Adel says I swear on the Quran I don’t have a side deal with Jon. Arlie says behind his back I have side deals with EVERYONE!

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 14th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: Sabrina & Rachelle
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather

BBCAN2-2014-04-12 10-08-57-243

12:35pm Jon, Neda and Heather are talking in the HOH room. Neda thinks Canada will be able to influence this POV. She says she thinks who ever wins it and if someone comes off, someone else goes up .. then Canada will be able to take someone off.. Jon says that would be crazy. Heather says at least one of the Gremlins would still be up there and we decide who goes. Jon says I don’t think anyone would f**k over the 6. Heather and Neda both say they wouldn’t. Jon leaves. Neda and Heather talk game. Neda says that she think doesn’t think Jon would f**k us over. Heather says I think the finals should be me, you, Jon and Adel. Neda says I like Allison but I feel the entire game she has been way more loyal to boys. She is really close to Arlie too. I think she owes a lot of her staying to him too, you know what I mean. Neda says that she doesn’t know if they are more likely to take someone they can win against or someone that’s really strong to be like look who I beat. Neda says the reason why I want to keep Rachelle is because she isn’t coming after us .. she would go after Arlie or Adel. Plus if she is still here she is a bigger target. We need to win HOH’s back to back. We’re at the point when any move could really f**k us. Neda says when I think of Arlie and Allison I think of them as a unit. They talk about how if Jon made it to the end he would win, everyone would vote for him. Neda says even Allison .. she would win too, she came in late and overcame. Neda says it doesn’t even matter if people are pairs you know because I am taking you to the end no matter what. They talk about people having to go up as a pawn if Rachelle/Sabrina won veto. Heather says there is no way I would be a pawn twice .. I would go kicking and screaming. You have been a pawn before too. Heather says I would be like f**k that! If Racehlle won veto, and one of us like Arlie went up as a pawn then we would need to show our loyalty by sending Sabrina home. Neda asks if people are thinking of going against the 6. Heather says no. Neda says good. Sabrina comes in and breaks up their conversation.

BBCAn2-2014-04-12 10-13-34-849

1:40pm Adel tells Arlie that he doesn’t have any side deal with Jon. I would swear on the holy Quran I don’t have a side deal with Jon. Adel says if it comes down to it I will use my veto and expose my self. Adel leaves the bedroom and Arlie says to himself I have side deals with EVERYONE! In the bathroom – Arlie tells Adel that he swears on his family he is only wants to go to the final two with him. Arlie and Adel head into the bedroom. Arlie tells Adel about his fake deal with Jon just in case Adel hears anything but says that it was never real for me. I know he would never take me. You are the only person I want to go to the final two with. Adel says he feels the same way.

BBCAn2-2014-04-12 10-26-06-906

1:50pm – 2pm In the main bedroom – Rachelle asks Sabrina what they were talking about in the HOH. That JOn, Head and Neda are going to be friends forever. Sabrina says that Jon said he was going to call them before going out when they’re home because they’re the hottest girls. Rahcelle asks he said they’re the hottest girls? Sabrina says I don’t take offence to that because I know I am a lot hotter than a lot of people. I am not insecure but I have insecure moments. Rachelle and Sabrina start picking at in-grown hairs on Sabrina’s legs. Rachelle’s head is down near her cr*tch and Sabrina farts.

BBCAn2-2014-04-12 11-04-01-570

1:50pm – 2:20pm Meanwhile in the havenot room – Neda talks to JOn about keeping Rachelle over Sabrina. Neda tells him she will throw the POV to Rachelle if she can. She asks Jon if he will do it too. Jon says he will. They continue to talk game. Neda thinks Jon isn’t telling her everything like she is with him.

BBCAN2-2014-04-12 10-52-20-487

2:50pm Up in the HOH room – Allison, Adel, and Jon are hanging out. Meanwhile in the kitchen Heather, Sabrina and Neda are in the kitchen chatting. Heather and Neda head up to the main bedroom. Neda asks do you notice how the guys won’t leave us alone to talk. And each of them has one of us. Heather says I haven’t noticed that but now I do. Neda says that she’s been picking up on things that the guys say and do. She says we need to be really careful about what we say around them. Heather comments on how they are all paired off now.

BBCAn2-2014-04-12 11-50-49-905

2:55pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds…

3:40pm Still blocked .. the house guests are likely picking POV players now..

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I’m having a tough time liking Neda. She rides coattails, always wants to throw a competition, and she’s awkward at times.


Pretending to be (or just naturally being) useless has proven to be a good strategy on previous seasons of big brother. I think she’s a very genuine and down to earth person, not much of a tv personality, but I like her.


I like her as a person, but she can play the game much better.


If you had a better personality you might be attractive Sabrina, but without it youre uglier than a hanging toe nail.


Also,Ting, she’s definitely not hot, like she thinks she is!


There is nothing attractive about Sabrina at all. Inside or out. I have to laugh when she said she is not an insecure person. LOL! You couldn’t find a more insecure person if you tried.


Well, maybe Andrew…


They play the POV comps to late all the time and i wish they let the houseguests nap so would stay up later at night.


