Cody “Thanks a lot Victoria you just had to use it! You were sh*tting bricks up there!”

POV Holder: Victoria Next POV July 19th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 26th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Cody
Battle of the Block Winner Jocasta/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 24/July 25
Original Nominations: Brittany/Victoria(Cody) Jocasta/Amber (Frankie)
Final Nominations: Brittany & Donny
Have Nots ?
POV Players Cody, Brittany, Victoria, Caleb, Nicole, Zach

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-21 13-16-19-835

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1:15pm Donny tells Frankie and Caleb I need to come up with a good speech like Devin. Frankie says I would just do your whistle and sit back down. You’re going to stay with flying colours. Donny says I hope so. Caleb says well Cody’s duties are done. Frankie says up. Brittany is up there talking to Cody, I don’t even know what she is talking to him about. Even if she tries to flip the script on Donny no one will fall for it. Caleb says its probably more personal. Frankie and Caleb start talking about 9/11 and how messed up that was. Frankie says it was crazy how well organized all that was. Caleb says I know that was enough to get me turned up. Frankie talks about how he lives right in the centre of down town New York just 3 minutes walk from central park.

In fire room – Derrick is talking to Hayden. Derrick says we were crushing on you hard last night. Literally when you went into the fire room Victoria jumped up and ran in after you. Hayden says we don’t even touch each other. Derrick says oh yeah I know not with your hands (But with elbows). Hayden laughs and says yeah no.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-21 13-31-28-480

1:30pm – 1:55pm Nicole heads up to the HOH room. Nicole says I don’t know if that’s what you want to do but thank you. I know that Brittany threw my name out to you and I don’t even know why she is doing that. I dont know what I did to her game wise. The only thing was the bed situation but I don’t know why that would be a reason to nominate me. Nicole says putting Caleb up wouldn’t have been a good game move for you. Cody says especially because I didn’t talk to him before hand. Nicole says I really didn’t expect that especially from what you said right before but just know you shouldn’t regret that because its better for you this way. I just know that if you had done it, Christine and I would have been in a bad spot. Cody says that was the thing if I had done it, it would have put a lot of people in a bad spot and I didn’t want to do that. I was just thinking about how much of a d**k he (Caleb) was by taking the money over the veto. Cody says Brittany doesn’t understand that you taking the veto was the smartest move because if someone is still there that’s on the block they can take the veto and then you’re in threat of being nominated. Nicole says I am willing to back door him (Caleb) or whatever is the plan. Nicole says America probably thinks Caleb is an idiot for not taking the veto. Cody says America probably thinks I’m an idiot for not putting him up. I’m not going to give into the paranoia of him hating me because Amber likes me. Cody says next week if Caleb doesn’t win HOH I am going to go to him and be like last week you didn’t have my back so.. then we can go at it. Christine joins them. Nicole says the good thing is everyone hates him (Caleb) so everyone is going to want to get him out. Cody says the people I want to protect are you Christine, Derrick, You (Nicole) and Hayden. Cody says that really sucked and I wanted more than anything to tell Caleb to sit the f**k down. If Caleb comes after me it would only be for personal reasons, there is no game reason why he would come after me. Nicole says if its endurance I am not dropping for nothing. My will power is going to be so strong. I would never strike up a deal with Caleb ever, ever! Christine agrees. Yeah and then backdoor that crap. Cody says you’re cold hearted! I love it! Victoria comes up to the HOH room. Cody jokes and says thanks a lot Victoria you just had to use it! Cody says it looked like you were sh*tting bricks up there.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-21 13-34-07-294

