Power Of Veto Players are PICKED! Who wants it more?!

POV Holder: ? Next POV: Aug 25 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian -> Has a veto power


The Power of Veto Players are: Frank, Danielle, Dan, Jenn, Shane, Britney
POV host: Ian

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10:40am – 11:15am When the live feeds come back, Joe says that he is on the sidelines. He is the only one sitting out. Dan and Ian are in the bedroom talking. Dan asks where Brit is? Ian says the diary room. Dan tells Ian that at least we got the pick we wanted. Dan says we don’t want anyone to throw it. Dan tells Ian that he understands if he doesn’t use it, but you understand how I would react and what I’d do in the Jury house. Dan and Danielle go to sit in the living room. They think the competition will be a who wants it more or the spelling one. They talk about how they can’t hear any building going on in the back yard so that it probably will be the “who wants it more” competition.


11:20am In the kitchen, Britney and Joe are talking. Britney says that she doesn’t think she has the votes if she goes up. Joe disagrees. Britney doesn’t think she has Shane’s vote. Joe disagrees. Britney doesn’t think Shane would vote for her over Danielle. Joe disagrees. Joe says that he is going to talk to Ian to not use the veto. Joe tells Britney the perfect word to spell if it’s the spelling comp. He says every time Ian wears the shirt he think of it. “Thermodynamics” Britney says that if anyone but Dan wins it, Dan is gone. Joe says he thinks so too.


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11:25am – 11:45am Britney heads up to the HOH room. Frank says that he can’t wait for this comp to get started so that they can know what they are working with. Britney says that she is glad that her and Shane got picked. She says that she thinks it will be the “who wants it more” because the setup is so light. Frank asks her if she will dye her hair pink. Britney says I guess. She says that she is stressed to the max and will be trying to win it. Frank says that he was thinking last night how he told Ian all they had to do was win two HOH and Dan and another one of them would be gone. He says this is just all past tense, I trust you but you have been rolling pretty tight with Dan and Danielle. Britney says that she understands and that she is already resigned herself to the fact that Dan is already one foot out the door. She says it Dan wins the veto, I am worried if I or Shane would go up on the block and I don’t know if I have the votes. Frank says if it was you up against Danielle, I think you would have Shane and Ian’s vote. Frank says and Joe will vote how I tell him to vote. Frank says between us two, don’t take offence to this but if it was you or Shane, I would rather Shane go home because he would work with Danielle. Frank says I want you to win today, as far as my best interest go I think Shane going home would be better if Dan came off. Britney says that she does want to work with Frank, I am working with you. Frank says that he thinks with Shane gone he could get Ian, Joe, Jenn and Britney rolling with him to put Danielle and Dan back on the block. Frank asks Britney if would she be upset if Shane was a casualty this week. Britney said no but that she thinks he would have the votes to stay. Britney explains how a who wants it more competition works and how in her season all the guys took all the prizes when she thought they were taking punishments to get out Brendon.


Dan and Britney are in the living room. Dan says so I have to win the veto or leave it in his hands to use it. Dan asks if he made the right move in picking Jenn. Britney says yeah, because Joe would have taken all the punishments. Dan says that he was a 100% going to throw it to you guys but then I woke up this morning and he said he wasn’t going to use it. I trust you guys 1000%. Meanwhile in the arcade room Ian and Britney are talking. Britney says that if Dan wins it, guess who will be going up, yours truly. Britney says that Dan is freaking out because you said you won’t use. You need to tell Dan that if Dan or Danielle win it that you will use it. Britney tells Ian to go tell Dan. Ian gets up and goes to tell Dan that he will use it. Dan goes to the arcade and Britney tells him that Ian said he would use it. Dan says that Ian told him that if Frank threatened him he wouldn’t use it. Dan then goes to the bedroom to talk to Ian. Ian says that the perfect scenario is that I will use it to take you off. Dan says that he will throw it to them. Ian says that the talk scared the hell out of him last night. Ian says that the talk last night from BB trying to get him to use it has freaked him out. Ian says he will tell Frank beforehand so he isn’t blindsided.
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12:20pm – 12:40pm In the arcade room Britney and Shane are talking about strategies to winning the different types of POV competitions it could be. Shane then heads up to the HOH room to talk to Frank. Frank tells Shane that he is not afraid to take him to the final two. Shane says that he would take him too. Frank says that there aren’t many people that would take us to the final two. He says that Shane is the only person that would take him. Frank explains how the final HOH competition plays out. Shane says that he is going to do whatever it takes to win the POV and take all the punishments but will not shave his head. Frank agrees. They talk about maybe giving up $50G’s or $75G’s. Shane says that Dan said he had to write a cheque for $140,000 to the IRS after he won.


