Power OF Veto Ceremony RESULTS! Jon says she had a VETO UP HER A$$!!

POV Holder: Jon Next POV April 12th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 14th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: Sabrina & Rachelle
Current Nominations: ADEL & Arlie
Have Nots Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather

BBCAN2-2014-04-14 09-42-54-600

10:15am – 12:30pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the Power Of Veto ceremony to take place. When the live feeds return – we learn that as the power of veto holder Jon used it on Rachelle to take her off of the block. As Jon is the head of household he then enacted the back door plan and nominated Arlie as the replacement. Arlie and Jon have had an alliance called the “Goof Troop” for awhile now but this morning it died when Jon back doored him. All of the house guests were on board with back dooring Arlie because they realized what a strong competitor he was, how none of them would win against him in the end and how he had made final two deals with everyone. Allison then pulled out her SECRET Veto and used it on Sabrina. Jon then nominated Adel. (Adel volunteered to go up as the pawn)

12:30pm Out in the hot tub room Rachelle and Sabrina are talking about how Jon must be freaking right now. Meanwhile in the HOH room – Allison is talking to Heather, Neda and Jon about how she used her SECRET VETO to take Sabrina off the block. Allison tells then that it doesn’t change anything between them. She says that she had to use it. There was no way I wasn’t going to use it. Adel joins them and asks where the hell she got that from!? Adel asks what are we going to say to Arlie right now .. that he offered too many two’s and three deals with everyone!? They other say yeah. Jon says if you play too safe like that it is eventually going to f**k you! Adel asks if any of us win ..are we going after the Gremlins?! Jon says 1 HUNDO! Neda says we have already let them get too far! Jon says she had a veto up her a$$! Allison said it was poking me the whole time!! She says if I didn’t use it people would feel it when they hugged me..

Meanwhile in the main bedroom – Arlie is silently thinking about how he just got back doored…

BBCAn2-2014-04-14 09-49-45-918

12:50pm – 1pm In the storage room – Adel makes Jon promise on his dog on his family that if he ever gets the veto he will use it each other and not the girls. They both promise each other that they’ll use it on each other over the girls. Adel leaves. Allsion joins Jon and promises him that she couldn’t tell him about it. Jon tells her that he has her back. Meanwhile in the HOH bathroom – Neda talks to Heather about how they don’t understand how Allison got the secret veto. She thinks that Canada voted her to get the secret veto. Neda says I don’t get it, she must be Canada’s player. Maybe they forced her to be with Andrew?!

BBCAN2-2014-04-14 10-03-54-042

1:15pm In the HOH room – Neda talks to JOn. She says that she doesn’t trust anyone in this game. I trust you more than anyone. I trust you 98%. They talk about how they think Allison is Canada’s Player / a mole. Neda says that she thought when Allison pulled out the veto she though she was going to use it on Arlie. Jon says he thought so too. Neda says doesn’t she get that it ruins trust with her by taking off a Gremlin?! Jon says she loves Sabs. Jon asks Neda did Heather tell you that she had a final three with him (Arlie) and Allison? Neda says yes she told me. Neda questions why Allison was crying like that last night. Neda says that move you made was the biggest move of the season. Heather joins them. They talk about Allison getting and using the secret veto. Neda doesn’t understand why Allison was crying last night that she was going home when she knew she was safe. Heather tells Jon that he is taking out the biggest player of the season. Jon says unless I swing and I miss! He then says no one would vote to keep him! Heather says bye bye first 5! JOn leaves and Adel joins them. He says that he doesn’t understand how she got the secret veto.. we’ve been in the game way longer. Heather and I have been the underdogs and come back. Jon joins them again. Adel says if they (Allison & the Gremlins) have a plan with Arlie then they have the votes to keep him. Adel and Jon tell Neda & Heather to keep telling her Final 3 with her.

BBCAN2-2014-04-14 10-15-24-925

1:35pm – 1:55pm Sabrina and Rachelle join Arlie out in the hot tub room. (Right before going out there Sabrina asked where’s Arlie – I don’t want to be around him.) They sit down beside him and complain that it’s raining and head inside. Sorry Arl’s. Arlie says it’s okay. They head to the pool to talk. Sabrina says okay they liked to treat us like sh*t the last week. We are going to get them to swear on their family members on a final 5. Sabrina says Sabrina says if not then you, me, Allison vote out Adel and we go with Arlie against them. If Adel is going to continue to bother me then we vote him out. If Neda, Jon or Allison win the veto they have to replace us and the opposite one goes home. Sabrina says because what they just did to Arlie is what I have been crucified for the last couple weeks… TALK ABOUT F**KING hypocrites! It’s top 5 or NO DEAL! They head inside to eat at the table. All the house guests but Arlie are eating. Arlie comes through and Heather asks him if he wants to join them. Arlie says maybe later I’m going to shower I was in the rain..

