Big Brother Canada 2 – Sabrina’s Hot Dog Lap Dog: “OK, follow me!” “Come ROW-ROW!”

POV Holder: Allison Next POV ?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony March 24
HOH Winner: Racehlle Next HOH: March 27
Original Nominations: Allison & Heather
Current Nominations: IKA & Heather
Last Evicted Houseguest Paul, Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Adel, Sabrina, Heather, Arlie

BBCAN2-2014-03-24 11-36-59-980

2:35pm Up in the HOH – Sabrina and Rachelle are talking about next week. Sabrina then starts to head downstairs and tells Rachelle “Ok follow me!” They both head downstairs to the kitchen. In the kitchen Andrew and Sabrina share their experience with cold sores in front of his make out buddy Allison. Allison heads into the storage room and Sabrina follows her. Sabrina asks her are you okay with me? Allison says yes. Allison says that the comment she said about being a showmance in the house kind of bothered her. Sabrina says that she is kind of scared that she will put her up if she wins HOH. Allison says that she wouldn’t put her up. Rachelle joins them. Allison says nothing happened for something to be weird. Sabrina and Allison head out of the storage room and Sabrina says come ROW-ROW! In the kitchen Sabrina and Allison talk about Andrew and how he’s been different since she came into the house. Sabrina says I am just sad because I miss my friend. I feel like I’m a friend to him but he’s not one to me. You know what I mean. Heather joins Rachelle at the kitchen bar. Rachelle asks her if she feels better after what happened (Ika being put up beside her on the block.) Heather says that she feels as good as she can given the circumstances. Heather asks Rachelle if putting Ika up on the block was her intention. Rachelle says yes.

BBCAN2-2014-03-24 11-48-20-501

2:45pm – 3:15pm In the bedroom – Ika and Adel are talking. Ika calls Sarah JUDAS. Adel says if I win HOH then my lie stays hidden. Adel and Ika talk about life outside the house and about his girlfriend.

3:20pm In the kitchen – Sarah is a little drunk from the wine she was drinking earlier. She’s making the cake for he man Jason.

BBCAN2-2014-03-24 12-22-24-366

In the main bedroom – IKA is crying to Adel about how she is 29 years old and hasn’t met her dad. Big Brother switches the cams back to the kitchen cooking show with Sarah and Sabrina.

BBCAN2-2014-03-24 12-49-52-272

3:50pm UP in the HOH room – Kenny is game talking with Rachelle. Kenny is just in his underwear but it looks like he’s n@ked. Jon and Sabrina join them and the conversation ends. They start talking about music and drinking. Sabrina tells Kenny that she really thinks that Adel needs to leave before jury because Canada loves him and he would get voted back in if someone came back. Kenny says that he agrees and says Adel needs to go just not next week. There are bigger targets than him. Sabrina tells him that we only have 2 more chances because jury starts in two weeks. They discuss how the next evictions should be Jon, Adel, Heather. They agree that even if they put up JOn and Adel next week and Adel uses his power and puts up Andrew then we still have the votes to vote out Jon.

4:20pm – 4:35pm IN the bathroom – Ika and Sarah are talking. Jon starts to come into the bathroom but they want to talk alone. Jon leaves. A little while later he comes back and says he has a great idea – The bedroom is free .. why don’t you go talk in there so I can take a shower because I stink! Sarah and Ika head into the bedroom to continue talking.

4:45pm – 5:10pmIN the kitchen – Heather asks Kenny where he stands with her. Kenny says I am not 100% sure yet. I am still weighing my options but I can let you know when I know. Heather says okay I’d love that! Meanwhile in the bedroom – Sabrina starts crying to Ika about how bad she feels for turning her back on Ika. Sabrina says that she doesn’t treat her friends outside the house like this. Ika says it’s okay, I understand it was a game move.

BBCAN2-2014-03-24 13-54-48-790

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Are the videos saying ‘not available’ for anyone else?


Patience … grasshopper
Their most likely processing … sometimes it takes awhile


Gotta admit that Sabrina is impressive with the way she turns on the waterworks on command.
I really wish Kenny would have some decency and respect for the women in the house and put some clothes on. I mean nobody needs to see that.
I’m glad Ika is accepting defeat and not causing drama and ruining other people’s game. At the end of the day, it is just a game and no need to go crazy I guess.
If production doesn’t come up with a twist, then the rest of the season is pretty predictable.
I hate how Jon thinks Kenny has his back when in fact it will be probably due to Kenny that he leaves.

Love this site. Thanks ya’ll


“If production doesn’t come up with a twist” LOL this is Big Brother Canada.


