Cody “You should figure out what we’re going to call ourselves.” Enzo “The Roots!” Cody “I like that!”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Ian, Kevin, Memphis, NicoleA
Nominations -Keesha and Kevin
Power of Veto Players are – Cody, Kevin, Keesha, Enzo, Kaysar, Ian
Power of Veto holder -?
Power of Veto Ceremony -?
Safety Suite – Kaysar & Janelle
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12pm Havenot room. Keesha and NicoleA.
Keesha – As we start adjusting we get more into ourselves .. we get more comfortable.. and that is when you’ll see more of our personalities come out. And that is the thing I wouldn’t want to leave now. Just now starting to get to know everyone.. which is nice. Its a nice group. It takes me a few days to warm up.. then you’ll see my personality start to come on more. I am just more of an observer first. I sit back and watch. At some point we’re going to be playing this game. (lol umm.. its already started!) I don’t know what everyone is thinking. I think everyone is just waiting for today. Nicole agrees. Keesha – I just hope that if I am the one to leave I know before so that I can be prepared for it. I don’t think Kevin would be the target .. he is just like so chill. Nicole – we need someone flipping out. Its easier when someone is the public enemy. Keesha – why do you think they would be scared of me? Nicole – I don’t know because you’re and OG. And Kaysar and Janelle got safety. Keesha – I would definitely be more of a target.

Bedroom. Janelle and Daniele. Daniele – I could see David working with the guys. Janelle – I could too. I don’t want him winning. Who do you think Bay and DaVonne would go after? Daniele – I don’t know. I asked DaVonne and she didn’t know either. I don’t know who she would nominate. David joins them. Janelle leaves. Daniele – I said to Dom coming in here that I want to have fun. The last time it was not fun for me. It was the first few weeks and then it got so intense and so mean and everything and it was not fun at all. These experiences are so rare .. to have it and not have fun is sad. Like I want to have fun. David – when you say that it makes me think of the concrete memories from last season and not a lot of it was positive.

Daniele and Cody.
Daniele – if you were HOH next week who would you nominate? Cody – I don’t know… actually I do know. Kaysar rubs me the wrong way. Daniele – he has that thing with guys. Cody – its not even like .. David, I like David but he is lower on the pecking order. Daniele – but also he is a wild card, I don’t know what he would do. Cody – but that’s the thing I went up to him in the storage room and asked do you want me to pick you? Because he said he wanted to be involved and he goes I don’t know. And I was like I thought you wanted to play? And he was like yeah don’t pick me. Daniele laughs. Cody – but honestly I am just going to pick Christmas because she is going to try and win. I want to pick someone that is going to win so that I don’t have to put anyone else on the block. Daniele – who would you put up do you think? Cody – that’s the thing .. NicoleA? Daniele – I spoke to her for the first time yesterday. How do you feel about Christmas? Cody – she is going to be a strong personality that is going to clash with somebody and as long as its not me I would rather keep her here to have that clash happen. Daniele – as long as its not us. Cody – I don’t think it would be. I really like Janelle but it is hard for me to break down the barrier with her. Daniele – I asked her but she said you told her its okay if she plays (for safety) and she felt like it was telling her she had to. Cody – if I wanted her on the block why would I tell her to play?! Daniele – what should we do about DaVonne? Cody – she wants to work with me. She said I think me, you and Bay would be good. Daniele – what if you, me DaVonne and Bay had some .. like I really like DaVonne. She keeps telling me that she likes me and Bay. What if we did an us four thing and that would save our butts. I don’t know how she feels about Nicole either .. I don’t think she particularly likes her. Cody – when I was talking to her yesterday I told her she needs to just relax. I like her but she is another one that you can’t control and she will blow up like Christmas. Daniele – how do you feel about Bay? Cody – she is nice, I like her. Tyler joins them and the conversation ends.

