Cody says some husbands have told me to get the f**K away from their wife.

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 11th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  Frankie/Ca;eb Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Nicole’s Noms (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

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12pm – 12:25pm In the kitchen – Cody, Christine, Frankie and Donny are in eating and chatting about random things. Cody is talking about getting paid to go to parties to dance. Cody says that when people call the house some people ask for the really attractive white kid. There’s me and my brother and some times they ask for us to come together so we can ask for raises. And we found out that we are the most requested. Frankie says it depends on if its the husbands call or the wives. Cody says exactly. Christine says Cody’s tearing families a part just for his dancing. Cody says that some husbands have told me to get the f**K away from their wife. Get the F**K AWAY! And I am like you are a loser because I am working. Christine asks how long are these parties? Cody says some times 3 or 4 in the morning. Christine says I didn’t know that Jewish people were like Mexican people?! Frankie says I hate you for that statement. Christine says in terms of their party tactics. White people have the most boring-est parties ever! Cody says you Jews holy crap! Nicole joins them.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-09 12-08-31-813

12:30pm Christine and Nicole talk about how she doesn’t like Frankie sleeping up in the HOH room with her. Nicole says you know why he is sleeping up there with you, so he can stay close to you. Nicole tells her to tell him that you sleep better in the rock room than in the HOH room. Christine says I don’t like being secluded up there. Christine says that when she picks havenots she’ll pick Donny, Zach and Victoria.

12:35pm In the bathroom – Cody says so we’re going say that Zach wanted to go up to throw it. Derrick says but Nicole didn’t trust him and that’s why she put up Caleb. Derrick says two of us giving the same story gives it that much more validity. I don’t want to throw Zach under the bus but some times there are casualties of war.

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In the living room – Nicole tells Donny I really miss Hayden. Donny says yeah that’s why I went back to bed. Nicole says I feel like I could cry all day. I didn’t realize how much he strengthened me. Donny says yeah he was lots and lots of fun. Donny says that Derrick has Victoria in his pocket. There are four that are super tight and Cody is one of them. Donny says there are people that are close Frankie, Christine, Derrick and Cody and its been like that the entire game. Nicole says they might backdo*r me this week. Donny says I am up there so I might be gone. But its better out there than it is in here. Donny says I think they’ll go down to the end to the four and let the chips fall where they may. I was thinking about when I go out I would sabotage peoples game but I dont’ think I will. On my way out I could tell Cody that he’s got my vote to sabotage him but I don’t think I’ll do that. Nicole tells Donny he needs to win the veto today. If Hayden was still here he would fight.. we can’t lay down Donny we need to fight. Nicole asks do you think they’re working together or do you know? Donny says that they’ve made the decisions to get out Devin, Brittany, Amber, Jocasta, Hayden, etc.. Nicole says the thing is I am number one on Frankie’s list and I need to find my way out of it. It makes me sick because I am trustworthy. Donny says if I leave I will vote for you. And if you’re not next to Cody then I will vote for him. Nicole says thanks Donny. Donny says there is one person I don’t want to win and that’s Derrick. Frankie and Christine haven’t promised me nothing. Derrick has manipulated everyone. Cody hasn’t he’s just got on and rode the train. Donny says I quit my job to be here! Donny says its going to be a very wildcard for us to get much further. They would need to turn on each other. They know they can get down to it if they stick together. Nicole says the thing is you don’t want to blindside people at this point in the game because they’re what votes to makes you win. Christine joins them. Donny says that Victoria is a professional door opener. At night when I’m sleeping she will open it and stand right there as it slams.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-09 13-05-16-993

1pm In the kitchen – Derrick and Christine are laughing about how Donny and Nicole are talking game in the living room. Derrick goes to tell Cody in the bathroom how Donny and Nicole are talking game right now. Derrick says its best for our game to get Donny out.
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In the kitchen – Cody, Derrick and Victoria are in the kitchen talking. Derrick and Cody are sketched out about Nicole talking to Donny. Cody says that if Donny wins the veto he is going to try and convince Christine to put one of us up. Cody says if Derrick tells Victoria to go to the fire room to see if they’re talking. GO pull something out of your draw. Victoria comes back and tells them they’re sleeping with their heads covered. Derrick says no way, Donny never takes naps. Cody says I am going to win the veto and then let him know I’m not voting for him to stay. Victoria says to Cody if Donny wins the veto one of us will go home. Cody says I don’t think so, I think Zach would go home. Victoria says I think Christine wants me gone. Cody disagrees. Cody says at least we each have two people as votes for each other if one of us go up. Cody says its blatantly obvious that Zach has been telling Frankie everything I’ve told him.

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165 thoughts on “Cody says some husbands have told me to get the f**K away from their wife.

