Scottie “If you put Haleigh on the block I will kick your f***ing a$$!”

POV: Brett Next POV: Aug 18th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 20th
HOH: FES Next HOH: Aug 23th
Noms: Brett & Scottie Have Nots

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9pm HOH room. Haleigh and Fes. Haleigh – I want something sweet. Fes – I’ve got something sweet for you. (Cue photo above) Fes – don’t say anything about the Sam thing. Haleigh – what do you mean? Fes – that Sam came up to me. Did you tell him (Scottie) already? Haleigh – no. He said Sam was pitching the same thing. Fes – to who? Me? Haleigh – to you. Fes – what did he say the reason? Haleigh – Sam was doing it because she genuinely wants me to go up. But he (Scottie) is doing it because he knows you will never put me up but wants everyone to think that we’re fighting. Fes – and you believe that? Haleigh – it doesn’t matter. Fes – I am asking if you believe that? Haleigh – I want to.. but it doesn’t matter. Fes – why? Haleigh – because he’s going to be on the block no matter what and he is going home no matter what so it doesn’t matter. He said he is a sinking ship and doesn’t want me to be associated with him when he leaves. Fes – so he called you Kaitlyn 2.0 tonight? Haleigh – yes.

9:30pm Backyard. Kaycee and Angela playing pool

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9:35pm HOH room. Fes and Scottie. Scottie – did Sam have her talk with you yet? Fes – yes. Scottie – okay, if you put Haleigh on the block I will kick your f**king a$$! Fes smiles. Scottie – Sam thinks that she has me f**king played right now. Sam wants Haleigh gone. I do not want that. In my talk with Sam last night she tried once again to convince me that Haleigh is playing me.. her and Brett. Obviously I am f**king pissed about. I know I am going home no matter what… so my plan was to kind of play into what they were doing .. make Haleigh my enemy so that she could break away from me scott free. I told Haleigh this plan. She basically f**king smacked me. She hated it. So if you put Haleigh up I will be f**king pissed and kick your f**king a$$. I would love it if Sam was on the block because I think she is the one playing everybody and I don’t think any of us could beat her in a jury vote. Fes – that is the chance you have.. if I put Sam on the block she might go. Scottie – yes. Fes – which I have thought about that and she might go. Scottie – she claims to not be playing this game but she has been playing this game from the gate. Fes – I know. Scottie – She is the one that played Kaitlyn. She has made a couple deals with me. When I was HOH and she wanted to be used as a pawn. I now know its because she wanted to use her power. In the first week when I was going to evict her because I wanted Steve to stay she was like if I managed to stay some how just know you have me in your corner. So each week I tell her what my vote is going to be right before. After the talk last night with her and Brett, I realized she is a f**king demon.

Fes – I thought about putting her up too .. she says she isn’t playing the game but she is. Scottie – she is playing hard. Fes – and that is your chance of staying. Scottie – I think I could convince Tyler to get on my side and if I have Tyler, I could maybe get Angela too. I definitely can’t get Brett. Fes – Haleigh would vote for you to stay. Scottie – and then maybe get JC too. Fes – I would need to think about. Sam is freaking me out. Scottie – she mad me pinky promise when I was HOH too to not put her up. They think I am going to give a big speech against Haleigh tomorrow. That’s not going to happen. I will either say I have nothing to say or I will pop off on Sam. Fes – Haleigh has always trusted you. Scottie – yeah. I know that. That’s why I wanted to make me leaving as easy as possible. Scottie – Sam is in a good mood now because they think they won me over but they’ve just pissed me off. I am getting really f**king sick of these head games. I have knots inside of me because Haleigh cried when I told her all this. Fes – so put up Sam. If I do that can I trust that you, me and Haleigh get on the same page. Scottie – this has lit a fire under me to get on the same page. Fes – it would be hard but it would be a toss up. Scottie – which are better odds than I have against anyone else. Sam got recruited .. you don’t get recruited for nothing. Scottie – if we get Sam out, then I am going for Brett. I want to finish the job I started. Fes – and you were definitely the vote for Rockstar. Scottie – yes. Fes – this f**King game!

