Adel tells Arlie – Talk to the Gremlins, they’re a pack of two and then get Allison.

POV Holder: Jon Next POV April 12th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 14th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: Sabrina & Rachelle
Current Nominations: ADEL & Arlie
Have Nots Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather

BBCAn2-2014-04-14 11-09-47-708

2pm Jon and Heather head out to the hot tub room to sit in the rain. They head back inside to get other and sandals. Jon tells the others at the table that its raining outside. Adel says who wants to go in the hot tub! The conversation turns to talking about how drunk they were last night. Jon asks what happened to me for me to take off my shoes and drop my pants?! Jon tells Neda that her butt looked really good. Neda thinks Jon is changing the subject. Neda comments that Arlie is going to mope around all sad for a couple days and then he is going to start game talking.. he’s a superfan .. a genius he is not going to go out like that. If anyone falls for that they are an idiot. Allison says I know I’m expendable. Adel says everyone is. Neda tells Allsion I told you last night you aren’t. Adel ask Neda if Jon showed her his dizzel last night? Neda says no. Adel says well why were you saying 7 and a half inches when I came around the corner? Neda says because he was just talking about it.

BBCAN2-2014-04-14 11-05-04-825

BBCAN2-2014-04-14 11-21-50-106
2:20pm – 2:40pm In the bedroom – Adel tells Arlie not to give up, I hope you try. Arlie says I will. Adel asks him to whisper what he does for a living before he goes. Arlie says he will .. its interesting.. Im good at it. Adel comments on how he knew Arlie was a superfan because you liked every other reality show and you said you wanted to be just like your dad and he’s a huge fan of the show. Adel tells Arlie if he was him .. I would talk to the Gremlins because they’re a pack of two and then the next person you get is Allison. Arlie says that’s a good idea. Adel says I can’t wait to go back and watch you try that when I get out of here. Adel leaves the room. Arlie comes down and joins the others in the living room and says he pretty much knows whats going on .. well I don’t really know but I am not going to sit around in the corner like a Paul. I am going to hang out with you guys.. this is just a game! The others are happy he’s joining them. Adel says I want to know how you (Allison) got your veto! Allison says I want to be able to tell you where, when and how I got it but I can’t. Sabrina asks who pee’d in the hot tub? Adel says Sabrina knows who pee’d in the hot tub. Sabrina says it wasn’t me. Rachelle says she pee’d in the hot tub. She says it was a long time ago .. its gone by now.

BBCAN2-2014-04-14 11-25-09-340

2:45pm – 3pmNeda and Sabrina head into the main bedroom and Sabrina tells her about what has to happen for her and Rachelle to go through with this plan. Neda informs Sabrina that Sarah and Kenny were the biggest supporter of getting you out over Andrew. Sabrina says I am so hurt by Sarah. Neda says they just spewed so many lies. Sabrina says they’re awful! The worst ones in the game. I was treated like sh*t the last few weeks and they were really the worse ones! Sabrina says at the end of the day they did what they did and they are out of this game because of it .. that’s karma. I am the last of the first 5 to be standing.. that’s karmatic! Sabrina says Arlie is going to try and flip me and its not going to happen. I swear on that. I am so happy that I get to vote him out. Neda heads down stairs. Sabrina talks to Rachelle – I love how the power can change. It has to me me, you, Neda or Allison that wins HOH. Rachelle says we’re so lucky. Sabrina says we can’t get too co*ky because look what happened to him, one minute you’re on the top and the next you’re on the bottom.

BBCAN2-2014-04-14 11-42-18-534

Neda, Heather, Adel, Jon, Rachelle, and Sabrina head out to the hot tub. Sabrina complains that her v@g!n@ is all hairy. They worry about getting a yeast infection from the hot tub. Adel says that they (production) said you can’t get one from the hot tub. They talk about how Arlie is the best player of the season.. way better than Kenny.

bbcan2-2014-04-14 12-18-40-019

3:30pm Meanwhile in the living room – Arlie talks to Allison about how surprised he is that this happened. Arlie says the only thing I can think as to why Jon would do this and take out a big target and leave himself as the next biggest target in the house is that he has had an alliance for a long time that he really trusts in. Arlie asks I have to be in jury right?! They wouldn’t do a five person jury would they?! Allison says yeah you would be. Arlie says I hope to god Kenny isn’t in jury. Allison says he would be if there’s a nine person jury. Arlie asks so were you allowed to tell people you had the veto? Allison says no .. it was a secret veto. Arlie says wow! That changes a few theories.. so this was always the plan .. to get me out. Arlie starts questioning why the HOH tv doesn’t work. Arlie heads out to join the others in the hot tub.

