Big Brother Spoilers – Victoria starts crying “Not knowing how you’re being portrayed is the worst.”

POV Holder: Chrsitne Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 4th
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  Caleb/Victoria Next HOH/ Next BOB Aug 7/Aug 8
Original Nominations: Donny’s Noms (Victoria & Caleb) Nicole’s Noms (Zach & Jocasta)
Final Nominations: Zach and Jocasta
Have Nots Frankie, Cody and Hayden
POV Players Nicole, Christine, Jocasta, ZachAttack, Caleb, Victoria,

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-04 12-59-49-490
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1pm In the kitchen – Caleb tells Victoria just 10 more days and then we’re off slop. Caleb says I will probably be down to 160 lbs and I haven’t weighed that since middle school. Victoria says I can’t believe I was going to join the army. Caleb says you wouldn’t have made it. Airforce or Navy you could but not the Army, no way. Victoria says that Israeli army.

1:20pm – 1:30pm In the kitchen – Victoria starts crying. Jocasta comforts her. Victoria says I hope they’re proud. Jocasta says you’re proving a lot to them being here. Victoria says it probably kills them to see me on the block every week. Jocasta says but you’ve never given up. Victoria says not know how you’re being portrayed is the worst. Not knowing if people are judging you or not. Jocasta says as much as they’ve put you up, you’re still here. I’ve been put up 4 times too. Its good you’ve been put up but never sat there on a Thursday. Victoria says yeah put me up I will take myself off and make sure I’m not here on Thursday.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-04 13-19-15-928

1:25pm – 1:40pm Out in the backyard – Frankie takes a backyard shower. Meanwhile inside – Victoria heads up to the HOH room to nap.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-04 13-24-04-223

1:45pm In the kitchen Frankie talks about how when he gets out of the house he is going to back to being vegan again. Frankie says that his sister became vegan after watching a documentary called “Forks over Knives” that made her not want to eat meat again. He says that the carcinogens that we consume in meat are actually very high. Frankie says we met with my grandfathers nutritionist and asked about a vegan versus peskatarian diet and she said they are equally beneficial.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-04 13-52-02-420

2pm – 3pmJocasta tells the camera these house guests are so boring .. sleeping all day! Jocasta plays with the balls in the pool and then lays out in the sun. Donny is sitting in silence on the backyard couch. Victoria is in the diary room and Nicole is sleeping up in the HOH room. All the house guests are napping. Victoria comes out of the diary room and makes lunch.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-04 14-48-33-626

Where the Vote is.. 
Zach going home.. (it’s very confusing right now lots of person X playing person Y playing person X etc etc.. At the end of the day… Zach doesn’t have the votes right now)
Quad Squad = Nicole, Derrick, Hayden and Cody
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
bottomfeeders = Derrick and Nicole

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Caleb, Christine, Frankie, and Victoria…for the Love of God, STFU!


if the VETO was in the shape of Cody’s dick, Christine would of used it.


Holy crap – BEST comment EVER! I actually LMAO’d

joel f.

Me too! These posts r more entertaining than the actual show!!!


Omg hahahaha


I wonder, can divorce papers can be served on Christine while in BB house? Would CBS show it? I bet that would knock that bitch down !!


Don’t you wish we had the ability to mute the mics of players we don’t want to hear when watching the feeds? I hate Christine’s CONSTANT cackle and Frankie’s habitual sexual comments.


what does stfu mean?


Shut the F Up


Shut the f*ck up


stfu= shut the f**k up


Victoria is a cry baby, I just got a puppy that cries less than she does.

Christine is Squidward.

Oh what a surprise…….Frankie with his hands down his pants. At least it’s not somebody else’s pants. Let this guy go home, P=L=E=A=S=E !!!!!! Then please let Squidward leave next


Frankie is disgusting! Then he went straight to the kitchen.


frankie molest any of his male roommates today?


They don’t seem to mind him doing it. I’m gay and I think he is digusting. However, if I were in there, I’d be molesting them too…they are hot. He’s the ugliest guy in the house….next to Donny.


I really think they let him rub all over them because they’re afraid to look Homophobic. You notice he don’t rub all over Derek I don’t think he’d play that !


