“I don’t know what it’s going to be yet but say I turn it down.. I didn’t want to curse anybody”

2:37pm Christmas telling them that the doctor said her foot is healing great. Her new cast feels much more comfortable.

Christmas acting like she didn’t vote Ramses last week. Says she thinks it was Dominique.

Raven – if you won HOH who would you put up
Xmas – obviously Jessica
Raven says Jessica is blaming her for hiding Alex’s cat ears.

Xmas says yesterday when Josh was doing his thing Jessica gave her stink eye, “B1tch things aren’t better between us”

Xmas says she’ll put a pawn up against Jessica. She’ll lean on the house for input.
Raven – that’s what I’m thinking too

Xmas says if it’s best for the house to get someone else first she might..
Raven says She’s thinking of putting up Jessica and a Pawn as well.

Raven – Matt is like, I’m not here for the MOney, I’m just here to have fun.. He’s like I want you to win it”
Raven – I’m like Ohh BAbe no..

Raven – no one wants to go to final 2 with me I know that

Xmas – because you’ll win, there’s no way the majority of the house will vote against you.

Xmas says she’s not thinking about the money.
Xmas says some of the people are here and all they see is the Dollar amount they’re like “I’m going to play a ruthless game”
Raven – I’m not here to do that
Xmas – I think a lot of us have forgotten that this has given us an amazing platform.. And it’s only yours to f* up

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2:53pm Matt and Raven
Raven says Christmas wants to get rid of Jessica.
Matt – I don’t even think I needs to talk to Alex and Jason to let them know if he wins HOH they are good. He’ll do if after he wins the HOH.

Raven says if she wins the temptation she might turn it down, “I don’t want to curse anybody”

Matt – if you get a chance chat with Alex, I know Alex wants Jessica out of here
Raven says if Jason wins HOH he won’t go after Jessica he’ll go after Josh, (ZOMG)

3:43pm Chilling..
Some are sleeping, you can hear snoring. You can hear them snoring. Big Brother tells Elena to wake up. She doesn’t Big brother doesn’t do anything about it. (Why bother having that rule?)
Josh says he has 1300 Instagram followers. (

3:58pm Paul and Alex sleeping, Kevin and Jessica chatting
Jessica is eating a burger.
Kevin says it’s the nicest evening had since they’ve been here.
Kevin asks her how she likes her burgers
Jess – medium rare.. I like them bloody
Kevin – Bloody

Jessica – do you go to south street diner
Kevin – what are you talking about the one near south station.. ahh c’mon I meet guys down there every Friday night at 2 in the morning.
Jessica – I use to love taking my dad there
Kevin – the blue dinner..
Jess – south street
Kevin – Yeah .. it’s the blue diner on south street near the south station
Kevin – I use to model down there 30 years ago
Kevin – I meet people there every Friday night to pay them and they pay me
Jess – what are they paying you for
Kevin – just advice
Kevin – they know me there as the guy with all the kids, Cause I pull up in my Escalade, 6 hot dog, 5 wraps, 3 lattes, the kids never get out I don’t want any problems.
Kevin – Now I go up win the BMW

Kevin – Guys come in hand me a envelope and leave..
Jessica – that’s one of the places I went with my dad the south street dinner
Kevin – Really
Kevin – Well guess what I’ll take yo there.. IN Boston this is what I want yo to do.. I want you to go clubbing and dance your sparrow a$$ off adn you text me 1:30 in the morning I’ll get in the beamer.. I stay up anyways, it ain’t like you’re going to be bothering me and I’ll meet you at the south street diner
Kevin – I was one south street for Jay Ewing I was one of the main models for a year.. until I f* that up..

Kevin – did you hang out with cool guys while in College, what’s a cool guy.
Kevin starts quoting lyrics from the Song “Groovin” by the Rascals. (Big brother continues to tell him to stop. )

4:41pm Paul, Matt and Raven
Raven – I talked to Christmas she wants Jessica out.
Paul says he does to Jessica was talking to Dom and god knows what Dom was telling her.
Paul – If I win HOH Jessica and Ramses are going up no questions asked
Matt’s good with that plan.
Raven again assuming she’s going to win the temptation.
Raven – I don’t know what it’s going to be yet but say I turn it down.. I didn’t want to curse anybody.

4:44pm Jessica is still eating her burger..

5:11pm Talking about nobody going to Dom’s show.
Kevin – she’s going to do it herself
Paul – lets do our own chat.. friendship chats..

