Big Brother 16 Spoilers Week 7 Have nots “Peanut butter and jelly fish”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 11th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  Frankie/Ca;eb Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Nicole’s Noms (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Donny and Zach
POV Players Christine, Zach, Donny, Nicole, Caleb, Derrick

BB16-2014-08-09 15-07-30-032

3:07pm Living Room Frankie, Caleb, Derrick, Victoria
Talking about the celebrities Frankie knows.. He’s met Miley Cyrus before. Talk changes to Frankie’s hair. etc etc..
Victoria watches Ariana’s videos on Instagram and Frankie is in all of them. Frankie and her cannot believe she never recognized him.
Victoria – you’re never tagged on anything
Frankie – Sometimes she does..

Derrick says it all falls into place now when they were Have Nots they got the best food possible it was all Ariana’s fans.
Frankie – And my fans
Derrick – ohh I keep forgetting you have a million followers that’s why i hate you.. ahah OK struggling Broadway actor my a$$
Frankie – I haven’t worked on Broadway for 2 years .. I’m still living from check to check I wish i had her success maybe I will when I get out of here.. I’m really happy for her, I’m happy, i’m comfortable this is a huge opportunity for me.. I don’t want to just go on tour with her I want to do my own thing.. I guess I could just be her road manager..

Victoria says when she was in the Diary room talking about singers Ariana’ was the only one that they DR acted stupid with. She had to explain to them who she is.

BB16-2014-08-09 15-26-05-776

3:26pm Bathroom Zach and Derrick
Derrick asks Zach if he’s down
Zach says he’s fine
Derrick lets him know that he’s their to support Zach they are in it together.

BB16-2014-08-09 15-39-44-185

3:31pm Victoria and Derrick in the Bathroom
Vicotira – Derrick you better f***g win today
Derrick – I love the people that were drawn because I won’t use it, Nicole won’t use it Caleb won’t use it’s perfect

BB16-2014-08-09 15-41-52-507

3:42pm Living room
ZachAttack looking down.. drinking juice
Donny rolls through humming a tune.. “Hello”

BB16-2014-08-09 15-48-03-428

3:47pm Living room
Donny tells Victoria his nap felt good he’s going to make himself some soup.
Zach comes in says he’s not really hungry and be to full during the POV
Donny is going to take a shower at and around 5 o’clock he’s going to eat
Zach – If Christine picks have nots i’m one for sure
Donny – me you and Nicole.

BB16-2014-08-09 16-03-28-935

4:01pm Derrick and Victoria
Victoria is nervous about making a mistake as the host
Derrick says if she’s worried about making a mistake she’s going to make a mistake.. It’s ok to mess up when you mess up you get nervous that’s want AMber did and it just gets worse..
Derrick mentions that last night he messed up when hosting the BOB it’s hard to do you’re reading someone aloud for the first time in front of 12 cameras.
4:09pm Living room
Production – Please report to the HOH bedroom
Victoria – For the have nots
Derrick – they’re going to do the have nots right now
Production – house guests
Derrick – I guess we should go up there.

BB16-2014-08-09 16-42-46-207

Peanut butter and jelly fish
Christine says Donny and Zach are the HAve nots.. I’m sorry.. that’s what I’m doing.. there you go.. Her reasoning is they are the two people that have done it the least..

The peanut butter is organic. Caleb says it’s the good stuff.

BB16-2014-08-09 16-49-53-502

4:46pm Cody Thanks Christine for not putting him on have nots

“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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Donny's partner at the CIA

Donny survived on worse when he was on assignment in the Mideast he can handle it

Zankie LQ

#FearTheBeard #WildCard #ZachAttack


Hey that’s top secret. Don’t let DErrick know that. Lol. Good one.


Go Donny !!

Big Sister

To Production: Diamond Power of Veto for Donny, damn it!

maybe just me

OMG, just read where someone called Frankie a WHORE. Wow, doesn’t that shoe fit his ugly birdlike face!! Even his sister doesn’t have that much going for her with that comb over hairdo she wears LOL!


I hate you Christine, I’m sorry, there you go.


And Derrick looks like a pig and Christine has a big nose…..There I said it.


Christine has the biggest penis in the house, there i said it!


Wait, why does Christine have a Derrick on her face? I am who I said I am. There I said it over & over & over & over & over… ad nauseum
p.s. I’m playing for my daughter so I can’t be a scumbag and Frankie’s a liar!


