Allison tells the Gremlins she will nominate the survivor next week, “I’m f** insane.. stop talking about it”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 14th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: Sabrina & Rachelle
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-12 15-35-10-815

6:18pm Bedroom Allison and the gremlins

(Allison is giving out a bit of information about the sloppies she’s very rattled about Adel using the veto card)

Allison asks Sabiran if she thinks she stabbed him in the back for joining the other side
Sabrina says she does but there is only her opinion “I don’t want you to feel bad but the last thing he said was get JOn out and you sided with him”

Allison – “I was not given a choice to stay in the game”

Sabrina and Allison agree things are going to change next week.

Sabrina says Heather is annoying and fake she claims she liked Heather the first 3 weeks but now she sees the ugly side of Heather.
Rachelle flat out says she hates Heather.
Sabrina – “I hate how she treats Rachelle and me.. I hate her“

Sabrina asks Allison who is the next to go out of the other side. Allison thinks it’s her.

Sabrina wonders if it’s Adel or Heather to go home next. She tells the girls whoever stays out of them three this week will not go home the following week. Sabrina is sure the other side will try to make deals with the gremlin survivors to take out a big player. Sabrina warns them that t a biog target will go home next week they have to.

Heather comes in and Asks Allison if she wants to come hang out in the HOH. Allison says she needed to take a break from Adel she can’t look at him right now.

Sabrina asks Allison if she wins HOH will she “Make noise”
Allison isn’t sure.
Sabrina – “You are so stupid if you don’t”
Sabrina points out how everyone is so scared to makes a move. Allison says she would if she would win but she can’t win anything.

Sabrina asks Allison if she won HOH would she put a Gremlin up. Allison says she would.
Rachelle – Would we be the target”
Sabrina – “Doesn’t matter THEY would vote us out”

Allison tells them to stop asking her game questions.

The gremlins head to the bathroom, Rachelle asks her if it’s going to be a hard Power of Veto competition. Sabrina thinks it will be Hard, Racehlle – “Good Let them win I don’t give a fuck”
They head down to the kitchen, Sabrina start to wonder if the plan is to backdoor Allison.

6:55pm Kitchen Jon and Rachelle

He tells her to make sure she doesn’t say anything about their offer or he will not be able to help her this week. Rachelle says she hasn’t talked to anyone all she’s been doing is eating her slop and being nauseated.
Jon – “Good stay that way”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-12 16-11-23-799


All feeds on Rachelle eating mustard from a spoon. Production tells all house guests to please meet in the HOH room. Feeds cut

7:30pm Feeds on Hush Hush
Chances are good the Power of Veto competition is about to start.

11:30pm NO Feeds long time 🙁

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WHY would Allison tell them everything she knows about her alliance and then say that if she got HoH one of the them would go up!? Is she thinking out of her ass????


Winner of the season prediction:
Neda vs Heather !!!
Just got that guts feeling 🙂

USA Fan---we need a showmance

Hey BB kids, What are y’all thoughts on Jon and Neda? Is it just us southerners or is there some real good sexual tension happening there? They have done a super job of keeping it clean, but heavens to betsy, our prediction is those two will eventually give in to their undeniable connection. Can we blame them? No we cannot, not under these circumstances, no. WE LOVE THE SLOPPY SECONDS!!! We are hoping for a little showmance to spice things up a bit. What do y’all think, we love your Canadian show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo


I like that they obviously have sexual and emotional tension between them but they are both too good of people to cheat. I would lose a lot of respect for both of them if they had a showmance.


He’s in a relationship, have some respect. How would you feel if roles were reversed?


Slobrina is a TROLL not a gremlin. She a textbook example evil, always thinking of herself at everyone else’s expense. Please vote her out houseguests so we can see a better game!


I agree she’s a mean spirited twisted devil one and whoever hangs out with her becomes even worse then she is.
I don’t know how others can live with her without being bothered by her or her evil mean personality.


I’d love to see more of Marsha and some endurance challenges. They haven’t had very many fun challenges other than the Bar Task and no evidence of anything remotely like an endurance.


Oh Allison, tsk tsk. Turning to the Gremlins for emotional support…of all people. She’s only proving other people were right to not trust her because she might flip flop between both sides of the house.

I guess Allison hasn’t quite figured out that Sabrina and Rachelle are the most self-absorbed people in the house, and have no time to listen to her whining about Adel. They’d rather bitch about how much they hate Heather since she has both looks AND a brain.


Heather doesn’t know how to spell “wishful”


Wait, Sabrina liked Heather the first 3 weeks? LOL. I’m pretty sure that’s when the Heather hate was at its peak with those catty girls.


Please don’t get upset if i need a brief recap of what went down!
i’m assuming that when ADEL used his card to block ALLISON
that he has no idea any ‘backdoor’ attempt would be futile due to
her big Red-VETO despite the outcome of the PoV Competition!


it also is looking like as if Allison plays the Red-VETO in a certain way, she becomes safe
but it places one of the Sloppy Seconds at high risk of going home if Rachelle is taken off
the block and then Allison does a likewise for Sabrina. I saw some speculating on this path
for the game, and how it implodes the new alliance in short order. if production is prodding
the players into making bold moves, in order to increase the tension in the BB*CAN House…


No, he has no idea because if Allison told anyone, she would be evicted. Production probably wants her to play it because it’s boring if she doesn’t but if that was the case, they should have let her be able to tell people she had it in the last week she could use it, that way she could have made some deals and secured herself more instead of just flopping around from room to room being a huge bore.


