Amber asks where has all the dirty work I’ve done gotten me? I am done playing everyone else’s game!

POV Holder: Hayden Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner  Nicole/Christine Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ZACH’s Noms (Christine & Nicole) Frankie’s Noms (JOcasta & Victoria)
Final Nominations: Amber & Jocasta
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players Frankie, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny, Hayden & Christine

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-28 12-55-34-342
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In the fire room – Frankie says I love how Amber is hunkered down with Christine and Nicole right now … They HATE HER! THEY HATE HER! Victoria says I can’t stand her. Frankie goes up to the HOH room and says that Amber is starting up the girls alliance again with Christine and Nicole. Zach says let me go down there and blow it up!! Frankie says no. Zach says put me in a cage and throw away the key because that is the only way you can restrain me. Cody and Hayden head down to the hive room. Hayden says if I won HOH I would actually backdoor Zach. He is putting a bigger target on us. He said he was actually thinking of putting me up. Its crazy that I wouldn’t even backdoor Caleb.. and he is a bigger target but he isn’t coming after us. Victoria joins them. She tells them what Amber was saying to them outside about how the girls need to stick together. Zach gets called to the diary room. Cody says I hope they laugh at him in there. Hayden says they probably love him because he brings the drama and makes good tv.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-28 12-58-34-201
In the bathroom – Amber is talking to Christine and Jocasta about how she isn’t going to bring her sob stories into the game because she wants to make it without people feeling bad for her. It just sucks sitting next to Jocasta. Amber says Jocasta .. I was the only girl left for them to put up that they hadn’t already. Amber heads to the kitchen as Zach walks by laughing. Derrick tells her not to respond to him because that’s what he wants.

1:05pm Amber asks to talk to Cody. They head to the earth room. Amber asks do you know what’s happening? Cody says no I don’t know. I think it was a plan to push on to Caleb. For me though you aren’t going anywhere. Amber says I know I have your vote, Christine, Derricks… Cody says and maybe Christine can get Nicole’s and we can get Hayden’s vote for you. Cody says I think it was an elaborate plan for you to talk to Caleb. Amber says if I go this week.. Cody says you’re not going. This whole situation is stupid and eye opening. I talked to Frankie and said it doesn’t look good. If it gets out that Frankie did it for Caleb ..that’s just weird. Amber says Frankie followed me after because he felt bad .. and he doesn’t even have a vote this week. I can’t believe that Victoria is staying once again. I now know how Brittany felt. He is probably going to talk everyone into voting me out. Cody says he can try but you have me and Derrick. Amber says if this is all about me not wanting a relationship … then I can’t wait to get out to tell my story as to the reasons why I don’t want anything. I did not want to come in here telling a sob story. Amber says I’m not going to talk to Zach for the rest of the game. Cody says the best thing is to not feed into him. Cody says if Zach says anything to me I am going to go off on him. Amber says Caleb could have at least worn clothes. All the attention on him wearing a onzie.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-28 13-12-14-018

1:15pm UP in the HOH room – Caleb tells Frankie that Amber has yet to come up and apologize to me for the things she said. Frankie says and Zach made it very clear. That was his best speech ever. Frankie leaves. Zach joins Caleb. Caleb tells him so I guess Amber flat out told Christine and Nicole that all the guys are working together and they need to stick together. Zach says oh, okay!