First thing I thought about Derrick also. Pig “cop” shoe fits so does face:). And yes “I’m doing it for my daughter” blah, blah,blah, give me a break


OMG!! Donnie figures it out and he is on the block. Would be nice if him and Zach could stay


Donny and Zach had a convo in the HN room. Zach was saying how he’s alone in the house and Donny was saying he’s been alone since day one were Zach was one of them for awhile. It was a good talk and I hope Zach learned somethings from it. It might help him grow up and be less of a fratbrat and more of a man.


Nicole better not wuss out and not use it on Donny if she wins.


Zach…stop being a whiny b&$#h and man up already. You got played in the BB house. You and everyone else. Pick up your balls and move on.

I'd walk a mile for a camel

Zach has no filter. I feel like his computer screen is always blue due to no filtering. if he smoked it would be non-filter camels.


Give the guy a break. He has ADHD. Have you known anyone with it? Being impulsive is one of their traits.


My heart sank when zach admitted he chose not to take his medication for his ADHD in the Big Brother house. It became very clear for me why his behavior has been so over the top and gotten him in trouble so much. Poor guy would have had a much stronger game if he hadn’t disrupted his medication routine at the onset of going into such a stressful environment. I’m still rooting for him though! ZACHATTACK!


Wait until he finds out Derprick is a narc.

Geez Louise

And just when I thought I couldn’t dislike Crankie (Christine/Frankie) any more than I did….. BOOM


I can’t believe Frankie really thinks he has America’s vote and that people are mad at Zach and Nicole for wanting him out. I can’t wait for him to get out and see differently, that he really isn’t liked as much as he think he is.

Geez Louise

It would be nice if people started following him and when he got out he’d see less than half his followers!


Geez Louise your post makes no sense.

maybe just me

Maybe it is just me but think dislike is to tame a word for what people feel toward Christine and Frankie. I would go perhaps more toward total hatred, and why can’t that married women keep her hands off of other men in the house. No words to describe pink cockatoo!


I WISH the crowd was allowed to boo or something like the UK crowds do. That way they know how they really are perceived instead of the fake applause crap they do. I mean even last season with as bad as Aaryn is it wasn’t full out boo-ing because you can tell they “have” to clap.

Let them boo!


I can’t confirm but other sites are reporting Fakie’s family have blocked further postings on his FB and twitter sites and the Fakie CBS page is not allowing postings or like/dislike. It seems Fakie is going to have a surprise when he gets out. I wonder if he’ll get boos when he finally goes. Now that would be something to see.


Great, why are there only 2 people for have nots? I hate Christine.

Christine needs a mirror in her house

Do you guys remember the very 1st episode where they introduced the HG’s & Christine said she likes to be naked all the time ?? I know, I know, everybody on this site just threw up in there mouth a little bit picturing that in their minds. Sorry about that… But, I swear she actually said it.

Butters Mom

Do you think Derrick knows he is hitting a nerve when he discredits Frankies accomplishments and points out his sisters lol….


Sure he knows. He is trying to push frankie’s buttons and rile him up.


i cant stand christine she’s so annoying. putting donny and zach on slop. lets hope donny and zach both stay and goes after her.


Hopefully nicole wins the pov and use it on Donny and them Christine makes a move against cody and and see home go home


Ratine will put up VapidVic and Zach will go home. They’ve already told her what to do.

Tiger fan

Nicole is too much of a dinghies to understand what Donny told her so she’ll probably run and tell Derrick. E only hope is Donny or Zach come down and protect the other and THEY team up. They are the only players left with a soul. Even Derrick is kissing Frankie’s butt now. And Frankie just can’t stop talking about himself…Poor Donny and Zach


hey production christina did Donny like that is a joke if Donny goes home you should take big brother off air we are mad Donny fans in big brother fans will be angry if Donny goes home before cody Christina cleab derrick Victoria we will be real mad I cant believe Christina I cant believe it production as a big brother huge fan for many years if Donny goes home im done with this show in I heard it from 25 people today too

What the hell?

Grammar much?


Anyone else feeling more than a little perturbed at Derrick for saying he has definitely got Zach’s back but then tells Victoria that no one is gonna use the POV not even he himself and that essentially means he lied to Zach about having his back. If we could just get Frankie, Christine, and Nicole gone then I believe that many of their problems would be resolved.


It’s like Derrick is rubbing it in Zach’s face that Derrick is stabbing him in the back. I loathe Derrick!


Can someone tell me what ” jelly fish” would be.


Ask Google.