Fes _ don’t see why people are saying you’re playing Haleigh. Scottie – I literally keep f**king up which is why I don’t understand why Haleigh is so close to me. Fes – if you were to win HOH who would you have put up? JC and Angela? Scottie – no I wouldn’t have put up Angela. I would have put up Brett. Fes – and JC? Scottie – Sam. She is so happy today because she thinks your talk with her went well. Fes – She thinks I am going to put Haleigh up? Scottie – they think its a possibility. Fes – those are the two people you have a chance against. Sam and Haleigh. Scottie – and if you put Haleigh up, I will f**king end you.

10:35pm POP TV gives them all ice cream sandwiches. Havenots can eat them too.

10:43pm HOH room. Kaycee and Fes.
Fes – there are four votes to keep you and the only person to keep Scottie is Sam and she is going to be the target next week.
Fes – Scottie wanted me to put Haleigh up and now he is telling me if I put her up he will kick my a$$. Kaycee – okay him doing that he is trying to mind f**k everyone. Kaycee – I am taking one for the team. Put me up. Fes – okay. They hug and Kaycee leaves.

11:28pm Hot Tub. Fes and Brett. Fes – he still swears that he is the vote. Brett – why would he not. If he said I lied why would you keep him. Fes – its the lying I don’t like. Brett – its like you said maybe 10 of the things weren’t him but at least 5 of them were. And I am not going out like an idiot because he is saying he is going to do this and that.. and then next week I go up on the block. Brett – yeah. Fes – and he gets in Haleigh head with this emotional sh*t crying in front of her and then she feels bad for him. Brett – at the end of the everyone in here are all friends so it does make it difficult. Fes – I don’t get why he is telling me put Haleigh up and then telling me put Haleigh up and I will kill you (LOL he said kick your a$$ not kill you). Brett – is that not a flag of his character? And what he’s been doing? Fes – I had an hour conversation with the dude and he had me wondering if I should put someone else up. Brett – you have to do what’s best for you game.

11:53pm Kaycee and Angela sleeping..

12:05am – 12:33am Hot Tub. Fess and Brett. They talk about the veto comp. Brett says that when Fes came out he was gassed and he thought for sure Fes had found his veto. You were the only person that could have found mine. I knew you were going for brute force. Tyler would have been tired after lifting two mattresses. Fes says he thought about putting his veto between where the climbing wall meets the couch. Brett – I was going to put mine in literally inside the garbage but I didn’t know if that was ruining it. Brett – Sam asked why I wouldn’t use the veto on Scottie. I said why don’t I use it on myself and you offer to go up? The conversation turns to talking about Kaitlyn and her eviction / her losing he chance to get back into the house.

1:15am HOH room. Fes and Haleigh. Haleigh – he said if you put up Haleigh I am kicking your a$$, how do you respond to that? Fes – I was just laughing and confused. I was like what do you want me to do. He said put up Sam. He is literally going all over the place. Do you not see that is a red flag? Haleigh – I think he was just trying to help my game and then he saw that I was sad. Fes – him pitching to put you up is helping your game? Haleigh – he knew you weren’t going to put me up. Fes – calling you Kaitlyn 2.0 .. what is that? Haleigh – he didn’t want people to think we were friends. Fes – oh my god Haliegh!? So you want me to keep him? Haleigh – it doesn’t matter what I want. Fes – Why doesn’t it matter what you want? Haleigh – because it doesn’t Fessie. Fes – Haleigh talk to me. Haleigh – about what? He says he would never jeopardize my game. I am just sad about the whole situation. Fes – I just don’t understand why he would pitch that to me? I understand why to everyone else. Haleiggh – because then you would would know that we’re not good and I would be mad at him.

3:05am All the house guests are sleeping..