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114 thoughts on “Power OF Veto Ceremony RESULTS! Jon says she had a VETO UP HER A$$!!

    1. This sunk Neda’s masterful plan this week, I just really hope that Arlie still leaves and then Heather, Neda or Adel wins the next HOH. This has been a great season so far but Allison winning it in the end would completely ruin it for me. Apart from the production help (hidden veto) she hasn’t made any good moves, the only acceptable reason for her winning if she is with Rachelle in the end who has been a waste of space for the entire game.

      1. do I support Allison? no. not any more than any other player, because they’ve all been pretty dismal as examples of humanity.
        you can’t complain about the newest production interference if you thought ALL of the other production interferences were fair.
        each production interference or twist or manipulation has been to the benefit of production. but before now those twists and fixes have been to the benefit of favored players, so few people complained.
        personally I’ve disliked all of the production twists, not out of the naïve belief that there would be a pure game, but because the manipulation has been SO obvious. sure, edit everything to make some characters look less scheming and manipulative, while making others look like the big bad. go ahead, that’s expected. but starting with the buzzworthy award, this season has become WAY too telegraphed.
        what has neda done that is any better than what arlie has done, or for that matter what Sabrina has done? sure, Sabrina isn’t palatable, but she has played the same way in the first half of season as neda is now.
        btw, jon is the new rachelle. laugh about how easily manipulated she is again jon. reality check.

  1. Damn! Things change minute to minute.

    This season is now, finally, getting really exciting.

    I love it – even reading here, we don’t know what is going to happen hour to hour anymore.

    BBCA keep giving them booze – they all change their minds every time they get drunk!

    1. The best move for Allison and the Gremlins is to make a deal with Arlie and evict Adel. They would have the numbers against Jon, Neda and Heather.

    2. Yeah, Jon is better off with Adel gone. With Arlie gone, Jon is the biggest physical threat in the house… and he can’t even play in next week’s HOH comp.

  2. I’ve been watching this website for a while, but I’ve finally decided to comment.

    This is going to be pretty fun to watch on the episode. I don’t know if it was smart of Allison to use the veto, but maybe she can make it work, I don’t know.

    Although I’m not an Arlie fan, it is really hard to watch him just sitting silently knowing he’s going to be evicted. It must be really hard for him.

    1. Normally, I would have been sympathetic towards Arlie but the way he treated Allison last night was very cold.
      When Allison was drunkenly just pouring her heart out to him, Arlie was just trying to extract as much information from her as possible.
      When drunk Allison was going on rants and making Arlie frustrated, he would wave goodbye when she wasnt looking.

      He deserves what happened to him.

    1. becuz it was there… on her person!
      Sobs & RoRo run the risk of dodging
      the thunderbolts of the angry Titans!

    2. She was by herself in the game on the bottom of the Fake Six alliance and was next to go. Now she has Sabrina and Rachelle and if she’s bright enough (coughDRcough) she can bring Arlie in with them and have a strong team competing in next HOH.

      1. Nick early on in BB*15 assumed like God in Genesis that he could order about the known universe.
        Andy snuck into the prize money in a manner very much like the way Sobs has played out her game.

        1. I wouldn’t compare Sob’s and Andy’s games at all
          Andy had a pretty good strategy and flew under the radar, he was the rat-king.
          Sob’s game is pretty transparent and (I’m not defending Sabrina here buuuuut) she’s not a rat-floater.

    3. Because she’d lose it if she didn’t; and that would have been crappy, considering it was one of the twists.

      She won it before Sarah, and Kenny got evicted, right? And they said it was good for three evictions; though i could be wrong, and maybe she could have used it next week.

      Either way – it made this week very exciting.

      1. Kev, this was the last time she could use the Veto. She found it the week that she was on the block.
        1st veto ceremony, she could have used it to take herself off, but she knew she was safe.
        2nd veto ceremony was the second part of the double eviction.
        3rd veto ceremony was today and the last time she could use it.

  3. I feel like Neda and Heather might have wanted to pull Allison into a girls alliance going forward, but after this move, they can’t trust her. Allison might have just dug herself back into her grave after getting out of it.

