Raven “I like when people underestimate me” Matt “I want people to think I’m special needs”

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8pm Bathroom – Jessica & Elena. Jessica is doing Elena’s makeup. In the backyard. Mark and Paul are playing pool.

8:35pm Hammock – Raven and Matt.
Matt – I think the agenda is pretty much the same as last week. We just don’t want Jess or Ramses to win it. Its the exact same. Raven – yeah, because if its down to us 3, I don’t care who wins. If it comes down to Paul, you or me I don’t care who wins. Raven – I like when people underestimate me. Matt – yeah you want that. I want people to think I’m special needs. Raven – they do. Matt – I know, its perfect. Raven – Jessica thinks she’s so smart. I’ll throw your a$$ up. Alright black widow! Matt – you want people to underestimate you. Raven – Alex doesn’t. Matt – yeah but Alex is smart. Raven – Paul is doing a great job at talking to everybody. He knows where everyone’s head is at. Matt – yeah, he always does. Matt – oh I didn’t tell you this. Apparently Mark was talking to Kevin the other day .. and Kevin brought up we only have 1 more week till jury so if we just get out Ramses, Josh, Jess the it will all be good. Kevin brought that up. Raven – No.

8:45pm HOH room – Jason & Josh.
Josh – If I don’t win HOH this week I know it will be me who goes next. Jason – that all depends on who gets it. You know what I mean but they’re worried equally about you. I’m sure if Mark got it BOOM he would throw your a$$ up in a f**king second. If you get, you throw his a$$ up. I mean that’s perfectly fair. Its too early to think about next weeks evictions, we haven’t even gotten through this weeks evictions. I know they are but I’m not. Josh – to be honest with you to shake up the whole Mark thing is kind of hard. I know I f**ked up when I had the whole house in front of me. Jason – you could also slap Jess up …you have a lot of options. But I liked your original plan too. Josh – yeah, I’m going with that. I can go personal and I can go strategic and I think at this point we need to go strategic because personal doesn’t work. Once we get HOH we’ll figure all that out. If I don’t get HOH, they’re going to clip me next week. Jason – just stay low. Josh – what should I do with Mark. Jason – just keep talking to everyone. He’s not a guy to hold grudges. Josh – I’m not a person to hold grudges. Jason – let him be the one. Dead to rights. When he did that people were thinking what the f**k but then you took it… You don’t want to exile him. Jason and Josh head downstairs.

8:50pm Ramses heads into the storage room. He talks to the camera – Its funny because I know my game sucks! I look at myself and am like Ramses you have literally as a superfan I have been f**king up ever since the beginning but I know I can bounce back. I know what I need to do to bounce back and thats to find people that I can trust but right now I don’t feel like there is anyone I can truly, fully trust. But if I can’t I guess I am going to have to Gary from BB Canada 1 it and I’m going to have to Janelle it from BBUS and win these comps and get to the end. I can do this. I truly think I can do this.

9pm Backyard – the house guests are sitting around chatting about random things.

9pm Lounge room – Bible time with Dom.

9:30pm Christmas asks Jessica to fill her in on what was going on in the house while she was gone in the hospital.

9:40pm Alex, Jason & Raven
Raven – all I have is my word. I could die next year. Like literally, I struggle every day. All I have is my word. Even ask Elena and Christmas.

9:45pm – 9:50pm Christmas and Paul.
Christmas – Jessica is making the rounds by the way. Paul – has she mentioned my name? Christmas – no. She is trying to find out where the votes lie. Paul – She isn’t even going to ask me. Christmas – She asked me how I was voting. I said right now I’m voting for Dom to leave but she still has the opportunity until Thursday. I took some time to ask about CO.. Paul – did she tell you anything? Christmas – no. Paul – whatever he’s out of the house now. He said he didn’t like me because of my last season and before he went out he said he liked me. I’m like what do you want to make out?! Bye BYE BYE! I’m going to try and win (HOH) but if I don’t I’m curious to see who does what.

10:15 Hammock. Elena and Mark.
Elena – Josh asked to talk to me. I don’t have enough emotional availability to talk to him. I just don’t care. Mark – I just dont care. Elena – if you win HOH who would you put up? Him (Josh) and ? Mark – Ramses. Ramses doesn’t like me. Elena – no, he wants to have s#x with you.