7:42am ZZZZZZ


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Swaggy's Missing Brow

Haleigh knew of and totally exploited Scottie’s feelings for her. She often resorted to bathing suit diplomacy to try and get her way with male players (she even spoke of it) and if you listen to her early whispered conversations when she started reeling Scottie in she is heavily stroking his ego. Yes, I’m sure that dumb innocent act works on her parents but don’t believe it.

As for Scottie, from the moment he first entered the DR and flipped the couch over I liked him and thought he was going to be a player to watch. Yes, he made some excellent moves early on, some bad moves that he recovered from and probably would have gone far had he not fallen for the deliberate manipulations of Haleigh.

Yes, I feel bad for him on a personal level but I stopped supporting his game play the moment HE threw it away. Dammit Scottie, you could have been a contender! Go home and get a real life while you still can!


Ah, another Sam seeing evil Haleigh as the temptress no man can resist and the poor, innocent, Scottie helpless from all the blood rushing from his head. I mean we’re watching the same Haleigh, right? How on earth has she manipulated anybody. She blew up her spot to protect Bay revealing the hacker, saw her ally bounced on her HOH, and now will see yet another ally bounced by a guy thoroughly infatuated with her. This girl you describe would be WAY better at the game.

He’s a goof as his near perfect example of how NOT to roll out a secret evil plan above attests. His “smart” moves were floating and ratting…and he’s leaving the house is a direct result of that.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Holy crap this just gets better and better! (They still need to get Scottie this week, but what a ride.)


Oooo….ho ho!! Scottie giving it the old college try. Poor Fessie….thoughts are popping around in his head like a lotto machine. If he goes along with Scottie, Hay will be happy. And that’s the most important thing….right???? On the other hand, he’s jealous & wants to make a big move. Ha ha!

It’s going to be a riot if Sam goes up. She’ll burn the joint down (figuratively, not literally)! Will make for a great week till Thursday. If she hangs onto some semblance of sanity….I think Tyler & crew will still vote Scottie out. JC & Brett can’t stand him, Tyler sees him as too good a player. All they need is Angela or KC & that’s it.



Ok….watching BBAD & it looks like KC has straightened out Fessie. She has volunteered to go up & he’s going along with this plan……

gonna be a long week………..

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Those thoughts hurt that Fezzy head 🙂 Bless his big ol’ heart. He hates the lying, but what I think he hates is the not knowing. Because agreeing with two different people who are giving you two opposing theories, you are lying to one of them because you can’t agree with two opposite scenarios. And we are a little long into the game for not getting blood on our hands. Shine the blue light, there’s blood all over those BB walls. They just didn’t leave finger prints.


Summing Fessy up…

“Now THAT is a level of stupid that I never knew existed.”


I kinda want Scottie to stay even though I am all for Tyler for the win. I’m just so tired of the stupid game play and would like to see some people with a bit of intelligence actually get to play now. They really need to get rid of Sam right away. She’s just too weird for me anymore. It’s been fun watching all the stupidity but it’s gotten old. Let’s play for real now.


Scottie is also stupid

Hi My Name Is Scott

Scottie is the only one that has a brain and actually uses it from the Floute/Hive alliance. Unfortunately for him, not a soul besides him has a usable brain.


I think Scotty made a mistake by choosing early on to be a floater. Playing both sides makes you an easy target….Now it’s coming back to bite him in the a&&. He’s hard to trust….even by people in his so called alliance.


So then….Scottie doesn’t have any smarts. Remember, the brain that gives you intelligence is the same brain that gives you perception and allows you to make decision and judgements. He CHOSE his alliance, it wasn’t forced upon himself. Being a weaker physical individual as Socttie is, he should’ve aligned himself with a more athletic group of people, and less drama filled…Tyler, Angela, Brett, Winston and Rachel fit that bill. Not Haleigh, Bayleigh, Rockstar, Kaitlyn, etc. He made a bad decision, an albeit early decision, but a bad one none the less. The beginning stages of the game require you to be “ON” without tipping your hand. HGs should be scouting and assessing everything while being friendly and just glad to be innthe house and through selection and casting. He made a mistake with that. And he has to own it. They all have to.


smitten maybe but not stupid.