No Idea why they haven’t done the Dem of temptation yet.

5:20pm It’s slow…

5:58pm Something is bothering Jason’s eye they tell him it’s eye herpes from hanging out in the hot tub so much.

Alex – I wish I could get my hair blonder

6:21pm Re-integrating..

7:22pm Doing makeup talking about boys…

7:26pm Matt and mark
mark says Josh and Ramses are his targets.
Matt – he tried to completely blow you up yesterday that’s not cool
mark – I know Paul wants Ramses
Matt – I’m fine with any of those
Matt – once we get to Jury I don’t care… I really don’t
Matt – there’s no difference between going home 9th or 3rd


Nothing going on.. We find out Josh has 1 more shot of Pickle juice from the bet last week.

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Shut up, Raven.


Google “I’m dying I’m dying Raven” read the tumblr piece on Raven. I guess it isn’t illegal to scam people for money under false pretenses? At 15 they were getting thousands of dollars from donations saying she had 2 years to live. Used the money for 40k car dance studios and boob job. Now Matt wants her to win the money. Cody too. It’s just disgraceful and disgusting. She needs to be exposed.


Matt looks a little like a sock monkey:)


Jessica is so f-ing beautiful I’d lock my lips on her sweet round delicious a$$ like one of those algae eaters on a fish tank glass.


Is it supposed to be kept quiet in the house (and America) that Paul and Raven knew each other before they went into the house. They acted like they didn’t know each other but have seen photos of them together.

Matt's 2 Shirts

I think she already told someone in the house that she’s met Paul.


Raven just said ” I give you my word.. all I have is my word I could die next year”
Fraud! Pathetic person

Club H.O.H

Have you seen the Raven exposed YouTube video? Amazing! Calling her bs out!


Raven said she doesn’t gain weight and she throws up all the time. Wonder how she’s going to explain her weight gain in the BB house. She’s by no means fat but definitely putting on some pounds in her belly and thighs. She’s constantly shoving food in her face and eats like a pig!


The BB house is a true miracle cure for her.she hasn’t been sick at all the whole time and her foot only hurts sometimes.guess Dom’s prayers cured her put the go fund me on hold its a miracle


Raven is trash. Condition has nothing to do with it. Straight trash. I think a product of her upbringing, my opinion tho. Can’t stand the way she talks, sad.


Just watched the BB Raven Exposed YouTube video haha her mom is obese she certainly doesn’t look like she has a hard time keeping food down. WTF Scammers


WOW. Just watched Raven Exposed Party bb#19. Luxurious vacations, fur coats, new car, owns 2 dance studios, and GO FUND ME accounts for more. Claims to be in debt for $200k. Money management problems. WOW


Let’s watch Ravens devil horns appear when her jealousy takes over. She’s going to start throwing Jessica under the bus because she’s spending time doing Elanas makeup.


She hasn’t started that tonight already.

Team Jody

After Dom is evicted, alot of them want Jessica out so bad, even with Pauls safety coming to an end…idiots and Paul ass kissers Alex and Raven dont want Jessica in jury and they seem obsessively jealous of her

My ideal scenario…Dom evicted, Jessica wins temptation to halt one of the next 4 evictions, Cody wins battle back with a weeks safety and a decent chance that both Cody and Jessica can make jury(many saying Cody coming back will be bad for Jessica, it doesnt matter, they are putting her on the block right away anyway…I would rather Cody is in there so she has at least 1 loyal person in her corner…if they both make jury together i will settle for that as it will annoy the others)

Im looking forward to Codys reaction when he hears that Alex put Jessica on the block right away, and Josh shouting at Jessica that he doesnt lie, yesterday at the pool

the looks on the rest of the houseguests faces will be hilarious as Cody walks in, giving death stares shouting “hi betas, daddys home” then picks up Jessica and kisses her

if Jessica gets the halting hex i hope she keeps it secret so its a blindside eviction halt on the night it is used if she gets targeted in the next few weeks, which is very likely

