“I don’t care it is what it is. But if you attack her [Nic] you have to attack Ian with her”

Head of Household Winner – Tyler
Have nots – Bay, Janelle and Enzo
Nominations – Janelle & Kaysar
Power of Veto Players are -Janelle, Tyler, Kaysar, Cody, Bayleigh, Memphis
POV Host: Christmas
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony
Safety Suite – Enzo wins Christmas is his plus one.
Live feeds —-> Grab your Live feeds here. Try it free.
Rank the houseguests —-> Big Brother 22 Ranking

8:08 am Kasyar and David
David – you want to stay
Kaysar – yeah
David – that’s cool.. do something
Kaysar – I’ll see what happens today.. If can’t win I don’t deserve to stay
David – Make that happen… try

8:14 am Janelle and Bayleigh
They’re talking about getting ‘FRANZELLED”
Bayleigh – she’s been acting so weird towards me
Janelle – she’s guilty.. snake
Bayleigh – whats you’re deal
Janelle – I know you can’t tell me but she’s the one that said that
Bayleigh – No I can confirm
Janelle – she was the one.. oh my god she is the worst.. the worst
Bayleigh – mmmmhhhmmmm
Bayleigh says she’s going to have to win the next HOH because if Nicole does she’s going up.
Janelle – If I leave regardless they are coming after us. there’s no place to hide
Bayleigh – I don’t want to hide
Janelle – I know you don’t
Janelle – They’re coming for us it’s only a matter of time. YOu may not be next
Bayleigh – I’m on the list

Janelle – there could be powers next we we could do something
Bayleigh – if you stay 100% getting a power next week
Janelle – here’s the thing if I’m on the block with Kaysar they’re voting me out for that reason and they got the votes.
Bayleigh – yeah, that’s why you have to win. This is your time you’ve had some warm up rounds.
Janelle – I know
Bayleigh – Kaysar is so sad
Janelle – I feel bad for him.. I’m like dude it’s finer I couldn’t reign it in
Bayleigh – As soon as you two (j/k) left the room NicoleA was like I don’t trust them if I stay I’m coming after them
Janelle – NicoleA said that?
Bayleigh – yeah.. she was like but I need your votes to stay sop everyone was like WHAT
Janelle – WHAAAAT.. she was seriously like that
Bayleigh – she was pissed Janelle .. she was pissed
Bayleigh explains she told Kaysar this and said the room he was trying to form an alliance with was not the right room.
J – I don’t understand where all this anger comes from .. She’s blaming me.
Bayleigh – she (nicA) told Memphis she was going to take a leap of faith and not play (Safety suite) Memphis was like OKAY but you should play
Bayleigh – she never told us that until the night before.. that’s a choice
J – that’s her choice
Janelle says they all thought they were good with Memphis.
J – she was like you guys weren’t nominated.. 12 other people weren’t nominated Nicole..
Janelle says the whole thing is really weird. “if she said that after I left the room.. that’s it I’ll never trust her again”
Bayleigh says that is why she kept saying “I don’t think if she stays she’s with us ”
Janelle mentions how hard she fought with Memphis to keep her off the block
j – I never lied to her I told you the truth.
bayleigh – you have a lot of intel and so far it’s hasn’t been all that off, you kow what I’m saying.. people are saying she’s goign around spreading stuff adn I’m like It might be true.

Bayleigh – NicoleF does not like talking to me .. when I go into a room she’s quiet
Janelle – Look Bay she is what she is
Bayleigh – screw her ..
Janelle – she’s a huge threat in this game
Bayleigh – everyone knows she’s won
Bayleigh – this is my only issue. I don’t care it is what it is. But if you attack her you have to attack Ian with her
Janelle – he would be pissed
Bayleigh – if he get POV he’s taking her off
Janelle- yeah..

8:40 am Feeds down for POV player picks.

Veto players: Janelle, Tyler, Kaysar, Cody, Bayleigh, Memphis

9:10 am Dani and Cody
Dani – Memphis better not throw it though.. you or Tyler would have to win..
Dani – tell Memphis he has to win it pump him up.