12:50pm Bedroom. Christmas and Kaysar.
Christmas – Are you excited about the veto? Kaysar – I’m excited about being able to play. I would like to play from a competition stand point and for selfish reasons .. because its fun. From a game stand point I don’t want to play because I don’t want to be put in a position where someone wants me to use it. Christmas – me too, I really want to play but I don’t want to win and I don’t want to throw it. Kaysar – and I am not trying to draw any attention to myself. I talked to Cody and said just so you know I am doing whatever you want. I am not trying to be a hero day 4. This is not my battle and I’m not trying to be a dick. I have no loyalties to anyone. I’ve learned from the past. I am just trying to stay alive and stay out of trouble. Christmas – I am just trying to have fun. Kaysar – me too.

1:05pm Outside the HOH room. NicoleA and Enzo. Enzo – I feel like I can trust you. I like you. Whatever I can do to protect you I will do it. If I get HOH .. you’re straight! Nicole – you too. I definitely know you’re good. I haven’t heard your name come up. Enzo – you too, I haven’t heard anything about you. But definitely stay under the radar. Let people kill each other.

1:25pm DaVonne, Cody, Memphis and David are chatting in the kitchen.

1:45pm Janelle and DaVonne.
DaVonne – I was like well no one is talking game to me. And when no one is talking game to you naturally get that paranoia and think well sh*t am I in danger? Janelle – yeah.. DaVonne – but then you don’t want to go around and say hey do you wanna talk game? Janelle – I’ve asked people and they’ve said we haven’t talked game yet. Like I’ve asked several people and they’ve said no we haven’t yet. DaVonne – but then you have to think are you lying?! Janelle – I’ve been thinking that but I have to take peoples word for it.. its day 4. DaVonne – but its all star season .. when it comes to alliances ..I want them but I have PTSD!!! Janelle – SAME!

Daniele and NicoleF.
Daniele – People think that Cody and Tyler are working together. Nicole – who thinks that me and Cody are working together? Daniele – everyone.. literally everyone in the house. Nicole – weird! Daniele – because you were on the same season and you worked with his brother.. and Derick is his best friend.

1:55pm – 2:10pm HOH room. Cody and Enzo.
Cody – Everyone is already getting skidish. I was talking with Memphis and Kaysar is getting super .. he was saying that he thinks I was going to target him this week. Which is great that he said it to Memphis. And I’ve had so many conversations with him and for him to say that makes me be like ..something is up! Enzo – I was talking to Janelle yesterday and she asked do you think Cody would have put me up if I didn’t do that (get safety). And I told her no, Cody likes you. I told her she was good. But she told DaV that she thought I was telling her she should play for safety because she needed to. Enzo – right now I don’t trust Kaysar. Cody – you should figure out what we’re going to call ourselves. Enzo – The Roots! Cody – that’s good .. we’re the roots! I like that! So who is your target? Kevin or Keesha? Cody – honestly it doesn’t matter. Enzo – I think Kevin should stay. Cody – I mulled it over with the both of them. They can be shoveling sh*t to me. Enzo – you don’t think they’re shoveling sh*t to me because they know we’re close. Cody – I am thinking our tightest group is us with Tyler and then let Dani, DaVonne, Bay, Nicole.. I think is going to get more warmer.. The only thing I am worried about is the mention of a guy group because its not really happening.

2:32pm Big Brother blocks the feeds. Its likely finally time to pick the veto players..

VETO PLAYERS: Cody, Kevin, Keesha, Enzo, Kaysar, Ian
Host: DaVonne

2:56pm Outside the HOH room. Enzo, Cody and Bay.
Enzo – I wanted to talk to you because I already talked to DaVonne. I love you and you know I love you too. I love him too. You know I got your back. Lets keep it us till the end. I don’t care what you do on the side. DO what you got to do. Just deflect and protect us. We protect you.Bay – okay! Enzo – I like you a lot and I love DaVonne. I can’t believe he (Kevin) picked me to play and sh*t. Bay – I didn’t want him to pick me because I am not changing it. Bay – I like the four. Cody – I think we’ll need to grow it a little more than four but right now I feel solid with that. Bay – its exciting .. we need a name.

