Jordan disrespects Big Brother “F**K YOU! Sorry I mean f**k me!” EVERYONE is punished!

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 10
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 12
HOH Winner Bruno Next HOH April 15th
Nominations: Johnny and Sarah
Have Nots Brittnee, Pilar, Willow (Pickled Eggs & Chicken Feet)
POV Players Bruno, Sarah, Johnny, Bobby, Brittnee and Kevin
Zach is the POV host

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Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-10 08-41-09-666

11:35am – 12pm In the kitchen – Bobby, Bruno, Ash and Pilar are talking. They talk about if this veto was the how bad do you want it. Bobby says I don’t give a sh*t about winning this veto. Ashleigh says she would want to win to keep it all the same. Bobby says that’s a big thing to keep it the same. Ash says its an even bigger thing to change it.

Willow and Zach start horsing around. She pretends to punch him. He holds his hand out on her neck. He then puts her in a sleeper hold. Willow asks “Is this your idea of flirting?!” Willow jokes that she’s gain 18 pounds on slop. I’m going to be the most jacked comp beast. I’m going to put Zach and Bobby to shame. Pilar says I need to win HOH. I need to win it so bad.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-10 08-46-52-425

12:05pm Big Brother blocks the feeds and when they return all the house guests are sitting in the living room. Bobby asks are we standing by? I have the oven on. They talk about how they’ve broken more microphones. (3 or 4 of them) Big Brother has put all the house guests on cold water showers and slop. They are being punished for disrespecting Big Brother and the equipment. Britt says we need to start thinking about how the mics are $1000 and to pretend its coming out of out pockets. Jordan apologizes and says sorry guys. (Earlier Jordan was talking to Sarah & Britt and got called out for not having a mic on. Jordan said “F**K YOU, sorry I mean f**k me”) Bruno hugs him and says its okay. Jordan says apparently its a problem. Jordan heads to the diary room to apologize to Big Brother. Godfrey also broke a microphone. Big Brother called them both out. Godfrey comments that he tried to take a shower and it was pretty cold.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-10 09-14-32-476

In the pantry – Kevin tells Sarah she is going to rock this comp. Sarah says I feel the same way. This is your competition. Kevin kisses her on the cheek.

Jordan comes out the diary room. He apologizes again. He heads to the bedroom. Bruno comes up and tells him its not a big deal. Don’t worry about it. We’ve all broken mics. Just the other day mine got caught on my gear and ripped it right out. Jordan says but cold showers and its your birthday tomorrow. Bruno says its not a big deal forget about it. Jordan says I just need some time.

Up in the HOH room – Zach comments that Big Brother said our hot water was cut off indefinitely. Willow asks if they’ll get it back? Zach says it means until they say we get it back.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-10 09-30-31-335

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-10 10-06-03-127
12:30pm – 1pm Up in the HOH room – Willow asks Zach for a massage. At first Zach barely touches her and she tells him if this is his idea of a massage its pathetic. He says its just the warm up. When he adds lotion he squirts it from 4 feet away. He starts massaging her and then comments that he thinks her skin is pealing. Bruno says I think that’s the lotion. JOhnny and Godfrey joins them. Bruno notices Godfrey is visibly not happy about breaking a mic and putting everyone on slop. Bruno tells him its okay. It could have happened to anyone they just called you two out.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-10 09-59-45-855

1:20pm Up in the HOH room. Big Brother calls Godfrey out for sleeping and tells him nap time is over. Meanwhile in the kitchen – Sarah comments about Godfrey getting called out. “Seriously this needs to stop.” Bobby says he thinks napping is the least of the infractions. Sarah, Kevin, Bobby and Ashleigh are cleaning.

