Power Of Veto Players Picked! ADEL used his Veto Ticket to take Allison out of playing!

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 14th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: Sabrina & Rachelle
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather


2:55pm – 4:30pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the house guests to pick players for the Power of Veto Competition that will be happening later today. When the live feeds return – we learn that Jon, Sabrina, Rachelle, Neda, Adel and Arlie are playing in the veto competition.

Power Of Veto players: Jon, Sabrina, Rachelle, Neda, Adel, Arlie
POV HOST: Heather

Rachelle says that her best friend definitely hates Heather because we hate people like that. I hate squeeky voices. I could never be friends with someone like that. Never! Sabrina says her or Neda. Rachelle says she can’t believe Heather has a boyfriend. Sabrina says the only thing he uses her for is ..(She motions with her hands that all her boyfriend uses her for is s*x). Big Brother says stop that. Sabrina continues and Big Brother says stop that again. Sabrina says I was just going to ride her. Sabrina then says that Heather’s boyfriend has to put a pillow over her face like this.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. WHen they come back Sabrina says that she has a wart on her finger. Rachelle asks her if she’s gotten it zapped. Sabrina says no. Rachelle says that it’s going to spread to her v@gin@. Sabrina says it’s not herp*s.

BBCAN2-2014-04-12 13-47-49-663

4:30pm – 5pm Up in the HOH room – Jon is bouncing his ball back and forth on the hockey sticks. Jon leaves and Allison talks to Neda. Allison is pissed that Adel used his veto ticket to take Allison out of playing in the veto competition to put himself in the competition. Allison says that Adel said that he couldn’t pick Sabrina or Rachelle. Allison says good to know I’m the low man on the totem pole. Allison says Sabrina or Rachelle are going home this week no matter what. He didn’t need to use it. He should have saved it for next week. Jon returns. Allison says we all know Deli isn’t a word-smith .. so we know what he meant. Jon tells her not to read to much into it. Allison says easy for you to say sir. Jon says it caught me completely off guard.
BBCAn2-2014-04-12 14-01-06-177

5:05pm – 5:35pm Allison questions Adel on why he used his veto ticket on her. Adel says that there was no reason why he picked her, he just had to pick someone. Allison says I am rattled. Allison says I really wanted to play and the only time I got to play was when I had to win it. Adel says it’s not even like its guaranteed to be prizes or anything but the more people talked about it really made me want to use it. Adel says that Neda and Arlie were already on slop and I just wanted them to have a good week. And you got the frat party. Allison leaves the HOH room. Adel tells the others that Allison is the next one to go. I am going to screw over the five of you.

Meanwhile in the bedroom – Sabrina asks Arlie if he can tell her if they are voting her out. Arlie says that he can’t say right now. He says that they said they would discuss it after the veto because at this point there are benefits to keeping both.

5:45pm In the bedroom – Sabrina talks to Allison and tells her that she should have stayed on our side. I liked you. Allison says yeah key word liked. They talk about how how Heather told Sabrina to shut up when they were picking veto players. Allison brings up how Sabrina has made cookie dough and squeaky voice comments. Sabrina says you’ve talked about how annoying Heather is too. Allison says I never said I was holier than thou. Sabrina starts asking which one of them is going. Allison says its been back and forth between the both of them. Sabrina keeps digging and Allison says you’re smart you can figure it out. They want Rachelle out because she is an endurance threat and they want you out because of your ability to persuade people. Sabrina asks who am I going to persuade. Sabrina says that she’s using the veto on Rachelle any ways.

6pm – 6:15pm Sabrina says that her parents are going to be so proud of her for not going off on Heather for her talking to her like that. Sabrina says because outside of this house I would have been self-evicted. I have never been in a physical altercation because I can rip you a new a$$hole with my words. Allison tells them – I don’t want you guys to think that just because you’re the target.. that in my heart I’m not rooting for you. Sabrina tells Allison that if I win HOH you have nothing to worry about because I have never had so much fire in my a$$. Sabrina tells Allison please do not go tell them any of this because I will go and get self-evicted. Sabrina asks Allsion to tell her who said she was being persuasive. Sabrina says that Jon swore on his family that he would never put me up and look what he did today. Sabrina tells Allison I swear on my whole entire life, my dogs, my whole entire life should I drop dead… I cant cross my a$$ or my v@gin@!

