Brett “My prediction is that he will take her (Angela) down because she took him down.”

POV: Tyler Next POV: Aug 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 13th
HOH: Haleigh Next HOH: Aug 16th
Noms: Kaycee Rockstar and Angela Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers I don’t see Tyler using the veto on rocks he’s using it on Angela. Kaycee will probably be the the replacement nominations. At that point it’s a battle for which side can capture Sam’s and JC’s vote.

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7:18pm Backyard. Kaycee and Sam. Kaycee – tomorrow will be interesting. Sam – tell me what the ideal situation is? Kaycee – Hopefully she doesn’t put me up. For her game though that would probably be the easiest because she already put me up. Or the less blood on her hands. You know because she already put me up. When she put me up she said I wasn’t the target but if she puts me up then I am pretty much the target. Of course she put me up .. why wouldn’t she put me up again. We’ll see tomorrow. Sam – but Tyler is still good? Kaycee – of course. Sam – as much as I love angielala.. I do. I had the doubt creeping in that I would be put up and I would go home. Kaycee – We’ll see tomorrow .. as much as I love this game its just so much stress! Sam – I feel like your confidence and strength is being robbed from you. I want to help you but I don’t know how to.

7:45pm Brett and JC. Brett – I think that regardless of what happens tomorrow. Rockstar is the one going home on Thursday.

7:55pm Backyard. Haleigh and Brett. Haleigh – his (Tyler) head is in a good spot right now. I think he just needs a little reassurance. Reassurance from everyone. He’s asked me a couple different times where your head is at and I said I didn’t know. I can’t speak for Brett. I said you’re risking two people (Kaycee and Angela) being mad at you versus four or five people. I said I’m not going to be mad at you, I’m just going to be annoyed because you’ll be putting me in a really hard position. Brett – in reality if he does use it on Angela you just put Kaycee next to Rockstar. Honestly it would be better than Angela next to Rockstar because Kaycee is actually a competitor. Haleigh – and that’s assuming she doesn’t have a power. Ideally they’re sitting next to each other and it doesn’t matter. We shall see.

8:15pm Haleigh gets the HOH camera glasses.

8:20pm HOH room. Fes and Haleigh. Fes kisses Haleigh. She says she’s going to cover her face so no one can see. He says he’s not going to do it no more.

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8:56pm Kitchen. Haleigh and Rockstar. Haleigh – I’m ready to get this week over with. I am ready to get tomorrow done. What do you want, do you not want Angela up there? Brett – I don’t think it matters either way but my prediction of what will happen regardless of what I want to happen is that he will take her (Angela) down because she took him down. Haleigh – Yeah, I agree. He could be blowing smoke up my a$$. I mean I’m not an idiot. I’m not naive to think that’s not a possibility. He is definitely considering it. Or acting like he is. Brett – you’ve got to weigh your options and figure out what your going to do. But in reality he isn’t going to use it on Rockstar. The best case is that he takes Angela down and you put someone like Kaycee up. Haleigh – we don’t have the votes to get rid of her. I don’t know what JC would do. haleigh – what if she has a power? Brett – you have to play as if she doesn’t have one. You have to play the odds. Lets say she does have one.. it could not even be applicable. Haleigh – true.

9:20pm – 9:30pm HOH room. Haleigh and Rockstar. Rockstar – she (Sam) said I talked to Tyler and that thing you think I’m going to do, I’ll do it. (Keep Tyler safe for 3 weeks if he takes Rockstar off the block.) And he said Okay. And that was our conversation. Sam talking game is a wonderful thing. Haleigh – good. I hope he does it Rock! What a f**king move if he does. Rockstar – he would be stupid not to…like literally stupid because we could work out.. Haleigh – are you being serious about protecting him.. because I am telling you right now if I get the chance I am backdooring him. Rockstar – well that’s your f**ked up.. Rockstar spells it all out on the spy cam tv looking at the memory wall. Haleigh – I did not come here to keep any promises. Except for with you and Fessie. All I have to do is sit and look pretty on Thursday. I don’t have to vote or compete. Rockstar – we just have to hope the other b***h doesn’t win.

9:45pm Tyler – I might as well be celibate for the rest of my life because its going to be wham bam thank you ma’am.