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1:55pm – 2:10pm Amber comes up to the HOH room and says oh sh*t all the girls up here with my man! The continue to talk about the POV competition. Cody tells Amber if I don’t see in the DR’s that you said about my body DAMN!!!!!! Then we’re done! Amber laughs. Amber talk about how she said her type was like Devin. Christine jokes so you only date guys that skip leg day. They all laugh. Christine and Nicole leave. Amber asks Cody how he’s feeling. Cody says pretty sh*tty. Cody says that he talked to Donny and says that he told him his only two choices to go up were Donny and Hayden. Cody says I almost got the feeling he caught drift that I was going to put him up. Cody says I honestly trusted Brittany and thought she really tried hard for that veto and then after it was like she didn’t want to play the game any more. Cody says I don’t like how this week played out but at least everyone in our alliance is safe for another week. It just sucks that I had to get more blood on my hands. Cody says I just kept everyone in our alliance safe so I hope next week everyone returns the favor. Amber says yeah only Frankie and Devin did that. Cody says it is starting to get late in the game, like who knows when Jury is going to be. Amber says I hope when the time comes the guys don’t turn their back on me. Cody says I am not turning my back on you or Christine. Amber says I am just worried about Zach because he says a lot of things that are disrespectful to girls. Cody says I have said something to him a number of times to stop doing that. Amber says once we get to jury I am really going to need to distance myself from Caleb because he is going to be the first person people target. Cody says I feel like he is going to target me. Amber says no he’s not. I don’t think you have anything to worry about. I am trying to distance myself from him because I am not here for whatever he’s here for. Cody laughs. Jocasta joins them.

2:15pm – 2:30pm Victoria is laying with Derrick she tells him that he is her next target. Victoria jokes and says you’re my next target. Derrick asks did you think he was going to put up Donny? Victoria says no. But I thought he would put up someone that would make sure Brittany goes home. Derrick says its going to be tough for Brittany because now she has to convince everyone to keep her over Donny. Victoria says I just wish Caleb was on the block rather than Brittany. Everyone wants him out. Victoria brings up how Caleb chose the money over the veto. Derrick says there has only been one twist so far.. one is coming soon. We’re already a third of the way through. Victoria says yeah especially since Julie said this season is twist after twisted twist.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-21 14-13-16-999

2:30pm Jocasta is talking to Cody in the HOH room. Tell me what your game is on day 32? Cody says just to keep myself safe from week to week. I was hoping this week would be easier than it is. I am just thankful for each week that I have still here in the house. Amber joins them again. Amber tells Cody that he is the biggest flirt. He flirts with the momma’s, the single ladies and the married women. Cody says its just my out going personality. Derrick joins them. Cody asks what do you think about my personality. Derrick says you’re a d**k. Amber asks Derrick what do you think personality wise what is Cody in the house. Derrick says best looking? Amber asks for another answer? Derrick says a big heart! Amber says okay one more try! Cody jokingly gets annoyed that Amber doesn’t admit he has a big heart. Derrick says I think people flirt with him. Derrick asks Amber what his superlative is .. Amber says biggest heart and prettiest eyes. They talk about the veto ceremony and Jocasta says if it helped you then it was a good decision.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-21 14-37-40-640
2:40pm In the kitchen – Amber said if he eats a pickle they could go on a date. Caleb eats a pickle for Amber. (He is disgusted by pickles and has said before that even pickles on his burger he wouldn’t touch it to take it off.) Amber keeps telling him not to do it. Caleb says its disgusting. He starts to throw up. After he finishes it they ask if Amber is really going to go on a date with him. Amber says I guess so. Caleb says you own me 3 dates now. Caleb tells Amber the only way she can get out of going out on a date with him is for her to eat a whole banana. Amber says that is not happening.

Christine goes up to watch on the spy tv because she doesn’t want to watch him throw up. Christine says that he said he would go on a date with him if he does it. Cody says I was there when a similar conversation happened and it wasn’t Amber saying she would go on a date with him, it was someone else who asked if she would if he ate one. Jocasta says this is why I am glad I am married so I don’t have to deal with stuff like this.

