Ian says that Joe just goes up to the HOH and licks the a**h**e of whoever is in power.

POV Holder: ? Next POV: Aug 25 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian -> Has a veto power


1:10pm Britney and Dan are in the have-not room talking. Britney tells Dan about how Ian told her that he is tired of Joe being on the fence and that he needs to make a decision as to which side he is on. Ian comes in and says that he thought of one thing, Danielle is throwing it today right?! Dan says yes. Ian says she has too, if she wins it and pulls herself down, that is part of this deal, you understand? Dan says that it’s hard to tell Danielle to throw it because it is her life on the line. Ian says no funny business right?! Ian leaves. Dan asks Britney so you don’t mind if I take prizes? Britney says no. Britney explains how it works to Dan. Dan and Britney talk strategy for the comp.
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1:20pm – 1:35pm Ian goes into the arcade room and talks to Frank. Ian says that Joe just goes up to the HOH and licks the a**h**e of whoever is in power. He has been doing it since reset. Frank says so you want him to pick our side. Ian says I want him to pick a side. Hopefully he will pick our side. I can’t deal with this, and hopefully he picks the side that isn’t in power next week. Ian says that he is tired of winning sh*t and having to make decision when Joe sits back and does nothing. Ian says that if I win HOH I will put him up and want him out. Frank asks will you put me up again. Ian says I want Joe out, I won’t put you up. Frank calls Ian on his logic and says that Britney and Dan haven’t won shit either. Frank says that right now Joe isn’t a concern to me. Ian says that you and me can’t nominate each other for a while. Frank says you need to wash away any doubt between you and I. Ian says the truth is you scare me a little bit. Frank asks who would you put up against Joe. Ian says Jenn. Frank says no Danielle. Frank says did you see how she acted when Shane put her up, she will be salted if you put her up and we need her vote. Ian says that we need to be drinking and thinking. Frank says that when you’re drinking you don’t want to be making decisions. Ian says that he admits that what he did was wrong. Ian says that if he wins HOH he will not put Frank up. Frank asks so you aren’t thinking of using your veto on Dan are you? Ian says no, not now. Frank says as long as you don’t use that mother f**ker on Dan on Monday then I know I can trust you. Frank tells Ian that if it gets down to the final 3, I will pick you. Ian gets called to the diary room. They think the POV might be starting because he is the host and is getting called in.
Watch it ALL on FlashBack: Pick the Day, Time and Camera View!


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1:45pm – 2:10pm Frank heads up to the HOH and talks to the camera about how he is in a crazy spot right now, having to trust a lot of people that wanted him out just 24 hours ago. Ian comes out of the diary room and Frank asks him if he wants to come up to the HOH to talk since everyone is sleeping. Frank asks no comp yet. Ian says no. Frank says that he really wants Dan to go. Ian says please win the comp today, please so we can send him out. Frank says that he won’t shave his head. Ian says really, that is so superficial, you have to shave your hear. Frank says that he thinks we will be in a good position if we get out Dan this week. Ian says yeah unless Danielle gets it. Frank says that he has talked to her and thinks it will be okay even if she wins it. Ian says that Dan’s request was that if he goes, just make sure a floater doesn’t win. Ian says that what he wants a “Picking of Sides Ceremony” where we are on one side of the couch and they are on the other and we tell Joe to pick a side. Frank says that isn’t such a great idea right now, because he might win HOH and then put us up. Frank tells Ian to calm down about telling joe to pick aside, because that will get you put up BUBBA! Frank says that if you held a ceremony like that then there would be a problem for you too. They will start to think you are a little too big for your britches and that maybe you aren’t as nice a guy as people thought. Ian says that as far as I can tell if I don’t win HOH you will go up, so I need to win. Frank disagrees and says that he has been talking to Shane and Britney and playing the poor pitiful me routine. Ian says that he has been thinking about talking to the shows psychologist for a while now. Ian says I am the one keeping you safe next week and you know that, okay! Ian asks Frank if he knows how the veto ceremony will work. Frank says no. Ian says okay so… Big Brother switches all 4 cams to Dan sleeping in the have not room.


2:20pm – 2:30pm Ian keeps telling Frank to win the veto today. Frank wonders if it will be the rope tying competition. He says that he thinks if it is he will win it. Ian says that if it’s the who wants a more he would give up $250,000. He says that $100,000 would make the rest of his life easier. Frank says a $100,000. Ian says well it would make my life easier by helping me get through school. Frank says that he hopes the cheers he heard the other night means that I might have a chance at the $25,000. Ian says yeah me too, they were cheering for me too. Frank says yeah until you put me and Ash up. He says but maybe if they see you working with me now they might. Joe comes up and joins them, soon after Ian gets called to the diary room. They say that might be it.

3:30pm POV Yo
4:24pm POV Vote Dawg Stop Sh!ting on his dream
5:06pm POV
5:49pm POV

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Ian you need to pick a side with your wishy washy ass. Seems like you licking frank ass right now.


Ian SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!


Ian is the biggest pussy in the house.

I used to think he was smart, but he’s just a follower. Send Ian home Frank!