Donny looks totally different without the beard. The pics on CBS with his girlfriend shocked me. I really didn’t recognize him.


Not as many women as Cody has molested.


Yeah, Cody has the same gameplay as Frankie just with the women. Hug and cuddle as many as he can so they don’t vote him out. And they giggle. Actually, Nicole had the look of an angry poodle yesterday in one of the pictures.


There is a real lack of boundaries in the BB house and it was Frankie who crossed the line first. He doesn’t seem to grasp the concept. Most of the HG’s are afraid to say something. My guess Cody gets enough encouragement that he thinks it is acceptable. The back rubs and sexual attitudes get pushed too far . BB won’t allow aggression but it is ok with sexual harassment? Something is wrong there. Sexual harassment is just as wrong as physical harassment.


Probably all of them. It’s a daily routine, you see.

Christine is Squidward.

Oh what a surprise….. (the sequel) Victoria crying like a baby (yawn)

Christine's crazy eye

Frankie’s shower, meh.


Really Victoria? What are you crying about? ! You’re not even up on the block! Jocasta should be the one in tears not you! She’s so self absorbed, it’s ridiculous.


That’s why I call her Vapid Vic


I’m worried about how I’m being PORTRAYED!!!??? Are you freaking kidding me, you are crying to Jocasta who is not only on the block but was on last week, and the difference is she has zero reason to doubt that she is the one going home. But, OK, Victoria, you are the one we should be sad for.

I will tell you how you are being portrayed: whiney, sniveling, narcissistic, inappropriate, crybaby who spend 99% of her time asking other people or telling other people about herself and how she looks, and 1% waiting for Derrick to tell her how to vote.

You ‘look’ like someone who took the spot over someone who should have been on BB.


I wonder who will go home during the double eviction! Such suspense!

Kathie from Canada

Double eviction day is Sunday. It’s the HGs that are guessing it will be on Thursday. CBS is now running promos pushing Sunday.


Julie ended last thursday with “double eviction next thursday”.


if Derrick, Cody, Frankie or Christine- Donny will be our double eviction
If Zack – Nichole has a good chance of going home
If Donny- Caleb

I don’t understand why Donny is not playing the dame game. He is smart enough to see that Derrick , Cody & Frank have not been on the chair. Well then do it!!! draw a freaking line.

however the line is going to be drawn this week. Unless they convince Nichole that Jocasta is the best choice. If they could pull it. DAM this people are stupid.


On Sunday’s double eviction I would love to see Jocosta and Donny go!
Honestly, I don’t see what Donny adds to the game, he’s boring.
Surely he knew that he would he would be one of the oldest if not the oldest being a big brother super fan.
I’m tired of him complain about the younger people.


So Caleb outright stole Ambers slippers!
Amber asked him directly if he had her slippers and he
Lied and said no. It doesn’t matter whether it was a
diamond or a penny … a Thief is a Thief!
I thought BB didn’t tolerate THIEVES?
Kick him out BB… I hope Amber has some motivating friends to
steer this mental case in the right direction.
The guy has major mental issues ..
Kick his theiving a$$ out


Interesting to hear from Brittany how angry Caleb gets. She said you can see it right on his face. And how he’d watch Amber through the window or in the mirror. Yikes.


Saw him on either After dark or an episode, he’s standing right at the sliding doors staring out at her, not moving, and someone comes in from the BY and freaks out because he doesn’t even move, but also because they had no idea someone would be just standing there like that. I don’t think he even said anything back to them.


OK!? Back away from the computer and take some deep breaths…


I totally know that those bunny slippers will pack their own suitcases and walk out the front door regardless of Caleb.


Wait until some houseguest comes into the kitchen and finds the bunny slippers boiling in a pot. The horror!!!


Eliminating Zach would decrease this season’s watchability. He puts the sprinkles on a very vanilla season.