Hope- the absence of logic and a wish for a more satisfying result! I have no idea what Webster’s dictionary says but I sure am reading a lot of comments here regaurding it in one way or another. 🙁 🙁 {sheds tear}.

All I can say is Arisa mentioned nothing about a double this Thursday. I thought we the viewers would get that early to hype up the week. I’m still figuring Thursday with an announcement Wednesday. Here’s the thing though…. don’t hang your hat of hope from BB production giving us a twist before jury. Your wish will not be granted and Santa won’t put the shiny new bicycle under the BB tree. Your gonna have to ride this unsatisfying journey as is til jury.

What’s worse than the cavalry not coming the next twist will likely save/help the 1st 5 alliance. Sorry folks but I like some here believe 1/5 was set up by production before the cameras started rolling. The twist won’t deliberately help 1/5 but by shear percentage there will be no more than 5/9 left and better than 50% odds. Further I think we are likely to get a jury member returned to the house F5/F6. I’m betting it will be douche like Rachelle and a 1/5 member betrayed by the other 4 in the mix. If that was Arlie I think he’d have a shot coming back.
Interesting a week ago I thought I had the jury about figured out with Allison the 9th in and Paul, Ika, Heather and Adel gone before her. I’m now wondering if Jon is going early? Allison is stupidly unloyal according to Brina because she used the veto to take herself of the block. Pure idiotic hog wash from a sociopath extraordinaire. Ika gone so 2 left til jury I’ll go with Adel and Allison gone. But I’m telling you Jon better find a gun, load it and pull the trigger ASAP or he’s a possible backdoor target and 1/5 has the numbers if they hold HOH to make it happen. This would be Arlie’s moment to step or follow the 4 douche bags to at best F5. He won’t get that far IMO at this rate.

To the HG’s not in 1/5 the time for strategy talk(Neda and Jon) is freaking over. Either make moves or settle in for a long useless stay in BB Can 2 jury house at best b/c your not getting to the money.


I would love if BB did to Sabrina what they did to Topaz last year (letting houseguests hear her strategy), maybe THEN things will get shaken up in the house and some changes would be made. If things keep going smoothly for the 1st 5 then this is going to be a disappointingly boring season, come on BB, it’s supposed to be the season of “secrets”, so lets get to it!
I try to watch the live feeds but every time Sabrina joins in a conversation I want to rip my hair out and I get an odd twitch, so thanks Simon/Dawg for running this site and contributing to the prevention of mental illness for folks like me!


This video made my day. Sab crying to Ika & Ikas reaction.


i like seeing ika make sarah aka judas feel extremely guilty

its eating sarah alive


I hate it but it looks like sabrina is going to win this game….that girl got everyone wrapped around her finger, doing what they want week after week….she is playing this game 24/7…

I hope they get her out soon, she is totally a rat.


I think she could be in trouble if Adel or Heather won HOH. They’re kind of onto her. But that’s 2 out of 10 people fighting for it, so chances of her being called out are pretty slim.


Nope Sabrina gets evicted….in one of the first after shows with Gary and Peter you can see Sabrina walking up the stairs with her little black bag


It’s shown on the video wall behind Arisa


I am starting to think that maybe Slobrina is not “good” at this game as others claim but ifact is actually being her real self and that she is bi-polar. The way she switches gears so easily, wow, the girls’ got major issues or she is the biggest fakest real person this house has ever seen!


Old waterworks is at it again! Sabrina can turn it on and off like a faucet!


I have no idea how Ika is so calm. I woulda punched Sabrina right in the face. You can’t cry and then look at a mirror. She probably just wants this scene to be aired so people don’t think she is horrible, when she really is.

BBCAN please let this be a fake eviction. Stir the pot just a little bit.


Lap dog! LOL
What kinda agent Sabrina have, she’s a freaking mut! LOL

Pinocchio Obama

Nice act Sabrina. Quite a performance.


Wow I would be scared to be Sabrina’s friend in real life….


sabrina is a life ruiner

just like amanda

one of sabrinas actual friends posted here yesterday they are seriously considering not being her friend anymore


Sarah is actually really creepy. I feel like under those eyes there just someone totally different. She’s so calm….its weird.


Its all the drugs shes on!


for sure sarah is very creepy, like a creepy clown with those eyebrows


Ika’s expression @ 33:17 of the “Sabrina cries” vid ought to be in the BBCan Hall of Fame.

Reality check

I’m sorry to say it but … The show is fixed.
First 5 was set up by production and they are
Portraying Sarah and Sabrina so well in the edits.
Sarah was on another slice tv show years ago.
Plus they allow her special privileges to make a
Birthday cake for her husband … Plus they all went
Into the DR to wish him happy birthday ..
I think Sarah will win because she has an in .