    1. I think that Neda has never really liked Allison. She was the last person to stop calling her “New Girl” behind her back. And I think she’s jealous of the fact that Allison sometimes gets close to Jon. When Allison and Jon were close during the Frat Party, Neda was watching from the kitchen and just happened to be in a pretty bad mood. Also Neda was the one who wanted Allison gone in the first place.

      I would bet that Neda is looking for some way to use this Veto against Allison. She was asking her how long she’s had it for. She’s gonna use that and say she had it for a long time and no one knew so she can’t be trusted.

    2. It would have been stupid for her not to use it.
      They already didn’t trust her. She knew something was up. She had absolutely no status or pull within the Sloppy Seconds.

  4. shes so dumb by doing that cos now no one will trust her.if i was her id never used it and be under the radar and lay low

    1. She’s smart for using it now!! Allison and the gremlins can get rid of Adel and pull Arlie in! Allison goes from the bottom of the s.s. to the top of this new alliance if she actually goes through with it. So once Adel leaves and john can’t play in HOH, it’s gonna be 4 against 2!!

  5. she doesnt use secret veto on kenny but uses it on sabrina? If Allison wins… something is rigged because this girl has the poorest game play this season… and thats including the gremlins

    1. Why would she save Kenny when he would have likely beat her.
      Saving Sabs is a good game move for her because then she would get more jury votes if it’s her against Sabs in final 2.

    2. It didn’t make sense to save Kenny, the numbers weren’t on her side.
      Her move was *excellent*!
      Jon is in a very vulnerable position and she can also capitalize on Jon’s betrayal and paint him as untrustworthy.
      If she gets Adel out and manages to get Jon on the block next week, that is HUGE!
      She moves out from the bottom of the Sloppy Seconds, has possibly gained favor with the Gremlins and Arlie, and has a great relationship with Heather. She’s greatly improved her position with that move.

      How is that poor gameplay?

      1. i do get your point on gameplay and yes if she follows thro by teaming up with the gremlins, it would make this move a little bit more excusable but NO WHERE CLOSE to excellent….

        Saving kenny would’ve made sense because at that moment she already knew she was in danger with the sloppy seconds, but with kenny battling it out for HOH alongside, their chances of winning it would’ve increased and they could’ve turned things around. It would’ve been the only way she could’ve maintained sabrina’s loyalty because as of right now, sabrina is just all over the place

        ALSO now she’s on everyone’s radar because who knows what else she’s hiding? she came in 2 weeks late… has a secret veto… what else? most likely they’re gonna start thinking that she’s the most dangerous and get rid of her ASAP

  6. Great job John. You nominated two of your previous allies, and now there is a group on the other side of the house that is coming after you.

    1. I had a lot of respect for Jon at his game, but I think he screwed up big time! Going with the boys was way better for his game than the girls. Watch the gremlins put him up with Neda and bingo, he is gone! Fool!

  7. I would now like to see Allison, Rachelle and Sabrina get together making a deal with Arlie , and vote out Adel. And get Neda, Heather and Jon out , the following weeks.

    1. Would be great game play, but the thought of either gremlin continuing on in this game (and potentially making it to the final) is brutal.

    2. I would hate for that to happen… Its the smartest move for the gremlins and Allison though. I just really dislike the gremlins and would hate for them to get any further… And Allison gets everything handed to her. Seriously. She hasn’t done anything impressive game wise, but by the looks of things, she has a really good chance of getting really far or even winning it.

    3. Idk if this has been discussed here before, but how did Allison get the scarlet POV? I mean I know where he got it from and that she got a clue that led her to the secret war room. But how did she get the clue? Did everyone have a clue and just didn’t care to look? Did Canada vote that Allison gets the clue? I thought an episode would clarify this, but unless I wasn’t paying attention when they did, i think all they said was that she found it using the clues?

  8. omg.. so allison doesn’t use the secret veto to save kenny who could’ve been such a useful ally for her… but rather uses it on sabrina who was safe this week anyways? WOW. so if allison wins… something is definitely rigged because this girl has the worse game this year and considering that we had paul and the gremlins this season…that’s really saying something

    1. It would have been dumb of her to use the veto on Kenny, she might have gone up this week and not had the ability to get herself off the block. People overrate Kenny, he never won one HOH, he was not as formidable as people make him out to be. Kenny would have no problem backstabbing her if he and she were put on the block. He didn’t even really care that Sarah went out because of him.