Lil' Sebastian

So, let me get this straight:

– Derrick, Frankie, Christine, Zach, and Cody have/had a 5 person alliance and by default they have Caleb’s vote and most likely Victoria’s (even though they aren’t a part of the 5)
– Derrick, Cody, and Christine kind of had a Final 3 alliance. They would get rid of Caleb and Victoria, who know nothing, and then get rid of Frankie and Zach
– Even though they have the numbers and could essentially have a 7-3 advantage in the house after this eviction, Derrick, Cody, and Christine want to get rid of Zach (a member of their alliance)
– After Zach, they want to get rid of Frankie. This is so Derrick, Cody, and Chrstine can unofficially join up with Hayden, Nicole, Donny, and kind of Jocasta.

So Derrick, Cody, and Christine want to leave a 7-person alliance they can knock down to those 3 just so they can join another 7-person alliance they will be at the bottom of? Someone please explain what they are thinking.


Derrick and Cody have a final 2, and wherever they go, they go together.
They never officialized a final 3 with Christine, even back then when Cody liked and trusted Christine.
That’s not the case anymore at all. Christine is in none of Derrick/Cody’s plans anymore. They see her as dead weight that’s additionally planting seeds to other houseguests to make them more of a target and less likeable.
Derrick still has Team America in mind, that’s why he seems reluctant – maybe downright opposed? – to work with Hayden and Nicole.
I’m glad to see that Cody isn’t just drinking his coolaid (“Nicole is a liar, Frankie is our friend”) and is pushing for working with them.


Frankie molest any of the male houseguest today?


And the winner of BB16 is?……………..
who cares?
if Jocasta or Victoria could win …. that would sum up this season perfectly
BBCA coming …not soon enough…. hopefully they will have some real men
(not the estrogen gang/girly guys/wimps) and women who know how to play and make moves.

Teri B

Also looking forward to BB Australia!! Fun stuff like UK…..not ugly and all negative like ours is.

Once again, thank you Simon and Dawg for all you do!


Where do you watch the other countries BB or do you buy the feeds?

Teri B

No feeds….I just watch them both on YouTube. Now is Simon and Dawg had those feeds……Just Kidding. LOL

Just do a search on YouTube for BB Australia or BBUK. Cheers!

Christine's crazy eye

They post on YouTube. Cannot wait til BB AUS! They get a bit snarky. But with that wonderful accent. They have fun comps. They nomitate with a point system, and nominations cannot be discussed. The 3 housemates with the most points are up for eviction. Then the public calls to “save” their favorites. The one with the lest is kicked out. AND the best part is: the house is always clean!


Oh yeah. Waiting patiently for this year’s launch date. Love the interaction with big brother. He’s like one of the housemates. Hope they bring back the Naughty Corner and another rescue dog.


you need to download a browser add on….
an unblocker that starts with an H (“hello” in spanish)
it works well and then just go to the networks website that is
airing what you want to watch in that country


get a US VPN you should be able to watch it


It’s all Christine Fault, if she would use it. Frankie will be a replacement nominee. As right now, Christine is toast.


I respect Derrick’s game, but I really really want him to leave already. Team DONNY and NICOLE!


I think Derrick flipping on the detonators is smart. I’m not sure if he’ll chicken out or not, but out of the detonators, Frankie, Zach and Christine are a lot more loyal to each other than Derrick or Cody. If he has Cody and Victoria, along with Hayden and Nicole, he maintains his numbers and sets himself up for 3 (himself, Cody and Victoria) on 2 (Haycole) in his favor for the final 5 as opposed to 3 on 2 with the odds against him. Victoria is a lot easier to control than Zankie and Christine, plus she’s much easier to beat at the final two. If he’s with Frankie at the end, it’s not a guaranteed win.


Zach’s a wild card. Frankie, Derrick, and Cody all know this. I think the plan is going to make the Detonators at 4 and retain Caleb. Then they still have the numbers except with a 3v2 advantage (Cody,Derrick,Christine) over Frankie/Caleb. If I’m not Derrick and Cody I’d be nervous going against Frankie,Zach, and Caleb in a Final 6 scenario. This week really forced Christine’s hand. The worst thing that could happen for her game was Nicole to win HOH. I’m interested in seeing where her game is at in a week or two in the aftermath.


Also, it would be flat out stupid for Derrick and Cody to team up with Nicole and Hayden. Nicole and Hayden want to keep Jocasta? Why, because she’s a number for them, not Cody and Derrick. It just doesn’t make sense to evict Zach this week. They should get the numbers more in their favor by getting rid of Jocasta now.