BBCAN2-2014-04-14 12-32-33-150

3:30pm Arlie tells the other in the hot tub that his job is online poker. I am really not amazing at it and I don’t make a lot of money at it. Neda asks are you really in debt? Arlie says yeah I owe $18G’s from school debt. Neda asks what his biggest win was. Arlie says $2400 off a $22 buy in. Neda bust Jon for staring at Heather’s breasts. Arlie talks about how he’s watched all the seasons of BB and most of them twice. He says the thing annoyed him the most was listening to Sabrina talk about seasons and getting things wrong like how she said Dr.Will wasn’t in all-stars. Arlie wonders how his game is being looked at. Adel tells Arlie that we all came to the agreement that you’re a way better player than Kenny. Arlie talks about the competitions he threw in the beginning of the game. Adel asks Arlie if he knew he was going to be back doored. Arlie says he had a bad feeling and that he knew when Rachelle came off the block I knew 100% I was going up. Adel tells Arlie that he thought it was real the deal they had. Arlie says I knew you believed it but other people I didn’t think believed it. Arlie says I wanted to go really far with Jon. I didn’t think he would ever back door me because I believed he and I were the biggest competition. I would have gotten rid of Jon 4th or 5th. I didn’t want to go final 2 with him. Arlie says that he played the game for the fans so that he could come back as an all-star… Neda asks who when you came in the game did you think was going to win.. and you can’t say yourself. Arlie says I knew I wasn’t going to win .. I knew I was going to go deep. First impressions I thought Kenny was going to win but not after I turned on him. Arlie says Jon and Adel were two he thought might make it to the end. Neda says she thought first weekend that Arlie was going to win it.

BBCAN2-2014-04-14 12-33-01-881

4pm – 4:20pm Meanwhile in the bathroom – Sabrina, Rachelle and Allison talk ..
BBCAN2-2014-04-14 13-00-25-475

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Johhny (the European one!)

I think noone will seriously go for “the potential to align with Arlie for the long run” since
a) they know Arlie WILL turn on everyone, every time, any chance he gets. Him feeling grateful doesn’t mean $hit to him when turning on people.
b) it’s already pretty late in the game, and they won’t pass on the opportunity to get rid of a strong player. Especially compared to Adel, who doesn’t seem to be able to finish ANY competition better than last or second to last.

LOL: Arlie was sitting pretty in a tight alliance (1st5) where he wouldn’t have been the other side’s target if they ever managed to win the power.
He chose to leave that alliance behind because they weren’t stroking his ego enough, not telling him he’s awesome and he’s their best friend all the time. (despite him being the one to tell them all the time that he didn’t want to be seen talking to them; was happy with just being told what to do, and thus not being considered a threat)
Funny, given how much he made fun of Sabrina and Andrew for letting this kind of emotional stuff affect their gameplay…


Adel! Quit being an idiot! Why are you telling Arlie how to stay? LOL I love you man but c’mon WAKE UP ADEL!

Johhny (the European one!)

LOL! Yeah:
Adel to Arlie: “Let’s make an alliance to get Adel voted out! Here’s what we have to do…”
wait… what?!? priceless!


He may not be a good BB player, but he is a GREAT friend. He’s loyal even when he knows it may hurt him in the game. That’s why so many fans like him.


this is why adel is the funniest, he should do comedy


Wait, why is Adel campaigning against himself?


Arlie is going home StraighUp, barring a complete flip from Sabrina, who just said she’s not going for it and at this point I believe her. So that leaves Jon, Adel, Sabrina, Allison, Heather and Neda … oh and Rachelle I guess, who is completely useless. So who is the favourite now? I actually think it may be Neda, she’s incredibly level-headed, which I think you need to have. But to be honest, I can actually see a number of people taking it, whereas last year, I was convinced it was either going to be Emmett or Jillian. Thoughts?