10:10pm – 10:54pm HOH room. Haleigh and Brett. Haleigh – I really want to talk to Tyler one last time tonight. Last night I felt good about it but he’s been with Angela all day. Brett lays down on the HOH bed and gives Haleigh a head massage. Haleigh – I feel like your week is next week. Brett – I just want to show you guys photos. I hope my letter is from my brother .. he is way funnier than I am. He is f**king quick and when he as time to prepare he is so funny. It pisses me off. Haleigh – tomorrow when I put Kaycee up and she reveals her power I want you to apologize to me within the hour. Brett – if that really does happen we are locking ourselves in here and I’m giving you a two hour back massage. Haleigh – deal. I don’t even know I would put up if she does that. I could only put up you, Fes, Scottie, JC and Sam. That’s why its such a big deal and why I need him to do what I want him to do.

12am Hammock. JC and Tyler. Tyler – you know how you always act confused every Thursday? This has got to be the time when we stop that sh*t. JC – the want it to be unanimous? Tyler – no, no. Like we have to jump on to keep it even. I will tell you later. JC – what else did they tell you. Tyler – I will tell you late. JC – the only think I pitched to Haliegh was to put Sam up. Tyler – bad idea. JC – I will wait until tomorrow after she nominates and then I will tell Fes that I am cool with him and the others will be gone soon. Tyler – Kaycee has to stay. I am just saying for you .. you can’t f**K around any more. Its going to be Kaycee. Kaycee cannot go home. JC – I would never vote Angela out. Tyler – yes I know but Sam will. Tyler – Angela used it on me, I am going to use it on her. JC – I was talking to Brett and they want F out. Tyler – if they do that, then they do that. JC – I talk about if I don’t win, I would want you to win. Tyler – I know I talk about that too. JC – you have my loyalty.

12:45am Angela and Kaycee. Kaycee – another shocking week because she thinks its going to go down a certain way. Her best friend is going to go on her HOH. Perfect! Angela – if she was the hacker, Karam’s a b***h. I really don’t think she was because now she has to take the blame for backdooring Tyler. Its so funny if we go up because of Scottie. As long as he doesn’t know we know .. we have that in our back pocket. Angela – I woke up the night before we got nominated .. Fes and her had the same pitch to me. Kaycee – he (Scottie) is one of those kids that tries so hard to fit in. Its as annoying as F**k. F**k you! Its so funny that we were both put up and we’re turning this around. Angela – congratulations Haleigh on your first HOH. Kaycee – I can’t wait until all this stress is over. If I win HOH I’m thinking of putting up Haleigh and Fes. Angela – just say its because of the showmance. Kaycee – JC said it was official. They really think they have Brett. Angela – there is nothing that makes me more happy.

12:50am JC and Rockstar. Rockstar – The only thing that Angela has over him is that she took him down last week. Its like an IOU. Well great, are you going to let a IOU take you through this game. Its still about the HOH right now. Angela won one HOH and I almost won that one too. I am offering him safety along with several other people. IF its me and Kaycee on the block and Kaycee goes home…. I am gunning for Tyler and Angela. If he takes me off I am not gunning for him. And I have several other people that will offer him safety. The only thing she is offering him is I know you’ll do the right thing. JC – he has a good relationship with Scottie. Rockstar – and I have a good relationship with Scottie. JC – maybe he can talk to him.

12:52am HOH room. Haleigh – Rock is working over time to pledge safety to you. Tyler – no one has come up to me?! Except Sam. Haleigh – Fes said it to me and he didn’t know if he should come up to you or not. In the end I think it would benefit you more to do this. Its totally up to you. I know Angela is your friend. At the end of the day I want you to do what you want to do. I would just like to know what I am going into. Tyler – I am just using tonight to gauge people. I dont have a decision made but I am pissing people off either way. At the end of the day I am saving myself. Haleigh – the pros are 5 people keeping you safe.

HOH room. Haleigh and Rockstar. Rockstar – how did your final talk go. Haleigh – not great. He said he doesn’t know where his head is at. Which basically means he already has made up his mind and its not in our favor. That’s what I hear. Rockstar – well that’s pretty stupid of him. I just talked to him. He said he talked to Haleigh again. I asked if he talked to Sam and he said yeah. I said well Sam told me this morning to trust that you’re as smart as I think you are. So I am going to trust that you would make the smartest game move for yourself. Which I think would be a whole lot of protection. And he said oh I know. Haleigh – he keeps bring up the fact that I put him up and I’m like Tyler can we just get over it. Rockstar – it had nothing to do with me.

1:23am HOH Fes, Haleigh and Rockstar. Haleigh – I wanted to see which side Scottie was pitching and its ours .. which is good. JC is getting too sneaky for me. 100%! Tyler – even brought it up that no one ever knows where JC is at. Scottie is also worried about JC. Fes – JC is also worried about Scottie. They both just sit there and call each other shaddy.

