Power Of Veto Ceremony Results! If he puts me up next week FRANKIE I’m going to kick you in the nuts!

POV Holder: Victoria Next POV July 19th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 26th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Cody
Battle of the Block Winner Jocasta/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 24/July 25
Original Nominations: Brittany/Victoria(Cody) Jocasta/Amber (Frankie)
Final Nominations: Brittany & Donny
Have Nots ?
POV Players Cody, Brittany, Victoria, Caleb, Nicole, Zach

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-21 12-12-03-198

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11:20am – 12:15pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the Power of Veto Ceremony to take place. When the live feeds return we learn that Cody didn’t do what we thought he said he was going to do minutes before the ceremony. Up until the ceremony Cody decided on who to nominate this through the course of the morning from having his diary room sessions, looking at the photo of his brother and speaking with Brittany and Donny. Cody realized that the best decision and only decision was to nominate Caleb as the replacement nominee. HOWEVER during the feeds being blocked he nominated DONNY instead of Caleb. Cody wanted to nominate Caleb after “he d**ked him in the POV by taking the 5 grand over the veto which resulted in Victoria winning it and putting Cody in the position to nominate a replacement. After Cody announced his decision to nominate Caleb to some of the house guests Frankie went scrambling to Derrick to try and get him to change Cody’s mind. Derrick told Cody he doesn’t think its a good idea but would stick by his decision and wasn’t going to try and convince him otherwise.

Power of Veto Ceremony results:

  • Victoria used the veto to remove herself from the block
  • Cody then nominated DONNY as the replacement nominee.

Up in the HOH room – Cody is in the bathroom with his head in his hands. Zach says dude that sucks! Do you want to be alone? Cody gets up and throws his hat at the wall. Cody is breathing really heavy. Cody goes down stairs and hugs Donny and says I am sorry. I’m so sorry. Cody heads outside and tells them that he just couldn’t put up Caleb. I am such a pu$$y! Cody says that Caleb can’t find out about this! Cody says If he puts me up next week FRANKIE I’m going to kick you in the nuts! Cody says I feel like everyone is going to look at me like a f**king pu$$y. Derrick says is this a fist fight or what?! You can’t look at it like that. Cody says putting Caleb up would have been like a punch in the mouth. This better not come back to f**k me. Frankie says if it happened I was going to hop up and drag Caleb into the storage room and calm him down and tell him its a ruse and tell him not to go beast mode cowboy.

In the living room – Donny is visibly upset about going up on the block. He tells Hayden how Cody said his brother would look at him as the p-word!

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-21 12-13-56-562

In the kitchen – Caleb says to Donny you are the last person I though would be up there. Donny says I expected it. Caleb says from what I’ve heard people want Brittany gone.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-21 12-24-24-019

In the hammock – Frankie talks to Cody and tells him that his brother will think you just made the most courageous move. You don’t slay the dragon by walking up to it with an army .. you slay the dragon by putting poison in its drink. This was a great move.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-21 12-28-44-483

12:30pm – 12:45pm In the hive room – Derrick asks Donny if Cody told him that he wasn’t putting you up. Donny says yes. Derrick says it doesn’t make any sense. Derrick says you have my vote. I like Brittany but you have my vote. Donny says I think his rational is that everyone likes me and no one will vote me out. Derrick says you have my vote, you have my word as a man. Donny says no one is going to nominate him (Caleb). Derrick says that’s not true. Derrick says I am going to tell Brittany I don’t know where my head is at but I am telling you I am voting for you to stay. Donny says I am going to keep my mouth shut this week because its bit me in the butt before. Donny says I know Brittany is going to do whatever she needs to now and the only person she can talk crap about is me. Donny says I will ride it to Thursday and if I walk out that door.. Derrick says there is no way Frankie votes you out because of monetary reasons (Team America Missions). Derrick says you’re good! You’re the man you got this!