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Ian and Dan are in the have-not room talking. Ian says that one thing you said to me was that you would rat me out Mother F**ker. Dan asks did they ask you. Ian says yeah, if you did that, it would not only screw over me, but also the whole.. Dan says no, I would never. Ian says that he told Frank when he asked about it that he was trying to keep you off the block. Dan says that I can’t throw it unless I know I have your vote if it is me versus Shane. Ian says that they need to make sure Shane or Britney win the POV today. Ian says why do I always get put in these positions. Ian leaves and goes to lay down in the kicks room.


12:55pm Ian is talking to Britney that he is getting really pissed off that he keeps getting put in these positions. He says that Dan keeps asking for more, more and more and more. Ian says that he keeps getting threatened with jury votes and he is tired of it. Ian says that Dan and Frank threatened him. Ian says that he is getting tired of it and is seriously considering going into the diary room and talking to a psychiatrist. Ian says that he hopes he can win HOH next week and take Frank out. Ian tells Britney that he told Joe to pick a side, that Joe just floats to the power and that he doesn’t respect that.

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222 thoughts on “Power Of Veto Players are PICKED! Who wants it more?!

    1. I can’t either!! The whole house is scrambled because they are unsure if Ian will use his veto gift. He should use it on Dan because Dan protected him all last week.

      1. In my opinion, Ian has already repaid that favor by winning HOH and getting rid of Ashley.
        Nobody owes Dan anything. All he has done is manipulated the other players in the house to make decisions that directly benefit him.
        If you recall, he wanted to keep Janelle even though it was only to his benefit. Before agreeing to get her out, he made a final 3 deal with Frank and Boogie.
        “you’re going to roll with 2 of the best players in BB history”.

        Dan is a douche and should not be trusted by anyone.

          1. Where are all the people who cried that Frank is such a bully now that Dan is playing the same card?

            I have to say that Benedict Arnold Ian is pretty dumb for a smart guy. So he joins The Beatles as a tambourine player and acts as a mole while they are all playing. Then he thinks because Boogie is gone thanks to his tattling, he should be able to go back to coasting. Does he not have a path to winning aside from being carried?

            If Ian is smart, he follows productions lead. Get Dan out and partner with Frank, Shane, and Britney to the final four.

        1. Dan wouldn’t be in this spot if he had only outed Ian in the first place and let him take his own heat for the Boogie back stab. Dans being a soldier and protecting his quack pack. Dan is still taking the heat so Ian’s debt is not paid. Because of Ian Frank is shitting on Dans dream to win BB again. lol

        2. I totally agree with you. Dan is as big a snake as Booger was, but he’s much more slick about it. He uses others, just like Booger did for his own advantage. How he has so many people fooled and why he is so liked, I’ll never know. All he does is sleep, admire himself, and trying desperately to get into Danielle’s pants. He’s a slime ball. Have never liked him. Glad someone else see’s this as well.

      2. Question: Does Ian’s power keep him from going on the block like a normal Veto?

        If not, I think it would be bad for Ian to use it, especially if Britney or Shane win Veto and uses it because Frank will probably replace the nominees with Britney or Shane (whoever did NOT win Veto) and Ian. Ian’s usefulness in the Quack Pack (getting Boogs out) is over, so he’s at the bottom of their totem poll.

      3. Honestly, ian is in this position because you decided to play the mole and dan is the one that saved u didn’t want the position why didn’t u just let dan win it. He is right about joe pick a side

    2. Ian covered his mike last might in the bathroom with Brit and told her the DR is telling him they want him and her to work with Frank..it’ll be better for the “story line”…Brit said..”well we are going to do what is best for us.”…and then they told Ian to not talk about DR sessions..

        1. They have done that EVERY season! BB production gets involved in the game frequently to not only help their picks, but to up ratings, that is really the bottom line of the show, RATINGS! Don’t be naive, no one has ever won this game completely because of their own abilities!

          1. actually they started interfering season 9 the first 8 seasons were just natural talent but production started team christ n season 9 and the “jessie avengers”
            in both season 10 & 11 not sure who they rigged in 12 but 13 was when dani turned on the vets

      1. Wow, big brother seems to be a rigged game. So the players are influenced or guided by the production team. And depending if you play ball with the production team, they may help you go further in the game. Wow, they pay these players little of nothing, $750.00 dollars a week, to take all this abuse and face all this public criticism, and they never had a fair chance to win. Production determined who should be the winning players, not the House Guests. They should at least give the TV viewers a warning saying” GAME IS RIGGED. YOUR FAVORITE PLAYER HAS NO CHANCE OF WINNING. WE HAVE ALREADY DETERMINED THE WINNER DURING PRODUCTION MEETINGS.”

        1. They do say that. Not in those exact words but they do say it. Being inside the house is no different than trying to get inside the house. It’s a process controlled by production. Face it, it would be boring if production didn’t influence anything.

