Power of Veto Ceremony RESULTS! Sarah tells Andrew that Allison used the veto knowing you could have gone up.

POV Holder: Allison Next POV ?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony March 24
HOH Winner: Racehlle Next HOH: March 27
Original Nominations: Allison & Heather
Current Nominations: IKA & Heather
Last Evicted Houseguest Paul, Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Adel, Sabrina, Heather, Arlie

BBCAN2-2014-03-24 09-26-42-149

10am – 12:10pm Big Brother blocked the live feeds for the Power of Veto Ceremony to take place. When the live feeds return we learn that as expected Allison used the veto on herself and removed herself from the block. As Head of HouseHold Rachelle nominated Ika as the replacement nominee.

Adel and Ika are in the bedroom talking. Ika says you can’t hate the player, hate the game. They head to the bathroom. Adel tells be good. Ika says that she gave her a hug after. It’s okay. They head down stairs. Ika laughs that she’s going to give Kenny death stares all week. Kenny laughs. They ask Ika if she is okay. Ika says yeah I knew it was happening. Ika, Rachelle and Adel head out to the hot tub. Adel talks about his power. He says that its scripted what he has to say. WHen I pull out my card they’ll tell me to go to the diary room to get a card. Everything’s scripted you know. Ika and Rachelle head inside. Adel talks to Heather offering to work with her if she wants to going forward in the game. Heather is open to it. Heather says Del your the bomb Meanwhile in the storage room – Sarah and Neda are talking. Heather joins them and talks about how her step counter reset when she laid down on the bed. She says she was at 500 for the day and now has to start over to reach the 10000 daily minimum she needs to get. Heather leaves. Sabrina joins them. Sabrina says that she feels really guilty about what’s happened with Ika. I do really like her and I would never do that to a friend on the outside. Sarah says I know this sucks, I wasn’t even sure if I could do this. Neda says I don’t know how anyone can make it to the end and feel good about themselves. Sabrina says high five to that.

BBCAN2-2014-03-24 09-31-03-868

12:45pm Out by the pool – Sabrina, Sarah and Andrew talk about getting rid of Allison. They talk about they believe Allison and Jon have a secret alliance. Andrew questions whether or not Allison is loyal / honest with him. Sabrina says that Rachelle never would have done what she did if it wasn’t for me. This wasn’t good for her game getting rid of one of her alliance members. Andrew tells her not to feel bad about it, this is a game. Andrew asks for more info about how they know Jon and Allison are working together. He says I want to know for when I am in the diary room to know what to say. I just need to know how much of what Allison is telling me is a lie. Andrew says I don’t want to take advantage of a girl that wasn’t taking advantage of me. I’ve done that at home and I would feel horrible about it. Sarah says that based on what I know I do believe that she’s playing you. They talk about the difference between how Arlie lied for his task and how well Allison lied. Sarah says Arlie used his true feelings and from that we can use it to pull him in closer to us. Sarah tells Andrew that Allison used the veto knowing that you could have gone up. She didn’t know Ika was going up for sure.

12:55pm – 1:15pm Sarah and Sabrina talk to Kenny about Andrew. Kenny reassures them that Andrew knows that Allison is playing him and that he’s playing her. Kenny leaves. Sabrina talks about how Kenny is mean to her. Sarah says that she doesn’t see it, yes he’s grumpy some times but I don’t see it. Sabrina starts crying about he ex-boyfriend. Sabrina says I know I sound like a f**king loser. Sabrina says I gave up one love of my life for another love of my life.

1:20pm – 1:30pm Andrew and Kenny are working out and talking about Allison. Andrew says that regardless I will do what’s best for the first five. Andrew says I just don’t want to be looked at like a complete a$$hole you know what I mean. Andrew says the things that I say, the things that I do will be the things that define me when I get out, you know?! Andrew says that she (Allison) swears up and down that she’s being honest with me. Kenny says that’s what people do on Big Brother .. they swear up and down but are lying. The cams switch to Jon and Allison in the HOH room talking about Adel’s power. Allison says that she thinks its really for 3 weeks so that we think its over and then he still has it to save himself after that.