9:12 pm Dani and Bayleigh
Dani asks if she’ll use the veto.
Bayleigh says she’ll keep the nominations the same Janelle asked her this morning and she told her that.
Dani – you have to try and win
Dani mentions how next week there will be a twist and they’ll all be screwd

9:52 pm Dani and Nicole
Dani whispering about her conversation with Bayleigh where they talked about the last night’s beef with Nicole and Bay. (I’m trying to piece this together but David let it slop that he has a crush on Da’Vonne.. ZOMG is right. )

10:07 pm Everyone milling around

Memphis says at home he drinks 3 a day where he’s drinking 12. He’s still able to fall asleep at ten

Bros sleeping before Veto..
Tyler joins them they talk about Tyler picking Cody’s name for veto.
Tyler says Bayleigh and Memphis are tossing the veto it’s down to Tyler/Cody VS J/K

11:00 am waiting for veto ..

11:11 am Memphis and Tyler
Tyler saying he thinks the veto will be a “one at a time thing”
Tyler – those take all-day
Memphis s- that’s not that fun. it’s annoying

Memphis wonders why they were woken up at 7 then.
Tyler – are you pumped to be playing.. I swear I got ninja skills.. I felt your name coming up when Janelle was picking
Bayleigh in the bathroom comes out and leaves..
Memphis – that’s why I don’t le people use the bathroom
Tyler laughs brings up Enzo coming in spewing sh1t
Memphis says he wants to win the veto and keep the nominations the same.
They agree Nobody is using it other than the nominees.
Memphis laughs says Janelle asked him if he played in the veto and won would he save her. HE told her “No”
they laugh .. “she was like alright”
They talk about who should go J or K. Memphis wants Janelle out first.
Memphis says Kaysar has already “Ruined his reputation with the sh1t that’s come out of his mouth” (I hate this season)
Tyler agrees says Janelle is more likely to get power next week

Tyler – Dani’s smart.. she makes everyone seem like she’s super tight with them she’s going to fly through this pretty easily. I think we’ll see the block before they do the girls. Unless their personalities clash
Memphis says next week he would have no problem putting up Kaysar and Da’Vonne
Tyler – do it.
Memphis – just to throw a wrench in there. Ian is someone I definitely up on the block you know.
Tyler – he’s skating by
Memphis – the committee is committed to what we have going on but I don’t trust.. I trust that Nicole is looking out for what is best in the committee but I don’t trust in teh long haul that she’s not.. she’s too obvious about it. at this point, you care too much

Tyler agrees points out that Ian and Nicole are both winners and they’re close for that reason.
Tyler says there might be the scenario where Ian is on teh block with one of them.
Tyler – Nicole will show her cards
Tyler says outside of Enzo he doesn’t see too many people putting Ian on the block
Memphis – I can’t either which is a problem.

11:33 am Kevin and David
Kevin – there are people that exist in life that have such a privileged experience that they loo kat certain people as disposable pieces of garbage that are just there to serve them for when they need them or.. They can literally be invisible and none existent and I get that vibe from her (Janelle)
Kevin – she looks at me like I’m a nail lady doing her nails like some human that’s ere when I need..

Feeds cut..

11:38 am Dani and Tyler

Dani says the POV will be Tyler/Cody against J/K.
Bayleigh “won’t win it”
Tyler says Memphis told him he will work to get the veto.
They talk about Da’Vonne not trusting their “Alliance”
Tyler says wasn’t Da’Vonne playing to the field last week to get David out
Dani – yes hardcore.
Tyle r- I don’t get it
Dani – she tried to flip it.. you told David right? I don’t think he believes it
Tyle r- he doesn’t
Dani – I think he likes her
Tyler – they’re tight she’s playing him
Dani warns they have to be so careful around Day’Vonne.
Dani – now she’s getting close to Nicol
Tyle r- and Nicole is going to pick her
Tyler says Nicole will put people up in the committee before she puts up Ian.