    3. From their conversation last night, I think they are turning against Dan. I hate to say it but if Dan doesn’t win this POV, he’s likely going home this week.

    4. Now the game has finally begun. The Quack Pack may be over this week which is what I have been waiting to see. The first person I want gone is Britney. Dan has got to win this POV in order for that to happen. I can totally see Frank putting Britney on the block if Dan wins. I can’t see him putting Joe or Jenn up.

      1. So what if the Quack Pack is gone, Each player is playing his or her own game right now; however, their own self interest are still aligned to work together. Yes one of them will be gone after the elimination vote. But the balance of power shifts big time the next HOH competition. Shane can’t compete in HOH. Joe and Jenn haven’t won anything…why would they suddenly win something now. Now depending on who remains after the elimination vote, the odds are one of the former members of the Quack Pack will win the next HOH. I like Shane, Brit, Dani, Dan and Ian chances against Joe and Jenn. Its not a question whether Frank will get nominated for eviction after the next HOH…he will. The question is whether Shane can beat him in the POV. Because we know the others like to keep their hands clean and let Shane be the front man.

        1. Nobody has learned! You don’t nominate the person you want gone, you automatically give them a spot in the POV competition when you do that! You have to try to keep them out of the comp., and then backdoor them. If they do get a spot, you try to mess them up, and if the winner is in your alliance, backdoor them! I have no idea how people have not caught on to this in 13 years! Dr. Will, Janelle, Boogie, Rachel best players, no, Dick hands down, he is the only player that consistently employed this technique, and it won masterfully!

      2. Ian and Brittney convince Dan and Danielle to throw the comp. I bet Ian will then turn on Dan. Its not looking good. I really don’t think Frank would put up Brit – he is convinced Brit is working with him %100

    5. They’re playing both sides, Britt is just having better luck at it. Ian’s getting cornered. That little dummy pulled the trigger too soon.

    1. No, I think that next eviction will be good for Frank.
      The QP will be running around like a duck with its head cut off!

  1. I went back and looked – Ian went to DDBS and asked to join with them. I believe he went thru Brit. Dan and Dani need to decimate Ian if he fails the alliance.

  2. Now Dan is making threats against Ian, if he does not use the Veto on him he going to penalize him for it in the Jury House???

  3. oh dan … you really are pathetic.. you sadi uyesterday that you would not be doing anything personally.. and now you just basically threatened ian that if you got ssent to jury you would taint it so he wouldnt win …. when him not using it would be the best for HIS game… not yours Dan … and if you cannot see that then maybe you shouldnt be on the show

        1. Yeah but didn’t dan say that if he got sent to the jury house he would not take it personally ( giving frank his vote if he gets him out ) but i am guessing he only said that because he cannot intimidate frank but thtinks he can intimidate ian…
          Ian should say in the goodbye message to dan that remember it is a game and he did what was best for him , and then remind dan of his actions

    1. Please, that wasn’t personal –it was a game move. Just like it was a game move for Ian to hide his alliance with the QP. And I wouldn’t be quick to judge anyone in that house unless you’ve actually been in that position. I don’t like Frank in the game because of his personal attacks, but I do see why he is so angry with Dan. To be fair, even though when people say it’s not personal, it is personal to the person getting screwed over. It is a game but people have emotions –they can’t help getting angry and thinking that game moves are personal attacks.

  4. Does anyone know the details of how Ians power works, does he use it before or after pov is used and how many weeks it is valid?

      1. I think it already is.

        If Shane and Joe team up, their name could be Team Shoe

        If Frank and Joe team up, their name could be Team ‘fro

        If Britney and Joe team up, their name could be Team Bro

        If Danielle and Joe team up, their name could be Team Dan, yo!

        If Dan and Frank team up, their name could be Team Dank (Dank is actually a surfer term which fits Frank)

        This post tells me that I really need to get a life and do something productive today.

  5. I would LOVE for Shane to win and take Dani down. He can walk the fine line with Frank that he didn’t remove Frank’s target. He stays true to his final two with Dani. Then Frank can decide if he puts Jenn, Joe or Brit up. My guess is Brit – if Brit goes no skin off Frank’s nose – in his mind women are interchangeable. Brit or Frank need to win veto for Brit to be safe. Jenn, Shane and Dan would for Dani if Brit were up against her. Newbs before coaches.

    1. I don’t think the issue is Sexism for Frank putting up Brittney. It’s obvious they are not in an alliance. She has been trying to get him out of the house since Week One. Hmm I think I would try and get her out as opposed to Jenn.

    2. If Shane took out Brit, she would be committed to an
      Asylum for the Criminally Insane, due to her attempting
      to kill Shane.