1:30pm – 1:45pm Zach and Jordan are in the pantry. Zach tells Jordan how Bobby was saying they should get Kevin out. Jordan says if Johnny wins, we’re f**ked! Well not f**ked. Zach asks should we go for HOH this week? Jordan says I’m going for it. Zach says I think next week we get him out of the game. Jordan says Bobby needs to go. Zach says I think I can even convince Bobby to throw the HOH. Jordan says because he feels so comfortable. Zach says even if he won the HOH we could let him put up Kevin and then we have the votes to keep the pawn. Then the lines are drawn. Zach says we could even convince him to throw the POV, that’s how stupid he is. They leave the pantry. Zach and Jordan talk to Ashleigh. She tells them about how Bobby said he didn’t give a shit about winning the pov because he didn’t want to be on slop for a week. (Thinking if it was a punishments comp he wouldn’t take them.) Jordan says he’s a little bit*h! Pilar joins then. Jordan says Kevin needs to win.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-10 10-32-50-739

1:50pm Under the stairs – Pilar and Ashleigh are talking. Pilar says we have to stick together. Ashleigh says I am looking at you and I am 100%! They talk about how 5 is a good number to have. (Alliance of 5)

In the bedroom – Zach tells Sarah that he is going to try and win the next HOH. Sarah says you have to! Zach says for you the best situation is for the noms to stay the same. Unless you win it. Sarah says I know and if I did I know it sucks Kevin would be nom’d. Britt joins them. Sarah says I just can’t not use it if I win it. Zach says oh I know. Zach says I’m getting the vibe that he’ll put up Kevin if the veto is used. Zach says we get Kevin out this week and go after Bobby next week. Sarah says since day 1 its been those 4 working together. Zach says we take the head off the snake. Britt says we just did (Graig), now we’re taking off the other parts. Zach says here’s my plan. I am going to try like hell to win HOH and then put up two pawns .. then tell Bobby the plan is to backdoor Kevin. I’ll convince Bobby to throw the POV and put him up. Zach tells Sarah and Britt he trusts then 100%. I don’t want you to question me at all. I also trust JP 100%!

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-10 10-59-08-573

2:10pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

2:35pm – 3pm The live feeds return with only cameras 1 & 2 showing on the feeds. Sarah comments that Spencer Clawson from big brother 15 is her favourite. “Spencer is my favourite! So cute with his big beard! He had me rolling on the ground! So funny!” Jordan talks about how this is his dream and for him to be letting down not only big brother but everyone else is really upsetting. Big Brother tells him to stop talking about production. Jordan tells Kevin.. I have a plan I am going to try and get Willow up there. Kevin says get Willow up there. Jordan then tells Johnny and Sarah to win the veto! Jordan asks Sarah if she’s good at puzzles. She says she is at matching puzzles. Kevin says that Graig was going to say in his speech “I was going bring out the big brother dictionary and oh look there’s Johnny under L for liar and there’s Sarah under M for manipulator” Sarah says I kind of wish he had. Jordan says that would have been good tv. Sarah says but after I overhead him say well that will make it harder. Meaning going off on people after being called a bully.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-10 11-50-09-733

3:05pm Big Brother calls all the House Guests to the HOH room and blocks the feeds.

5:15pm The live feeds are still blocked for the POV Competition..

5:55pm Still blocked.

6:45pm Still blocked..

7:15pm Nothing yet..

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Week One there’s a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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I don’t know what these girls see in Zach… he’s not attractive at all, he reminds me of a tall.. athletic version of Prince Charles…


I agree. I mean Zach is tall which is a +, and has a nice body which is a +, but that face? Really ladies? I mean the fact that Johnny is NOT going crazy for him should say something. Pilar may not be playing the game, but at least she has better taste.


I’d say Kevin has better taste in girls rather than Pilar does with boys.


Really? I thought the best looking females were Queen B and Cindy with an S. Pilar’s pretty, but not striking.


Pilar is average – not pretty
her lazy speech makes her ugly


Pilar moved to Canada not knowing any word in English. Despite her what you call “lazy speech”, I think it is fine the way it is. Plus it’s probably just an accent and her still adjusting to the English language.


While she does have a slight accent, most of the lazy speech people reference here is Pillar not opening her mouth and talking through her teeth with little lip movement.


sindy with an s looks like a mail order bride


well, with guys, if she has a great body, we don’t mind too much about the face.
I’m guessing its the same with girls?


I totally agree zack is not attractive at all!! he looks exactly like kronk from the emperors new groove lol. Zack = BUTTAFACE

Sarah's Hookah

I feel bad for Jordan, he respects the game so much and is probably really embarrassed.