1:50am Fes and Tyler. Fes – its about what would be best for your game going forward. Its a numbers game. Tyler – I know. Fes – What are you going to do this week to set yourself up for success next week. We’re top 9 and shots are going to be fired from all angles. You need to secure safety from everywhere. Rockstar no one votes her out. If you use it on Rockstar or whoever .. then its Kaycee and Angela. One of them goes and the other will be the only one left that will be the target next week. Whatever you do won’t affect you and me. It might other people in the house. Don’t feel obligated to do something because of something in the past, this game is all about moving forward. I am not telling you which way to vote. You have a track record of doing what the HOH wants.

2:10am Rockstar, Haleigh, Scottie and Fes. Haleigh – this has to work. Rockstar – he would be really dumb. Unless he is going to wife up Angela after his.

3:30am HOH Room. Haleigh and Rockstar. Haliegh – I hope this works. Rockstar – me too. Haleigh – I just think we are giving her too much credit. I haven’t heard her say anything intelligent. Everything happens for a reason. Maybe this is better so that we can know he can be trusted. Rockstar – he said he won’t be fooled again like he was with Kaitlyn.. so maybe he won’t be..

3:35am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Meanwhile JC is making headline news for being pervert… *opens the microwave and puts in her popcorn*


Crazy season. There’s a black woman using the M and F words while telling people not to use the N word. There’s a not-little-person making fun of #metoo and using the N word while telling people not to use the M word. And all the comments sections are aflame with people spouting their own views on what you can use and which is worse. Maybe we could all take a minute and just not be assholes to each other all the time??


Not that serious, JC doesn’t understand, he doesn’t speak English well. This isn’t really something mews worthy…

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Sam to KC: “I feel like your confidence and strength are being robbed from you.” (KC’s Thought Bubble: “In the Hacker, B!tch, Rock’s going to Jury House Ima lose this peanut suit!”) KC nods with sad face.

Sadly, I think She feels like she’s losing her own confidence and strength. She’s not built for this and going to Jury might be healthier for her. Curb stomping aside.


Sham has vicious tendencies. Something tells me the moment Tyler and Brett weren’t all over her, she turned her *love to hate*. She hates Angela with a passion because Brett never says anything bad about Angela..and Tyler is close to Angela.
In the beginning..she hated Hay and Kaitlyn.
Here’s the deal. Sham is angry because she’s not a * FEMMIE FATALIE* . The pronounciation of her friend on a segment. Who said that SHAM IS a Femmie Fataly. LOL.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Who knew our little Sammy was a Bunny Boiler??? The scene on TV tonight was chilling. And the rants involving pulling a person’s lower lip over the top of their heads and ripping their teeth out? Something like that. I wouldn’t be eating her food anytime soon if I were Tyler or Angela.


Bunny Boiler now seems quite tame. She’s so busy that I’m expecting 6 different kinds of garottes.
However…should Tyler or Angel, KC win HOH…we can expect fakeness in the Xtreme.
With La petite victim going on about how she has been so HURT because of them, y’all.
Will make it all their fault…wait for it.
I will be biting my arm off.

Liberal Women Love Trump's Enormous D@ck

I thought Sham was a hardcore lesbian

Snaggle Tooth

She shows several personality disorder traits… Borderline Personality Disorder the “ I hate you, don’t leave me” concept. She needs to go to jury real soon! I’m glad they didn’t shy away from her disturbing behavior on the show tonight…. I’m team Kacee on this , I’m over Sam too

Doc B

Angela is fire!!!!
Haliegh needs to be straight up with fessy. She wants to hook up with Brett, slash… flirtmance. Not kool when you got Fessachi hanging. I’m kinda hoping Haliegh’s goes down the toilet.




Sam is Annie in MISERY “YOU Dirty Bird!! HOW COULD YOU!” !!!
Tyler better not go to sleep…ever

Houka Inumuta

Here’s why Scottie is gonna win!!!!

Kaycee/Angela targets are Fessy/Haleigh
Tyler and Brett wont put him up
JC and Sam is not going after him.
Fess, Rockstar and Haleigh are all after Kaycee, Angela and Tyler

That means he’s not getting evicted.

Jury Votes

Bayliegh – Scottie

Rockstar- Scottie

Tyler- Scottie

Brett- Scottie

Jc- Sam

Angela – Scottie

Kaycee- Sam

Haleigh- Scottie

Faysal – Scottie

Sitting next to Sam Scottie has 7 votes to win.

So that make Scottie the winner of BB20

Crazy T

You really should be a comedian. It’s like funny every time..