Hi Simon and Dawg,

Just curious, but why does the after show only consist of Peter and Gary? Where is Jillian or the other players?

I found Jillian to be boring with little personality, IMO. Do you think that is why BBCAN has not brought her back for BBCAN2 After Shows?





They did bring her back as a guest on one of the side shows. I can’t remember exactly what one but I think it would be episode… four?


sure hope slobs gets into jury to make it unbearable for everyone else ha ha


I really laughed out loud reading that!


So for those BB fans who’s asking why Adel used his veto :

Earlier today Adel went to Arlie and told him that he doesnt have any type of side deal with Jon, such as a Final 2. He swore to God. Arlie said that he doesnt either and that it is him and Adel to the end. “Adel said that he would prove his loyalty if he ever had to by using the veto”..


I’ve never seen this specimen of RAT in another BB ever – Allison go put on that RAT HAT so you look younger than your claimed 25 years of age

I’ve never seen another rat of this sort – not Andy not Ronnie – Allison takes the cake for sure. Sabrina says ‘come join us – eat popcorn’. To Arlie earlier she says, ‘I can’t sleep, I can’t eat’ Cut to her inhaling a pound of food (which is by the way the most disgusting sound in the mic). Sorry if that offends anyone, but she is offensive. Allison is a ‘disaster’ as Simon put it.


Can we please get rid of Sabrina this week?


More BS out of Allison’s mouth – she can’t win anything, she’s useless. So why the hell is she so upset about not playing for the POV?
I know they’re all full of it but ‘I can’t win anything’ with this ‘big girl body that works out’? OK.


I don’t like Sabrina or Rachelle, but I am rooting for Rachelle to win the veto. The house needs to be snooker up a bit. Plus, for Neda & Heather’s game, it’s smart to keep her. She is going after Jon & Arlie,, and Neda already said she isn’t taking Jon to final 2, and I believe that. However, I do think she would beat him. But, I wanna see something interesting happening. With Sabrina in this house, no one is flipping, and Neda is right, they’ll end up keeping Sab around. I want Rachelle to win HoH & then go to jury the next week.

Also, I lost respect for Adel this week. He made it obvious that Allison is the first to go in their alliance, and said it as soon as she walked out. For her, Rachelle staying makes more sense. Rachelle nor Sab is coming after her. It would also be huge for Allison to use her veto on Sabrina & really shake it up. Like I said, I do not like them, but it would be exciting to see something big. These last few weeks have been big.


I mean to say the last few weeks have been predictable, but they also have been big too.


Allison is a flip-flopper, so I don’t see how this could of been a dumb move for Adel to use this Veto. I think it will also be a big weight off his chest, because it was starting to seem like more of a curse than a gift to him. Having used it, no one can try to manipulate him to use it (even though he hugely exaggerated its potency). I think because he lied about how powerful it was it was just starting to wear on him for having it in the first place. I am surprised he has gotten where he is being as he was aligned with Paul and Kyle, and they left pretty much one after the other. Adel was safe to assume he was next, but he is still there. He also has formed relationships with other houseguests and is in an alliance. I have watched many episodes of Big Brother and seldom does a person achieve what he has achieved. I guess we are all entitled to think of whether he should or should not of used his Veto. Who cares. I do believe
Allison could flip in a second – with or without Adel using his Veto to participate in the veto competition. I give him credit for making it this far. It cannot be easy to pull off what he has. I give people credit for even doing this, because it has to be incredibly difficult.

Russ from Van

As far as the Side Show goes, I hope in future years, Gary and Peter can be replaced with more likeable personalities. I wouldn’t be suprised if Alec got on his hands and knees (as well as offering up other positions on the casting couch) to get a spot on the Side Show, but production knew the viewers would be too distracted, staring at his eyebrows to sift through his incoherent rambling.


Totally agree – I couldn’t stand Gary or Peter. I’d love to see maybe instead of ‘commentators’ (one of whom is a guy in polyester dresses, the other was born without a heart and is in love with a hairband), they take audience questions and comments about the show/players. Then we on this blog, which consist of a large amount of livefeeders, could get an idea about the perception of the average viewer. Also I’d love to hear the questions and comments the audience had about the game.

Nana Jo

As I commented in the last post, Slobrina and Ro-Hell are a pair of disgusting scumbags. Their Heather bashing is shameful, and goes way beyond game playing. Slob saying she liked her the first three weeks? WTF? That girl is so completely disconnected from truth, she has no self awareness at all.

As for Allison, I just don’t get her. I so regret voting for her. She’s so mediocre and a complete waste of house space. I wish I had voted for Nate, who was my second choice.


Gremlins & allycat for the win


jon wins pov


since jon wins pov they can backdoor allison but they dont know she will use her dpov


Slobrina in the jury house. Yes! Just what we need to read about. Other jury members whining about how much of a pig she is walking around picking her nose and farting. Can only hope there is a good supply of chocolate milk for the slob.


Can someone tell me why Neda is so popular on the poll? I just don’t get it?