I don’t know why he is talking so much shit about Joe he is doing the same thing I can’t stand his ass


maybe because he is protecting the quack pack … daaaaaaaaaaaaaa…. he has been true to the pack since they started…..


Ian’s just mad that he didn’t have Powerhouse’s speech on the live show. Amazing how 15 seconds can win a lot of people over.

CJ Cool

This is what I don’t get. Ian thinks he is the master manipulator but he is essentially complaining about Joe being just like him. A total hypocrite.
Joe at least has an excuse because his alliance with Janelle was crumbling. Ian had Frank and Boogie before he went to 5th fiddle in the gay Quack Pack.


IAN SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!


Franks Sucks, Ian is a punk!!


I gotta give Ian a lot of credit. He has quietly positioned himself, and is continuing to position himself, to go really far no matter who he works with. I don’t particularly like him, but unless Dan rats him out and hopes Frank goes into fury mode on Ian (if Dan doesn’t win Veto today), he’s probably leaving. I would at this point have no problem with Dan taking Frank for a talk and explain everything. It kind of irks me seeing Dan take all the heat for Ian, and now risk going home, while Ian sits around all safe and has no problem with Dan going home. It’s survival time for Dan.


I agree with all of that. I am just so frustrated with Ian, I can’t get a read on where he really stands lol.

CJ Cool

The more I think about it, the more Dan screwed himself by staying with the Quack Pack. He can’t win the game again against Shane or Britney because people will see him as having already won money. But he had his chance last week to pull Ian in and tell him that he would rat him out if he didn’t vote with him to save Boogie. Nobody would have seen it coming. Dan would have then created a more powerful alliance with Frank, Boogie and Ian. He would have still had a chance to win the whole game with Boogie in F2. B

Ian's Stained Boxers

You’re 100% right….and douchydan knows that in his head. He hasn’t said it and probably never will

Danny Boy

dan has nothing to prove to anyone in the house, he is already a winner, and if he is left in the game after this week, he will turn it on like he did last time.


First off Ian went to brit and they formed the quack pack because at that time boogie was all about frank and he felt that he was taking a back seat to frank and that boogie would throw him under the bus at anytime. I can’t blame him for that and to be honest i don’t think Ian liked how boogie was treating him or jenn so he bailed and he really liked brit and dan. There really isn’t anyone dan could go against and win except boogie which is why he wanted him to stay but he didn’t trust frank and when frank told him he was considering putting him up dan knew it was a matter of time before frank went after him so that is why he couldn’t work with them. As for dan winning that is a hard sell no matter who he is up against he has already won this game plus he won an extra 20,000 as america’s player so the only one at this point he could win against is either brit or joe. I think dan knows that he just wants the right person to win which is why he would never take joe to the finale. Ian is playing similar to dan in his season he is loyal to a few to the end but makes everyone think he is on their side as for brit the only person she could go up against and win is either joe or dan

Quack-Pack Fan

It’s the Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda game – everyone has great hidesight. I think it speaks volumes for Dan to have stayed loyal to QP since he could have ratted on Ian so many times.

I like Frank so much better without the bad influence of Boogie. He has the entire package – great at comps, social and at strategy. A lesser person would be emotionally beaten by now. He is being open with everyone and still keeping aces up his sleeve. Ian is ready to crack but hopefully he won’t.

My wish for final 4 is Dan/Frank/Britney and Ian – they have played the best game overall and deserve to be there.

This season has been fun for me to watch because many of the HG actually know how to play the game.


You raise some great points but I don’t think Boogie would’ve taken Dan to the end. He would’ve taken his boyfriend Frank with him.


If Dan wins POV, he might team up with Frank by throwing Ian/Brit under the bus. Showing all his cards. DDSF New F4 alliance? I hope so.


You obviously have not been watching the entire season … he has actually been working with frank all season , just making the other think that he is working with them. him and britney are closest to each other

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

You are joking, right?

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

Ian has told the “queef” pack everything he heard or discussed with frank and boogie.

Head of Household

No, OBVIOUSLY YOU have not been watching JLON…Ian has said a plethora of times in the diary room that his true loyalty lies with the quack pack and he is playing Frank. Ian is just ensuring his safety so he can save the quack pack this week.


I know that, but his conversations with Brit are what concern me. And Brit’s conversations with Shane also concern me.


If that was true boogie would still be in the house. He wouldn’t have told brit about them wanting him to go after shane and brit. Are you watching the same show the rest of us our watching?


Ian is smarter than we think he is not saying anything to the camera

VA Vet

Maybe, just maybe Ian has a master plan to get himself to the final three and he’s a good bet to win the endurance and a lock for the memory part putting him in the final two.

Just remember, this is the guy who is a BB nerd and can probably tell us who was the fifth person evicted in BB 4! He knows how this game is played and that everyone’s best asset is a mouth that knows when to talk and when to shut up.

Quack-Pack Fan

No fooling! Did you see him during live show with Joe in the Arcade room? Ian was being so direct that Joe actually responded “yes sir”…lol

Ian can be assertive when he needs to be and a confused little kid when it suits him better. He is a BB encyclopedia for sure!