Boring Season

I feel so sad for those “superfans” trying to win by getting rid of strong competitors, but not thinking of jury.


I’m just tired of superfans going into the house and the initiate conversation how much they know the show, which past house guests they respect the most, blah blah blah. Isn’t it better not to talk about the past seasons. Like is they know the game so well, then they would know better not to do so. Knowledge is power but a yapping mouth will get you out of the house.


I’m finding the fewer “superfans” that go no the show the better.


Maybe that’s BB’s strategy? Every season the HG’s are able to predict the next comp almost correctly every time. Lets throw some super fans into the mix and see them get their predictions wrong….. I like it when they are shocked. So far they have had an instant evict, super power of veto this week AND a former HG voted back in and it’s still relatively early.


i don’t get why you’d feel bad for him. he told big brother “f u” for a mic check? as a superfan, he should know how important it is to keep your mic on, even if it’s frustrating. and he is BY FAR the worst offender for talking about production. he often talks about diary room sessions, and uses what he says in there to reinforce his alliance with zach and kevin, that ive seen (like saying he talked about newport, or the fortress..). that’s basically using production/DR as part of your strategy, which is a huge NO-NO.
he’s been warned about this a bunch of times, and the live feeds cut bc of it, so im actually pretty annoyed. clearly the guy has no filter as he keeps going on and on about being a superfan… (maybe that’s why you feel bad? cause he can’t control himself?) but i just find it so annoying when “superfans” violate basic bb rules constantly.


So is the new BB strategy to just lay down and die whenever you are nominated? The nominees try to win the veto and if it doesn’t go their way, they just mope around and do nothing. That was the one good thing about Naeha.

Sarah and Johnny need to point to Bruno, Godfrey, and Bobby that Zach, Jordan, and Kevin are playing both sides: they say they are working with the girls and they say they are working with the guys. On top of that, Zach and Kevin have show-mances with Ashleigh and Pilar. That’s 5 solid players working behind the scenes while Sarah, Britt, Johnny, Bobby, Godfrey, and Bruno all go after each other, with Willow barely being there.

If they just got past their dislike to each other, Sarah, Britt, Bruno, Godfrey, Bobby, and Johnny could take out Zach, Jordan, or Kevin and really make this game interesting. However, that apparently requires too much thinking and gameplay.


That would be a really interesting final 5. Brit, Bruno, Godfrey,Johnny, and Sarah. But I agree 100% with you. Bruno seems to be catching onto Zach and Jordan and these are perfect picks for veto. Best case scenario is that Brit, Sarah, or Johnny win and they have a 3/6 chance to win which is basically 1/2. Bruno puts up Newport and the house evicts Jordan. I don’t think Jordan would beat Naeha and Cindy with an S.


before being nominated, sarah specifically mentioned to bruno that she was “transparent” and took sides, while there are others who “are in the middle, and isn’t that a lot scarier”. i don’t think she wanted to drop names (like jp, zach and kevin) because she does not know which boys bruno is working with. name dropping is always risky.


I want Kev, Johnny, Sarah and Britt final 4.


i bet Britney wins pov and then Bruno puts Kevin and Pilar on the block.. pilar goes to jury…


Pilar’s tears will be delicious


Oooh, that sounds a bit mean.


Oh i hope so


Zach reminds me of Andy from BBUS because he is in every alliance.

The Twist

I wonder how they will react if johnny wins the veto and it happens to be a double veto. Kinda sad how everyone is throwing johnny under the bus.