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-28 13-14-39-225

1:25pm Amber questions Hayden if he knew she was going up. Hayden says no. Amber asks so you thought it was better to take Victoria off over Jocasta? Hayden says she picked me to play and so I felt like I needed to use it on her otherwise it would have looked bad on me. Amber says that she has had his back and when we brought you in .. I told the guys to trust you. Hayden says I was brought in as a replacement.. its not really anything.. She asks him if he knows how he is voting. Hayden says I don’t know yet. Amber says well people like Cody, Christine and Derrick tell me they’re voting to keep me. Hayden says right now I can’t say who I am voting for. A lot can change in the next few days.. right now I feel a lot more trust with Jocasta at the moment. I didn’t take her off knowing you were going up. Amber says it was obvious as Donny was the only other person who could go up. Cody says I didn’t even think of the situation. Amber asks where has all the dirty work I’ve done gotten me?! I’ve helped keep you off the block. I am done playing everyone else’s game! Hayden says see that is the kind of stuff that helps me decide. Amber says I wasn’t going to go around telling people everything I’ve done for them and tell the sob stories about my life because I don’t want that to be the reason why I’m here. Hayden says I am sorry you are up there. And I am sorry that me using it caused you to be up there. I just felt like it was best for my game. Amber hugs Hayden and she lease the room.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-28 13-34-32-3744

1:35pm In the havenot room – Hayden laughs with Cody about how he just told Amber that she doesn’t have my vote. Frankie joins them. Cody says Amber thinks she has my vote. Frankie says so its like another Brittany situation. Frankie tells them how Victoria told him that Amber tried to restart the girls alliance and she said that all the guys are working together. Frankie says great thank you! You’ve just told me everything I need to know. Frankie leaves. Cody and Hayden continue to laugh about Ambers talk with Hayden.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-28 13-35-33-055

1:40pm – 1:50pm In the hive room – Amber talks to Derrick about her being nominated. Derrick says I had no idea this was going to happen. It bothers me that if we’re in an alliance and there is this much not being told to each other. Derrick says he thinks it has to do with Caleb wanting to talk to you. Amber says in my whole life I have never had to deal with someone like this. Derrick says as a fan watching Zach’s speeches during the meetings is great everyone in a while but its getting old now. Amber says that Zach is telling me not to talk to Caleb. I don’t want to look like an idiot if I try to talk to him again. Amber says I just don’t want to pack. Derrick says yeah I wouldn’t go to crazy packing, I think you’re staying. Derrick says Caleb isn’t going to vote you out if you go talk to him. Amber says I don’t want to talk to him right now. I am too heated. This is so childish and I don’t even have that much to say to him. I already tried to talk to him and he didn’t want to talk so I don’t want to look like an idiot if I try again. Derrick agrees it won’t go well if you try to talk to him now. Derrick says he will try and find out what people are saying and get back to her.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-28 13-42-09-266

1:55pm Amber asks Frankie why did you guys put me up? Frankie says you need to go talk to Caleb about it. Amber says I want to know before I talk to him. Why did you put me up? Frankie says it’s because of what Caleb told me this morning. Amber asks what for personal reasons?! Frankie says no he said you’re untrustworthy. Amber says this is stupid. Why didn’t you just come talk to me? Frankie says because he literally told me this morning. Frankie says he said if you put her on the block I have a plan to keep her safe. Amber says it just doesn’t make sense. Frankie says you have to talk to Caleb. I don’t know how many times I have to tell you. Amber says that we’re supposed to be in an alliance and even Hayden and Cody didn’t know about it and they’re pissed. Frankie asks did Hayden say he did it because of Caleb? Amber says no, Hayden was actually honest with me.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-28 13-56-01-208
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2pm In the hive room – Caleb reads a bible verse to Derrick about trust that he wants to read to Amber. Derrick tells him he should read that to Amber. Caleb says I will that’s what I’ve got the bible with me. Derrick tells Caleb about how right after Amber ran to Christine and Nicole and told them the guys are working together. Caleb says right there that is what I am talking about. If that is her first thought to run to the enemy then she needs to go home. What good would that do running and telling information. Derrick says it gets her no where. Caleb says it gets her sent home. Derrick says we made a pact to make it to jury but she just broke that so she can go home. Caleb says well we broke it too. Amber opens the door and asks to talk to Derrick. She closes the door. Derrick tells Caleb that chaps your a$$ I know it. Caleb says I am sitting right here!

