Power Of Veto Winner Results! “They took 4 minutes, Tyler took 39 seconds!”

Head of Household Winner – Tyler
Have nots – Bay, Janelle and Enzo
Nominations – Janelle & Kaysar
Power of Veto Players are -Janelle, Tyler, Kaysar, Cody, Bayleigh, Memphis
POV Host: Christmas
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony – Cody
Safety Suite – Enzo wins Christmas is his plus one.
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1:02pm – 3:16pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to the pound for the Power of Veto Competition to take place.


Power of Veto Players: Janelle, Tyler, Kaysar, Cody, Bayleigh, Memphis
POV Host: Christmas

Living room. Enzo, Christmas and Kaysar.
Enzo congratulates Christmas on how well she did in the Veto comp. Kaysar – it was a good comp.. it just reminded me how much I suck. Enzo – na bro! That sh*t was confusing. Kaysar – na it wasn’t confusing .. I just made a critical mistake. Christmas – he didn’t look down. Enzo – 39 seconds.. that sh*t is crazy. Kaysar – I lost.. that’s it. Tyler comments that he keeps coming in second in the vetos.

Bedroom. Dani and Kevin.
Dani – we had this conversation.. like we we’re both OG.. I would have been fine with it. Kevin – I would have been fine with it too. Dani – like it blows my mind. I would have been happy to work with her. Kevin – I know why I was rejected. Dani – never when I saw her did I think we would not be working together. Kevin – you must have said something or retweeted something. You like to tweet and did something shaddy. Dani – the role that she is playing this season doesn’t make sense to me. Kevin – other than being a super villain. The older you get the less adaptable you are. Dani – But Ian said that she is doing the same thing as season 14. Kevin – But Dani, I am worried what is going to happen after the obvious goes. So I am saying me and you are locked. Dani – yes. Kevin – I will never even, never nothing. Dani – I have no idea. There are still a lot of people that I am like I have no idea where their heads are at. After she goes this week there is going to be Kaysar and a pawn. As long as he doesn’t get HOH or the veto and stays on the block. Kevin – or that he doesn’t get a power. Or that there is a battle back. Dani – anything could happen. Kevin – why do you think Enzo choose Christmas. Dani – I don’t know. I don’t see them talking. Maybe he just choose someone random. I think Ian and Christmas are close. They talk a lot. Kevin – oh they do? Dani – I don’t think they (Enzo & Christmas) talk a lot. Kevin – maybe someone told him to (pick her). Dani – I can’t believe it was that comp though .. that was so ironic. Kevin – she (Janelle) must be so mad. Dani – They took 4 minutes, Tyler took 39 seconds! Kevin – I’ve never even see that one challenge before. Dani – Nicole said they did it on her season. Cory won that one. Kevin – who the f**k is Cory? Dani – Cory.. the one she (NicoleF) showmanced for a minute .. the big white dude.

3:50pm Kitchen table. Nicole, Cody, Dani, Memphis.
Cody – I wouldn’t hate it if every veto was like this. Dani – says the guy who won the veto.

4pm Storage room. Dani, Christmas and Nicole.
Dani – how freaking obvious was Memphis? Can we just talk about it? Nicole – do you think he was throwing it? Dani – stop it! That was the worst acting I’ve ever seen in my life. He had like one more to go and then he was like whooo oohh ohhh.. Nicole – he didn’t want to win. Dani – he wanted Janelle to win to keep her here. Christmas – I don’t think he wanted to be responsible for kicking her out. Dani – come on he wanted to let her win. Christmas – but he didn’t. Dani – he 100% threw it! Christmas – she (Janelle) is going to wait until the veto meeting until she starts blowing sh*t up. Dani – you (Nicole) should brace for it coming. Nicole – what would she say about me? Christmas – whatever tactics she can but from what I understand she was waiting to make a fuss. Dani – who told you that? Christmas – I don’t want to reveal that. Nicole – what is she going to make up likes about me. She is only going to try and ruin me .. but as long as you don’t believe it. Christmas – Apparently Kaysar is trying to set himself up to go so that he can go home to be with his kids. Nicole – well he isn’t going so it doesn’t matter. Dani – I was wondering that too but it doesn’t matter, she is gone. Nicole – I just want her out. Christmas – if you defend it .. it validates it. If she thinks she is getting to you she will just keep at it. Dani leaves. Memphis joins them. Memphis – I talked to Tyler this morning .. and if she (Janelle) stays there is a better chance of her getting people and getting her claws in people like Day, Ian and just anyone. Once she is out Kaysar is going to be a dead fish in the water. Nicole and Christmas agree.