  6. I have no clue why ppl are rooting for the quackpack.. That is probably the worst alliance ever..ian thinks he has a final two deal w brit who also have a final two deal w shane. Frank s main strategy is to win everything or he is gone..Shane is probably the dumbest player ever since marcella.
    My pick to win it all is obviously chef Joe, he is truly a powerhouse.. Nobody knows but he does have a secret alliance w the new player that i believe was released from pandora ….her name is i think Jen City.
    Whata powerhouse!

    1. It would be funny if Joe won it.
      I do think it is gross that he doesn’t wash his hands after going to the bathroom.
      Last night on BBAD, he came out of the bathroom, didn’t wash his hands and went directly to the fridge.
      I can’t believe nobody has said anything to him about this…especially since he cooks all the food.

        1. if frank wins alot of us will be really angry .because production should’nt even be playing or as we call it fixing the game .they have done that to many times in the past .Its not even worth watching anymore.I use to love it .now its getting to be just like all the other games .which is really sad.:(

  7. If it how bad do you want it Dan should be the favorite to win it but if it;s spelling then it’s anyone’s game. It would be interesting if it ends up Danielle vs Britney to stay–my guess is that Brit is right and she would go home.

      1. Dan doesn’t do anything to put a target on his back unless it is absolutely necessary.
        His whole game revolves around having others do his dirty work and then knifing them in the back when he’s done with them.

      2. It should quite clear even to him that his butt is on the line with Ian being all wishy washy and laying the groundwork for not using his power so save Dan. Dan has to realize this if he is as good as he thinks he is.

    1. I hope not..once she leaves I cancel feeds…I cannot watch Danielle and Shane talk game anymore..it hurts my friggen head. Without Brit as comic relief…not sure I can sit thru this bunch

  8. There is still a better way for the quack pack to stay alive… Let’s say Dan wins pov takes himself off the block then shane and britney tell Frank if they put one of them up as a replacment nominee their coming after him next week but if he doesn’t they’ll vote out danielle so Frank will put Joe up and Joe goes home

    1. Quack Pack is no more, between Frank and Ian,
      they successfully tore it apart. It only remains in

    2. Makes no sense they have been gunning after him since week one. Since they will continue he needs to take out one of them while he has the chance.

    3. Whether the Quack Pack remains alive, it did its job. Got rid of the biggest poser and pretender in Mike ( I am stuck in 80’s) Booger……I mean Boogie. Now that he is gone, everyone is playing the game in his or her best interest. Shane finally realized he was doing all the dirty work for the rest of the group. Ian takes one bold action and then says he can’t turn on Frank again! Yep, the Quack Pack may be dead…but that’s not a bad thing. Shane play your game, and it might be in your interest if given a choice between Brit or Danielle….go with Danielle.Ian play your game, but if you go to the finals with Frank,,,,you take home the silver and not the gold. Brit, you haven’t won anything and except for Ian the rest of the group finally realized you are just a puppet master, who no longer has any puppets.

  9. Dan will not win this season. He like the other coaches who one previous big brothers came in with these huge egos. His ego is doing him in. Brittney on the other hand did not win her season and she is really working the house. She knows that Joe will go and run up to Frank to tell him that she will be voted out if Britt is on the block with Dani. Frank may want to protect her if he really does want to work with her. She is quick on her feet. Always adjusting based on what is going on that minute in the house, but always looking long term keeping options open.

    Hope Dan leaves this week. Loves how he expects everyone to cover his butt. Go Ian and Britt to F2!!

      1. I second that. What Britney fails to realize is that she doesn’t have anyone in this game. Shane and Danielle will work with each other over Britney. Also, Shane and Danielle prefer to work with Dan over Britney. If Dan goes this week, Ian will want Britney out next because he wants to get all of the coaches out. Ian said this very early on in the game and I think this is exactly what he is trying to do. This week, I think he wants Dan to go, then next Britney. This girl is so clueless, still trying to use the same strategy she used in her season. She will get played yet again.

        1. If Ian wanted all the coaches out he could have made an epic move last week after Frank won POV. Instead of putting Joe up beside Ashley, he could have back doored Dan. He would then be the tiebreaker vote after a 3-3 vote between Ashley and Dan. That is when he could have made an even bigger move than eliminating Boogie.

  10. Dan did tell Ian he would understand if Ian didn’t use it. He just said there would be consequences. JLON, what would you say and do in Dan’s position?

      1. The menacing part would be if Dan actually voted against the best player for personal reasons. I think Dan is just saying this to scare Ian but Ian does not like to be threatened. Everyone thinks Ian is meek but I don’t think so. I think if Ian played the best game and double crossed Dan, Dan would give Ian his vote. Its funny how Ian keeps saying people keeps giving and Dan keeps asking. Every moment Dan keeps the QP a secret he’s helping Ian but at 21 Ian does not realize this. Ian forgets how terrible Boogie treated him prior to the reset. Ian went to the QP not the other way around.