    1. Anyone else notice that apparently Frankie is getting a lot of unflattering posts on his Facebook pages and apparently his family has removed all of the negative comments, and there were many of them. On his BB page you are not even allowed to post any longer because of all the negativity which have to say is well deserved. BB should of never cast the pink cockatoo on the show because he is such a totally pompous jerk. BB is a total joke this year. Also, how about the BOB competition last night being totally rigged by Production by delaying it so long and making what is suppose to be a two person competition to win into a one person competition. UNFAIR!! RIGGED, RIGGED once again. Laughed by butt off when Frankie said he was a media mogul and his sister was really famous. Rupert Murdoch is a medai mogul, Frankie you are a sad wanna be. Laughed when he claims he is a producer of Broadway on his Facebook page. Doubt he could produce his way out of a paper bag. She was on Nic, and most people over the age of 12 excluding Victoria have no idea who she is. He may turn out to be the new Shelly on this season and waiting for a Can’t Stand Frankie page on Facebook.

      1. EXACTLY!!!!!!!! BB would be so much better if production would just stay out of it. It is very hard to watch the livefeeds. Just looking at Frankie makes me gag. It is hopeless if production keeps paving the way for Frankie to win it all. Disgusting!!!!!!!!!

      2. You’ve seriously never heard her songs? I’m 45 and even I know her music. She is all over the radio stations right now.

        1. Ariana won’t last long unless her family fortune keeps her going. I have an eclectic music taste and haven’t heard anything that I want to add to my library and unless she actually sings instead of screams I have no interest in her. Hopefully he will be gone soon.

          1. This post has nothing to do with Frankie (I don’t care for him anymore honestly) – but I will defend Ariana’s singing ability. You should check out her first album, very R&B early Maria Carrey-esque. Her new stuff is all over the radio (I think she has 3 or 4 songs in the top 20 right now – 2 in the top 10) but I personally prefer her last album.

            1. HaHa are you nuts? Stop trying to compare some Second rate pop singer like A Grande to music legends like Mariah or others! She is not even a fifth rate pop singer at best, and an insult to real legends to try and compare the two.

            2. Check out “Bang, Bang, Bang” on iTunes. She has some strong singing chops. She is favored to win MTV’s Video Music awards coming up as well. Nobody give a rat’s crap about Frankie, but she is legit. Frankie has to go. He hasn’t changed and he is egomaniac from the way he acts. There is nothing genuine about him. He should drop his dumbass personas and actually show up as a real person. I think that is why many in the house don’t like him either. He lacks realness. He is like a character, nothing more.

      3. When I was reading about Frankie’s speech to come clean and he referred to himself as a mogul, I started to doubt myself that maybe I didn’t know what that word meant.

        Too bad Donny was never in an alliance with anyone. You really need to have a partner in order to make it in this game, someone to bounce your ideas and theory with.

        Donny: Victoria is a professional door opener. LOL

        1. funny how no one cares when production riggs the game for a loud mouthed red hair or her holier than thou sister…rig it for a flamboyant gay guy though and everyone is up in arms…

          1. Ever since I was a little kid my favorite shows have always been big brother and survivor and big brother has always come first but with these past 2 awful seasons I think survivor has overtaken it for me… If bb doesn’t do all stars next year I may lose hope in this show

          2. I’m still mad about production rigging the game to have Rachel win. I can’t stand her. So no, it’s not because he’s gay or whatever you’re implying. I’m mad this year because he’s full of himself and far too loud just like Rachel was, and just because he’s got Ariana he’ll probably win.

      4. I’ll repeat it… Unfortunately maybe because I am Canadian but the first time I ever heard his sister name was on BB16….
        She may be popular around the Florida area or something as we have some popular singers here in Québec who are popular in Québec ONLY

        but a FAMOUS pop star and he a MEDIA MOGUL?! C’mon Frankie get over yourself!

        Pathetically funny………….

        1. I live just outside of Toronto. When to the MMVAs (Much Music Video Awards) were held in June, she performed. No one had a clue who she was other than a few teenie boppers in the crowd. She really got no press while she was in town.

    2. I’ve been a Donny fan from the beginning, and after reading the update to this post I am reaffirmed in that feeling. Donny has always been on the outs but he knows EXACTLY what is going on and who is aligned with who. He sees Derrick for what he is and wants him out of the house. He sees more of what’s going on than the people in the alliances. There’s not another person in there that is more intuitive than him. Imagine what all Donny could have accomplished in the house if he had only had some numbers behind him. It will take a miracle for Donny to make it to the final two, but that man deserves to be there…not just because he’s likable but because he is really good at the game and actually is a competition beast!