Thoughts ? Yes.
Why believe anything Sabrina says ?
Who she hates at any moment is as much the dictates of the phantasms in her mind as anything else.
Between now and Thurs lie numerous “realities” in Sabrina-World.
She’s back – and she’ll think & think & think and be all over the place demanding answers to both pertinent and seemingly random questions and all-too frequently getting them, because these people haven’t learned to tell her to f*ck *ff.

I think Arlie has a chance, not good, but it’s there.


I wonder how much money BB gave Allison to use her veto


Alison wasn’t given anything – she tugged, blew, or fucked someone in production to get that veto!!!
She’s a fucking whore!!! She gives ‘real’ women who work hard a bad name – crying, whining, and jerking-off anyone with power = fucking whore – she’s fucking disgusting

She will always be remembered as the whore who cried and tugged her way into the game – and though this might be good for her (fucking slut) it is not good for the kids who watch feeds and think this is the way to get ahead

What surprises me the most is that nobody has called her out on her whorish behavior


Wow, angry much! That’s a lot of hatred for one person.


you bet i have hatred – i have hatred for the approval of wh*rish behavior – kids, KIDS, watch feeds and emulate the things they see on tv and when they see people being rewarded for this type of behavior it makes me sick – you should be angry too


just to prove my point, here’s some comments from facebook….

Susan Jones · Top Commenter
Allison so funny. Canada made the right choice.
Reply ·
· 4 · 3 minutes ago

Stephen Rowe · Top Commenter
Susan you around later I need a hand on a job!!!
Reply ·
· 2 minutes ago

Darrell M Wandler · Works at Self-Employed
I would sleep with my enemy to try and win the game, lol
Reply ·
· 2 minutes ago

good job canada – validating this behavior!!!

Only Dr. Will Can Save Us Now

I’ll take “Misogyny” for $1000, Alex.


you’d be wrong as i am a woman, and as a woman i am disgusted by alison, she’s a one trick pony – there’s no hope for our future when jerking-off a man who is perceived to have power is considered a good move.

Say what you will about sabrina (egocentric, borderline personality disorder, sociopath, whatever), at least she has brains and can think herself out of a bad situation


Or she was drunk and liked Andrew, which led to some poor decision-making (not the first time people have gotten busy in a BB house). It makes me cringe that she did it, but I sure as hell don’t feel the need to call her a whore. You really do seem to have some anger issues.


“Or she was drunk and liked Andrew” — no, she didn’t like andrew – remember her telling arron (her bf) “sorry arron it;s only a game”
—– you do realize that this is a family show —–

i don’t understand why more people aren’t angry – children watch the feeds and emulate what they see on tv – and if society thinks that it’s okay to sleep your way to the top – well that does make me ANGRY

there’s no hope for the future with BBCAN and other ‘reality’ shows that glorify whoring yourself out for money


and, you should look-up the word whore b/c it’s very succinct in describing alison


the irony of alison getting the scarlet veto isn’t lost on me


If a kid is up past 11pm watching the live feeds, I question their parents’ sanity. The live feeds are NOT a “family show.” Good lord woman! The conversations alone are not suitable for children, so I don’t know why you’re only upset about manual stimulation! Kids should not be watching the live feeds–period.

And while Allison did mutter that apology under her breath, she has also confessed to caring about Andrew and hoping to see him on the outside.

I think she seems like a good person–but one who makes poor decisions, especially under the influence of alcohol. She certainly isn’t the only one. Vilifying her and calling her a whore is not going to cleanse society and spare the children.


let me give you a quick education….

if a kid is up past 11pm watching the live feeds, I question their parents’ sanity.
The live feeds are NOT a “family show.”
The conversations alone are not suitable for children, so I don’t know why you’re only upset about manual stimulation!
Kids should not be watching the live feeds–period.

—- Agreed. However, in canada the age of children allowed to stay home alone is between the ages of 10 and 12 and feeds or sites like this can be accessed by children at anytime of the day while you’re at work – i saw alison jerk-off andrew here. thanks simon and dawg

And while Allison did mutter that apology under her breath, she has also confessed to caring about Andrew and hoping to see him on the outside.