1:30pm Andrew and Kenny continue to talk while working out. They talk about what Arlie had said to them during his task yesterday. They agree that Arlie is a good actor and that it reveals some of Arlie’s true feeling about them. Andrew says if one of us wins HOH .. maybe we should put up Heather and Adel. They discuss the possibility of getting out Jon or Neda. Kenny says that Neda is useless. He says we should take the opportunity to take out a pair. Andrew says once we get to jury, we have the game under wraps.

1:45pm – 1:55pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds. When the feeds come back Sarah says that she thinks today is her man Jason’s birthday. She heads into the diary room and says she wants them to all go in there later with her to wish him a happy birthday. In the diary room – Rachelle asks Andrew if he is happy how things worked out today. Andrew says yes, very happy. Until it gets down to you and me when we can battle it out. They leave the storage room. Arlie and Kenny are in the storage room. Arlie tells Kenny that he really appreciates how he handled what he told him the other day while doing the Marsha the Moose task.

BBCAN2-2014-03-24 10-53-46-780

2pm In the bathroom – Allison tells Heather that she is almost 100% sure that she is safe and not going home. Heather says thank you. Heather tells Allison that if she wasn’t on the block and had won the veto she would have used it on her. Allison says likewise. Meanwhile under the stairs – Sarah, Neda and Sabrina are talking. Sarah has been working on a mug of wine for a while now and is starting to get a little tipsy. Sarah thinks its her boyfriends birthday today but its actually tomorrow the 25th. (They’re confused about what day it is in the house.)

2:10pm Out in the backyard by the pool. Adel and Ika are talking. Adel is worried about being put up on the block next week. Ika tells him that she was told that he might be put up to flush out his power. Ika says they’re going to know you’re lying when you don’t use your power. Adel says I don’t care if I go out next week. I don’t care! Adel says Arlie has by back, we’ve been together since day 1. Adel says my only real alliance is myself. The only people I can trust are Jon, Arlie, Neda and Heather.

BBCAN2-2014-03-24 11-08-36-275

2:15pm – 2:35pm In the bathroom Sabrina comes in and tells Allison and Heather that she’s getting a cold sore. She says that she got it from “sun poisoning”. She says ever since then I get them when I’m stressed or drink from dirty glasses. Allison questions her getting from sun poisoning. Meanwhile under the stairs Sarah and Rachelle tell Neda and Jon how they kept them separated when they were drunk to make sure they didn’t sleep in the same bed. Neda and Jon don’t understand why. Neda says that she thinks of JOn as her brother. I say that all the time. Sarah says you know how your inhibitions go out the window when you’re drunk. Sarah says you don’t want to sleep with your brother!

BBCAn2-2014-03-24 11-15-41-569

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Seriously Sabrina can twist anything lol. Now she is saying the fact that Allison earned and used the veto to save herself shows that she isn’t really loyal to Andrew? Surely Andrew sees how flimsy of a tactic that is? People seem to notice that Sabrina is lying and causing stuff and then forget and start listening to her again.


Sarah stop pretending to be a nice person, just follow Sabrina, at least she doesnt try to hide that she is a horrible human being

Sarah wearing the trouble maker shirt at pov ceremony just to rub it in and be a smart ass, and pretend to be shocked at ika going up…it wasnt enough for Sarah that Ika was backdoored, she had to gloat too

the whole mom act is wearing thin…having kids makes no difference to your character

terrible people have kids too

Sarah and Sabrina are looking not just to get people out, and hand the game to kenny and andrew, but they are enjoying breaking people down emotionally, then pretending they like the person they just did that too…they have no honour, no decency, zero warmth

Sarah has openly stated she hates bullying, but has engaged in that kind of behaviour in this game, and seeming to very much enjoy it, you can tell with the smug looks and celebrations

i think i would put Sarah as the most fake house guest ive ever seen on any big brother, even ahead of andy(amanda and sabrina are fake, but they dont pretend they are nice people)…the fact that production give her the sweet mom edit is a disgrace, and insults the viewers intelligence

the fake crying, whining and complaining, and annoying sounding voices of Sarah and Sabrina are brutal…almost season ruining


i think sarah is a good person playing a devious game. of course she’s going to have to lie and pretend to get through this game. i actually think she’s playing a really strong game.