Ian better use that power on Dan thats all I’ll say! Dan took heat for the kid and kept the alliance together! Britney took heat, Shane took heat…time to repay those guys

Big Game Move

Britt took heat?? Yeah she took it for about 10 minutes. She quickly turned it back to Shane which then went to Dan. Britt is the ultimate floater. She knows Dan is done so now she goes crawling to Frank. When she doesnt when Sh*t again Thursday she will be siding with whoever is in HOH saying to get Frank out cause no one will beat him in the final 2….Floater=Britt


Not at all. Brit is playing Frank right now. She is still 100% loyal to the Quack Pack and hopes that after the week is over, the 5 of them are still intact to get Frank out next week.


Britney has spread such a web of lies to everyone in the house, (including ommissions of information), that sooner or later her cookie is going to crumble.
Does anyone know who she is truly alligned with at this point?

Head of Household

Lol no. Brit is playing Frank.


they’re all playing frank, except jenn and joe maybe

Jen W

I don’t get why Dan won’t just try for POV himself. Is he doing all this other because he wants to save Danielle & the rest of the alliance?


The only way the QP can survive is if Shane or Britney win POV. Winning veto also guarantees safety for the bearer, and Ian and Shane (if the latter won) coud each take off Dan and Danielle, leaving Orphan Annie to see that he is screwed and then nominate Britney (the only unprotected QP member) and Jen/Joe. The QP will then have the majority of votes to save Britney. It’s the only way to ensure a QP member does not go home. If Dan or Danielle wins POV, thrnn Ian’s power is useless as Shsne and Beitney will go up. There will be no use for him to expose himself to Frank (and hs dreams). By the way, how can Orphan Annie be the best player in BB history when he. Being duped by Ian yet again???? Fool me once…


Thank you for explaining that. You did a great job explaining in detail potential outcomes and seem to know what’s going to happen. Do you work for the Big Brother Production? Seems like you work for production and this is the outcome you want. Its like what Ian said…production tried to influence him in the Diary Room. So now production wants IAN to back stab Frank again. How much can one guy take…….Big Brother needs to give Frank a lot more then 500,000 dollars if he wins….this game is so rigged.


Actually Ian has been talking all day about how production doesnt want him to use the veto on Dan because they want him an brittney to work with Frank. So it sounds like production is more in favor of Frank staying than leaving.


Frank keeps talking about America cheering for him lastnight. It sounded like alot of booing to me. Did I hear it wrong?


It was booing when he was playing, but once the comp ended they were cheering. I assume production told them to applaud when the comp ended.


They were cheering.


who was cheering?


They were cheering!!! I think Frank has grown on a lot of people I know I was cheering for him but, he is stupid to believe Shane again!!! and even IAN did he not hear BOOGIE tell him IAN is not to be trusted and the kid put him up…. even tho I dont like IAN he is playing a good game and is true to his alliance but being he is a big BB fan im sure he knows that he will prob be the first one picked off from the QP alliance but at least this season keeps changing this is a good season so far…

Head of Household

Lol no! So many delusional Frank fans. Go back and watch, it was SO CLEAR when Ian got his first clover the crowd cheered when Frank got his they gasped and booed. Frank got NO CHEERS.

Head of Household

Yes, this game is SO RIGGED. For Frank. First off, his supposed eviction was cancelled, screwing Shane and getting blood oon his hands. Then, he wins the veto comp (and we all know that some clovers were easier to find than others, how do you think Jeff flicked up that clown shoe so easily if it was buried deep down?) and now, production is trying to convince Britt and Ian to work with him.


Even if he wasn’t being duped by the QP he would never be the best player in bb history


yes, this was a good explanation, thanks:) and you are right, boogie said to frank “ian is not to be trusted” and somewhow, he is forgetting that, i know he said he is willing to forgive once if someone stabs him in the back, but in BB i dont know if that turn the other cheek policy is a good one…he should at least be a little more skeptical than he is


Im sick of Ian complaining about Joe having to pick a side when he is doing the same thing. Probably doing it so no one says that bout him.


Do you all think Dan is really going to throw this POV?

Do you think Ian is being honest with Dan right now? Will he use his POV on Dan?

Do you think Brittany has officially jumped ship from Dan?


I think they are all loose cannons right now. After POV they will be easier to read.
Hope Dan stays awhile longer though!


imho –

Do you all think Dan is really going to throw this POV?

no way, his life depends on it, and he knows this. he will say and do anything to win.

Do you think Ian is being honest with Dan right now? Will he use his POV on Dan?

i doubt it. ian knows dan is a huge threat, and not using the veto would put him in a good spot with frank.
it’s a good time to let frank get his hands bloody by taking dan out, and i think brit is all right with it too.

Do you think Brittany has officially jumped ship from Dan?

no, but this is as good a time as any for him to go, and the less blood on her hands, the better.

Quack-Pack Fan

Do you all think Dan is really going to throw this POV?

A) If Dan believes that Ian will use his POV to remove him from the block then yes, Dan will throw it so B or S can win.

Do you think Ian is being honest with Dan right now? Will he use his POV on Dan?