—- This is simple psychology. it is much easier for her to defend her actions by saying she likes andrew instead of admitting that she’s a whore and sold herself out for a position in a reality tv show game

I think she seems like a good person–but one who makes poor decisions, especially under the influence of alcohol. She certainly isn’t the only one

—– Agreed, she isn’t the only one, jails are filled with this type of personality – Even Charlie Manson thinks he’s a good guy

Vilifying her and calling her a whore is not going to cleanse society and spare the children.

—– Vilifying, really? i’m only telling truths.
the only way to cleanse society and spare the children is a full on culling or hari kari (which requires shame btw)


I don’t need you to give me an education, thanks. I’ve had one already, both in school and in life . Just because I don’t believe in “culling” people who engage in sexual activity on television does not make me a naif.

As for children who are unsupervised seeing things they shouldn’t, such as this feed – why are you only complaining about the video footage? Should you not also be concerned about people using foul and abusive language in the comment threads? Frankly, I’d be just as concerned about kids seeing all the hateful things said in the comments, including yours.

You are raging over something that is completely outside of your control, which is not at all healthy.


P.S. Equating Allison to Charles Manson? You have really gone off the deep end.


Arlie has got this.

All you have to do for Sabrina is stroke her ego and she’s putty in your hands. She even has a crush on Arlie. Allison knows she’s on the bottom of the sloppies. it wouldn’t be too hard to bring her in. Arlie will also tell the gremlins that Jon has been lying about the deals he’s been making with them. Its an obvious choice. Arlie would also be target number 1 for the sloppies, so that gives Allison and the Gremlins at least 1 week of safety even if Arlie doesn’t win HOH, which he is very capable of doing.

If Allison and the Gremlins don’t team up with Arlie, they’re idiots that deserve to be the next three to go.


stroke sabrina’s ego…
yes, that would be best move now… but what a horrible thing to do


Well he stroked Andrew’s ego for the first few weeks, so at least he’s used to it. Personally… blech at the thought.


I think your position is pretty typical. Not a bad thing by any means either. From a distance Sabby Roro Allison and Arlie looks like a great idea. Add to it Neda and Heather versus 4 in the next HOH you really like these 4 in an alliance even more. It likely won’t happen because Sabby took Arlies flip of 1/5 personally and wants her “pound of flesh”. Shakespeare could definitely write. 😛 Sabby and Roro are way to comfortable in the game with their F4 deal with Joneda to do the potentially smart thing. In fact in many ways Adel left with no cred at/in the game and Allison a free agent they are better off personally. Allison HOH they aren’t going up. Adel god knows but he likely puts up Gremlins he won’t win though. So why save Arlie? No reason except the feeders here would like that juicy bit.

The fall out is pretty obvious Jon becomes the biggest target. A Roro or Sabby win he likely goes up and out without a POV win. You really don’t think Gremlins are going to honour any deal. LOL Allison who knows. It’s Heather/Adel useless HOH or Sabby gets her ear and gets Jon up. If Neda gets her ear maybe Gremlins but a soft Adel/Heather possible. Arlie can stay on numbers but I’m guessing he won’t. Next week is 2 votes plus HOH can evict. 7 minus HOH and 2 noms 4 votes, 2-2 tie HOH breaks it. 3 people can run to the end if the can HOH back to back to back. At F4 the player not on the block after the Veto meeting has the single vote to evict. Allison, Sabby and Roro could in theory run the table without Arlie or any 4th person from 7 down. I don’t think any of the 3 are smart enough to know this to let Arlie go. For Sabby it’s personal and not business Arlie’s gone to the jury.

Also we need another double so if it’s endurance this week coming it’s a double F6/F5 then I sincerely hope they don’t butcher F4 week like they did during BB Can 1. Still my favorite week each BB season(F4).


Adel’s game has gone down the tubes too. Things aren’t looking too good for the guys of the house.

Unreal move by Neda to convince Jon to put Arlie up — she totally put the game in her hands now. Nobody will go after her next week. An Allison HOH will be potentially the only thing Neda needs to fear (she may put up Jon/Neda; but likely Sab/Rach).

I feel like whoever wins HOH next week will either target Adel; or continue targeting the Gremlins.

