Enzo “YO! These girls better win stuff too! They better earn their keep!” Tyler “They’re not going to.”

Head of Household Winner – Tyler
Have nots – Bay, Janelle and Enzo
Nominations – Janelle & Kaysar
Power of Veto Players are -Janelle, Tyler, Kaysar, Cody, Bayleigh, Memphis
POV Host: Christmas
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony – Cody
Safety Suite – Enzo wins Christmas is his plus one.
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Rank the houseguests —-> Big Brother 22 Ranking

Havenot room. Janelle, Kaysar and Bay.
Bay says that she doesn’t think there will be a battle back given the time line of the season. Kaysar – that sucks, that means one of us is not coming back. Janelle – I am being realistic. I am probably going home this week. Kaysar to Bay – Which way do you think this is going to go? Bay – honestly they’ve talked about you both equally. They think you’re the confrontation but he is the brains. So which one are you more scared of. Kaysar – I’m flattered. Janelle – if I leave and I am offered a power .. who should I help? Kaysar – has that happened before? Janelle – sure, it could. Bay – give it to me.. no offense but I am going further than you (Kaysar) are. I’ve been doing my best. Kaysar – yeah I’ve been doing the opposite. Do you think Day is playing this right? Bay – with us? Kaysar – yeah. Bay – Yeah but I think she is playing her own game. Kaysar – is the stuff we tell her going back to the other side? Bay – I don’t think so.

6:10pm HOH room. Tyler, Chrsitmas and Cody.
Tyler – Day and Bay only come in here when I’m not here .. as soon as I come in they leave. Everyone is terrified to come up here. To be seen up here. That’s what it is .. no one wants to be seen up here .. people have put it in their heads that we’re the next Janelle and Kaysar.. Cody. Enzo joins them. They talk about an endurance comp coming soon. Christmas – I’ll beat David, Day, Bay.. Enzo – you’ll be Nicole. Tyler – Nicole won an endurance before. Christmas talks about the endurance she was in and did well with even the “boot” on. I’m confident I’ll do well and then I can negotiate. I don’t care if everyone hears. I just need certain people to be down first. Cody – I am not even going to try it.. if I am up there with you I am going to act like it is brutal. Janelle – Memphis would put up Kevin and David again. Janelle talks about how NicoleA didn’t understand why Janelle wasn’t on the block. I said I don’t freakin know .. but there are also other people in the house that are also not on the block. Why is it so directed at me and Kaysar?! Kaysar – because she thought we were masterminds. Janelle – if I was such a mastermind why would I be nice to this nice girl.. spend time with her and then she thinks I’m going to go up stairs and be like Memphis I think you should nominate my friend in the house. Like how does that make sense for me? Kaysar – because she thought we were physiologically messed up. Janelle – what?! We’re freakin parents .. I’m not here to do some diabolical damage to someone’s brain! Bay – no. Kaysar – week two lets go after NicoleA..

6:23pm Christmas’s punishment – she has to change her baby star.

6:15pm Enzo and Tyler.
Tyler – watch them side eye’ing Christmas now. Enzo – now they’re hanging out with Janelle.. and we don’t know nothing. And then you see in that HOH competition.. the one you won .. they were going crazy for Janelle. Crazy Yo! At least hide that sh*t! Tyler – I just keep catching them hanging out with Janelle / Kaysar 1000 times more than us. You know what I mean? Enzo – yup! And then they’re like yo we need to have a slick six meeting. Tyler – and then they come and don’t say a peep. Enzo – they don’t say sh*t! Tyler – they wait for us to say it. Enzo – that’s what I’m saying! Yo, they’re burying their own graves yo! That’s it! Tyler – that’s what they did on their own seasons. Enzo – just stop running your mouth that’s it. You know who the targets are. That’s it! Tyler – its simple! Enzo – Don’t overplay nothing. Tyler – I think people are getting really hyped because its an all stars season and they think everyone else is doing too much so they need to be doing stuff. Enzo – just play it! That’s it! Its a numbers game. Tyler – we’re going to end up making it further. Enzo – YO These girls better win stuff too! They better earn their keep! Tyler – they’re not going to. Enzo – they’re going to ride our coat tails .. that’s what’s happening. Tyler – that’s why we have to keep winning and force them to stay with us… and cut them before they get the chance. Enzo – or use a Christmas and say yo I think you should put up this one and that one. One of the girls (Bay or Day) from our alliance and whoever the f**k she wants to. Tyler – and you’ve already got that trust with Christmas. All you have to say is these two have your name in their mouth .. looking at you sideways. Enzo – David is scared to play the game. We’re in team freeze .. why are you scared to play the game!? David you have to pick at team yo! You’re not going to win it by yourself. Like you’re going to get picked off bro! Tyler – I think no one wants to be seen up here because we’re seen as the next Janelle and Kaysar. Enzo – I’ll be seen up here all f**king week! I don’t care. Get the f**k out of here! Yo come at me! If you’ve got something to say..come at me! And that is why I trust you because you did that on the HOH. I want to win sh*t and come at people! That’s it! I want a group with me and lets go. We get near the end and we battle it out.

Enzo, Tyler and Cody.