      1. Devin’s instincts were leading him in the right direction from the start. Too bad his paranoia, nerves and over zealousness got the best of him and he changed his mind about working with Donny. If those two had been able to work together clandestinely it would have been TV Gold!
        so close and too bad…

      2. I on the other hand was the exact opposite. In the beginning I did not like Donny at all, I thought he was a Duck Dynasty wannabe and his ahh shucks attitude really got under my skin. That said, I have completely changed my opinion of him. He is in my opinion the best BB player this season for exactly the reasons you stated. He seems to be aware of exactly what is going on in the house and who is aligned with whom. I also like how he is aware that Derrick is the mastermind of the house. No one else seems to get that vital piece of the puzzle. I am also impressed with his ability to win competitions. Especially last Thursday where he needed help walking of the set at the veto competition. He literally gave it his all. He is literally a genuine person and I hope he makes it threw this week. I like how everyone thinks Frankie is going to get Americas Favorite, he’s not. Everyone I talk to about this seasons says they are voting for Donny. He’s got my vote. FEAR THE BEARD!!!!

        1. Yeah, I wasn’t sure about Donny til the episode where they visited his family and realized that he was the real deal. (I thought it was an act.)

          Derrick wants to get rid of Donny because he sees right through him and Derrick won’t win sitting next to Donny.

      3. He just has such good instincts and has players’ true charaters figured out. He sees everything. I can’t stand Christine laughing about Donny and Nic “talking game” What the hell do you expect? ? Like Christine is some smooth player, give me a break. She is just working for the boys in the game, so blind.

        1. Derrick has gotten upset several times when HG’s who are not in his crew talks game or he hears that alliances have been made. Why does it think he is the only one privileged to try and win this thing? I can’t imagine anyone but Donny winning America’s Favorite.

      4. Unfortunately, I don’t think Donny even knows what’s going on in his beard. There’s been a ferret living in there for the last week and a half.

    1. Wow.

      1. Christine’s husband isn’t even a player in the game, so how about we confine our rude comments to the players.

      2. Show some respect for the sanctity of marriage. How would you feel if you were her husband sitting at home watching this crap? He didn’t ask for this. All he wanted was to be a good partner and support her, and what did she do? Hoe it up on national television with a glorified stripper.

      Seriously, Cody is the kind of person you are rooting for? Says a lot about you.

  1. LMAO at christine saying that Cody’s tearing families apart … little does she know how her husband is fuming on twitter by her actions towards him…

      1. I was asking myself the same question (almost).

        Not a whore but is he male exotic dancer? I am serious. I am confused I thought he said he was playing soccer on his debut presentation video….

        1. I guess I must be crazy, because as a gay guy I can honestly say I think Cody is the least attractive guy in the house. Yes, he has nice facial features, and he takes care of his body, but there is so much more that a man has to be than that to get my attention.

          Cody is whiny, two-faced, and entitled. He’s very egotistical, never follows through with any of his “big man” threats, and tries to get by solely on his appearance. He’s the only guy in the house I can say all those things about, and altogether it makes him very, very unattractive. Even Derrick, who is not physically appealing to me at all, seems to show a great deal of intelligence and conviction, which is far more attractive at the end of the day (whoops, there I go using Caleb’s favorite phrase). I just don’t get what Christine sees in him. Her husband seems like such a good person, how could you throw that a way for the equivalent of a plastic Ken doll?

        2. So in essence of what you are saying is Cody is a male prostitute right? Hmmm makes sense now why he does not mind Ratine rubbing all over him GAG!

  2. Welcome to another “Frankie J. Grande Day” in the BB house. And what the hell does Christine mean with her Mexican/Jews comment?

    1. yeah i am very lost with that comment – what were they talking about that led her to bring up Mexicans and Jews? Does anyone know? And what the hell is Cody’s job exactly? A stripper type dancer or like a dancer at family parties? very confused here……

    1. I think Cody is one step from being Caleb. In terms of taking about how great he is and how everyone sees him (in Cody’s eye’s)

      1. People, People a fine “A” man does not spell, “Cody” or “Caleb” fine today looking like billy be damn tomorrow. What happen to kindness, funny, truthful, loving, spiritual and just an all right guy. Looks and having money should not be the qualities in a mate because one day you gonna wake up and find a broke down ugly person without any money, then what. If they were that fine how come they have not been discovered YET!!! three months on BB you lose and now you don’t have a job. I betcha Donny’s been on his job long enough to reap some type of retirement.

    2. Oh yeah totally and the kind that puts out for an extra charge. I don’t get why those girls are so enamored with him.He’s cute but he does the same thing with all of them in front of them. But this cast isn’t high on maturity in their minds.

    1. Skeerrry. Is it just me or has reality tv totally turned into a Jerry springer trash fest? BB is a summer guilty pleasure for me for years. I feel so dirty!!!

    2. I think they’re “party entertainers” … but considering husbands tell them to get the F away from their wives I would think they’re doing some lap dancing / stripping.

    3. Now that I think about it… Rachel Reilly was discovered to be on this show because she was a “party escort girl”… she bragged about how much money she made to be someones “date” for parties… and now we have Cody admitting something about being in this “sort” of business. No wonder he doesnt have boundries with all of the women in the house…

      1. TV producers go to a lot of parties with hired “entertainment” so it’s not a big surprise that they mix casting with pleasure. Been going on forever.