Caleb comes up to the HOH room and talks about eating the pickle for a date with Amber. He says that he’s going to pick her up with a horse drawn carriage. That’s how we do it in Nashville. Caleb says I am going to make that last 4 nights and 5 days … I’ll take her on a cruise. Jocasta asks why do you hate pickles so much. Caleb says that his brothers would hold him down and hold pickle juice over his head. I can’t even stand the smell of them. I will never eat another pickle. Cody says that he is the same with mayo. He hates mayo.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-21 14-40-43-144

2:50pm Out in the backyard – Donny asks Brittany in the picking for veto players you picked Caleb.. and he screwed you. Brittany says yeah but I would never think that he would save me over getting money. I had one person I could choose. If I picked you people would think that we are working together. I wanted to pick Derrick but when I asked who would volunteer he put his head down.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-21 14-49-49-524

2:55pm In the kitchen – Amber and Nicole put whipping cream on a wooden spoon to put on Zach’s hand as he sleeps. They grab a feather to tickle him with so that he’ll smack his face with the whipping cream. When they go into the fire room Zach looks up and so they hide beside the bed. Hayden then blows their cover and tells Zach that the girls are trying to scare him. Nicole says thanks Hayden. They put the whipping cream spoon and feather on the floor and leave. In the kitchen Amber and Nicole talk about crawling back into the room and having Victoria hold the door so it doesn’t shut. Amber and Nicole joke about putting pickle juice in Calebs drink or putting a pickle in his hand while he’s sleeping.

3pm – 3:15pm When they enter the fire room again they make too much noise and Nicole says okay Hayden can we just show you what we were going to do? Nicole smears the whipping cream on Hayden’s hand. Amber then grabs his hand and smears it in his hair. The girls run out of the room. Hayden says I hate that B***T! I am going to murder that B***T! Zach sarcastically says oh my god that was so funny. As the girls leave the say now they’re going to get us so bad. Christine tells them she’s not sleeping any where near them. Christine show them her spider bite on her foot and they all tell her to go to the diary room right away to get that looked at because it doesn’t look good.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-21 15-06-56-986

Alliances (Some Of these are dead)
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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Umm. No where in downtown New York is 3 minutes from Central Park. I’m starting to think Frankie doesn’t even live in NY. Maybe everything about him is a lie….


ive been to new york and especially around central park, and yes there are condos that are very very close to central park so its not impossible for him to live in a condo 3 minutes from central park. Usually when people say that it’s an exageration for saying that they are close to something so maybe he just lives 10 minutes away or something which really isnt a huge difference

No One

No, Midtown and Downtown are not the same thing in New York. Downtown is not at all 3 minutes from Central Park; parts of Midtown yes.


I’ve lived and worked in NY almost my whole life. If Frankie said he lives Downtown only 3 minutes from Central Park he is a F*****ing liar! Generally downtown is considered below 14th street, Central Park starts around 58th street on the west side across from the Plaza. He’s a fucking asshat!

And please shut up about 9/11 Frankie and Caleb! I’m sure they didn’t break in on the Disney Channel with breaking news. Please get rid of these two ASAP!

Simon and Dawg, you guys never cease to amaze me. OBB is the only place I go for spoilers and updates..


Thanks Rich glad you like the spoilers!


Mid-town or Up-town, but not Downtown


Is it just me or did anyone else here Frankie say part of his sister’s name “Ari” at the end of the letter he read in the HOH room? Do you think any of the house guest heard it and maybe put it together? If they do Frankie may be out of there sooner than later.


These people don’t seem like they listen to Top 40, so I doubt they even know who she is. Frankie thinks she’s some A-Lister, but really she’s a Nickelodeon kid who has 2 number one songs at THIS moment. They wouldn’t know that because they’re locked in the house with no radio.
Look at their music choices when they’re HOH.
EDM music, country music….
Ariana Grande is fairly new to peoples ears if they don’t watch Nickelodeon.


What happen! Oh


While you were sleeping …. my two new favorites to win
BB are Victoria and Jacosta. Absolutely no one on this cast I
can root for. Might as well give it to the super clueless floaters.
Donny will be picked off sooner than later especially
if the estrogen gang stays in power. What wimps!


don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of Donny, but backdooring Donny would be a huge game move right now. production would def not allow taking out Donny this early in the game though. Cody amazes me with his tough talk act. at least Devin went through and controlled his HOH.