Enzo – there are a lot of people that was to sit back and let the big people clash. That’s a lot of people in this house yo! IF you ain’t winning sh*t .. you’re going on the block! That’s it yo! Its all star season! Kevin you better win some sh*t. Yo that’s it. You ain’t going to be the floater! That’s it. Tyler – Memphis is useless. He is trying to let everyone kill each other and be friends with everyone. Cody – if its an endurance and Dani doesn’t win it.. something is up because she crushed the endurance on her season. And you might be like oh that was 9 years ago but she’s fit .. she’s been working out. Enzo – in that laser sh*t she got 6 minutes. Dani is a competitor. I think she will be loyal to us. Cody – well she comes back and tells us sh*t. I just get skeptical about when those convos come.

Enzo – I’m the shun dance kid and I’m the meow meow! Cody – what is that!? Enzo – When you’re on the block and in a costume… you go home. I beat it. I’m the Shun Dance Kid. You know that move the sun dance kid. That’s what happens when you put a dude like me with young kids. I beat the curse. The penguin. I became the shun .. the shunning. I’ve been shunded. I unshun the shun. Cody – what the f**k are you talking about!?

7:15pm Havenot room. Kaysar and Janelle.
Kaysar – if I ever get to pick slop again.. Janelle – will you please pick NicoleF if I leave? .. For me! .. Thank you! Kaysar – why don’t you ask her (Bay)? Janelle – because she’s nice. Kaysar – I’m nice. Bay – your game is ruined. Kaysar – I love how that’s the answer to everything. Janelle – so make sure you stand up .. look directly at her and say .. this is from Janelle. I choose to pick you for a havenot NicoleF! .. Don’t cry! Kaysar – you told me to blend in after you leave. Janelle – ..then you can blend in after that. No … here’s what you can do .. throw a box of tissues at her and say don’t start crying yet but I want to make you a havenot… here are your f**King tissues. Bay – this girl is out of control. I’m going to be good because I’m in the big brother house but if I was in the real world this girl would be getting me in some trouble!

Kaysar – there is something going on because he is so adamant about his position. I am telling you he messed up that girl (NicoleA). Janelle – what could he have said to her that would have made her believe I was targeting her and betraying her. Kaysar – she was very vulnerable and she was emotionally messed up. You saw how mad she got when she said I am really mad that you didn’t have Kevin in this group. Janelle – everything that I told her about Kevin .. she told him. That he was a floater .. not to be trusted. Kaysar – I said the same thing. I am sure he’s a nice person outside this house .. I just don’t like his gameplay.

8:18pm -8:35pm Outside the HOH room. Enzo and Day.
Enzo – we win HOH again next week and we control everything. Day – keep the ball rolling. Enzo – Yo Janelle and Kaysar ..that’s two weeks. Yo I am going with who talks game with me. Ian talks no game with me. Memphis is nice to me but he doesn’t tell me anything. He doesn’t say sh*t to me. NicoleF .. she is just nice to me. But I think NicoleF and Ian are tight. Kevin is just a floater. Dave, I like Dave but he is just terrified to play but I think he likes you though. Day – yeah but if that becomes a problem then he has to go. Enzo – that’s it. Yo this HOH is going to be set up for a girl. The last three were set up for guys ..this one has to be for a girl. It has to be YO! Day – yeah. Enzo – Christmas scares me the most. I am telling you endurance comps she is going to be strong Yo! That’s why I got on her good side Yo! F**k that yo! She doesn’t talk game to me but she is nice to me. I don’t think anyone in the house is in a straight up alliance. Pairs .. I think so but not a straight up alliance. Day – Mmmhhmmm. Enzo – do you think Memphis tried throwing that sh*t to Janelle or no? Day – I don’t know. Enzo – no right. I am like a telescope in this motherf**ker. You have to be tho yo! Enzo talks about wanting to have a slick 6 meeting. But we have to be quick and get out. Day leaves. Bay joins Enzo. Enzo – I think we should get rid of Janelle.

8:55pm Bedroom. Janelle and Kaysar.
Kaysar – the last few nights have been really hard on me. Janelle – what do you mean? Kaysar – it just feels like the walls are closing in on me. Janelle – Geeezee Kaysar?! Are you alright? Kaysar – I’m fine during the day .. its just at night. Janelle – do you want to know why? You over think things. Kaysar – Maybe .. but I don’t know how to stop thinking. Janelle – think happy thoughts and don’t over think everything. Kaysar – just anxiety of being in this house and if everyone is okay outside the house. If my son is wondering why I am not putting him to bed. I also worry if people are saying bad things about me. Janelle – why would they say bad things about you? Kaysar – I am not trying to be elitist or anything but I start to think what the hell am I doing here. I feel like were in an insane asylum at sometimes. Kaysar starts to cry. Kaysar – It gets to a point where its not funny or interesting anymore. He says that it really gets to him how broken down NicoleA was before she left.

8:55pm – 9:10pm Big Brother opens up the backyard.
Christmas has to do 50 laps around the backyard with her baby star. Nicole goes to get the stroller. She’s then told to do funny faces while she runs.

9:30pm Backyard couches. Memphis and Dani.
Dani – I’ve never had beef with her (Janelle). I’ve met her once. We’re cool. Why would she flip like that day two when I said I would love to (work with her). I truly don’t understand it. Memphis – it really makes no sense why you would play so aggressive right out of the gate. Dani – it makes no sense to me. Like why would you come back to do that?! I truly can’t comprehend it and I keep trying to get it and I don’t get it. I would have loved to play with her. Did I trust her in the beginning.. hell freakin no! But I would have liked to earn that trust and work with her .. so I don’t understand why she would just turn and start spitting my name out after she came to ME!! Like it blows my mind. Memphis – I think they just spun out of control or something. I don’t know. I think in their mind they thought they were the number one targets. Dani – they were easily the pair that people couple up. She is playing the exact same way as BB14. Why would you play the exact same way. Memphis – Kaysar too. Dani – well he’s never played good.

