Frank says if I act broken, maybe they can take advantage of the situation and work with me.

POV Holder: ? Next POV: Aug 25 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian -> Has a veto power


8am Frank and Jenn are awake and talking. Frank tells Jenn that if she plays in power of veto today she needs to play her heart out because the four can still be intact. Jenn tells him to be cautious of Ian. Frank talks to Jenn about who would go up if one of them comes off of the block. Frank says it would have to be Jenn or Joe. He says that they would have the votes. Jenn says that if Dan leaves they hope Danielle rolls with them too. Jenn says that Ian was real nervous last night. Frank says that he thinks Ian is afraid that if Dan doesn’t win the veto today then he will be after Ian to use his power on him. Jenn says that she doesn’t think Ian will use it because he wants to stay in the game so he will save the power for himself. Frank asked Jenn if she would vote Danielle out over Britney. She says that it will break her heart. Jenn says that she doesn’t want to say yes. Frank hopes the competition isn’t a how bad do you want it. Jenn agrees. Jenn tells Frank he is not rolling by himself. Frank thanks her and they hug. They head into the kitchen.


8:25am – 8:50am Frank is alone in the HOH room talking to himself about Ian back stabbing him and Boogie. He is talking about how the others got to Ian and tricked him into going against him and Boogie. Frank says that it’s not fair of Dan to take advantage of a kid who is only 21 years old. Frank says that if Ian would have stuck with them he would have been better off. He says that Ian made a big mistake. Frank says that they warned him not to let them get to him but he let them. Frank says that he hopes to bring Ian back in to working with him. He says that he thinks Ian was manipulated. Frank says that Ian is insecure in this game and feels that Dan took advantage of that. Frank says he is going to have to hustle to make his way to the end. He says that he is not sure if others trust him or are afraid to trust him. Frank says that he is bummed out and has been trying to come across to the other house guest’s like that so it seems like he is broken. He says that if they think he is broken, then maybe they can take advantage of the situation and work with him. Big Brother then wakes up the house guests.

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9am – 9:20am Frank is in the kitchen making breakfast. Jenn and Danielle are in the bathroom putting on make-up.

9:35am Frank and Joe are talking at the kitchen table eating breakfast. Joe tells Frank that Ian said last night he would give away almost all the money in the POV if it was a how bad do you want it. Frank doesn’t think Ian would actually give up the money. Frank says you don’t need to take all the punishments to win. Frank says that he will not shave his head. Frank talks about Ian and says if you back stab me once, that’s fine, I will give you the chance to earn my trust back but if you back stab me again, you will not get my vote in jury and I will make sure you don’t get any votes. Joe and Frank talk about how Dan gave Ian some harsh words the other day and then right after Ian one the POV he was sucking up to him. They finish up eating and head up to the HOH room.


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9:45am Up in the HOH room, Joe and Frank are talking. Joe and Frank talk about how when Ian gets into some power he is so easily manipulated. Joe says that Jenn is on board with working with Frank, but that he isn’t sure about Ian. Frank says that he needs to talk to Ian and explain to him that they won’t take him to the end. Frank says if we win the POV today and Ian uses it to take Dan off, then I will put up Britney. Frank says that he isn’t worried about Britney because she isn’t winning competitions. Frank says that he isn’t sure if he can trust Ian but that if things go right on Monday then I can start trusting him again. Joe thinks Ian is smarter than they give him credit for, that he said and did things after the competition yesterday that makes him think he has a plan to get to number one. Joe explains that Ian and Dan both had 50 cents but that Ian realized the veto ball was underneath another one so he pretended to not have any coins left so that Dan would waste his first. Joe says Ian then followed Dan in and Dan realized what Ian was doing. Joe says that Dan said to Ian I will rat you out mother f**ker! Those were his choice of words, but that doesn’t seem like the choice of words to use for that situation. Was he talking about the competition or something else in the game that Ian is lying about. Then right after Ian won the veto and Dan was apologizing to him. Frank wonders if Dan was threatening him that he would come tell me something about Ian. Joe says that sounds about right. Joe says that the thing with us is that at least we haven’t f**ked each other, we have just been on opposite sides. They talk about how they were consoling him when he was all upset on Thursday and then after I find out that he was just nervous about voting out Mike. Joe says that what he saw in Ian yesterday was not intelligence, but that he would f**k anyone to win this thing. Joe says that he will intensely go after this veto, I have been close.. Joe heads downstairs and sends up Ian to talk to Frank.


