Power Of Veto Winner Results! “You coming in here trying to be the man!” Enzo “That’s it! I’m done!”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Ian, Kevin, Memphis, NicoleA
Nominations -Keesha and Kevin
Power of Veto Players are – Cody, Kevin, Keesha, Enzo, Kaysar, Ian
Power of Veto holder -Enzo
Power of Veto Ceremony – ENZO YO!
Safety Suite – Kaysar & Janelle
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7:25pm – 9:50pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the Power of Veto competition.

VETO PLAYERS: Cody, Kevin, Keesha, Enzo, Kaysar, Ian
Host: DaVonne
Power Of Veto Winner: ENZO YO!

** The competition was called “BB Peeloton” where the house guests had to stack fruits / veggies with a count down timer that would reset their stacks if they didn’t reset the timer. **

The house guests are in the kitchen when the live feeds return. Enzo had the veto around his neck. DaVonne – you coming in here trying to be the man! Enzo – That’s it! I’m done!

In the bedroom. Daniele comments to Cody how he did really bad. Cody – shut up. I couldn’t figure it out to save my life! Thank god I wasn’t on the block! Daniele – I can’t believe Enzo got it. Cody – he is the only one that got it and rang in. Cody – Oh my god I was f**king dying! Daniele – Ian almost got it too. Cody – he said he talked to Kevin and he asked him if he would use it and he said maybe .. I’ll talk to everyone and see what they want.

10:06pm – 10:25pm Bedroom. Cody, Christmas, Ian, Bay, DaV,Cody – Ian I’ve never heard you curse so much dude! Ian – I know. If you watch my season back there was one veto I cursed so much. Cody – it kinda looked like you threw it! Cody and Bay start laughing. Cody – I am totally joking. They continue to talk about what happened during the comp and what their strategy was. Christmas – I was surprised they gave you guys so many tips. Big Brother cuts the feeds.

In the kitchen. Nicole, David, Daniele, Cody.
Nicole standing up on the chair looking at Cody and says – you knew Zach was going to call me a Froot loop dingus didn’t you! Cody – you’ve been holding that one in for a long time haven’t you. Everyone laughs. Cody – he was practicing that one for long time… yeah I knew.

10:28pm Bedroom. Enzo and Tyler.
Tyler – Hey Hey Hey Nice Work Bro! Enzo – Just keep the same ..then noms alright! That’s it! Or should we make a move? I don’t even know yo! I’ll ask Cody and see what he says. If he says keep them the same ..then keep them the same. Tyler – yeah. Good sh*t though. Enzo – it was fun just to be out!

Bedroom. Janelle and Kaysar.
Kaysar – I got a little too excited. Janelle – is NicoleA okay or did you freak her out? Kaysar – yeah. Okay I got a little carried away. I have to take my foot off the gas. Janelle – its okay.. we’re safe. Just don’t talk game with anyone. Try to fade into the walls if you can. I know its hard. Kaysar – there is literally nothing else we can do at this point. Janelle – and we have to “go with the house”. Kaysar – I had a moment. Janelle – yeah you did! You were trying to lead these people to some .. I don’t even know what the goal was. I was like please stop! Kaysar – I lost it okay. I don’t know what the goal was either. Janelle – you were trying to make NicoleA decide that she didn’t want to work with us because you’re too intense. Kaysar – yeah I’m pretty intense. I was having tunnel vision. I was thinking we could work with Memphis and Keesha .. assuming they were a pair .. so it would be good for them to stay. Janelle – and it would be good for our game because there would be another pair ..but you don’t want to show your cards. Kaysar – I know it was too intense. Hypothetical .. suppose we don’t get HOH. Janelle – then we’re f**ked! Kaysar – I didn’t tell anyone this but had you not went and I just played by myself (safety suit).. I would have won it .. like even if I timed out. Janelle – no! Kaysar – no I asked them .. I asked if we both time out what would happen ..they said there would be a tie breaker and then we just keep playing. But don’t tell anyone .. we want everyone to waste their time. Don’t say anything. Janelle – I did so average on that comp. Kaysar – what happened, I thought you were good at comps. Janelle – not music though. Kaysar – it was a memory comp.. is your memory no good anymore?! Janelle – I don’t know. They laugh. Janelle – I want Keesha to stay. Kaysar – well if its true that Keesha is in an all girls alliance.. Janelle – its not. Kaysar – even if its not ..they’ll vote to keep her.