A) Yes, I think Ian will use POV but ONLY if B or S win. Ian will honor the QP alliance since it was the first time he gave his word in this game. I do think Ian would rather Frank win the veto and leave noms the same since Ian would rather not lie to Frank again so soon. Ian is starting to feel like he is taking all the risks for the QP but he has to realize that Dan too mega heat with Boogie/Frank when it was Ian that was the rat. If Ian wants to have bragging rights about his game play then he will have to take the heat too.

Do you think Brittany has officially jumped ship from Dan?

A) No, She is still loyal to QP but doing a great job of leaving door open with Frank in case QP plans do not work out.


I do think he will use his veto to save dan if brit/shane win the veto if Ian is going to use it on anyone it will be dan. He has gone to far not to and dan knows to much for Ian to screw him and walk away clean he would out Ian if he thought that
I do not think that britiany has jumped ship she is playing frank and in the event this plan backfires she needs a way out
As for dan throwing it i think he will unless he thinks frank or jen are about to get it


What a tangled web, Ian.

Boogies gone?!? Bwahahahahahahahahaha

Come on you four-eyed bespectacled nerd boy, like you haven’t got any of Boogie’s cling-ons left on your tongue! Joe is playing the game, he’s just not as fake as you are ya lil’ rat!


Ian is basically telling Frank he is going to use it Duh. Frank you should have trusted the weasel with a veto. Ian has no intentions of rolling with Frank. I have to say Frank is truly disappointing. He’s going to go down in BB history with the likes of all the other Coulda Woulda Shoulda listened to my Gut. Guess he will enjoy his time i the Jury with Ashley. In the words of Mike Boogie “Don’t trust Ian”. Guess he didn’t listen


i hope you are right! Dan better not throw it. I will be so disappointed with him.


Disappointed doesn’t begin to cover it. I can’t believe he would even consider throwing the POV at this point. If he tries and still loses, I will be sad. But I can’t stand the thought of Dan relying upon Ian for anything!

Quack-Pack Fan

Interesting comment about Frank. I was not a big fan of his during when he was tied to Boogie’s hip but am liking him a little better now.

He is basically by himself right now so how can he trust ANYONE? I think he is doing a pretty good job based on the cards he has been dealt. He has to give some trust in a few people but he is being careful so to say his moves are disappointing I would like anyone to share how they would handle this given the same situation.


If Dan has a chance to win the veto and throws it then he deserves to get sent to jury! (and I like Dan)


If Ian wasn’t so young and emotional he would be a beast

Eagle Eye Play Toy



That pic of Frank is great, he got that orly Ian? Look on his face, lmao


ever sense BB9 production has interfered i wish they had just let the houseguests do what the houseguests think is best that’s where you got great players
like dr. will and evel dick( and dan because they didn’t interfer with his game) I hope frank loses GO DAN!!!!!!


I’m a big Evel Dick fan and was glad he won that season, but c’mon, production came up with the idea of having Eric Stein (BB 8) as America’s player to save Evel Dick in a lot of situations in season 8.


But you can’t deny that until season 8 they weren’t interfering in the game they need new production to let they game be fair


LMAO evil dick was a worthless player he talks a big game but production saved his ass and grodner basically handed him the prize

Head of Household

Evel Dick’s win was severly interfered with…

Eddie (BB1)
Will (BB2)
Maggie (BB6)
Boogie (BB7)
Dan (BB10)
Jordan (BB11)
Hayden (BB12)

^^I believe those are the only winners that production didn’t interfere with that badly.


what about bb3 even though lisa didnt deserve to win i dont remember any interference

Head of Household

Good point, but the only reason Danielle didn’t win is because the jurors saw her diary room sessions.


that is definately true i wish they could of got her instead of brit now that would of made for some good schemeing


why people saying dan and the quack pack took heat for ian .. are u people watching the same big brother .. we can all look at the same thing and see it from different angles ….. ian betrayed boogie . he bought the quack pack vital information that boogies was going to nominate shane …… so please like the diary room told ian why he has to use it bascily why ian has to keep saving dan over and over again … if ian wants to make it final 3 with britney he needs dan gone to jury ….. because if dan isnt gone this week shane may be gone after all he has done for qp … i dont blame brittney to work with frank on the side …..

ian said i quote;; dan wants moon and the stars ///// the more u do for him he wants more more more

ian is not here to write a check for dan …. i pray he doesnt win this pov and he is voted out


First of all, the QP took all the heat for Ian’s betrayal of Boogie & Frank. I didn’t see Ian being yelled at or insulted by the gruesome twosome. No, that would be Shane, Dan and Brit. Ian whining that he keeps bailing Dan out….if I remember correctly, Ian came to them. Ian suggested that he be undercover. Ian named the alliance. Ian’s involvement is Ian’s doing. Ian said his handshake is golden as he hadn’t promised his allegience anywhere else. Perhaps Ian has convinced himself otherwise, but I have been watching from the beginning and the blame rests with Ian and Ian alone. He was asked over and over by Dan and Brit if he was sure about it and he said yes. If he doesn’t step up to the plate and do what he can to protect his alliance without whining about it…he deserves the world of hurt that will come down on him.

Jen W

Well said!!