Ian heads up to the HOH room to talk to Frank. Frank asks what was Ian’s motivation for winning the veto yesterday? Ian says that he wanted it to keep himself safe. Frank tells Ian that he flubbed it Thursday. They talked you into a bad situation. Frank says that Dan is doing his best to spread the target off him. Ian says that he messed up and freaked out on Thursday. He says that he had 16 seconds to make a decision. Ian says that he wants Frank in the house and won’t be voting him out for dang long time, till final 4 or 3. Frank says that he would take Ian to the final two and the only other person he would take is Jenn because she hasn’t screwed me. Frank says that he is able to mend bridges with others just like I didn’t put up Shane when he


10:15am – 10:25am Frank asks Ian what Dan meant the other day when he told you he would rat you out. Ian says that he doesn’t know what that was about, I don’t remember that. Frank says that he heard about it from a few people and just wanted to ask him about it. Ian says that he doesn’t really know what that was about and then says it was about Ian protecting Dan when Frank was trying to get him out. Frank says but you didn’t really protect him, we did. Britney comes up and joins them. Frank gets called to the diary room. Frank leaves. Ian says that the quack pack is in trouble. Ian explains what he said to Frank. Ian then asks if their (Ian & Britney) final two deal is good. Britney says that she is taking him 100%. Britney and Ian know that it was Joe that is running around trying to stir things up. They talk about who might go up if Dan wins the veto today and takes himself off. Ian says that he wants to find out how the veto can be used, like if he can give the veto to Britney on the grey couch if she goes up.


10:25am Big Brother switches the live feeds to TRIVIA to pick the power of veto players..

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130 thoughts on “Frank says if I act broken, maybe they can take advantage of the situation and work with me.

    1. Frank to go down as most gullible houseguest EVER. Message to Frank – Ian is 21 years old. He is not a kid. He is an adult. He is only 2 years younger than Dani.

  1. Is it true that at about 11:30 last night, Ian told Britney that Production wants them to work with Frank? And Britney asked Ian, why because it’s good for the story? Ian said yes and they’re working to showing me as the bad forces and I was taken advantage of and now I’m seeing the light.

    1. Yes….

      Ian: They want us to work with Frank.. …… and you

      Brit: Why, because it’s good for the story???

      Ian: It’s good for the story, They like you, and they’re working to show me as a bad like, like, the bad forces and I was taken advantage of and now I’m seeing the light.

      Brit: that’s fine

        1. Last night.
          Aug 24. 11:27 PM Cam 1 & 2.
          I just went back to look and CAM1 seems like some stuff is cut though (seems to jump around), but from what I remember a lot of it is there, just hard to hear.
          BBAD showed the entire thing though, if you have it DVR’d.

      1. The only problem with that is nobody took advantage of poor Ian and although frank may not see the truth dan never did anything Ian is the one who masterminded everything.

    2. LMAO!!!…If that’s true, production really does have a hard on for Frank…Hopefully Ian flips on the boring QP…

    3. Oh My Gawd. PALEAAASE make it stop! BBAD and live feeds non stop Brittany and Danelle
      s whiny whiny voices! Now that there is only a few in the house these two are getting more air time than anyone in BB history! I just cannot take anymore of these two so BB where can I get q refund for my feeds cause between them and BBAD we are done here! I tried to watch a little last night but it was truly excrutiating! I often inquired and wondered why Brittany constantly picks at her face, but I think I finally figured it out, it is because it is a mask covering the real two sided evil monster face that is the true Brittany! Just a little tip BB these two are the wrong choices to use to try and get your ratings back up. if anything I am pretty sure you are about to hit an all time low! lmaooooooooo Production might want to freshen up thier resumes before next season (that is if there is another season)

  2. That is so gross, Frank wearing a Boogie Tshirt and a Boogie hat,
    maybe there was a romantic tryst involved!

  3. “they took advantage of a 21 year old’??? What???
    Like if Ian doesn’t have a mind of his own!!!