        1. I’m sorry I have to do better proof reading. Ian is tired of Dan asking him to do something. But its not just Dan – its the alliance and they helped Ian as well. Ian might be a little drunk with power or maybe its his social disorder.

    1. well 1. i would not say one thing to one person and then do the exact opposite…
      2. I would think in terms of game moves i would be upset at the time but the time in the jury house will give me time to reflect and calm down

    2. well 1. i would not say one thing to one person and then do the exact opposite to another person …
      2. I would think in terms of game moves i would be upset at the time but the time in the jury house will give me time to reflect and calm down

  11. The game is being playing in Joe’s hands right now. He does not even need to play in the veto and this will give him proper rest for the next HoH… im telling you, Eagle Eye is on a rolllll right now and it will be nearly impossible to stop him at this point. Socially, Physically… just too much for he other house guests

    1. Joe could rest the next six months and he wouldn’t win a competition. Joe and Jenn are not winning competitions no matter type of game it is. The best Joe and Jenn can do is be on the sideline and be swing votes. None of the other House Guests see them as any threat. However, by not being seen as threat actually helps them and they probably ride to final three.

    2. Hey Joe: The Exotic Dancers – Strippers Union called, they want their landing strip back. They claim it was only intended for real a p*ssy not someone that acts like one. How many times did we have to hear you say you’d go to Frank AND Boogie and say “NO DEAL” “NO NEGOTIATIONS” and then go to a knee and give what actually is a ‘safe signal’ (Idiot). Guess your true colors showed when you waited for Boogie to go to sleep before you hemmed and hawed your way thru a I don’t think so answer. Well if I had five bucks for every time you said you were about to do something (such as this) I might have as much $$$ as Boogie went home with. There’s nothing good about a loud mouth urine laden chef.

      P.S. In California there’s a law that states you MUST WASH HANDS AFTER USING THE BATHROOM…it’s posted in every single food establishment. Maybe in Kentucky they roll differently, but I’d think you could only get away with it in a trailer.

      1. Joe’s landing strip on his chin fits perfectly.
        He has been on his knees more than once in this game.

      2. I’m from Kentucky and trust me we don’t roll differently here. I’m embarrassed every time I see him in his big blue gear. We actually wash our hands, wear shoes, and don’t scream at the top of our lungs when speaking. He really is an embarrassment to us

  12. Britney’s playing with her hair just like she did last season.

    What’s up with Brit’s hair & the left side of her face?!

    1. I heard she drinks a lot of coffee & then says it doesn’t affect her. She’s not realizing that caffeine works on people in different ways…just because it may not keep her from sleeping doesn’t mean it’s not giving her other nervous habits

      1. I believe ians best interest is to not use his power especially if it can be used next week.Who cares if the qp then turn on him he would be the first they turn on anyway,and then by not using it he might lull frank into a false sense of security

  13. I hope whatever happens necessary so that one of the floaters are taken out. The show is boring enough – take dan out of the mix and it will be a sleepfest. I am so TIRED of listening to bozo the clown whining… get over it… and what is up with Shane and Frank going into the comp KNOWING that they wont cut their hair? Shane would probably look better without his 13 year old justin beiber haircut and will have to cut it as he becomes more bald and Frank is already UGLY! It might help to cut that red pubic hair off of his head…

    1. Agree – Dan feels entitled to win and threatening Ian is pathetic and embarrassing. He’s played the most boring game – let’s everybody else do his dirty work while he sits back and does nothing. Hope he is out the door next. He does not deserve to win this game.

  14. Screw the Quack Pack. This is the worst alliance I’ve ever seen. Besides Shane winning the rest of this group sucks at comps. If Ian uses his power he might as well walk out the house with whatever floater goes out because he has no chance of winning.

  15. What’s the point in playing veto if Ian already won it? I don’t understand. This has got to be the stupidest power ever.

    1. There are two vetos this week. Ian already has one, and cannot play in the POV comp as a result. This twist really just presents the chance for two people to be saved from eviction, not just one.

      1. I agree, that’s why I want to haunt Frank in the HoH room if he blows this…Lol…Though, seriously, Frank needs to wise up at the moment…

      2. I kinda have sympathy for Joe…I know, it’s sick and cruel on the history of BB, but lets face it he has been treated like a special ED. student since day 1…Sure, he’s not the brightest tool in the shed, but I see a good person there…Holy Dan? Not so much…

  16. Joe disgusts me. His gameplay is horrible. Like whats the point in telling pointless lies. And it’s even worse that everyone knows he’s lying. And he’s such a kiss ass floater.

    1. Joe is right up there with Lawon as the biggest idiot in BB history, but their is some sick/cruel side of me that kinda wants him to make the f3, just so he can play for a chance to the win…It would be comic relief if he finally won to get himself into the f2…

  17. Oh and lets not forget how stupid Joe and Jenn are. They think they’re so tight with the DDBS and do they really think that they’re not going to be put up once Frank is gone or if Frank wins the veto next week? Think again idiots.

