Big Brother Canada 3 Cast “Easy Week man.. Easy Week.. Easy Week.. Easy Week..”

POV Holder: Bruno Next POV April 10
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 12
HOH Winner Bruno Next HOH April 15th
Nominations: Johnny and Sarah
Have Nots Brittnee, Pilar, Willow (Pickled Eggs & Chicken Feet)
POV Players Bruno, Sarah, Johnny, Bobby, Brittnee and Kevin
Zach is the POV host

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Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-10 17-09-46-292

8:09pm Sarah and Zach Storage room
Sarah – you’re not mad at me are you
Zach – no
Sarah – I just feel a feeling.. it was really intense
Zach – it was awkward
Sarah says she knows in the beginning everyone was like get Johnny out.
Zach tells her he was OK with what she was doing.

8:12pm Ashleigh and Sarah
Sarah – I feel so bad what a awkward competition
Ashleigh – the whole calling out people
Sarah – do I have to ask
Ashleigh – PLEASE girl please.
Ashleigh says the vote is going to be 10 nothing for Johnny to leave.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-10 17-22-57-985

8:23pm Kevin and Pilar
Kissing, giggling and Cuddling talking about how the comp was boring to watch. Kevin say he’s so tired he almost fell asleep during dinner

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-10 17-35-53-338

8:35pm Bruno and Willow
Bruno saying Johnny didn’t have a chance during the POV says the kid got bullied alot.
Willow- And ganged up on
Bruno mentions how he told Sarah to go for him instead of Johnny.
Bruno says he’s happy how the POV turned out but he feels Johnny should have had a chance. “He deserved a fighting chance”
Bruno adds he didn’t want Johnny to win the POV just feels bad for him.
Willow – Easy week
Bruno – easy week
(FU guys and your easy week)

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-10 17-51-32-483

8:51pm Storage room Jordan and Kevin
Jumping up and down. Jordan tells him he played it so well.
Kevin – Am I a genius or am I a genius
Talking about how the POV going down was perfect
Bobby easy week man easy week.
Jordan says he feels a bit bad, “It was cheap.. but it’s a game”
Bobby leaves
Jordan – He’s a f****g idiot he has know idea we’re going to Backdoor him he’s so stupid he’s (Bobby) gone next week
Jordan is worried about johnny blowing up their alliance so they are going to make him think he’s safe this week. Tell him they have the votes Zach, Kevin, Jordan, Pilar, and Ashleigh
Sarah comes in
Jordan – easy week easy week
Kevin leaves
Jordan tells Sarah they have to make sure Johnny doesn’t blow them up
Jordan instructs her to not talk to anyone.

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-10 18-05-08-419

9:05pm Kevin and Johnny Kitchen

Kevin how are you feeling
Johnny – like crap I know I’m going home
Kevin – Have you talked to JP.. lay low have fun
Johnny – is it even possible to get 5 votes
Kevin says they have to talk to JP again

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-10 18-05-41-098

9:05pm Zach and Jordan
Talking about getting Johnny to think he’s safe this week so he doesn’t blow things up
Johnny joins them Jordan tells him they can make it happen it’s going to be tough but he thinks they can get the votes.
Jordan – You need to take them out Johnny
Johnny – 5 votes is tough though
Jordan – you have two right here.. I think we can get Kevin.. ya he went after you in the thing..
Johnny – he’s the one that surprised me the most..
Jordan – I was shocked
Johnny – Brittnee didn’t surprise me she’s playing all angles.
Zach says brittnee and willow are sitting pretty mentions how Willow has done nothing since she’s been here
johnny mentions how Bruno wants to talk to him tonight, “I wouldn’t be surprised that B threw you under the bus.. Blamed the G backdoor on you”
Johnny says Bobby literally makes him sick
Johnny regrets using the POV on Kevin.
Zach and Jordan agree.
Johnny says that was the worst competition for him he knew from the beginning he was done.
Zach says they have to take a pop at one of the girls because they are sticking together
Jordan wants to take out Bobby says Naeha was mentioning Bobby was with AShleigh and Pilar
Johnny – and she’s been right about everything else.
Johnny leaves..