Hayden and Nicole also have Donny. Hayden can persuade Victoria. So Derrick loses his numbers.

Detroit Girl

“Victoria says not know how you’re being portrayed is the worst.”
– You mean with your snarky Thursday evictions, complaints against the more attractive women, plus your hypocritical actions with the guys in the house, that you seriously have NO idea? Heifer, please! Girl, bye!

“Not knowing if people are judging you or not.”
– Oh, we’re judging you, judging and disliking.

“Victoria says yeah put me up I will take myself off and make sure I’m not here on Thursday.”
– Hayden gave you one POV, Caleb the other when he chose $5K. Britney coddled & coached you thru the first BotB. Not sure about this last one with Caleb. Tell us how you take yourself off again *with Condescending Wonka face*


she actually worked for the BoB with Caleb. Very unusual, required her to run with armful of stuff.

been there done that

Derrick said, ” it was like she was at a Black Friday sale . lol

Detroit Girl

Finally caught it on On Demand yesterday, was reading this on the road. I was surprised. It’s like she realized she was in a game, in real life.


The one with Caleb she actually did good. Everyone was surprised.


I hate Victoria, this bitch cries about everything and I hope she goes soon. I can’t stand her fake ass!


I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this:
1. Has Victoria ever used the word ‘alliance’ or heard anyone in the house use it? I don’t think so and I don’t think she knows they exist.
2. Victoria was going to join the army? Does she think she could bring her hair extensions and wedgies with her? I don’t think you’re allowed but maybe Israel is as ‘shallow’ as she is about their rules?
3. Her concern about how she’s being portrayed? This concern is by far the most idiotic supposition that you are going to appear something other than what you are. They are not using ‘voice-over’, putting photoshopped wigs on her that aren’t hers, clothing, etc.
For the love of God, why do they insist on coddling this toddler?
I don’t want my PARENTS? to see me on the block every week?
Please grab some meds for this poor child or give her some new outfit to distract her or something sparkly and shiny so we (I), can stop being so rudely interrupted from the Big Brother game that’s taking place around her.
I want to scream every time I read the update and it’s just more stupidity where I thought her brain was already overflowing with it….
I’m trying to watch some strategy and trickery and deal-making and she’s WORRIED ABOUT HER portrayal?
Hey, Rapunzel – how about you start by staying out of the beds of married men to clean up that image?


I agree, Victoria is an exceptionally annoying, spoiled little girl. To add to what you wrote: Israel has a compulsory 2-year army stint for both sexes (like Switzerland), so she wouldn’t have had a choice. This may be why her family moved back the US (?)


Isn’t it easiest to get into the army of the three? You actually have to be really smart to be airforce.

Kathie from Canada

And to make matters worse, she is referring to the Israeli army!!! I guess if you are going to dream, dream big Victoria!! She has spent too much time with Caleb and has adopted his illusions of grandeur!! lol


I posted this above too. Israel has a compulsory 2-year army stint for all citizens. You’re right though, it is an elite one; they obviously only keep the best of the best, which would certainly exclude our Miss Victoria. This may be why her family moved back to the US.


Army has the lowest standards but it’s not difficult getting into any branches of service but depending on how well you score on the test, what your occupation in the service may be limited.

Local Army Recruiter

Its usually folks who’ve never served that make comments like this about one branch of service being easier that that one and so on… I know the dig was directed at Victoria but it still makes my blood boil. Every branch of service is tough in its own right. The U.S. Army is the oldest and largest branch of the armed forces . Because it has so many specialties and positions to fill it is willing to take a chance on people that other branches might not. While that gives the impression that its easier to get into , trust me, its still no cake walk.


Well said and thank you for your service! Go Navy Beat Army!


Damn, Christine is still ugly.


OMG, Victoria was going to join the Israeli Army? Can you imagine? She can’t walk past a mirror without looking at herself. Her ass is not on the block, so explain to me why she’s crying? GET OVER YOURSELF!!! Ugh, I can’t wait until she goes. Victoria, your secret is out . . . you ‘re a self-absorbed idiot.


