Power Of Veto Competition Results! Tennis Themed POV – “Game! Set! Match!”

POV Holder: Bruno Next POV April 10
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 12
HOH Winner Bruno Next HOH April 15th
Nominations: Johnny and Sarah
Have Nots Brittnee, Pilar, Willow (Pickled Eggs & Chicken Feet)
POV Players Bruno, Sarah, Johnny, Bobby, Brittnee and Kevin
Zach is the POV host

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Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-10 16-29-23-053

3:05pm 7:20pm Big Brother told the house guests to report to the HOH room for a lockdown. Shortly after Big Brother blocked the feeds for the Power of Veto Competition to take place.
This week Big Brother Canada has given you, the viewers the power to decide what power the veto holder has. The veto winner will either be forced to use the veto on one of the nominees or have to power to remove one, both or neither of the nominees. For more details on the twist you can read up on it here. If our poll below accurately represents how most of the viewers are voting it looks like the veto holder will have a “Double Veto”.

The winner of the Power of Veto Competition is: BRUNO!

7:20pm – 7:45pm When the live feeds return – The Power of veto competitors are dressed in tennis outfits. They had a tennis themed competition. Bruno calls Brittnee a sharpshooter!! Britt says I should call you that, you won it! Brittnee says that was the best comp. I’d play tennis any day. Brittnee says you actually did have to strategize. Sarah and Jordan congratulate Bruno.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-10 16-33-41-103
In the bedroom – Jordan is talking to Sarah. Sarah says I knew the whole time I wasn’t going to win. Jordan says it was hard to give you signs with others right beside me. Jordan says we have the votes so you’re good. Sarah goes over to Willow and says “Plant one on me!”


In the storage room – Bruno tells Bobby the noms are staying the same. They talk about it being an easy week. Bruno says unless Canada has something to do with it. Meanwhile in the bedroom. Sarah says it was ten times harder to block the front one than it was to block the back one.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-10 16-35-56-822

7:55pm Big Brother momentarily blocks the feeds, when they return the house guests are hanging out in the kitchen chatting about the POV comp. Meanwhile up in the bathroom – Sarah and Ash are talking. Bobby comes into the bathroom dancing. Sarah calls him Bobby the ballerina. In the bedroom – Bobby tells Ash that worked out perfectly today. It’s always nice to be able to relax and not have to talk game. Ash agrees.

Big Brother Canada 3 2015-04-10 16-56-55-690

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Week One there’s a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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I guess nothimg matters now, Jonny will just be going…


UNLESS… Johnny spills the beans to Bruno about the alliance selling out Zach/JP/Ashleigh b/c he’s caught on they won’t save him and he has nothing to lose.


so predictable … so much so I no longer watch the live feeds or after dark… snooze ville already with this group ..


You predicted Bruno winning POV?


I really don’t know if the twist is gonna help johnny’s game now. His game is basically over no matter what the veto is.


Exactly, if its the double veto…its not going to be used ..if we force the veto to be used…They would just save Sarah and put up Kevin…his game is about as good as done considering we all voted for double veto…most of us anyways….


the only thing at was going to.make a difference as what ppl tought the doublel veto was —forced to use for both noms. what bb changed it to is stupid. use it dont use it use for one or two or none or meh that took a twist and turned it boring


BB did not change it, it was clear on the site (HOME) before the show informed us about it


And… this just became the most boring big brother canada ever. There’s not even one person to root for… Its just so boring. The twists seems to be all flops and just makes you frustrated.

Time to Vote.

I’m really hoping sindy or naeha goes back into the house. If johnny goes back into the house, its gonna be week 4 all over again.


Oh well. So much for that! Was hoping it would be a fun one, now the only fun part would be if the Veto will be the single forced one. And the cards are not right for that either. Dang it!

King Silva

So much for a twist since Bruno doesn’t want to nominate one extra person let alone two extras!

I don’t mind Johnny going home though because I like Kevin a lot more.


Big Brother was kinda unclear- is there no way to force Bruno to play the double veto? Like if that is the choice voted it, would he have the option of not using it? Or is it forced?