      2. I currently work as a BB live feeds chat room escort. Look for me, my name is Team Amber in the New Houseguest room

  3. If you really want to get production to stop manipulating this game, try this:

    Mr. Leslie Moonves, CEO
    CBS Headquarters
    51 W. 52nd Street
    New York, New York 10019

    Dear Sir:
    I would like to congratulate you on producing many hours of enjoyable entertainment for me and my family. I, like many other viewers, choose to support this programming by purchasing products advertised on my favorite programs and continuing to maintain my CBS stock.
    However, I find myself unable to continue this type of support for your program, Big Brother. I used to enjoy watching it, but it has become increasingly apparent that your production team has manipulated this season to ensure a specific outcome. While it is understood that the program is an “entertainment” show, this season has left your viewers with the feeling of being manipulated themselves. I can guarantee you that this is neither good for the companies advertised products nor for your/their stock trades. As you know, the ratings for this show have been decreasing year after year. May I suggest that the formula be adjusted? Perhaps a different producer or casting director would be appropriate.
    As for now, I will be sure to watch for the products currently advertised on Big Brother and NOT purchase any of them. For now, I will maintain my ownership of CBS stock and will wait to see the outcome of this season. I intend to encourage my friends, family & fellow bloggers to do the same.
    I further intend to distribute this letter to the manufacturers of products advertised on this show.
    It is my sincere hope that you may be able to effect the changes to this production that will return it to its original intent…enjoyable, unbiased entertainment for its viewers.

    Sincerely Yours,

    1. Awesome blog. I won’t buy any of this shit either that they promote!!! CBS has turned this once good game into a total FARCE !!! I will help spread the word !!!

    2. Beautifully written and so true! I hope you don’t mind, but I did a copy/paste and will be sending out a letter also. Good on you! Thank You!

    3. and that, folks, is how it’s done !!
      applause, applause
      because, at the end of the day, Show Business is business and business is all about making money
      thanks for the GREAT post !

    4. They also rigged last week’s POV comp too so Christine could win. I noticed lately how they have been starting the comps really late because I think there is some last minute changing to ensure a certain outcome (Frankie).

  4. Derrick is by far the most dangerous person in the house, and he needs to be taken down. It just kills me that he can get into people’s ears the way he does, and change their mind. Maybe he studied under Dan and uses the misting technique? He has a way of making people comfortable and making them trust him…..hmmmm….that DOES sound familiar, right?

    1. Well he is an undercover cop. His skills are so effective because he spent years honing them. It’s second nature for Derrick to be able to get people to trust him.

    2. Remember Derrick is an undercover narc. He’s been to psychology training on how to lie, manipulate people and gain their trust as part of his narc training. So he came into the house with a big edge on everyone else.

      1. I’m sure the irony hasn’t escaped you that Derrick is pi$$ed that Frankie used his sisters’s fame and having $ to further his game. Way does Derrick think he is doing by withholding he is a cop?!

    3. This cast seems to be a cheap copy of the really good ones. Derrik thinks hes Will. Zach is trying to play Evil dick. Frankie and Christine are Andys. Donny or Nicole have to Win pov and flip Victoria.

    4. It’s NOT Dan’s Mist. It’s Derprick’s secret PIGGY PEPPER SPRAY
      (against which, I and Donny are immune and I wish other HG’s were too)

    5. Pu Leeze…Dan, he isn’t!!! Dan has a great personality; which Derrick doesn’t possess.
      Take a good look at all the male hgs., and they are exceptionally good looking, or really outgoing…which leads us to plain looking Derrick; your next door neighbor/best friend. He poses no threat to any of them, which is why they blindly ( stupid, that they are! ) listen and hang on to every word.
      You notice I didn’t include Donny in this. LOL

  5. Cody is full of you know what. I bet these “partys” are for the husbands! Husbands who are on the “down-lo”…….if you know what I mean….lol. And if my wife was on a tv show disrespecting me and our marriage like Christine is…..well she had better hope Cody had a place for her to stay…….PERMANENTLY

    1. Cody also has gay erotica type pictures on the internet….hes so gay for pay….he also mentioned earlier in the season that some guy wanted to pay Cody to piss on him

  6. is anyone else sick & tired of listening to frankie brag about how wonderful he and his sister are, and how popular they are, and how many famous friends they have, and how it’s been a long while since they’ve hung out with normal people, and me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me…

  7. Donny has something that no amount of Frankie’s “fame” and “money” can buy. He is truly the kindest person to ever play big brother, and it would be a disservice to not name him America’s player.

  8. “The really attractive white kid”…..what….they don’t have business cards to hand out???….lmao. These people are ridiculous!!!

      1. The good ones do. Lol. They must be low on the escort totem pole for now

        Is it strange he lives at home and his parents are ok with getting calls for their adult sons to go dance at private parties? Wtf?

        Cody is such a pussy. I bet Donny could take him

  9. Welcome to the new “Frankie J. Grande” edition of Big Brother. Sponsored by Ariana Grande and CBS. Proceeds benefit the homeless of all of Africa.