9:50pm The house guests are hanging out in the backyard chatting on the couch and playing pool.
Dani, Janelle and Cody are chatting about Big Brother 12. Dani – Enzo was my least favorite of the Brigade. Cody – no way!? Dani – absolutely. Why tell me your order? Cody – I liked Hayden, Enzo and then Lane was just there. Dani – no Lane was funny. Janelle – Enzo was least. Dani – but I enjoy him some much.. like he is a pleasant surprise. Dani – Haden was my favorite. Then Lane. Janelle – I was saying to Britney .. I was hoping they (Britney & Lane) were going to hook up. Dani – I think everyone was hoping that. Even Lane was hoping that. Cody – but she had a boyfriend? Janelle – she had a finance. Not to the same guy? Janelle – no that didn’t work out. She is going to get pissed.

10pm Backyard. Nicole tells Christmas about how she was teasing Day and David about liking each other. She said that Bay thought I was trying to sabotage Day’s game with a showmance. Bay then told Nicole that it took her a couple tries and a couple guys (Cory then Victor). I feel like its awkward. Dani said that she apologized and said that I should too. But I don’t think I need to.

11:20pm Janelle and Kaysar talk about the veto competition. Kaysar – it was dumb .. I just had a momentary lapse of judgement. It was so embarrassing. I feel like I would have done decently. I could have done that easily. And I had the height advantage.. but who knows if I would have beaten 38 seconds. He didn’t screw up. Janelle – I got it at the same time as Memphis. I would have liked to have at least beat Memphis. It sucks. Kaysar – I just refuse to believe I suck this bad. People are going to watch and say oh he is screwing up because he’s old. That’s not true.

12:55am Kitchen. Dani and David.
David – what’s happening next week. Dani – settle down its Saturday! Why are you rushing. David – I’m not rushing. Dani – you have to enjoy a week off. There are few weeks in this house that are chill. Those are the weeks that you just shut up and enjoy it. Dani – do you miss Nicole? David – yeah. Dani – I liked her a lot. David – She was kind. She took on the social pressure of doing this again.. she just got caught up in the wrong people in the house. That’s the part that sucks. I remember in the first week .. she was already dealing with Havenot and then she had flashbacks to last season. I told her no you get out of bed and at least talk to people. And what sucks is in that time period of her trying .. she connected with Janelle. Or got used by Janelle. That’s what sucks.

1am Kitchen. Ian and Dani.
Dani – how is it only Saturday. Ian – I’m not complaining we have the yard ..when we have the yard time goes three times faster. Ian – so you think this vote is straight forward? Dani – it should be. If its freakin not then we have serious problems. I know you’re on the same page with me. Ian – no, yeah I am. Dani – if people are playing selfishly .. its going to show people’s cards if they try and do stuff. Dani – you have the queen (Janelle) and then.. Ian – then you have someone who’s never made Jury (Kaysar) two times. Dani – He has zero personal relationships with anyone except for Memphis. Dani and Ian agree they are always on the same page. Ian – Janelle is such a competitor. Dani – she is so good at this game. If it wasn’t for Tyler she would have won this HOH. You might have been up on the block. She would have 100% put up Nicole and someone like you beside her. Ian and Dani talk about whether or not there will be someone coming back. Ian – I don’t think so because even as it is we would have to have two double evictions.

1:27am Hammock. Dan and Kevin.
Day – Ian is never going to detach from NicoleF. Nicole has to leave .. that is the only way to make Ian a free agent. Kevin – if you want to gender balance it out one of us have to win HOH after Memphis leaves. Kevin – strong players ..you need them early on because they take out the threats like Janelle but you don’t want them to get far so you have to take them out in the middle.

1:33pm – 1:46pm Christmas is in bed when the baby star stars crying. The baby star tells he to take him for a walk in the backyard. 50 laps in the backyard. Christmas – maybe if I am actually nice to it, it will let me sleep all night. Kevin tells her she’s got this. Christmas – I feel like 50 is excessive. She finishes and heads back to bed.

1:50am – 2:25am Kevin and Day.
Day and Kevin talk about how she likes David. Day – if this is the downfall of my game I am going to be so mad. Kevin – I think if you play it like you are right now meaning cautiously then you should be fine. If you’re playing it like Rachel & Brendan …or even like Swaggy and Bay .. they were too ride or die for each other. You’re not giving off that vibe at all. Day – okay great! That’s all I needed to know. And when Cody asked it wasn’t are you and David flirting .. it was like is David flirting with you. If he is then he is messing up my game and if people are saying that then he needs to go. Kevin – and if people ask me about it I will say that you’re curving and swerving. Day – exclamation point. Kevin – more like period. Day – I feel like these moments I am having with you.. I thought I would have with Bay. I feel like she is closer to what’s her face. Kevin – Janelle? If NicoleA is a butterfly then Bay is a moth..they’re both attracted to the flame. Why can’t they see what I see. Day – yes she is the queen of BB. Kevin – they need to see beyond that. Day – she is Charlotte. Kevin – weaving her web. She eats up women. Day – why didn’t she take the deal with Cody? Kevin – because it was probably delivered by Dani and NicoleF was part of the package and she hates women. Or she eats women alive. She will eat up Bay. Day – I think Bay will give her a run for her money. Bay is not her puppet. She ain’t Geppetto’ing Bay. They talk about how Ian is a legend and flying under the radar. Day – I am no fool to Ian and how he is playing this game. At some point I will let him know. Kevin – why would you want to do that. Day – when I put him up. Kevin worries if Kaysar wins (HOH) he will be put up. Day – if Kaysar wins he is going for big guns. Day and Kevin head inside to go to bed.