sabrina, however, i think she is a devious person playing even more devious game. i strongly think she may be a pathological liar/attention wh*ore in real life, but it does seem to be a strong game too so far. houseguests are starting to catch on.


i dont agree

sarah is not a very nice person, but pretends she is nice, because she is embarassed, wants to lie to herself to make herself feel better

the difference is sabrina doesnt try to fake or hide she is a terrible person


I strongly suspect everyone knows what she is doing, but letting her get away with it until she is not useful anymore.

Why confront a dangerous player like Sabrina before one can set up all the pieces (players) to ones preferred outcome?


Andrew gained a bit of respect in my eyes by challenging Sarah and Sabrina’s assertion that they saw Allison and Jon speaking to a camera about their ‘alliance’ during their challenge to win a reward for the house.


Yeah, I hope he is just appeasing them by acting like he believes them. He HAS to know that cow is jealous and would do and say ANYTHING to make Allison gone. Hopefully, he sees that if these two are going to lie to him about this then maybe he shouldn’t trust them. As much as he annoys me, the cow makes my blood boil so I want him to take Allison’s side just to torture Sabrina. Then, when he goes home because of it, hopefully Allison can get in with Arlie’s secret alliance and take this house over.


2 best moments of the season…

andrew and allison making sabrina jealous

jon dive bombing in the pool, drenching sabrina who was dead asleep on a chair at the edge of the pool




If they had offered Rachelle final 4 or a final 3 but she is accepting 3 more weeks which means she is PLAYING FOR JURY!


BBCAN2, hands down, one of my favourtie BB casts now. Awesome how nice and diplomatic they are to each other.
(I suspect BBCAN3 will have more volatile contestants to make up for all the niceties of this season(so far)


Sabrina’s constant whining and her taking credit for everything is harming her. The first 5 are pissed off at her antics and so she is digging her own grave.
I also don’t know why Ika isn’t trying to fight just a little. I mean she could at least try.


The one things I dislike about Andrew is he doesn’t know the game and he barely watched the last season of BBCAN so Sabrina is doing all this work for guys who don’t know the game.Jon better watch his back cuz Andrew and Kenny are planning to get his ass out. I want to see Arlie make some moves.

Girls are always jealous

Rachelle just dig her own grave!!!


I really hope their is a major twist come thursday and Ika & Heather both stay….that would be funny as hell….. wonder what kind of damage control could sabrina do than but of course its not going to happen….. well, Ika should have made a big move…her on fault to blame.


I have a question.. did we the views, vote to keep suzette in the game???


So ika is f@#ked..


Common Dawg! 😛 That’s only if you believe production didn’t decide who they wanted to stay and the real vote wasn’t counted.


to be clear, viewers had to vote to either save suzette or aj. one person was going to be saved. so suzette was in no way a favorite, people just voted to save her over aj at that time. i think 2-3 weeks later, and viewers would have wanted suzette out and saved aj. just my opinion.


Petition to fire Robyn Kass for casting dumb catty girls with high school mentality

Nylon Rope

You can’t fight nature. Girls don’t work well together. That’s why it was men who built civilization.


Nice response. You’d feel right at home in the BB house. Maybe you should audition.


I’m a woman and I have to agree with you .
Women do not work well together … They let there
Emotions take over . Men are better at sticking
Together . Most women they cast on these shows
Are the typical … High school bitchy hags who rely on swooning
Men to get what they want . Not real women who
Earn and take what they want .


dear sexist, civilazation couldn’t exist without women. yes these girls are catty, but not all are. boys alliances often turn on one of their own. example, bbcan 1, boys turned on Tom. bbcan2, boys alliance turned on kyle. bbcan2, boys are currently turning on jon. boys do turn on each other because there is often not enough place for 2 alpha males in one group. too much ego.