  10. Donny I hope you win POV because you are the only one who sees what is going on in the house. (“Derrick has manipulated everyone. Cody hasn’t he’s just got on and rode the train”). I’m with you Donny. Derrick is the last person I want to see win this game, closely followed by Frankie! I wish Donny had people to work with because I think we’d see a much better game out of him than just trying to survive by winning comps. I think Donny could have out maneuvered Derrick at each turn if he had people behind him and working with him and not trying to screw him over at every turn. Derrick wants him out because he knows Donny is smart and sees through his game.

    1. That is what I find so….frustrating about production manipulating Zach’s departure(sorry Zach fans). But, Donny had a huge influence over Hayden and Nic. He floated the backdoor idea about Frankie…he also kept asking about gaining Caleb’s trust.
      But, he needed help. Jocasta had a big influence on Caleb not, as big as the BS, but she kept listening to him. When no one else wanted too. (including herself) if Zach had left it would have been Donny, Jocasta, Hayden and Nicole with a possible addition of Caleb. Jo had already called Derrick for the way he manipulated people around day 10. She told Christine that she was allowing people to “play her game….shortly after the bomb squad was ousted by Devin. Donny attempted to warn Nicole, but she promptly nominated him.
      However, Derrick in all of his manipulations hadn’t really thought about the loss of numbers from Zach. He had been confident he could still run the house… At least until his multiple calls to the DR that day.

  11. I will no longer watch… It is sad that BB has become ruin by production. I hope rating drop. Why is Derrick so against Donny.. they are suppose to be Team America.. seems like he thinks it is team Derrick and Frankie.. I wished the neither of them had been selected… SAD… Boycott BB

  12. The Cop is THE WORST! He’s a kind of cop that throws a pack of cocaine in your hands and then arrests you for a possession of illegal substances… #Pork

  13. I find it refreshing that Frankie realizes he isnt NORMAL. It’s honestly the only positive thing I can think to say about him.

    1. That was him being conceded. What he was trying to say was I am famous and can’t go out in public with out being recognized. Fact is he could have walked down Sunset before this show and no one would have known who the hell he was. Big Brother has made he face more recognizable than his relation to his sister ever has.

      1. LOL…. I know exactly what he meant …. he is an arrogant A-hole who thinks he’s better than everyone else… what I said was sarcasm.

  14. So Nicole,

    Donny has had this game figured out this game for weeks and knows Derrick and Cody are running shit with Frankie and Christine tagging along what will you do with this info?

    You have been played for the whole season and you run back to Christine and Derrick/Cody this week…..

    Instead of bitching about Hayden how bout you get Donny or Zach off this week somehow work Christine like she has worked you this whole game to put up Derrick or Cody.

    Now it could be Nicole, Donny, Zach, Caleb, and Victoria but we know you aren’t that big of a superfan because of you were this is how you would play…

    I genuinely feel remotely bad for Zach and hope at this point Derrick gets backdoored but of course when it’s nomination/POV time he grabs his invisible cloak and everyone forgets he is in the house

    1. Donny’s been planting this seed for awhile but no one would take it anywhere. How many times did he say there were 3 people never nominated or Derrick doesn’t even have to win comps to get people out.

      I thought when Nicole and Donny won HOH, they were going over people who they didn’t want to put up. I could be wrong but I thought Nicole said (or maybe I read it) that she didn’t want to put up Hayden, Cody, and Derrick. Donny said there were three people that haven’t been nominated and waited for Nicole to list them: Frankie, Cody, Derrick.

  15. I am shocked how Cody and Derrick keep getting out of these situations unscathed. The fact that Nicole and Christine now want to talk with Derrick/Cody later to solidify something, is just crazy.

    1. That’s why I don’t get why someone like Nicole has all these lovers. I don’t dislike her and like her more than I dislike her. She’s an average cute girl who is booksmart but shouldn’t have been in this game along with the Amber who also pretty bad in the clueless girl department. I wish she would get backdoored this week to really bring it home for her. She can talk about Victoria but she is only a step or two in front of her. Unlike Victoria she can win comps but Nicole is codependent in her thinking which has to be attached to a guy in there somehow. And once she wins comps she doesn’t have any fire or any type of passion. It should have been a no brainer for she and Donny to put up all men and than whoever came off put him up. But likely if Donny pushed it too much she would have told some of the guys and they could have pushed for her to backdoor Donny. And instead of forging relationships she sat there with Christine and talked sh*t when nobody really wasn’t even doing anything to her. I may be in the minority but I hope Kristine stabs her in the back and puts her up and they vote her out.

  16. Never posted on here before but I really do enjoy this site.
    With that being said, I fear the “ever so famous” Grande family may wish to do something to this site.
    I’m not saying we should stop, but we should at least tone down what we say about Frankie
    I completly understand what everyone is saying but it would be a big shame if something happened to this site

    1. Kidding right? What next? We should all fear a visit from the Grande family attorney? Don’t be so paranoid or BB will enlist you for next year’s cast!