Double veto is both nominees coming off, but it doesn’t have to be used..the forced veto can only pull one nominee off, but it needs to be used…


Correct, there is no way of forcing Bruno to use the Double Veto. He gets to choose – either veto one, two, or keep the noms the same. BB should of made this clear from the beginning. It sounds like lots of people voted for option 2, thinking the 2 noms would have to be replaced. Thankfully I waited, and am voting option 1 = Forced Veto, not that it will matter now 🙁


That sucks! When I voted, I thought it was as Arisa stated … a double veto
I would of voted the other if they didn’t keep rewriting the rules.
The pot needs a lot of stirring.
Now it’s useless!
Nice twist BBCA


I want Naeha to come back!!!


If the double veto is what Canada voted for and if Bruno actually uses it to change his nominations, then he will be my new favourite player. It’s a long shot, but he is catching onto
Newport. If he does nothing, then this was a giant waste of a twist!

The Prophet



But why would he make 2 more enemies?


Dodges another bullet!!! 3X now, wth? Stick with Pili dude!


Suck for Johnny, but the only way he can get out of this is by throwing zack under the bus in order to save himself from the block. But anyways johnny gameplay sucks it like andy from bb15


I still think kevin and pilar ends up on the block .. remember last year Allison really did not need to use her veto but still used it on Sabrina.. the powers that be will suggest strongly to Bruno to take down sarah and jonny… why do you think Bruno keeps saying unless Canada has something to do with it… they are not going to not use a twist…. kinda like pandoras box in bb usa…


No one can force Bruno to use a double veto if he doesn’t want…yes, we have something to do with it, but that doesn’t mean he is gonna do it…what is he gonna do?!?!…. Make more enemies????…


At this point whoever blows up the alliances will be the player I root for.

The Prophet



Honestly as of right now Brittnee the only one i genuinely like, and probably Kevin.


So many alliances, it is more like no REAL alliances….

another name

the eeyore part of me is saying yup, more of the same.
the cynic part of me says yup, of course the double veto will be the choice, and and nothing will change. production wouldn’t want to make Zach sweat.
wake me up if someone stirs the pot.
please someone stir the pot. ‘easy weeks’ are so boring.


I find it comical that everyone is bored out of this cast because there is no one left with a big character and they all love each other. Yet, everyone wanted Graig out who arguably had the biggest personality out of the house guest and was the one who wanted to stir sh1t up.

another name

i’m not sure if it’s the lack of big personalities, or the predictability of how the season is playing out. when even production interference (not a big fan in most cases) doesn’t really change the game, you know the season is progressing either really really well or really really predictably imo. at the moment i’m thinking predictable more than well.
as far as graig… after watching his exit interview, i’m not sure he wanted to or knew how stir anything up. it sounded like he just wanted to spend more time with his frat brothers.


I know Big Brother may have screwed up the description for the vetoes, but last episode Arisa said that there were 2 options:
1. FORCED veto
2. Double veto
Its it the name, she didn’t say forced double eviction.


The twist would have been great with the victory of B. Johnny and Sarah were safe and Bruno will have to put 2 people and finally get some blood on his hands.
If Canada vote for option 2 its waste of money cuz Bruno can choose to not use and if its Option 1 Sarah is safe B is the remplacement and Johnny is going Home. Kevin can be a backdoor but will they be smart.. Hummm not!
I would love to see Zack and Jordan on the block!


Naeha come-back !!!!!


Guys why so many here saying boring? Good seasons have boring weeks just the nature of BB. Yeh Johnny is gone as the veto twist won’t mean a thing even if forced to used on 1 he stays and Bruno will pawn anyway. Now the good part Johnny can play his way back in. Frankly unless its Risha or Graig coming back the house stays divided. Think its better if it’s not Neaha or Cindy personally. You could get a power struggle that divides that side.
Johnny’s return would be best for the game. Next HOH I like a double eviction week IMO so 1st HOH will be huge. Bobby Willow and Ash versus the rest. Godfrey is winning nothing. as long as Graig isn’t back could be a fun week.
I think BB16 has made folks jaded. Neither side is quiting. There are folks playing on both sides and J/Z in the middle plus Kevin. BB isn’t chicken little and the sky is not falling lets give the season a chance. How would you play if you went into the house? “Balls to the wall” exciting…. see Neaha and Cindy. Or lay low and build relationships. The later less exciting but way better strategy early. After the KFC twist 12 will be left the funs just started IMO. Double evictions are always good then there is pre jury house eviction. 9 left game on. I have lots of hope the season can get real good still.