12am NicoleA is putting on her mask.

12:13am Bedroom. Bay and Janelle.
Janelle and Bay talk about Ian being a threat. Janelle – you have to remember he beat Dan. Bay – and they tried to take him out and he saved himself. Janelle – he is very smart. I don’t think he is a threat right now. Bay – no, no, no ..nothing like that. Bay – Even Cody .. Cody is a beast too. Janelle – very much so. Bay – let it flow. Janelle – once the first blood is drawn ..let it flow. Bay – do you feel like you want to lean towards the old school or? Janelle – I want to work with people that want to do sh*t.

12:20am Bedroom. Cody, Daniele and Enzo.
Enzo jokes to Cody that he will ask him in the Veto Ceremony if he wants him to use the veto or not. Cody laughs and says do it! That would be great TV!

1:08 am Da’Vonne and Bayleigh
They talk about how the nominations will be kept the same. Enzo isn’t using the veto even though Kevin picked him to use the veto.
They’re talking about leaning to keep Kevin. Da says she likes Kaysar on a personal level but he doesn’t talk game with her.

David joins them. da tells them it’s important for them to be nice to the evicted houseguets in case they come back.
Bayleigh – how are you feeling about this week who would you like to keep?
David – Kevin ..
Bay – whats your reasoning
David – he just seems nice .. he’s been two times to talk. Keesha is kind to . They’re both Kind.
Da says “He’s warming op to you”
Bayleigh – yeah.

Da’Vonne – Cody and Enzo are right we need the numbers.
Da’Vonne talks about being the core with Cody, Enzo, and Bayleigh.
They talk about Dani and how she tried to be loyal to her group on her last season but they turned on her because she got involved with DOM who was on the other side of the house.
Bayleigh says the only person that intimidates her in the house is Ian. She calls him Shifty.
Da’Vonn – GIrl.. that will be the one that just …
Bayleigh – he doesn’t complain about anything..
DA – that’s the game.
Da’Vonne sounds convinced that her four-person alliance with Enzo, Cody, and Bayleigh is a real thing. Adds that when they get to final 4 with those guys they will split and them two will go after COdy/Enzo.
Da’Vonne – they are going to take each other. Enzo isn’t taking me Cody isn’t taking me
Da’Vonne about Cody and Eznao “They’re cool people”
Bayleigh warns her about people that attach themselves.

2:02 am Cody and Kevin
Cody tells Kevin he doesn’t want the veto used and wants to work with Kevin.
Cody claims he struggles to fit in all the time. Says he and Kevn are the same. “I can’t be Enzo ever. I just laugh that is my defense mechanism”

2:32 am Cody talking to us on the camera.

He says he sucked at the veto competition today.
Cody – I’m saying it right now Ian backgammon specialized I’m going to wax him he doesn’t know it yet. I’m already in his head because he got smoked by me in backgammon.

Cody says Ian is saying he’s won a lot of money playing backgammon “I’m going to take it all his winnings from season 14 I’m going to take for BB22”

2:08 am NicoleA and Keesha
NicoleA says she hasn’t heard anything at first people were saying they’ll wait until veto. She’s not making any moves this week that goes against the house. She doesn’t want to be a Outlier
NicoleA – I’m a very straight shooter.
Keesha – I’m a straight shooter too. I’ll probably just go to Cody to see where his heads at.

6:09 am Memphis briefly goes to the bathroom. (It’s listed in his pregame schedule made by Derrick. Pee at 6:10 every night)

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why would enzo win this one…? Makes no strategic sense if he’s trying to play a floater game


He is desperate to win stuff this Season because he was considered a dead weight his season. Funny but utterly useless. I think nobody else other than Keesha or Kevin wanted it. As I recall Kevin sucked at comps.

another name

Twitter reacts:
Enzo did what to Keesha’s stack?
All tagging Grodner.
like she isn’t licking it up like ice cream.
Come on.
She lives for this comp controversy stuff.

another name

Explanation: I’m guessing Dani’s comment that Keesha was so close to winning until Enzo accidentally caused her stack to fall is the basis for complaint.
Also explains why Enzo went for the veto.