4:12pm Bedroom. Dani, Nicole and Christmas.
Nicole – what should I do if she comes at me? What if she says you suck at this game? Dani – Yell you’re going HOME!!! Nicole – I can’t take your advice anymore. Christmas – say that you don’t appreciate that tone. Nicole – there is no way in hell I would say that. I’ll just say there is no sense in arguing with you. Christmas – say that you’re speaking to me in a hostile way and I don’t want to engage in that. Nicole – and hostile means? Christmas – like aggressive. Nicole – I use that word but want to make sure I use it in the right way. Its going to be a LONG week!

4:20pm Bedroom. Nicole, Cody and Christmas.
Cody – I wanted to go against them so bad! Nicole – I owe you one! Cody – why? Nicole – because you did so good that is why. I appreciate it. Cody – I think I might use it. Nicole – Shut up! I don’t believe it for a second. I would bet a million dollars. Cody – I mean.. Nicole – I don’t mean bet you.. Ohhh.. Memphis came up to us and said that it needs to be a group decision and that he talked to Tyler about how Janelle should be the one to go. I’m like ohhh .. now you want to work together. She is probably going to try and go crazy after the veto. Cody – I don’t think she will… she is a professional now. I think she will just chill. Christmas – she might not do it if we remind her she is a legend. You can walk out either building on your reputation or destroying it.

4:32pm Outside the HOH room. Kaysar and Janelle.
Janelle – I am sorry .. I lost. Kaysar – maybe we should try and cut a deal with Tyler. By telling him that this would be a good opportunity to back door anyone else that is a threat to his game. We create a truce and stay as a huge threat in the house. And we promise we will go after the floaters. As long as we don’t throw out any names. Janelle – but he is not going to want to make himself a target .. the entire house told him to put us up. I really don’t think he will go for it. I will not ask him to back door Memphis. Kaysar – I would just say that he can take down a target of his choice. Its a long shot. Janelle – it literally is .. I just don’t see it happening. I think the target is me. I think its better for your game if I leave. I think you will do more damage than good. Kaysar – what if I try to convince them to send me out. Janelle – I don’t know .. that would backfire because they’ll think that you don’t want to be here. Kaysar – You don’t think you can get further in this game than I can? Janelle – I am a massive target… Maybe I make it another 2 weeks. Kaysar – I can’t win a comp to save my life. I don’t want to get stuck in jury. Janelle – I don’t want to go to jury either. Kaysar- I just want to have a team. Janelle – its not possible. Kaysar – I’ll go rogue and burn the house down. I like them .. that’s the problem. Janelle – I would never hang out with Kevin again.. I don’t like him. He is a .. a floater. Kaysar – Memphis keeps giving me the side eye. I don’t think he trusts me. He just won’t let his guard down. So you think you’re going to go? Janelle – yes. Plus Ian would rather work with you. Kaysar – Nicole wants you out obviously. What about Dani? Janelle – probably. Kaysar – I am a little bitter about this. Janelle – look at the bright side .. we both have great lives outside of here and we’ve already played before. I didn’t think I really had a chance anyway.

4:51pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.. Christmas might be getting her Safety Suite – plus one punishment.

5:19 pm Shitmas’ costume is shit

look how cute enzo’s the baby daddy

Bayleigh hides from the stupidness this season has become.

5:40 pm Enzo, Tyler and Cody
Enzo – we’re running shit yo… the girls want a meeting tonight slick six..