I think L6 is playing a great game. Granted, the Hive has made it pretty easy for them. This will be the second week in a row that the Hive sends out one of their own members.


Add Kaitlyn’s HOH and this will be the 3rd time they have sent out their own. Two times it was completely by choice. I have to wonder if Tyler had picked Foutte’s side at the beginning of the game, would he be able to do as much masterminding/misting against L6 side?


sam is crazy like a fox watch and see

Min O'Pause

Crazy? Or genius? It’s a fine line….

Is Tyler my daddy???

Hailee has it figured out, from what I saw last night. Scottie goes home…if SHE doesn’t win HOH Thursday…I mean, if her and Fessie don’t keep winning HOH, on the block together they go and one out the door. I think it FINALLY clicked for her. Fessie, not so much. Why he is so adamant that Brett is telling him the truth and Scottie is not, I’ll never know.

I Shaved Angela

Because fezzy is the worst f@cking player in BB history

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

Too little, too late! Fessie’s BIG move to get Scottie out will be overshadowed by his even BIGGER move to save him??? It would be epic if he put up Sam! L6/JC would save Sam so she would go after (curb stomp) Hayleigh & Fes!

We may just get to see Sam unhinged as she takes crazy/revenge to a whole NEW level! L6 can sit back and watch Sam do their dirty work!

Great week for JC and Brett! That’s some REAL gameplay there!


clever posting name

Dr. Will's CLONE

It was a great week for JC’s HOH… .just a total success. 1)get rid of enemy; CHECK; 2) split remaining enemy alliance; CHECK; Rally floaters (JC, Sam) against opposing alliance; CHECK; all of these successes for L6 and JC isn’t even a member of L6. .. you just can’t make up weeks like this.


Yes, Fes we all love your “big move” to get your closest ally to your showmance out.

Dr. Wills Clone

Fes is, “a Man-of-his-word” after all.

Fessy's Left Nut

Slowly clapping…


It’s basically over for Scottie, Hayleigh, and Fessy. Scottie knows it. Hayleigh and Fessy are still on the crazy train believing they’re among a bunch of floaters who are playing the game individually. Fessy the warning bells should be going off in your head when you tell Kaycee she going up as possible replacement nominee and she doesn’t freak out about it. Shes okay and seems cool with it. ALARM BELLS Why would she be so cool with it? Fessy doesn’t think, he’s obsessed with Scottie and doesn’t see the big picture. fan

The only thing Scottie is accomplishing is giving excuses for the remaining HG’s to go after Sam, Fes, and Hay. I am only surprised that somehow JC wasn’t behind getting them to make immensely moronic moves. He seems to have a niche for getting the dumb to play themselves.


wow just when fez was going to have the perfect week and finally be on the right side of the vote he thinks about switching it up.. imagine he puts sam up.. everybody says yeah good idea.. lets get rid of sam.. we promise.. whatever you want fez.. fez is happy.. the vote comes back and scottie gets evicted….. poor fez… that would be classic.


Big Brother you should be showing us Hayleigh’s family and community and Faysal’s family and community AND what they think of the both of them. Oh. No comment? I bet they’ve turned off the television because they can’t stand watching.


I’ve wondered this too. Don’t think Fessie’s family would approve him going outside his religion.

double D

Would you rather see fights in the house or profiles? It’s only an hour show.


Simon, this is legitimately the one week you should take a break. I cant with Fes.
Can we just fast forward to him going home please. I don’t believe I’ve ever encountered someone this daft in my whole life.
There have been no women this season, only girls.
In BB can Kayla set Derrick straight the moment he started talking nonsense. Haleigh could have ensured it did not happen, but all in all Fes is a moron. Its so obvious why does 2 were his target, even Brett said as much. How insecure can you be?!?!?!