    Ian has proved that he is smarter than both Frank
    and Boogie!

    1. Exactly! Ian is the one himself who chose to align with people other than Boogie and Frank and he had to try and go for Frank during the double eviction because Frank was already yelling at him making it seem like he was Frank’s target!

    2. Frank is a moron. He says Dan took advantage of a 21-year old kid. Ian is studying to become a chemical engineer and knows everything about Big Brother. He’s not an idiot! He knows exactly what he’s doing! Frank will find any excuse to blame Dan for something.I think he has a crush on him!

      1. Let’s say dan or danielle win the veto and take themselves off the block or someone else wins and takes one of them off the block, and if Ian was going to use his veto does he have to decide before frank makes the replacement noms.

    1. Even though if they pull this off this will be the best move ever but i hope dan still goes for the veto because i am not sure if he can really trust Ian anymore then frank should

  4. Frank wants to be taken advantage of?

    Ashley already did!

    Boogie already did!

    Ian reamed him through the backside!

    And he wants more?

  5. Frank is delusional…he really isn’t going to win this game..Jenn is delusional..she really isn’t going to win this game..Joe and Ian are pawns with potential and floating votes…Dan, Britney, Danielle, and Shane are going to the end-at the point it’s the best woman or man to the end..

      1. Hmmm, betting on bb winner with production interference, betting on preseason football…no thanks, I’ll pass on both :-P

  6. Shane broke the Silent 6 – it’s Dan’s fault.
    Boogie gone- it’s Dan’s fault.
    Ian went against me – it’s Dan’s fault.
    Pandora Box – It’s Dan’s fault.
    I feel tired, broken +depressed- It’s Dan’s fault.
    Why is everything Dan, Dan, Dan.

  7. OK once more I am going to post this and ask if I am the only one this bothers?
    I posted it earlier and was told I was “hilarious” for being angry at CBS.
    Maybe I am just another DaniDelusional, but it really bugged me that they used the word “story”.
    What do you all think?

    My post this early this morn-
    “Brit and Ian in BR (11:27)
    Ian: They (DR/Prod) want us to work with Frank.. me and you

    Brit: Why, because it’s good for the story?

    Ian: It’s good for the story They like you, and they’re working to showing me as a bad like, like, the bad forces and I was taken advantage of and now I’m seeing the light.

    Brit: that’s fine.”

    I just sent a complaint to CBS about the above.
    Is it reality or scripted? I didn’t pay $14.99 to watch people act out something for fatass Allison Grodner.
    I honestly do not even believe what I saw and heard tonight, I am beyond disgusted.

  8. As a non-Dan fan, I can’t help but feel like he doesn’t deserve to leave. He’s got to know that it makes sense for Ian, Brit, and Shane to cut him loose. And part of the reason it makes sense is because he took all the heat for their lies. He shielded Ian, Shane, and Britney from Frank and Boogies wrath and now that they have the numbers, Dan is surplus to requirements. With Frank surviving another week, it would be to their advantage to let Dan take the complete fall now while Frank is there to do it, rather than later.

    He was ultimately too passive and should have tried harder to protect Boogie last week and the most he should have done is backdoor Frank. Before last week Boogie felt safe because he presumed that Dan would know it was too early to strike. Unfortunately for Dan it seems possible that Boogie’s reading of the game will be confirmed on Thursday.

  9. Ok, the Boogie hat and shirt-wearing 24/7, Frank still making excuses for Ian instead of getting a clue and getting him out of the house rather than Dan, wanting to work with Jenn, aligning with Ashley… why is this man one of the greatest BB players of all time again, or at least says he is? Oh, and there’s the whole having to win pretty much every physical comp that he can play in from here until now. Good luck with that;) Seriously.