They talk about how annoying it is to be in an alliance where you don’t trust 1/3 of the people.
Tyler says you don’t make alliances just to make an alliance and be safe
They agree Da, Bay, Kaysar and Janelle had an alliance before the slick six.
Tyler says in the beginning Da, Bay, Kevin, and NicoleA were in an alliance.
Dani says Kevin is Da’Vonne’s number 1.

11:58 am Kevin, Bayleigh and David
Kevin saying that Janelle is mean to him (I assume because he’s a pathetic rat )

12:01 pm Janelle and Kaysar
talking about Kevin being a “Loser” getting mad at them for not “trusting him”

Kaysar – of course, we don’t trust him .. first chance he gets
Janelle -throws us under the bus
Kaysar thinks Kevin went to the other side and told them about their attempts to for an alliance with the remaining people.
Janelle – he’s literally a parasite
Kaysar – he is

They talk about Bayleigh letting them know on the truth of what NicoleA was doing last week
Janelle – that’ sad
Kaysar – she just thought we were disgusting I guess
Janelle – I give up .. one of us is going to stay one of us is going to go. If I’m here I’m not working with Kevin I’m not working with Da
They agree on the only person they will work with when they stay is Bayleigh

Kaysar – is Da’vonne double crossing too?
janelle – YES YES
Kaysar – I’m getting that feeling.. why is she like that
Janelle – she doesn’t have still in this game..
Kaysar – this is so sad. .
They agree that it’s been Da’Vonen that has been spreading everything throughout the house
Janelle – one of us stays can’t work with anyone

Kaysar – this happens every year the remaining people can never get the numbers..

janelle – we allied ourselfes with f***ing flsaters
Kaysar – we allied with the only people we had left.
Janelle – I feel sorry for Bayleigh man. Kevin .. he disgusts me
Kaysar – I don’t like his gameplay at all
Janelle – we know week one what his gameplay ways
Janelle – our game is screwing up Bayleigh too that’s not what I wanted.

Kaysar – I’m mostly disappointed by Da’Vonne she didn’t have to play that game. Kevin .. he’s playing exactly the way we expect him..
They talk about how da’vonne has been selling them out all last week. they never got that from Bayleigh.
Janelle says bayleigh is a much better player than Da’Vonne
Kaysar mentions Bayleigh told him da’vonne is separating herself from her.
they laugh that the other side would really think that the Da’Vonne and Bayleigh weren’t working together because they were distant for a few days.

Kaysar – I don’t think people see what the hell is going on.. they have the advantage because the information is flowing that way.. those people are not good at this.. what saves them is they have power and they win comps.. if you take those two things away they would have no clue what is going on in the house.
Kaysar says Derrick had great intuition because that was his job.
Kaysar – we’re just old parents trying to survive
Kaysar says Memphis, NicoleA, Da’vonne none of them saw the type of game Kevin is playing, “He lies backstabs and floats.. I told Da’Vonne he is going to earn his kee[ by transferring information”

They agree they can’t work with Da’conne as a player.

Kaysar says his only option is Bayleigh and maybe Ian.. Christmas he doesn’t think he can trust.
Janelle says Ian is in a tough spot with Nicole.
Kaysar – do you think she really likes him
Feeds cut..
When we’re back Janelle tells Kaysar if one of them wins Veto Kevin will go up.
Kaysar – at least he’s good for something.

Kasya r- what if I win the veto and use it on you
Janelle – then you would go home..
Janelle tells him the best thing is for the game is the other to leave.
Kaysar tries to strategize if it’s better for him to be up against Memphis. Janelle doesn’t think Memphis will go up as the replacement.

Janelle – Kevin’s a b1tch.. he is.. I can understand why Jeff hated him.. Because Kevin’s a b1tch. He’s not trustworthy
Kaysar – Memphis wants to bro out with these guys so badly.. he loves it
Janelle – I know

1:02 pm Feeds go to pound kitties for the POV ..

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Please Janelle, you can do this!

Bo Man

Not liking this older cast—no sexual tension or hook ups— boring

Julie's gerbils

Who would you possibly want the tension to be between?


I find it refreshing, instead of having to watch Nic bop Hayden, Corey and Victor
to a win


You should watch “Love Island”. Big Brother is supposed to be a game show, not a hook-up show.