  18. why is this show still continuing with production interrupting what’s supposed to happen! obviously they can see the feeds and others would believe why its best to work with frank! Equality my *ss

    1. Yea I stopped taking this show serious, in season 11, I just watch for the entertainment, and to piss off the gullible people who refuse to believe it’s rigged

  19. What is with production stepping and telling Ian not to use the veto? Ian tells Dan he will use it in the perfect scenario . Right after Ian gets done telling Dan that ,Ian gets called to the DR. This is bullshit

    1. Ian is making it up as part of his gameplay.

      BB Production called him to DR because, you’re not supposed to talk about DR, whether it’s real or made up.

  20. It is time for Ian and Britney to betray the Quack Pack. It is there only chance of a final 3 for them or they will be screwed.

  21. I dont know how Shane, Ian, Britney and Dani…can be so brainwashed by Dan. HE WON THE DAMN GAME! HE WILL WIN IT AGAIN. Idiots. If he stays and Frank leaves…then I hope Dan beat the dumbasses….ASSES!

      1. I really don’t see what Dan has done this year that has everyone so fired up. I’m a Dan fan yelling every week “DAN WIN SOMETHING DO SOMETHING”. He has dropped his subtle hints that only helped Brit and Danielle because they would have made the wrong move but other than small hints he has not done much. No one is with Dan truly but Danielle. He never turned anyone. Brit is playing the game much more cunning. I’m hoping Dan has a trick up his sleeve but I don’t think so. He can’t beat Shane or Frank in the comps and Ian and Brit secretly want him gone but they are afraid to roll with Frank without Dan. Shane and Danielle may be Dan’s only help but Ian told Brit Dan asked for his vote over Shane’s so Brit will run and tell Shane. If Shane and Frank decided to go to the end together Danille and Brit will slit their wrist. Sorry for going on and on no editing no proof reading-ADHD

    1. Why wouldn’t you want advice from someone that won the game? They obviously know what they’re talking about. Any on of them would win against Dan in the final 2, anyway.

  22. I seriously hope that Britney loses and she gets put up! She is the one who ran most of the hoh ‘s Shane had not so much Dan! She has played everyone! I am really getting sick of her comment “why does everyone think I am so close to Shane, I’m not” oh please! I get the feeling this is how she acts in real life like the mean girls! I hope Dan wakes up and smells the sh!t they are telling him and wins veto! Throw Britney out and then he teams up with frank! They would be the most unlikely duo and could do some damage together!! And Ian needs to come out of Britney’s a@@and get some air because he is so manipulated! At this point I don’t know who I would root ftw! I don’t really like frank ESP after some of his crude comments with mike but he does deserve some credit! But I really don’t want Dan to go home yet! Now that would really make the show more boring if he left! Someone shake Dan!!! And someone put a muzzle on Britney and please give her some nail polish remover that white nail polish is horrible:0

  23. Just like with Brenchal etc. etc. this season is a wrap! Production is just choosing who is going to help Frank along to the win. THAT IS WHY THIS SHOW IS BORING- we just watch Production script to the end….thus, Production sucks and I am done! Peace out suckas!

        1. Thanks, I always thought that if I got a nickel for every laugh I got, I’d be in the poorhouse owing millions!

    1. why are you taking the BB show too serious. just sit back and enjoy it. last year Rachel winning BB was the nail in the coffin, in how everyone should see what the show is really about.

  24. I have noticed a LOT more fish and extended disruption of the feeds this year which leads me to believe that production has kicked their tampering up a notch.
    Does anyone else notice this or agree?

    I’m a Frank fan, but have to agree that if the DR is trying to talk Ian out of using his power, that is pretty shady.

    It would be really interesting to see how a class action suit against ABC and the production company would shake out, especially since they actually charge people to vote via txt message. If they are stating “you can affect the outcome of the game” and are charging based on that premise, I believe it would be fraud if they do not actually act based on the votes.

    Some will say you can hide it in the fine print, but if the fine print is completely contradictory to the advertised perception, you can’t do that.
    For example, if you had a TV commercial that advertised a car that could do 300MPH, you can’t put in the fine print that it only does 50MPH.

    1. We never did get an explanation of the long delay that Saturday with the veto comp – here’s hoping they are not down for another 6 hours today.

      1. I think that AG and the CBS Legal Department communicate often to make sure that everything production does to influence the show is legal. They may even have someone from legal there telling them when they need to cut the feeds.

    1. ENZO says: YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO,

  25. If Dan throws the damn veto comp, he deserves to be evicted. – He throws way too many comps for stupid reasons. – I like Dan, but enough is enough. Balls up and do something.