    1. I just hope Frank doesn’t lose touch with reality and think everybody in the house is me.

      Does Big Brother check bags for scissors?

    2. Hey Sid, love your wrestling, why don’t you still wrestle?

      It could be called Grappling with Geriatrics!

  10. Wow Frank is in for SHOCKER when he gets out of the house. First off… nobody influenced or manipulated Ian. Ian was the one who approached the rest of the Quack Pack during reset week!! Second off, stop blaming Dan for everything! Sure, Dan wanted you gone but guess what… every single person in the house was going to blindside and evict you if BB had not saved your butt during the twist. Third, no one cares that it’s your “dream” to win BB. Don’t you think that’s it’s everyone else’s dream to win a butt load of cash??

    I know Frank has won a whole lot of comps to save himself but damn he is just not likeable.

  11. aww man Frank not seeing Ian as an individual thinker is just sad!!
    in Boogies interview w Jeff on he boasted about how well Frank knows this game…. it must suck to watch him getting played hard…. like he has all season. Oh bubba

    1. Can boogie be delusional too? I mean everybody saw Boogie give frank all the tools needs to further his game, but the mouthpiece is gone now. I was hoping Frank would be a better player without Boogie there to guide him, but I was wrong, he can’t do shit with Boogie and Production… so much for all the bullshit a bout him possibly being one of the best players in BB history

  12. Britney has so much make up caked on that you normally can’t see all those blotches, STD scab scars
    and Meth sores on the left side of her face. Why is it only on the left side of her face?

    1. that must be the reason why Britney has that lazy left eye. her lazy left eye is always wandering looking at her scabs.

    1. Wasn’t it Lawon who had the whole game “figured out” on a ratty piece of paper, which he showed in his intro video?
      …and then as soon as BB brought the teams in he went…”oh, sh*t”.

  13. On BBAD last night Dan told Danielle she looked like Bristol Palin with her glasses on and Danielle once again took it as an insult to her weight. That girl is so insecure but yet so full of herself at the same time, I can’t wait until she is sent out of the house, I’ve had enough of listening to her do all the “me me me” talking. Looks like production wants a final two of Ian and Frank (the nerd and jock), wish they would just stay out of it and let the players do their own thing, but that’s just wishful thinking.

    1. I’ll give her that one, anybody who says you look like Bristol Palin, should be taken as an insult..

    2. Saw that as well, and took from it exactly what you did. I think we all know without a doubt how many issues this girl has. Then again, last season, another really desperate to be liked girl actually won the whole enchilada. Messed up, isn’t it?

    3. Danielle needs to go! That girl needs some serious therapy.

      Last nite she was bragging about what a supposed wild child she was in high school and college. I’m sure she didn’t do any of that stuff, but rather sat at home on Friday nites and ate cookie dough covered in chocolate syrup and icecream.

      Oink! Oink!

  14. So Frank knows not to trust Ian right now. It sound like by the remarks that Ian can save his power for another time since they said he would wait to use it until he was put up and they are talking about putting up Joe or Jenn beside whoever is left if one of the noms change. So that’s why he’s not going to put up Ian to make him use it on himself. Makes a little bit more sense now. Although I would still put him up to guarantee he has to use it on himself. If this is true Ian is in a really good spot. he can throw the next HOH and veto in the hopes someone else gets Frank out and then start winning comps again. I personally think he’s been throwing a lot and will win when he needs to get to the end. Plus due to his scheming I believe the only person left that beats him in a final 2 is Frank.

  15. Frank’s issue with dan has always been that dan didn’t want to work with him and he wanted to work with boogie i think it would be funny if dan and frank started working together because clearly brit doesn’t have his back

  16. If production decides to do bring in the remaining house guests Dads into the game for a battle royal
    then we will know for sure they want Frank to win. No one will be able to eliminate Psycho Sid.

  17. I think Frank is on to Ian but not 100% convinced he can’t trust Ian yet.
    I think Frank really wants to trust him but is realizing that it isn’t the right move.