My respect for Cody when down to the drain, what a coward, I just hope cbs show him like that on the next episode


And if he thinks King Der-prick will be taking him to the final two he really doesn’t know this game.


Yep. Derrick totally played him. What an idiot. And why the hell shouldn’t Victoria used it? Apparently she’s not as stupid as you Cody.


It was a joke. A joke. Look it up.


He’s a soccer player what did you expect?

Anonymous #2

HaHa! First, Juan Pablo & now, Cody…these boys give Soccer players a bad name.


Thanks a lot Cody!!! America will hate you because putting up Donny. That is not a smart move. I know Donny is coming after you.


Team Donny!!!


hey cody,

remember in your preseason interview when Jeff asked if you would rather win and be hated or lose and be loved? you claimed you would rather have lost and be loved by america, but your actions today have proved otherwise. how can we support you when you talk a mad talk, but then make moves that benefit everyone but yourself? i get that you were looking out for your alliance, but it was so cruel to see you make that promise to donny and turn your back on him like that.


At least he won’t win HOH again next week.


So you would rather him jeopardize his game then ensure that Brittany goes home? No one seems to realize that leaving Brittany in the game is possibly the worst thing that they could do. Besides putting Caleb up as a “pawn” would only piss him off and Cody would have a target on his back for no reason what so ever.


derrick and frankie wanted donny to go up they could of said put hayden up or nicole up they not protecting donny i wish in hope donny get hoh and is nom lose so he could stay hoh its soo wrong by frankie and derrick gives us a mission well we can tell donny something donny hoh this week please

no name

huh? wtf did you just say?


By putting up Donny and not a person from the original Bomb Squad, that is a clear signal to the others that the alliance is still viable. At least Zach and Caleb have a set and gone up and I can guarantee you Derrick or Frankie would never entertain the thought. Cody wussed out and he will find out that fortune favors the bold!!!!!!

i hate brittany



Really!?! Bomb the house?!? With what’s going on in the world right now and the bombings that have happened in our own country. I little insensitive choice of words don’t you think, a little harsh too I might add. But with your name stating that you hate someone you don’t know besides what you see on a tv show we shouldn’t expect anything less. Good luck with the FBI showing up at your door for terrorist threatening of a TV show. #takeachillpill

Nicoles second chin

Omg did she really just say she wasnt gonna drop if its endurance. Why is she telling these lies about our will power. If we really had will power she would stop with the cookie dough so i can finally disappear from under her jaw. Shes so useless…..why did she end up with this outfit. Our body is totally sponge bobish and this costume doesnt help….hold on doesnt Christine look like squidward?

Caleb has poopy pants and Cody does too!

Oh honey, you are the best part of Nicole. Of course if I was hanging off her, I’d wanna run-away too.

Irked by the stupidity!

Lmao!!!!! This comment ROCKS!!!!! I started reading it and had to stop and read the.commenter’s name and continue reading!!! Way too funny for a Monday! Thanks for the chuckle!!!!!????


I can’t stand Nicole. She’s “super” useless, and a “super” floater.

Amanda queefs slop

Frankie is the biggest pu$$y in this house. Running around telling everyone’s business. Does he even have an actual relationship with anyone in that house? Hope your sister is watching Frankie, and decides to stop letting you ride her coat tails! She is a decade younger than you bro, time to man up and find your own success! Looks like his real life traits are blending nicely at the BB house. Riding everyone else s coat tails for his own gain.


This is what happens when you have a bunch of 20 year olds and only one older person. The good seasons were when you had almost half the house older, meaning 30s, 40s 50s, and even that one guy was in his 60s. Older players don’ t play follow the house. Only salvation now can come if Brittany gets Diamond Power of Veto for have the most exercise steps. Then she can take her and Donny off and name her own replacements.


That would be the ideal outcome but am afraid she would not put up any of the BS. She would probably go with Amber and Nicole.