The real reason why you don’t know shit is because you spill the beans on everything! And you stupid! lol


No, Simon please keep posting. This is too funny to miss.

another name

Fes’ biggest move was breaking the sink.


Scottie is so weird. He is guilty as well for the state of their pathetic alliance. He threw Fessys name under the bus to get closer to Haleigh. He is the only one who still refuses to believe her and fes have a showmance. Thats why he can’t understand why he is on the block. He will feel like a fool when watching this show. Especially how Hailegh lied to him many times.

Cmon guys

Bay did this very thing. Total blinders gunning for Scottie. It ended her game and it will end his. They keep missing the obvious and it’s wildly frustrating to watch. I wish I could watch HIVE watch this back.

Crazy dumb.


Yes! Big Brother needs to find a way to get Fessy, Hay, Bay and Rocks in a room together to power watch the whole season and they need to film it…. the illumination will be great TV in and of itself.

bb long time fan

J’ve always thought they should make the houseguests watching it back, a show unto its own. I know I would watch!

BB Fan

I doubt watching it back would open their eyes. They are just too dumb.


If Fes thought there was the slightest chance Scottie was being honest with him, would he had told Kaycee?


If Fes thought there was the slightest chance Scottie was being honest with him, would he have told Kaycee about their conversation?


All I’ve got to say, and I know it’s a shocker since I usually have a lot to say, is….

Faysal is like a house cat chasing a flashlight beam bouncing off the walls, all while wondering what the heck it is, and why can’t he catch it.

I wish Faysal would put Sam up as the renom just to see how she handles it.

Unless he can pull a Hail Mary, Scottie will be going home on Thursday, and the vote may be unanimous.


Putting up Sam is Scottie’s only hope and it is still a slim one. But I really want to see how Sam would react. I know she is playing her own game, but it is a strange one. She acts helpless, but there is a callous strike in her. She pressures people into not putting her up and thinks a pinky promise is gold. I don’t think she will handle being up well and I think people think she is crazy enough to wig out if she ever goes up again. As a viewer, I want to see what would happen if she is up again. She wants Hayleigh out so bad because she knows she is the one person who wants her out right now. But if she freaks out, she may be the one who goes.


Sam may be his only shot. Considering Hive thought processes, If Haleigh or JC go up he might have a shot as well. So am I the only person who wouldn’t put it past Fez to nominate those two? In a regular season it would never happen but this one…

Fessy's Left Nut

PLEASE put up crazy train Sam…just for the drama and comedy!!!


Fes should nom Haleigh just to call out that skinny punk Scottie. See if Scottie is really man enough to even attempt to take on Fes. I am a NOT a Fes fan, but logic tells me that he could snap that skinny geek in two with one hand.


It truly matters not who Fes puts up in Brett’s place. The other side of the house will control who goes home. Fes’s HOH actually belongs to Level 6 (4).


Which is why Brett wasn’t worried about being nominated because a non-L6/5/4 is on the block.

Dr Will's Clone

Fes’s HOH is actually JC’s Hoh. . .IMO


Scotty trying to act all tough is laughable. If he’s going to threaten Fes he should of said something that could actually happen like “If you put up Haleigh I will kick you a&&………in Chess.

I will be glad with Scotty goes…..

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Yes, it does seem that Scottie forgot that he always comes in second.

Get over her Scottie, find a young woman (not a girl) who will respect you.


Will still root for Scottie until he is out the door.


Could Fez be stupid enough or testosterone-filled enough to put Haleigh up just to spite Scottie? Now that’s next level stupidity. I think everyone would have a Fez moment.


I feel a little sad for scottie. Swaggy curse got him on the block by his own people. Tyler is playing a great game but JC has blown me awy at how easy he manipulates one side of the house.


Easy to “play a great game” when production gives you a power app that can be use anytime for the longest time… I don’t see “great play” in this… he would not get my vote!