3:45pm Storage room. Ian and NicoleF.
Nicole – Don’t kill yourself in this comp. If you can’t handle it .. I think I can talk Cody into not putting us up on the block. Ian – okay, you’re sure? Nicole – Yeah. I don’t want you to pass out or something. I think he really likes you too. Ian – I thought I was really being annoying. Nicole – oh not at all. Don’t push yourself. Ian – what do you think its going to be? Nicole – spelling comp. Ian – I have an edge if it is.. I can keep track of what letters I have. I am good with scrabble dictionary. I think it is really similar to that. Nicole – and you know a lot of words that I don’t know.

4pm DaVonne and David talking in the bathroom about Black Lives Matter.

Keesha and Janelle.
Keesha – I told Kevin why would anyone go after you. Janelle – because he doesn’t have anyone. Keesha – I am curious what they want to do. Janelle – I don’t think they really care. Janelle – if nominations stay the same just keep a low profile.

4:35pm Janelle shows Keesha her eviction show louis vuitton heels that she bought for 40% because of a covid sale. They talk about their love for shoes and bags. Janelle – I love my money right where I can see it .. in my closet!

4:40pm Bathroom. DaVonne and David. DaVonne – do you think there is a big alliance in the house? David – if there is, I’m not in it. At this point me, you, NicoleA and Bay .. I like and feel like I can trust. I do feel good about that. And Enzo is an entertainer. I don’t know how the house feels about me ..I’m the new guy that doesn’t know a lot about the history of the game. DaVonne – it would be good if you had your cake on the side. I had my cake. And Bay to have her cake on the side because then if you hear anything you can bring it back. David – I think I can work something with Cody.

5pm Bedroom. Kaysar, Keesha, Janelle, and Memphis are talking about how sick Ian has been all day because of the slop. Kaysar – he’s been in the bathroom all day throwing up ..its coming out of both ends.

6:28pm – 6:40pm Bathroom. Ian and David.
Ian – if I had to guess I would say that Keesha seems to be vibing a bit better. What would you think? David agrees. Ian – if I win, I am not using it. I don’t want to make waves and I want to respect the HOH’s nominations. I am going to gun for it and just do it. Do you think Tyler is the same? David – I can’t imagine anyone changing it. Ian – very unlikely I would use it. And I only say unlikely because I feel bad. I just get a real good vibe from you. I liked that chess and I am happy you came back. I feel like you earned that spot. David – I do want to win an HOH ..I just don’t want the decision that comes along with it. If Kevin wins veto, does he pick? Ian – no, Cody picks. David – Oh okay.

7:06pm Storage room. Enzo and Kevin.
Enzo – do you know what Cody wants to do or have you talked to him if he is even thinking about? Kevin – MMMmhhhhmmM. Enzo – I mean I am going to play. I am not throwing it or anything like that. If I win, maybe you go up to Cody and see if he wants something to happen. Maybe he wants to make a move.. or maybe not. Kevin – do you think he would want to? .. He probably isn’t even entertaining it until after the veto. Enzo – that is what I am saying. I think Ian is going to win it ..if not you are. Enzo leaves. Kevin to himself – that’s a no.

7:25pm The live feeds switch to the kitty cams.. The veto is likely starting NOW!!

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another name

This is the best I’ve been able to come up with in terms of the social / probable alliance building chart for the first four days.
Disregard any of the prophetic notes if you don’t agree.

bb22 DAY 4.jpg

Damn those final 2’s Tyler has.

Great Chart.


The Roots sound about right. At my childhood home the neighbor had a willow tree; its roots kept on going for our home’s pipes and helped cause a flood at least a few times


Omg ( eyeroll )the Jersey boyz are gonna get on my nerves


Getting use to checking the Online BB FB page again! Seems like the entire house is already paranoid. When I saw who entered I figured Enso and Cody would hook up. Tyler seems like he didn’t learned his $500,000 lesson and is making lots of promises. NicholeF is still the same. When she said in the intro people say Paul deserved to win that season, but she worked hard and deserved it, I cracked up laughing!!! Was Paul even asked to go into the house? I remember when Julie said in an interview, Paul will never enter the house again. For this day, I want to see Christmas go. She was part of that bully mentality of her season

Bb fan

Paul got nominated 6 times and Nicole didn’t get nominated until day 91 in the final 4 being a returning player.
That mixed with his (Paul’s) social game and name calling insulting the woman costed him!!!
Whether people hate Nicole or not Paul made a huge mistake in not taking James!!! That’s exactly why he lost !!!