Snaggle Tooth

LMAO! This is Hive worthy humor, thanks !


while i agree that scottie sitting next to sam is his best shot, i don’t agree with your voting breakdown at all. kaycee likely votes the same way as the rest of L6, though it’s tough to say which way they break. jc’s gonna be super bitter so his vote comes down to the circumstances of his ouster. rs may vote sam because of her ridiculous gender myopia. bayleigh, fes, and hayleigh are probably going to vote game, but scottie needs a stronger resume than his current one to earn their votes.

he is safe for now, but come final 4 or 5 he could definitely be in trouble. no guarantee he makes final 2, or more importantly a winnable final 2. L6 members would have 3 votes in their favor against scottie with sam and jc as possible pickups for the win. hive members likewise have 3 votes in their favor and hayleigh and faysal have such a hard road ahead of them that they’ll build a considerable resume making it to the end.

imo tyler is still in the best position to win with the rest of L6 not far behind. fan

I have no idea how you expect the Hive to vote based on game when they clearly have zero understanding of how to play the game. Its perfectly clear that not only that, but they have less of a clue of who is playing the game well or let alone against them.


with the exception of rockstar, none of the hive seem to be taking things personally. even bayleigh’s outburst wasn’t that she felt tyler betrayed a friendship, he betrayed her game. now, i agree the hive are dumb and their criteria for game will likely be odd, but the undisputed aspects of “game” like comp wins and voting out/nominating enemies will likely carry significant weight for them. the social aspects are admittedly questionable.


Scottie will be going to jury in the next few weeks.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Yes, he’s on everybody’s radar except maybe Haliegh’s.


So are you Scott’s Mom? Because that’s like the only thing at this point that makes your obsession plausible.

He hasn’t done much but go back and fourth between which ever side had power aside from his one HOH. He’s not very smart

Literally just yesterday Angela and Kaycee were saying they are backdooring Scottie next week so he definitely is a target and people recognize he is going back and fourth and spilling their information so he’s far from playing a flawless game

Thats Crazy

delusion on a grand scale. A Scottie Sam final two?


Kaycee & Angela will put up Hayleigh & Fessy true, but what you’re missing is those are their preliminary noms. The goal for both will be to backdoor Scottie.


um? Scotty has to make it to final two fist no? How do you know he is factually final 2? There’s still 9 people left.


hayleigh dumass queen of bb20 fan

I think that she is far smarter than the rest of her entire alliance…except she never left them behind as they completely ruined any chance she had to win this game.


Watching the feeds and Haleigh is braiding Rockstar’s hair. All I could think of was My Little Pony.


Ew I couldn’t bring myself to touch any part of Rockstar. She’s gross.

Poxstar Sucks

Omg, watching AD with Hayleigh running her fingers through Poxstar’s purple mane…Pox just told Brett basically to jack off in the shower “ what goes down the HOH’s drain stays down the drain” She has that fake accent going…..puke. I think Hayleigh is regretting having a pajama party with her, lol….Poxy reminds me of that lady who later becomes the witch in the Wizard of Oz

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I’d be wearing flip flops and rubber gloves in those showers …. eewww.


Sometimes you need a Victor…

Haleigh's Melanoma

Haliegh complained about Rock leaving her underwear in the shower. ew.


^^^ That’s not ew.
Haleigh complained about Scottie leaving Pockscar’s underwear in the shower. <– that's ew

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

“Ms. Gulch!”


Great pic of the whole house….anyone else notice Sam holding her nose in the back?????

I think it’s finally dawning on Hay that Rocks is going out on her HOH. Try as she might, her goalposts keep moving farther away. Unless Fessie or Scottie win HOH next week, I think she’s going on the block.

I hope KC wins HOH. I’d like to see her play harder.

Tyler’s cloud app (received on 7-8) lasts for 8 weeks…so it goes until sept 2nd. Last time he can use it is with the nominations or veto week of 8-26. Sam’s not gonna keep her mouth shut. He better be thinking about that. Should have kept HIS mouth shut.

Fessie’s persistance paid off!!! Ha!


If she does tell..Tyler could say he told her that to see if she would spill it. It was a test because although he doesn’t have it…he wanted to see if he could trust someone.
Sam will be target No 1 pretty damn quick after that.


He can deny telling Sam but he can’t say he just told her that to test her trust because they cannot lie about having a power


I agree Tyler should have kept his mouth shut but it was his last ditch effort to pull her back to his side. If Sam does out him, Tyler can deny, deny, deny and say Sam must have imagined it. After the way she has acted this week probably at least half of them will believe that.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Sam did say she wouldn’t betray any promises she’s made.