I’m a Scottie fan, but Tyler is playing a great game. So what if he got a power app? He’s managed to stay in the game all this time without having to use it, so he must be doing something right.

Bayleighs Mood Swings

The amount of dumb that radiated from Fes makes me want to pull my hair out. He is the absolute worst.

Double Eviction when?

I lost some brain cells from watching last night’s show. Fessy shouldn’t even be on this show.


Bye Bye Scottie! On a different note……is there something there between Tyler & Angela? If so, I think I like it!


Me too. I would have never put those 2 together. They are cuddling when the lights go out. I’m sure he likes her. Just not sure she feels more for him other than friends. But I think they are very cute. They had a conversation yesterday about their nighttime cuddles. But Tyler has been playing such a great game I hope he doesn’t lose focus. But Angela has been playing well since she decided to start playing so I think they are both focusing on the game still.


That’s why I’m kind of liking them together. Neither of them are going to jeopardize their game for a showmance. Keep cuddling, working together and then see what happens when Tyler wins & after the show. They both live in Hilton Head, why not?! I realize Tyler is the obvious choice at this point for winning it all but seriously he is well on is way to being BB GOAT. Angela is a great partner to take to the end. She is good at comps and the girls seem to have some serious jealousy issues with her so Tyler would be certain to get their votes. I’m Team Tyler or Team JC all the way. Tyler is playing the best all around game but JC is really smart every week from his votes to his planting seeds and stirring the pot. He’s completely controlling Fessy even more than Haleigh. BRILLIANT!


Agree. The only problem I have with JC is his gameplay is so out in the open as far as L6 They know the game he’s playing but he’s voting with them and bringing them intel. So they are letting him. And he just talks so so much. If Fes and Haleigh were smarter, they would understand what’s going on and squash him. But they are so clueless that his gameplay works. But I do think JC would adapt to whatever he’s given. For there to be a language barrier of sorts. He is soooo smart and has a handle on everything going on. Tyler is just outstanding. I do hope he and Angela might have something outside. They are so cute.

Crazy T

Hi Callie,. Do you recall when they had this conversation. Would love to go back and look for that on flashback.


It was yesterday when they were in the yard suntanning. Can’t rememeber exactly. Early afternoon for me. I would say 12 or 1 their time. Possibly. There were people back and forth. Kaycee was there for a bit. Think it was pretty soon after they first went outside to lay out. Oh. It was after few named havenots. Because Tyler was telling her he was going to miss the cuddles. That’s when the convo started. Guess JC has caught them Can’t remember who else.

I Shaved Angela



I think Fes took Jozea’s worst player award that had been given to Bayleigh and ran away with it! I wish there was camera recording him when watching back the show once the season is over so he can see what a dumb@ss he was in this game. His DR segments are cringeworthy and his choices are all made according to his jealousy in relation to Haleigh and other guys. What an idiot. I hope Haleigh – who is very intelligent – gives him the boot as soon as she realizes her boyfriend is a moron.

BB Fan

If she doesn’t know he is a moron by now then she is the idiot

another name

kaitlyn 2.0 has spent more time in d/r revising history with her secret power of golden edit than she has in the hoh room this week. and that’s saying something. At this point does it really matter what she says or does on feeds anymore? the d/r will whip something new up for her anyway.
scottie’s i have a relationship with haleigh pitch would have been better if he hadn’t used the word relationship so many times. to her jealous ogre.
and what was that ‘why does she make me so happy’ crap? wash the happystains out of the inside of your shorts that you get when she’s within 20′ and you’ll have your answer.
kaycee actually played the game in descottifying fes. kaycee’s only role on her team is to pass along surveillance and smooth talk the loopy. but it is her game.
sam… oh god love a duck… what the hell was that pitch? Give up your only potential chance to get some you big horny stalker… and i’ll quit smokin.

JC is Pervy

There are so many red flags with Fes’ possession, attraction to Hay. Listening to their one on one conversations makes me cringe. Now, Sam, that’s a whole new set of psychological issues……….