Bb fan

They had to also evict his friend Victor an unprecedented three times and that was Paul’s number one ally and meat shield. In the final 5 If Victor doesn’t come back for a third time Paul is probably gone at the post Veto nominations at the final 5 because Corey won the HOH and Nicole won the Veto. They finally evicted Nicole’s number one ally Corey at the final four. If you piece all those things together there’s a reason why Paul lost to Nicole.


Honestly Bb fan these last two post really do put in perspective of why Nicole deserved to beat Paul in Big Brother 18

another name

… ask any of the alpha guys who they are feeling best about.
They name the same other alpha guys as their core with some women on the periphery.
then throw in but a guys alliance isn’t happening.
Dudes. THAT’S the quintessential definition of a brolliance: a bunch of alpha guys with a couple periphery women that aren’t really part of the group but keep people distracted from the brolliance.
Why are they trying to front? Because most of the fans look at a megalliance and say it must die, then look for Brolliances to hate? Is that it?


Bayleigh’s voice is like nails on a chalkboard!
David for the win – great low key social game. He’s making friends and since he hasn’t played before, nobody knows what type of game he will play.

Welcome Back

Agree, I can’t listen to her or NicoleF talk.


It is like fast forward in slow motion. I guess all the big personalities couldn’t make it.

Who ever wins next week has to put up Cody, Tyler or Enzo. It is the only way to get this started. Why do houseguests always love Enzo… he is useless and annoying?


what a great alliance.. I can see everyone loves it.


Does anyone think there will be a showmance this year? I don’t see anyone hooking up this year!!


Other than NicoleF and Cody I don’t see it.

Now wouldn’t that be scandalous?


Enzo, Nicole A and maybe David are the only singles. Enzo and Nicole A would be a funny pair.

Welcome Back

From what I can tell, other singles include Abbott, DaVonne, Kesha and Memphis. But don’t see any of them hooking up.

Rene' M

Christmas and Memphis. They bonded over their kids.


I was hoping for Keesha with Enzo or Memphis

Golden Gate Granny

Never would she. For one… Memphis super screwed her over at the 4 in their season. His sole vote booted her over old, vile, man 75 yr. old Jerry that led to Dan/Memphis final 2.

Keesha got Dan to the end way more than Memphis ever could. He was the puppeted goat led to F2 to guarantee Dan his win. Memphis has nooo game. Keesha does. She was a Hooter’s waitress, so yeah… she’s got excellent people skills all around. She would have won if she’d been sitting next to Dan that season. Especially with that jury.

And Enzo? Again, Hooter’s waitress. No chance ol’ Jersey Boy.


I love Keesha….but Dan is the best player ever. He should have won season 13 too…Most robbed finale ever.


I disagree. Ian’s a champ


If Nicole screws up her relationship with Victor by sleeping with Cody she would deserve all the fallout from it


Cody is the relationship killer… I don’t think anything will happen with Cody he really loves his girlfriend…. and after Christine he isn’t doing anymore flirty cuddle parties ever again.


The roots is deeply insensitive and disrespects the legacy of Alex Haley.

Feeds Gold

doubt they can use ‘the roots’ due to copyright?

Feeds Gold

analyse talavera likely to be on the challenge 36…filming starts september

i know shes got alot of haters but im looking forward to seeing her on the challenge


She’s a dime. Just not a good BB character.