Now that Sam has decided to play the game (whatever that means to her) I think she will betray Tyler. She’s got nothing else and her wacko behavior has attached her to Rockstar. That’s the only person she doesn’t feel threatened by. Tyler is prepared. He’s too savvy of a player to not know it’s coming.


I used to like Kaycee, but then again, she barely spoke so I guess I idn’t really know her. i thought her comment about Scottie was mean.


i suppose you could see it as mean? I think it’s simply a correct statement. thats exactly what I see when I look at scottie or hear him talk with the group. I used to be scottie, then one day I was like FUK IT! I really dont want to act like “cool kids”, hell i dont even enjoy BEING around the “cool kids” so ima rock with the people i feel comfortable with and not *try* to fit in anywhere.


Ppl come in to win money, Fes will be happy to leave saying he got a showmance. Who cast these ppl???????


I’m not gonna bash the casting, this is the best cast in a really long time. Plus I love my dumb, sweet, clueless Fes.


For me, there isn’t a single cast member that just pisses me off that they are still in the house. For the last 5-6 years, I had a hard time picking one I didn’t actually want to curb stomp.

Blessed in

Seriously! Did you notice what Sam is doing in that group picture?
Good Grief!!
What an attitude display !!

Snaggle Tooth

Also known as attention seeking behavior


What was she doing?

Hi my name is Scott

Did you even look at the picture in this post? I admit I looked too quick and did not notice but when back and looked when I saw people posting about it. Hint we’ll answer, she is in the back holding her nose.


Sam just basically offered Fes a BRIBE. The 2 were in the kitchen alone. Doing a question/answer on some house guests.
About Fes, she said they will be friends after…something about a table..and then said she would give Fes a $5,000.-$10,000. tip.
Fes is such a dingus it went over his head. I dont; think he knows how to listen to anyhing except Hay…and I’m pretty sure he was wondering about Brett’s LONNNGGG shower upstairs.
Yep…Sam has wached a LOT of BB.


Sam will vote for Rock to stay, then Fes, then Hayleigh. If she makes final two, she will have their votes plus Bay’s. Although she’s playing it, her voting record will be a good reason for any of the rest to put her up. fan

She will mentally break before then.


Yes. I am beginning to think she’s playing the entire house.


Rockstar thinks she’s got this game all figured out now. Boooy will she have a surprise on Thursday!


Sam’s meds have kicked in. (could be ecstasy) Lay on Fes..then kissed Tyler and JC. Gave Angel a kiss on the cheek. Very AwKwArD.
Must have had a flash on 1 of them winning HOH next week.


I’ve said this before, maybe Sam is bipolar.

Sam is Legion

Sam is Legion.
Multiple personalities each with their own superpowers, all fighting for dominance.
Sad Sam manipulates the baby birds and extracts their secrets with her pheromone tears. Dryer Lint Sam turns common household clutter into miraculous objects of wonder that win over the CBS-show-only hillbillies. Sam Irwin bends bugs and birds to her will, sending false signs of portend to unwitting Kaitlyn. Sam History X protects them all, curb stomping and mud-holing all those who would make fun of her.
Each personality works on its own, in its own way. But they are all working to bring Sam to victory, so she can spend the $500,000 on her dream spider sanctuary ranch.
Sam is Legion.


This week has become boring to me. I think this HOH of Haileigh’s is dragging on and I can’t wait for it to be over. Send Rocktard to the Jury house and already and let’s get on with it. Could be that I just don’t like the girl. She is very vindictive and makes deals ( or tries to ) she has no intention of keeping. She has no honor.
I want to see JC on the block soon. I think he is going to be a holy terror. He’s going to be so mad when he goes up. I think this game is really having bad effects on Sam. It would be better for her state of mind if Production sent her home…no even to jury. She needs help and it makes me sad because I really do like her.
Even watching the shows, her family must be so worried about her.

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

I. Can’t. Even!


Sorry Brett no more massages, she’s kissing Fes now!


Simon and/or Dawg, You gotta post a video of a leaf falling on Fessy’s back as him and Sam are working out, it’s hilarious! I saw it on after dark about 20 mins in! Sam came to his rescue of course lol

Haleigh's Melanoma

He was jumping all over the place, it was hilarious. I think he thought it was a bug or the bat.


