Nicole tells Christine you’re my replacement nominee! Oh shoot I can’t!

POV Holder: Chrsitne Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 4th
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  Caleb/Victoria Next HOH/ Next BOB Aug 7/Aug 8
Original Nominations: Donny’s Noms (Victoria & Caleb) Nicole’s Noms (Zach & Jocasta)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Frankie, Cody and Hayden
POV Players Nicole, Christine, Jocasta, ZachAttack, Caleb, Victoria,

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-04 09-44-45-151

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9:30am – 10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. In the earth room – Zach and Caleb are talking about how hot Miley Cyrus is. Meanwhile out in the Frankie and Nicole are talking about how Big Brother played 3 Miley Cyrus songs this morning to wake them up. Nicole is talking to herself .. big brother interrupts her to lower the awnings. Donny comes out and Nicole asks him to help her lower the awnings. Donny asks if Christine is using the veto? Nicole says that Christine said she isn’t going to use it, so I would be surprised if she does. I already know what I will do though if she does use it.

In the fire room – Victoria wakes up Derrick and climbs in bed with him. She says that was the best wake up ever. They played Miley Cyrus did you hear it?! Victoria says she woke up in such a good mood because it was the best wake up ever.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-04 09-51-18-401

10am – 10:25am Victoria heads up to the HOH room to get ready. Donny heads out to the backyard to workout on the elliptical. Zach comes out and says I haven’t been up this early in years. In the hallway Christine comments to Nicole that she figured they (production) would make you think of a replacement nominee just in case. Nicole says yeah. In the kitchen Zach comments to Frankie that the Veto meeting will be in 45 minutes (11am). Nicole comes down from the HOH room. Christine says something to Nicole. (Can’t hear it.) Nicole says Try me! I’ll kick your butt! Christine! Christine laughs and says I am so mean. Nicole says Christine you are my replacement nominee! Oh shoot I can’t! Frankie says oh f**k I can’t!

In the bathroom – Christine talks to Nicole about the Veto meeting procedure. Christine says I’ll say I’ve decided to not use the veto for the first time this year. Nicole says if you do use it I’ll stand up and say I didn’t think you were going to use it. I would have worn something cute. Christine laughs.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-04 10-35-07-492

10:35am – 10:55am In the kitchen Caleb is ready for the veto meeting. Caleb looks out the backdoor and notices Zach practicing his veto meeting speech. Calbe laughs and then joins him. Caleb asks do you actually have a speech or are you going off the top of your head? Zach says top of my head. Caleb says you shouldn’t even ask her to use it on you because she’s not going to use it. Zach agrees.

Zach says Christine you have the power of veto .. I have been nominated for eviction .. give me the veto! Thank you.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-04 10-41-23-294

Where the Vote is.. 
Zach going home.. (it’s very confusing right now lots of person X playing person Y playing person X etc etc.. At the end of the day… Zach doesn’t have the votes right now)
Quad Squad = Nicole, Derrick, Hayden and Cody
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
bottomfeeders = Derrick and Nicole

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Roisen Dubh

Yep, Keep laughing Christine, cuz I see a whole lot of tears in your very immediate future.


Yeah, like her upcoming divorce…courtesy of her soon to be ex-husband!!! LOL!!!!


Why do you say that? Is she really getting divorced?


No. And all the flirting is not a big deal. DAMN!! Married people do it all the time, usually just not on national TV. It means nothing. It’s not like she’s screwing the guy or having oral sex. All you married people commenting about Christine and Cody. PLEASE!!! You know you do it too, especially you men, just not on national TV. DAMN!!!


Actually- seems like Christine’s husband is more in love with her than ever– according to his Twitter-feed. I mean he is not happy about her cuddling all over Cody, but other than that, he seems CRAZY about her. Good for him.


There’s no way this week ends up going by smoothly. Porduction will try to stir things up as much as they can, possibly even release a new “twist.” Zach is their most valuable asset for TV ratings so far this year and they definitely won’t lose him without a bang. Zach will more than likely blow up some games (Christine, Cody, maybe Derrick) if he walks out the door this week.


I don’t think they are big fans of Zach, at least camera guys from the feed leak early on.


The camera men do not count. It is production who sees the ratings and reads boards like this one to see who everyone loves or hates or loves to hate. Zach is for sure the ONLY person who plays it up for the camera to make some much needed drama and excitement. I do believe production will try their hardest to keep Zach. It is not really about a game, it is about money and the entertainment value of a TV show on a major network.