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-10 18-23-59-086

9:24pm HOH Bruno and Zach
Zach tells him right now they want to make Johnny think he’s OK he’s a great guy no need to make him feel bad. Zach adds they’ll let Johnny know closer to the vote.
Bruno agrees says Johnny is a great guy and a great player.
Jordan comes in.
Bruno asks them for next week what is the plan.
Jordan – what do yo think… Sarah is pretty weak
Bruno -Kev..
Jordan – For sure.. see how the week goes.. sounds good to me
Bruno – we’re all on the same page
Jordan – we got each others back
Bruno thinks some twist is coming.
Zach points out they just had a instant eviction
Zach leaves.
Jordan says the people that scare him are the people playing both sides.. says Willow is talking to Pilar and Ashleigh about a final 3.

Bruno – i trust you man I’m telling you know I’m not putting your name up
Jordan – you’re the kinda guy I want to work with
Johnny comes in.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-10 18-38-00-197

9:33pm HOH Johnny and Bruno HOH
Bruno say he feels bad for what happened to johnny
Bruno – 5 people aiming at you I didn’t want that
Johnny – I don’t have much of a chance at this point
Bruno – You deserve to be here more than anybody.
Johnny points out they can see the pairs starting to pair up.
Bruno – the pairs easy to see right now.. it’s a crazy game.
Johnny says the girls are going to stick together and a couple of the girls have guys. 5 girls with 2 guys..
Bruno thinks Naeha was the best player in the house
johnny – she showed her cards too fast..
Bruno says he has no idea who is working with who..
Bruno – JP I don’t know where he sites I know he’s close to zach.. who is with who.. it’s tough man..
Johnny says the girls will not vote Sarah out. highlight again certain girls are really close to certain guys and those girls will never vote a guy out.
bruno – Pilar has no game
Johnny – zero
Johnny points out that Pilar will be manipulated by the girls if she wins HOH.
Bruno – If I can’t take you off an make everything work I would..
johnn says he understands
Bruno – tells him to fight for the votes adds he’ll be straight to Johnny and tell him how it is
Bruno – I don’t know where Willow sits..
johnny – I have zero read on her
Bruno says if he used the veto on him it would kill his game 100% but if there was a way for Johnny to stay they could do some damage. Bruno says “they” love to include Canada so he never knows.
johnny thinks they are coming up to a Double eviction.
Johnny says there’s always a chance of someone coming back
Bruno doesn’t think so
Johnny – we’re still pre Jury.. Naeha had a lot of fans
Bruno points out Naeha is from Toronto maybe that was her friends and family

Bruno says Zach’s a beast, Bobby’s a beast, Kevin’s a beast and Jordan is smart.
johnny highlights how smart Jordan is.
Johnny says he was only with Sarah out of necessity she isn’t the type of person he would associate with outside the house.
Johnny says Brittnee won’t go against Sarah at this point.

Bruno – You’re a beast.. You’re a beast.. you’re a beast buddy

Bruno asks him if there is any other alliance maybe the cuples are working together.
Johnny doesn’t know he doesn’t know where people’s heads are

(Video uploading there’s two parts.. it’s long)

9:33pm bedroom Zach and Jordan more of the same…

Brittnee walks in on them.. Tells them they are sketchy as f***

She goes on to talk game with Zach for a while telling him she wants Bobby gone. They agree to keep Johnny happy so he doesn’t blow up their alliance.

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Week One there’s a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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Alec Tryhard Beal

#ginjaninja #604 #propa


I can’t wait for naeha to come back, and the looks on zach, jordan, kevin, and bobby’s face is gonna be priceless.

