Johnny “I don’t think we’re the type of group that would blatantly lie to each others faces”

POV Holder: Johnny Next POV April 10
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 12
HOH Winner Brittnee Next HOH April 8th
Nominations: Kevin Bobby and Graig
Have Nots Ashleigh, Bobby, Zach, and Kevin
POV Players ?

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Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-06 16-31-40-996

7:30pm Bobby gets a wax

Bruno – put yourself into a happy place bobby

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-06 16-44-12-834

7:41pm Hottub Sarah, Zach and Willow
Talking about 911…
Zach – Life is a crazy crazy crazy phenomenon.. I love watching documentaries with my best friends.. documentaries are the greatest sources of education.
Willow and Zach want to make documentaries.

no hair

7:00pm Wax is done not a hair on Bobby’s torso

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-06 17-04-39-515

8:07pm Zach walking around applying lotion.

8:25pm Dinner time. Houseguest enjoy a Popsicle for desert.
Sarah talking about Weed and Amsterdam

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-06 17-31-10-504

8:30pm Living room Brittnee, Bruno and Godfrey
Bruno brings Brittnee a coffee ‘2 sugars?”
Brittnee – Yes thank you… I wonder if i’ll ever win a POV they are so hard
Bruno – You’ll win
Godfrey – You’ve won an HOH
Bruno – You’ve seen Hangover 2.. hangover two was soooo funny when they went to bangkok and they went into the strip club..
Brittnee – I think I’ve seen it
Bruno – the girl blows a L**d in his a$$
Brittnee – She what?
Bruno – The girls a guy and she blow a l**d in his a$$.. it’s so funny
Brittnee – I feel like I have such a bad memory nowadays
Bobby joins them tells them his chest feels a bit rashy

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-06 17-31-49-775

8:31pm Kevin and Jordan Hot tub
Jordan – “ all about the bromudis all about the fortress..”
Jordan asks him if he’s talked to Pilar yet about Graig. Kevin has and she’s good.
(She’s voting out graig)
johnny, Willow and Sarah join them..
Sarah saying she’s lost 10 pounds since being in the house, “I drink a lot of pop at home.. i have to be careful to keep my weight up after I lost a bunch of weight after highschool”

Johnny – I guess the weed helps with the food”
Sarah – ya.. I had those two really anxious days.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-06 17-36-21-749

8:34pm Zach and jordan

Zach says he’s going to really toss the next HOH, “if I win it I have to blow up one of our alliances.. I’m making 4 or 5 enemies”
Jordan – if you win ..
Zach – one from each
they laugh “everyone hates you”
Jordan – if you win I think you should go after Bobby and Bruno or Godfrey and Bruno.. I can be the new you!
Jordan will go to the guys saying “Zach betrayed us” and rally them
Zach – we can’t do that
They agree Bruno is super loyal to Graig even at this point
Zach says Godfrey sounds like he’s up for Graig to leave.
Jordan thinks Godfrey is either super smart or super dumb can’t figure him out. they both agree Godfrey winning during double eviction will be dangerous for them.

Jordan says if Zach wins the HOH he’s going to have to blow up a side alliance theres no way around it “Run till the end with the diaper alliance”

Jordan brings up the “Purple Cobras” alliance and how they will be mad if Zach doesn’t put up Bobby.
Zach says they let the two sides blow themselves yup for another couple weeks.

Zach adds Kevin, Ashleigh, Jordan, Pilar and Him are the diaper alliance they will make a run to the end.
Jordan – We’ll come up with a better name near the end.

9:00pm Houseguests hot tub random chit chattery

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-06 18-11-19-238

9:09pm Hot Tub Sarah, Brittnee, Jordan and Johnny
Talking about Bobby campaigning saying things like I’m not going to win HOH.

jordan says Zach winning the Advantage this week is HUGE for us. “Even if he doesn’t win (HOH) it keeps the advantage away from them”

Sarah says it was obvious how drained Bobby is from being on slop, “It’s kinda mean but it’s a game”
Jordan – Its a game.. jordan leaves”
Kevin joins them.. Brittnee says she kinda feels bad for Graig being down. Johnny doesn’t think Graig is really down he thinks he’s staying.
Kevin tells them about Graig’s new campaign strategy “production wants me to stay.. “
Kevion – we need to get the next HOH though
Johnny – absolutely

They talk about their alliance name “The purple Cobras” (Kevin, Sarah, Brittnee, Johnny, Jordan and Zach)
Johnny says Jordan was so excited about he alliance name he fes like he’s been concocting it for 10 years.
Kevin – Jp is a good guy
They all agree he’s such a great guy, Kevin mentions how the entire house thinks he is.
They talk about how awesome their group is, It’s so unexpected. kevin says they are all logical. Johnny stresses they are calm.