There has only been one person with a golden edit and it sure as hell wasn’t hayleigh.

I Shaved Angela

Fezzy all happy because he is finally at the cool kids table and not the nerds. Fezzy this is gonna end like a 1980s John hughes film. You will be the but of the joke when you get an emotional wedgey next week. Loser!

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Here is the irony to me.

Fessie has a degree in Psychology, which means he has supposedly been schooled in “the scientific study of mental processes and behavior. The behavioral and cognitive characteristics of a specific individual, group, activity, or circumstance.”

On the other hand, Tyler is simply a lifeguard with only a high school education. On top of that, he’s younger than Scottie (only Haleigh is younger than him).


Is this for real….about Fessie?

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Yep, sadly. But the fact that he is a part time substitute teacher and full time works in a bar also says something about the quality of his degree.


I’m on board with a BB20 reunion special! I would pay to see the hive’s reaction to this whole season. And Dick should moderate

Hi My Name Is Scott

If that should happen with Dick as moderator, I envision a whole lot of “what the f@ck were you thinking?” questions being thrown towards the Floute/Hive members from Dick. Would be hysterical!

BB Fan

Evel Dick or Andy Dick?

I Shaved Angela

Kaycee – I am taking one for the team. Put me up. Fes – okay. They hug and Kaycee leaves.

Wow. Now fezzy thinks he is “on the team” after a day of game talk with L6

I Shaved Angela

I am getting the distinct impression fezzy never watched BB until he was picked for the show. He must have signed up for BB, Amazing Race, Survivor, Obstacle Course, Real World, and the Challenge. And BB called first.

another name

he said he tried out for ninja warriors, and he applied for survivor. when he was put on bb, he watched two seasons.

I Shaved Angela

So he basically watched a few youtube clips of the last 2 seasons. It shows….


I’m just here to say that Scottie’s @ss looked really nice in that tight shorts during the HOH comp. Pretty fly for a white guy, hm? I see no reason why he’s still a virgin… nerds are amazing.


I genuinely feel awful for Scottie.

another name

scottie started cooking his own goose weeks ago. he isn’t a twelve year old with his first crush in over his head in the game. he’s 26. he’s five years older than haleigh, and three years older than tyler. he’s the same age as sam. Everything he is doing this week is artifice. He’s pushing the whole I’ll give up my game for you agenda to play on haleigh’s heartstrings. note: after his cry session with haleigh he is telling tyler he’s laying the ground work for a big target to be renom. Just like when he voted for swaggy to be evicted in hopes of gettting a power app trend, he’s pulling out the sad little lovelorn boy on an island act. wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest that the entire kicked puppy routine isn’t his attempt to get afp in case he’s evicted.


I’d like to ask Simon/Dawg if my comment about Chen’s opinions about Angela was deleted. I know the comments are moderated but I have been a frequent commentator on OBB for many years now and I know I didn’t use any derogatory/vulgar words in my comment… that’s why I’m surprised it didn’t pass moderation. Did I say something bad?


i’d be surprised if they willfully blocked you message based on stuff that is posted. Maybe it got automatically spam filtered. I saw a snippet of a supposed interview where chen calls angela an unhappy mean girl but had heard it was fake…do you have a link to the full interview from legit site?

BB Fan

Julie was fawning all over dumb as a rock. I didn’t get it. She was a nasty jealous snide and entitled bitch.


Haleigh got her wish. She’s hanging out with the cool kids and people are talking game with her.


And now she is unhappy. This girl is ridiculous.


I just read an exit interview that Rockstar did. Question “Who do you think is playing the best game?” RS answer “Scottie”.

Welp, RS, you’ll be able to tell him what a great game he played on Thursday when he joins you!