10:50pm Pool games continue…

Bathroom. Elena – You’ve already m@sturbated? Ramses – yes, in bed. In all three rooms. (gross)

11:10pm – 11:35pm HOH room. Jason and Alex.
Alex – She (Christmas) still has animosity towards you. Jason – if we were to make it to the final she would never vote for me. She would probably say I’m not voting at all. She would probably vote for you. If I win HOH, I’m booting her a$$. I think what i’ll do is put up Jessica and Christmas. No I’m not doing that I’ll put up Christmas and Raven. Alex – what is your reasoning behind that. Jason – I don’t think anyone is going to vote off Raven. Alex – I think Kevin is stirring the pot, he is going to vote for her for sure. Jason – it’s okay if we have 1 vote but I feel like if I put up Matt or anyone else, then Christmas wouldn’t go home. Alex – if I play in the veto, I’ll do whatever you want me to do with it. You know use it, don’t use it. Jason – Christmas just she is voting out Dom but that anything could happen before Thursday. Alex – she is trying to panic you. She just lied to our face. Do you believe her or Raven? Jason – I believe Raven. if I get it, I’m putting Christmas up and somebody. I hate seeing her hop around. I feel directly responsible. It was an accident but she just always feels like she can just say can you get me a milk? But I do feel like I should help her because I F**king maimed her. Alex – what did I say dont taker on your back because you’re going to fall. Jason – I’m going to get a lot of blow back if I put her up. Alex – tell her shes the pawn. Alex – I really want Jessica to go home.

12am HOH room. Alex, Jason, Josh.
Josh – I trust Paul and I trust Kevin but I trust you two with my life. I will never, ever … unless its top 3… going to put you up, going to back stab you, do anything against you guys. Alex – yup.

12:10am Lounge room – this is happening…

12:20am Backyard. Matt & Raven.
Raven – it pisses me the f**k off. We take out Dom for Elena. Paul called it, the longer she stays the longer she gets traction. Matt – she’s a good player. Good social game. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When they come back – Raven – well plan to get her out this week might be in effect. Matt – well we have to win HOH. Raven – I wish I didn’t promise anything to Alex. Matt – oh, you want to do it now? Raven – I’ve thought about it multiple times. Matt – have you talked to Paul about it? Raven – no, I wouldn’t want to do that to Alex. Matt – if you’re thinking about it. You don’t want it to get out. Matt – if Alex and Jason are down to get Jess out I would guess that probably Paul or Jason will win HOH… which are both good for you. Raven – It just makes me trust them less. Matt – Who? Elena and Mark? Raven nods her head. Matt – well we know we can trust them to here (he sticks out his arms). Raven – don’t give them a trust fall because they might not catch you.

Meanwhile in the lounge room..

12:30am Hammock. Elena & Mark.
Elena – who were you annoyed with in the bathroom? Mark – oh just people I don’t want to actively be around. Elena – Christmas? Mark – And. Elena – Ramses. Mark – And. Elena – Kevin. Mark – I love Kevin. Elena – I need to be on slop, I’m getting fat. Mark – if I win HOH do you want me to put you on slop.

1:05am HOH room – Alex, Raven and Matt.

Raven – Jason and you are so solid in our book. ALex – okay, good because you are in mine. The rest of the house is pretty jumbled. Everyone wants to take shots at each other. I know for sure people want to take shots at Josh. Raven – Josh is a big target but he can be taken out later. He’ll maybe take himself out. Matt – once a week he does that. Raven – you can let Jason know that Jason is freaking amazing in my books. Alex – he doesn’t like Christmas. She is a loose cannon. She doesn’t like me. But we’ll discuss it when it happens because the Dom situation came out of no where. Jason joins them. Matt – this is a game where actions speak louder than words. And you guys have done what you’ve said you were going to do. Matt – do you guys have any influence over Josh? Alex – yes. Matt – because that is the one reason why we don’t trust him. He goes with whoever is in his ear last. Matt – this should be a 10 – 0 vote. It should be but it won’t be. Alex – if there is a battle back and he (Cody) comes back it is going to be a sh*t storm. That’s why we need to get her (Jess) out. Matt – I like him (Ramses) as a person but not in the game. He clearly didn’t throw that comp.

1:40am Lounge room.
Paul – You better f**King win tomorrow. Josh – I only trust you. Paul – Win HOH so you can make a big move. Josh – what do you think it will be? Paul – if its me and you, I will throw it to you. Josh – make it seem like you want me out. Like tell everyone that you want me out. I know you trust Mark and Matt… and just know that will me you won’t have to do any convincing. I’ve got your back. Paul – I know that. Paul leaves.

2:35am Kevin getting in shape..

Wednesday @ 12:58pm Very little happened in the morning. Feeds have been down showing dogs for a couple hours. Not sure what is going on..

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Suck my balls

I want Cody to come back and expose Matt for the lame pussy he is. Players like Matt are the type of people who need to be sent home right away. Anyone who comes on the show just for fun and exposure should be sent packing. And not only that, he admits it. It’s like he’s giving us the middle finger. Screw this lame beta male and his litte scam artist vixen. They need to be the next to go.