how i feel about the cast right now…

Megan – walked
Cameron – who? you mean Carmen?
Jillian – meh
Dom – smart in life but not at big brother, treats conversations as interviews, going home
Paul – entertaining but irritating, has fake final 2 with many, his real f2 is with production(4 weeks safety)
Christmas – constantly high, spends alot of time out of the house
Elena – deliberately making Mark jealous of her and Paul, plotting Marks demise, wants her tits on the internet
Mark – he is loyal to Elena but she is loyal to Paul
Raven – the joker makeup, forgets which foot to limp on, jealous of Jessica, jealous of Christmas injury
Matt – the least interesting man in the world, has a final 2 with a cereal bowl
Josh – loose cannon, almost no emotional stability
Alex – absolutely up Pauls ass and obsessed with hating on Jessica, targets people willing to work with her
Jason – funny, wanting to be a leader, but too easily agrees to follow(dont be a beta jason!)
Kevin – hilarious, personality reminds me of a cross between Kramer from Seinfeld and Christopher Walken
Ramses – superfan, decent self awareness, but playing on his own
Jessica – beautiful, good sense of humor, loyal as f-ck
Cody – played his hoh poorly, waiting to kick some ass in battle back and redeem himself in the game

Envelopes of $$$

Is Kevin a bookie?

No Bookie

Kevin is a hired hitman, he only takes large bills in a white envelope.

B.B. Knocker

That’s how I read it


His father was incarcerated for drug distribution, and Kevin mentioned his brother is in prison for murder. I think it may be a family business. Some of his comments seem to support that theory.

Crime Family

You can Google about his dad (mom too) but I think the brother was just a story he made up. And I don’t think he told the other HGs about his parents, did he?


I’ve looked for “30 years younger” pix of Kevin, but so far nothing has turned up. Anybody else found anything?


His daughters put sum up on his Twitter



Bb Fan


Google Kevin schlehuber mr Massachusetts

It’s legit.


Kevin and Mark were talking about Mark’s shoes being dirty one night. Kevin said his cousin had discovered a great way of cleaning shoes….while in prison….serving time for a triple murder. Feeds cut right after and i never found out how to get shoes clean nor see Mark’s reaction.

I guess Kevin is the Ann Landers of the neighborhood. He’s just “selling advice”. Must be a wise guy, huh? Bada Bing, Bada Boom.

Jess Vivette

Not a very smart one if he’s talking about it while being live streamed across America.


Please give Dom,Jessica, or Josh the temptation not Raven. Please. The con artists does not deserve that power.

Uncle Teddy

DOT will be Friday


45 min to eat a burger. No wonder she’s so dang skinny.


She spends 45 minutes exercising her mouth muscles for her job outside of the house.


I think they’re waiting to do the den of temptation for after the eviction? So the curse aka unleashing an old houseguest will walk in straight after it’s accepted!


This house is terrible. Paul runs the house and no one will do anything to get him out. Raven is a fake and looks like a damn clown. Xmas is unbearable to watch and listen too. Alex has let the power go to her head and has become one of Paul’s little groupies.

Drying Paint

Oh look another complaint about how terrible the house is. These comments are about as fun as watching paint dry.

Matt's 2 Shirts

They sure are. You sat right in it. Look, the sign’s even stuck to your back.


I think some of that is they can’t do anything to Paul until next week. I think, depending on who returns, Paul’s influence may wane. Although that’s what happened last season too and he was sitting in the final two.


Gee, they can only evict one HG per normal week. Give it a little time.


Raven is so annoying, never seen anybody push themselves so much…….pity me and my disease….it’s unsettling…….maybe im heartless, but I can’t stand when ppl lorde their troubles in your face as a reason they i should be treated differently or handed everything.

Cody isn’t my fav but geez ……. at least he owns up to it, everyone has a tragic story.


Love how Raven say’s it’s a platform and only they can F it up?well u sure tried to push your agenda and you did F it up.if she gets the temptation than they’ve obviously told her it’s going to be her.if she don’t maybe she’ll get the hint we don’t like the sick girl BS


I think it was Xmas who said it would be a great platform.

“I love you CBS. You’re a great employer, CBS. Don’t you think a “Presents for Everyone” show would rock, CBS?” And Raven with the humble-bragging “I’m not going to win because nobody will take me to F2 because I’m too adorable”. Blech


The cast on Christmas’ foot is more interesting than the 16 person one in the Big Brother house this season. lol


Someone on the “outside” preferably Dom needs to win the temptation so these houseguests can get a reality check. Esp Raven , Paul and Elena. They seem to think they’re the viewers’ faves. Will definitely bring their ego down and make them re evaluate themselves.


Maybe its just me but I don’t see any romantic chemistry between Matt and Raven. Seems to me like Matt came to the BB house to hang out and the “dying girl” latched onto him, he’s going with the flow. He seems very nonchalant about everything.

Club H.O.H

He’s more into Jess. You can see by the way he acts around her and looks at her and Fraudven is so jealous with the looks her and Elena give Jess.