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-21 12-46-20-208

12:35pm – 1pm Brittany heads up to the HOH room and tells Cody that Devin filled Donny’s head with how everything is already mapped out. When I came up here I was telling you that the bullsh*t needs to be removed. I feel like Nicole has taken Devin spot. I feel like there are people that don’t deserve to be here. I am not stupid. You have a huge heart and so does Derrick. You are stuck between your heart and the game. Brittany says we’re acting on impulse again … dumb derision! Just kidding. I know what happened down there killed you. I think it all needs to be mapped out a bit more. Hayden.. Do you really know where Hayden is at? It sucks for me .. I walked in the door and everyone was already working together. Jocasta do you think I want to work with a weak player?! All I am saying is that I will be like a freaking hot head if I walk out! Like literally no one else would have been down there kicking balls like I did! I don’t know maybe I need to start telling white lies. Brittany is getting heated. She starts talking about how she doesn’t even understand why he put her on the block to begin with. Brittany tells Cody that he has girls on his hips and there is always someone around him. Its hard to talk to you. Brittany says I think its sh*tty how it all played out? If I go out, I go out. Cody asks what was the point of all this? Brittany asks what do you mean by that .. why do you take everything I say as a low blow. I don’t hate you. If I stay maybe we can hit the reset button. Cody says I don’t want you to go. I’m not going to tell people to vote you out. I don’t want Donny to go either. Brittany says I don’t even want to campaign. I just feel so bad after Donny helped me yesterday. Donny is just playing fair. I think that you did put me up with Victoria because you wanted wanted her to go home. That’s why I’m not mad at you at all. Brittany tells Cody I think you made the safest decision if that makes you feel better. Cody says it doesn’t!

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-21 12-39-36-055

12:50pm – 1pm In the living – Amber asks do you think everything is going to stay the same? Derrick says Cody was really broken up about putting Donny up. I can’t even imagine what Brittany is talking to Cody about …he doesn’t even have any power any more. Derrick wonders if this week will be a double eviction.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-21 12-51-59-211

1pm – 1:15pm Caleb and Frankie are laying out suntanning. Caleb is pissed at Zach for talking sh*t about Amber and wanting her out. Caleb says Amber isn’t going home until after jury. Zach needs to stop talking crap about Amber. Just because she talks to the Brittany and Jocasta all the time doesn’t mean she’s talking game. She’s probably talking about her period! Do you want her to talk to you about that stuff? No. We’re in the same alliance and I don’t like it. Caleb tells Frankie we need to win HOH this week. Caleb says that he would like to put up Victoria and one of the guys and have the guy throw it. Frankie says well then it would be better to put up Jocasta and her because they are the weakest people in the house. Frankie says that he feels like Hayden would volunteer. Caleb says I don’t know .. at this point in the game if you volunteer you could go home. Frankie says Hayden is strong enough to take himself off whereas there are other people that don’t want to be here. Brittany is going to run around come Thursday telling everyone everything. We just have to remain strong.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-21 13-01-48-015

Alliances (Some Of these are dead)
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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Cody, you’re such a coward!! What are you thinking? I hope Donny is coming after you.


Very cruel Cody!

Knowing Donny’s a very emotional guy, why blindside him that way?

For the first time I’m going to vote for America’s Favorite and Donny’s it.


You commenters get way too emotionally invested in this TV SHOW. its a game and you cant get so butthurt just because your favorite player loses. you’re not in the house and have no idea what its like so you really shouldnt be judging strangers that are on a reality show over decisions that dont effect your life in any way.


If you’re not emotionally invested in the show, then why are you watching it?


Wait, so people are too emotionally invested about a tv show, however, you are emotionally invested enough on the chat boards that you had to comment about how emotionally invested people are?

Pot meet Kettle.

Julie's Glitter

Duh, we read onlinebigbrother and watch the feeds – we know we’re way too invested, what’s your point.


“Whocares”, You are on the wrong sight, we watch this type of show to choose who we like, so does America’s choice. Emotions play a big a big part of every day life. We work, go to movies, watch tv shows and listen to music to decide what we like and don’t like, it’s part of the world that was created on peoples behavior and reactions to life in general. There’s nothing wrong with people choosing whom they like or dislike, it’s the way the world operates.


Cody with a pu$$y move indeed. that talk with Donny, and telling Donny he wasn’t gonna put him up, and now this…SMH. these idiots are handing Frankie and Derrick F2 with ease. but with all that said, Donny, Jocasta, Brittney, Victoria and Nicole were told by Devin this was gonna happen and they evicted him instead of Caleb. I lost total respect for Cody’s game with that bold straight lie to Donny’s face.