Everyone that comments seems to hate Kenny & Andrew, but I have no idea why. It’s not like there’s a bunch of Kenny videos, for example, on this website, so I can’t see what everyone else sees. Kenny & Andrew are power players, and are probably the smartest in the house. As fans, wouldn’t we naturally favor potential winners? Ika has dug her own grave. She complained when people told her to nominate power players during her HOH, yet she’s saying Rachelle is stupid for getting rid of someone who is no threat to her. Isn’t this exactly what Ika did during her HOH… trying to get rid of Heather, who is not a threat? Rachelle’s game is pitiful as well, she is Sabrina’s puppet. Sabrina is annoying as anything, and it’s only a matter of time until she gets trapped in her web of lies and deceit. Neda is pointless and has done nothing of value. Adel I feel bad for – he always seems to lose his team. Heather… who knows how far she will float through the game? Arlie is a lot smarter than people think. Jon is going to step it up, I can feel it. But lets face it, Andrew and Kenny are genius. They dominate the house, and everyone is too stupid to challenge that. Give credit where credit is due.


Kenny maybe smart but Andrew??? Hell no. First of all Andrew does not even know anything about big brother. You can hear Sarah and Andrew talk about it many times. The first are the ones carrying him through. He has only last this long because Sabrina and the others do his dirty work. I can’t take him seriously I’m sorry.


Sorry but kenny and Andrew are not brain and got no POWERS
without those 2 despicable women in their alliance. ..


Everyone on the internet always hates the first alliance that’s in power. People resent that they’re controlling the house so well because it makes it boring for them (which is why they root for people like Adel to shake up the house). I don’t think Andrew is smart game-wise but the rest of the first 5 are great at the game, imo.

bb is a house full of crazy

People usually end up hating the first alliance because it usually is the weakest in the long run. Going into the house and making an alliance the first 15 minutes you’re in there is just dumb. After a couple of days the alliance members get to know each other and discover they made an alliance with a backstabbing a-hole or two. For instance, making an alliance with Andrew. He’s an idiot and unless you want to talk about Andrew, Andrew doesn’t really want to talk. He has no game. He has no personality. He has nothing other than possibly the ability to swoon a girl or two for a few days.


I found it very hypocritical that Ika was so upset that Heather didn’t go home during her HOH, yet was putting Rachelle down for targeting Heather the very next week! Ika also told Rachelle she didn’t trust her. She said she would work with her, but didn’t want to be her friend less than 2 weeks ago. I can understand why she so easily turned on Ika, but don’t see it as a very smart move for her right now.


It is so funny that Andrew is worried about Allison making him look like a fool when it is his own alliance doing it. These scumbags love saying 1st 5 is all that matters, but trash each other and would turn on each other in a heartbeat. The only loyalty in this alliance is Allison to Andrew and he is about to destroy it. Dumb ass.


“Sarah tells Andrew that Allison used the veto knowing that you could have gone up. She didn’t know Ika was going up for sure.”

Uh duh Sarah! Of course Allison was going to use the Veto on herself! Only a complete idiot wouldn’t use the veto to save themselves. Look what happened to Marcellas in BB3!

These dimwits give me a headache.


This is one of the reasons Andrew is a dumbass for not knowing the game. Skimming BBCan1 is not enough if you don’t think things through.


Come on Arlie, use the information you gained yesterday from Sarah and Sabrina regarding who was going to go soon, and gather these people together before you lose Ika this week. You could gather Allison, John, Adel, Neda, and either Ika or Heather. Take out this lying bunch. None of them with the exception of Andrew has done anything in the competitions. Close only counts in horseshoes!! You still could have the numbers to do this. I am not fond of IKA but she is one of the few that has Sabrina’s number. If you wait any longer, you won’t be able to form a viable group. They are getting rid of IKA, and plan to take out ALLISON next. You know this from the conversations yesterday. Get with it!!


Sabrina, B*tch your not a puppet master! No one can be like Dr. Will Kirby!
You are just an emotional B*tch that carries information


Haha. Rachelle: “I *do* have a boyfriend and I think he’s birthday is today.”


big brother really needs to throw in a major twist because this show is starting to get boring with the “first five alliance” controlling everything….