Kevin's Focking H. O. V.

Alex wasted her HOH by not putting one of the boremance’s up. Matt has to be the most boring and worst cast fool of this season. If he left, I wouldn’t even notice it. Josh may be a bone head but he has his head in the game more than most of the bozo’s in there. He wants to get rid of the boremance’s and pit them againist each other. Hell would freeze over before he would actually win HOH though. MEATBALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uncle Teddy

Could be game talk. I don’t like Matt either but I never take anything the houseguests say at 100% face value unless it’s said in the diary room. I also refuse to believe he doesn’t want $500k



Remember when he said I just want one of Raven, Paul (or some other female) to win — BUT if they were gone I’d go for it?

There have been too many little things I’ve noticed that convince me he’s a better player (physically & strategically) then he’s letting on. For example – he knows it’s best to keep a low profile until jury. Most winners will tell you they tried to lie low until that point & say the game is split into 3 sections up til jury getting to F3 & then winning out.

The other thing I’ve noticed is Matt is smart enough to never say anything to offend others. But notice how many people in the house want to target him? Imagine if he was playing harder. He pays keen attention to what others say as well which shows he’s playing just not overtly outwardly.

I could be wrong – but I think he’s more of a player than he’s shown & I wish Raven would get ousted (maybe in a double evict that can happen) b/c then we’d see his real potential.

I’m much more on the let’s get rid of Mark train b/c he reminds me of that big Cake Baby from New Orleans. He flip flops as much as Josh & seems to delight in being mean toward Josh/Ramses & crying to all the females. Just strikes me as someone who used to get picked on in HS then got big in the gym & now he’s being mean to the type of people who remind him of who he used to be. Maybe I’m wrong but that’s how I see it.

Thank You

Thanks for making a logical post making sense. I enjoyed reading it and agree with you 100%, anyone thinking any of these people in there don’t want 500k is rather gullible. I can’t believe how many “fans” are actually clueless to many types of game play strategies.


I too am convinced that Matt is a better player than he shows. He is smart and his strategy is laying low for now. Saying that he doesn’t care if he wins the money is part of his strategy!! I like him. Now Raven, on the other hand, she can go.


There’s Boyz2Men scraping the bottom of that bowl again. He is a worthless POS! He and Raven make a perfect couple. He thinks it’s funny that he wants people to think he has special needs? He needs to go next

The Worst Piece of Poop

And the award for the worst piece of poop goes to…….Franksfartsarejuicy

Dude your comments are pure poop, don’t think one post you made all summer has any relevance to the show and you just spit out hatred. Have fun being a miserable piece of poop…but enjoy your award!




Be a lover not a fighter. Love wins every time


I love you no matter what you say THE WORST PIECE OF POOP! I don’t blame you for being upset with me. If you think presenting yourself as special needs to win 500k is great game play that’s your opinion. Have a wonderful day!

The Worst Piece of Poop

Oh Im not upset at you Franksfartsarejuicy….it would just be nice to actually hear something nice out of you that makes sense…that is all. Have a super duper fantastic day too, now go be nice out in the world!


I guess you’ve never read how much I really like Andrew? Nothing but nice things to say about him. I can’t help that Matt and Raven are worthless.


Thank you for saying that! I agree!


Is Raven really sick or is it a scam?

You create your own reality

The mind is extremely powerful and what you believe manifests into reality, thus truly believing you are sick, you manifest into reality. There is a saying, those that speak about sickness, have sickness and those that speak of health have health. No one is actually sick, just people are sick in their own minds and are manifesting that reality.

Matt's 2 Shirts

So you’re saying there’s a third shirt.

I knew it.

Matt's 2 Shirts

Crap, I had to speak it. I found him in a pink shirt too.

Club H.O.H

She’s a fraud! #Fraudven Look on YouTube Raven exposed party. Couldn’t believe she got even lower by promising on her “pacemaker” yet she was the one that poured out the soda and stole the ears and to top it off consistently made racist remarks. The 4 that need to go: Wrexk it Ralph, Sucker fish, Fraudven and hop-a-long.
The only way a big move can happen is if Jess wins HOH (not sure if battle backs can compete for HOH when they return) because Alex is stupid and hubris will get her soon.


I missed that…what racist remarks?


Matt and Raven are the worst


They are horrifyingly well matched, so…I’m glad they found each other (?)


And in response to Raven and Matt in the post’s headline: Mission accomplished!