      1. his game play wasn’t the best.. but considering some of the people still in the house? he’s pretty damn smart

        and were you not watching? (not trying to start a fight) but he cried more about sarah leaving than he cared about himself leaving, he cared immensely about mumsie… I do agree about him possibly backstabbing allison but more likely not because his numbers were down so low that he would’ve needed her desperately.

  9. ?
    I thought Allison had 1 more Veto ceremony where she could use her POV before it expires?
    If that’s the case, I don’t get why she used it this time…
    If I’m wrong, then never mind ;)

      1. YES…lil Allison is now wisely enshrined in BB~history & folklore
        on a level that is up there with how our own Hayden impressed
        all the good folk who follow the pebble ceremonies in Survivor!!!
        not since Topaz talked to her~self or voted was there a likewise!!
        this season has seen a “war of the gods & goddesses” start up!

      2. OK, thanks!
        Well, then, she shouldn’t have used it at all.
        They’re all going to remember how she was freaking out and crying because she feared getting backdoored for the past 24 hours, when now they can realize that she was never in any danger… They could call that “unnecessary lying in a Sabrina kind of magnitude”
        But they’re all obviously pretty dumb, so they might not even make the connection. Thankfully, that’s what the DR is for: BB telling them what they’re not smart enough to figure out by themselves.
        Boy, are they ALL unworthy BB winners… Whoever limps over the finish line and takes it… Oh, well…

        1. wonder if any of the people she was crying to will remember that Allison kept saying ‘I know i’m gone next week.’
          not this week. she kept saying next week.

  10. I feel like the HOH canda twit screwed everything up, Sarah was the best player there, and Kenny was good too, with this twist and production forcing the non-plaayers to make opposition they got rid of the only 2 mature smart people.. now we are left with a bunch of kids.

    that being said, I’m SO glad they turned on Arlie, take that, should have sticked to the first 5. He was so sure he would win.

    Adel is a dummy tough for volunteering to go on the block

    Allison is a bad player, she alienated her whole alliance just to make good tv

  11. Can someone tell me if Allison had to use her secret veto this week and it was expiring? Why would she use it on someone else if she could have saved herself? I am so confused. Of all people, she saved Sabrina the crybaby! Ugh!

    1. YES this was her last chance to use it,, she only had it for 3 veto cerimonies,, remember last week was double eviction so that counted as 2 cerimonies

  12. She can easily side with the Gremlins (according to Sabrina, Allison is one of her BEST FRIENDS in the house.) and promise to save Arlie and completely flip the house by voting out Adel. Not only will she have a power player on her side. She goes from the bottom of an alliance to the top of one and she will have the numbers on her side. It could be the biggest move yet…

    1. I don’t think Sabrina will go through with this though
      She’s so vengeful to Arlie as Arlie put a demise on the F5
      And if Sabrina doesn’t, Rachelle probably won’t as well

    2. Sadly, A First 5 Leftovers Reunion might happen.
      Sabrina, Arlie, Ro & Alli.
      So Sab & Ro gave their word – that’s worth what – a dried booger ?
      Alli can tell them they’re next.
      Sabs would turn on Adel OR Arlie in a heartbeat.

      Side note
      Neda – not the celebratory mood you expected huh ?

  13. Does anyone think Arlie might have a shot at staying?
    He’s gonna have to flip Sabrina
    Bye Arlie…
    With your kinda game, you should’ve seen this coming

    1. Arlie’s a good player, a better player than Adel.
      He can get the numbers, and I feel like there are a lot of factors in his favour.
      He got too comfortable, but I am sure that he can make a comeback.
      I don’t expect to watch him sit back and accept anything, like we have been seeing, he’s got options and I fully expect him to make the most of them

  14. Why did she use it so early and not save it for when she goes up on the block? With Arlie nominated there was no reason to take Sabrina off.

  15. I think Allison would have been better off saving Arlie with her veto and trying to team up with him.

    I’m still not totally understanding Allison’s move just now. Is she trying to team with the Gremlins and target Adel? Or will they target Arlie? Or will Allison even team up with the Gremlins?

    1. By taking Sabrina off the block Allison can put herself in a position of power, she has the potential to control the Gremlins’ votes
      If they do take Adel out, they’ve significantly weakened the other side. Jon can’t play for HoH next week, so they’ll have more players
      I’m sure that she will move to get Arlie on-side and she’s moved from a very precarious, bottom position with the Sloppy Seconds, to a position of power in a possible new alliance

    2. Saving Sabrina is the better option. Now Allison is back on good terms with the Gremlins, and it puts Arlie at a disadvantage. She needed him against the wall to get his loyalty. Arlie would have already been gunning for Jon, but now he’s forced into a 4 way alliance with Allison, Sabs, and Rachelle.