    2. Oh please. You’re making it sound as if the Grande “Family” is so powerful. What could they do?? It’s a family that has a member who was a teen tv actor who is now singing pop songs. Frankie is a complete nobody.

    3. The Grande family cannot do anything to this site. No one is powerful enough to take away our right to free speech or free press. This site doesn’t even come close to doing anything out of bounds. Even if it was, it would have to be blatantly libelous for the Grandes to stand a chance of prevailing. The expression of negative opinion does not in and of itself, qualify as libel. Are you thinking we’re in North Korea maybe, lol?

    4. Yeah, and with all that WORLDWIDE “Grande Power” they should also have a talk with Facebook too, because people are being ‘meanies’ to Frankie on there too! Puhh-Lees!!!

    5. Someone takes the term “big brother” very seriously lol…. I never even heard of the Grande family before this…. who the hell are they?! Heres one for you…. I can’t stand how arrogant and self righteous Julie Chen is either…. oops… I hope they dont come get me for that one. hahaha

  17. The only way for things to get exciting is for Donny to win pov again. Donny winning pov and Zach getting evicted….. Christine is never going to put up cody or derrick which sucks… Donny staying in the game and going after Derrick and Cody next week…

    1. screw that, Zach stays

      since when has Donny been more entertaining or exciting than Zach?

      the beard fans are so blinded

  18. Seriously look at Donny sitting by himself at the table in the pic above he wants nothing to do with these Jerry Springer type guests.
    Donny consciously wants to stay and see how far he can get in the BB house and the 500k but subconsciously hes thinking GET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!

    CBS probably cast Donny as the one Jerry Springer type contestant but in reality the rest of the HG’s are Jerry Springer guests and Donny is the most normal American.

    Exit question: What will all the houseguests do when Donny WINS Americas favorite?

    What will Frankie do when he finds out hes really one of the most hated?

    What will Christine do when her husbands lawyer hands her divorce papers?

    Amber,Devin,Joey,and Paolo are sitting back going thank you Lord for getting me out of there early I will be going to church on sundays now!!

  19. Only thing stopping Donny for going after derrick is the ta so he just drop hints to the people closest to him who can try to go after him but they are to scared or naive to do it

  20. Frankie and his family announced all the winnings will goto charity. Not out of kindness but out of the fact they are super stinking rich to begin with. Are they going to say no to the charity if frankie gets voted out now? No matter what frankie will get a 500,000 grand pay check from his father when he gets out of that house. win or lose. its a disgrace and a cheap way to manipulate everyone into cheering for frankie.

    Donny quit his job to win this. GO DONNY!!!!!!

    It really blows because if frankie gets voted out now, and america votes who gets back in. like they did on bb canada. for sure frankie will get a free pass back in because of all his sisters fans. Big mistake letting someone rich try to win a little money.


    seriously, Zach would be so fun in another season, he has not been able to really play the game all year. freaking derrick, you are a MORON for thinking its a good idea to take cody(liked by the girls) over Zach(not liked by anyone)

    1. I like Zach too. He next in line after Donny. Sadly, I don’t see the two of them surviving this week. I’m team Fearthbeard all the way, but if he gets evicted I’ll be cheering on Zach. If this two are evicted I won’t have anyone to cheer on any more.

    2. I’m not so sure. Derprick needed someone to keep the girls in check in order for him to accomplish his mission and seeing how he is a married guy with a family, he picked Justa Gigolo to help him out. He really did try to think of everything but I still hope he gets busted in a fiercely dramatic way.

  22. I wonder if CBS understands the difference between true fans who watch the shows and feeds (and read the blogs) and the pubescent teenyboppers who they are catering to. We WATCH and have watched for years. We will likely continue to WATCH. The latter follow Ariana Grande (and possibly Frankie) on twitter and they use hashtags to proclaim their support… and that’s it.

    Hashtags don’t equal people who watch tv and spend money to buy the feeds.

  23. Wow, so Cody is a rent boy. I said in one of my post a couple of weeks ago. LOL. Look, everyone is angry about the Frankie thing, but you know what? It was a great game move. But IMHO it just showed me that Frankie is a very cold, calculated person. That building schools in Africa thing is a scam, yeah the schools get built, but remember the exchange rate in currencies. The whole thing is a very profitable money scheme. He even laughed at everyone last night and said he just bought himself a few more weeks in the house. Questionable behavior? Yes, but Matt did the same thing and a lot of people love that guy. Blame the HG’s being star struck over this guy. Derrick is something else. He’s completely lost control of the game is now borderline irrational. He’s back to throwing Zach under the bus. Christine is still the snake she is, she’s playing both ends and she will get popped. Nicole, bless your stupid little heart, can you not see what’s happening? If Donny survives this week, it’ll be a miracle, dudes a competition beast and nobody wants to work with him. I’m starting to believe that not only does production gives info to certain people, but they do some kind of brainwashing in those DR sessions. You guys know that AG comes from a family of shrinks right? I know I’m a tin foil hat fool, but you have to admit, the behavior this season on all the HG’s is very suspect, especially Caleb. That dude has a creepy two mile stare Unlike other seasons, this one has given me a creepy feeling for some strange reason. I’m watching till the end because is really getting good now, but you might as well quit saying bring back the old BB. Those days are long gone, but thank God for youtube.