They are having fish sticks. Fish fillet


I hate seeing Donny cry about everyone leaving him out of the game talk. I’m hoping him and Zach team up, but the deck is stacked against them. One will go home this week 🙁


Both Donny and Zach have had enough. Donny’s put up with the fratbrats since day one and has played the game on his own. Zach is just getting a taste of being alone and seeing how his own actions feel on the flip side. Maybe Zach will learn something from The Beard. We can only hope.


Hey Frankie, I’ve met tons of famous people too but that doesn’t make ME famous. And meeting people does not mean you KNOW them. He must not be that “famous” living check to check. Get an education, a real job and make some real money. I hate he’s on team America because greedy Derrick will keep Frankie as long as he can.


Apparently his net worth is half a million. I googled it! I think he’s lying about his income to the HG’s, so he appears less of a target. If he admitted he had money, no one would want to keep him.


Google Mommy dearest
Joan Grande CEO of Hose-McCann Communications

forget about the sisters millions he grew up with it, boy is loaded


Of course Fakie is lying. Everything he says is a lie.


Zach has looked like he broke up with his significant other by the way is he so morose and sad looking. I feel really bad for him, but he needs to get his head in the game!

Not a Donny Fan

OK, I have been converted. PLEASE!! let Donny or Zach win POV and ANYBODY else go home. Sorry Victoria but Christine is probably too much of chicken to put up Derrick and she is half in love with Cody. I don’t think she is ruthless enough to put up Nicole.


Please tell why the conversion? I’ve been Team Donny since day one. I thought he and Joey would have made a great TA. So what brought you back from the dark side?

Beast Mode Creeper

Barnacle Bob aka Chrustine is still lusting over Cody Travolta…guess she’s getting her jollies while she can.cuz soon It’ll be back to beer belly Tim and or an empty house when she leaves the BB house


I am sick and tired of people talking about Frankie’s b.s like stfu already! I hate this guy, can’t stand him. All these houseguests are idiots I swear. Zack and Donny are the only one who isn’t falling for Frankie bullshit, the rest are just as dumb as sheep. (Nvm that’s an insult to a Sheep)

Sigh Donny Fanatics

I dont think any of them are being played by frankie honestly after he told the house derrick and cody instantly said its a play, derricks using it to make frankie a bigger target is my opinion he pumps frankie up and then when he leaves he talks shit its obvious. Nic and chris have both said they dont want to keep him and vic just listens to derrick so they are not being played.


And the unbridled arrogance only gets worse as Frankie tells his acolytes that Zach’s inner demons must be consuming him for the things he’s said about Frankie & he’s afraid Zach may do permanent damage to himself if he says any more. OMG!?!? Sorry, but after all the laughing he’s done re. Caleb’s boastful delusions, he now has surpassed Caleb in my book. This is narcissism at it’s finest!


Nic didn’t fall for it so she knows if she doesn’t win HOH she’ll join whoever stays on the block next week.


I put this on an earlier post, thought it might bear repeating…
Email for Leslie Moonves, CBS CEO (Julie Chen’s husband):
feel free to cut and paste….

If you really want to get production to stop manipulating this game, try this:

Mr. Leslie Moonves, CEO
CBS Headquarters
51 W. 52nd Street
New York, New York 10019

Dear Sir:
I would like to congratulate you on producing many hours of enjoyable entertainment for me and my family. I, like many other viewers, choose to support this programming by purchasing products advertised on my favorite programs and continuing to maintain my CBS stock.
However, I find myself unable to continue this type of support for your program, Big Brother. I used to enjoy watching it, but it has become increasingly apparent that your production team has manipulated this season to ensure a specific outcome. While it is understood that the program is an “entertainment” show, this season has left your viewers with the feeling of being manipulated themselves. I can guarantee you that this is neither good for the companies advertised products nor for your/their stock trades. As you know, the ratings for this show have been decreasing year after year. May I suggest that the formula be adjusted? Perhaps a different producer or casting director would be appropriate.
As for now, I will be sure to watch for the products currently advertised on Big Brother and NOT purchase any of them. For now, I will maintain my ownership of CBS stock and will wait to see the outcome of this season. I intend to encourage my friends, family & fellow bloggers to do the same.
I further intend to distribute this letter to the manufacturers of products advertised on this show.
It is my sincere hope that you may be able to effect the changes to this production that will return it to its original intent…enjoyable, unbiased entertainment for its viewers.

Sincerely Yours,


It would get really old listening to someone talk about how famous they are (really not), and my famous sister, and I know famous people. Hi, I’m a bragger. Annoying!!!!!!!!!