Enzo wants Janelle gone but Cody is saying if it’s Jnalele the house girls will start freaking that it’s another girl out .
Tyler says they should let the girls decide
Cody and Enzo says all the girls want Janelle out.

Enzo brings up Da’Vonne being paranoid, not able to keep it straight. tyler agrees.
Enzo says he likes Bayleigh. They talk about David having a crush on Da’Vonne.
Cody – Da’Vonne said to me yesterday it was like YO are people saying stuff about me and David I said something when we were in the room and she was back there. I was like no I didn’t hear anyone say it I just thought it was funny he seemed like a little puppy following you around earlier she goes well if people are saying that we’ll have to send him home
Cody – I was like YO…
Enzo – ohh my god what’s going on yo… yo

They talk about Memphis trying to throw the veto to Janelle.
Enzo – Janelle was not doing good.. she just wasn’t doing good.
They agree regardless J/K was never beating Cody and Tyler’s Time.
Enzo points out at how bad Kaysar did

Enzo brings up if they keep Janelle all the girls in the house will be “Kissin her a$$”
Cody – the girls are going to try and get her to come after the guys with Kaysar you might be able to strike a deal with him
Enzo says Kaysar has nobody maybe Memphis. (Good work Memphis)
Cody says to be careful with Kaysar “He might try to f***Ing stab you in the back” (Goddamn I hate Cody)
Enzo says if Janelle stays in the house she’ll get a power.

6:00 pm Sh1tmas in the HOH room saying that Kaysar is paranoid and pushed everyone away. where as Janelle is cooler and can reconnect with people

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In the voice of Ian “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Crap, I cant believe I’ve been so excited about Allstars and Keesha and Janelle will be out first three. I’ll say it a million times the new school BB sucks and has made this game unbearable.


If they suck, then they should be the one going home

Team Janelle

Not when there’s a whole house full of them lol


The fact that NicoleF is making this a pity party for herself when she isn’t even on the block, yawn. How can anyone sit there and listen to that whiny crap? Just watch, as soon as Janelle leaves, Nicole’s new person that “bullies” her will move to Bayleigh (she’s already laid the groundwork for that with the whole “a few tries and a couple of guys” crap), then it will be DaVonne, etc. She’s not 5 years old, she’s a freaking adult and needs to start acting like one.

All Stars???

I love that “a few tries and a couple of guys”. ???


Nicole is just a chicken-shit little bitch that can’t fight her own battles which she starts.


Sorry Dani you fool. There’s a lot of villains and liars in the house and it certainly isn’t Janelle. You can try to flip your script and act innocent but it won’t work.


OMG thta was hilarious.. We had almost everyone even people not playing in POV as winners.. HAHAH A

Cody won the veto.


Lol from the title I assumed the winner was Tyler. Cody..ugh ..he’s probably strutting around like a Rooster.


That’s who we thought it was at first. Lol


We’re Dan I and Kevin talking about keeping Kaysar?


Nice seeing you for a hot minute, Janelle.

Now bring her back! lol

Jan Nan

Well dang, there goes my excitement for this season. Hopefully the one that’s left can do some damage before they are voted out.


At least NFL starts soon, this season I won’t need to check what’s happening in BB.


NFL, now that’s funny.


They will boycott

Team Janelle

Oh well. 🙁 Maybe she can campaign her way out of it. I mean she is the biggest target in the house maybe she can use that to her advantage…..


I love Janelle, but she shouldn’t lower herself trying to get these people to give her votes. They would love that and she still won’t get the vote because they wanted her out before she got there. Only one person will win the money and “most” of the rest are just going to look petty and jealous. They won’t get the lift in the followers that they are hoping for. They will just find that their images have been tarnish by their own self.

Team Janelle



I think most are offended that janelle didn’t immediately seek them out to work with her. Especially Dani. After all they are “all star’s” lol.


I haven’t seen any of Janelle’s seasons. Everyone here loves her and keeps saying she’s a comp beast and the BB queen. So far, she hasn’t won any competition nor has she made any moves that would blow me away, Other than that, I wish she stays because she adds fun to the show and Kaysar is such a bore.