I like it. The stool is probably pretty happy too!


Almost everyone is either married or in a committed relationship. Besides there have only been a few showmances that were not vomit worthy. Nicole/Cory were ? as were the others who have sex on TV.

"It's Jake...........from State Farm"

Yeah,it appears as if all of the “boys”,are going to have to resort to,”Oil of No-Lay”!


They are mostly married! Omg

Welcome Back

No hooking up is one of the best things about this season. Not watching the feeds much, but haven’t seen any cutting to fish because of singing. Also my perception is that the F*** word isn’t being used as much except for Cody and maybe Enzo. I could be wrong on that, so unnecessary and immature.


that’s Love Island…you’re watching the wrong show.


Well, I like that Bayleigh is in the Veto! Hoping Memphis throws it too. I know Bay told Dani she won’t use it, but I think she finally see’s what’s going on in the house and I’m praying if she wins she pulls down Janelle.

Also, it’s really annoying how many of these people are friends with Nicole outside of the house. They just allow her obviously fake behavior to take place and go along with it. I can’t stand people who cry in public generally, but when it’s fake and this woe is me s*** I actually get angry. I know it’s just reality TV but I don’t think I’ve ever hated someone as much as I despise Nicole and that goes for every season she’s been on.


Could not agree more


Bayleigh is the only one, besides Janelle and Kaysar, who sees things how they really are. She needs to stop listening to DaVonne and never ever let Kevin spin his warped bulls*t view to her. I pray Tyler gets word about Dani and NicoleF talking about getting him out down the line. Please let Janelle win this POV and somehow NicoleF or Dani get thrown up on the block. Then the new true alliance can be Tyler, Janelle, Kaysar, and Bayleigh- they can bring in a Memphis, DaVonne (if she gets her head out of her a**), or an Enzo. They can take out the other of Dani/NicoleF, Cody, POS Kevin, Christmas, heck even David. Then with Ian in play it would be a back and forth battle for the rest of them until the end. Please, please let this happen!


I don’t know who could convince Tyler that Snakole and Dani want him out. He seems to be buying the bullshit the children are selling. I’m pretty certain he wouldn’t believe Kaysar or Janelle unfortunately. Hopefully someone just plants the seed of doubt.


Tyler is already sketched out by Danielle. The main issue would be in who brings him the info. If he hears it from Janelle, he’s unlikely to believe it. If Bayleigh, Enzo or David find out and let Tyler know we may be in business. Unfortunately Bayleigh seems to be the only one of those three with her head on right now.


Yes but Bay tells Daconne pretty much everything. Then she tells David. They are pathetic idiots … the whole lot of them. I’m just livid that either J/K will be leaving. Time to cancel live feeds and just update on OBB. Just reading the vile spew coming out of Kevin and David’s mouth makes my blood pressure boil. Such victims!!! Ugh


It’s remarkable because what we used to note about Davonne and David’s (albeit short) previous appearances was that they had a pretty good read on the house. This year they seem so lost.


I hate to say this, because I hate production interference, but it would be nice if they let Tyler in on what Dani said whenever he goes in for a DR session. Hahaha, I know it’s horrible for me to say that, but if I was in production and seeing how if Janelle and Kaysar leaving would tank yet another season, I’d do whatever I could to redeem it and make it fun for the viewers. Yikes, don’t crucify me


Tyler doing great

Starry night

He’s my favorite! Love it when he puts that band around his forehead… Ready for the comp!

Team Janelle

I would think Memphis and Bay will throw the comp. assuming Memphis is still trying to play the middle. Please please let Cody and Tyler not do well.


Memphis does not want Janelle and Kaysar out.

Team Janelle

I don’t think so either. They’re bigger targets and they don’t really have anyone to work with.


Come on Janelle! You got this, girl! Crush their dreams!


I’m starting to like Bayleigh more and more… not just because of her relationship with Janelle, but because she refuses to share the same singular brain with the “house.”


To me, she’s the most improved player from playing on their previous season. I’ve really liked seeing her evolution in the game, I just wish she had better people to work with who didn’t cloud her gut intuition.