Cody is such a weasel and a coward!!!! You were one of my favorites and now I hope you coward that you go home asap!!! Only hope is weasel Cody opens Pandora’s Box and all his nominations are then null and void. Come on BB let the weasel sink himself and have to put up his own alliance members by opening Pandora’s Box. Please make this season at least worth watching!!!!!!!

Julie's Glitter

They only did that Pandora’s Box with Porsche, and that was because Rachel was going home for sure. That season was so rigged it was ridiculous.




So pathetic. Cody the Coward. I wanted chaos on the feeds and this is what we get.




And in the end…Cody did what was best for Derrick and Frankie’s game and not his own.

andy 2.0

cody is so right his brother willt hink of him as a pu$$y and frankie the rat of course saying his brother wont because frankie is the biggest pu$$y rat in the house along with derrick the pig. im so pissed off right now


Dumb move Cody!!!!


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Will Do Simon i just gotta remember the link I buy books and stuff from amazon at least 3 times a week


Thanks Retta!


Just got my books yesterday. I’ll be ordering next week again.


What a shame. I really can’t stand Frankie or Derrick. I don’t know why but that picture with Donny and Brittany just breaks my heart!


WOW! Incredibly disappointing but expected. I thought Cody would be brave enough to put Caleb up but I guess he thought his alliance wouldn’t have his back. He needs to rethink who his allies are…


poll fail! dawg as *least* favorite? never!

vote dawg! 😉


Nice job Cody. Had a chance to get Caleb out and you blow it.


Now that you have Donny up…. you should try to take him out…. you might not get another chance


And that is surely, what Derrick will try to do. Why put him up if you’re not trying to get him out? Noooooooo…I don’t think they have the votes to evict though…will they? Damnation, I really don’t want to see Brittany go either. There’s only so many to root for left. I tell ya, if Derrick DOESN’T take Cody to F2, he IS a total jerk. We need a miracle. Jocasta, get on that, will ya?


Derrick is the master mind. Everyone trusts him the most, tells him everything, and they do his bidding without even realizing it (“i don’t think you should but you have to make up your own mind. I don’t want to influence you”)

Cody you are so LAME!!! After all that talk about your brother and not putting up Donny, after realizing Frankies a rat and can’t be trusted, you still go and pussy out!!! What a d-bag. Well I’m sure Donny won’t go home.

Julie mentioned a twist is coming… it could have just been the money and trips, etc. but maybe something to throw off this Derrick runaway train. If there isn’t any big twists coming, Derrick is the favorite to win it all.


Notice how Derrick uses FEAR to achieve the result he wants? He will say – I know it’s your decision and I won’t tell you what to do. Go ahead and put up Caleb. Then, in two weeks I’ll be telling you ‘see what you did?’ when you and I are sitting on the block.
A large part of being successful in playing BB is managing your own stress levels and your own fears and insecurities while at the same time, increasing the stress, fear and insecurities in your opponents. Throw in a large measure of just the right mixture of truth and misinformation and you are playing this game pretty darn good. Donny is a master at managing his stress, fears and insecurities but not so good at the truth/lies/misinformation part of things.


Cody you a$$hole!


If Cody wants to ensure F2, he made a good move and can ride Derrick’s coat tails the whole way now, but I too, think he made a mistake for both his and Derrick’s game, there’s no hiding alliances now. If worse comes to worst, I hope Donny spills about TA and Derrick gets some heat.

give me a break

Now you know why his name is Cornball Cody……….because he is CORNY!!!……


Do you even know what “corny” means???


All my respect for Cody is lost now. What a coward!

Amanda queefs slop

Well I take back my respect for Cody. He can go kick rocks now with Frankies punk ass

amandas cooch smells like onions

I agree, i find Frankie highly annoying and not funny


Frankie is one I support the least now, along with Christine, Nicole, and Hayden. And in that order, with Frankie being my least favourite player.