Feeds Gold

should be airing early 2021

ive really enjoyed the challenge the last few years


OH nooo….Anal will be such a waste

Feeds Gold

she will bring what they want…sexiness, feistiness, athleticism, drama

after bb21 i thought she would get cast on the challenge and it has happened

Feeds Gold

keesha and janelle impersonating kaysar in amped up mode is hilarious


Lol. Janelle, Kaysar, & Keesha start talking about people that they are surprised are here. Feeds “mysteriously “ cut as Janelle confirms that KC was supposed to be in the house

Golden Gate Granny

Janelle keeps cracking me up with past season dirt. Last night she was talking about how Boogie kept telling her her team sucks (when they came in as coaches) and then she dropped the bomb that Boogie had snuck a phone in to sequester and had studied all the player bios. Then… Snap! Skippy promptly gave us the starscreen.

another name

You just love to see these “social media influencer moguls” repeatedly kvetching about social media, twitter, and the fandom.
Gee, I hope everyone doesn’t keep receipts for when these “influencers” have another stupid bracelet, diet, or whateverthehellelse they want the fandom they are knocking to buy.
(You know there’s a BUNCH of them catching receipts, right?)

Feeds Gold

ian is the reason i started watching survivor

in bb14 he often talked about it with dan and ive watched survivor ever since

Feeds Gold

janelle in those heels…wow

awesome janelle “ok” gif dawg haha


So a lot of people are saying David deserved to come back in because he had to leave the house so quickly and didn’t get a fair chance. They let him back into All-stars (even though he is not the first person to be taken out within the first few days without being evicted by fellow houseguests (Glenn and Jodi) and he doesn’t even know who picks the replacement nom if a nom wins veto???? Why again does he deserve to come back in?


The person handling David’s social media said that he does know the game and is playing it like he doesn’t. You’d think that by now, he’d have seen a season or two.


This is my first time watching the live feeds. If it goes to kittens does that signal a long period of it shut down?


Thank you! I’m on the east coast and I have found the most annoying thing is that my best time to watch, 7am here is just as they are going to bed in the house. All I see is sleeping people. Last night I managed a half hour before it was shut down for the Veto.


Twitter is talking about how Christmas should not be on there because of her Domestic Violence Charges against her. They were saying if Christmas was a man, CBS would not have brought her back on the show. Some suggested than CBS should have called Elissa, Helen(everyone knows that production pushed Helen off that platform), Candace, or evening Howard

Memphis ftw

Lmao I hope David was playing dumb with Ian he’s on Allstars and doesn’t know how the Veto works. Also why does it seem like Memphis is never involved in any conversation besides the one with kaysar so far.


The Roots… The Kunta Kintay movie…

another name

feed down for veto.
time to think.
So. IF (yeah if… riiiight) there was some pregaming going on, and if Cody is truthful when he says Derrick is under an NDA…
Are we really thinking that the Grod and her flying monkey squad aren’t bad 90’s spiral perm deep in complicity for the sake of pre-arranged storyline?
Come on. We’ve seen it before. We watched 18 that was rife with it, we saw huge hints in 19 and smaller hints in 20, and we watched 21: come on. 21? as of midway through week one of feeds i was predicting (repeatedly to the point of tilting at windmills) the entire story arc they were trying to acheive with Jackson but hoping i was wrong.
We’ve witnessed this before. The only difference is you’d hope for all stars it wouldn’t have that same level of contrived pre-programming dimed out by the houseguests by day 4.
By the edit of the next episode and the first eviction we will be able to predict the season story arc. Just like in the past few seasons. Now the question is:
Do we pretend we don’t see it so that we can silently roll our eyes as it unfolds,
or say something and hope to be wrong?
The press dept seems to be pushing Cody’s acting career , Jersey boys, and uh oh Nicole is in trouble. Oh. I’m not liking this trend.
and enzo won veto.

Golden Gate Granny


Golden Gate Granny

Poor Ian. I feel sooo bad for him right now. He’s been super sick all day and then gets picked to play in the POV. He’s rocking so hard right now. He really needs the hammock, at the very least. Rough day for him. * sad face *

Golden Gate Granny

He knows Kaysar’s super power is seeing right through BS and that’s what he’s 99.9% made of?


Derrick told him to.


Great chart!