Production is constantly have to recall him to DR, constantly tell him Stop That!, had to say to him and Fakie they cannot use production for game play and he is constantly cussing them out. Not to mention one of their camera lens runs 5-10k easily. Production is so over Zack and Fakie’s sister’s demographic of 8 year old girls didn’t seem to pan out real well either.

Zach, you're no Evil Dick

I don’t know about the people that think production loves Zach. His speeches are contrived and juvenile to me. Not that I’m a fan of antagonistic nonsense BUT if you are going to play the part of the villain, you should at least be quick on your feet. He practices his speeches so much they come off as rehearsed. No one takes him seriously and he really doesn’t get into anyone’s head but his own. If he does get voted out, the game may be more interesting for me. “The Boys” will have one less number and losing one of their own may just light a fire under them to start thinking about the end game. It will be interesting to see who wins HOH and who they get out this week as the 2nd of the 2 evicted on the live show. If they can get out 2 of the boys this week, the whole game could turn on it’s head and there may just be a bunch more scrambling and positioning. If they vote out Jocosta and then Donny, the rest of the season may just be too predictable to enjoy.


i still say BB starts a new thing, you dont use the POV, that person gets evicted, expect the unexpected haha

The Z-Man

If Zach gets voted out we riot!


I wish the veto would be used to take Jocasta down, the Nicole could put Frankie up 🙂 Would love to see how Frankie and Zack would react to them both on the block together

Teri B

Coulda….shoulda…..woulda…….and….won’t. We all wish!!! It could have been a brilliant week, but nooooooo.

I'm So Confused

I really hope Zach stays. I have no idea what’s really going on, everyone is running so scared. I have been a fan of Cody/Derrick/Frankie/Zach for most of the game, but Frankie is surprisingly oblivious to his waning powers (not to mention annoying), Cody is running scared of everyone, Derrick is playing so smoothly that I can’t sort his lies from his truths, and Zach is just fun as hell and makes things interesting.

I didn’t like Nicole/Donny/Christine/Jocasta, but Nicole and Donny seem to really be playing the game now. I’m starting to respect them a little more. Donny is just so fake that he annoyed me, but he’s starting to grow on me now that I see his intelligence and unwillingness to give up control of his game. I still think he’s fake, but I don’t care–it seems to be a winning strategy, so I’m starting to go over to his side.

At this point, I want Donny or Derrick to win it, because they’re playing the best games. Zach and Hayden are fun to watch. Christine, Jocasta, and Victoria are just off-putting. Caleb…it’s like watching a train wreck and I’ll be much more interested in his reactions to America’s feelings about him than I am about watching him in the house. Nicole…I go back and forth between liking her and despising her.


Donny is “fake”? Sorry but I’ve seen absolutely no evidence to supprt that at all. I believe the opposite to be true; that Donny is the most genuine person in the house. I think we’re watching different shows.


Donny is obviously a con~man in his real life. Which makes him perfect for this game. He’s fronting as a simple god loving country man ( barf.) He is so friggin dirty, watch as he checks out all of the young girls. Listen, as he makes über creepy comments about them. He is so high and mighty and thinks he is better than everyone else. He doesn’t want to be seen as a threat and naive people like you and most of the other houseguests buy into it. What’s worse is that I can easily see him chirping his way through to he finish line. Excuse me while I vomit some more.


If you think Donny is so fake who do you think is real lol. You have to be a fool to go on BB and be fake in DRto turn america against you at the end of the show lol. Its a game if Donny were at all fake he would’ve told us in DR sessions like Zach and Frankie do.


I’m saying that Donny lives his life as a phony. I am not saying he’s come up with a persona for the other houseguests. He’s a phony and a fraud and he spends his life fooling others and trying to get ahead. He is self righteous. He acts like a clumsy silly guy because that’s the guy you forget is lurking around the corner. No one expects the goofy old guy to be the biggest manipulator.


save Zach attack production. you need to finally save someone worth saving


even if Zach leaves, he will get voted back into the house RIGHT? Riiiiiight????

Teri B

You know, I hadn’t thought of him re-entering the game. You might be onto something there. As stated above, he IS their biggest asset. They might bring him back like they did Brendan. Wasn’t that a public vote or “allegedly” a public vote? Interesting thought.


That only make all the houseguests work together to get the person brought back in out as fast as possible.