I hope Nicole and Shitmas go soon. They get on my nerves. Really get on my nerves.

Tyler, Ian, and even Cody (seems like a nice guy) are my bets.

Team Janelle

You can’t win them all. Lol and I think this is the first veto she’s played in. It’s only week 3

another name

in her first two seasons she had a huge comp beast factor.
They still had food comps back then. She was a BEAST at making sure she got food and booze for the week (booze used to be in the food comp selections)
In terms of pov and vetos:
season 6
she won 4 out of 5 comps in the final weeks of season 6 after playing down her abilities in the first weeks. lost the final part of final hoh. question answer. i think by 1 point (that one my memory is hazy about) about a member of the other side she’d never really spoken with.
season 7
was eligible or chosen to play in 11 hoh and pov comps. won 9.
lost the endurance part one of final hoh.
season 14
she was evicted in week 4 i think. team season with vet coaches. she was the only member of her team to win a comp. 2 of them. backdoored (didn’t play in veto then renom).

Her weaknesses: endurance. recently: visual acuity *her vision suuuuucks.
her social game from 6 no longer works. everyone knows she’s not an airhead. It worked for 5 weeks in 6.
her secondary social game: can’t showmance as a fakeout. she’s married and has kids.

She’s known as a face and legend of big brother for cause. That has set her up as a huge target any time she appeared after 7. Especially for other women. Every former player knows the janelle envy is 100 percent real. Pre-season interviews show us Dani’s big goal is get janelle out because Dani resents not being the queen of big brother even though they have similar records (Janelle didn’t need a golden key for 4 weeks though).
Nicf? Resents other women. period. the history is there. she’s even made a couple of digs on Dani. Dani is one of her only female reality tv friends in the real world. Just wait for it. After the house gets Da’vonnitis, Bay fever and a massive case of the Xmas runs? It’ll be Dani syndrome.

Jan Nan

A couple days ago she was talking to someone, and she said, Mike Boogie would say, Janelle could stay in bed roll out go win a veto and back to bed. That’s the Janelle that’s the BB Queen, and she’s still in there. I wish she and Kaysar could find a way for both of them to stay.

All Stars???

BB 6 was a long time ago… we’ve all gotten older.


Dude, huge difference between being 25 and 40, especially for any comp that has to do with speed, agility, balance, strength…she’s even needing glasses now.
Was a comp beast, the 25 year old version blows all the current kids away.
For those current comp beasts that are fearing being stabbed in the back, want a loyal alliance member to the end, would jump on a grenade for you, and still vote for your game not how you made them feel, J and K are still the most legit.

Factor in that she is a mother of 4 kids, too. Big differences between then and now. Showing the most class…now we get stuck with Jerkole and Grinchmas.


I’m about done with this season… David literally accused Janelle of being privileged in her private life, and davonne insinuated Janelle was being insensitive during her racial convo with Kaysar while she was talking with Kevin. Davonne is such a professional victim/racist it clouds her judgment. Janelle tried to form an alliance with davonne…. what does she get for it?? Her named dragged through the dirt. Have fun not getting past 8th place davonne, can’t wait for ur explanation of racism as to why u suck a bb when ur sitting with Julie chen.


Stop using the term racist on black people. Did you not read my previous post to you. Go back and read it. The definition of racism applies to people who are in places of power and their ability to influence. Most people of color are not in positions of influence, so that term does not apply. Educate yourself on the use of words and language before you throw words out. There is a difference between being predjudice and being racist and this word does not apply. You may not like Davonne, but just say that. Stop using the wrong language. It only shows off your ignorance.


U have the wrong definition of racism…. you are the one who needs to educate yourself. Judging someone by the color of their skin, and not by the content of their character is racism, and that statement transcends race. Has nothing to do with power structure, you have been brainwashed by a liberal professor obviously


Again, go read up on the scholarly definition. I’m not letting myself get carried away with anger or hate. Just the fact. And yes, if you read the scholarly papers, racism does relate to power structure, those who have it and those who don’t. And I am proud to say I am one of those liberal professors so I know what I am talking about. Where are your getting your information, FOX news?