Things look like they’re shaping up to a Neda/Heather F2… or Neda with a Gremlin. We’ll see!


Arlie In The DR on Sunday’s Show – “Time to show these houseguests I can win competitions”

Arlie to Allisa next Thursday – “Oops”


Not only will Arlie be safe on Thursday, he’ll have a new alliance name by then. Arlie, Allison, Sabs, and Rachelle………Gremlens 2, the new batch. Arlie is a fan of Dan. He probably secretly loves the fact that he’ll get an opportunity to “come back from the grave”.

After he stays on Thursday and wins HOH, he can openly target Jon.


I’m really hoping that’s exactly what happens!


New Alliance name S.A.R.A 2.0 (Sabrina, Arlie, Rachelle & Alison)


ugh last time I talk about sabrina and rachelle…

so tired of this, sabrina says it’s due to karma that she’s the last first5 standing? She’s the one who outted their game the most and she’s what made most people hate the first5 (with canada and the other HGs) If karma means letting obnoxious, delusional, and undeserving people win while decent hearted people (sarah) get evicted playing a clean game… then yes sabrina, karma is on your side

rachelle says “we’re so lucky” ……yes, that’s the only reason why you’re still in the game. luck. and the worse part is rachelle doesn’t even strategize… she just sits there and waits for the other HG to come up to her and tell her what to do, she’s by far the laziest HG… at least floaters put effort in floating


Hope 1 of the Gremlins win HOH this week and put Jon/Neda up on the block. If one of them wins veto, replace them with Adel. Good Riddance Marylin Manson.


Adel will be gone this week. Book it. Doesn’t matter what they are saying now by Thursday the gremlins, Allison and Arlie will be an alliance. It’s inevitable.


If Allison wanted an alliance with Arlie, she should have taken Arlie off the block and not Sabrina.


Adel made a stupid move ny volunteering to be on the block. Arlie is a salesman and will talk the silly Gremlins to flip and Allison is very easy to sway…..all you have to do with her is flirt with her when she gets intoxicated. She is easy to handle. I see Adel leaving. Nice guys finish last!


I think Rachelle’s stupidity must be rubbing off on Sobs…why is she making Jon/Neda/Heather promise the gremlins a final 5 deal or they vote out Adel…when they could be making a final FOUR deal with Arlie and Allison? Not to mention…they hate Heather…

Johhny (the European one!)

a) final 4 with Arlie who they know will make allianceS with the other side the second he survives this week
b) final 5 with Jon, Neda and Allison, that already includes a final 4 with Jon and Neda, and a final 3 with Allison.

b does sound a lot better…


Sobs knows that Jon/Neda have something going on with Heather. So they are right now questioning how loyal they would be to the gremlins in that final 5 deal w/Allison. So, who knows…

At least Allison is finally playing the game…convincing Sobs that she had her back all along and had to go with voting out Kenny cause she could only save either him or her with the veto and she wanted to save Sobs…

Sobs seems to be eating it up, but…again…who knows…


jon is fucked. arlie was the one with the giant target on him that could go home over him. now hes screwed when he ends up on the block


The gremlins still believe in working with Jon and Neda so hopefully they vote out Arlie. I really despise Allison and have a huge feeling production had a lot to do with this move. However. if Allison pulls this off and gets Arlie, Sabrina and Rachelle in an alliance. This may be the GREATEST MOVE OF BBCAN HISTORY!


best move ever is a HUGE stretch isn’t it….?
if it really was…. BB would’ve been cancelled a long time ago


“Best move in BBCAN history” not Big Brother History, so Ozzy’s probably right.


alison has biggest move – j***ing off andrew – way to go champ!!


Gremlins with Allison and Arlie is a 4 which is better than the 5 they’re going to pitch to Jon, BUT… everyone admits that noone can win sitting next to Arlie. It’s a Doomed Team if they do that final 4.


I hope Arlie regrets backstabbing Kenny and Sarah now. If he had stuck with them, he would have at least been with people who felt some sense of loyalty toward him (hell, even after getting kicked out, they’ve both said in interviews that they hope he wins!) His decision to flip made no sense other than ~kenny is scurry~~


what did I tell you Jon!? I told you that if you did this, you would be screwed. I can totally see Sabrina, Rachelle and Allison going to Arlie to make a deal to save him so he can take out Jon and Neda.