Sorry but i googled christines husband and hes even uglier than her

Vancouver Dude

They look like twins. I don’t define him as ugly but he’s no prince charming that’s for sure.


I hope nicole wins and takes Donny off, then TA can get Victoria to agree to be a pawn and vote her out. I can’t believe they are not even trying to do that, instead Derrick is trying to convince Frankie that donny is saying no to all TA tasks, which is a lie, imo. Of course he would be on board with this latest one,Derrick should be actively trying to make it happen. they have the votes to decide to vote out Victoria, and she is an easy pick.

These idiots aren’t even registering that the first 4 out right now need to be chosen for their inability to win anything. That means the next two need to be losers, not winners. Donny would be a mistake, Victoria would be the ideal one, and the 4th to be Christine. That would ensure that only Hayden has a half a chance shot at coming back in the game, but 3 others are easy to beat if he did not win his way back. They are missing out on an opportunity to get the TA task done, and to reduce the impact of the 4 competing to return.


Derrick’s a hypocrite. Donny was willing to give the last TA task a shot but that would have been too risky to all of Derrick’s shields & parachutes so he was the one who wimped out this week. I don’t blame him but stop being so self-righteous & hypocritical about it – who does he think he’s fooling ’cause it isn’t us!


I find it funny how Frankie only came out with the truth when he knows he was going down. I’m not sure if he realizes, but he is actually making himself MORE DEPLORABLE to viewers (if that was even possible) because we can see what he’s doing. He keeps talking about his sister and his so called connections to lure the house guests in. Now they don’t want to be hated for evicting a guy they believe to be Ariana’s brother and giving money to a charity. What a sick EVIL BASTARD!

Sigh Donny Fanatics

I think frankie does not make himself out to be a good guy he seems to want to be famous but i dont hate him for it as for ariana secret being told i think he was basically screwed there was no down side to tellling it no one trusted him and he had thrown zach specifically under the bus so it made him out to be untrustowrthy. Being truthful and letting it all come out was a good move but i felt like he made it more about his secret and less the game moves that he was sorry about and tried to clean slate it that would have been better but end result felt less real.


Before he went in the house he said he thought the jury should know who he is. Then Julie says jury and suddenly it’s time to tell the house. Also during pre-show interviews he never once mentioned a charity. So he’s pulled his families charity out as a way to make the other HGs think twice about voting him out. In his quest for fame he will do or say anything. But I think he’ll find he’s not going to like why he’s now semi-famous.

Roisen Dubh

Christine is just a mean and nasty person. I wish someone would put her ass on slop. Nobody deserves it more than her at this point. I know it’s a game but good Lord, she is just a backstabber.


Everyone in this game is a backstabber. Everyone has been pn slop. IT’S A GAME!!!


Yeah, but unlike everyone else in the house, she backstabbed her significant other in the real world. She and Cody are the worst. I’ll respect the dirtiest gameplay out there…Evil Dick, Dan, Dr. Will…but when your actions are betraying your vows to someone outside the house, I’m done with you. I hope Christine and Cody don’t even get close to Final 2. They are sickening.

Roisen Dubh

Yeah, I said I know it’s a game. Reading comprehension isn’t one of your strong points is it?

Chilltown 4 Life

If Zach somehow stays, I hope he doesn’t go crawling back up Frankie’s ass. I’m far from a Donny fan, but glad he didn’t buy into Frankie’s fame w*ore schtick. Best case scenario is Victoria is the replacement nominee, and gets voted out. Both Zach and Donny stay to cause chaos on Derrick, Cody, and Christine’s game. The “Hitmen” is a poor person’s version of The Renegades–Dan and Memphis.


If Nicole wins and pulls Donny off, Christine; puts Victoria up; Zach still may get the ax because Derrick is going to protect Victoria because she’s a vote for his side. Not in less someone can convince Caleb to flip but that would be a split vote and it would come up to Christine. Hopefully, Christine would see she has NO way in winning with all those guys. If I’m wrong please correct. Thanks


It seems genuine to me with Zach making Donny feel better. Maybe Zach just needs guidance.


I think Zach is getting to walk in Donny’s shoes for a short time and hopefully he’ll be more of a man and less of a fratbrat.


best case scenario: Nicole wins POV and uses it on Donny and then one of them wins HOH next week!


I guess Frankie thinks the BB world revolves around him and his sister. SMH. He is in for rude awakening when BB is over and realizes much of the BB fans despise him.