  16. I really wanted one of the gremlins to go this week. I understand that Sabrina and Rachelle aren’t as big a threats but if one of them make it to the final two they are guaranteed $20,000! They are terrible/nasty human beings that DO NOT deserve that money!

    And it seems like the people who play a low-key (floater) game always seem to make it farther…in that case wouldn’t everyone want to adopt that strategy and sail their way into the finale..

  17. Lol Jon u messed up bro, the gremlins are going to be your downfall, when u get out this will be your biggest regret!!!

  18. Alison is not stupid. Andrew told her to stay with first 5… She is playing sloppy seconds. She will get Sabs, RoRo To vote out Adel , Make a deal with Arlie and they will take out the rest of sloppy seconds. She knows she is on the bottom of that group, but pretty sure her and Arlie can win a lot of comps. over the rest of the house

  19. Jon was so nerve wracking last night when they were drinking! He needed to be the centre of attention the whole night!
    AND he was JEALOUS of Neda and Arlie together. Anyone catch on to that?
    I think it will be Adel going home–as Arlie will talk and manipulate by Thursday and then will get Jon out next week.
    The Power DID go to Jons head!

  20. For Jon boy, Neds and Heds, this whole situation just re-iterates that making critical decisions while being totally hammered is generally not going to work out in the long run.

  21. arlie kept talking about how he wants to be a legend of the game. looks like he is finished it is going to take a miracle for him to stay in this house. but he does have angles to play on. rachelle and sabrina hate heather and adel. and now they have a golden chance to get rid of adel who is an enemie of theirs while also keeping someone who will go after jon and neda. arlie if you consider yourself to be some mastermind you have alot of things to work with to remain in this game so please show us that you were not simply all talk.

    1. Sabrina doesn’t hate Adel. Did you see how much fun she was having with him during the Frat Party.

      When Adel found that used tampon in the shower, and Sabrina said it was hers, Adel covered it up and told her to not say anything. From that point on, Sabrina has considered Adel to be one of the nicest people in the house.

  22. so, adel and arlie are on the block. what will adel do? adel will sit back because he thinks jon, heather, neda, Allison and the gremlins have his back.
    arlie will try to secure the votes of Allison and the gremlins. how: tell Allison she still is in danger, because if gremlins go up and one wins pov…. she’s still bottom of her alliance. he will go to gremlins and say: hey sab and ro, guess what, you will continue to be on block no matter, there aren’t too many deals left to make. tell them he will get out heather (they hate her), and take out jon (who they can’t physically beat).
    if it works there are three votes. how many votes to evict this week? three. why this may work: sab and ro know they forgot to make a deal to be saved from going on the block next week. the gremlins feel insecure because they don’t have a physical player in their corner they have endurance and mental (or crazy as the case may be). get Allison in first, then go to the gremlins and say look Allison saved you. she played on emotion to get the girls to save her from the block, and then she used her veto to save the one of you still in danger.
    it might work.
    who knows.
    still holding on to the longshot that adel the pawn will prove pawns can go home. improbable… but my gut feeling is still holding on to adel to go.

  23. With very little effort Allison could now take over the game. If she was smart she would explain to the gremlins that regardless of any deals made they are the bottom 3 and they should form an alliance and bring in Arlie. Three votes is all that is needed to get rid of Adel. They then have a strong 4 against Jon and Neda and Jon can’t play in the next HOH. If Allison can figure this out and pull it off (it shouldn’t be very hard) she will somewhat redeem herself for all of the horrible game play so far.

  24. There are 3 gremlins not 3, and Allison aka stripe, definitely had some slop balls after midnight!

    Allison just assisted Jon in screwing himself.

    Final 2 – heather and neda

      1. I don’t see production wanting rachelle Sabrina and Allison as final three.
        I do see production wanting to manufacture a fairly even side on side battle.
        think about it: with the deals floating around in the last 36 hours nobody was the bad guy anymore.
        three and a half weeks of everyone sitting around the hot tub singing kumbaya does not make for good tv.
        if you measure the amount additional diary commentary added to episodes for houseguest reactions as a barometer for who production is gearing to be the final four, the most time is currently being given to jon, arlie, neda and sabrina. who had the most cumulative additional diary commentary of events last year at this time on bbcan1? emmett, jillian, talla and gary. the shield (sp?) commentary notwithstanding, because it was less situational reaction than ego stroke for entertainment value. (cough cough, adel, cough cough).
        no prediction there. just looking at face time.