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-28 14-02-19-879

2:08pm – 2:20pm In the bathroom – Amber talks to Derrick. She asks if the bee hive room is free? Derrick says Caleb is reading the bible in there. Amber says yeah now he’s reading it. Derrick tells Amber to go talk to Caleb. Amber goes into the hive room and asks do you have something to say? Caleb says no do you?! Amber says Zach told me to not talk to you two days ago. Amber asks was it Zach’s plan to put me up? Caleb says no I did. Amber says so it was personal? Caleb says I want to read you this bible verse. Amber says no, I will leave then if you want to argue. Amber asks why am I up and not Zach? Caleb says you are up because of you saying you don’t trust anyone in the house. Don’t think everyone else in this alliance feels the same way because they do. Amber says I don’t believe that. You tell me that you trust me more than anyone else. Amber says this is a game. Amber says I have been 100% loyal to all of ya’ll. Caleb says you were put up to see if you were with us and if you could be trusted. So we said lets put her on the block and find out exactly where she is with all of us. If you were to blow us up then you were going to go home. Supposedly you went up to Nicole right after and blew us up to her. Amber says I haven’t even talked to Nicole. I want to pull Nicole in here and ask her about it. Amber says all of this has been one big slap in the face to me. Caleb asks what about me?! Amber says you made a promise to me that you couldn’t even keep. Caleb says the problem is you have been hanging out with Christine, Victoria, Nicole instead of our alliance. Amber says you guys can assume what you want. I can’t wait until you get out of the house and see everything I have done because this is a slap in my face. Caleb says what about me? Amber says thanks a lot Caleb and walks out of the room.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-28 14-12-49-407

2:25pm In hive room – Caleb talks to Nicole in the have room. He asks her what Zach said to her the other day. Nicole says just that there was an alliance that I wasn’t a part of it. Caleb asks did Amber come up to you and say anything to you? Nicole says no, only that she was upset about going up. Caleb says I just have two people saying two different things to me and I am trying to figure out who is lying to me.. but now I know. Nicole says I am just being honest. I hope that helps. Caleb says thank you and they leave the room. Caleb goes to the back door and stairs out into the backyard. Derrick comes inside and is scared by Caleb standing there. Caleb says it was Zach who said something. Derrick says no. Frankie told me. Caleb says Frankie wants Amber out. Caleb wants to call out Frankie. Derrick says wait for me to go out for a 5 minutes. Amber comes in and Caleb asks to talk to her. He says that Frankie is the instigator. Caleb explains that he talked to Nicole and believes what she said. Amber says see you this is what I’ve been telling you. Caleb says my thought of putting you on the block was not to send you home. No one else wants you to go home either. Amber says I want to say something to Frankie. Caleb says I am about to talk to Frankie and Zach. This was to see if we could trust you. Caleb says they told me if I want you to stay they would vote for you to stay and if I wanted you gone they would vote you out. Caleb says they all knew about it. I brought it up but they all agreed to it. I don’t care what Cody says to you. He knew about it. They all knew about it. Amber asks even Christine? Caleb says no. Amber says okay. I haven’t even gotten to beat you in an endurance yet .. I dont want to go home. Caleb says and you never will. I am not going to lie to you so of this was personal. Caleb brings up how Zach said you didn’t want to go on the date with me. Amber says I never said that. I hope you confront them. Caleb says I will. I’m going to. Amber says Frankie is scared of you. Caleb says he should be, he should be because I am about to confront him. Amber asks did Hayden know? Caleb pauses and says dont know I think he did.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-28 14-36-30-368

Out in the hot tub – Derrick tells Cody, Hayden and Frankie about Caleb. He says Caleb is up to something in there. He’s talking to Amber in the bee hive room. The comment on how its all because of f**king Zach.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-28 14-41-45-895

2:55pm In the fire room – Nicole is talking to Frankie and Christine. Nicole say the way that Caleb pulled me into the room really made me uncomfortable and the words he was using didnt even make sense. Nicole tells Frankie that if she needs to lie about something Amber did or didn’t say she will. She just needs to know what to say. Frankie tells her what to say. Nicole says I will talk to Caleb again and tell him that Amber told me the guys are working together