Any person can do any thing if they command their mind to do it. It is presumptuous to judge Victoria by her experiences in the house.


I believe Victoria is being disingenuous. Conscription is required of almost all Israeli citizens (boys and girls) once they reach 18. So if she was indeed an Israeli citizen, she was doing her required duty,not some noble offer to voluntarily enlist. Her and Caleb suffer such wild delusions.


Christine has the gall to say personality matters…cause she isn’t attracted to Caleb. Yet, last night, she gushes about how attractive Cody is and it’s distracting…when the walking vagina has the one of the dullest personalities in there. She needs to be less concerned about who she finds/doesn’t find attractive in the house and worry more about being caught in her web of lies…or at least her husband’s feelings…


Christine, YOU JERK, YOU JERK!!!!!!! I dislike her very, very much. Oh and Frankie your sister can’t sing!!!! Why didn’t she use the POV she is such a little coward and will be crying when they put her little divorced butt on the block in a couple weeks.


I agree. His sister is a karaoke sell out. I had to look her up because I never knew who she was until he went on about her for the first 10 consecutive days. Who the f cares.


To confirm – yes it would be awesome to be famous for reading lyrics off of the internet.

The Z-Man

If Zach goes we riot!

Brad H

If zach walks out the door on thursday then I guarantee BB will find a way to give him a chance to get back in the game so I’m not too worried about him getting voted out

Zach Fan

I really hope they do have a comp where one of the jury members comes back and of course I want it to be Zach! I wanted Frankie gone soooo bad. Maybe next week? I also want Derrick out, he plays everybody.


Dawg I would completely agree with you but this is Zach. If anyone could get thrown out of jury house it would be Zach.


Yep, I think it is time for production to stir it up. I could think of so many things to disrupt a few of these idiots. I am happy that Frankairy got have not. Don’t really care about his “condition”. Really like to see Frankie, Victoria, Caleb, Jocasta, Christine go. The rest are tolerable.


I want Donny to win hoh again bb we need to save America favorite player derrick an Frankie not pur favorite they just members to help Donny but they not so we go to bb think about it on the pool favorite three after evictions Donny always on top in Frankie in derrick below two to three people that’s should tell you something right their bb we want Donny to say in the game cause he our favorite this year finally a good person redeem from last year if Donny goes as a fan I done with bb this year in next cause bad people keep win not our favorite we need to help Donny bb in watch how your ratings goes sky high I want to give Donny golden power of veto please help Donny this week on double eviction cause mostly every body wants him gone please bb save our favorite player donny

Victoria is a Meeper

A meeper is a person who talks simply because they can. They have nothing interesting to say, but continue to speak anyway. Such a person is highly irritating, and fairly useless to the human race. This word gained popularity after being used by Benjamin on the ninth season of Big Brother Australia.

The Sabouteur

Oh Victoria. Don’t worry, America doesn’t hate you.
We just forget you’re even in the house until your idiotic diary room sessions come up.


It’s really sad that Donny, Nicole, Hayden, Victoria, and Jacosta won’t wake up and realize who the players are that are running the house and start planning a way to turn things around. Throughout all all the Big Brother seasons there have been some pretty discusting houseguests but I can’t remember any that I couldn’t stand as much as Frankie Wankie. This idiot is a real piece of work!


I’m so nervous about this upcoming HoH. I hope to god Donny, Hayden and yes, even Jocasta win it! ( but she may be the first one out )
Imagine if Victoria actually won the next HoH. I think she may nominate Frankie and Donny just because they nominated her.

Enough Already

Tired of every pic and video I see showing Frankie hanging over guys and acting like complete moron. 31 yrs old.. there a time to grow up and act like a man… not a little horny school kid.
Why did Christine not use the POV??? I know they had plenty of issues last season but come on… that doesn’t mean we have find the boringest, safest people around. The only one having any fun with the game is Zac and sounds like he’s gonna be out. NOONE ELSE IS PLAYING


All though Zach may be leaving, i can’t wait to see how he will blow up everyone’s game Jessie style as he’s walking out that door. I hope the news comes to him that Frankie has been throwing him to the wolves this whole game and he finally realizes how a coward and rat he is.
I personally hope he exposes in the following order; Frankie, Derrick, Cody and Christine.
It would be amazing if Frankie followed right behind him during DE with Derrick following but, it’d be disgusting to vision Frankie and two straight guys along in the jury house with him. Seriously, his urges to touch and molest all the guys in the house makes my stomach turn.