BBCAn2-2014-04-12 15-07-46-690

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I wonder why Adel used his veto card. Maybe he was scared that he would be the replacement nominee if Rachelle wins and takes her self off so he needs to win this Veto. I hope he wins it and keeps the nominations the same, otherwise he might be screwed. Allison knows that Jon is dying for a Newfie alliance so she will be in his ear to not be put up as the pawn, and that leaves Adel as the next option.
Either way Allison needs to suck it up. Adel doesnt owe her an explanation and she has her secret veto so she is safe. Wtf is her problem.


He only has this and next week to use it, i really think he just didn’t not want to use it and “disappoint’ Canada


Soo say Rachelle wins veto and takes herself off the block, and then Allison uses her secret veto to take Sabrina off the block after realizing she’s on the bottom of the Sloppy Seconds. I really dislike Sabs and Rachelle but that would make some good tv.


I agree, she should take off Sabrina if Rachelle is off, then that would make Jon put up Adel or Arlie and one of them would be gone, I think. I hope they put Allison up so they can show her their true colors and then she will take herself off.

Adel needs to go!


I honestly think Jon would put up Adel and Heather, he feels more comfortable with Arlie then the other two.


The punch line is that if Allison gets put up as a replacement, she can use her own veto, which can’t be used after this week, and then either Adel, Arlie, Heather or Neda has to go up. Adel didn’t need to use it this week, he needed it next week.


What a stupid move by Adel.


Adel is an idiot. I was rooting for him but now I hope he gets back doored cause he totally wasted his veto ticket. What a buffoon, he wasn’t in trouble at all this week.


Allison sucks. She’s a terrible house guest and never seems to have any inclining of strategy or social skills. Says she “played the cards she was dealt to the best of her ability” which is hilarious in and of itself. She’s been handed two weeks of safety, gained a special veto, she’s such a whiny abrasive moron. I loathe her. “I’m not mad, I’m just f*cking rattled” What the hell does that even mean? What kind of message is she trying to send? Stupid is as stupid does.

She’s not even good in competitions, which is an area I thought she would excel in.

Adel isn’t a good player I agree, but certain aspects of his personality such as loyalty and being trust worthy helped propel him into a dominant alliance and he was able to stay alive by the skin of his teeth in the early going. He also showed that he had a pretty good read on the house and certain personalities in the beginning. So I can understand the love, I enjoy him and what he’s brought to the table, though he’s one of the worst competitors competition wise that i’ve seen in awhile…..


Adel does not trust Allison. I love it. Omg imagine if Adel wins the veto and saves Rachelle and Jon puts up Allison who ends up using her secret veto . Then he is forced to put up either Heather or Arlie. Who do you think he would choose if that happened?


I hope that happens so we can see the look on their faces!!!!!!!!!!


That would be cool if it happened.

But, Adel hasn’t won any comp. yet and I doubt he will win this POV comp, when he is against Arlie, Jon, Rachelle, and Neda.

If Allison is pissed, Sabrina could reel her in.

If Allison is not put up, I think she will definitely use her Scarlet POV because Adel used his power. Imagine Rachelle wins POV take herself off, and Allison takes off Sabrina. Then Rachelle, Sabrina, and Allison could flip the house.

another name

so, now Allison has been shown she’s bottom of the heap. before the other alliance is completely destroyed. gee…. wonder what will happen.

another name

what I meant was here it comes: girls alliance part 2 vs. the boys. didn’t realize I didn’t finish the thought before pushing submit.


I open OBB for a quick look and there’s Ro spewing.
Of course she & her friend hate people like Heather.
Heather is a good-looking, intelligent, friendly and well-mannered young Adult.
Just shows you can have money and still be white trash.
Honest to dawg, it’s too much.
Rach is a waste of a spot AND carbon.


I find it hilarious because what Sabrina and Rachelle don’t understand is the more they talk shit about Heather, the more people love Heather.


I bet production is pushing to get Allison on the block since this week is her last chance to use the secret veto.


Adel used the Veto due to it was the right timing to cover his arse due to the lies he weaved regarding his veto powers.


Rachelle and Sabrina bashing Heather for absolutely no reason? What a surprise. Those two are scum, I have zero respect for them. Heather is a sweet girl.