Scottie’s problem the entire game was that he didn’t get picked for a side at the start. He wasn’t cool enough for the Swaggy side, the bros or the girls…and he wasn’t able to attach to Tyler, JC or Sam. He hung out with Steve and Steve got tossed at the jump. At that point Scottie was stuck in the middle socially. Even though he took a huge swing at the other side, the hive doesn’t know there was another side so it became a non-factor and Scottie still couldn’t buy his way in after his HoH.

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scottie and steve made the tactical decison to play the middle week one, trying to stay good with the bros, but also stay good with swag. In a week one where swag overplayed and made it obvious that there were two sides in the house. he wasn’t a victim. he chose the course of action.
it’s not that scottie wasn’t cool enough. scottie and steve were considered junior bros to the bros in week one. steve would have stayed and we’d have had a fairly unanimous week one, if not for sam revealing her power.
week two he moved to the losing side of the week one vote, and stuck his lips to the leader’s posterior, without actually socializing or gaining the loyalty of the rest of the squad. this too was his choice.
scottie has made poor tactical decisions. repeatedly.


I know L6 along with JC and even if it’s a tie Fes should vote Scottie out But I don’t think you EVER volunteer to go up. That just scares me. Angela told Kaycee not to. To make Fes make that decision on his own. But still she tells Fes ok. And she’s taking one for the team. I know she should be ok. But I don’t think she should have done that at all. There are just too many days for things to happen. And no one has even mentioned the 2nd power app this week. She should be thinking. What if Scottie has the missing power. But it hasn’t even been mentioned. It’s almost like they have all forgotten about it.

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when does Tyler’s power Ap end?


He has it for one more week. Which is why I’m not so sure it will be a double next week. He would have to decide if he’s using his app. And time constraints on doubles are so tight. But maybe they will. It would make it even that more exciting if he had to use it during a double. But next week is the last chance to use it.

Kid Donny 07

maybe they will plan a battle back out of the group still in the house


Word is… there will not be a double eviction this season since Kaitlyn was unable to earn her way back in.


next week is last chance

JC is Pervy

Next week

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he received it july 6. it should last until august 31. it was good for 8 weeks.


I can not stand fes in this game for what he did to Scottie.

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wish list:
i want to see a week with sam on the block with jc. with all the popcorn.

JC is Pervy

Or…….Sam & Hay

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sam and hay would involve tears and flirting. sam and jc would involve epic crazy. i’d prefer epic crazy.


I don’t know who’s side Scottie is on!!


He’s been on the corner since Day 1

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Well the veto ceremony is starting. Looks as if Scottie believes Sam will be going up as the replacement and he has worked on a speech.

I hope that his speech isn’t about keeping him over Sam since Kaycee will be the replacement nominee. Shades of RS.

Yep, it looks like Scotter gave the wrong speech at the wrong time…and it had the predictable impact.


These houseguests sleep in way to much. They are being paid to entertain us. Get with the program. First post or update of the day takes way too long or maybe there is nothing going on on nomination day?

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Their schedule is pretty much dictated for west coast time (live show time).

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I thought Paul’s magic protection and friendship bracelets was the most over the top advantage given to a player in BB. But Tyler’s 8 week cloud app is a strong #2. Are they gonna double the power for a double eviction???


Everyone knew about Paul’s, no one (but Sam) knows about Tyler and he still hasn’t had to use it.


Tyler’s app isn’t very strong. He has to know he’s a target at he ceremony he chooses to use it. If he doesn’t activate it and he is nominated he’s stuck on the block. If he uses it to avoid the initial nomination he can be backdoored. If he activates it and is not nominated the app dies. His app is good for avoiding one backdoor provided he doesn’t control the veto.

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Precisely. I believe the biggest advantage of his app is the sense of some safety it gives him…AND it would be good to be holding when L6 has to start picking off their own but will probably expire before.

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I think he told Angela the other night on BBAD may be mistaken. may not be a double eviction since no battle back happend


There most likely will be a double, they were banking on Kaitlyn to solve the puzzle. Plus final is scheduled for Sept 19th and there is 9 people still in the game.