Why is Cody freaking out? It would have been a HORRIBLE (yet entertaining for us) move for his game if he would have put up Caleb. Caleb is a total mongoloid however
1) He’s a number on your side.
2) He’s EASILY controlled.

Once you let personal crap and emotions take over your game, you’re screwed.


Here’s the thing Caleb may be easily controlled but the person who has his ear the most is Amber, who is targeting the guys in his alliance. Cody may be safe (if Amber insisted) but based from his actions, Caleb plays more emotionally and is extremely jealous of him, so he can easily be put on the block. Putting Donny up not only makes another enemy for but also removing potential ally. Britanny and Donny are two of the people who adores him and are targeting Zach, Derick, Caleb, Amber, Christine and Frankie. By doing what he did, he puts himself directly in the firing line and keeping those original targets safer, as Zach has pointed out Cody’s HOH benefits the people in the alliance but not exactly his game.

Derick is playing a good game, he is pitting people against each other while keeping himself safe. However, while i think it’s good I think it’s not great, it’s far too early in the game to openly manipulate people. While he is everyone’s best friend, people are already catching up to his game, Donny has already planted a seed that he always has a say on who will be put up and once this seed sprouted he will be out in no time. Come jury time those people who controls the first few evictions are mostly the first to go out the door and honestly I am hoping that will happen to him.


Please he’s upset because he knows, and everyone else in the house, that as soon as Caleb gets the chance he’s going to nominate Cody. Honestly if the situation had been reversed I think Caleb would have put up Cody. All it would have taken was for Caleb to notice Cody and Amber behind another closed door, and Cody’s Ass is on the block. Caleb is not a rational thinker he is ruled more than anything by his emotions for Amber.

Power Of Veto Corleone

BulletBill….calling Caleb a mongoloid is a bad choice of words. Show some decency and apologize for such a callous remark bro.


Yessssss Cody….you are a pu$sy


Cody is exactly how he thinks he is. Derrick must be so proud.


Cody…u sure are a P+ssy..I’ve lost ALL respect for him & I hope it comes back to bite him in the ass..

I THOUGHT THIS WAS SUPPOSE TO BE THE MOST TWISTED SEASON EVER!!..well now would be a good time for a twist..like seriously im just at shock of how weak & how much if a punk cody is & lately has been..

Only hope is that AMBER, DONNY OR JOCASTA WINS HOH NEXT WEEK..SHIT EVEN HAYDEN!!..we need a power shift




Someone please go and stand outside big brother house and shout pu$$y over and over. Or rent a skywriter with that as only word on banner.


I mentioned the skywriter to my husband last night. I’ve always thought it was crazy that people wasted their money on such a thing and now I want to contribute. LOL

Cody's brother

I don’t know who you are any more. Now, Donny and his alliances are coming after you. And his fears about Caleb remain. What an idiotic cowardly move. I’m changing my last name!

Irked by the stupidity!

This post made me lol…LOUDLY!!! Cody takes the coward’s trophy and his prize should be a tee that reads “I’m just a bon-a-fide dumb @$$” or “I wanted jury more than the $500k”. Surely he is the next to go because Caleb will find out within the house of no secrets! I don’t even feel sorry for him. These players are as weak as the ones last year.

The House

I keep telling you – Helen is still here – I need a sage cleaning.


Cody………you’re COWARD!!! You’re afraid of put up Caleb!!!


You people are dumb. It is in his best interest to not put up Caleb.

CALEB IS NOT PUTTING UP CODY. According to Caleb, they are in an alliance together.


I DISAGREE. Caleb is loyal to a FAULT (and that fault being AMBER). Caleb’s objective is to get Amber to Jury so he can continue to wear her down to agree to 1 date. It will soon dawn upon Caleb that Cody is a threat to Caleb’s prime objective AND Caleb will NOT WANT Cody in Jury to be a distraction between him and Amber. Cody is Caleb’s target (although Caleb himself doesn’t realize it yet).

Cody will also be a casulty. Had he nominated Caleb, he could have been sitting pretty until the end. Now, he will be a default “replacement nominee” by the Outside 8, Nicole, Hayden, and Christine. The only people that will NOT put him up are Zach and maybe not Frankie (unless it was a choice between Cody and Zach).