Yes!! I have been thinking the same exact thing lol.


According to Megan, Raven was more smitten with Cody for the first three days when they were showmancing, until Jessica made her move.
Sort of puts some attitudes into perspective.


Idk what makes think she’s a fan favorite and will be given the temptation lmao ? She literally is the biggest floater in the house has done nothing all season except ride everyone’s coat tail and she constantly throws in her pacemaker in conversations with the house guests. America doesn’t buy it that’s why she’s not very liked. I think they should get her out sooner rather than later because is isn’t right for everyone to just give up their game and hand her the money because she has a so called “terminal illness”. She knows they feel bad and would all pick her to win if she’s in final two which really bothers me because what case would she build against another houseguest to win besides using her disease ? It’s ridiculous and selfish. At the point or very soon she should self evict and give ppl who are actually playing the game to win.

im not posting too fast

jesus both dom and raven are fucking crazy they both 100% think they are getting the temptation. dom said that people will watch the episodes and they will see how she is the victim and they will give it to her and raven thinks people love her and pity her so they will give it to her. I’m getting reminded of that 1 chick a few seasons ago that was sooo freaking nasty and America hated her but she thought everyone loved her, for some reason I cant remember the damn chicks name ggrrr


Amanda, I’m guessing. *Shudder*

Eat my asshole

Raven looks like Lucille Ball.

Ricky Ricardo

Lucille was a female comedian when no such thing existed. She was a trendsetter. She rolled in her grave when you lumped her in a category with robin, or whatever this forgettable chick’s name is


LOL – “Robin, or whatever…”


Robin ahahahaaaaaaa that was hilarious

Paul's Mouth

More like a Robin Vulture!!!!


She looks like one of those paint wooden marionette dolls with the weird stance and cocked head hahaaaa

Houka Inumuta

Ramses is going to be Big Brother 19 Winner!!!!

In the 6 years I been watching my favorites Ian and Steve won and I just have a feeling that Ramses is going to win.

I have been voting for Ramses to win the temptation since he had to go on the block and made himself a target when trying to save himself. Cameron for buyback 2017!!!!

Bleached Bumhole

I’m with you….I don’t really have a “favourite” but lean towards those that:

1~ Do their best to play their own game
2~ Don’t play the victim
3~ Don’t put up with bullpoop. Just ask Dom how trying to play mind games with Ramses worked out. I resonated with Ramses from that point on because he wasn’t going to allow another person to “tell him what he said” like Dom tried
4~ Show their true selves and not afraid to be themselves, Ramses owns who he is

Ino Yamanaka

I know I’m going to get thumbs down for this but Cody is basically all 4.
1) He plays his own game and put up targets that’s completely his own
2) He never acted like a victim even on the block going home
3) He never put up with bull especially if it’s Paul
4) He knows he’s not a likable person as he told Julie he didn’t think he would get clapped

I’m not a Cody fan girl but I’m just telling it as it is.

Club H.O.H

Team Cody!


How do we report comments , can we ??

Anywayz, I just want Paul to go kick rocks somewhere, he is super annoying.Every season that a previous house guest is on ,everyone is like lets kick them out , but it never happens and they go far, how are you a “Big Brother” fan and never noticed that its dumb to keep a past house guest and the stronger players get them out!


Not many are saying let’s kick Paul out. Not sure what they are thinking but Paul doesn’t seem to be on the radar! So think you’re stuck with him unless these floaters open their eyes.

Big Brother Fan

How are you a big brother fan and don’t see their are many ways to win/play big brother?? I just don’t get people that allow another to annoy them so much…it makes no sense being so sensitive in 2017. Are people that gullible that they can’t think and believe in themselves and worry so much about what other people have to say??

Just because something doesn’t go the way you want or expect doesn’t make it “dumb”. This is the exact line of thinking that causes sensitivities to what other people do/say/think.


Guys I think Paul will be first man on jury, and at the very least I think we can all calm down about him winning this season. Last week I was in the same mindset as everyone else, Paul will work these steeple until the end.
Jason, Ramses and Dom are onto him. I include Dom because she has a chance to come back in.
If Jason (the guy who calls himself Whistlenut…) of all people can figure out that Paul is shady and is acting like a father to everyone then I think everyone else will too.
I think Paul’s downfall will be Kevin’s vote. Once people call Kevin out for the vote he could fake being an old confused man, “Paul told me to do it!”
IF people believe Kevin this lie will match his Den of Temptation lie where he was overly questioning and putting blame on innocent people for who did the vote. Xmas will realize she told Paul her vote but he never even told her he got someone to cast a hinkey vote in return.
And if everyone can turn on Kevin and see he’s shady (like they are doing right now)how can they not see that about Paul?
A lot of people thought Paulie was going to work his sheeple to the end last season too and Paulie was way further into the game when he started playing hard. I think it’s amazing how Paul can manipulate people so well, but his long term strategy is horrendous. Again his downfall will be his over confidence. He still hasn’t learned.