I hope so, i hope we’re not just being pessimistic and it will get better, but after dealing with BB16 last summer and seeing how dull it was, fans are afraid it might happen again with season. So i can see why the fans are worried.


Graig coming back is as useless as 3 breasts. He already said he’d work with Zach, JP & Kevin so how would that make the show any better? Then he said maybe I’d do this…. maybe I’d do that… maybe….

Bottom line he’d do exactly the same thing he was doing before he left and come even harder after Britt & Sarah assuming Johnny was gone. It would be a complete and utter waste.


Bruno is pretty smart. He was the first to see the double date alliance & is well in tune to the JP/Zach alignment. IF … I repeat IF… Johnny goes to him and spills & he asks Sarah/Britt and makes a deal to work with them (after outing Zach being involved in the Chop Shop) then there may still be some action. I guess it depends on whether the Powers That Be, want the house shook up.

Bruno will know something is up just b/c of the twist and what Canada picked. He may even think the vote occurred AFTER the nominations and Canada is telling him something. If he doesn’t make the move and Zach goes on to win & then back doors Bobby next week then he’ll be kicking himself for just playing into Newport’s strategy!


BBCAN and their twists are not doing it this season. It is clear thay they are throwing out all of these twists, and sees what sticks. At least there is 6 more weeks left.


Question, do you guys think all the player that have gone are sequester together and are sharing notes???


I’m so dissapointed that this season is getting dull so fast especially for the Canadian version that we have such high expectations for, last season was so explosive and now this season is so tame and uneventful so far. Is Grodner the hidden executive producer of this show now or something?


Ugh! Why did Bruno have to win. HOH? If he keeps noms the same he’ll become my least favorite HG. I mean seriously he will have the chance to put 2 new people on the block. I almost wish they put people on the show who never watched the show so they make big moves. Why would you wait to get rid of Newport? This season it’s starting to lose steam.


Fudge. Well, the Double Veto will surely be wasted now that Bruno won it. Looks like Johnny’s out the door unless Bruno decides to backdoor someone. And we know that’s not gonna happen. Looks like a boring weekend ahead. Again. (Although, as I type this, Jordan planting seeds with Bruno about putting Willow up.)


Wow, I’m sitting here listening to Bruno talking to Johnny and I have to turn it off. Every word coming out of Bruno’s mouth to him is a lie. Every word.

Worst of all, Graig is going to be thrilled that Johnny was evicted right after he was. WHY can’t people see that no one is considering putting up Zach or Jordan? Huge red flags that people are missing.

But it's true!

Lol! Bye Johnny!!!
You were boring and annoying anyway.
I kinda wish it was kevin though. Now! That would be hilarious!


someone needs to fire Robyn Kass, I’m sick of her shit!
this is a repeat of BB16, and I can’t take it anymore,
I was never happy with the cast reveal, 16 is way too much, they should have stuck with 13-14


Seriously?…. Bruno won Vitogate?!! : /
Ughhh… How lame is that. Well Johnny Boy… the beans are yours to spill… get on it!

Naeha sucks

Everybody hoping for Naeha to return in the game like she was any good! Comparing her to Neda is just wrong because at least Neda knew how to lay low and win a HOH. What did Naeha win? Oh I forgot an eviction out the door…. lol. I would rather see Sindy come back because she proved she can win HOH and Veto!


Since I heard about this stupid twist it seems to me that the producers want Kevin to be evicted so they will generate a lot of phone calls to get him back into the house. It smells.


I want Kevin or zach to go. I’d like zach to go first just so Ashleigh can get off her lazy spoiled ass and actually win something. I hate it when girls rely or depend on guys to defend them because of the their looks.