One Hundo!

Sabrina is being dumb to keep saying that she is going to make Jon and Neda swear to their final five deal or they will keep Arlie. Of course they are going to swear to it! And then they will take her threat and put her ass up next week for threatening them. If they (Rachelle and Sabrina) really want to pull a move like this, they shut their mouths and do it quietly. Don’t announce to your so called alliance that you have been planning a back up plan behind their backs!

For someone who claims to be a Big Brother Super Fan she is playing more like a Super Flop


Man, Sloppy 2nds was a perfect name for this alliance. They played it so sloppy this week. Jon’s fate lies in the gremlins hands…I would be very nervous if I were him. And all because he let Neda play his game for him…

At this point…I don’t care who comes out on top…everyone has become a disappointment. As much as I am NOT looking forward to Sob’s head blowing up…and it WILL…if it results in the gremlins keeping Arlie and Jon/Neda get to sweat it out on the block next week, it would be worth it. Jon/Neda will be the only two left that hasn’t been put up…their egos need some adjusting. Especially Neda…I liked her before, but she has been walking around with a face like a slapped ass for no reason for far too long…hope they give her one.

Johhny (the European one!)

ITA, except Neda was put up in week 2.


Was she? When Andrew was HOH? Oh…was she the one pulled off with veto to backdoor Kyle? Seems like years ago…

Well she knew she was safe in that situation anyway. She needs to feel the threat of possibly going…


Man Sabrina is seriously stressing me out… I really hope and pray that Arlie goes home this week.. What do you guys think will happen?


Me too! This is gonna be one CRAZY week if Arlie manages to stay. Isn’t weird how power shifts so quickly in the big brother house?


hahaa stressing out is a good way to put it!
as it stands, anything really could happen because arlie is clever and he knows the game.

Thursday seems too far away!


I honestly think they should keep Arlie who has been loyal to them! I think it’s in the Sloppy Second’s best interest to evict Sabrina, Allison and maybe even Adel.

mark anthony

rachelle is the most useless player in the history of big brother. she is the most boring person in big brother history. she does not strategize. she makes no moves. she never talks shit to peoples faces but love to do so behind people’s backs. she fucking sucks.


She can’t even take credit for her HOH…that was all Sobs doing. All she has accomplished is a lot of side-boob and crotch shots, various forms of duck-facing and puckering in the mirror…and shamelessly throwing herself at a gay man…

Oh…and endless strings of compliments and ass-kissing to Sobs…


I think this is not as good as move for Alison as people make it. Arlie is unreliable as player if you keep him who knows what happens and no one wants keep him he is huge threat. Then on top of that you have Gremlins they have not won shit all season and your going against heather and neda who both won an hoh. So off that its more like a 2-2 next week for hoh and toss up not good odds at least with the final 5 deal with Neda and Jon she will possibly go longer.


JJ — thats because Allison has always like Rachel and Sabrina and wanted to work with those 2.


I wonder if Arlie is giving away his whole game because he is hoping that if he gets voted out…he will go into jury and have the possibility of getting voted back into the house by Canada…


Ding, ding, ding!!

Young Veto

Shut up Adel, why you giving him ideas lmao


Has Arlie thrown in the towel or is his ongoing confessional right now a strategic move?

another name

why would adel give arlie a gameplan for how to stay?
simple. I choose to believe it isn’t out of loyalty to a friend. only because I would like to believe adel does know that he’s playing a game involving strategy.
really, I’d like to see him initiate one strategic move requiring insight.
so: you believe you are 100% safe and sending a former ally to jury. what do you do? mitigate. show him you are still a friend to attempt to get a vote.

Young Veto

heather is soooooooooooooo sexy


Surely they don’t believe Arlie when he says he didn’t think he would win. Of course he did, he’s still lying to them- it’s best to get rid of him. But how dumb is Adel to tell Arlie the strategy to take to evict himself out of the house? Really, he is so dumb- you can’t feel sorry for him if he goes. But if I were the others, I would keep Adel because he doesn’t care if they evict him so it is always going to be easy to put him up.