    Where does Shane stand?

    I believe I saw Shane and Britney talking about getting Dan out and then getting Danielle with them to go work with Frank.
    …but you never know…it looks like everyone is lying to everyone right now.

    Personally, I would love it if Frank just cuts his losses with Ian and starts to feed him false information that will get to the other group.

    OR…get Shane to tell Frank one secret from inside the QP and have Frank publicly tell the QP that Ian told him that piece of info.
    That would ruin Ian’s credibility.

    1. If production is trying to help Frank, then I hope they drop more clues to not trust Ian. And I hope Dan rats out Ian and Frank believes him. Then it would be great if they secretly worked together. Brit and Ian are eventually going to stab Frank in the back and they will let Shane do it. Both B and I need to be outed to see what would happen next. Frank is going to be pissed when he finds out (Outside the game) that Ian was the one that sold Boogie and him out. Dan’s got to out him.

  18. Ian said this moring that he won’t use the veto power because “the powers that be don’t like it” . That’s the friggen DR sticking their sh*t in the game again…. The last few years they have leaked this stuff on the feeds. It’s straight bs that the grody is sticking her hand in the game… done and done

  19. hey Frank don’t you remember what boogie said to you on eviction night about Ian? boogie didn’t tell you that Dan and the others took advantage of Ian. Boogie told you “Ian can’t be trusted”. Ian put you on the eviction block that same night, that there tells everything about Ian. no need to witch hunt anymore in who Ian stands with in the game.

  20. Ian really did make a stupid move the other night by nominating Frank and Ashley. He had a chance to put up Shane and Dan and he blew it.

    What kind of a threat was Ashley??? She could barely move.

    I used to want Ian to win, but now I feel like an IDIOT doesn’t deserve the money.

    Go Frank! Win this damn thing and buy yourself some anti-frizz hair products!!!

  21. I’m confused, aren’t we cheering for Danielle, Dan, Britney, Shane and Ian to stay together? If so, why would Dan and Shane being on the block (the product of Simon’s ideal plan) at the end of the week be a good thing? Or are we cheering for Dan to go home? If so, wouldn’t it be better to just leave Dan on the block against Danielle and not use any powers/POV? Or are we cheering for Shane to go be sent home? I’m confused as to why the Quack Pack thinks they can all be safe this week. It seems like the only way it could work is if Ian is automatically safe (although it doesn’t seem like this is the case since there wasn’t any talk of “Well, I can’t nominate Ian….” from Frank).

    If I was Shane or Britney wouldn’t I be trying to win the POV so it WOULDN’T be used and trying to convince Ian NOT to use his power?

  22. This is a tough call. On one hand you have Dan as a threat but make No mistake. If Frank gets to the end he will win this thing hand down. Brit is doing what she did last time which will get her out around 4-5 place. By the QP turning on Dan now, they will just solidfy Dan’s vote for Frank in the end. Dan will see that this was Frank’s doing and not anyone elses “big move”. Frank honestly should backdoor Shane if he was truely smart cause then he would remove the las “physical” threat in the house. Shane needs Dan more than Britt and that should be his strategy. With Dan gone the 2 biggest threats are Frank and Shane. I never understand why they want to get rid of floaters..I would love to be in a final 3 with Joe & Butch. These honestly might be the dumbest Big Brother players Ive seen yet. Why does BB not have something in the contracts that say the Houseguests are NOT allowed to discuss ANYTHING about what production tells them? Yeah I know they say over the loud speaker, ” you are not allowed to talk about production” but they can easily say that anytime you mention something about production, you get fined (through your stipend) or you get some sort of other punishment. This just looks bad that DR is telling the houseguests what to do..Too much manipulation and while it might not be illegal, it will certainly cost the show in the end. The “unexpected” has now become the “expected”, thats not good TV.

    1. Tough call between getting out Shane or Dan.
      Shane is physical with little strategy other than “must win HOH, must win POV”
      Dan is mostly mental (but he can win comps) and would rather hide behind others and let them do his dirty work. He could also be a professional liar, he does it so well.