Whether a fan of Rocks..or not…..we will need ALL of our inner strength to handle the next 3 days with Rocks still on the block.
We MAY even see the Bible come into play.
A fun quote from Tyler to Hay and Scottie. * I like this weeks Hacker more than last weeks*
And last night..A very tipsy hay says…* Tyler..I PROMISE you if KC comes off the block..I’m still not putting you up.*
Tyler> * Well, you can’t. I won the veto*
The gifts keep on giving.


Hayleigh to Scottie. * What does he get by Taking Angela down?*
\Scottie. * Some Hilton Head*?

Double Eviction when?

I can already see JC flipping… Come on…


Not likely, the non-Fez folks have been talking about JC for a while now and he’s going to wait until they are whittled down before stabbing everyone in the back to their faces=)

3s a Crowd

Sam sucks, just don’t tell her I said that!


Fes plays with his hair constantly but gets annoyed if hay does??? I would be perfect if Hay got sent home because of her showmance with fes. The guilt would destroy him

Szn 20

Never really been an Angela fan but I also don’t dislike her as much as some others do. And I understand she can be catty on the feeds especially what she said about Rachel a few weeks back that wasn’t cool. Also, I know her DR sessions are pretty cringeworthy but I feel like the other houseguests mainly hailegh and rockstar are a lot more catty about her then Angela is about them. And to say she’s been floating and that she’s using Tyler like Kaitlyn did is absolutely laughable. You may not like her on a personal level but I feel like she’s made strictly game moves and hasn’t made moves based on personal preferences. She’s stayed absolutely loyal to L6 and isn’t using her “looks” or body to further herself in the game as some of the houseguests think she is. And her confrontations with bayliegh and even Sam I thought she handled herself very well. But maybe I’m missing something on the feeds where she’s been pretty bads towards others but from a game perspective I’m enjoying her game play.

Haleigh's Melanoma

I agree. She enjoys the ineptitude of the Hive as much as the others in L6 do but she doesn’t fulminate and cuss at them from the safety of the HOH room like Hal and Rock. Rockstar hates Angela because Angela is everything she isn’t. As far as I can tell Angela is self-made, she worked hard enough to go to Olympic trials, and an injury forced her into fitness modeling while she started her own business. Her GBM to Rachel was a low point but she was rightfully aggravated. She has since confessed to Kaycee that she really misses Rachel not being there with her.


Simon and Dawg, just placed an order using your link so hope I did it right..

Now here is my prediction for eviction night.
Fes, Scottie, Sam and JC vote to evict Kayce
Brett, Tyler and Angelia Vote to evict Rockhound

Reson for JC flip is it keeps groups balanced and puts all the targets in front of him.

I would love to See Tyler win put Haleigh and JC on block tell JC he is the Pawn and then let him get voted out.

The hive would vote (except for Fes) because they see he has to much influence over FEs, the L6 would vote him out for sending Kayce home.

Agree with all this has been the most fun BB in some time, and am so glad no returning players (except to host comps)

And all my thanks for the awesome job Simon and Dawg do, it has to be a Kracken filled job when listening to Rockhound and Sam (as much as I like the girl) go on and on.


Thanks Texastigger! glad you enjoy our efforts 🙂 :

Just for fun!

I was for chaos but it’s 1 not going to happen and 2 level 6 fans don’t like it. I’m about the game going back and forth. See Tyler and Scottie as final 2 so they really have to see who was better. Scottie will have to win more to do that. But he’s proven he can. Brett has yet to win anything. Kaycee won 1 but has she not turned on her game or is she just not winning. Rockstar, like her or not always won over Angela, per feeds did well in OTEV. JC hasn’t won anything but like Kaycee is that not playing yet or just not winning. But all that aside

But you are forgetting the hacker can cancel a vote so with Sam being crazy sad unless the hacker says she can’t vote to make her happy it will be a tie. My thoughts

Fes and Scottie vote to evict Kaycee
Brett, Tyler and Angelia Vote to evict Rockstar

If JC goes rogue votes Kaycee it’s a tie

Sam none vote ….. her close to Rockstar should make Kaycee feel like she might go so she cancels her vote. Because she is not set in stone.

So it’s about who’s vote to cancel, if it’s Sam it’s what L6 says about Fessie to JC and if he feels like going rogue. If not the hated Rockstar leaves and it’s L6 all the way…….



Kaycee has to cancel Fes’s vote. He is the only sure vote for Rocks. With Sam, JC and Scottie there is at least a possibility of them voting with L6 and they only need one of the three to keep Angela.


Kaycee is not on the block. Angela is. Also, Kaycee is the hacker. She is able to remove a vote from someone. Which most likely be Fes or Scottie. At best there may be a tie where Haleigh will get to decide but I still think Rockstar will be evicted.