2:40am All the house guests are sleeping..

7:30 am Sleeping yo.

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LO Live

Janelle and Kaysar talking about her bunny… omg I’m crying laughing so funny …. LEAVE ‘EM ALONE!!!!


They are the only ones I find myself watching. I really can’t stand most of the rest of them.


Sheilamaree I agree. When Kaysar& Janelle are gone, I’m canceling CBS all access. I would need a sedative to watch after they leave. They need a twist or something. This is sooooo boring. They should’ve brought in more people from the past; older people. I can’t watch another Alliance like almost every season roll right thru; and their so annoying at that. Nicole stop; I cannot!!!!!


I can Handle A few of the other ones (Ian, Bayleigh, Enzo, Tyler.. sometimes.. ) but people like
Cody, Franzzle, Dani, Christmas and especially KEVIN are near completely unwatchable for me.

Not looking forward to this.


Kevin is the WORST!!! I hope he goes soon, his hot takes are ridiculous and he’s just as whiny as NicoleF with his poor me routine. Dani has been so disappointing this year too, I hope someone busts her talking trash about them and calls her out.

the coreys

Caught up on the first two evictions.

Are we really gonna do another season where a group of 6 runs the gauntlet on the house?

And are we really voting and not voting for players based on the color of their skin?

Wtf has this show turned into.

D from FLA

The big groups swooping in and bullying the first 4-5 evictions is what brought this show down. Janelle is right, split the house!


We are seeing the same super alliance we see every year.. it’s happening again.. What the hell GROD!

Looking at the ratings from this year so far and last year you see another slight dip fro last year. which is INSANE this is freaking allstars and last yaer had one of the worst cast in history. Theres also very few new shows on and still people are not watching BB in big numbers why?
Cause the show/game has really gone downhill and seeing a handful of oldschoolers is making that clear to me now.

Whats the fix?

another name


  1. New casting process. Stop telling asshats to scrub their social media (ooh your asshatiness is going to get us so much publicity) instead of reading their social media and saying oh… you’re an asshat, we don’t want that on the air. define my use of asshat any way you want.
  2. Cast real people instead of celebutards. While some might hate the conversations that are happening… actual conversatoins are happening with a cast of diverse age (over 25) that we haven’t seen since early seasons.
  3. Cast by national diversity averages. Sorry, but there is something to be said for the fish out of water syndrome. Stop casting relatives of former players and friends of the casting agents. No more casting people with multiple real world connections.
  4. Make it absolutely clear that breaches of rules will be met with disqualification and penalty votes. Or if one person cheats… the house is informed they are now restricted because that person cheated. make it hurt.
  5. Tell deputy porky that any attempted involvement in any future season’s game play will be met with sanction.
  6. Change the comp designer, or inform the comp designer that big flashy for the boys comps aren’t cutting it there has to be more diversity.
  7. Cut all single run time comps. nobody is buying they aren’t rigged for plotline.
  8. Cut the one on ones between hoh and houseguests. reinstate or enforce the rule that hoh’s are not allowed to discuss their nominations. if they do discuss their nominations they are stripped of HOH and made an automatic third nominee.
  9. Make it a rule that houseguests are not allowed to discuss their vote for eviction. They can hear both campaigns, but they can’t mention to anyone how they will vote.
  10. Alter bed room assignments by draw every week.
  11. Let them actually just talk in the d/r instead of feeding questions and lines and make one cam. say an added cam 5 on feeds a testimonial cam. So we know what their game is and don’t have to guess or depend on edited manufactured d/r.
  12. Turn it back into a reality game show, not reality entertainment programming in the format style of a gameshow. No more rigging, no more telling people who they can or can’t target. No more comp fixing.

I totally agree, especially with letting them just talk in the dr….it’s so obvious it’s scripted and they are being told what and how to say it. It’s no longer a “reality” tv show and way less entertaining!

bumbling bee

also make them clean the house. no more pig sty!
give them chores, with time limits, if they don’t do the chores, they loose luxuries like alcohol.

another name

realistically each of the changes i am suggesting break the big alliance cycle or alter the casting problems and grod abilities to predetermine outcomes. even the bed swtiching. because it cuts down on the ‘you can’t come in my room’ group structure.


Yes…on so many levels!!! BB Australia was the best!!!…and they were penalized if they were caught discussing their nominations with anyone else. You should check out their seasons…their competitions were hilarious…and need I say more about the accent!

another name

Ninjas, release the eels.

I’ve watched some of UK, AU, Netherlands, and clip montages from other countries.
A lot of my fixes come from applying their production to North America without completely revamping North America into something viewers won’t recognize.


Impressive list. Whats with 4 and 7? People are cheating? Comp issue?

Guy From Canada

UK style blended with USA style. Houseguests no longer vote, America votes every week. The house guests still nominate, can still win veto and hoh, but take away their bad choices. Not quite the extreme in bbcan 3 where the first 5 alliance got broken up when Canada voted noms and voted out douchebag arm sleeve tattoo guy.