I agree. I found her game play utterly frustrating last season (especially her revealing her power to the other side) but i like her a lot more this season…but I’m worried her relationship with Day might hinder her game in the long run.

They are already and established pair in the house and if Janelle and Kaysar are split up, they will be the next logical targets for this hive mind mentality of playing.

I also think Day is doing well for her game, but the way she’s playing may not be best for Bay’s game. I think she truley does have Bay’s back but the right choices for her game might not be the best for Bay.

I think Day has established relationships with other HouseGuest’s that Bay just doesn’t have and Bay’s close relationship with Janelle has already put her on people’s radar. I don’t know.

I wish her and kaysar and Janelle had solidified something sooner.


Every time I see Day talking with someone, I dont get the feeling she’s fully connected and invested in the convo. Is like she has a wall. Dani was super close with her, but Day kinda did not invest in their relationship. Now Dani kinda hates Day already.


Yeah, I’m not entirely sure where Day’s heads at this season or who she really has loyalty to. I’m kinda thinking her issues with connecting might be because she wants to keep her cards closer this time. As she’s been called out previously for talking too much/ giving too much info. But if that’s the case I’m not sure if her new strategy is helping or hurting her.


Da has bigger things to worry about outside the house. Yet she decided to go on BB for $ome reason?

LO Live

I usually know what’s up with the feeds and info but why is there only 3 have nots this week ???


It’s 4. Enzo Cody Bay and Janelle


Janelle and Bay are so mean.


Praying for a miracle ??


Is mind blowing that Tyler is getting ride of Janelle (because that’s what the house wants.) But he’s not getting any hate from anyone.

Imagine if Dani or Nicole were the HOH and put Janelle up? …I mean, they already get a lot of hate simply because they did not work with Janelle.

There’s such a double standard btw male and female, not only in the house , but among fans too.

And just to be clear….I’m a guy.


Tyler is getting plenty of hate from people. Lmao. Is this your first time in the comments of obb


I totally get your point and for the most part I agree. Women on the show are without a doubt more severely scrutinized by fans and fellow players alike than men are for the exact same game play.

In this case, for me personally, I’m not as annoyed by Tyler putting up Kaysar and Janelle because it doesn’t seem deeply personal like all the Janelle bashing has been for Nicole and Dani.

It’s still annoying as hell and I’m not pleased with his decision. It’s so boring and predictable from a veiwer’s perspective. But honestly, if Janelle has to go (still hoping she doesn’t) I’m happy Nicole or Dani didn’t get the satisfaction of taking her out because I truly feel their reasonings for wanting her out are petty and personal. Their obsession with her is also just sloppy game play IMO. So that’s why I’m personally not as annoyed with tyler putting them up, as I would be with Nicole/dani.

Starry night

Janelle and Kaysar should of hooked up with Tyler day one. He was out of sorts all through week one. Should have grabbed him.


Unfortunately Tyler is a favorite for a lot of people due to the golden boy edit he got from BB on his season. I think his decision blows and he is cutting off his legs from under himself by making it, but it is what it is.

It’s the same with Ian. BB has been very kind to him. While they portray Nicole and Dani as snakes for making the same moves that the guys make.


Memphis: “Ian is someone I definitely up on the block you know.” OMG… you don’t say?! We had NO idea.

Julie's gerbils

This is your chance Vic! Gather your belongings and leave Franzilville while the coast is clear.


If only


Kaysar, “we’re just old parents trying to survive”…hahaha. I was literally thinking that right before I read it!


“Waaaaaaahhhhh, they’re being mean to me!” Waaaaaahhh
(Nicole Franzel’s key dialogue for BB#22 All Stars)

another name

Hey Simon or Dawg,
Been off feeds so,
Did Bayleigh actually thatkevinrobertmartin Tyler and Memphis?

One Opinion

Hopefully in a few weeks things will heat up in the BB house. With everyone having alliances with everyone they will have to start showing their cards soon. I do not really know why most of these players are considered all stars, even the 2 winners i do not believe deserve that title. I like Ian, but him and Nicole only won their seasons because someone brought them to the end thinking they would be easy to beat. And, then both won simply because of a bitter jury.