I could spend all day watching Zach and Donny together. Real talk and genuine emotion. This is the good stuff.

The Thought Police

I am assuming most have read “1984′ – but if not that’s okay – BB is and always has control – that’s the whole point… I have watched BB since its inception – and BB production has always played a role – the last couple of years were obvious – and the past 6 were overboard – HOWEVER – it is still up to the HG to play – however – putting Frankie and his story in this year takes the cake – get rid of production’s gameplay and give this game back to us (to a reasonable point) ….

Christine's Husband Tim

You are such a whore Christine

Guess Who Looks Like Barnacle Bob?

Chrustine is taking the easy way out with the slop assignments.{{{{shivers}}}} don’t want to upset King Derrdick or ” The Boyfriend I’ll never have” Coody. I still don’t trust that she won’t backdoor Nicole. I’m so hoping for a Hail Mary and Donny wins this ! Something needs to salvage this orchestrated season!


What’s sad it’s Frankie saying he can finally and play the game as himself…I say both versions of him SUCK! How big does his ego have to get! DUDE NO ONE CARES WHO YOU ARE BESIDES LITTLE 16 YEAR OLD GIRLS AND….YOURSELF! Get over it!!! He thinks he is America’s hero right now abd everyone loves him…little does he know more than half of BB fans can’t wait to see his ass gone. He should have never said who he was like he promised, better yet CBS should have his spot to someone who needs it


Right on Sarah, Do we say “right on ” any more ok You Go Girl!!! how ever we say it you’re right.. Frankie and Derrick are master manipulators, they both stink like the dead skunks they are.

Derrick do you really think your daughter is going to be proud of daddy the cop, who is suppose to serve and protect people – whose lied and scheme for 500k. I don’t know – I believe there should be a line of integrity within yourself regardless of the money.

CBS why interfere, BB fans loved the show but loved it better without your interference leave it alone let it be the real deal. Not the real deal with you guys editing it. Here again NO integrity

Boxer Mom

Like most of you I was totally disgusted with last year’s HGs. Their trashy talks and behaviors were over the top on so many levels. This year’s cast is a far cry from them in that regard. However, with all of the lying and deception they have caused others so much pain that it’s very depressing to watch. My heart just goes out to Nicole, Donny, and Zach right now. No, none of them have played what you would call good games, and probably won’t win, but to see a grown man cry, a young man who looks like he lost his best friend, and a young lady being torn up is not what I call entertainment. Oh how I miss the likes of Janelle, James, Danielle, Howie, etc. I thought Andy ruined Big Brother, but Frankie has buried it.

Sigh Donny Fanatics

I agree its very sad watching some of these hgs i dont personally prefer or dislike any hg i think game but this season has felt like ive been watching high school played out if your not part of the cool crowd you get people insulting you outright and booting you and its the entire house making these insults {only people not doing it was jocosta kind of and donny}. The house voting together dynamic has really made the house paranoid everyone thinking they are friends and when they lie they make a big deal out of it its a game you need to think that way not as if your out in the real world. Personal attacks are not fine but if the lyings and backstabbing work well then you are gonna use it to win. i feel sorry that these hgs feel bad but i want them to get up and fight why be there if your not gonna do something claw your way through the game if you have to but do not just give up. I respect donny as a person, zachs a fun guy but they need to try even if they fail jeez.
TLDR: I hate when people are making people feel like shit but i do not tolerate the lack of fight they need to try as hard as you can whether you win or lose.


How much fight do you expect Donny to have? He’s been on his own since Day 1. Then having Devin say they are the DD’s and then out the DD’s to the house. He’s been fighting every day in that house and he knows even if he wins POV he’s only buying himself another week or so and will most likely be a HN the whole time. No one talked game with him. No one listened to him. And anyone who even sat and chatted with him was branded as being under the control of the mastermind Donny. Zach is just learning a little of what Donny’s been going through.

Roisen Dubh

It’s funny that they named themselves The Hitmen. Last time I checked, hitmen got blood on their hands, I guess Cody counts if you consider the only blood on his hands is when he switches out his tampons.


And hitmen are heartless bast@sds who will do anything for money and kill anyone in the way of their money. Guess that describes Derprick pretty well.


Donny to Zach- “Your family makes you happy. Making them happy makes you happy.

This man.