    1. No but I’m afraid he will. Brit said she would cut her hair and you know that won’t happen.

  26. So do you guys think Britney is just trying to trick Dan into throwing the POV Comp by having Ian tell Dan he will use the power to save him?

  27. Wow, Dan is going to throw the competition ie take no paycuts or punishments and hope the others do and THEN take him off the block so he can go for 500k after others might of taken less???? Lmfao these guys are idiots to not get Dan out of there, how can they not see it, wtf?!!? They have to be playing Dan, he’s gonna throw the comp, and no one will take him off the block, and he’s out the door, loooool, that would be just too dam good.

    1. That’s Dan’s SOP (Standard Operating Procedure).
      Has been since the first season.
      He laughed and bragged many times in the DR about how many comps he was throwing.
      He is playing the exact same game this year and Frank seems to be the only one who has figured it out.

      1. I thought that at first but I believe he has tried and he cannot win comps against Shane Frank or IAN.

  28. Dan is being an ass by trying to bully Ian, I like Dan but, that’s just wrong. I’m sure God wouldn’t like that, Dan!

  29. here is my thought

    if you are the quack pack, the other 4. why the heck would you save dan?


    at this point, why the heck would you do it? hes a MASSIVE threat in the final 2, a MASSIVE threat if left late in the game. you have a chance for frank to have all the blood on his hands, get him out of the house when you can

    they did it to mike boogie, who they could beat in the f2, and now its like, frank joe jenn…and then the 4? cmon. cut dan loose. I hope dan doesnt win pov and goes home, it would be a lot like this season has been for him, a loss after another loss after another loss


  30. What is Ian talking about Dan is asking for more? Dan covered him last week and Dan is just asking for Ian to return the favor

    1. I agree…he wanted to be in this alliance, he approached them. Now that it’s time to do something, he’s acting like he has been carrying them the whole time. Frank can’t play in HOH next week, Ian has a veto power…what the hell is he so stressed about??? I’d rather piss Frank off than 4 other people that can play in HOH next week and be jury votes

    2. Ian put Ashley and Frank up that was the Favor. Dan now wants another Pull him off the block, he continues to use this to ask for more favors. When does it stop? How are these favors benefiting Ian? In their so called alliance Ian is way on the bottom.

      1. That’s not true. Dan does not have a final two deal. Dani and Shane Dani and Brit Brit and Shane Brit and IAn. Maybe Dan and Dani. Dan is fifth in this group unless he wins something. Frank Dan and Danielle need to team up because BRIT IAN and Shane are two afraid of Frank.

    3. How soon they forget…Power does not suit IAN. He’s a baby Boogie. HA HA HA!

  31. Going to eat dinner…Raspberry vinegarette Cesar’s salad with pecan encrusted cranberries, French onion soup topped with shaved Maine lobster tail, yellow basmati rice with real saffron, tenderloin strip of Danielle’s “THUNDER THIGHS”, some fava beans and a nice Chianti, sssssssssssp!

  32. If frank was serious about getting Dan out he should have put Ian up. He knows how easily influenced he is and how he can’t handle pressure. I can’t understand his thinking. If Dan the man stays Frank has only himself to blame for this one. Frank has one big character flaw he continues to put trust in people who have stabbed him in the back Numerous times. It’s like he can’t see the end game. He is his own worst enemy.

    1. i here what your saying but there is no way to win big brother without trusting someone, everyone in that house as already screwed Frank over so what other choice does he have.

    2. I think you’re missing what’s happening here. Frank can trust everybody or he can trust nobody at this point. Whether he’s giving people hope, threatening them, forcing them in uncomfortable spots, or acting like he’s a wounded animal, it doesn’t matter. Nor does it really matter who he evicts since they are all a target. He knows he has to win veto next week one way or another. You’re placing way too much emphasis on the social game, which is a secondary concern for Frank. Even if he avoids nomination, he knows there’s a backdoor, so he can say just about anything at this point, since winning comps is his only chance, minus a huge fracture in the gang of four.

    3. I think frank was thinking that if he would of placed Ian up with dan, that DDBS would benefit from that. frank just wants dan out first, and if he can’t take dan out, some one else from DDBS has to go. frank knows Ian betrayed him and boogie, but frank also feels that DDBS will use Ian as a deflection to keep DDBS safe. I don’t even think that dan even feels holding on the “Ian is a mole” chip is even worth anything to him right now. Ian should also tell dan himself that he doesn’t even care if dan tells frank. Ian, you did this to yourself homie. grow some balls and play the game.

    1. Say what you want, but Mike never bullied Ian and had his back…Dan is the bully towards him…

      1. Oh I’m sorry Mike for sure bullied Ian and said awful things about him. Why do you think Ian turned. Why would Ian go from being third to fifth in an alliance. Mike and Frank treated Ian really bad.