I have a new name for bayliegh, davonne, and David’s trio. “THE OPPRESSED” never have i seen a bunch of wanna be victims cry so much on national TV. They really think their is a scary white man around every corner ready to hold them down. Surprised they don’t take a knee before dinner


I guess you haven’t been watching Nicole F this season then. White privileged is an ugly thing.


Provide evidence of her white privilege… and u are a racist clearly


You need to be educated and I don’t have time to do it for you. Please research yourself. Black people cannot be racist. Racism manifest itself based on a power structure. If you are not in a position of power, then that word does not apply. People of color can be pridjudice but they cannot be racist because we have not been in a true place to influence others.
I was refering to white privileged in general, but I could say that in all her games, Nicole used her poor fragile white woman status to get the men to do things for her. She admitted herself (why she was upset with Bay for repeating what she said herself), using men to move her game along.
Please research and seek out a true education. And please stop resorting to name calling because it only shows me how unenlightened you are.


Youre basically quoting the words of Kevin Powell (a self acknowledged racist) circa 1992 on the Real World.
Nicole has a 12th Grade education, that doesnt equal white privilege. I could go along with the Hiltons for example.
And its insulting when you say get a true education, when youre 880 SAT school doesnt count.

another name

Kaysar and Janelle are thinking of telling Tyler that Memphis already told them that he was in an alliance with Cody, Dani, Tyler, Nicf, Xmas and himself(Memphis)?
I’m not quite sure how they attached Memphis to Xmas to get this lineup.
This is their maybe this might be our hail mary thought?
Not great. won’t work to Janelle and Kaysar’s benefit. Will just push Memphis up the line.
Now if they’d had this hail mary thought a week ago? Might have worked to solidify everyone.

Kevin is back to his mad on about Janelle that led to NicA not trusting her.
Janelle has learned just how deep the NicA stuff was. Oh NicA, you’re going to have some ‘splainin to doooo. Don’t see Janelle joining that podcast for an interview. That’s right Kevin, push David to go for Da’vonne in a showmance. Help Nicf to have a reason why your realandtrue number one Da’vonne has to be evicted. Back to idiot in a clown car stuff.

I know we’ve got pmshavenot Bayleigh this week. I know. I shouldn’t mention the pms but she’s mentioning it as part of her short fuse so I’m just being precise, not judgemental or lacking in sensitivity there. I know it’s bad for her game, but I personally LIKE pmshavenot Bayleigh more than hold everything in and smile until your face hurts Bayleigh. It’s bad for her in the game, but it’s more entertaining to hear her actually say what she’s thinking without the biasfilter required so she isn’t labeled as yet another case of reality tv’s angrysassyblackwoman syndrome. We know it’s a thing. The prod. staff member that got in trouble re. Kemi TELLS us it’s a thing.

Cognizant that they’ve thus far been voting out Afp’s… Janelle was the first ever Afp. The only Afp left in the house will be Tyler, if they evict Janelle. No wonder they think Tyler will get any prize coming if she’s gone.

Okay. Thanks for Reading. Back out, but may check in with feeds tonight.

Lady E

Can I delete my comment? LOL thanks!

Kats Alien Bitch

Not watching much this year, but is there evidence that the pre-show communication mattered in the forming of the alliance?

Don’t like her, though I don’t think she is the spawn of Satan, but Nic F seems pretty well situated right now.

another name

I truly think there was alliance formation, as well as target locks before the season began.
Too many pairs formed pregame. Too many houseguests have admitted it.
When so many people formed multiple little pregame circles, and those circles are in multiple alliances together?
There have been too many alliances that are the same 4 that admit to real world communication added to one person not included in that pregame circle.

This season we can’t even count on them talking to camera and telling us the true game they are playing, because all of them know feeders wait for that, and therefore can be manipulated with psa’s to increase their followers. and they are alllll way too interested in followers. Many of their social media handlers have removed their twitter messaging for the season, asking people to join their insta. what does this say? followers.