Your ignorance is astonishing…. your the one making your own definitions. Just look at the dislikes on your comment. No one agrees with you. Democrats enslaved blacks physically hundreds of years ago, and now they enslave them mentally. U need candace owens in ur life


While I mostly agree that deazs logic is wrong, you can’t deny she also has her fair share of hypocrisy and ignorance lol.


Candy is great!


On racism you’re both right.

On 28 May, Ms Mitchum emailed Merriam-Webster to point out that racism is “both prejudice combined with social and institutional power. It is a system of advantage based on skin colour”.

To her surprise, she got a response the next day. After some back-and-forth, Merriam-Webster said the “issue needed to be addressed sooner rather than later” and that a revision would be made.



So youre saying MW is just capitulating. That doesnt count.


You can’t just make up an entirely new definition of a word.

Racism: noun

a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human racial groups determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to dominate others or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others.

The word racism can be used to describe ANYONE of that opinion.


Okay, ignoramus. Feel free to look that one up community college.

Heres a hypothetical for you: Unabashed (again, look that one up) KKK black-hating racist moves to Nigeria where they now hold no power and are in the minority. By your previous definition, this person cannot be racist because they cannot influence others and arent part of the majority. Does that compute to you?
Youve got serious mental issues.

Team Janelle

She’s just afraid of being seen a certain way to the public. She should’ve stayed home If that was going to be her primary concern.


… Davonne is such a professionally prejudice victim that it clouds her judgment …

IMO, going that route makes her sound even worse. Just sayin’.


Nothing shows the delusions which these people have of Janelle more than them discussing a fictional conversation in which Janelle is being hostile towards Nicole as if it’s something that will definitely happen lol. I must be missing something.


this is exactly like last season. white boys taking out the minorities and women. ugh


black-white-black-white- blah, blah, blah. So sick of hearing it.


That could be the next 4 to 100 years


How disappointing. This season has been really odd for me. I’ve never considered myself a Janelle fan, but I was really liking her this season. I’ve always liked Kaysar because he is such a likable person plus he’s serious about this game. I guess I’m team Kayser and Ian now. Such an annoying female cast this year might I add. Maybe that’s why I like Janelle this season she’s not petty and immature like the rest. I also used to love Dani, but I could give a rats ass about her this season.

My 2 cents

If anyone could write a book on how to destroy your reputation, it would be Xmas.


Is there any battle back this year?

Just me

No. Julie gave NicoleA a lot of information. She wouldn’t have done that if there’s a battle back. Plus, Keesha and NicoleA have both given post-eviction interviews.


This doesn’t feel like allstars and it’s honestly a terribly boring season. BB has really gone downhill in the last few years.

I was just rewatching Season 6 and I miss those days.


All great things come to an end. BB just tried hanging on, the thread is gone…

Feeds Gold

we want great entertainment, this is supposed to be all stars…since old school and the fan faves are being targeted lets have an old school twist

grodner its time to unleash the coup d’egrod the moment cody chooses not to use veto at the veto meeting…tell tyler to immediately go up to hoh and tempt tyler with pandoras box (if theres ever a week perfect for it, its this week, in all stars, and to potentially turn the season from a predictable snoozefest to entertaining and lively)

$10k, one weeks safety he can use during any week until final 6, and an extended video from angela that tyler can watch as many times as he wants this week as temptation

then the punishment for the house is kaysar and janelle can take themselves off the block right after veto meeting, and then each get to name one nominee to replace them on eviction night (other than hoh winner tyler, and veto winner cody and the 2 safe from safety suite xmas/enzo)

chaos would reign for 3 days as the cockroaches snakeole, dani, memphis, david, bay, day, kevin, ian scramble and throw each other under the bus and kiss kaysar and janelle ass to avoid being nominated

feeds would be incredible…likely new noms: jani: “nicole take a seat bitch” and kaysar: “im sorry, dani”

it would be a close vote…janelle, kaysar, bay, day, and perhaps enzo voting out snakeole and they would only need one more (maybe kevin) with 11 voting

otherwise i hope theres a battleback of the next 4 evicted where the winner can choose to bring another person back in with them, which can be offset by a couple of doubles during the season

or how about a bbuk/bbau/bbcan style fake eviction

i would like to see a major game changing power hidden on or behind one of the ducks in bathroom

theres covid, people want entertainment, grodner do your thing to make this season the most entertaining it could possibly be…time to boost those ratings!