Question – why are they all lying on the ground when there’s perfectly good couches right behind them? Are the couches not comfy? Group yoga? They look like a herd of cattle before it rains.

got your back jack

Question- why are you all thumbs downing this man. We need a few good ones

April in Paris

I can’t wait for Cody to come back in the game, his dead pan Humor and is dark stare that says “I don’t care”. Love it


I wonder if Josh needs glasses. He’s always squinting.


Mommy didn’t pack them.

Team Jody

posted this in the wrong section earlier, so I will post again here

After Dom is evicted, alot of them want Jessica out so bad, even with Pauls safety coming to an end…idiots and Paul ass kissers Alex and Raven dont want Jessica in jury and they seem obsessively jealous of her

My ideal scenario…Dom evicted, Jessica wins temptation to halt one of the next 4 evictions, Cody wins battle back with a weeks safety and a decent chance that both Cody and Jessica can make jury(many saying Cody coming back will be bad for Jessica, it doesnt matter, they are putting her on the block right away anyway…I would rather Cody is in there so she has at least 1 loyal person in her corner…if they both make jury together i will settle for that as it will annoy the others)

Im looking forward to Codys reaction when he hears that Alex put Jessica on the block right away, and Josh shouting at Jessica that he doesnt lie, yesterday at the pool

the looks on the rest of the houseguests faces will be hilarious as Cody walks in, giving death stares shouting “hi betas, daddys home” then picks up Jessica and kisses her

if Jessica gets the halting hex i hope she keeps it secret so its a blindside eviction halt on the night it is used if she gets targeted in the next few weeks, which is very likely

how i feel about the cast right now…

Megan – walked
Cameron – who? you mean Carmen?
Jillian – meh
Dom – smart in life but not at big brother, treats conversations as interviews, going home
Paul – entertaining but irritating, has fake final 2 with many, his real f2 is with production(4 weeks safety)
Christmas – constantly high, spends alot of time out of the house
Elena – deliberately making Mark jealous of her and Paul, plotting Marks demise, wants her t!ts on the internet
Mark – he is loyal to Elena but she is loyal to Paul
Raven – the joker makeup, forgets which foot to limp on, jealous of Jessica, jealous of Christmas injury
Matt – the least interesting man in the world, has a final 2 with a cereal bowl
Josh – loose cannon, almost no emotional stability
Alex – absolutely up Pauls ass and obsessed with hating on Jessica, targets people willing to work with her
Jason – funny, wanting to be a leader, but too easily agrees to follow(dont be a beta jason!)
Kevin – hilarious, personality reminds me of a cross between Kramer from Seinfeld and Christopher Walken
Ramses – superfan, decent self awareness, but playing on his own, one of few not afraid to go after paul
Jessica – beautiful, good sense of humor, loyal as f-ck
Cody – played hoh poorly, waiting to kick ass in battle back for redemption, hates betas, enjoys kissing jessica

We'll be right back

I think you meant to say, Jessica is loyal as long as she’s fucked. Preferably by Cody.

Team Jody



Will accepting the Hex prevent the Battle Back winner from coming in, or will it let them return to the game? I have to think that is the only mechanism where the HG can prevent the Battle Back winner from reentering.

B.B. Knocker

I rewatched Julie’s announcement at the end of the Thursday show. She said that the house guests, yes plural, could stop them from re entering. So what I’m thinking is that feeds will go down on Thursday and not come back until after Friday’s show. And the battle back may include ALL the house guests participating and that the only way an ousted player can get back in is if they are the last one standing. Just a guess cause we need to expect the unexpected.


yeah, i think there’s a definite possibility of the ousted houseguests needing to win hoh to return, but there’s also the possibility of some kind of temptation being dangled out in front of them that will almost definitely get taken (has anyone passed up a temptation ever (including pandora’s box), an individual passing on a temptation but someone else getting it (i.e. the $25k kevin got this season) doesn’t count as it was still taken)


I’m so fed up with the showmances! I’m rooting for Ramses, Alex, Kevin, and Josh; and I’m hoping Ramses get the next HOH and make a bold move to shake up the house!!!!


This Matt character literally brought 2 shirts to the house.

Matt's 2 Shirts

More shirts doesn’t make you a better person.

Less doesn’t either.


And those dingy white socks.lol

laughing so HARD



Really really hope to see a new face with a different perspective on things. Cameron coming back would be cool with me.



game dynamics

Cam would just be iso’d with rams. Both would be out the door back to back. Cody is the only viable option.


I’d really like to see Raven evicted from that house, preferably before jury. I know she has health issues and I may sound mean, but I am so over this “I could be dead next year” type sh*t she keeps going on about. Whether she knows it or not (personally I think she does), she’s guilting people with tales of her health struggles while insisting they not to pity her or feel sorry for her, and it’s gotten old. I can just see her sliding all the way to final 2 essentially untouched, winning solely due to her illness, and it’s kind of infuriating.