Zach Fan

Lia, you are reading my mind!! I agree with you completely.


If zach goes this will be the first time I am rooting for production to get involved.

Jody H

You know, this house is crazy!! It’s only Monday. By Thursday everything could change… I can’t understand who is really with who. I think Derrick is going to try to turn it again to Jocasta going home, but I don’t know. I don’t think he knows.

Official BB POLL!

Who do you hate more?
Andy or Frankie?
Thumbs up for the rat, or thumbs down for the molester.


That is a tough one. They both suck!


Does anyone remember if BB has ever sequestered those not in the jury so they can be voted by American come back? If not, this might be the year, since BB can do whatever they want for ratings. Zacks mouth put him in this position, but having Jacosta stay over him would be painful to watch. #ZackAttach


I’ll bet $$$ Production had something to do with Christine not using the veto. Zach is entertaining, love him or hate him, those HGs stay in the game for the longest. Happens every season.


Victoria is so delusional, I don’t care enough to hate her I forget most the time her and Jocasta are even in the house. I mean where are they usually hiding in the rooms all day, never have I seen 2 house guests who don’t at all socialize with the rest of the group. I keep asking myself why Christine is all over Cody when she is married!!! Hey Christine get a clue even if you weren’t married he wouldn’t be with you!

BB watcher

Production is the problem people!!!!! They dictate the games and rules…
Why do they let them constantly sleep all day and night?
There has been someone asleep at any given time except for comps..
What a joke!! Who wants to watch people sleep and cuddle?

Derrick report to the diary room

Hi derrick. We want zach to stay he’s good for TV. We need you to have 2 conversations. 1 with cody and 1 with victoria. Convince them voting for zach is for the best and there’s an extra 5 grand in your stipend at the end of the season. If you don’t belive this has happened or will happen in the future your sorely mistaken. CBS will not let zach go before ratings snorefest jocasta. They know the polls of popularity and they listen to america.

I feel bad for Christine's husband

He is being a trooper on twitter and trying to stay positive and who knows maybe they had an agreement before she went in the house but you still can’t tell me watching that doesn’t hurt? Come on Christine game or no game, agreement or no agreement, your behaviour is hurtful to the man you married and that means it’s wrong, and she knows it, so what does that say about her….

Christine's crazy eye

Poor bunny slippers, can you imagine what they are going through? Lost and alone, only each other to depend on. Kick away, thrown across the room, only to be abused over and over, forced wide by Caleb’s stinky man feet.
Wondering, always, where did Amber go? Why did she leave us? Will we ever see home again? How will they survive? The horror, the horror.
What kind of sole-less monster would steal someone’s bunny slippers? And what kind of man wears bunny slippers? Too many questions, too few answers. Inquiring minds want, NEED to know!

Cough Derrick!

It means Shut the F**k Up

Cough Derrick!

I agree. Derrick is so paranoid that he’s going to catch someone ” in 3 lies” and decide Jocasta has to go, then Wednesday night, he’ll flip back again.


This has been the least entertaining week.

Hope Derrick can turn the votes around to save Zach. Losing Zach means Nicole, Hayden, Jocasta will control the house. I do not find Hayden’s throat voices, overt fake flirting with Nicole and Victoria entertaining.

Detonators need to stay together and strong in their alliance if one of them is to win. Hope Zach is safe by Thursday. Jocasta, Christine, and Victoria / Nicole can go next. Then we can watch the excitement of the boys that took control of the house on day one fight for first place.

Zach needs to be saved. In the end watching Zach, Frankie, Derrick, Caleb and Cody (Cody the boy that acts like a girl) fight it out for number one will be much more exciting than watching boring Jocasta, Victoria, Donny, and Hayden.


sorry guys could someone clarify for me? I thought that the person evicted before DE goes home & not to jury & the person evicted second goes to jury. is that not how it works?