Agreed. They say they can’t believe Heather has a boyfriend? I can’t believe Sabrina has or will ever have one. And Rachelle, while I thought she was attractive when the show started her personality, behavior, attitude towards others, and her bad hygiene have really made her unattractive. They are both just jealous of Heather so they need to bash her.


I don’t understand the lack of trust in ALLISON. What the heck has she done to make them all paranoid about her. None of them talk game to her at all, and she really is just looking for someone to be loyal to. Meanwhile they are all stabbing each other in the back at this point already. JON, you have gone down in my estimation. What a bad time to play it safe. Take someone out that is going to hurt your game instead of running around checking up on the girls all the time. Your alliance is way too big at this point. Who knows when or if you will get the chance to do it again. You strung ALLISON along for a hot minute there about putting her in an alliance with you, and you will kick your ass when she jams that Veto up you ass, especially if you decide to backdoor her as a result of her getting annoyed at ADEL taking her out of playing the VETO. And ADEL is turning into the little dick he originally was when he came into the house. Liked him before, but he is starting to annoy me with his attitude.


I truly believe production pushed Adel to use his power and they are also pushing to get Allison on the block so she can use the veto since this is her last week. Nobody trust Allison because she spent a full 3 weeks doing nothing but sleeping with Andrew and as soon as she he left, she joins the side that offers her protection for that week. She is a floater and all she does its complain about how unfair it was for her to get thrown in the game 2 weeks late. Honestly she doesn’t see how lucky she is in this game.


I don’t understand why Adel used it. PROD prob persuaded him to use it.

But, he was so safe this week. He will need it next week if he cannot play for POV and could get backdoored.




We still do, well I still do. It was just a dumb move on his part. It really behooved him in no way. Imagine if Rachelle wins POV and Alison uses her POV on Sabrina, that would be a crazy week. This is the last week for Alison to use her POV anyways.


BB fans are some of the most idiotic flip flopping dumbasses there are. Take these comments with a grain of salt.


Total hypocrites in this forum. It’s ok for Adel to pick his nose make disgusting comments towards gay people. Jon can pull on his junk talk about rubbing one out and his disgusting yeast infection from poor hygiene. But all you hear about here is how disgusting Rachelle is. I’m no Sabrina fan but look at the rest of them….not much better. Terrible season.


ADELPICKSHISNOSE is absloutely correct. Why can’t anyone realize that Jon and Adel aren’t godlike as Canada makes them out to be?

Sab and Ro are definitely some delusional and dispicable individuals. But what about the rest of the house guests?

Do people get that Jon constantly playing with his junk and touching then feeling up Neda isn’t cool? Or that Adel makes inappropriate comments concerning gays?

Jon is an unintelligent, unhygienic drunkard (albeit not as bad as Andrew), and Adel is downright stupid yet is completely self-serving and self-righteous.

What the heck are all you seeing in these guys that I’m not?

Its funny how people can see the bad in a few but completely ignore it in others.


House has been really really boring this week so I’m hoping Allison spices things up but it will only work if Rachelle or Sabrina win the POV. Then Allison can use her power of veto pull off which ever one is left and then when two of the Sloppy Seconds are put on the block, Allison, Sabrina and Rachelle have the 3 votes needed to vote them out.

I’m not a fan of Rachelle or Sabrina but I also am not a fan of a boring BB. This would really add some drama to the game and the next HOH could decide the final winner.


So people are saying I don’t get why Adel used his Veto ticket. I don’t get why Allison is so rattled about him using it? What’s the deal?
So she sits out. Plus, if you get a chance to win something (a lot of POV comps), why not put yourself in the game so you might win something? What am I missing here? WTF is wrong with Allison?

another name

Allison has spent the last week running from person to person in her new alliance asking them about her place in the pecking order. every one of them have said you have nothing to worry about, that she is trusted and isn’t a target. she’s just been given definitive proof that she is bottom of the alliance barrel and isn’t trusted.
that’s why she’s pissed.