I had high hopes for this cast leading up to the season but a majority of these HGs are on my last nerve due to their unwillingness to play the damn game. BB shouldn’t be the place to get more Instagram followers or become a celebrity or used to boost your damn platform! Be there to win the money or GTFO already. It’s a slap in the face to people who applied to the show that actually wanted to play to win, but didn’t get picked. Woof.


Well said, LillyStark 😉

Gator Girl

I do not understand why CBS would cast a terminally ill person on the show? If Raven has such bad stomach problems, why does she snack constantly?
Josh seems a little off. Same for Dom. How did they get through the the psychological testing? Same for Raven, how did she get through? They want to send Christmas home for her foot, how about Raven’s foot?
CBS…..none of this makes sense


Not just snacking; she eats a lot of junk. Once, I saw her eating cool whip, with crackers. And when she eats cool whips with Matt, she gets really big scoops. I was shaking my head when I saw that. She talks about how ‘ she might die tomorrow ‘ , eats all these junk , she hasn’t gotten sick once in the house and nobody questions her about it. And most of them are like ‘ oh I want Raven to win it’. I wonder what her explanation will be to them when they find out who she really is outside the house.


consider this: yes, a person with gastroparesis is supposed to eat smaller meals more often, but are supposed to be careful with dairy, avoid fibre, avoid difficut to digest proteins that aren’t ground, and avoid nuts, legumes, and hard fruits (soft or cooked fruits preferable). Given her dietary consumption, it would almost appear that she is intentionally eating in such a way to make her throw up.

Gullible Called

Are “fans” (or people on this message board) still oblivious to that fact that most of the casts in BB are now recruited and that this is a “reality” show based on rating, controversies, and many house guests have watched 1 maybe 2 seasons at most of BB.

I just don’t get people that get upset about the cast and those that still believe this is Big Bro 1 and is completely “random”.

When things evolve and change, if you don’t evolve and change then you just live in the past and will complain how it “used” to be. Wake up people Big Bro is no longer some social random experiment…..it is full on scripted TV and I can’t believe so many people allow Big Bro to affect their lives…..

So many people talk about house guests having psychological issues, but those people that believe others have psychological issues….just need to look in the mirror


I don’t get why some people get so upset that other people get passionate about a TV show – real or scripted and then feel the need to think that those people don’t have lives because they get “so” upset. Isn’t this a Big Brother website? Why is it so surprising that people come on here to discuss, vent and give there opinion about Big Brother?? I have a great life and yes, reality TV is part of my life. Sometimes when I comment I am upset or annoyed or shocked, – but as soon as I click on the X up in the right hand corner I am no longer thinking about it.
I enjoy coming on here and reading what other people think about the show or talking with a friend over lunch about Big Brother, it’s such a small part of my life but one that I really enjoy.

Oh and one more thing……So because you think that the people who talk about the HG’s having psychological issues are the ones that really have the psychological issues – does that mean that YOU, yourself, have psychological issues??

Gullible Called

Why be annoyed, shocked or upset at a television show regardless of it being scripted or not. I find it hysterical people actually take it serious that is all. Why not laugh, be surprised or happy!

And yes those that talk about other people in negative light do have the psychological issues…..try laughing, being surprised and happy….no psychological issues in being happy now is there.


Some people just want to be miserable, let them be.


I don’t know any Big Brother players who have actually gotten famous.


The closest to fame (I believe) would be Derrick. He wrote the best-seller The Undercover Edge and co-starred in a 3 part docu-series about OJ Simpson and his guilt or innocence that aired on ID in the last 6 months or so.

Also, I think he is acting in a series that is in development.


Statistically Kevin is the one closest to death, yet he doesn’t pull that card out of Ramses soiled sheets.

sunny dee

as long as they persist is recruiting half the cast, then that is exactly what you get, people with an agenda whether online fame or more followers. when you get applicants as all HGs then maybe you see a difference.


They really need to shorten the weeks. To much sitting around. They should do two Hoh comps a week. Evict 2 people per week.


You read my mind. Season should be halfway over by now.


Or just bring back the have nots comps.


I think they should just do the veto ceremony later. Having the ceremony on Sunday/Monday means the house is pretty stagnant from Monday-Thursday.