Zach is on the lowest end of the totem pole and he is now the next target and Cody has become guilt by association.

The only way Cody can save himself is to continue to cry and hope that Donny is not evicted and takes Derrick out. Donny would be the only person that will catch on to Derrick before it is too late and do something about Derrick. Until that happens, Cody will have to continue to be an emotional wreck until Britney walks out the door (in hopes that Donny will have some sympathy and not retaliate and target him), stay FAR AWAY from Amber, and hope Caleb somehow gets nominated and voted out before Caleb realizes Cody is standing in the way of the prime objective.

Amanda queefs slop

You’re the dumb one! Cody shouldn’t have told Donny that he wasn’t going to put him up, then turn into the little beotch that he is and put him up anyway. No one would have been this upset had Cody kept his mouth shut and not said anything to Donny. He is a pu$$y.

Mister E

I thought we were finally going to get some action in the house. I think little ole sweet Donny is more a man than anybody else in that house. I believe some of the girls would even go for some stronger threats in the house than what these guys are doing. Someone please grow a pair so we have a actual competition this year.


the season of big moves continues…. im clueless on how people fall under the spell of nostrils and the pink hair douche bag………….. and for bb to count Amber ( no offense to the women) as a strong player last nite when there were easily 3 guys they could have put up, is b.s. where is Devin when ya need him……


I heard that when Cody went to backyard and told them Caleb was going up he was called to DR. I find that interesting. Then he comes out and then puts up Donny. I bet they did not want yo take a chance that Caleb would go home (BB). They know Donny is not going anywhere Britt is the target. BB knows that the show will not really start until they pick off the othe dumbos. That’s why Cody is so mad and throwing his hat cause he knows the truth is Caleb should have went up.

Now this could come back to bite him, cause Caleb is going to try hard to win next week. I know he will put up Cody for sure.


I believe that same thing happened BB13 Shelly had the whole house voting Rachel out and then she got called in the DR, and came out and flipped the house and Lawon volunteered to go up, and they voted him out…Per Ian’s own word on DickatNite, they tried to get Ian to save Dan with his POV, and when he refused, they got Jenn to do it.. People don’t believe they manipulate in the DR, but it’s a reason why Feeders can’t see what goes on in the DR..


Cody is a sheep, guy can’t think for himself or for that matter most of the people in the house this year because “it’s what the house wants”.
I can only hope something happens to shake things up next week because this is getting old quick…..


This cast is gutless in general.Is this Big Brother or Degrassi?. I wonder if Hayden went back and told his conversation with Donny because I wouldn’t be surprised if he did.

Pandora’s Box please.


I just lost any and all respect for Cody. I hope Caleb does win HOH and put him up!!! If it’s between Brittney and Donny, sorry Brittney- but Cody is a wuss!


Now we obviously knows whose going home, like how is brittany Cody target. Like I don’t understand that. And yes Cody AMERICA THINKS YOUR A PU$$Y FOR PUTTING UP DONNY!! I was expecting team America to put up Caleb but obviously their cowards (beside Donny because Donny just agree to it) I’m expecting Frankie and Derrick to hopefully go home next week. I can’t take those two anymore handling Cody decisions. I don’t even think Derrick evens have Cody back. Derrick just making sure he has no blood on his hand and is expecting an easy ride to the final 2. Frankie needs to shut up and stop gossiping. I honestly say Frankie and Christine.are the 2 people that defiantly needs to shut their mouth and watch what they say to people bc it can bite them later on.


The houseguest needs to realize that their basically handing the money to Derrick and Frankie. But I’m hoping Donny wins at the end AND AMERICA VOTE BECAUSE AMERICA LOVES HIM!!!


” I was expecting team America to put up Caleb but obviously their cowards (beside Donny because Donny just agree to it)” LOL you hypocrite! Cody also was just agreeing to putting Donny up then! Blame Derrick.


Cody is the aaryn this year


Cody does whatever the person in power tells him, just like Aaryn did with Demanda.. Hopefully Cody wakes up before it’s too late, unlike Aaryn..


Cody needs a new pair of glasses….because hindsight is 20/20…..and you are still wearing your BombSquad Goggles!

shouldve listened to zach!