That still doesn’t explain anything. None of these people is ‘top dog’. Regardless; Adel using his veto ticket doesn’t put her at risk – it just means she gets to sit out. So again I ask what’s the big deal?

another name

there is a definitive pecking order in the sloppies. example: even though heather wants to nominate sarah to replace Kenny, she first checks to see if that’s okay with jon and arlie. example 2: before neda makes her nominations, jon and arlie say don’t put Kenny up, put up the gremlins. she says that’s what I was going to do. but the two guys still felt it was their right to instruct neda. both of these examples are in the feeds and in the televised episodes.
each of the three person subsets asks either jon or arlie who should go first out of their alliance, or tries to persuade jon or arlie to agree to go after their intended target.
and the big question: why is Allison rattled? strategically the only reason to remove a player from a pov is to make sure they can’t hold the pov. and every one of the sloppy members has been in at least two conversations with different groups when the topic of which alliance member should we target first has come up. so logically, she knows wheels are already spinning on who and how to start dismantling the alliance. now she knows someone doesn’t want her to possess the pov. so of course she’s thinking back door and bottom of the pecking order. that’s why she’s rattled.


WE know she’s safe this week, and SHE knows she’s safe this week, but it’d look a little suspicious to the other houseguests if she wasn’t at least a little, to use her word, rattled. Plus, this was a dead giveaway that she’s definitely in danger next week despite all her allies’ assurances to the contrary, so of course she’s rattled.

another name

exactly. her train of thought would HAVE to be: they don’t want me to play in pov. they don’t trust me with pov. they can remove one of the non-threat gremlins and put me on block as a pawn. they don’t know I have the scarlet letter, so they could plan to tell me i’m safe and vote me out because no matter what they still have numbers on Sabrina and rachelle next week. I’ve GOT to use this scarlet letter or i’m going home this week.
Her next train of thought: they just showed me i’m gone within two weeks. I’ve got to save one of these two gremlins, and work on whoever they put up in my place as the pawn or i’m alone and gone.

Double Doors

Exactly. She has been trying to find an ally for days, but she has only been patronized with platitudes. Oddly, SS fans think she should be grateful and simply accept eviction when they require it of her.


Adel only had this week or next week to use it. He has more of a chance to be selected in next week’s veto comp and since he wasn’t selected in this week’s, he chose to use it…so he can possibly play in both. Who else was he supposed to take down? Now, I get that Allison is worried about being in the bottom of her alliance, but she HAS to realize that she kind of is…if only because everyone else has been working together longer and just because they saved her and brought her over, doesn’t mean they should fully trust her. They know she was up Sobs ass before this…and maybe she hasn’t removed herself from it entirely. After all, she has been told that she keeps sticking up for Sobs…and instead of proving she CAN be trusted…she throws a tantrum about being removed from the veto comp and goes straight to Sobs and Rachelle…making vague remarks that tells them everything they want to know. Arlie walked in on it happening…he is smart enough to probably figure out what was up. I don’t care how pissed she was about it…that was the LAST thing she should have done.


Sabrina and Rachelle saying disgusting things about Heather. What a surprise! I have no respect for those two pieces of scum. Heather is a sweet girl.

Persian Princess

Agreed! And even if Heather sucked, the things that come out of Sabrina’s mouth is just sick, talking about Heather’s relationship with her bf, and a while ago when she addressed Janelle and said Jon got his infection from Nedas dirty vag!! That is just a sick sick thing to openly say! I am soo looking forward to that bitch coming out of jury and seeing what people think o her. Karma is a bitch


I truly feel like Adel wasted his veto there, even if his motivation for doing so was his distrust in Allison. He should have kept it for when he needed it to keep himself safe, not when he is in absolutely no danger at all.

As for Rachelle’s comments on Heather, Rachelle cannot lick the ground Heather walks on. She wishes she had that much poise and intelligence as Heather has demonstrated in this game. The more Rachelle comments and bashes other house guests, the more UGLY and DUMB she looks as she continues to reveal how vile and rotten she is at the core of her being. Rachelle can go back to picking out Sabrina’s leg hairs and smelling Sabs crotch. What a complete waste of space!


i wonder if not hanging on to that veto card will come back to haunt Adel.

Honest Question

Is a subaverage IQ required to post at Joker’s?


I believe that Adel was told to use it as he was called into the diary room before the Veto nominations, surprise surprise then when Allison was chosen to play in the POV Comp, Adel took her off the from playing in the POV comp with his POV Card,hmmmm seems like a production planted this one. Thus she is pissed off as she knows she is going up if Sabrina or Rachel possibly wins POV and with Sabrina stating she will use the veto if she wins it on Rachel, which is making Allison mad and thus she will have to use her Secret Veto which will make production happy as it will make great TV and great social media.


