modern version of revenge of the nerds. Seriously, while I enjoy Brit’s confessions, can they please give up on the scripted lines and this predictable storylines that they are trying to show. It’s not a victims versus perpetrators thing, they are magnifying and vilifying Graig so much and victimizing Johnny, though Graig is an a*hole (specially with Cindy), him being nominated by Brit is simply because they are on the opposite sides of the house.

The Truth

I could not agree more with your assessment. Britnee’s lines were sooo rehearsed. She damn near narrated the entire show. And while Craig is vile, he is far from the worst contestant to have ever graced BB history. I’m not even sure the entire rouse was her idea and she wasn’t fed this idea by production The drama of it all was rather convenient. Not to say that I did not enjoy seeing the boys from the Chop Shop squirm. Kevin’s POV speech was awful as well; very rehearsed.


I hate JP he is getting so smug and thinks he is so smart same with Zach
I hope Kevin wakes up! he is on the outs with the guys as is and now even more so since they know he is a comp beast
These guys will Knife him the best chance they get trust Jonny Kev ughhhhh


I didn’t think a showmance could get anymore Boring then Kev and Pili but compared to Ash and Zach they are entertaining


Was I the only one cringing when Ash and Willow were doing the flop shop symbol god they are like Amber and Christine all over agin


I’ve been a long time BB viewer and Kevin reminds me of Dr.Will from way back on BB2. I’m talking just his mannerisms not that he is as great a player as Dr. Will. His mannerisms totally reminds me of him though. I wonder if that is a coincidence or by design?


please don’t compare kevin with Dr. Will. their gameplay are way different . i don’t think you watched season 2 and season 6, you should go back and watch thoae seasons and you’ll understand why kevin is not like dr will.

another name

I hadn’t made that connection. I did have a pretty out there correlation in terms of player tactics, though. I wondered why Jordan’s game seemed strangely familiar. he’s presenting himself to houseguests as far more friendly, but his playbook is jun song (bb4) on point. not the revised definition of floater used now, but the original floater concept strategy. ally with one person that is in with a major alliance. stay on relatively good terms socially with both sides. jump from side to side to play the middle.


good call.


Queen B like a Boss!!!! hellzyeah


Wish Johnny would get a fucking clue and stop trusting Kevin!!


Graig going to get booed right?

The Truth

Graig will not be booed. He’s done nothing too outrageous to incur the wrath of the public. I don’t have the feeds so I am puzzled as to why Graig feels he is so entertaining to watch? I also noticed on today’s show that he was cutting his own hair.


I have to admit I thought Willow was a lesbian too. Nothing wrong with that, but I honestly was surprised that she went for Zach over Ash lol


Willow is just a solid tomboy which may account for those vibes.

Danny Las Vegas

Willow’s def a lesbian. She totally made out with Sarah big time in the kitchen tonight.