I personally do not like the format of the viewer’s voting. It sucks losing people we like but I also feel like it’s unfair to make it a popularity contest for viewers. A lot would not vote based on game play but rather who they liked personally or who they thought was funny. And then we’d have a cast of America’s favourite wannabes just playing to the camera all season like James did in BB18. Yawn. Some of the most likeable HouseGuest’s were not the best players and they shouldn’t get to advance just because they’re funny or nice or whatever.

Imagine if America voted in bb2? We would never have got to experience the evil genius of Dr. Will as America initially hated him and he would have been gone early on if they got to vote.

P.s. that was BBCan 2. Cheers from a fellow Canadian.

J oni

What about bringing back BB After Dark??


Also, I think people are wanting to be entertained and wanting to escape the political and cancel culture BS going on but BB (CBS) keeps trying to put emphasis on all of it with their cast and with Julie’s stupid dialogue…just sayin’

another name

Cancel culture isn’t new. It’s just a social media powered progression of the industrial and political blacklisting that has happened for Decades.

Houka Inumuta

Ian is by far playing the best game in the house. I’m so impressed. He’s proving why he’s is a winner.

Kid Rock

Hard to disagree with you. I actually think Nicole is playing well right now as well. She knows how to play the girls and shake them with the boys..

Yeah she’s hot but still. I’d take Janelle and her lovely lips.

Jan Nan

All Nicole does is whine and cry. I don’t know why they brought her back. Most of the fans can’t stand the way she plays. I guess she will hide behind Cody and Ian since she can’t hide under the covers with one of the guys. The sooner she’s gone the better.


Just sitting there and doing nothing ? Imagine if all 16 people were doing that ?


Lol. Actually these house guest are doing just that. Sitting around doing nothing. It would’ve been smart to align with Janelle, when all the girls besides xmas won a comp; which I think will be her last. Janelle was 1 point away from tying Tyler. Janelle and Kaysar are the only ones that came to play.


Kaysar is an awful player, no other way to say it


Houka my man or woman….You are always so spot on. LMAO I can’t even get that out now without crying my eyes out

Miss Impression

Keep my man’s name out of your mouth.


Now I wouldn’t say he’s playing the best game he’s one of the few I care enough to watch play the game. .

Team Janelle

I love bay with Janelle and Kaysar. I wish it could’ve lasted longer. 🙁

And Enzo you have yet to win yourself! Lol why are talking so much trash? Blah


Ugh, me too. I wasn’t sure about her. ( Bay) I just finished watching her on the Challenge, and she got crazy in the end.


He’s won a safety suite and a veto so he is definitely pulling his weight.


But even the guys acknowledge that the comps have been geared towards them!!!


Pretty bad when all HOH, POV and 2/3 of safety suite are won by guys.

another name

And when a guy wins 2 or more, everyone says we should work with him, glad he’s on our side stuff. If a woman wins one: comp beast threat gotta get her out. Put a pin in that. and wait.

Team Janelle

That’s right. He’s pretty forgettable, obviously.


Lets hope whoever survives this week. Wins HOH on Thursday and uses that to build something with bayleigh .. LOl the rest in teh house can’t be trusted..


omg i love my queen janelle. kaysar already knows that alliance is gonna come after him after….so i kinda hope he does what janelle said hehehe


Girls better earn their keep……….who hates women more Franzelle/Dani or Enzo?

SideNote; It may be biased but I can handle when Janelle gossips more than others in the house it doesn’t come off as bullying.


Frazzled does, although Dani gives her a run for her money. Two fakey fakes.


Frazzle hates women that are either equal or better looking than her. So pretty much everyone cast.

Kats Alien Bitch

God help you if you are an ugly girl
Course, too pretty is also your doom
‘Cause everyone harbors a secret hatred
For the prettiest girl in the room

Ani DiFranco


Omg, I always quote that lyric! Never thought I’d see it on a bb page! Love it!


Good one and so true Kats


what kind of a lame punishment is that omg. should have put her in a christmas tree or something .


Shitmas sucks


The worst suck

LO Live

Lmao that name haha love it!


The guys gonna take out the girls, cant the dumb girls see the bro dominance? Uh, hello remember “ the brigade?”


Nope…they are a bunch of dumbasses


On the real, Janelle is definitely the Queen of Big Brother. Not one person has ever had so much jealousy towards her, Janealousy is so real.

I can say it was an honor to be able to see Janelle and Kaysar play one more time.

I hope they reshuffle the way the game is played, make teams go in or something, if not I don’t see this game ever being great as it once was.

Jaysar for life

Season 6 and 7 Best seasons


My daughter and I just started re-watching season 6 because I just can’t with this season already.


Awesome! Then watch season 7 AllStars. They never get old.


I wish CBS would release all the feeds from past seasons. I would go back and blog season 1-7 in real time instead of the current seasons.. LOL

another name

learn korean before diving into 4. you’ll miss half the plotting and scheming otherwise.

another name

don’t insinuate racism in that. Jee and Jun whispered in korean for weeks
on feeds even after being called out.


Had to learn French aka find a translator during that one bbcan season.

another name

considering the games of the two french speakers that season…. no you didn’t. they were… horrible players.
one threatening to turnip constantly… and never doing it.
the other spent the entire season saying does kevin love me or does kevin love me not.


Where can I watch the old seasons as I would totally watch BB6 over these catty b*tches.
Edit: in Canada btw


Enzo, u did not win anything in season 12. So shut up and leave the girls alone. Why do u (enzo) always pick on girls? Time for u to grow up.