But if Tyler uses the veto on Angela, chances are pretty good Kaycee will go back up…


Tyler will take Angela down and Haleigh will put Kaycee back on the block. L6 thinks Kaycee has a better chance to stay over Angela.


I don’t think JC will go rogue to keep Rocks. If he does it will be clear to L6 that he has chosen a side and will not be able to float any longer. I don’t think he would risk joining a losing team with the house being even up. I think when/if he does go rouge it will be when Tyler is on the block. I think he sees his only path to finale is F2 with Tyler or getting rid of Tyler all together. But maybe I give him too much credit.

who me?

God I can’t wait for Survivor to come on!

Hi My Name Is Scott

I was turned on Survivor in the very beginning. When they advertised the premiere of the series,CBS billed it like was similar to the History channels Alone show. I was expecting the contestants to be dropped off on the island and they would have to live off the land and who ever was left standing at the end would be the winner. They did not mention the comps, the vote outs, etc. Did not hate the show but just was not what I was expecting.


The only way I see RS staying is if Tyler uses the veto on Angela and Hay puts up JC or Scottie as the backdoor. Especially JC at this point as no one knows where his vote lies. He got ZERO points at the Hacker competition and he’s playing an Andy game BORING! He has literally done nothing except throw a wonky vote.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Totally agree. If Hay were smart she….hold it…never mind.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Those who spend too much time worrying about the jury probably won’t have to. I know, a lot of people refer back to Paul, but Paul didn’t lose the jury vote until the very last, when he flat refused to admit his actions.


ROckstar is offering Tyler safety. That’s got to be the best line of the season. She’s always been at the very bottom of the heap and still thinks she’s running the place with Hay. Third time on the chair and she’s offering Tyler safety, it’s funny every time I say it.


I’m worried… thoughts on eviction night
Thumbs up Rockstar goes
Thumbs down Rockstar stays

Angela’s mustache

Tyler will get to final two and will lose…He will have to turn on at least one or more of L6, once all the lies come out he will have a bitter jury on his hands. Paul all over again.

Haleigh's Melanoma

That hasn’t been Tyler’s game. He has played about as clean a game you can possibly play and dominate like he is. Even the other side likes him. Paul would randomly pick each week’s target and then incite everyone else to ostracise and destroy them. Tyler’s secret is to get inside the other team’s decision process faster than they can. They wind up doing what he wants them to. He hasn’t had many surprises because he anticipates and reacts faster than the dummies.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Paul would have won it with the jury is only he had owned his play. Tyler is NOT Paul.

Is It just Me

Brett wasn’t there to tell him, “just own it.”


Tyler is not anywhere close to Paul.


As with seasons past, it’s very difficult to tell what a jury will do. So making that statement is pretty pointless right now. You never know, they could actually vote in Tyler’s favor, in the end, because he PLAYED the game and played it very well. Have to wait & see…it’s early yet. fan

I think Tyler needs to take someone from L4 because he can then explain that he played with a team that he helped with the manipulation of the rest of the house and rest on how he won competition after competition to continue his team further. At this point, Angela has won 1 HOH and 1 POV (that Tyler gave to her), and Kaycee and Brett combined have won a hacker Comp.


Since Sam threatened Tyler to spill the beans about his power, I’m hoping he has a plan in place. I’m thinking he will let Angela and Kaycee know prior to the nominations today. I think Sam will explode either after the nomination or after Rockstar is eliminated. One way or another fireworks are eminent! Yikes

Crazy T

Which conversation did sam threaten Tyler? I would like to go back and watch that..


When did she threaten to spill the beans?


I don’t recall her threatening that either but even if she did, her entire I can be trusted, I’m the only person who’s honest BS sermon she resorts to daily, will go down the drain.

Is It just Me

In my experience, the people who brag about their honesty are the ones you can’t trust.

Liberal Women Love Trump's Enormous D@ck

Haleigh – his (Tyler) head is in a good spot right now. I think he just needs a little reassurance.

Yeah, er okay Hay…………………


His head is in a good spot, too bad that means your alliance is in trouble again.

Liberal Women Love Trump's Enormous D@ck

I dont think that the Hive is smart enough to spell JURY….

Liberal Women Love Trump's Enormous D@ck

When Hay grows up to be a big girl, she wants to be like Angela.