Love BB

Couldn’t agree more. Donny is the only real man in the so-called “reality” show. Gave up his job to take a chance on a better future for him & his girlfriend. That HOH letter from his girlfriend had me crying along with him. I’m so glad he has someone like that.
He DESERVES to win.
I hope he wins POV…..if not, & he gets voted out, then I hope he’s the return player. If not, I hop’me he wins Americas Favorite.

C’mon Donny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Donny has represented himself, his family and his community with such dignity and grace. I think when he goes home he should have job offers if not his old job back. I can see him with his girlfriend being offered and doing BB charity events which should supplement his income. I tip my hat to Donny’s family, friends and community. You have a fine man there.


I’m glad that all the millions of fans Frankie has at least voted peanut butter for Zach & Donny.


At this point I would pray Donny comes down and either Derrick, Cody, or likely Victoria go up and get evicted. Donny has already been onto Derrick. If only it could be revealed how Derrick/Cody pitted Frankie and Zach against each other! I think those 3 could go far and to be frank that’s the best case scenario. If Donny, Frankie, and Zach make final 3 then Donny and Zach are assured money!

Sigh Donny Fanatics

I was actually thinking this today but i was expecting people wouldnt want to see frankie get farther in the game but if donny does maybe people would accept it. It seems the best scenario for both fans of donny and zach and even production your big namers getting far in the game, it might be too late for it though even if donny convinced frankie about derrick or frankie finds out he was played by derrick and cody against zach They need donny or zach to win veto, vic goes up and they still dont have the votes they would need to bring caleb over and its still a tie unless they can flip nicole which might happen because she hasnt sold donny out about what he said about derrick but i still think she wont flip. Which leaves chris to vote out someone and she will probly do what cody wants which would be what derrick wants which is to keep vic most likely.
TLDR:It would be hilarious to see and alliance of donny, zach, frankie but they need help if they can pull it off.


Donny would never trust Fakie. And he shouldn’t. He would rather keep his dignity and go to jury than to pander to that fame Ho.

Nicodon fan

Derrick plans to take Victoria to the end because he feels sure he can win over her.


And I find it astounding that no one has noticed that! Of course Derrick’s going to take Victoria given the opportunity. He’d be an idiot not to. Other than Donny, these people are seriously daft. Someone needs the balls to put up Derrick or Cody. C’mon! This is Big Brother. What a bunch of wusses. Oh, AND FRANKIE IS THE BIGGEST JOKE. GROW UP DUDE AND GET A LIFE-YOUR OWN LIFE AND STOP SUCKING OFF YOUR SISTER’S SO CALLED FAME (I didn’t know who she was). Sorry for all the caps but I am highly agitated!


I use to like Derrick but now he gets on my nerves. He does not talk to people. He talks at them.


But they allow it. Derrick is playing a great game, if the others were on to him they would do something about it, but they are clueless..


Caleb and Victoria are idiots. Show them something shiny (a celebrity) and they’re hypnotized.
Christine is a coward. She’s still doing the guys bidding. What a tool.
Derrick will be toast once several people get to the jury house and start sharing information.
Zack is bipolar. Why isn’t he on meds
Frankie will always ride his on his sister’s coattails.
Cody is invisible. Which is his best game play.
Donny and Nicole are too naive for this game.


Nicole, win PoV and save Donny. Donny, Nicole and Zach form an alliance and make it to final 3. That’s my wishful thinking.


Hey Everyone!!
IT’S A GAME!! DEAL WITH IT! Christine is Hoh, fair and square!! This is Big Brother. You have to do whatever it takes to get you farther in the game…..with the exception of Victoria.


wow on the downvote. that means you don’t know how this game works. Go watch BB2, BB7, BB8, BB10, BB12, BB13, BB14 and then tell me if we’re watching the same show! 😛


we are all aware how BB works. But thank you for trying to school us, you are so awesome and better than everyone!


Oh the irony! Victoria telling Nicole that Derrick is the only one who is loyal & doesn’t manipulate people. Hahahah!


When is POV being played, anyone know yet?


The only way Donny will stay, if the POV is tailored to him. It seems they’re(production) more interested in the hoopla of Frankie so called stardom. It’s all about the money production will get in return. Old saying give a little and get a big return.


May I suggest you read the comments before posting. VERY REPETITIVE!!!!!


“I’m still living from check to check I wish i had her success maybe I will when I get out of here.. ”

Big Brother is certainly NOT a stepping stone to greatness, the BB alum all have to work, some of them have to work within the BB universe, using their 15mins of fame to scrap by…
I think Jeff and Dick are the most successful with the BB fame? Who else?