So look Frankie weez been tawkin’ ’bout it; the family decided to invest in your sista’s music career first (maybe tweek her face alittle here n’ there y’know), then when she done rakin’ in the doh, we gonna get her money togeduh and put it towods yow face. Y’know you need the teeth and dat nose definily gotta be smawla Frankie c’mon if you wanna be a staw.
Weez gonna get dat special cream you need fa ya face and hands and the whole shebang. Sound good? Ya gotta wait a coupla years but it’s gonna be wort it Frankie.

Whoa – Frankie’s undergone some major construction. He just might owe little sis some big dough.
He’d definitely be the one with the biggest nose in this year’s cast and there are some great contenders.
I waited until now after seeing the YT video of Arianna’s house tour with Big Brother Frankie ‘the nose’. Sorry.
Now, this morning after reading the first thing Victoria ‘the nose’ does is wake up excited and happy then run to a married man’s bed? Ok so she was happy and I’ll bet he’s now miserable. I don’t think he likes her very much unless I’m clueless as Victoria.
He better put a stop to that unless his wife is very submissive at home and he controls her
Anyway I thought he was playing flawlessly but he actually overestimates himself and thus people believe what he’s selling.
I don’t think he’s going to be under the radar for too much longer – like maybe a week?
Good times.


I wish that they would make a twist that if you won POV and used it then you could be the one to put up the replacement person.


That’s known as the Power of Veto…The Golden Power of Veto is what we have now. The regular POV you could be nominated if you used it – the GPOV you can’t. GPOV was introduced one season as a twist and never went away.


If you put on the Veto holder, then they wouldn’t change the nominees. All the HOH got to do is threaten if the veto is used, then the holder goes up. That why the veto holder has protection.


I think you misunderstood the comment. It’s not the Veto Holder that would be eligible to be nominated as a replacement; but rather that the Veto Holder would not only save someone, but would then nominate the replacement (instead of the HOH nominating the replacement).


We need Nicole to make a “BIG” move, Christine should use the veto on Jocasta and Nicole put up Frankie. Then we’ll see who does what. Or Caleb. Anyone of the three would be a welcome exit for me.


Caleb is safe having won BOB as is Victoria.


YES, that’s what I think should happen! That way at least one guy goes home and it is someone who either annoys all or controls all,……


I wish that if you win the POV and use it then you were able to decide who the replacment person would be. That would be a big twist in the game.


This would be awesome. Really really awesome. Have they done this before? Diamond POV maybe?


what is Christine’s husband’s twitter handle? Is he pissed at her or saying it is only game?

she’s a F dumbass witch.


Google her and you’ll see her hubby’s twitter.


At the beginning of the season I asked this forum why Victoria could not share a bed with a man. Someone kindly replied because she was Orthodox Jewish. If she could not share a bed initially, how is it she can climb into bed with every male that is breathing and proceed to give him an elbow job? Just curious.


I think it depends on the man and not her religion. She used that as an excuse in the beginning.


Nicole is all talk. When others have the power she has so much advice what to do. But now that she does. Nothing. Typical. She will find out soon how the alliance has her back.


At this point, she has no control unless the POV is used by Christine. Could she be more manipulative and aggressive with Christine sure, but “at the end of the day” (couldn’t resist) the power in in Christine’s hand. Nicole knows she is not in a power position in the house and the other people will vote however they want in the end. She’s too unsure of herself. She was all set to make a power move, but it didn’t work out. Getting Zach our isn’t much more of a power move than getting Jocasta out.


Legitamate question: Does Jury start when Zach gets evicted? I really hope so. I know Candice was the first to Jury last year (9 person jury). Im realllly hoping this year is a 9 person as well. just so we can at least see wildcard in jury or give him a chance to come back into the game.


if she doesn’t use the veto and they vote for zach to go and they don’t tell Frankie before the eviction,wouldn’t it make frankie a threat?he can win comp and he may put up Cody and derrick,

Lawon's Special Power

If Zach goes, do not be surprised when Frankie and Christine wins HoH.
Then after the double eviction whoever lost their BoB (between Frankie and Christine) will become the HoH again and be the sole HoH since they surely have to get rid of it this week because of the numbers.


They can’t have a DE and BotB at the same time. There’s not even air time for the show. So this week we go back to 1 HOH.


I hope the double HOH and BOB ends.

One of the cameras

Christine seems to forget that me and my friends are always around and always filming.
She also seems to forget the many sites that are dedicated to every minute that we film.
She also forgets that its broadcasted and her comments will always be out there and as she makes her targets personal and not game motivated she continues to dig her own grave.