Why would Dani leave her husband and beautiful little girl to flirt with a guy on national TV? Yes, I’m talking about Cody. She is always playing around with him and giving him a hard time like a high schooler with a crush. It’s so pathetic to watch. I’m embarrassed for her.


I can’t stand Dani, but her flirting with Cody iS 100% gameplay plus she needs a guy to cling onto. She had her dad, then Dom and now Cody. You can tell by Don’s twitter that they love each other. Cody is def expendable to Dani.


Even if it’s game play that still doesn’tmake it right. That’s just as bad.


Same as Nicole F.

Cant play the game without men.

Team Janelle

Or covers


there was this other guy who professed undying love for her when she played with her dad. can’t remember his name right now, but I can picture him. He was a nice guy.


The shower stool is calling


Isnt it obvious. Cody is better looking than her husband. Maybe they will form a couple and do a showmance for Dom to watch.


in my opinion Dom’s the better looking bro.. lol.. Cody is trash.


I agree, Dom is definitely better looking. Cody also had the personality of a wet sponge.


Cody still lives with his parents.


Of course he does.


have you ever seen Dominic???


Because they are mentally Children.

Kats Alien Bitch

And this is what bothers me about this season
These people are too old for this shit. They should fricken know better. It’s one thing when you are an idiot 22 year old who doesn’t know much about life.

But some of these people are in their 40’s.

All Stars???

Dani also had “a couple of guys and a couple of tries”.


Looks like we have an alliance name for Dani and NicF…


I started kinda noticing that too. She does it a bit with Tyler as well but Its Cody she’s close to in the game.

Not sure what her plan is here…


Dani is not flirting with Cody, he is like her little brother to her.

another name

Considering his dad open mouth kisses him on the lips…. not a ringing endorsement.


You don’t flirt with your brother though. There’s a difference. I have a younger brother and I don’t act that way with him.

Feeds Gold

with it being so predictable this week and not much going on i would like to see julie play the dan clip of him saying janellousy is a real thing, during an extended interview with janelle during the episode and have #janellousy hashtag on screen (delay hoh to sunday ep)

remember when the time comes to vote janelle for americas favorite…kaysar is great, but i dont wanna split the vote…with her winning it, it will rattle snakeole/dani much more, particularly if they dont win and leave with $40k(or $50k for 2nd) and janelle ends the season with $65k total…and the afp winner announcement is the final part of the season, announced after the winner is announced, so it would mean if they dont win, snakeole/dani will have been overshadowed in terms of $ and popularity, with far less effort, by bb queen janelle, who would have the last laugh over them, going out on a winning note


I’m voting for Janelle AFP …..will be the last cry of the season for Princess Tuggles


We need janelle win AFP and Kaysar to win the entire season or vice versa.

Laying my biases on the table…


Danielle and Memphis’ conversation about Janelle is crazy. Danielle’s recollections of Janelle’s game play is absurd. Does she really believe what’s coming out of her mouth?

another name

Pre- season interview Dani: My goal is to take out the queen of big brother. i want to be the queen.

Everyone in the house since 30 seconds after feeds started:
effin Kaysar’s gotta go! count dracula! Gotta get rid of Janelle she scares me she makes me uncomfortable!

Now that they are on the block and almost nobody is speaking to them for the third or fourth day running (but nobody is being shunned oh no).
Oh i really wanted to work with them but it’s their fault.
next conversation:
I really wanted to work with them in this game but… include excuse.
next conversation:
geez, we could have really done something in this game it really sucks that they. same excuse.
next conversation:
guuuuyyyyz they scaaaaare me. i’m soooo unnncommfooooortaaable….

Some of these people are playing to the cams because they’ve been given a heads up. *shut up, they gave everyone a heads up of public perception last season, so we know they are for sure doing that crap with this bunch of stains. Gotta keep those followers.
They really trying to play off that Janellousy and social shunning wasn’t happening as of day 2?? For their images? When they are still saying and doing it?
the other one is playing to the cams to be america’s favorite victim.



Gotta love Janelle and Kaysar for handling it with class. Their families will be proud of them.

Zero respect for all the “good people” in the house that are allowing a couple of bullies dictate their game and how they treat others. Ian, Kevin, David, and Day are all awful people. Bay is the only one in this case besides J/K who seems to have any actual morals or a social concious.

No one is going to respect the insta stars for how they are playing. For them their actions in the house do have real life consequences, and those consequences are going to catch up with them. Tyler, Cody, Dani, and Nicole may have to go get actual jobs when no one wants to buy their merch and stop following them on social media.

sandpaper barbie

You can argue that Ian (but why? tbh didn’t see his season; just know he beat Dan), David (duh) and Day (love her but…yea) are awful players I guess?

But where are you getting that they’re awful people?!

David hasn’t done a damn thing, good OR bad. He’s just socially inept furniture/Tyler’s goat. Ian & Da’vonne seem highly intelligent & fundamentally kind, just blinded by bad intel/relationships within the game.

(Note: I do understand why some people think Day is wrong for not wanting to vote out a fellow Black HG, but when you look at the stats…is she THAT wrong? Wrong enough that her stance makes her an awful person, especially given how much she openly struggled with it?? And even more importantly, Nicole A wasn’t gonna be any better for her game. NA wasn’t good for *anyone’s* game.)

I just feel like it’s a pretty strong judgment with very little basis.