Caleb has poopy pants and Cody does too!

How in all the bloody hell, would putting Caleb up have hurt the whiny sisters?
Oh, yes I remember now, they are afraid and jealous of Brittney! Someone that everyone agrees has extremely poor game skills.
How in the bloody hell, can any of the be mad at Victoria for using the veto? I say it’s the only good move that idiot has made.
How in the bloody hell can Cody spout all the bullshit he spouts? You’d think it was all a conspiracy to make his HOH hard, oh boo hoo, crybaby.
I hope that Donny somehow becomes an avenging angel and wipes the big brother house clean. But, unfortunately, I think Derrick and his minion Frankie want Donnie gone bad enough and will make it happen. Cause we all know that the whiny sisters do not really figure into the devil don’s plans for big brother domination. Sigh, meh


So first … somehow “Americas players” put up Amber as a physical threat? Like she’s the biggest physical threat in the house. NOT! I’m
pretty sure America wanted out Caleb. It’s BS CBS gave that to them!
Then we have Cody the pu$$! … puts Donny on the block?
Can these so called men grow some. It seems to me the women
in the house have more testosterone flowing thew their bodies
than these so called men in the house (except Donny)What a bunch
of freakin wimps. Defiantly a runner up for worst cast ever on BB.
No one has a clue, Zero strategy, Zero loyalty. I’d fire every single person
in casting CBS (Constant Bull Sh!t) Come on BB Canada


i HAVE TO say that this is actually the WORSTCAST IN BB HISTORY! I hated last years cast but this one is so darn boring and predictable that they take the crown for the absolutely worst and most boring in BB history. I cannot even stand to watch the primetime show anymore because it is so BORING which is pretty bad considering I even watched the garbage last year. Julie Chen such a liar saying that all kinds of twists and turns will happen this year unless she means most boring and predictable ever. UGH BORING!!


I have an idea for Big Brother. America gets to vote on who they want nominated and Team America must get the person put on the block. Its time for America to shake things up since the Hg’s wont.

Not A PHD Student

If anyone actually believe’s CBS uses the results for America Vote’s they need a reality check. CBS already knows what they are going to do before the question is even brought to the so call public. The voting is a fraud, it just makles people think they are part of the game. Production needs to steer the game certian directions and this is a way for them to do it.


if they do that. Frankie, Derrick will not get up on the block. Production is a fraud and they chooses who they want.
They would just trow on the block Jocasta and Victoria.

new to BB 14

Serpico wannabe Derprick will somehow convince the house Brittnany needs to stay and Donny needs to go

Watch I’m willing to bet money in Vegas on this outcome


I hope that happens, but Derrick does not even need to convince anybody. He just needs to say Brittany is staying and everybody will not even question him, and they will all vote Donny out.


Donny is not going anywhere!!!

andy 2.0

nicole the inexpereinced, naive so called big brother super fan and christine the ugly barista from arizona. frankie the 31 year old rat who acts like a wannabe 17 year old.


KnowNothing Nic, Ratine and Ratkie are just pawns in King Derprick’s game but they think they are actually playing the game. Cody has shown he’s nothing more than a fratbrat like Zach.


Frankie only got in the BS because he was the first HOH.

CHristiane was just in the right place and right time like she said.

Jimmy 64

CODY CODY CODY If Caleb win HOH and comes after you
then you become one big idiot cause you could have struck first.


why derrick and frankie why whould you try to get donny up in protect caleb he not your america team donny is that should tells you something wright their america frankie and derrick is proting the other members in not donny donny should wiin hoh in get special veto from us who vote for derrick and frankie i didnt i vote for donny america player


Yeah of course Cody is a cow-sized pu$$y, I mean he bawled his eyes out when his t-shirt got stretched. He wasn’t looking out for his alliances interests, he was just plain scared to do it. No balls on that kid.

Ariana Grande's High School Tutor

Frankie is not Ariana’s brother. He is a hanger-on like me. Frankie lives in a flop house in Rockaway.