3pm – 3:15pm Frankie goes into the fire room and Caleb tells him he needs to talk to him. Caleb stands up and starts confronting Frankie. Frankie asks Amber to leave the room. Frankie asks have you lost your mind?! Caleb says that Nicole said that Amber didn’t go to her to blow up the alliance. Caleb says that it was Zach. Frankie asks what is the point of all of this?! You asked me to put all of this up. Frankie says so you just threw me under the bus to Amber and I don’t appreciate it. Frankie says go ask Nicole to come in here. Caleb goes to get Nicole. Nicole says I am tired of being pulled around. Caleb asks did Amber pull you outside and ask you to form an all girls alliance. Nicole says she said that the girls need to stick together to go after the guys. Frankie asks Nicole didn’t she say anything about his date with her. Nicole says she went on it but that she didn’t want to. She said she doesn’t like you like that. It wasn’t anything positive. Nicole leaves. Frankie and Caleb continue to talk. Caleb says that he is being pulled in every direction. Frankie says I don’t know why I keep getting thrown under then bus. Caleb its because of Zach why do people trust him. Frankie says we don’t trust Zach! I don’t! I put her up because you wanted me to. She lied to you about the date. She doesn’t like you like you love her! I am sorry I didn’t stop it earlier. Frankie says everyone in the house is going for Zach so its good for you if Zach is perceived as this monster. I told you to go get Amber immediately after so that this wouldn’t happen but you didn’t. She blew the alliance up. She just drew the line in the sand. Caleb says if Amber goes this week then Zach goes. Frankie says you don’t have to make him a target ..everyone wants him gone already. You don’t need to tell people that, they already know. You have to go out there and give the guys a kiss and tell them you love them. They’re scared you’re going to go work with Amber to try and take them down. Caleb says that ain’t going to happen.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-28 15-06-49-679

Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole

(Defunct or unknown status)
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
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it’s so frustrating to watch!.. who the fug is HAYDEN!??? I can’t believe that bore is still there, and I don’t want to get into that other boar ..arghh
Amber, Zach and Donny will be the next ones to go ..


by boar I meant Derrick..

smd nicole

hate to break it to u amber but ur not just done playing everybody else’s game but ur done playing ur own game too….. u shoulda just sucked calebs d!ck

THIS IS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


smd nicole

i know u r but what am i

andy 2.0

you are just about as awful as nicole is talk about a superfan who doesnt notice the guys are doing what they do every year


how did that comment got approved?

smd nicole

teehee y’all mad

Caleb has poopy pants

Why do you like Nicole so much? And why are you laughing over a completely out of line comment?


Is this Zachs little brother?


ignore these idiots this was pretty funny they just don’t get it lol

tyrrees jones

lmao that made me laugh. but as absurd as that comment is she would most likely still be in the game if she did what you suggested.


Ha, everyone feels sorry for Amber.

When you foot loop dinguses voted for this Team America task. America’s fault.

Devin's Tears

Fruit loop dingus *snort*

I can’t wait to use this line IRL.


Wow Amber is going to be absolutely shocked on Thursday and it could potentially make for some outstanding television.

grizzle t

Amber needs to blow the aliance up. drop the bomb and stand back and enjoy the destruction!


This is why I dislike Amber (not personally, but in this game). She’s a total dud with no backbone. It sounds like her side of the veto meeting was a flop. She probably didn’t even say much. Then she STILL continues to tell Caleb she never said she didn’t want to go on the date with him. Why is she still acting this way to this guy?? She’s more pissed at Zach than Caleb. And now she wants to tell a sob story about why she doesn’t want a relationship instead of just telling freako Caleb she doesn’t like him. If she tells the story (even after the show) Caleb will be convinced that is the reason she didn’t want to get involved and deep down she really does like him. UGH!

For these reasons I won’t feel bad at all for her when Amber goes home. Maybe this will be a life lesson for her to be more assertive and not let people walk all over her.