    1. Luvit!! I’m a tin foil hat kinda fooligan too.
      I am hoping for some info to be leaked at the NFL game that will give these clueless morons a fresh perspective.

    2. I also believe that there is some kind of mind control going on. For Frankie I think he comes from a satanic cult family where they they mind control their children. To be in the Music Industry you kind of have to serve the devil!!!

  24. It’s too bad that it has taken this long for Donny to speak up about Derrick and his crew running the game. When he had the opportunity to do something about it, he said he wouldn’t put them up and he didn’t and now it may cost him. He never tried to get the “outsiders” to come together and make a stand. Instead of sleeping, he should’ve been playing the game. I’m rooting for him but it doesn’t look good.

    1. @ Misterman I agree with everything you have said. Donny won HOH and threw it away he did not make a move but he wants everyone else to make a move on Derrick or Cody. I hope he wins from here on out and make his move because he does not have anything to lose from here on out!! I don’t feel sorry for him or Nicole. Nicole is an all around naive 3 X’s loser with her HOH, she should just self-evict and go straight home without stopping.

      1. Thanks Girlbye:). Nicole is not only gullible , she is also AFRAID to play the game! Her saying that blindsiding someone is not smart bc they’ll be voting in the jury makes no sense to me at all!

  25. ok here we go… im hoping for a Donny pov win to make things more fun in the house…. Donny pov and Donny winning the next hoh is all I want at this point In the game…

  26. The slimey snakes will win this game with the help of BB. How many more years will we continue to watch this game expecting the players to control the outcome? BB interfers every time when we think things are finally going to change. Celebrity should mean nothing in this game . Everyone should have an equal chance but when BB knows Caleb is planning to throw it and offers a prize they know he can’t refuse, they control the game. Frankie has fooled no one ,he is the same snake but he has BB in his pocket.

    1. I can’t wait to see derrick hold a house meeting like Frankie did and bare his soul, been riding him since day one.
      I am an undercover cop!! Where did everyone go!!

  27. Donny and Nicole are the “outsiders”…they’re not allowed to talk game without becoming a target? Sheesh, I hate the dominate grouping of people!! They get to talk all they want within their mega group and yet see a couple others talking game and they can’t handle it!! Give me a break already!!

    1. The are probably the most trustworthy in the house and yet nobody wants to work with them. I just Nicole would truly listen to Donny and stop telling Derrick and Cody everything.

  28. The only good thing about Frankie boasting about his social media status and his sister’s fame is that hopefully no one would vote for him to win the money with the type of game he’s played and with that information. And I hope the good thing about him being safe is that by the time they possibly let someone come back in maybe he won’t be one of those people. And I don’t believe he is in there for charity but to be seen and perform in front of the cameras. If he wanted to play for charity maybe he could have gotten his agent or manager to contact Celebrity Apprentice. Oh wait, they wouldn’t probably because they wouldn’t know who he was in the first place enough to even interested in being listed to be on the Dlist.

  29. production if Donny goes home we know derrick got his way in its wrong he think America don’t like Donny but we do derrick should of never being on team America yall got to save Donny he got to win pov if not in derrick get is way mostly all your fans of big brother is done it be like last year bad people win now Frankie I like in I like Nicole but derrick should of never being on team America if Donny goes home before Christina cody cleab Victoria yall should cancel this year in next year cause we or done with big brother your ratings a go down in I heard this from a 50 people counting

  30. I yearn to hear audible BOOS from the audience on the glorious nights of eviction of Christine & Frankie!!!!..just like Aryn got last year….to see them descend from oblivious exhilaration in the BB House to shocking embarrassment in the chair next to Julie….that’ll be GOOD tv!

  31. Cody is a truly vile human being. He plays this nice little boy act up around the girls…but he’s making some very questionable life choices and disrupting marriages in and outside the house.

  32. If CBS wants to level the playing field, they need to bring 2 hgs back — Donny I am sure he is next to be evicted) and Hayden. That would be a real twist in the season of No Twists.

  33. Go ask evel dick about the production interference in the game. He rant and raves about it and he freakin won the game with a little help from production of course

  34. WhoTF does Frankie think he is??? And who the hell do these houseguests think matters? He’s a flippin nobody… guessing he is BIG in the gay community, but that’s not the whole of America. If anybody told me their sister was a mega popular pop star the last thing I’d do is feel sorry for him and accept him back into the fold.