I had to laugh when Cody started telling Christine and Nicole how he has their back. Cody has no one’s back, not even his own. Derrick will not take Cody to the end, {the girls all love Cody, and so do most of the guys} Derrick would lose, therefore, Derrick is going to allow Caleb to take out Cody, Caleb is the best person to go to the end with, and Derrick knows it, why do you think he fought so hard to keep Caleb off the block.


His other option would be Zach knowing everyone hates him.


I think Derrick will for sure take Cody to the final 2. Who would even vote for Cody? … and I don`t think the girls like him.. Christiane, Nicole and Amber are just kissing his ass because he is HOH

smd nicole

too all the people saying brittany is such a good person remember when she was talking about how she will never flirt with cody and stuff and she was acting like she was better than the other girls because she wouldn’t flirt with him? ya she just got into bed with him in a bikini….. what a hypocritical biatch

Caleb has poopy pants and now so does Cody

Nobody really cares about Brittney. Why do you? And what is it that you see in Nicole? You never do explain, you only spout of about your hatred of the pretty girl. So, come on, tell us something that will make us see how great Nicole is.


I care for Brittany. You are the loose that nobody cares for because you are nobody

Caleb has poopy pants

Oh Fabio, I am just trying to find some common ground with smeh Nicole,
I just wanna know what about Nicole is so great. After all smeh Nicole has already enlightened everyone ad nauseum, about how terrible Britney is.
I have absolutely no negative impressions of Britney’s character. Just her game play.


I grew up in southern cal … most of my life I wore a pair of shorts
and that’s it… The girls all wore bikinis … so for a southern cal girl
to be running around in a bikini and jumping into bed in a bikini
means nothing on it’s own.


I do agree it was wrong for Cody to lie to Donny, that was BS. But if he put Caleb up and he stayed, Caleb would be coming after him. It was a cowardish move with how he was talking but it honestly was not a bad move for his game. If had had lied to someone else and then put them up you wouldn’t be that mad. But just cause it’s Donny (who I love too)

Caleb has poopy pants and now so does Cody

Caleb is coming after him any way. He thinks that Cody is what is standing between him and Amber.


Derprick and Cody are talking about how they run the house so if they put up Caleb they could have gotten him out. Derprick isn’t about the BS Squad. He’s about himself and he has his minions following behind. They shouldn’t cast professional narcs who have been government trained to make friends, set them up then send them to jail.


I do not know anyone that would not have kicked 2400 soccer balls to prevent a penalty vote, for a chance to win $500K. There are a lot of worse things I can think of for a punishment.
Part of being in an alliance is teamwork, and clearly when you are not working with the team to win the Veto, and if you take the money instead, then you should not be rewarded by a HOH alliance member by not being put up. These are rules that they could have established in advance. I would have made that very clear to my alliance members – Do Not Throw The POV for money or prizes or you risk going on the block.

kathie from canada

OK CBS. Time to throw a wrench into the game. Find a way to get Brittany off the block if for no other reason than to put Cody on the spot to name a replacement! Do it for the good of the game! Donny should be safe so whomever Mr Coward chooses would be under a serious threat of leaving.


How shady is it that christine switched it to amber and caleb when she very well know cody like amber. Christine you have a hunband! Dont ruin things for coder


Ratine is bored and has to so something to advance her delusion that she’s a superfan game player.


Well this POV nom has clearly shown Der-prick is in charge of everything. Not surprising since his profession was to make friends and set them up to go to jail. And Der-prick has his pet rat Frankie who scurries around sniffing out when Der-prick should intervene.


Can’t wait to see who is a Have Not for next week. My guess is germatard Nicole will be one of them and good riddance to her!! Just a sorry excuse of a person and I would run if she was my nurse based on her actions.