Adel, Allison, Neda, Rachelle, Jon, Heather in BIG Trouble next week —- IF they win hoh it would be start to join forces and go after the “first five alliance”..BUT THEY ARE STUPID!!!!


Without fail. people who get way too cocky in their diary room end up eating crow at their next meal.
“Girl, I lied”. Heather is being pretty damn good about this. She could be rubbing it in her face how she’s the one still there and not power-tripping.
Houseguests who do that in their confessions are cowards IMO (Peter), and more often than not, get taken down.


Peter’s diary room screaming is still ringing in my ears. I loved watching that clown’s game fall to pieces.

andrews crusty 15 year old ginch

could andrew have any stupider looking tattoos.


Give him time….

kennys sexuality

if i had a rotting dirt bag like sarah chasing me, id be gay too.


As much as it would be awesome for Ika to stay, she kind of deserves this. She completely wasted her last HOH and this is the Karma thats coming back to bite her in the ass, not just from making a stupid move but by how rude she was before.She changed now and god i hope that a twist is coming up, such as another power shift and it will be beautiful to watch Sabrina fall on her fat ass that the whole house will shake. As much as Sabrina loves to admit that she is a
” mastermind “, she isn’t. She is just a fake, low class, insecure COW that hates other girls who are prettier and skinnier than her. I’m surprised she hasn’t turned on Rachelle yet. I’m guessing it will happen soon.
I’m so tired of these idiotic, high school c*nts that keep getting casted. We got enough of that from Kaitlin,GM and Aaryn.


I love that Rachelle is in that hotdog costume during her HOH. She’s making this BB week suck for me, so I’m glad she’s miserable, too.


Neda is getting more and more annoyed at the houseguests saying that her and Jon are on the verge of a showmance.

Truth is Jon may have toed the line but I don’t think she did.


After Ika leaves, there’s 11 left.

That’s 8 to vote @ next eviction, plus HoH in case of a tie.

So Adel, Heather, Jon & Neda could evict a friendly HoH’s nominee, for example.

Arlie or Allison could also be wild cards.

RatChild won’t be next HoH, so there’s 6 people who could open this up.

I don’t think Andrew, Kenny, Sabrina or Sarah will “turn” yet, but they’re not the four aces they think they are.

Throw sarahs boots away!!

Blah…all these f%#ktards are an embarrassment to canada!


Hahaha kenny says i should put some of my jizz in jasons cake,make it a little extra bitter sweet!


I’m sure that wouldnt be the first time Miller
Swallowed other men’s cum . He sucks dick
All day

Go Adel!!!

I’d like to see a decent human being win this
Adel is loyal even when his own neck was on the line
Adel is a real Man

Sabrina is a biatch

Sarah is really a disgusting person. She’s a displaycase of a conniving despicable woman! #puke

I’m sorry for Ika and hope Sabrina’s family is ashamed of that obnoxious creature…

Other than that: GO JON!


Dumbest thing to say ever who in there right mind wouldn’t use the veto if they are on the block you would have to be an idiot and since alison said she has been a fan since she was 10 she would know how well it turned out for marcel when he didn’t use the veto pawns go home. I get them wasn’t part of the plan to take one of them off the block.


Well, I loved how Ika was pissed because people came up to her when she was HOH and suggesting what she should do and she got all “Who the hell are you to tell me what to do with my HOH”. And, after making a horrible move she goes and tries to do the same with Rachelle (Ika wasn’t wrong at all what she was telling Rachelle and Sabrina when she said its time to nominate the guys but that’s exactly what she was sugested to do when she was HOH).

Now, she’s probably on her way out the door.

Obviously Rachelle is not faring any better as an HOH.

To be honest, a lot of them have been contradicting themselves alot this season. It’s bound to blow up once somebody grows the courage to nominate an actual power player (whether it’s the brains or brawn). Maybe serve the alcohol before the nomination ceremony so the HOH has liquid courage in them.


Note to Sabrina- You got your cold sore from a strain of HERPES and the RN you’re complaining to, knows fully well. Nice try blaming the sun though. I hope you don’t use the lipsticks you use on your clients or the other HG’s but I bet you do. Pay for make-up and get HERPES. NICE!