    Building schools in Africa? That doesn’t impress me one bit… take care of your own (USA) and then worry about others… If the USA was sittin’ pretty I’d be all for his African school bullshit… but we aren’t… we’re in deep shit and we have hungry uneducated children all over… surely these houseguests can’t be that stupid…. The fact that Frankie is that stupid doesn’t surprise me…. Oh and by the way… any thumbs down can blow me! (that was the Evel coming out in me!)

  35. “Donny says that Victoria is a professional door opener. At night when I’m sleeping she will open it and stand right there as it slams.”
    Donny comes up with the best lines.

  36. production this is the truth I heard it from about 200 hundred people who watching it if Donny goes home they are done with big brother show for ever last year to them in me was a joke in this year is not but derrick is doing Donny wrong I could understand if Donny wasn’t on team America with him but he is in derrick think America is against Donny but we not we against him Donny has to win pov has too for love of big brother to save the show Donny has to win pov has too please production help Donny

    1. 200? Yeah, and yet as of right now, with a new update from Simon and Dawg on top of this one, you only got two thumbs up for this post. DOUBT IT!

      I love Donny, but give me a break, he’s not the sole thing holding this season together. No one houseguest is. Donny simply attracted the older audience, as he’s the only person over 35 in the house. Sorry to be the one to point this out, but TV networks care far more about the 18-49 demographic, which many Donnie fans don’t fall into.

    2. Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous, how old are you? and what school system did you go to, my god, what the hell are you trying to say? im so lost with your bad grammar

      1. he is really the biggest idiot on this site, just blow past his post man, not worth the aggravation. would be interesting to know where this tart is from but can’t even waste my time, what kills me is the thumbs up he gets (very few) most likely his fellow trailer neighbors

  37. Not to mention the fact both Zack and Derrick told the people they passed by in during the vote and no penalty. Zack even told the others he told Victoria his vote. This is the worst season yet when it comes to production and casting.

  38. One of the BB interviewers had to hold back a laugh when Frankie said he was afraid the houseguest might recognize who he is.

  39. we know cody’s a home wrecker but to the botb, why didnt they let caleb throw it so zach and donny (who also rake in ratings) would be safe, then production could of rigged pov so their beloved frankie could win it or give him the dpov if that didn’t work so everyone wins…now everyone’s up cbs’ ass………… if donny goes the next ta mission should be “play russian roulette” lol

  40. I don’t get all the hate for Derrick. Isn’t he just playing the game very well?
    I also like Donny, but there’s a reason he is in constant danger and Derrick is sitting pretty. The fact that Derrick hasn’t been called out yet despite how hard he’s playing is a testament to his game. I don’t see how anyone else can be considered a more “worthy” winner at this pt.

  41. last year to them in me, in this year is not but derrick is doing Donny wrong?????? I have to stop, reading all your post, you are so pathetic, instead of hanging out on line in this arena, how about learning proper way to speak English!!!!

  42. OK OK OK, HEAR ME OUT. Reading all the post on this site I noticed a question put towards DAWG, the person asked if BB and CBS read the comments, Dawg said probably not (shame on CBS and BB producers) this site ROCKS!!!! Dawg and Simon RULE!!!! ok here is my point, ITS TIME TO FLOOD CBS with emails, Facebook post, twitter and so on, its the only way for CBS and the PRODUCTION TEAM will WAKE UP. let them know directly, and tell them how awesome this site is and how you feel on the way our BB is heading………..

  43. Very interesting to read Donny’s view on the house. He seems to have the best read on everyone (somehow he’s pretty much the only person to figure out how manipulative Derrick is)

  44. Regardless of how you feel about him, game wise Derrick has played the best game by far. He is there to win and so far I think he probably will. Some call it manipulating people, but I just call it strategy and they all have one, his is just better than the rest. Personally I hope it’s Derrick, Cody and Zach in the final 3 because I feel they’ve played the best “game wise”, strategically anyway, not competition wise. Hope Frankie goes home very soon, along with Christine and Caleb.

    1. Cody is riding coat tails, not doing anything on his own. I think he asks Derrick if he can use the bathroom and asks for someone to clean him up. He is very annoying

  45. Certainly would like Derrick to win over Cody, Caleb, Frankie and Zach. Why do these people think America loves Frankie so much? because he said he will give money to children in Africa? is he trying out for Miss USA? Is he going fight for world peace also? So stupid! At least Derrick is honest (only about the money) by wanting it for his family. My guess is Donny would easily win America’s favorite for being a genuine nice man. Nicole is not super bright, but she makes me laugh just watching her. Cody and Caleb should go, two big narcassists who want to be famous. BUT despite the lying which ALWAYS happens in competetive reality shows, this cast has not been as hateful as those jerks from last year, at least this cast has some redeeming qualities even Caleb who I cannot stand.

  46. Not paying attention to some of the laws restricting free speech in Europe? The only reason they haven’t passed laws from the same template here is the 1st amendment to the Constitution but they’re working on it.

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