I think Brittany is going home.
The votes aren’t even going to be subtle.
Donny is staying
There is a cost. The cracks are starting to get bigger.
Cody will probably be more alined with Donny. He feels like crap. He is going to screw yp and things are going to blow up. My biggest hope is going to do another HoH that the boys may not win.
I am hoping next week is a shake up.

new to BB 14

Final FOUR floaters


When/if Donny walks out the door Thursday night


Brittany is not a floater. If she was she would have not been the target since week 1. And all the guys would not be scared of her.


Christine, Nicole, Frankie and Hayden (yes Hayden) are reverse mean girls. Calling people catty, while they constantly bash all the girls in the house and pretending to be afraid of everyone as if they’re being bullied. They’re hatful jerks who seem incapable of the least bit of empathy. They are all so full of themselves…When Cody asked in reference to Brit and the goals, “What if that was your sister?” Frankie’s response: “She’s not my sister and she’s not yours either!” What a douche! Cody had enough clues to figure out he’s on the side of the selfish, controlling folks who see everyone is dispensable inside and outside the game. I’m still not over Nicole comparing her costume to kicking 2400 goals and the Amber bashing is such a turn off. She’s a snake, she’s a liar…blah, blah, blah…this is nothing more than unsophisticated projection. Hayden said he wanted to murder that B****…just imagine how scurred they would be if Devin or Caleb said it. This season is dominated by fame seeking attention whores with disgusting senses of entitlement…I’m beginning to think that having Narcissitic Personality Didorder is preferred when they cast this show…

new to BB 14

Frankie says “My sister is Ariana”

Donny says “whos that”


what exactly is the “bed situation” that Nicole keeps bringing up?

Caleb has poopy pants and now sow does Caleb

OH MY GOD! A spider bit Christine! Is the spider ok?


I think Zach will replace Brittany on the bloc due to the activity monitors they are wearing.


They’re going to let the 4 least active people of the week become havenots. I think that’s all.


How will the votes likely go?

I mean besides whatever Derrick says


Brittany needs to talk to Amber and convince her is better for her and send Donny home. Because nobody will win if they are with Donny in the Final 2.

Then Amber needs to get Caleb, Victoria and Zack… then would be esay to get Hayden, Christiane and rest of the house.

Sorry Donny but you gotta go.


Not going to happen!! Donny is staying. America loves Donny!!!!!!


If they vote Donny out will their Team America be done? If so they will keep him so they don’t lose the money. Canada BB had way better twists time for CBS to step up and have better twists!


It would be great if Donny won H.O.H and at the last minute he put up Cody and told him……now you know how it feels.


Here’s a clue Cody when u look someone in they eyes and shake they hand and tell them ur not going to put them up and u do it anyways u just lost that person respect they had for u. don’t believe the other ppl saying its ok Donny understand cause as soon a Donny wins HOH they all go run to him and say don’t put me up Cody lied to ur face put him up not me I tried to stop him he wouldn’t listen. and I hope Donny wins the next HOH and puts u and Derrick up along with Frankie as a replacement nom just in case one of yall win pov and guess what everybody going to vote u out over Derrick Cody and when u get home and walk threw ur door I hope ur brother to greet u with a welcome home Pussy that was a dumb a move u made another person richer than u dumb ass.


correct me if I am wrong but outside of Jameka ( the season with evil Dick ) and some guy from season 1 or 2 a black person or of mixed race has never made it to the Jury house ?? just saying, I feel like Nicole and Victoria are just racist fools !! who hate Amber for no reason from the beginning !!! and I see this year after year ! no one ever talks about putting up Christine or Nicole why cant Amber see this the only hope she has is Zach blows up again and spills everything ,Jacasta never could understand why she is there ,I guess they have to meet so kind of tokens blacks each year and she is the worst she was talking some type of holy ghost shit during the Battle of the block ,she has know game at all

Frankie, Cody, Nicole, Derrick and Christine are aholes!

Hayden sure is full of repressed hatred for a 21 years old boy.


There isn’t a lot of people to vote for this season but Hayden WAS one of them but he is starting to sound just as catty as Nicole. Is there any reason for his hatred of Amber? Am I missing something?