      Personally, I think Dan is more dangerous in the game.

  23. Frank’s strategy is what Janelle did on All Stars when Kaysar and Howie were evicted and she was left alone, lol.
    He’s truly the male version of Janelle.

    1. A cross of Janelle and Frank?

      That’s like a cross of Joan River’s with her
      pig fat injected lips and Carrot top.

  24. Well, it’s DDBS vs Frank in the Veto Comp. Oh yeah, and ??? is the 6th player. Ian hosting, and TPH4L gets a head start on scheming and saving his energy for the brick hauling HoH!

    1. Why does Jenn get 3 question marks?
      Is one for her gender, the other for her
      sexuality and the other for her existence?

  25. Why the hell won’t Dan tell Ian that Frank was making out with Ashley?? Everytime Ian acts nervous or says he can’t backstab Frank a 2nd time I would have told him that!!!!

  26. LMFAO britney taking someone to the final 2?!?!she can’t get anywhere near the final 2 without floating herself there and even then it’s still a long shot…she’s fighting for 4th place at best,so how exactly is she going to bring someone else to the end.did AG find the most delusional players she could and put them in one season WTF…think i’m just gonna add to list of houseguest who have been suffering from delusions:

  27. Question: Could Frank have put up Ian as a nom and forced Ian to use his power to save himself?

    Which power is used first, veto or Ian’s?

    1. yes, frank could have done that & it actually would have been the smartest move on frank’s part to keep ian from using it to keep the quack pack together especially since ian is such a little worm and frank has openly admitted to not trusting ian. and i think ian’s veto last for 2 weeks (correct me if i’m wrong), but the regular veto is only for this week.

      1. IAn cannot be nominated … just like the regular veto
        he has immunity
        funny all of these so called BB fans dont know the rules as it pertains to a veto

        1. actually ian could have still been nominated. that veto is not a regular veto, so the regular veto rules do not apply regarding the holder (ian) having immunity from being nominated, so maybe before you insult us “so called BB fans” you should check your facts.

    2. !. regular rules apply .. he would be immune from being on the block just like any other veto holder
      the regular POV is first..ian can only use it on the live show

  28. Simon,
    Please help! I’m so confused.

    You posted: “Britney says that if she wins it, she won’t use it.” to Dani

    That’s pretty damn concrete, iff you’re going to throw that out there to a person that is so close to Dan. So is that final?

    This is what confuses me. Why didn’t Dani tell Dan?

    “They talk about how they think Shane and Britney would take one of them off… Dan asks do you think Ian will use it? Danielle says that if Shane or Britney wins I do.”

    Britney tells Danielle that she has got a deal with Frank making her and Shane safe.”

    1. britney was actually stupid enough to let this come out to someone who has ran and told dan EVERYTHING since day one, but anyway danielle took all of this back to dan lastnight and she basically told him that if he didn’t actually go for the veto he would be gone.

  29. I Freaking LOVE frank right now

    wearing boogie’s chilltown clothes? awesome
    wearing boogie’s coach chilltown clothes? pure awesome

  30. So what do people think Ian will do with his Veto? Frank needs to team up with someone if he wants to survive without going balls to the walls in comps…

  31. If Frank puts Jenn or Joe up as a replacement nominee if Dan or Danielle comes down, he will go down in Big Brother history as the biggest dummy on God’s green Earth.

  32. I think Dan may have said he was going to throw the veto for one reason only. To save face with his students and fellow teachers if he doesn’t win the veto. He then just says, “I told you I was going to throw it and I did.” If he wins he can then say he just couldn’t chance Ian saving him. As usual it’s a win win for Dan and his impeccable self.

  33. Okay, I’ve been seeing TPH4L written on here a lot. Will someone in the know tell me what this means? I somehow totally missed it and haven’t seen anyone explain it. Sorry…

  34. JLON thank you also. My browser took me to the last answeres first so thanked Alessandra as well. I certainly appricate you folks cluing me in.

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