Elena Nicole Smith

Who ever butchered your face needs a high five. Xmas and Paula wish they were Jess and Cody. They can’t stop talking about em. Cody if you get back in that house, dont work with the gnome… your instincts were right the first time. Meatball Mark is lucky they still have numbers, forcing Diaper Josh to intergrate back in the fold, cz what you did is inexcusable. Jason is the real McCoy. Kevin is the yes man. If I was a skydiving instructor, I would make sure Matt’s parachute had a malfunction. And hopefully get a raven caught in the jet engine. Dom is a seer away from summoning the valkaries, and Rams wants to be a blonde chick. Go figure. JK. Rams is a good kid. Alex wants to maul the cool kids… but is smart to play the middle for now.


C’mon Josh win HOH. Show them condescending A-holes
You can do it! Hehe
# target showmances


Kevin keeps giving Ramses “lessons” (ex: burping “Cover your mouth!” Etc…). On one episode Kevin did Ramses’ laundry. Then made him smell it. When Kevin finds out Ramses m*st*rbated in/on those sheets…he’s gonna slap him into next week! Bahahahaha!!!

R Kelly

So it looks like Ramses will get the Dom treatment next week…. Ramses is no threat just like Dom is no threat but some some strange reason they are everyone’s target/ name to throw around!


Ramses seems like a nice kid but cannot lead an alliance and appears too sneaky to be a trusted member of any alliance. Dom was just blowing up everyone’s game all the time with her inside the house, I want to be Julie Chen, talk show and I think her bible thumping is starting to wear thin on everyone. Matt, Raven, Elana and Mark just want to ride coat tails to jury without having to nominate anyone themselves… classic floaters. Unfortunately Kevin and Alex are both being manipulated by Paul. Josh is just a man-boy. Jason has an insight as to what is going on and Paul views him as a threat who is not easily manipulated. Jessica … well, still a bimbo with or without Cody. Christmas … a paperweight with a mouth and ego.

Cody needs to come back and work with Paul and Jason to take out the rest of them. They need to string Alex and Jessica along for the ride and then dump them. Then those 3 battle it out.


Agreed! The best players are Jason and Paul – then when Cody comes back, him too. But I think Matt is a lot smarter than he’s showing.


It seems like they are choosing who they want to hang out with in the jury. They are targeting the “outcasts” who aren’t in the “cool” group so they won’t spoil their party in the jury house.

In all the years I’ve watched BB, I can’t remember these many cast members talking about making it to jury and not wanting to play to the end and win the $$$!!!!

Gator Girl

But that may change with Cody coming back into the house.


I understand not targeting the couples to an extent right now cuz it would be an instantaneous war in the house, so targettintg Dom helps Alex’ dynamic in the game a little. BUT WTF, if after this week they dont make it a motive to target the showmances I am SOOO DONE

R Kelly

Alex- The Dom situation came out of nowhere…. Duh… You guys have no legit reason to vote out Dom over Jessica! I think it’s production pushing the Dom vote so that they can keep their eye candy in Jessica! Alex keeps saying we need to Jessica out invade Cody comes back , well she is on the block now???? Every wants to put Jessica up again next but while she is up this week they want to keep her! This show is pure BS


Thank goodness production has sense enough to understand who the real star of this show is –Jess. A good portion of the viewership, including me, are gone if Jess does not make jury.


Matt’s game plan checklist
Sleeveless Longhorn’s T…………check
Blue T………………check
Cereal bowl…………..check
Do what Paul thinks is best……….check

That is it!

I wanted to like Raven but she has done nothing in the game and keeps playing her illness card. I wanted to defend her about her comment with her pump. I have a Baclofen pump for leg spasms and I think she was talking about how high it can be set. But every other day she is on her last leg and could drop dead at any minute!

Josh said the wall was “not his comp” but this week we will see what a competition beast he is and he hopes it is a mental comp! I can’t wait for Thursday now.

I need a barf bag

This cast is just gross.






wtf happened?
Who are these people?
Raven & Matt are like stepford BB players
Nothing inside. Empty Vacant BORING.

desirae's mom

I’m hoping? that Dom somehow stays this week, could happen. LOL. I’m sure she could change a vote or two and has a plan for the talk show but now that she’s on the block, they ( Paul) say, no show this week. Fair !??

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

Dom never should have been cast – she’s boring. Cody might have made a mistake by not talking to his alliance but he is the only one with the balls to make a big move. I hope he gets back in and wins.



Paul is still crossing his fingers that Josh actually wins HOH. As if!

The fact that Josh doesn’t see Paul’s motives is mind bending.

Josh will likely be the first one out, again.


I don’t even know what to say….this week has been so boring, the HG’s are so boring. I was thinking about getting the live feeds but at this point I think it may be a waste of money.