I like kevin.. but I would rather see Britt win POV…and take of Sarah and Kevin… that way all 3 are still safe… would love to see the look on Bruno`s face…and the rest of these so called brainers …then see what …


Then he may have to kiss his boy toy goodbye if Bobby has anything to do Bruno’s HoH…or send hom


It’s not sad because Johnny was throwing Brit under the bus last night because she wasn’t nominated. Johnny is pretty selfish all he thinks about is Kevin. Kevin only thinks about Zach/Jordan. Johnny is alone because all he wants to do is be with Zach/Kevin’s lap dog (aka kev)


It’ll become clear for johnny (if there is a double veto) who is on his side if either brittanee or sarah wins the veto


I think Kevin’s going to be evicted. Think about it. The Double Veto is going to be voted into play. Sarah and Johnny will both come off the block. Who will Bruno replace them with? Not Willow, Godfrey or Bobby because those four are tight. Ashleigh is part of the Chop Shop. He told Britnee he wouldn’t put her up, which is smart because he’ll need her later. That leaves Zach, Jordan, Kevin and Pilar. A smart, BIG move would be to put up Zach and Jordan but I don’t think Bruno has the guts. That leaves Kevin and Pilar. He wants Kevin out anyway and by nominating Pilar with him, he takes away her vote for him to stay. So, I think there’s a 90% chance Kevin is going.


Counting the votes if Kevin and Pilar are on the block after the twisto twist is done
Let me know what you all think.. I have all the girls voting out Kevin as they seems dead set on not losing any more girls.
Jordan – Evict Pilar
Zach – Evict Pilar
Ashleigh – Evict Kevin
Godfrey – Evict Kevin
Bobby – Evict Kevin
Willow – Evict Kevin
Brittnee – Evict Kevin
Sarah – Evict Kevin
Johnny – Evict Pilar


i have a feeling that ashleigh britnee and sarah may not necessarily vote out kevin


i remember sarah and britnee saying that pilar would do nothing for their game, and kevin would always be a shield, so pilar would probably be evicted in this case


They may think with Kevin gone Pilar will have no one and form up with the rest of the girls.


The thing about Kevin staying in that scenario is that Zach and Jordan would have shown their cards too early and it would make them targets for Bruno and co., they don’t want that, so they vote what Bruno wants and if they don’t vote who Bruno wants and in that case Sarah and Britnee will follow, so…in that case, the vote could be almost uniamous with Johnny giving Kevin the sympathy vote… No one wants to show their cards this soon, especially Jordan and Zach’s game they are playing…in Bruno’s mind…Zach and Jordan is still with them….


Great point.. If the votes are for Kevin to leave Zach/Jordan will follow.


JP and Zach will rally the Hexagon to keep Kevin. In addition, if they could pull a Derrick, maybe even the entire house to keep Kevin. Either way, I don’t think JP and Zach are gonna let Kevin go that easy. Besides, Sarah, Britt, and Johnny must have realized that Pilar adds nothing to their game.
So, either way,
Sarah,Johnny,Britt,JP,Zach (5) -> Evict Pilar
Bobby,Willow,God,Ash (4) -> Evict Kevin
Thing is, if this is to happen, a line will certainly be drawn and the Newport/Fortress could possibly be exposed. Hexagon would replace the Chop Shop as the new power house alliance because they all will play in this next HoH. Will JP and Zach do it all just for Kevin? That’s the question right there.


I think Jordan and Zach will WANT to vote Pilar out, but they won’t have the guts to go against the house, especially if they learn that Kevin’s going to be evicted anyway. That, and they’re too scared they’ll mess up their own games. If Kevin leaves, then Zach has to flirt more with Willow while Jordan “bro’s out” with Godfrey, Bruno and Bobby. And NEITHER of them want to do that!


Exactly what I’m thinking… They are not going to go against the power no matter how bad that want to keep Kevin…they have been so under the radar and if they want to keep this down low radar to avoid showing their cards which they have been doing the whole time…they will vote out Kevin…but if he does gets evicted, he is likely to come right back in…BTW, just a thought, but what if Britnee and Sarah vote for Kevin and frame JP and Zach saying they were so close to him and try to them in front them in the target list of Bruno and co….


Jordan and Zach wants Kevin to stay… also kevin is a six person alliance with Britney, Sarah, Jonny, Jordan and Zach.. that’s all the vote he needs .. lets not forget Ashley and Zach are together so that’s another vote for Kevin? I just don’t see how pilar can stay if its both of them on the block.. what Bruno wants really does not matter at this point if both Jordan and Kevin are really wanting to keep Kevin…


It does if they do not want to be targets of Bruno and co…so far, JP and Zach have done everything to avoid being targets and if they vote against Bruno, they will be at the top of his target list…


First: Newport already decided they would throw away Sarah for Kevin if he went on the block as a replacement for Johnny and know it means they are drawing a line in the sand. BUT they also feel with Bruno not playing for HOH next week they can take out Bobby and will then have themselves and Kevin going against Bruno once Bobby is gone. They discussed Zach winning HOH (next week) putting up 2 pawns and then back dooring Bobby.