Pure Joy if that were to happen.


Hell yes!!! I’m for all of this, brilliant!


Omg YES!! YES! YES!!!!!
From your keyboard to Grodners eyes.


Looks like my season is just about over. The other side is going to steamroll until the end. Cody or Tyler will win Big Brother which is what Allison Grodner probably wants anyway. Will be glad when Nicole F is evicted. Maybe they will keep Janelle around to go after Nicole


Declining ratings means declining sponsorship leads to new producers…watch out Grod…


Bye bye Janelle…. Her biggest mistake was assuming Dani was working with her without even talking with Dani. And bringing the American Race drama into the house against NicoleF.

Dani and NicoleF are the power duo…. Janelle is too old to go against these 2. Oh well… see u never Janelle.

Team Janelle

They’ll both easily get steam rolled by the guys. Nicf cant hide under covers all season this time and Dani is already on every one of their radars.

Although I will give Nicf credit for going so hard for sympathy right now. The images of her ugly crying on Twitter about Bay’s comment is priceless.


Janelle did this to herself tries to tell Memphis that you need to be in a big group that’s how new schoolers of BB play < he plays it down lol, tell her nah mean while he already had and then sold her down the river to his team mates she will see after she leaves that Memphis played her HARD not the girls lmfao


I would be shocked if Grodner would let either of the two most popular people of the season get voted out week three. She’s going to have a long talk with Cody, who is going to have this “epiphany” that keeping both J/K is good for his game, they’ll form a secret alliance and Memphis or Kevin will go up and out the door. It can’t be another girl, has to be a boy, and Memphis didn’t make any friends last week.


Is it Kraken time? Holy shit when I heard Janelle and Kaysar were going to be on this season who would have thought it would turn out this way.. I’m pissed.


After those two are gone, I think it’ll end up being “the house” against the lone target each week. It’ll be less exciting than season 16. Veronica should have been on this season.


Sweet, we get to watch BB19 again…this sucks. After J an K, Bay and Day go right after, Kevin will reach at least final 5 as a swing vote when the core has to fight. NicF won’t win comps, Dani is not the same comp person she was….Ian has zero shot of winning, no matter how well he plays….we are already seeing things set in motion and who to isolate each week and vote out.


Ian already won a season he shouldnt have, you want that again?

Just me

It’s been Kraken time. Just like you, I thought it would be good when I saw the cast. I’m so SICK of the whole “vote with the house” crap! They shouldn’t be able to talk about their votes at all. Wasn’t that a rule at one point?


Again…old school.
New school is like doing a simple addition test with a calculator and the answers already on the page.
Old school is being given the questions, a pencil, and paper, then use your brain to solve yourself.


Yea im out if veto isnt used or no power is handed to janelle or kaysar. Just like most of the new seasons ill rewatch a season from 2-14 instead of this garbage


This is a very hard season to watch. Thanks for your updates Simon and Dawg. Too bad goat boy Corey wasn’t there. Would have been interesting.


Oh my god… these feeds are driving me crazy.

Who is better to go home? They are all afraid of Janelle… TBH her BB record is amazing for winning vetos… but she was not an HoH. Janelle is always a target.

Kaysers actual BB record is abysmal… he is always arrogant and clueless all the time. Janelle always did the heavy lifting in their partnership.

80% of the stuff they accuse Janelle of… she didn’t do, they never noticed that it came from Dani, Christmas, Nicole F, and Christmas. They mostly only talked game with each other and everything that J & K talked about is so way off.