I really don’t like Alex…..I tried, I really did but she is just like the rest and they way she is always talking bad about Jessica is really getting on my nerves? What did Jess every do to her? Other than be loyal to Cody. I hope Cody comes back in the house and either Cody or Jess get HOH and then the following week the other gets it. It would be nice to see someone who is NOT being led by Paul have some power. They way it is now I think if anyone other they Cody (if he comes back) and Jess get HOH it will be the same as Paul having HOH. He will control it just like he did Alex’s. Way to go after the showmances Alex…… (eye roll)


I find it funny that Elena has a job on the Radio giving relationship advice, when clearly she suffers from low self esteem, and tries to project it on to others as well. ( Mark – Ramses – Jessica ) Yeah Mark if you win HoH put her ASS on Slop – Like we need to see this Bitch freak out even more ?!
How stupid are Matt and Raven to just go to Alex and Jason and open their big mouths when Cody could be coming back in the House ? Cody already doesn’t like Matt, and now Alex and Jason can tell him Raven and Matt are coming for Jessica. Takes the heat off Alex and Jason another Week.
AND Jason has a herpe on his EYE – the CURSED HOUSE strikes again !!!! – This house is EVIL.


So, have we all finished talking about the poster child for lie-abetes running around full speed in the back yard after Ramses, and only starting to limp when someone said “what about your toe, did it heal?”

People That Lie Fall Into Their Own Traps

That is what happens when Raven’s mom isn’t around to constantly remind Raven that she is sick, injured or hurt.


This house really has to cut the fat off and by fat I mean Christmas(yawn) Mark and Elena(Meathead and Barbie) and Scam artist (Raven). Matt, Ramses, Josh and Jessica are annoying but not as much as those 3. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I look forward to Cody coming back if he makes it back at least he creates some entertainment! Also a question is Paul loyal to any of these people because he has deals with everyone of them?


I think he’s most loyal to Kevin.

Wasted Time

I think he is most loyal to Paul!


It will be amazing if Dom stays this week ! I wish on Thursday night :
A TIE VOTE – Paul, Xmas, Kevin, Elena, Mark (votes to evict Dom)
Josh, Jason, Raven, Matt, Ramses (vote to evict Jess)


I couldn’t dislike Dom more if I tried. And I’m Christian lol

You're A Christian?

Christians don’t judge another….oh right….many Christians hide behind their religion believing “god” judges them and others. Nope you can only judge another and then become your own judgement.

Wasted Time

Haha! That is hilarious! What a contradiction. Surely, Dom should not show her belief in God out in public. I guess that shocks folks, if it bothers a Christian such as yourself. Why should be ashamed or change? It is her right to be herself, and I’m glad she doesn’t let others alter her actions. If it is part of her as a person, and I truly think it is by watching live feeds, then what is the problem people have with it. As a Christian, what threatens you? I’d rather see that any day, than Jillian who seemed unsure about even showing/ using her rosary there. After speaking to Alex about doing her rosary and telling Alex she was Catholic as well, Alex told her she could use her rosary if she wanted, but Jillian said ” Oh , no. I brought mine, I just haven’t gotten it out.” Alex said she is saying her rosary often, but always before bed and comps, (she even said some of it while hanging on for life on the endurance wall, just for strength)–although she told Jillian in the same conversation that she hasn’t really practiced her faith, and attended mass/church in maybe 20 yrs or so (now that was what I remember from their conversation that took place early in the game, while in the 1st open bedroom which has been Kevin & Alex’s reg bedroom).
I like Alex and hope she goes far and makes good moves in the game. What I’m saying has nothing to do with that. I just find it funny that people are only comfortable with small displays of belief, I find that strange.
In my eyes, a fellow Christian, judging, and even disliking Dom because of her belief, is sorta like being a Vegetarian, and asking for STEAK as a side with your salad. It doesn’t make much sense.
That being said, I support Dom, at least she’s been the same from day 1. I am not saying she is my favorite player this season, but at least she’s consistent. 🙂

Not Jason's First Rodeo

Does anyone else think it’s weird that CBS is advertising the three-day battle back episodes before the vote for the Den of Temptation closes? If the eviction is cancelled with the Halting Hex, the schedule of shows will be different, right? It makes me wonder if CBS already knows that neither person on the block got the temptation. Before the vote closes.


If CBS tied the battle back to the temptation curse and are having a special episode on Friday for it there is a 0% chance that the battle back won’t happen. If they get a whiff that the temptation isn’t being accepted they’ll either
a) give it to someone that will accept it.. AKA Jessica/Dom
b) make up some technicality where the curse happens regardless..

Not Jason's First Rodeo

Thanks for the explanation, Simon!