Guess what, this is Big Brother and only one person wins the 500,000 so when it gets to crunch time screw your alliance and give me the check. Not there to make friends or be on the up and up. The fact he has people taking the heat is f**king brilliant and their fault for doing it. Brittany and him are in the best positions in the house. Hope to see a final 2 with those 2 and watch Ian lose it when they hand him 500,000. Ian has outplayed everyone by far to this point, he just needs to keep it together for a couple more weeks and he walks to the end as soon as he can get rid of Dan and Frank


If Ian has the opportunity to use his veto and doesn’t and Dan goes out – if I were Ian I would be scared, very scared. Dani doesn’t care for him anyway and she will bring a world of hurt down on him. Ian would be the only true ally of Frank next week in HOH – Ian is not a comp beast. The only thing he has truly won was the PB comp. Dani threw the HOH on Thursday. Dani & Shane have a final 2. If Dani wins – betcha she puts Ian up and to secure him getting voted out she completely rats him out to Frank. Bye Bye Ian – you got beat by a girl.


I thought Ian was throwing the comp to Dani because he said that he put 1000 thinking that Dani would roughly do the math and get a closer answer…I am not sure though.



CBfan says

I second.

Big Sister

Can you or someone else list for me the times Ian has saved Dan? He keeps saying he is tired of saving him “over and over” and I must have missed this. Not how many times, but give examples, please. I want to know this because Ian is getting on my last nerve today.


Ian has never overtly saved Dan. He thinks he had something to do with keeping him from being backdoored, but that was all Boogie. He passed information on – that is all. He took a shot on Thursday and missed – it happens. But that was his choice in the end – he didn’t have to pull the trigger.

Dannie Boy Rocks

Ian hasn’t done sh*t to help Dan. If you call voting with the house to get Boogie out helping Dan, then that is a joke because Boogie would have gotten evicted with or without Ian’s vote. If you call putting Frank on the block and then throwing the POV to Frank helping Dan out then again that is a joke. Ian is being a whimp right now because he, just like Joe, does not want to pick a side. If that is the case, he needs to man up and tell people that he isn’t sure which side to choose, but he needs to stop playing everyone, particularly Dan seeing as how Dan took all of the heat for this guy for a whole week and is still technically taking the heat for him right now by being on the block. Ian hasn’t done sh*t for Dan. If Dan doesn’t win POV and Ian uses it to save Dan, then that would be helping Dan. This guy Ian needs to think about what Dan has done for him. He might not be so safe this week if it weren’t for Dan.


Alright first off when Ian came to them to form the quack pack they agreed that they would have each others back’s no matter what wether they were in power or not and yes Ian did give them info on the other side but they also keep him safe. Ian can say dan wants more and more but the reality is if it wasn’t for what ian said dan wouldn’t be the target becuase up to that point he wasn’t. If dan was honest with boogie and told him he didn’t do it them frank probably would have gone after another target. I think what dan is asking is fair since he has taken all the blame and ian has just sat back and is nobody’s target but now he has to do his part and get his hands dirty. Honestly Ian you picked your side not fight with your side instead he wants to do what brit likes to do hide behind frank and dan

Big Sister

Thanks, all! That was exactly what I saw. I really want Ian to go to jury so he can rock to his heart’s content! He is drinking his own Kool-Aid!

Cajun Lady

All contestants should be playing all out for POV, an Ian should save his for himself IMHO. Frank can’t really trust anyone at this point so if I was him I would be gunning for Shane rather than Dan. I am currently rooting for Frank since he is the underdog and has had to fight his way through this whole game, however I don’t particularly like any of them this season.


just by this conversation alone, frank knows Ian is lying to him. Ian just dug his own grave by saying he would put up joe and jenn if he wins HOH. Ian has gone full retard.


I agree 100%. I couldn’t believe he said that. Everyone is yelling at Frank for trusting Ian. I think he knows he has no choice and to try anything to get at least one person on his side. The qp is already breaking up. If Dan goes Frank knows he can work Brittany and possibly Ian to his side for a week or 2. He knows he can’t trust anyone but through these conversations I think he’s giving everyone just enough rope to hang themselves if they do other than what he asks if can stay next week. But Ian really screwed up that conversation


Working Brit and Ian to his side isn’t exactly comforting now, is it? Brit has won NOTHING. And Ian, he only won the PB comp. HOH was thrown by Dani. Good luck with that crew protecting you next week Frank. I am betting that if Shane or Dani win HOH – Brit and Ian will both try getting up their asses.

Dan's Bible Page 69

Gone full retard? That little tweak nerd has been full retard for a looooooong time. “I’ve been thinking about talking to the psychiatrist” LMMFAO This is the type of person running our world in 30 years *shudders* F Ian and everything he stands for…oh yeah, nice attempt at a kiss on Ash…I gagged harder than Ian’s mom the night he was conceived


Does Ian remind anyone else of Ronny the rat but more likable?


Ronny the Rat was more cocky and whiny, and was figured out FAST

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

Ian is becoming this years straight shooter


WHAT straight shooter hes becoming this years judas

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

Think about last years straight shooter…she was also a rat.


I Like Ian, But, he’d better use that Veto on Dan or Daniele!!! .. and, Britney had Better Not Betray Dan! – After Frank goes, Britney should Go! – Oh Lord. I pray that this Plan works!