Brittnee says she’s going to go in “Shave my legs it’s been a few weeks.. or a week”

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-06 18-24-33-838
9:22pm hot tub Sarah, Johnny and Kevin
Sarah says that Bobby told them if it’s Bruno and Him in the HOH he’s going to throw the HOH to Bruno. She scoffs. P{oints out he said this in front of Bruno’s targets, Jonny, her and Brittnee. Adds that Bobby told them he’s not going to try for the HOH because it’s so stressful.
Kevin – that’s crazy people just spew information.
Kevin brings up Bobby saying crazy things to him. Mentions during the Neaha’s eviction Bobby was trying to hide his laughter.
Kevin – I don’t care if you say those things but say those things and play the nice card .. cmon

Sarah says Bobby spews so much information

Johnny – At the very least we have the votes to force a tie
Sarah leaves..

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-06 18-36-30-884

Kevin – do you think G’s intensity is going to turn up
Johnny – he’s going to get his extra kicks.
Kevin doesn’t want to think about what happens if their side doesn’t win HOH. They start talking about Season 2 where there was no power of Veto.
They start bringing up Jordan having such a strong knowledge of past seasons.
Johnny says Zach is really close to Ashleigh, points out that there so many players on the outskirts. “He have to get an idea where her head is at”
Johnny finds it hard to believe Pilar doesn’t talk game to anyone it’s week 3
Kevin says they had the “Who do we trust” conversations “basically she said everyone but the BOYS” (Godfrey, Bobby, Bruno and Graig)
Johnny says Willow is also on the outskirts.
Kevin asks him if Bobby wins the next HOH.
Johnny – me and Britnee with Sarah as the replacement.
They agree as long as Bruno, Godfrey or Bobby don’t win HOh they will be safe.

Kevin says they may be in trouble if Bruno wins the HOH. Johnny – “I feel like I’m in the hot seat”
Kevin – was there a move this big this earlier before
Johnny – I don’t think we’re the type of group that would blatantly lie to each others faces.

Johnny knew it was going to be a public vote “Why did they make us write it on cards

Johnny says Zach had Brittnee’s name down but scribbled it out and had Naeha, “Which is what I should have done.. you could see Brittnee scribbled out”
Kevin – you’re good.. You’re observant”
they start studying

(Video uploading)

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-06 18-49-17-096

9:45pm Bedroom Pilar, Ashleigh and Willow
Talking about Brittnee being the main target by the Boys. Ashleigh thinks there is something fishy about Britnee’s nomination speeches.
They start talking about Graig. Ashleigh says Graig keeps telling he has Kevin and Pilar’s vote, “everything he tells me is in one ear and out another.. who died and made you king”
Ashleigh tells Pilar she can use the fact everything thinks she’ll vote the same as Kevin to her advantage.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-06 18-48-04-335

(Video Uploading.. It’s long….. )

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I just saw the episode and i’m pissed that the feeds had to be off during the Graig vs Johnny fight i wish we saw more of it.


Anyone else feel like Craig has autism after watching the latest episode?


Yeah man, I’m 95% sure this “ginga ninja” can’t really read. I would love to see him in a spelling comp.


awww jp 🙂


Pilar is talking game??????? Is she pulling a Neda where she purposively laid low and now that its nearing second half will turn into a mastermind? LOL, I’m prepping myself to be mind blown if that really happens.

As of now, I’m rooting for this Ash, Willow, Pilar trio and Sarah, Brit, Johnny trio. hopefully they could work together to have a cat fight into the end (which would be a first into the show) but sadly both of those alliances and even the meatheads are wrapped by fingers of the Bromudas.


Jordan is a real horndog!!! I despise that nerd just craving for women’s touch. The podcasts are so annoying!!!


Not sure how I’m feeling about the Britnee edit on tonight’s show. On one hand, I’m totally rooting for her side of the house and it was great TV… but she acts NOTHING like that on the feeds. How much of that DR spiel was authentically her vs a heavy influence of production? Meh…


I am so sick of these podcasts and past seasons talk, they should be making their own bb experiences, not reliving previous experiences


It seems like craig is the new devin and kevin is the new james Rhine. And Godfrey is the new howard or spencer. Zach and jordan gameplay feel like the danielle and jason gameplay

The Truth

Lol @ Jordan and his popsicle. They should use that footage for the intro right before the song starts.