The Grod’s two motivations are:
A) Piss on the most BB fans she can
B) Get a “stud” to win the season then take said stud out for dinner to “congratulate them”


They were on some sort of platform or stage and it seems like the whole thing would shake/bounce if someone ran on it.
They (too many people talking so not sure who) said it happens several times where someone’s stack falling would knock someone else’s stack over.
Enzo said he noticed it when someone else was running so he made sure to walk back to his station slowly.

Really sounds like a bad set design.


Nobody else other than Keesha, Kevin, and Enzo must have wanted that veto… Enzo is thirsty to win stuff this year.

All Stars???

Ian was trying for it too. And Enzo beat him!

Houka Inumuta

Guess what Enzo wants to go after Tyler. He has potential to leave this week.

My prediction game is strong this year.


Is Enzo not going to use the Veto to send Keesha home, or is there another plan in store for him (Enzo) to use the Veto and send another houseguest home?

another name

Enzo said he would do what Cody wants him to do. To Tyler.
Enzo said as a joke to Cody, sure we shouldn’t use it and send tyler packing. both laughed.
Enzo said to Dani, we should stir the pot. I’ll ask Cody during the ceremony if I should use it. Enzo and Dani laughed.
He’s goofing around. Enzo was one of the lead voices in the sending Keesha home idea.


Can we do a write in to get those Have Nots off this years slop? It is making them all sick… impacted bowls is no joke. I watch Big Brother for fun… not to watch people suffer and get sick.

another name

To be honest, the entire cast can just agree not to follow have not rules siting health and welfare in time of a pandemic if they really don’t want to do it.


Janelle told a story before that in the first allstars, they all gathered in the kitchen yelling and throwing stuff over the wall until they got Chinese takeout. Allstars know what things they can get away with and what they can’t. I am surprised they haven’t tried to stop slop already.

BBAS2 baby

Oh please, last year’s have nots were dropped because of jackson sneaking food into the shower.

I’m not watching another season without have nots, those people need to suck it up.

All Stars???

Agree. It’s part of the game they signed up for. If they didn’t want to play, plenty of others would have been happy to.


So if Enzo knocked over Keesha’s stack when she was in a good position, I’d say it was messed up. Especially with Cody’s run on the HoH comp being unfair. It’ll be another Helen was pushed moment.

All Stars???

I wonder if that part will be on the show or edited out.

Not Jason’s Holly

How was Cody’s run on the HoH comp unfair? He did it! But, I may have missed something.


The unstable stools were still wobbling

All Stars???

Yes. Also the competition they played in groups of 4 to even be able to compete in the HOH was unfair. Both groups of 4 women had to get the ball all the way down to the end and then into a hole. Both groups of men had to make the ball travel a shorter distance before getting it in. All of the women not only had to get the ball farther, having to get it in all the way at the end made it possible for the ball to roll off the side OR off the end. The men only had to worry about it rolling off the side.


Enzo one other comp… a veto where he cheated against Regan… Enzo cheats and calls it an accident…. and Big Brother rewards it.


DAmn I remember that.. Yeah the two comps he won were both clouded in suspicion.

Grod won’t do sh1t she’s wanting that dinner with Cody after the season is over.

BBAS2 baby

Hoping for a miracle to happen poor keesha doesn’t deserve to go first

Just Sayin'

I love Janelle but I’m worried for her this season. She plays so hard and the game has changed since she has played, I really hope people play hard this season! We all deserve a really good season


Playing hard is ‘old school’…playing in bully pack is new school. I hope Janelle can adjust, and win enough comps to keep herself safe from the bully pack.


This ^^^^


FYI these late night posts get added to. Whatever I missed in the middle of the night I go back to fill in in the morning.


Enzo used to have a job selling crayons door to door, then he worked in a nipple factory, and he got his meow meow name because a drunk bar fly farted in his car.


lmfao on meow meow


Mand the read some of these houseguests have of what is going on in the house is so a$$ backwards.

Was Da’Vonne and NicoleA always this bad? I thought that was what they were good at.

another name

Da’vonne’s social radar is way off compared to past seasons. NicoleA was always 50/50.
Maybe they need to send in Ian’s five pound heavier twin (non existant) Da’vonne can call Thickums.

All Stars???

Did Cody actually beat Ian at backgammon, or did Ian let Cody win as part of his strategy?


That was my first thought.


YES! My thought as well! Cody’s ego finally showed up! Can we name his ego? It is the 17th HG………


Where is Granny at? I love reading her post


Every time Bay is on camera she looks like she just saw a ghost!