OMG ALLISON is in the room now spilling info ugh. She is so dumb, letting her emotions get the best of her. Why does she care to play in the veto? I cant stand her entitled attitude. Honestly what has she done in this game?


Allison is a disaster


Allison’s list of complaint:
1. I came 2 weeks late……………Uhmm Canada voted you in so be grateful
2. I been on the block twice……….strictly as a pawn and you were always guaranteed safety
3. I never get to pull a key…………..cry me a river
Anybody who can be hypnotized by Sabrina does not deserve to stay in this game. The moment she gets mad at Adel, she goes to Slobrina and Ratchel and spills her guts. OMG Jon wake up and get her out as soon as possible.


allison should use her veto to make an ally. she needs one. and rachelle would be useful to have to go against the guys.

team adel

No strategy here I think he just wants to play on veto and is covering the crew he doesn’t trust allison if he wins pov, he can dictate who goes whether it is Rachelle or sabrina, me personally I think rachelle is a bigger threat, then sabs because neda is trying to have a plan b with rachelle. Keep Noms the same and remove rachelle that way allison wastes her veto and gets booted next week while sabrina implodes for 2 weeks. Then start knocking each other out starting with neda that loser

another name

I regret to say that your analysis of business as usual won’t work. Allison will use the power of veto to save one of the nominees. this is because Adel made it obvious that he didn’t trust Allison. the most dangerous animal in a hunt is a cornered or injured animal. in showing Allison that he doesn’t trust her, Adel has made a tactical strategic error. when Allison uses her power of veto to remove either Sabrina or Rachelle, one of the other girls will most likely be put on the block as a pawn. because the other two girls have already said they don’t want to be used as pawns again because they’ve already taken the risk, the women will feel like they are all considered acceptable losses to the guys. this will reignite a women’s alliance, and the women have a numbers advantage. he should have waited until next week.
I realize he doesn’t know about Allison’s veto power, but it is always a tactical error to break your alliance before the other side has been completely removed from the game.


ADEL has done nothing in this game don;t get the love for him


And Talkir your right big brother Fans are flip floppers not me though been going for Andrew AND KENNY and the rest of there crew from the start


Why can’t we anyone but Roch and Sabrina – they been blocking the other feeds over an hour now.

Wireless Mouse

If a Gremlin doesn’t win POV and Allison still wants to save both of them and herself she could simply tell Jon that he is her target next week. Then when he (or a compatriot) pulls Gremlin #1 off the block Allison can halt the ceremony before a replacement is named and remove Gremlin # 2.

Wireless Mouse

* …before she is named as a replacement…


I am not surprised at all that Adel used the veto he has said for some time he wants her gone next. If she can not play for the POV and someone else wins POV and takes R or S off then he would try and get Jon to Backdoor Allison. I will be good to see him when she uses he red veto and they can not backdoor her. He will not win the POV he won nothing. I hope they backdoor Adel he been a jerk for the last while.


I don’t think Alison is mad about Adel pulling her out of POV comp., she really doesn’t care, but if she acted like she didn’t care people would wonder why she is so confident. She knows she is bottom of the 6. Now I’m not sure, if she uses her POV can they put her up?? If they can’t and Sab or Ro win POV she pulls the other one off, two sloppy seconds go up , her, Ro and Sab vote together, one of them are out ( I think she is still loyal to Andrews first 5). If she can’t use it without going up herself, but won of the gremlins wins POV she knows she will go up, then she uses her veto on herself. If Neda or Heather is smart they would go with Alison and Ro to take out one of the boys. If Jon puts up a boy?? If he puts up one of the girls on his team there are 2 girls for sure who know there on the bottom, girls are coming after boys. If one of the Gremlins don’t win POV, sadly she eats her veto she has to go with house pick.


I just love how Sabrina ‘threatens’ to use the veto on Rachelle if she wins it so Rachelle thinks she is such an incredible person. WHEN HAS SABRINA WON A COMPETITION? Do you really think she’s going to fight for this veto? I’ll wait……
Allison is making fun of Jon slurring his words and talking trash about her alliance. I never did like Allison’s ‘strategy’ in this game at all.