Liberal Women Love Trump's Enormous D@ck

Watching 2 gay men like Brett and Fezzy pretending to be attracted to Hay is comical. Its obvious to see that these 2 closeted men have feelings for each other that only men can share. But the stigma of coming out to their family and engaging in a showmance is a burden to heavy to bear. So they stare at each other from affair wishing and wanting. Those moments when they oil each other up and lift weights is their only escape from the hell that they are in. Bare chests and tight shorts is all they can do to pass the day and deal with their constant yearning and desires. Carry on men! carry on!


What show are you watching it’s not big brother 20. I don’t see hatefulness and I certainly don’t see cockiness, with regards to Tyler


It could be a situation where people in the jury put together how much Tyler is running things and have to concede that he beat them. In a case like that, it seems like people are more willing to vote in his favor, because they want to be beaten by the best. Like when your favorite team loses in the playoffs and you want the team that beat them to win the Superbowl.


When I look at the weekly results poll, I don’t see rankings for KC, Hay, Fes, JC or Kaitlin. Any reason for them not be included?


Wondering if something is going on with the site or anyone else is having issues. I can’t get on the site going directly to it. I can get on Facebook and click the link and get it. I can go to any other website. So it doesn’t seem to be my internet. It says request header or cookie too large. I have no clue. Is anyone else having this issue. Started yesterday and still can’t get on the site directly.


First I felt sorry for Sam, then thought she was sweet, then annoying with her preaching, crying and baby talk, and after last night, I find her sinister and truely unbalanced.

I think her out-of-the-blue mud stomp statement was a veiled threat to Tyler. When she went on to blood stomp, the background music changed to creepy then got even creepier as she went on to unemotionally describe a curb stomp. Very disturbing. Wonder if her ex has any teeth.


I hope JC wakes up and realizes he’s playing with scorpions. He needs to start getting these people out before they turn on him. Vote Kayce out, stop playing Tylers game!


Did you see bay after watching his eviction message? She already melted as soon as he said she was his friend. Unless Tyler really screws up the questions, I think he’ll beat anyone


i hope they curb stomp sam….i hate her so much now after her incessant whining and idiocy and hamminess with her stupid voice and pouting for cameras like a child

“ that......was....terrifying”

Scottie & Hayleigh bite their nails down to nubs…. Rocktard bites her toenails, even when her feet are filthy….Sam hardly sleeps and says bone chilling things….the stress associated with that house is crazy! That’s why I’ve always thought half a million isn’t enough…..the prize should be at least a million!

Baby Daddy Swags

They also need a stipend for therapy and/or in Sam’s case, anti-psychotic meds


If its Tyler and Brett at the end, Tyler wins. Brett’s goodbye speech to Bay sealed that she won’t vote for him. And sounds like Brett is about to do the same to Rock. I will say, if Tyler is sitting next to a girl..Bay and Rock will vote for a girl all day long before a guy even if it is Sam who hasn’t done anything.


Words fail me. I get embarressed just watching the hive. Hayleigh is still playing the game, not well, but she does have brief moments of sanity, very, very brief. She is only 21, you have to cut her a little slack. Fes and Rockstar on the other hand are just completely around the bend delusional.


I think JC is lying to Tyler that he would vote to get rid of Rock over Angela. He just wants nominations to stay the same to ensure he (Jc) doesn’t go up, and he probably wants to vote Angela out because he sees her as getting too close to Tyler.

Hi My Name Is Scott

If Tyler uses the veto and takes Angela down and JC does go up, who would Fes save? Problem for the Hive is Hay wants rid of either Angela or KC and I don’t see her putting up JC. JC does not like RS at all. Would be a shock for him to vote to keep her.


I’ve been thinking of who Sam reminds me of………….Rosie the Riveter on that WWII poster!

Hi My Name Is Scott

Was thinking the same thing.


100% yes. She is spitting image of Rosie the Riveter with her head scarf and muscle pose in the series intro. Very striking.


if i was up against Rocks for brains. my pre-eviction speech would be short and sweet . i would stand up point at rocks and say loudly “burn the witch ” then calmly sit down

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

Poor delusional Rock! How the heck does she go from “we’ll backdoor Tyler” to expecting he’ll use the Veto on her?? And then the magnanimity of thinking “she” has 5 people who will (she speaks for them?) keep him safe for 3 weeks?

Will she turn to pots & pans again when Tyler doesn’t use Veto on her? Will she turn into Bayleigh and spew blood from her mouth yelling at Tyler for “lying” that he would use Veto on her?

Finally, will JC need counseling after the whole “mudhole” kicking convo?

BB20 is great TV!


RS Has the worst case of HOH itis I’ve ever seen, and she’s not even the HOH.