My impression is that Dani’s a problematic mean girl who seems like she’d have fit right in on BB21. Nicole is an infantilized professional victim; why anybody in the house buys her act is beyond me. Cody is Paulie with a less *overtly* raging temperament. (Not a good thing, in case that was unclear lol.)

Trevor – I agree that he needs to stop hawking jewelry on social media if he hates BB fans so much. Does he seriously think anyone else is buying it? (Beyond that, no problem with him and imo a top tier player.)

For me, the people coming across worst on a personal level are Memphis, Franzel, Kevin and Dani. Goes without saying that Labor Day is always gonna Labor Day. And Enzo was fine in my books til the ‘women better earn their keep’ shenanigans started.


Does anyone think Janelle might stay this week? Clearly Kaysar is the bigger threat. It would be smarter to get him out first.

another name

personal opinion: she’s made it clear to production she wants to go. She loves the game, but she’s annoyed with the bullshit.


Yeah but production doesn’t vote.
Or do they???

another name

not sure if they vote, but in 18 they told hoh’s who not to nominate.


J wanted to play BB..use strategy. Once you’re up against this gang mentality it’s difficult to battle. Janelle and Kaysar have respect. The rest of the “gang” bullies don’t know what that means unfortunately.

Jan Nan

Awww, Kaysar you sweet man. No one will say anything bad about you. It makes me sad he cried. He’s such a genuine nice person.

another name

Look into what incredibly racist and xenophobic things were said about him in season 6. Both in the house (causing most of the strife in the season) and from some parts of the viewership.
It was beyond gross.
He has past experience that would make him worry about impact.


His defense of Afghanistan and Iraq didnt really make him a welcomed HG

BBAS2 baby

bb gods please give janelle and kaysar some sort of power

another name

Hey Grod,

How about giving the women in the house some penis scented perfume so Nicf stops whining.



OMG! Just when I thought I couldn’t stand Kevin anymore than I do now, he says “ Janelle hates women. She wanted me to win on my season, that proves it” He is beyond delusional if he thinks he’s going anywhere in this game….. such a disappointment

another name

Big Brother History.
the kevin version.
disclaimer: please be advised not to be eating or drinking when reading this.

Janelle is not an alliance person and has never worked well in an alliance?
Has never been loyal in the game?
Janelle is anti woman, and is always gunning to get rid of the women?
Janelle has always had a man in the game protecting her?
This time (like they just met) it’s poor Kaysar?

So Kevin… what is it… you hoping to get an invitation to nicf’s wedding or something?

That hammock convo with Da was some next level twilight zone crap.

another name

Something New School would never do. and could never do because of this legend.

Season 7. First All-Star Season.
The jurors used to routinely sneak out of the Jury House to party at local bars and clubs.
More than once some jurors were caught on film late at night out on the town. James Rhine was caught on film so many times tabloids started reporting that he’d been kicked off the show.
Jurors refused to appear at the jury roundtable taping unless their handlers gave them drinks beforehand. Janelle wouldn’t get in the car unless they got her drinks. That’s why everyone in that round table seems a little toasted. They were.


Kevin is hands down the worst player in the hosue right now. His reads are off the charts wrong and may be some of the worst in BB history!!

another name

and it’s intentional.
any lie that pops into his head in order to keep pushing hate.
he knows he’s just making crap up to see if it sticks for whoever he’s talking to.
smoke and fire principle.
like he’s so much different than last time?


Kevin and Houka should meet. Can you imagine that conversation??

another name

Just to make sure i said it somewhere:
Dani Reyes disputes Kevin’s account of his season finale.
She says it was she that yelled out we love kevin, because he came out miserable and nobody was really giving him any positive feedback.


Kevin, Day, & David are playing 100% clueless.

Kats Alien Bitch

Dear Tyler,
I won more Comps than you did. The only reason you went to the final two was because I won the final Comp and took you.
Signed, KC (a woman)

I know this board is pro-tyler, but come on dude.


Where is the lie? I think Tyler seems like a nice kid (a sweet lil lamb) and i rooted for him in season 20 but c’mon now, KC obviously played a defining role in getting him to final 2 and Angela’s multiple comp wins didn’t hurt either.

Also, shut up Enzo yo yo, you’re literally known for sucking at comps! If the girls wanted to ride anybody’s coattails they certainly wouldn’t be yours!

another name

Last thought for a while.
been thinking about this.
Who, in the house, has been the worst person for Kaysar and Janelle’s game?
Bear with me, because I can see everyone shooting back Nicf, Dani, Memphis and Kevin.
I would have been one of you. I now disagree.
Calm down and don’t reach for that instant down vote button (that i don’t actually look at anyway, so….) until you read my argument.
Why am I saying Da’vonne?
Week one who started the Wednesday night vote flip lie that got everyone saying Janelle is trying to pull shit. Da’vonne. Who ran to everyone immediately and said it was Janelle. Da’vonne.
This amplified all of the crap (even for the people that knew it was Da’vonne but covered).
Who kept encouraging the alliance week two. Who told Bayleigh (see Bayleigh’s tweet) that she wouldn’t work with Janelle. Who kept telling NicA it was Jaysar’s fault? she was just a number to them. Da’vonne, and Kevin after speaking to Da’vonne.
Who told Kevin they had to get rid of Jaysar on Wednesday night, unless they won HOH.
Da’vonne. Who admitted it annoys her that Bayleigh and Janelle have a personal relationship? Dayyyyyyyyvonne.
Everyone else has been gaslighting through rumor. Da’vonne has been throwing grenades.
All of the really sketchy things the house talks about as reasons to go after Jaysar come from the vote flip talks… that Da’vonne instigates, or keeps going, and then pulls the plug on leaving Janelle and Kaysar in a spotlight.
This is completely because Da’vonne wants Bayleigh to herself, and wants to scoop up Kaysar. She wants Janelle gone.
Yes, the alliance membership stuff, that is part of the reason… but who besides Memphis was going out and saying Janelle and Kaysar say this alliance is happening. Da’vonne, and Kevin via Da’vonne.
We can scream from the rooftops that it was the house environment. But who made the big moves that sketched out the whole house and laid it on Janelle? Da’vonne. And three people in the house know. Bayleigh knows about both moves. Cody and Dani know about the week one move, but played along because Dani wants Janelle gone more. They now believe their own lie.
Go ahead. Hate. My logic is completely sound because everyone brings up the vote flips as their evidence of sketchy game. And all of that is Da’vonne’s doing.
Not sorry.
And not even hating.
It’s the most game we’ve ever seen Da’vonne play. Sure ain’t gonna see her win a comp.