Powerhouse fanclub population-0

Ian blows. Pathetic little boy


if ian was a true master of this game, he would be getting dan the heck out of the house this week, while keeping that relationship with brit

I fear he will save dan, and sink his own battleship as he doesnt have the relationships with shane and danielle that dan does


If he saves Dan, he’s also saving future jury votes for himself should he make it to the end.


If Dan doesn’t give him a jury vote because he got him out that’s beyond sh*tty. Ian has outplayed everyone by far. You guys can hate him for being two faced but being nice to the end isn’t going to win him 500,000. He would’ve helped orchestrate getting out 2 former winners and all stars all the time making people think someone else was to blame. Absolutely brilliant. Get Dan and Frank out and he walks to the money. Anyone that would not vote for him in that Jury doesn’t deserve to be in it. Look at Boogie after his message to him. You have to respect how he’s played

Ian's squeeky hammock

Argh… I hope Frank backdoors Ian he’s a whiney punk with a big ego. I would be loney without him but I’m willing to sacrifice my feeling to see Ian go.


Like i said before ian can ensure himself a few more weeks by not using his veto.First frank will then trust him again.Second as long as dan doesnt win the veto another threat is gone.Third if it was him brit and frank in the final 3 hes pretty much guaranteed i final 2 spot


in order for this season to stay interesting, jenn and joe must go to jury and get out of the way.

that way, we can watch dan, danielle, brit, shane, ian, and frank fight it out, once and for all.


Kara was a playmate? does Danielle know this??


ok i have a question….i don’t watch the feeds so i don’t know exactly whats going on….dan is planning on throwing the comp so that shane or britney will win and take either him or danielle off the block and then ian will use his veto on the other nominee so then they will have the votes to get rid of whoever is the replacement? are they all being honest to dan or just saying this so that he will throw the competition?


It appears they’re sticking to the alliance.


For what ever reason (real or not) Frank not only want’s Dan gone, but he thinks Dan is the cause of cancer, global warming, and animal abuse. If Frank ever gets the HOH again, (and Dan is in the game.) Dan will ALWAYS be Franks #1 target, REGARDLESS of what IAN does. At the veto ceremony, Ian could stand up and say : “I am using it on Dan JUST because I don’t like you (Frank) or you goofy hair. And I would NEVER work with you or take you to the final two.”…….. Even then, Dan would STILL be Franks #1 target.


i know!!!! i think hes jealous of him


You are hilarious! ROTFL!!!!


You are right – because dumb dumb would swear that evil Dan bullied him into using it and made him memorize what to say.


Simon, do you think Ian is still loyal to the Quack Pack?


ya but to save all 5 Shane needs to win the POV


and if shane doesn’t win pov, i think there’s going to be a dramatic shift of loyalties, and i’m not talking about floaters jenn and joe, either…

p.s. did anyone see the feeds follow joe to the bathroom last night, then right past the sink (not washing his hands), and then onto the fridge to dig around everyones food??? i thought that was hilarious! hope they use it on the show…


Yea I saw that, was laughing, GO POWERHOUSE!!!!!


Simon you should do a poll on who thinks Ian is loyal to QP or Frank.

Carol & Steve

Dawg’s winning a poll! Finally!! Nobody better sh!t on my dream! LOL!!


For sure.. everyone better not Sh!t on Dawgs Dream he deserves to win this poll



*So the poll results so that most of you don’t mind Sh!ting on Dawgs Dream.. :)

Carol & Steve

How can you people do this to poor Dawg! He didn’t do anything to you – he just wanted to run with the biggest & brightest dogs to ever play the game! LOL!!

Sorry i rewatched Thur’s show when Frank went off on everyone sending Ashley out the door. :)

Go Dawg!!!


LOL Go Dawg FTW!


Thanks Simon


Oh.. I wasn’t sure because its hard to tell if Ian is actually working with Frank or not.


Uhhh Frank, those were mostly boooos you heard


Thats what I was thinking! Where does he get cheering from?? He is so full of himself.


I don’t want Danielle, Shane, or Britney to leave this week!!! Hope Shane wins that veto!!!!


Me either! Well if Danielle or Dan would leave it’s fine but Britney is funny as hell and let’s face it, Shane is fine as hell!

Jen W

I personally would want to be in F2 with Dan because no one will give him 500k a second time. I think you would be guaranteed 1st place


You should all be ashamed of yourseleves never voting for frank as your favorite houseguest and now that he’s doing good you all the sudden love him. Pathetic.bunch of bandwagoners.

Team Ian Big Dog

Ian is getting a little sick of Dan. Everything is Dan, Dan Dan. I really think that Ian wants the Qpack to stay intact until the F5, but is realizing that his alliance is already starting to just play just for themselves. I think if he wants Frank to stay until the floaters are gone and then have the remaining six fight it out. I think that he is upset that he promised Dan he would take him down if it is Dan and Shane. If Frank does not win veto, then Ian will need to have to piss someone off. And because he shook hands with Dan, he now is in a spot where he is going to expose himself before the floaters are out of the game.