Ez week

I like how they all say easy week, but once they’re nominated, they will probably be crying because they got nominated when they just grabbed a life vest and floated around (week 4 already and they made no big/bold moves)


I feel bad for Jonny. It looks like his own alliance gang up on him at the POV competition. His own alliance does not him to win. Even if he is lucky to stay, his own alliance will want him gone as soon as possible anyway. I am sorry for him to align with the wrong people. His eviction is due to his own fault to trust his own alliance which he should not trust.
If he stays, what will he do from here. He still trusts the people who he is working with. That is not good for his game. He trusts Kevin too much. Kevin wants him gone anyway. His alliance (Kevin, Jordan and Zach) throws the HOH because they want Johnny gone. Johnny will be gone no matter what if he keeps aligning himself with Kevin. Kevin only works with Zach, Jordan and Pillar.
At the end of the day, Johnny aligned himself with the wrong people who do not have his back.


Looks like Bobby will be gone next week! Fine with me… I’m glad Johnny will most likely go this week. He’s VERY annoying in the DR.

nana 10

I just re-watched Wed. episode, A?? , (can’t remember her name), said this weeks pov is a “forced pov”, opt 1- I person must be taken off. Opt 2- both must be removed


NO the second option is 1- can remove one person, 2- can remove both nom’s or 3- remove none.


Yes, she did say that. Apparently that was incomplete info. On purpose or not. Guess we’ll never know for sure.


Godfrey is the best thing on the feeds tbh. I hope Bobby/Bruno and God somehow sniff Newport out because this crap is getting old.


Damn if I had as many alliances as Zach and Jordan I would be exhausted. If I was Bruno I personally wouldn’t use the veto. I like Sarah and Johnny especially Sarah but if I was Bruno I wouldn’t want to get anymore blood on my hands then I had too. I’m curious which veto will be chosen? I still love Kevin, but why does he trust JP so much ugh.

I am really liking this season though. I’m from the US and imo the Canada seasons are better then most of the BBUS seasons. BB7 will always probably be my personal favorite though. How about all of you?

The Truth

Season 3,6 and 7. In no particular order.


Well I like BB Can but I do not like that they intervene so much. That was why I loved who won in season 1. Just like the people more although I was never a fan of Neda and Jon. Season 1 was so much fun.


fuck you kevin! Johnny saved your ass last week, and you’re fine with the idea of sending him home, stupid dumbass can’t wait for Newport to turn on your pale ass!

I just watched 5 min of live feeds (since the premiere) and had to fucking turn it off, JP is fucking insufferable!! stop talking about shitty reality shows, no one gives a shit, we don’t want to hear it!! while Johnny is there moping, quiet.. and sad

I don’t know how you guys do it .. this cast suck!!!!!
Robyn Kass you are fucking fired!!!! Thanks for another shitty season!

ugh damn that feels so good saying that…


Johnny needs to rat out the Hexagons to Bruno NOW and blow up Zach’s game (but I know he won’t).You can tell why some of these people liked BB16…


Happy Birthday Bruno!!


This week, from what I’ve gathered on this and on twitter, was VERY mean-spirited. I honestly don’t know who to root for. I wish Johnny wasn’t in this season because it’s been VERY rough for him. On top of that, since Graig now wants back in, he or Sindy will win without a doubt, Kevin or Bobby will go next week (half of the house is going after Kevin for the rest of the game by the sounds of it and I’m eh towards Bobby), everybody is, in some way, affiliated with the flop shop except for sarah and britt etc etc. Depending on who comes back, I may be done with the season, tbh. Some people will disagree but … yeah. I welcome other thoughts since I could have a lack of knowledge regarding certain situations.


I almost don’t want to watch what they did to Johnny in the POV. If I was in the house and I wanted my target gone I would do everything I could socially to get them out (except personal shots because that is just tacky, lowdown, and so unnecessary). I don’t think I could team up on somebody to prevent them from winning POV. I mean really? Regardless of what they say to him, they have shown through actions (which speak louder than words) that they wanted to take him out of the game. So ashamed of Kevin. He seriously thinks Jordan and Zach have his back the way Johnny did? Ugh. I don’t remember than winning a Veto to save his pale a**.