I agree wih you da’Vonne was just stupid last week. Really bad game play from her.

another name

Considering her preferred team that she’s intent on gathering:
Da’vonne: won 0 comps three seasons.
Bayleigh: won a rigged hoh (they redid the comp. did practice run. ran comp. called that another practice run, reshot. discussed on feeds).
David. beat by Jessica in a comp. Jess. that’s even worse than beat by Cliff. twice.
Kaysar has 2 hoh wins total. and a huge history of veto chokes.

More bad game to come.

Kats Alien Bitch

I think Janelle was outplayed before she walked into the house. I suspect the alliances were half formed a month ago. No one knew this better than NicF, and in retrospect I absolutely believe she blew the whistle on others.

another name

Personal theory:
I don’t think nicf called crying to get cast. i think she called crying attempting to get Janelle dropped from cast.

I can’t remember

That is and has been her game. Sit back, watch and drop. She is a faker taker. I didn’t like her play before and I don’t this season. I had a giant eye roll when she was introduced. There are several that I’ll enjoy watching melt into the floor when cold water gets thrown on their game. Bye boo

another name

i don’t hate on her for playing the game with the abilities she has.
comp beast is never going to be that ability.
all she has is guile.

her judgement may be questionable. but with her skill set, she’s pretty much playing the game in the only way she is able.

another name

we are talking about Da’vonne there right? I just realized the game description fits 3 houseguests. lol.


Your logic is spot on. I agree wholeheartedly. It’s obvious that Da and Kevin for whatever their reasons believe Janelle especially is privileged just because she’s successful and yes I will say it…white. (Paraphrasing) Kevin made a comment she treats him like he works at a nail salon & is beneath her. What a horrible thing to say because I would imagine Janelle would treat anyone outside the house with respect. I don’t see that as a part of who she is as a person. Again they are standing on a victim’s platform and using Janelle as their whipping post. They are gaslighting a lot of imaginary plots & scenarios to elevate their personal agendas that have nothing to do with Playing BB .




Damn, I hope Janelle gets America’s Fav.. Only three to root for are Kaiser, Bailey (I cannot believe I am saying this), and Ian. Most of the the rest with their high school antics ugh! Tyler, i am still on the fence. Definitely do not want Xmas, rathole, day, Dani Cody Kevin, Memphis or enzo. Oh and david, forgot about him.


It’s unfortunate that Ian and Ratcole are a duo.

D from FLA

Agreed. Bay has come a long way and I believe her real personality is a treasure!


Same Ribbet! Although, I kind of like Enzo this season. He’s so goofy yo yo, so uneducated New Jersey living with his Mom that I get a kick out of it.


When Janelle and Kaysar are gone the show is over. I really can’t watch Tiny Tim (Tyler) Tiptoes through the Tulips the rest of the season!


Okay, so what exactly did Janelle *do* to make Dani and Nicole not trust her in the beginning? I’m genuinely asking. What is Dani talking about?

Did Janelle actually say or do something to make Dani and Nicole think she was gunning for them in the early days/weeks? Or did they just delude themselves into believing she was gunning for them?

I don’t remember her actually saying anything about either of them before it was clear that Janelle was a target but may be I’m wrong.

If they’re just jealous of her, or want to usurp her bb legend throne, or if Nicole was worried Janelle was going after her or was just bitter about the pre show drama between them then fine but I’m genuinely curious to know if Janelle said something to either one of them or if they heard shit in the early weeks that would explain their desire to get her out (beyond the reasons already listed)?

It feels really petty to me but maybe I missed something?

Also, that random picture of Tyler’s face had me dying laughing for some reason. So thanks for that!


Just watching the feeds this morning having missed most of last night so i’m not fully inoculated against it.. . Is CBS serious about this crying baby punishment?


Simon/Dawg sorry to bother you. I was trying to email. How the heck do I get the picture off my chat profile. I can’t even remember when I got it on there lol … long time ago. Please advise if you can thanks!!!


Hi Lizzie, no problem.

You must have registered at one point here https://en.gravatar.com/

Your email address will be tied to an account on gravatar if you login there you should be able to change it.


Thank you so much!

Voice of Reason

This seasons “All Stars” are voting by skin color even after openly admitting it does nothing for their game. Seriously BB going down hill

Krusty the Clown

Oh joy getting to hear Memphis hate on Ian for winning over Dan. I didn’t realize Memphis was a 16 year old girl. Is everyone on this season just a whinny brat?