  25. Nobody is sick of “ONE-HUNDO”? BYE Jon/Neda! I hate to see Adel go but I wanna see Arlie get revenge! :) Maybe Adel could be part of a twist to get back in tho?

  26. biggest BIGGEST mistake from allison was to use that veto… what a waste of an opportunity.

    and to use it on sabrina of all people? now sabrina is cockier than ever and it’s so hard to watch. It’s sad to think that sabrina might really have a shot at final 2 (because c’mon, who wouldn’t want to bring her, there’s no way she’d get the votes) but to have her representing Canada like that….. this is shameful

    allison inflated sabrina’s ego by a million…. how sad these are proclaimed “super fans”

    1. I don’t get why a strategy session with Jillian and Emmett is something to be excited about? That’s what someone will win when the ticker gets to 20 mil! I would rather see anyone else– they will just be making out lol — I really don’t think they are power players anyway!

      1. I agree (not on the making out part lol) but this seems like such a useless reward… and somehow you know allison is going to win it

        It’s also an unfair advantage because whatever Jillian and Emmett could accidently hint outside information from us watching the show that the houseguest would’ve otherwise have been unaware of. There’s way too much production influence this season….

  27. I am not able to watch the feeds today but after amateur hour by Jon and Neda obviously the gremlins and Allison must be scheming right now. See ya later Adel. What a terrible HOH by Jon. After Thursday the top 4 will be the gremlins, Allison and Arlie, the bottom 3 – Jon, Neda and Heather.

  28. Ok we all know Allison had to use her veto. If you were watching the feeds this morning about 10 minutes before they blocked the feeds production called Allison into DR. They have been “coaching” (((cough cough))) persuading her to use the secret veto.
    Neda is a good strategic player.Neda is smart, thinking about Allison being voted in she is very attune to Allison now and you watch Neda will be on Allison’s backside like a shadow following her every move now.

    1. even if production tried to hint allison towards using the scarlett veto, in the end she still HAD the choice of not using it…. so I still don’t see allison’s move being justified… she just makes bad decisions and not a good game player

  29. What an oddball Adel is, giving Arlie an actual good game advice (though Arlie probably thought of it by itself as well)…

  30. Jon, Neda, Heather are screwed. The 3 Gremlins evict Adel (idiot for going up as a pawn) Arlie is safe, jumps in with the Gremlins. Then kicks Jon, Neda, Heather out. Can’t believe Sabrina and Rachelle are in final 4. This season is fixed for Allison to win.

  31. I love Adel.. he is on the block and is giving Arlie a pep talk and telling him he still has 3 more days to win the game. lol

  32. I think Adel is gone – people are going to realize how likeable he is and vote him out. As they always say…pawns go home!

  33. Arlie needs to go, they would be dumb to keep him because his word means nothing. They should go and force a deal on Adel instead, he is at least more trustworthy, and threaten to evict him if he doesn’t take the deal they were going to give to Arlie. Arlie can’t be trusted with any deals, he just can’t, he will flip on them the day after he is saved. He really needs to go- plus he is the worst player in the game to take with them to the final 2 because everyone will vote on him if he gets there.

  34. dumb ass adel just voluntered to go home on thursday.i bet production saves arlie for tv.. there really was no need for allison to use her veto sabrina was not going home anyways….. dr guided her to use it for great tv….. how ever allison just lost heather and nedas trust…

  35. hundred: two syllables
    hundo: two syllables
    HOW is this an abbreviation?
    every time they say hundo I think immature cocky posturing b.s., while I cringe.
    go ahead and tell me it’s cool to massacre the English to adjust the zeitgeist with new vernacular.
    doesn’t mean I have to like it.

    1. Slang has a purpose. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes not. In this case “hundo” is just being overused, so it’s starting to grate.

      1. I’ve got no problem with slang. it’s just that they use that word as often as jon touches his junk. both are grating.

  36. the gremlins and allison need to save arlies ass. adel serves no purpose to them.

    arlie will be the biggest target on their side. he can never trust jon/neda/heather again.

    it will be 4 vs 3 and 4 vs 2 for the next hoh.

  37. NOOOOOOOOOOO Adel why would you volunteer to go on the block!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So, Adel is probably going home because Arlie will make final deals with allison and the gremlins.

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