I agree Amber could be more assertive. But she’s trying to play a game with these ppl, and if she flat out rejects Caleb, he puts her up on the block!! And all the boys support Caleb, the psycho, not Amber or any of the girls. She is literally being punished for not wanting to date 1 houseguest who’s stalking her, and her stalker has the support of every guy in the house 🙁 it’s a really sad turn of events and i think it’s really fucked up that Frankie and the other guys are supporting caleb’s crazy obsession and blaming Amber. Even worse, they all pushed Zach to attack Amber at the veto ceremony, and now they are mad at Zach?! These boys have ZERO respect and NO sense. I hope it all blows up in their face.


Yeah…OK, Cody…you are going to go off on Zach. You would probably go run to the bathroom to hide and clean the piss off of your legs…

cody sits when he pees

actually SIR, cody sits when he pees, and claims to use TP to wipe the tip(yes he said this)

I hope next time Zach accidently knees someone that its cody.

Caren in Canada

Well we all know Cody has no balls, he needs to stop playing with his mangina grow a pair, and step up and play the friggin game, instead of being the pussy we all have come to know! You know I think he could earn some major brownie points with everyone, if he traded his mangina for a pair and tries to turn this brutal season around and join forces to rid the house of the rat pack!


I hope Frank/Donny/Derrick have a chance of being alone together (or pairs) to see if they think the TA task was accomplished with the Zachattack.

i think the other option, hiding stuff and getting someone else blamed would have been more fun. They could have hidden Victoria’s stuff, she’s always whining about people taking her stuff, but i guess maybe she’d whine to everyone except the person they need publicly blamed. They’d have to do more, like go ask to borrow something, and then say they found it in Caleb’s stuff or something, so she has someone to blame.


I would have rather seen the other task, too. They totally could have blamed Victoria’s missing items on Zach. It’s right up his alley. Victoria was just talking to Zach, complaining that he has hidden props in his bag which the DR asked her to find and bring back to them…


I think it is funny and ironic how Amber is now scrambling to form a girl alliance…when she was the first one to run out of that bathroom and rat out Joey when she suggested it…

Joey's Blue Hair

If you had joined with the girls we would have started eliminating the guys….but…oh…no… wanted to hang out with the boys….
BB16 should be renamed BB16 “Bros Before Hos”

Irked by the stupidity!

Asb much as I hate to agree, you are absolutely right. I hate what they are.doing to her but you do dirt, you get dirt. She was on the first thing smoking’ up to the HOH to rat Joey out. Bet she is regretting that now.


Crazy how C can’t see that she will be next. I wonder why she thinks the boys like her better than Amber


Good job Amber. I hope she stands by her words and never go back to Caleb. Apologize for what? That I don’t like you for a boyfriend? And that is why you are tormenting me? Wow. You would treat a girl you claim to love this way just becuz she said no to you? I’d rather leave. Girls out there better watch out for Caleb when he leaves the show. If you see him walking towards you, you better run as fast as you can so he doesn’t say he love you. Becuz if you say no to him, he might kill you. Now I see why he’s not been in a relationship in over 4 years. Dictator.


I remember that it was either last week or week before last Caleb was telling Amber that his ex girlfriend hates him and won’t come near him or talk to him. I definitely see why.


Wouldn’t it be amazing if producers found Celeb’s ex that hates him and brought her on the show to interview her? I bet she has so much dirt on BMC. I would love to hear what that poor girl has to say.


Hopefully next season they’ll have an all guys cast since it’s an all female cast this year.


you mean an all female cast.. because it’s the only way we’ll witness some “female alliances”


Maybe next season they will pick people that can play BB instead of Follow The Lead…


If I was amber I would b happy to vacate! Who wants to b in that miserable house with all the fakeness n drama…… “Ah Zach didn’t the response he wanted” in the closet bully!


amber needs to sue bb for the assholecowboy trying to own her from day2 in the house


…that is not a bad idea. What if Amber went into the DR and said she feels threatened physically and emotionally threatened with Caleb and the boys in the house. She could say he has all the makings of a batterer and that her personal safety is threatened. She should tell the DR she’s going to walk out the door and slap them with a lawsuit if BB doesn’t do something. And then if they don’t she should walk! Now that would be a new approach.