What a dumb move. I guess HGs forget that the point of the HoH is to take out the person that is detrimental to THEIR game, not the alliance. At this rate, everyone is going to get picked off. Donny for HoH this week, smh


Sorry, but that makes no sense at all.

At this point in the game, your own game IS your alliance’s game.

It’s all about numbers. If you turn on someone in your alliance — and they are still technically still working with Caleb and Amber — then you lose numbers that can further your own game. The fewer numbers you have, the less likelihood of winning an HOH, etc. Plus, with Caleb still in the house, it’s a bigger target for some of the remaining HGs not in the alliance. (In addition, had Caleb remained in the house after being put up, Cody would have been by himself in the game. Let’s be honest here: What could Victoria, Jocasta and Donny do to protect him? Nothing.)

As Dani Donato found out the hard way, you don’t turn on your alliance too soon. Jeff learned the same lesson getting paranoid from Nat and Kevin’s lie and taking out Russell instead of one of them.

It’s too early. Cody in his heart knows this. And Caleb knows this too.


That is not necessarily TRUE. This whole game is a social experiment. It is about taking out people who you don’t like personnally or getting someone else to take out the person you’ve built a relationship with. It all comes down to guilt vs greed. Before nominating Donny, everybody but Caleb liked Cody. No matter who you put Cody up agaiinst (with houseguests remaining) he would have not been voted out. Now, it is a “numbers” game and the only people that now have interest in keeping him around is Zach and maybe Amber/Nicole. The only person he would win against (if put up by those outside of his “alliance”) now would be Zach because he is the WILDCARD. Even if put up as “a pawn” he would be voted out as long as Caleb and Amber are in the house together.

smd nicole

hopefully this means brittany is gone! she does not deserve to be in that house at all


I guess when Brittany is evicted on Thursday you will have to retire. You won’t have anything to talk or post about.

Caleb has poopy pants and now so does Cody

Is there a reason why you won’t give us your view point on why Nicole should be in the house? Cause all we see is you hating on the pretty girl. So please enlighten us with your wisdom.


Cody…you are a big pussy!!!! Caleb would’ve been the perfect renom, noooooooooooooooo! You had to do what pig nose and the pink haired bitch wanted! If Donny stays, I hope to God he put Derrick (Pig Nose) and Frankie (Pink Haired Bitch)! This season really need to bring in the Coup de’ Tat and destroy those bastards!


Explain why he is a perfect nom.

Caleb has poopy pants and now so does Cody

Perfect nom:
A. Because Caleb is already an outsider, who doesn’t know it, the others could feel justified in voting him out.
B. Cody would then have the gratitude of 3 (4) more houseguests, Donny, Brittney, Amber, and possibly Jacosta
C. Way in to Ambers pants now with no roadblock
D. If makes to final, can legit say, I did have power moves
E. Big boys in his alliance, really wouldn’t have cared for very long. Ie: no one really likes Caleb. Believe me Derrick would have adjusted his plans very quickly. And we all know Ratstine doesn’t really matter.


Nicely done there.


I’ve noticed this from the beginning that Cody is mostly talk but when pressed by someone like Caleb he will back down.


Simon. I might have missed something. When did Caleb press Cody?

According to Caleb he is in an alliance with Cody. He will not put of Cody.


There’s been tension between those two for awhile. most of the time they are cool with each other but sometimes there’s a bit of friction. Cody is more inclined to talk like a ‘tough guy’ when sharing his dislike of Caleb to other players. Caleb just talks about himself

Irked by the stupidity!

So agree Simon!!! It’s aggravating to watch them THINK they are playing hard and aren’t really playing at all. Same antics as last year, different group of experimental lab rats.