I agree. I think Ian’s one downfall in this game is wanting to be liked and be a part of something. I see him being so awkward in real life that he really enjoys the belonging to an alliance but then again I’m hoping he’s just saying what Dan wants to hear not to cause drama because I believe he would use it right before eviction so if he doesn’t Dan doesn’t have time to harrass him. Right now he’s in great position if Dan leaves to make it to he final 3 minimum


I know why the QP wants Shane to win veto but does it make a difference if Britney wins?

This week...

It’s so weird to me that Frank’s popularity has gone up so much (based on the site poll) this week, but I guess there’s no denying he’s risen to the occasion.


His poll numbers may have something to do with Boogie being gone. I would imagine that most Boogie supported went to Frank


Lets look at this from a Drama perspective and try to put aside personal favorites. ..

What POV outcome will make the feeds more exciting this coming week?
Here’s a few scenarios
If Shane/brintey win the Quack PAck “Dream” scenario comes into play and Team powerhouse goes home
If Dan wins Daneille and Shane are on the block .. Should Ian use the power and risk Britney going home?
If Danielle wins Dan and Shane go up.. Should Ian use the power to save Dan and Risk Britney going home?
If Frank wins .. Dan goes home unless Ian decides to save him with the power.
If Jenn wins Hell freezes over

Jenn winning brings the most Drama . ;)


sure, i’d love for jenn to win, but let’s face it, not gonna happen…

i hope shane wins the pov, and ian uses his, best case scenario, but i think brit is safe either way because she’s done a good job of covering her bases this week.

i think shane has the most to lose if he doesn’t win…


I honestly think that if Britney wins POV that will be the most dramatic because out of DDBS Brit seems the 1 most ready to pull the trigger and getting 1 of the guys out. I really think she will be torn and it’s a coinflip on what she’ll do because it is definitely better for HER game for dan to go bye bye now because she can still hide behind Shane and maybe Frank for a few weeks.

Comes down to is Brit more loyal or more cutthroat? I say she will take the easy way out and throw the veto to avoid screwing Dan over to his face and not using the veto.

Jen W

I think Dan staying another week will be best for the feeds because he’s Frank’s (Jan Brady’s) obsession…Marsha, Marsha, Marsha


If it the comp they have been talking about – Jenn is a potential winners – I mean do you think she would have a problem shaving or dying her head? I think not. The other punishments from season 12 not so bad—-except the chum bath. If Jenn did win, she would take down Dani – I am sure. Frank promised Shane safety (whether that would be honored – who knows) – if that is the case, then Brit goes up against Dan – Ian uses his veto cos he has a crush on her – then Frank has no option but Joe and Joe goes home.


Nice.. thanks for sharing that scenario.. If she wants a stab at the 500K she’ll have to make a move and wining / using this POV would help that.

Th Sole survivor of team T!T$


I think there is one wrench not mentioned yet. If Shane or Britney win and remove Dan or Danielle, Frank can put up Ian as the replacement. Then Ian is forced to remove himself rendering the options back to as if Dan or Danielle actually won VETO. This would guarantee Frank a Quack Pack removal.


Exactly.. I’m not 100% Ian can be nominated I asked Dawg about this and he’s not sure he’s thinking that Ian is safe.
Hopefully tonight we can figure this out. If you are right there is no way Ian will use the power on anyone else but himself..

Did anyone hear that Ian can be nominated as a replacement?


From reading “Golden Power of Veto” rules (Googled it) all of the results show that Ian can be nominated. Because there are two Vetos in play this week, Ian can be used as a replacement from someone else using their Veto. Only when Ian uses his Veto, then he cannot be a replacement. So if Shane or Britney win Veto and use it, Ian is a valid replacement. Ian has to “turn on it’s power” before the Golden Veto protects him. …This makes sense, but who knows what production is telling Ian and Frank…???


i was hoping joe would play for pov and one of the how bad you want it was shave your soul patch

Dr. J

I think Ian would be a fool to use his veto. Doesn’t he have the GOLDEN VETO which means he can use it whenever he wants? If so he would be crazy to not keep it for himself to help himself get to the final 4 (if that’s how long it is good for). That way no one would waste an HOH on him knowing it won’t stick. The only way they’d do it is to force him to use it, which could happen, but at least he could save himself once If he can still play in any future veto he is picked to play in and still have the golden veto in his possesion it might take him even further. Maybe i’m all wet but think he’d better think for himself and only himself. Not Dan, Britt or anyone but himself. After all everone in the BB house is playing for themself and always have been. Dan needs to go as he is super greedy no matter how much he is liked. Let someone who has never won win it this year.


I think the Barbarian power (veto power) he has is only good for 1 week.. if it wasn’t than yes he would be a fool to not save it until he needed it.


Has anyone ever seen the movie “The Score” with Ed Norton and Robert Deniro? I think (kinda hope) that Ian is playing like Ed Norton. He basically played like he was retarded at his job and everyone believed him, but he was really this expert thieif. Now I’m not saying Ian is playing retarded, but there’s a part of me that would love to see him go to the end and stand up and say that the rocking and mumbling, the nervousness and everything he did all summer was an act to look like a weak, vulnerable kid.