What did they do to Johnny in the POV comp? I’ve been trying to find a clip of it or even a description. No luck so far. Can you tell me where to go….in polite terms please. hahahaha


I am getting utterly bored. It should be clear that the people that are always instructing people are the ones that are running the house. They can tell Johnny everything he wants to hear, but he knows he is a goner.

Come On

Come on, Bruno. Figure it out. You’re a pvp champ. Don’t waste this twisted veto. I really hope Jonny spills the beans!


I do not understand why Johnny is walking around doing nothing. Talk to Bruno! Spill the beans on Zach and Jordan! Invite Sarah and Brit up to the HOH room to exchange notes with Bruno! Johnny needs to stop being so reliant on Kevin. I know you’ve got a crush and maybe genuine chemistry, but you’re playing a game.

Some people are saying Bruno would mess up his game if he changed his noms but I don’t think so.

1) If he pulled Sarah and Johnny down he could pull both of them to his side. Brit and Bruno are already close and she will follow Sarah. That would give Bruno: Godfrey, Willow, Bobby, Brit, Sarah and Johnny against Zach, Jordan, Ash, Pilar, and Kevin. The numbers are there.

2) Somebody is coming back. If Pilar, Ash or Jordan left this week, I don’t think they could beat Naeha or Cindy with and S back into the house. Plus Naeha and Cindy with an S would be bigger targets.

3) Bruno would be able to shield himself with Bobby and Willow. I do not see Bruno leaving against them. Not now in the game at least.

We can only pray for a BB miracle that Johnny and Sarah come down. If not this season will be like BBUS-16. If things continue as they have I’m already calling Jordan or Zach the winner with both likely in the final 2. And being able to do that this early in the game sucks.


Bravo! Ive been waiting for someone to say what Ive been screamin at my puter!


Kevin is going to look like such an idiot when he is evicted and sees that Jordon was using him this whole time
Pilli and him r so fucking boring that The Show doesn’t even care to show it
Don’t even watch the feeds so boring its a good sleep aid for anyone who can’t fall sleep LOL


Can’t wait for kevin to realize that Johnny and pilar were his biggest allies and yet, he still got rid of johnny.


This week has been terrible in terms of the competition part of the show, first the HOH was won because of the number of people that helped Bruno and now even the veto was won because everyone ganged up on the person they least want it to win. As far as I know, there have yet a competition in BB history where the players can actively help and worsen another player just for them to win or lose (unless they are playing in pairs or group). While I still want Johnny gone over Sarah, this week has been really unfair for him, and not because of his position in the house but because of how the competitions have been set up with.


Why is everyone just automatically, unquestioningly, doing everything that Jordan and Zach tell them to? Unbelievable. And now we have Jordan at the height of arrogance… right now, everyone went to bed and Jordan went outside to talk to Big Brother and fill him in on everything he’s doing and all about his brilliant plan. He has seriously got to go. I really hate arrogance, and Jordan and Zach are full of it. Fine, be good game players, that’s great. But keep your ego in check.


Jordan will get his…for such a “superfan” he sure is forgetting about how Arlie went out last year…his arrogance will be his downfall.


Is Jordan seriously trying to talk to Canada (and worldwide feedsters) and justify his gameplay for the money? Like everyone in the house isn’t fighting for someone else? I’m beyond done with him.


Thanks Simon! Maybe he is genuine, but I’m still over it. I mean Bruno is playing for his spouse and kids, Godfrey to bring his grandmother (the person who raised him) to Canada, Brit donating to a organization where she volunteered, etc. That just put me off. I don’t think anyone is in the house just to be there. Well except maybe Bobby who’s there to “flirt”( bordline sexual harassment) every female in the house. He cracks me up though “nobody’s on my radar.” Hahaha

another name

so pretend you are jonny for a moment. you are the target. you know you are the target. your own alliance turned against you during pov. you know that too. so you’re still listening to them. why?
no. really. why? because ratzo Rizzo and joe buck told you to? get a clue.


Even Sara turned on Johnny during the POV 🙁 So sad… I feel bad for Johnny! Sara was the one crying when she thought her alliance turned on her… So sad!