Prediction for upcoming events:

Sabrina and Rachelle on the block.
The veto is used.
Sabrina and Allison on the block.
Allison uses secret veto.
Sabrina and Heather on the block.
Rachelle, Neda and Allison vote out Heather.
This results in a renewed battle of the sexes.
The girls win next HoH and they take over house.

Nana Jo

This kind of nasty Heather bashing is way beyond game play. Heather has more class in her little finger than either Slobrina or Ro-hell could scare up between them in a generation! What a pair of utterly disgusting scumbags. If I were their families, I’d be ashamed. I hope they are shunned when they leave the BB house and they feel the sting of it for a long time. Doubt it though …. Slob, especially, will blame it all on editing! “They didn’t show my nice, caring side”…. boo hoo hoo .. I want them both gone, and then to sink into a cesspool of oblivion afterwards.

bigbro 31

Adel didnt waste is POV he is trying to ensure safety for himself besides nexr wk down to 7 players so he plays rgardless unless hosting. EPIC if someone saves Roro and then Allison saves Sabrina would love to see it happen. To bad for Canadas HOH ruined the first 5 sure the woud of made it to the end. Lets get canada involved to mess up the sloppy seconds not a fan of that crew. Ahhh, Neda when did u turn into a Sabrina? Floater? Attached to Jon much? No differeny then andrews and sabs game


Adel just made himself a target. There is NO way Allison is going home this week.

If Allison wins the endurance HOH next week, Adel just made himself a reason to go up.

Hopefully Adel stays!

Nana Jo

Max, I agree with you 100%! I adore Adel and think he made a mistake in using his veto against Allison. I strongly believe that production must have influenced him to do it. I was somewhat on the fence regarding Allison before, but now I want her gone after the gremlins. She has brought very little to the game, and I regret voting for her.

USA Fan---we need a showmance

Hey BB kids, What are y’all thoughts on Jon and Neda? Is it just us southerners or is there some real good sexual tension happening there? They have done a super job of keeping it clean, but heavens to betsy, our prediction is those two will eventually give in to their undeniable connection. Can we blame them? No we cannot, not under these circumstances, no. WE LOVE THE SLOPPY SECONDS!!! We are hoping for a little showmance to spice things up a bit. What do y’all think, we love your Canadian show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo


I understand why most people in the house want Rho out first, but Slobby is a horrible person whom I can’t stand seeing and she fucks with everyone’s game, brings the level of play down to her level which has been ‘desperate’. The sooner she’s gone, the more I will enjoy the show.


Possibilty – Allison is so rattled about him using it because she may have been secretly thinking that if she could win this POV AND USE her other secret POV the result would be both gremlins off the block and replaced by 2 ss. Would have been a great scenario. Just a thought that has been going through my mind.


Oooops Sorry….the above “name” is me. 🙂


somehow my first comment just dssapeared. i saw it in moderation thats why i commented the above. please wipe it out and i’ll comment later. Thanks


To Ayesha – in answer to your question about what Allison has done so far in this game, well, she did give Andrew a terrific “hand job” during the slumber party outside. Lol!! In case you didn’t see it, it’s lurking somewhere on You tube…..try googling it.


LOL oh I saw the handjob. Thats when I gave up on her. A true super fan would know that people are always watching on the feeds and that nothing you do or say in that house goes unnoticed so she lost me there. She kept saying out loud to people in the house that she wont have sex on National television but she doesnt mind giving a handjob on tv?! so disappointed in her. I think if Nate went into the house, he and Adel would have been close and I wish i Voted for him instead.


Did you see Allison’s face when Sloppy 2nds first named themselves the Hand Js? She looked like she shat a brick…thinking someone must have seen what her and “Sir Picks A lot” were up to under the sleeping bag that night…


Sabrina is such a dirty, disgusting pig. I’d be surprised if she ever got a boyfriend.


EWWWWW Sabrina coming on to Arlie. LOL is that everyone except Paul now?


So if Sab gets voted out, she’ll be first jury member….Alone and nobody to talk to!

Glad to see BB call out Sab for talking behind Heather’s back. Wish there was a punishment because those disgusting talks between Sab and Rachelle are not game play, it’s pure maliciousness.

I watched the google interviews of Kenny and Sarah, both of them said that Sab is gonna freak out when she finds out her nickname is Slobrina online.