I know it’s probably not going to happen, but if it did, it would be the best BB finale EVER!


OMG if that happened and Ian pulled a Keyser Söze his avatar would be Keyser Söze .. LOL
He would go down in history as the greatest BB player ever.

Unfortunalty that trick wouldn’t work when he went into Big Brother 16 Heroes and villains.


hasn’t ian been doing this all along??? his move to run with qp is when his cover was blown.

i agree, it’s a great strategy for ian, and if it works, it will go down in bb history…

Brit's Goodbye Message for the win.....

OMG……I was thinking the same thing, that maybe he is pretending. He would definitely be the greatest player to have ever played if he pulled that off.


Nah, the kids a wackjob, my memory of him will be when he was getting his pits done, and he wouldn’t put his leg down cause of his b0ner


tell me, when does a 21yo male not have one???


I feel for Ian, he’s in a tough spot… he doesn’t want to become Frank’s biggest target, he did enough damage to that relationship already, but now his alliance with DDBS is at stake. Ian’s best bet is if everyone else in the house turns on Dan and agree to vote him out .. which I can see happening actually. I was a huge Dan fan, but this year I find his game play sub-par…. I don’t see that he’s done much to deserve to win this and it pains me to say it cos I loved him in his season. If Shane wins HOH the quack pack can all make it through this week, but if not, I don’t mind seeing Dan leave at this point.


Anonymous, do you have agoraphobia?

Dr. J

Thanks Simon, I thought it was a Golden Veto like they’ve done before. Have never heard of a Barbarian Veto before but then he will use it for Dan to stay. Sigh! Thought there was hope there but alas… QP will live another day to go after the only target they have Frank. I feel for Frank as he’s had the stress on him almost every week and Ian is the one wanting to see a head shrink. Sheesh, if production is helping Frank a little I can see why with that pack on top of him. It is going to get good when they have to turn on each other. As long as the former players go first then let the games begin.


At this point I’m feeling even if the Quack Pack stays 5 strong they’ll have a hard time getting Frank out lol


so very true…they’ve thrown everything they’ve got at frank, and the zombie returns again and again.

they need a new strategy, and fast.

Carol & Steve

Thinking the same thing. Hoping the Quack Pack can get thru this week. However next week everyone will play for POV so I almost think they should just backdoor Frank & hope the HOH can convince him he won’t go up at all….

Wish this POV comp would get over soon. Wonder if we’re in for another week of 6 hour trivia/fish. Eagle Eye will be watching for any cheating – LOL!!

Dr. J

Dr Will do you mean me? No I don’t but think Ian has it big time. I like him a lot and wouldn’t mind him winning but don’t want a floater like Britt, Dan, Jenn or Joe to win it.

Dr. J

ROFLAO on that one cause I think you’re right. At least I hope so.



Dr. J

Whoops, sorry Dr. Will I see who that wss directed at now. LOL


frank is such an egotistical douche


Pretty much regardless of what happens in this pov it still looks like frank is gonna be severely out numbered next week.While he is my favorite now that boogie is gone his only hope for next week might be that he either wins the pov or the hoh competition is all about emo rock history or waddling like a duck and jenn wins


the suspense is killing me!

I am Danielle's left eyebrow

Ian actually said that ‘he is tired of winning shit’ – dude, you have been winning stuff for 24 hours -…………….get over yourself and if you lie to Dan – the fans will hate you even more……………….


Ian blew his chance to show us how smart he really is. In this game you have to think forward…if I do X then what is Y & Z that follows. So if Ian wanted Frank on his side and Dan off his back all he had to do was explain to Frank why he should put Ian up on the down low.

1. Ian now has to use the veto on himself (so Frank knows nobody else gets a pass)
2. Dan has no way to get Ian even into a conversation. (other than blaming Frank)

Furthermore, he suggests Frank put up Danielle and wait to see how the veto goes…worse case scenarios:

1. Dan wins and pulls Danielle…up goes Shane & then Brit when Ian comes down
2. Shane wins and pulls Danielle…up goes Dan & then Brit when Ian comes down
3. Jen or Joe win (yeah right) but just in case they pull Danielle…up goes Dan & then Brit when Ian comes down

Ideal Scenario (for Frank & maybe Ian…not that he sees it)

1. Frank wins and smiles (pulling nobody)…up goes Dan when Ian comes down

Any which way a top threat is gone and their ‘partner’ may scramble to Frank.

But most of all Ian, you get to walk thru it all unbothered and uncut.

Think Boy, Think !!!

Well, next time at least


Dan needs to go and then Danielle and then Shane they annoy me so much. I like Frank and want him to end up winning.

King Silva

Are you by chance related to Allison Grodner? O_o

Ian needs to be loyal to the Quack Pack or he will get fucked over in the Jury House by Dan and ‘his mist like powers’…

Plus he probably won’t get Shane or Danielle’s votes.

Idk a lot of people don’t seem like they are in good spots if they make it to the final 2. :-/


I wouldn’t doubt that Frank will win POV


Watch it not be the “Who Wants It More?” veto comp, lol.


LOL no doubt eh.. it’s some endurance comp that lasts 30 hours