  33. I’m sick of Dan. I hope he goes. His throwing every comp game play annoys me along with his laying around repeating “yeah” to everything that the person he’s talking to says. That’s not building relationships in the house. That’s letting people ramble about their lives and not even listening just saying “yeah.”

    If these people try and save him, they’re idiots.

  34. Dan needs to go!!! The guy is a bully to Ian and a hypocrite…The guy doesn’t even understand his own religion…

  35. Next season 15 People dressed up as Zingbots, and let them battle it out, for show get the giant Duracell Battery …

  36. The boys are such babies to not shave their heads..trust me Frank you’ll look 10 times better and Shane, you’re going to go bald anyways down the road.

  37. What’s wrong with Shane and Frank, the possible alliance of “Shank” not wanting to shave their heads for the win?? The FUCK? it grows back shit heads, besides only women gets to whine about getting their head shaved.. BE A MAN, GO BALD

  38. Ian sure does have a high opinion of himself…for a common snitch.
    I really think he believes he is some epic villian like Boogie or Evil Dick.
    He will be forgotten just like Ronnie, but not before the house turns on him, makes him cry and ostracizes nim.
    Looking forward to that. By choosing the game style he chose, he deserves the wrath of the people he screwed over.

  39. lmao ian saying i give dan the moon now he wants stars funny shit ….. but ian is right about the quack pack he told brittney lastnight he doesnt want them thinking he suppose to save them all the time ….. brittney is playing a damn great game she told ian to go tell dan he would use it so dan doesnt have to go that hard at pov …. brittney said lastnight dan gone isn’t so bad … if dan is gone frank can trust britney and she will be good with both sides but i love brittney she knows if dan is gone danille will lean more towards her . and frank willl target shane next and she can stroll to the finals

    1. Stroll to the finals?? Perhaps but she wont be getting more than the $50k. She’s only gonna be able to beat Joe and Butch. I love how these “strong” players complain about floaters. Britt is the definition of a FLOATER. Hides behind stronger personalities and competitors, then just makes deals with whoever is in power. At this point Im on Team Frank. As much as he has been the target, he would deserve the win and if he makes it to the end it will be a clean sweep.

      1. Britney is the definition of a floater? Please. She has been aligned with the same people for a while now and the only reason she’s exploring a possible deal with Frank is that she knows the QP is probably going to break up this week. I guess you haven’t noticed Jenn and overlooked Joe?

  40. its like dan wants lime the sugar and the water to make lemonade and he has nothing to bring to the table just a vote ……. i would send his ass to jury

    1. While Dan has not won any comps he is the sole reason the QP is still together. No way Shane is smart enough, Brits paranoia makes her flip flop too much and Danielle would have hung herself. So Dan has contributed to the QP- even if you hate him you have to see that.

  41. 2:55pm Ian is talking to Britney that he is getting really pissed off that he keeps getting put in these positions. He says that Dan keeps asking for more, more and more and more. Ian says that he keeps getting threatened with jury votes and he is tired of it. Ian says that Dan and Frank threatened him. Ian says that he is getting tired of it and is seriously considering going into the diary room and talking to a psychiatrist. Ian says that he hopes he can win HOH next week and take Frank out. Ian tells Britney that he told Joe to pick a side, that Joe just floats to the power and that he doesn’t respect that.


    1. IAN is full of it. Ian is playing the game. He wants to be evil … he just told Frank to win pov and not to take prizes. He is telling everyone what they want to hear. Ian might win this!

  42. Hey Ian, stop crying about the threats and be a man and take their power away. YOU are the one that wanted to be the secret villian and be sneaky. YOU are the one that let Frank and Boogie “threaten” Dan and Shane, just sitting there watching. YOU even would feed the charge against Dan with your “pissed off” game when the house would go against Boogie and Frank. Dan is justified in threatening to rat you out if you dont help him. Why would he care about YOUR game after he gets voted out, especially if you dont try and help him stay? He would not be going after you personally in the jury house. I feel Dan would see you as nothing more than a player that floats to power and as someone that cant make their own decisions. That is what he would probably be telling other jury members and that is why you wont win.

  43. All reality tv is manipulated, it is still “real” if the players are influenced by production or by other players. Of course CBS will want the outcome to be shocking because that plays well for the ratings. Ian shouldn’t be so wishy washy about what he has to do, if he is such a big fan then he should know that you have to out wit, out last and out play to win the game.

  44. Ian, that’s ‘nuf. Quit whining. I think Ian needed the BB experience to help him grow up. If he can’t handle this type of pressure, he won’t survive in the real world. Dumb kid.

  45. It’s still early enough that if Dan goes home production can create a “twist” to bring him back in the game to go against Frank.. Probably in Danielle’s pandora’s box

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