You’re welcome.


would love if this was a comp that Christmas could play in and win!!! That would start the ball rolling. I think she has gotten enough info. from this weeks backlash to maybe do some damage in that house. Would be interesting to see. Jason is an idiot to use his HOH (if he got one) to take Christmas out because he feels guilty? That would be an interesting HOH for sure. No wonder he is a Rodeo CLOWN.


That would be interesting……I wonder who Paul, uh I mean Christmas would put up for eviction.

sunny dee

jessica and ramses with backdoor option of Jason

it’s still simple right now, and the jason thing is probably not going to happen due to paul working well with those two. so someone as a pawn.

noms are still pretty easy, jessica is going to be one nom until she is finally the real target or she wins an HOH. unfortunately most HOHs right now are going to be physical or puzzle challenges because when you have a battle back returnee, you can’t do any of the before/after, a/b or true/falses because those people haven’t been in the house for 1 to 3 weeks.

i’d enjoy seeing cody lose to either jillian or cameron tho


Josh is ranking lower than Matt. Can someone explain this to me?


Matt's 2 Shirts

Just being a few shirts I don’t really have a voice like the metal bowl, so I’ll let Josh explain that for you.

Meatballs for Dinner

I think it’s because Josh’s mouth is going to screw him. This is the third time or so he’s just gone nuts and now he’s alienated himself with both groups, not to mention everyone still remembers he made the selfish play in the first comp.


Paul is getting skewered on TMZ with three stories on his planned “black mask”. Thankfully he didnt go through with this.


TMZ is just for “triggered” people that get so bent over what other people are doing. Others call that the god complex, caring more about what others do then your own self. Those good old social justice warriors, keep fighting that good fight because what you resist simply persists.


I’m pretty sure that Paul’s “black mask” is the face mask that many HGs have been using. He wanted to use it along with his snake costume as a jab at Dom for calling him a snake. BUT, I never saw even a tinge of race being a part of that snake get-up. I’m not sure where that is all coming from.

If someone wants to provide the date and time stamp, I’ll check it out again.

It's All Good Granny

Paul’s black face had absolutely nothing to do with race. Like the other comment said tmz is just in the business of taking something way out of proportion and looking for clickbait material and looking to start shit. It is funny as people don’t like bullying in these day and age, yet love it when “media” attacks like a big bully. Tmz can get focked for all I care

Matt's 2 Shirts

According to the post it was mentioned in July 16th 5:15-5:30.


Fame Seekers- Airs on CBS wednesdays at 8pm, Thurdays and Sundays at 9 pm, with your host Julie Chen.


Raven and Alex are so jealous of Jessica and it’s so clear to see. Simon are the feeds still on like a 3 hour delay?

Jealousy Called

I love watching the cattiness and jealousy issues of the girls and guys. If a person can’t be secure enough in their own mind and awareness then it usually is pure gold to watch. The possessiveness in the Big Bro house is so funny to watch.

More people should try polyamory, it really helps with jealousy and possessiveness issues.

Meatballs for Dinner

Oh here we go, a couple of floaters talking a big game. No one underestimates you, you have sucked to this point and haven’t given anyone a reason to think your any good. Raven says she wants to just play the game and hopes people look past her illness. Kinda hard to do when you mention it every chance you get.

Jessica, b-word that she is, does have a use in this game. She’s willing to take Raven out and not think twice about it. I’d say let her take that shot and then kick her out the next week.

Obb og

I’m so confused by people in this house like why are they hell bent on getting out ramses? Is it just because paul said so and why is everyone so trusting of Paul he’s a vet he don’t care about you or friendship he wants to win like wake up people. Thsee nominations are like the dumbest ever they won’t even take a risk! BORING!


I do not understand the Paul controversy regarding the blackface comments. I was searching through your recaps and I don’t see any mention of it. Did it even happen?


I missed it.. not sure how any of it went down. Chances are it was blown out of proportion.


Exactly. Very blown out of proportion. Some people actually calling him “racist” on twitter. Smh. So stupid.

Matt's 2 Shirts

It’s in this recap: Paul “Don’t tell Jason you’re going to put up Mark. Tell him to use it and say I’ve got a different idea.” July 16th 5:15-5:30.

Cindy Withanesse

Matt: “I want people to think I’m special needs.”

Fans: “Don’t worry, we do.”

Power of Veto Corleone

Worst BB cast ever

House of idiots

I really hope that Cameron can beat Cody and come in and break up the showmances somehow. Probably won’t happen but I’m not sure I can watch a show with Paul and Cody both going around spewing hate. I can barely handle just one. And I think we ALL know that Paul isn’t getting evicted anytime soon. This house is full of IDIOTS