CODY YOU ARE A PUS$Y!!!!! WITH A CAPITAL P — BIG BROTHER PRODUCTION BETTER CHANGE THIS SHIT UP BECAUSE I AM GETTING SICK & TIRED OF STUPID ASS PEOPLE GETTING ON THIS SHOW THAT LISTEN TO ONE PERSON (AKA DERRICK – PIGGY NOSE) AND FRANKIE THE SLIMY RAT!! – I used to like Piggy & Slimy Rat a few weeks ago but after seeing the TWO FACED lies and stupid distortions of picking on Brittany and being so FAKE to that dumb ass VICTORIA – who is a WASTE OF A CAST MEMBER!!!! I’m getting so aggravated with this show.. Big Brother – you may have improved on your SET Design but he people you put in this house are ALL FOLLOWERS~~


well what a surprise cody chickened out. yes cody, you are right people will think you are a pussy and we do. what an unbelievable tool


you deserve for this to come back and bite you cody and i hope it does..HARD


I think they chose team america too soon. I cannot stand Frankie he is a complete loser and the way he talks about people behind their backs is horrible!!! Derrick is an ass as well and yes he is good at it but I can’t stand the way he controls people among other things. I love Donny!!! Don’t like the way this game is heading. Also can’t stand Christine and Nicole. Big mistake not putting Caleb up but also would have loved Frankie up.

Frankie, Cody, Nicole, Derrick and Christine are aholes!

Cody SHAME ON YOU! Poor miserable ahole! Spineless slimebag! No characterm no balls, no character… Donny? SERIOUSLY!

Shame on you and on your dishonest and ballless family!


See why Caleb didn’t get put up. Caleb just said he would put up Victoria and Jocasta next hoh. He isn’t going after Cody, you dopes.


You know WhatUwillis,,,
You are always on here insulting people and our comments and you’ve become old news!
So, now I’ll take a page from your gameplay book and say,
I can’t figure out who is the bigger pu$$y, you or Cody ??
Now don’t go away mad, just please go away…


As of now he is not going after Cody, but as soon as he gets wind of Cody throwing his name out there that will change. And with this house of back stabbers it’s only a matter of time.


Cody is doin whatever Derrick tells him . When zach stood up to Derrick to nominate Caleb, Derrick called him a “dickhead” . Derricks the new Devin. Cody’s a dumbass for listening to him. Let’s hope Donny and zach work together and get Derrick out.


I am sorry for the Donny fans, and I know it was a dumb move by Cody, but some of you need to chill. LOL


Maybe but reactions makes the show fun to follow on here and probably why I still watch . Beside, it’s no worse than what you see at sports games with people’s reactions and grown men dressed in face paint yelling and reacting or cursing at the TV when someone screws up a play. Lol 😉


Donny need to go into Beast Mode on Thursday in the HOH, and make some BIG MOVES… People getting too confortable in that house…

Frankie, Cody, Nicole, Derrick and Christine are aholes!

By sating that Donny is manipulative and disgusting, Frankie apparently forgets that Donny is not another Evil-Gay-Clown in the House but an honest and GOOD man that he [Frankie] will never be!


Well, Frankie…at least Donny is playing with compassion and integrity. You are just an over the hill, wannabe 21 again, pink haired jagoff that craves so much attention with your wild stories (which are probably a bunch of lies), you’re all over these straight guys like they’re your boyfriends, you and that rat faced pock marked
Christine make fun of others in the house that would make the bitchy girls from Mean Girls and Heathers want to whup your ass (note to Christine: you’re not in high school anymore, you classless nerdy chump!), and if you don’t get the attention, you whine like a little bitch that had your Malibu Barbie taken away from you!! I’m a 48 year old gay man from Brooklyn, NY and to me, you make good, honest, and decent gay men look bad! I’m waiting for the week to see your flat ass on the block and evict you before jury; and I would laugh so hard that’ll piss myself!


I am so sick of bb casting stereotypical gay men who are conniving, untrustworthy and dramatic. It give the wrong impression every year of what being a gay man is. I just wish they would get away from casting what they think America wants to see and believes what being gay is and post a real gay man. A man like most my friends are, loyal, loving, funny, caring, non dramatic, stand up kind of guys. It’s really sad the characters of what a gay men are supposed to that they continually bring in every year. I guess Anderson Cooper and Matt Bomer missed the casting call.

Donny’s Visor

Brittany needs to stop complaining. Also, why is she saying Nicole is the new Devin? What did Nicole even do??