“Rachelle’s head is down near Sabrina crotch and Sabrina farts.” That sentence pretty much sums up their relationship. Wow.


Love Neda. She knows exactly what’s going on and can see through Arlie’s bullshit.

Hoping Jon can snap out of Arlie’s spell and make a move.

Team Neda

Neda sees right through Arlie and I really hope Jon will come around and listen to her! I WANT ARLIE OUT SO BAD!


It’s funny I’m rooting for them both even though they’re kinda against each other. I like Neda and Heather, they both seem very genuine , but I have a previous bet for Arlie to win, so he better win!


If Adel swears on that Quran anymore it is going to burst into flames from all the lies.


After seeing Arlie win the POV for the double eviction… it just solidified my opinion of him. Arlie deserves to win this game. He knew all the answers for the 2nd HOH comp that he threw to Neda. I believe he could have won most (if not all) HoH comps if he wasn’t set o throwing them. He is a very cryptic player… God, I love it!!!

I am rooting for Arlie to win! From one super fan to another… GO ARLIE!


I agree. He was a madman winning that POV. And he let Andrew win the 2nd HOH by letting andrew find the golden egg (or whatever it was) even though he found it first. Arlie’s the smartest social player and he’s hiding his competition skills in order to not seem like a big threat. He’s very smart. And this is coming from someone who doesn’t even really like Arlie, but I have to respect his gameplay.


Going beast mode in that last POV comp was his worst move of the game. He had no reason not to throw that comp. He showed what a threat he is and he had nothing to gain by doing it.


This could be a perfect week to backdoor Arlie but they’re all convinced he is trustworthy. I hope his side deals with everyone is exposed and Adel and Heather make it to the end. Neda is getting way too aggressive and if Arlie finds out she wants to potentially get rid of him, he will be guns blazing for her to leave. Adel needs to wake up and stop putting all his eggs in one basket aka Arlie. He needs to stick to Heather like glue. He was the only one there for her when she was an outsider now all of a sudden Neda is her bestie? Oh no

ihate sarah

ok so the first five are gone so i have no one left to hate(and rooting against them was the fun part)…i mean i know sabrina is still there but everyone already hates her so i would just be a bandwagoner..and arlie well i never really looked at him as a” first five” kind of on the outskirts..and rachelle well i cant hate her either she is just young and dumb(like we all were at 20)…so all we are left with is the people i like..and i dont wanna say it..but.. they are pretty boring..i dont even watch the live feeds anymore..anyone of them could win and i wouldnt mind..(yawn)…oh i forgot about allison(lol)

No Nose Pickers

Time of fart 14:00….For those of you who find them annoying and don’t want to listen to them lol


I seriously hope that Rachelle doesnt win veto. If she somehow manages to stay, she goes from being under Sabrinas control to being Nedas under control.
Please just put her out of her misery ASAP! Shes not good at this game in the least and has a bland personality along with her own disgusting moments.


Neda is very intelligent and perceptive. If Jon and Heather listens to her they could be the final 3. Go Neda, go!!!


“Neda is very intelligent and perceptive.”, this is the same person that stated “I can win the next endurance competition” yet she wants to keep Rachelle over Sabrina. How clueless can one be by saying one thing and doing the exact opposite.


I miss TALLA!!! … and ANDREW!!!!


Talla is the worst. She does nothing but scream and act up to the camera. There’s not a genuine bone in her body. Thank goodness they got Gary and Peter to co-host the Side Show and not Talla … that would have been unwatchable.


This is the true Neda we saw in the 1st episode when we met the houseguests. She’s been waiting for Kenny and Andrew to leave and now her true personality can come out.

She is being way more blunt, playing the game, and we get to see her game side.

Neda is really abrasive, but she is definitely smart and knows what is going on.

Right now……her and Arlie are running the house.

No. 2 Pencil

Sure, now that the strong male personalities have been eliminated by production magic, Neda is free to act like the fierce female player she wants to be. Without BB affirmative action, she’s just another doormat.


Jon may not win idiot of the day! Jon is usually my front runner for the last week plus because he’s a sloppy drunk who can’t keep his mouth shut. Well her comes real competition. Yup Neda is working very hard for idiot of the day. These 2 idiots are serious about tanking the next HOH. WTF can Jon be thinking? Answer the lad has stopped thinking. Lets face it Neda has a strategy behind her BS and yeh she’d love Roro HOH next. She’d become Neda’s puppet if Sabby goes. Neda was really never in consideration as Jon is clearly idiot of the day.

Pretty soon we’ll see if Arlie is the great player some here think he is. He has to sniff out Neda completely. Realize the lay about is working the house and figure out if he has Jon or not. I think Joneda are still together but it’s not 1 Hundo for me. Jon figured out “get rid of the boys Neda speak. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. For the guys Roro needs to go not Sabby. You get rid of comp threats not keep them.

An observation I’d like opinions on. I become very tired of Adel. Swearing on the Quran constantly plus he just has 1 speed. Laugh, laugh, laugh, he does very little game talk and is not competitive in comps. Nice guy yes but a bore for me at this point.

Oh Hai

Love me some Neda! Love how fast she picks up on shit!