So in the event Kevin & Pilar go up they’ll vote her out no problem, including Ashleigh who Zach will explain needs Kevin as a meat shield and that Pilar can’t help her. She’ll acquiesce and vote out Pilar.

As for Bruno he’s already onto the duo’s and little seeds are constantly being planted by Britt, Sarah, Bobby and Willow. The latter 2 b/c they lost out to having showmances with Kevin/Ashleigh when they chose Pilar/Zach respectively and the former 2 b/c they’ve figured out it was odd the guys won’t use the veto’s on them, but expect them to use it if they go up.

JP told the girls today he is going to start planting negative seeds of doubt about Willow with Bruno. I guess we’ll see how good he is at the game b/c Bruno has already caught on that Ash/Zach were very against putting up Kevin.

Bruno hasn’t liked the couples pairing up and sees it as a real issue so I don’t think it would take much to sway him.

So….. the real question isn’t will Zach/JP keep Kevin if he’s a replacement, THEY WILL, the question is will Bruno even put Kevin up or will he put up Zach and JP striking first?

I think Bruno is the one who’ll not want to strike out at them first so he’ll put up Pilar/Kevin, the boys will keep Kev and then Naeha will return and by then Zach will likely have won HOH and attempt to backdoor Bobby. Most of “the others” Britt/Sarah/Johnny and even Kevin/Ash have major issues with Bobby in terms of his poor game play and awkwardness so once he’s gone they will be more open to working with Bruno and taking down Zach/JP. Much will depend on what Naeha does (should she return… oh please, pretty please) as I could see her aligning with Bruno and her team to take down Newport.

Personally I hope it happens just to see Naeha, Bruno and JP square off simply because IMHO they have the most potential. Zach could be a comp beast but he’s so full of himself right now he has forgotten the golden rule JP told him week 1… don’t EVER get cocky it’s the biggest mistake you can make in the game.


I’m not much of a fan of Sarah and would like to see her go but not just yet – she’s been weakened, is now vulnerable and very usable. If Sarah would stop freakin out every moment, she’d know she’s lowest member in her alliance and easiest to dump. She needs to have that deep convo with Bruno exposing the “double-double” (Z & J), enlightening him on Ash/Pil/Kev and offer to become a temp double-agent. She could suggest him test her loyalty by setting up Z/J with info and bringing it back to Bruno. It’s the perfect opportunity to start a new angle and sink a few ships in her battle to stay alive. If Bruno saw the whole picture Im sure he’s be wanting to broaden the CS strength in numbers by bringing in Sarah and Britt. It’s a game – start playin it! They can always chop her later.

By Britt’s questioning to Sarah after Sarah talked with Bruno, I think Britt was kinda hoping that Sarah did tell Bruno about the double-D/Hexagon. Britt already has an in with Bruno and would have been an obviously easy transition to the CS. No such luck so far. Britt should actually go to Bruno as she’s not in any alliance other than Sarah and what good is that doing her

Johnny doesnt have the same opportunity as he doesnt know about Hexagon and hasnt made himself an asset to anyone other than Kevin who is clearly using him. I dont know what he’s waiting for though either. He knows he’s done if he doesnt win the veto. We viewers know the double-veto isnt a “must” so we cant count on that to take him off. His safest bet is tell all he knows and beg Bruno to bring him into the CS.

another name

I was liking your post until the last paragraph, when I thought to myself but jonny is a member of hexagon. his problem is he wouldn’t sell out the other hexagon members because of his foolish loyalty to kevin. it would ruin kevin’s game. perhaps i’m missing the point of the last paragraph: are you saying jonny doesn’t know z/j/k are riding under the radar?


What would Hexagon be called if all of them stay this week and Naeha comes back in the house???…lol…


Heptagon? or Hexagon +