Caleb has poopy pants and now so does Cody

Nicole seems to have been cast as THE Heir apparent of Jordan. She seems instead is simply atrocious. Whiney, lazy, catty, these are a few adjectives that come to mind.


a great team america would have been this:


the 3 most fearless players in the house. they wouldnt be afraid to make big moves, they actually want to. its just a shame that brittany will be leaving this week and zach and donny more than likely wont be to far behind. honestly i think if they waited for the vote its how team america would have turned out too


I agree nicholas!!! All the other players are SHEEPS — BAAA BAAA – I like that ZACH is not afraid to do something different and DONNY sees EVERYONE for what they really are. Nichole is such a Bullshit LIAR when Donny asked her if Derrick told her who to nominate last week and she made it out like it was HER decision. BULL SHIT!! They ALL listen to NOSTRILS PIGGY FACE and Flaming PINK Flamingo FRANKIE as if what they say is GOSPEL truth! Poor Brittney was too stupid and trusted DERRICK when he was THROWING her under the BUS every chance he could GET! I’m so disgusted with this season….


Cody speaks with Donny. Donny’s not going up. Cody heads to the diary room. Donny goes up. Wake up people. It’s pretty obvious what happened… On a sidenote, most of you make reading the comments unbearable. There’s no discussion on strategy or gameplay. You just voice vicious personal opinions. You call people cowards, yet you say it behind fake names. You make disgusting comments about people who you say make disgusting comments. You call people dumb and unintelligent and are oblivious to how hypocritical you are. You call people sheep, yet you repeat what someone else has already said a thousand times over. What you gain from this is beyond me. Is your day based on how many ‘thumbs up’ you get? What the point of that is, who even knows. Enjoy the summaries you provide throughout the day Simon and Dawg, but your site is a hotbed of hate.


Oh yes, here we go with the self-righteous pricks stating emphatically that they are so much virtuous than the rest of us. It is a BB forum where you go to post your opinions on the game! What does it matter if it is a strategic post or not?! Also, pandering to Simon and Dawg at the end is very telling of who you are… Suck up.


Ha! You assume too much. I never mentioned anyone’s virtuosity, much less my own. If you were offended by my comment, excellent. You were who it was intended for… Secondly, you are right. It is a BB forum. You can comment on whoever and whatever you like, in any way you like. You’re prerogative. I simply stated the personal attacks that don’t have anything to do with the game, make reading the comments almost unbearable. My prerogative. And lastly, in not so many words, I expressed to Simon and Dawg that their idea of ‘thumbs up’ and ‘thumbs down’ was meaningless, and that they’re the owners and operators of a hate filled site. How you have interpreted that to be pandering, is your issue. I care not. So by all means, continue in your ways. You are simply fodder 🙂


“I care not”. “Ha” to you too pal. Obviously, you care. Why else would you respond? You sir, are the fodder. Good day.


Are you insane? Apparently so.


I’m engaging in this nonsense, so you are probably right 😉


Just curious what me putting “Christy” as my name vs. my online name would change. I still have the same opinions about the people in the house.

Also, some of the comments that are similar could just be because someone doesn’t read every single comment posted; so that doesn’t make someone a sheep.


I was simply insinuating that hiding behind a moniker while spewing hatred, with zero repercussions, is cowardly in itself. I concede the sheep point

Whatever! (is my real name)

Go troll on another site then.
I can assure you that no one here will miss you…


I doubt that anyone that comments would be missed. So that would apply to you as well. As far as ‘trolling’, I must admit, I am not so extremely familiar with. But from what I gather, wouldn’t you be more of one than I? I attacked no one in particular. Simply made a general statement. And now you have attacked me for voicing it. I don’t know. Seems like a lot of insecurity. As long as everyone makes a comment you agree with, it’s ‘okay’. Someone makes one you don’t, and then you pile on. Here’s a better reference for the ‘sheep’ playtone 🙂

amandas cooch smells like onions

Calm down there hotrod =D

Detroit Girl

Putting out an all points bulletin for Cody’s balls and brains. We suspect they are in the possession of person of interest named Derrick.
At least own what you did without the tears.


I really feel like i was strong armed and bullied into being a part of Team America….CBS treated me like Devin treated Cody and Hayden….im gonna go cry in my room like a pussy now