If they are going to talk records 3 time loser and a 2 time loser… Jeez I love Janelle and I always was a fan but TBH they are fan favorites because the are underdogs like they are in this season. We cheer for the underdog. It is actually a waste of a week. I would have more respect if the targeted Ian or Da’Vonne…

Who is the best to keep between J or K…. Janelle for gods sake… she provides so much cover it is ridiculous. Kayser provides next to know coverage for them. Where as Janelle is instantly hated by almost ALL BB females on site. She wins vetos but she doesn’t win HoHs… Kevin hates her too.

Kayser is easier to forget… if he has NO one he will coast to the end. Some would be tempted to use him as the pawn.

Keep Janelle you moron guys… Janelle is their ticket to $500,000.00 win. The jury hates her already.


Kaysar wasnt a great player but he is exceptionally smart even amongst old non social media obsessed players


Kaysar is a Silicon Valley marketer, that should tell you why hes so bad at BB

Feeds Gold

keeshas epic tweet to holly…

@MissHollyAllen shut the fuck up before I shove my foot up your dumb ass, I was an All Star back when you were blowing guys in cow patties for free! Save your comments to things that you know about, racist men and plastic surgery!


She has been awesome on twitter, it’s a shame we lost her week one instead of Kevin’s dumb annoying ass

another name

This before or after somebody leaked the season 21 group chat?
same old trash. that cast.


Enzo just said it’s allstars!! If you ain’t winning nothing you going on the block…a little to late


Wait til Enzo becomes this season’s Matt Hoffman…


Same thing new season they get a buff preppy guy in there to get a alliance of the “popular” people and vote out the regular people like us boring and predictable. These people should not be all stars with amateur moves Nicole said it best big bad Tyler going for the easy targets . The girls being dumb not realizing these group of guys are gonna take them out one by one and dumb Enzo on bottom of totem pole lmao I see Ian skating to end


disgusting season *pukes*

another name

just. saying.
they’re giving a fake baby to a woman medicated for post partum.
Meanwhille in the house right now:
there’s another woman in the house that stated she had a miscarriage while on season20?

oh. ooo-kay.
not deliberately pushing any buttons there.
none AT all.


I can’t understand why On earth BB would cast Shitmas as a All Star? She was proven a vile lying bully & all around horrible person on BB19. Zero redeeming qualities. She was cast on the so called “worst” BB season ever in the history of the show. Who could possibly enjoy any aspect of watching her.

another name

Because her original casting on 19 was hyped while they were in talks with her to host segments on fitness on another program on the network. She didn’t have enough on air experience. BB was supposed to get her that experience.
She was cast to heighten her profile. But the season in some ways dented her profile huge.
A lot of the people they hyped in their seasons that actually got image burned are there for a redemption arc.
It’s just not working for feed watchers because… well.. they’re watching feeds and can hear what they say.


Add in all the YouTube and social media clips of her…if she was on Survivor Redemption Island, her boat sank long ago.


Shitmas on this season; of course we have Season 19 /2.0…… Starring: Jaysar as Jody, Cody/Tyrell/Memphis as Paul; Shitmas starring as herself; Princess Tuggy as Josh; Kevin as Raven; Ian as Kevin S; Memphis as Matt; Dani as Alex Ow; Enzo as Whistlenut; Bayleigh as Elena; Nicole A. as Megan; Keesha as Jillian; Da’Vonne as Ramses

another name

aw… i haven’t read princess tuggy in so long.


I don’t understand how Janelle became such a monster in the minds of these people.

another name

nicf. dani. whispering and pushing negative impression.
Cody. Enzo. admitting they are pushing all blame for everything on Janelle because Nicf and Dani have a problem with Janelle.
Kevin. making up stuff all negative in terms of Janelle. because she preferred Keesha’s straight game to Kevin’s snake game. She said he makes up lies and runs rumors through the house. NicA told him.
Perfect storm of hate and monster generation.

Janelle’s call it like you see it attitude has not helped. Half of these people expect to be coddled and spoken to like special little children whose every crayon mark should be put up on the refigerator. She doesn’t comply.