I hope when she gets out and sees herself and sees how she’s acted (along with Frankie and Victoria) that they have an epiphany and realize that being petty gets you nowhere in life.

Camera #24


I will never be so glad to see someone leave than Zack! he is an ass and needs to go then Frankie, but the way this game is he most likely will stay, he thinks he’s Evil Dick, not even close, Dick was Evil because that was him this guy is an idiot! Hope come Thursday it will be bye bye Zack!

I'm So Confused

Can someone please tell me the REAL alliances in the house right now? Even reading these summaries (THANKS SIMON & DAWG) I can’t tell where most of the house stands, especially Hayden. Who is Hayden playing? Who is Christine playing? Who is Cody playing?

While I know these things are changing all the time, what are the two actual sides that are shaping up?

been there done that

Caleb looks like a lost forlorn little puppy. Its a toss up between which he misses more — Amber or his hair. Listening to him talk game is really amusing because he has absolutely no clue as to what’s really going on. I wish he would just pull his head out of his hind quarters and start playing already. If he had any sense he would realize what a good position he’s in right now and try to take advantage of it. ugh

Ariana's coattail

Nicole is slowly but surely becoming a respectable player, so I was hoping she would have taken full command and lied that she wanted to backdoor Donny.


I can’t wait for Zach to leave, he is a Dr. Will wannabe. All his speeches and moves are exactly like Dr. Will. Hey Zach try and be original.


Christine, if you don’t made big moves. You’re the next in double eviction.

It's Lonely Being King

It seems like only yesterday that Cowboy charged into the Big Brother house, just a simple country boy with a passion for neon head scarves and the veneer of something resembling sanity. Needless to say everything has changed, for Cowboy has become royalty.
Just days ago Cowboy placed a crown on his head and declared himself King Mode Cowboy of the House Beast, Lord of the Big Brother realm, Protector of Delusion. His ascent did not come without sacrifice. Although they fit together perfectly, like a pickle, stuffed inside a banana peel, and held together with dental floss, he had helped to banish his Queen.
“No kingdom is gained without casualties, old friend,” said Cowboy to Sock Monkey wistfully. “But my reign will be without end. Long live the King!”
However, like many players before him, Cowboy’s pride angered the BB Gods. So they covered him in leaves and demanded his hair as penance.
“Take my sight. My first born child. But leave me my hair. For some reason my record deal, modeling contract and football career depend on it,” he cried to the Heavens. “A guy named Invisible Ink Eddie once drew a prejudicial tattoo on my head,” he warned. Yet his pleas fell on deaf ears, for the Gods do not negotiate.
His loyal subjects tried to comfort him.
“I went bald and it was the saddest thing in the world. Sadder than war and famine and disease. Sadder than the movie Titanic. But then I got hair extensions and became a warrior princess. Also I was picked up by a crow once,” said Victoria.
“Eww. Doesn’t the sound of Victoria’s voice just make you want to kill yourself? Oh my God, Warrior Princess Crow-Bait, I didn’t see you there! I LOVE your hair,” said Frankie.
“Roses are red, violets are blue. Who’s a bald moron? Oh that’s right, it’s you. Wildcard!” yelled Zach.
“What a minute, who told you I have hair extensions? Did Amber tell you that?” said Victoria.
Their pep talk worked. Cowboy knew that a King must always be strong. Although he felt his heart break with each swipe of the buzzer he did not shed a single tear.

Will Cowboy’s hair ever grow back? Who will get custody of him in the fallout of the Frankie/Derrick divorce? Will Cowboy EVER be included in any meaningful game talk again? Does it matter? Long live the King!

been there done that

We are not worthy of you—that was brilliant!

Amazing Grace

Crowbait love it


Laughing so hard the tears are pouring down my leg.


Christine will be out soon hopefully sooner rather than later I dislike her and Frankie more than anyone else in there. Fake Fake Fake!


look I got it if hayden wins on double eviction Donny safe or Donny wins or jocasts wins


I’m so ready for the boring and scared players to leave. Nicole, Victoria, Jocasta, Cody, and Hayden. Derrick deserves to go out in the worst way. The only funny people are Donny (because of the things he says), Framkie (because of the way he acts), and Zach (because he’s a loveable a**hole and sarcastic as hell!)

If production really does get involved in the game then save Zach Attack. He’s the only real funny left. Besides Frankie and Donny, everyone else has about as much personality as a bag of s**t.