Yeah, except for both Dom and Ramses are dead HGs walking and Jason gets distracted by shiny objects. I don’t think Paul will win, but he’ll be around for a while.


How many times have people been saying Ramses has to go this week? How about Jessica? In Big Brother a lot of the time people don’t want to go for the obvious target. If they slide past 1 week they will probably slide past many. Ramses doesn’t do things to get himself exposed. A lot of the heat on him is due to Kevin who people won’t trust now. A big reason Alex/Jason wanted Ramses out was because they believed he was responsible for the Jillian vote. They now realize he isn’t so if he realizes this he might try and reform that bond again.
I think next HOH will be a quiz or mental and given that Ramses threw a comp that involves mental skills and still did well I think he could be a contender for HOH.


I wouldn’t count Jason out. It doesn’t seem like he understood what game to play when he first arrived, but I think he’s adapted and is hitting his stride…which is making him a target right now, so I’m hoping Alex and him are as tight as they seem so she can help protect him – they need each other. I think Kevin has more sway with the younger set than it may appear too. I’d like to see how Kevin does in the mental comp about how well you know the other HGs – I think he’d do really well on that one. Kevin and Jason for F2!


Sometimes I wish BB production would say to Josh and Dom, “Please REMOVE your microphone!”

big brother is dead

Production already told everyone not to accept the temptation in case Cody wins the buy back. #corruption

Big Brother Is Alive And Well

Those that watch Big Brother with an open mind realize it is production influenced and a “reality” show…..meaning highly influenced for ratings….meaning anyone who takes this serious if just frustrating and stressing themselves out. It is simply entertainment….

Team Cam

Matt’s laugh is more annoying than Rachel’s.


Who’s Matt

Matt side piece

Hi, I’m lactose intolerant. Can you guys let me win so I can pay off my “medical bills”


Raven is such an epic fail, 2nd runner up in that department would be Christmas.
Such massive disappointments.


Why are they more focused on making it to jury than they are making it to final two? That is all they talk about, making it to jury.


Cause they know who is gonna win… 9th is the same as 3rd.


Once at Jury you are guaranteed the full stipend whether you are the first or last person on the jury.


Just caught Matt and Raven at the hammock accidentally talking game….by game I mean Jessica


Raven wow she so making up that she is sick and sure Christmas foot is not broken and Jason never got his head stomped by bull they just want to go on TV to lie it’s just lies all lies how do we stop the lies ..I know post comments about what liers they all are. I heard rams is not gay lied …Kevin is 57 lied Josh is short Paul is tall Matt’s has ‘no boys to men tattoo marks love Josh . Elena has tiny lips ..so yes I so believe rave is not sick and the sky is not blue well not at night or is the sky blue at night well who cares because I am sure u all know that Raven is never in the hospital and it’s all lies


Idk whats more annoying. Raven or Matts laugh.


If Raven gets the temptation this week, we know for sure production is calling all shots. Just look at the ranking on this site and on Jokers (she’s dead last).


Kevin has edged out Alex for the #1 spot today. YAY!!!!!


Sauce…..and sauce


Is there a likeable player on this show this season….I’d say the closet to likeable is Paul, Alex and Jason. Paul because at least he’s upfront with how he is a mean person. Alex because she’s a strong player but nieve in how’s she’s playing and Jason because I like his honesty! Also what’s up with mafia boss over there I collect money from
People lol wtf…. If one of the 3 does not win that’s just sad I’ve never seen a cast with such unlikeable people than this season and I thought Brandon and Rachel were bad in the past!

Hi Its Christmas

Just in case any of you didn’t know, I fell tonight. Im going to say this at least 1000 times tonight and make sure ALLLLLLLL of you know I fell.

Did you know I fell tonight?

For a motivational speaker Christmas sure plays a victim and makes sure people feel sorry for her. I don’t doubt Christmas’ talents and career, she is obviously successful…..but did you know I fell tonight?


I bet Alex got the temptation!