I have to say the boys sound like gossipy girls now. How old are these kids? Frankie is a grown man gossiping and laughing like a teenager. I work in financial services in NY and there are 26-year-olds that are so mature and smart compared to these nutbags. Why is this show so hard to cast smart and clever people???

Also how did Derrick get so much time off from work? They rest of them don’t really have jobs it seems.

zach's ironing board (f/k/a zach's lemons)

I agree! She definitely has grounds for a major “payday!” Amber – you’re an actress, now act! CBS is going to a lot of free publicity off this – time to get out front and control the story! Play it up – they settle out of court! You relocate on their dime – You get reality series on E! Clocks ticking!


Yea sure, she should’ve dine that, ad well ad telling caleb to leave her alone, instead of joining the all guys alliance, having them protect her..


If she had just let him know that she wasn’t interested she wouldn’t be in this situation. She’s the one that let herself be owned so it’s her fault really. I hate Caleb, but seriously I think she felt secure in her position in the house and stuck with Caleb because she thought he was running things. Oh poor Amber, bye bye!

John Travolta

Yo Cody… you suck. Yous nothin but a poutin pussy. Get ova yourself and go powda your pussy. You make look like me but you nothin but a disgrace.


Gosh I really hope amber stays and wins hoh and gets rid of the guys


Poor Amber she has about as much chance as Brittney did last week. These people don’t care, they are all lying and enjoying lying straight to her face. They all want her out. I don’t feel that sorry for her as the game is just playing out as everyone predicted the girls are being picked off one by one each week with the exception of Devin….HEY Amber maybe you should have thought of this when other girls were getting kicked out and you just voted with “the house”. The problem with Big Brother itself is the sheep that follow the house they are handing the whole game to Derrick, Cody and Frankie!


Even a little worse than Britney if Amber didn’t play for the veto. And I don’t think she had to be in a girl’s alliance that maybe wouldn’t have worked with people like Nicole and Christine in the house. But she should have opened her mind to working with other people instead of those men by default. But she’s not quick on her feet with this stuff that’s for sure.


This is why Amber isn’t very bright (gamewise): she knows EXACTLY what happened to Brittney last week, yet she doesn’t see that it’s the same thing they’re doing to her this week.


There is a clear reason that Amber don’t want a relationship. She said if it’s about that she can’t wait to tell her story. I hope that Caleb will look like the fool he is.
He is a pasty fool. Hope his army unit will laugh at him. I know when he go to the gym they are going to have ball laughing at him. And the girls there will be sickened.


I thought someone from Caleb’s unit might post to these comments to give an insight to his behaviour outside of BB house.

Christine's crazy eye

I read on another site a post from a person who claimed to be stationed with him in Iraq . So this is third hand, but, this guy stated that Caleb always had to have some type of drama and if there wasn’t any drama, he made some. Considering they were in Iraq, and I am sure there was drama a plenty, that says something about the type of person he is.


Quite awhile ago, someone from Caleb’s army unit, who was deployed and served alongside Caleb submitted a post and shared some information about Caleb and what his time was like while serving in the military. Not a lot, but enough to say that Caleb is prone to embellishment about his time over there.


I feel really bad for Amber, however I cant be help being slightly annoyed by her cluelessness. She really believes she has the votes to stay despite being put up as a replacement nominee , humiliated by Zach and after what happened to Brittany. Are those HG’s really that good at manipulation and lying??? I like her and I hope some miracle occurs that will enable her to stay. With that said because of her overall poor game play I think a second chance on her would ultimately be wasted. I’m really torn .


amber constructed her own fate this week – all she would have needed to do is be honest with caleb. trouble is, she couldn’t continue to use him if she had done that, so she chose to skirt the issue, and it ended up being her downfall.

caleb might have taken the rejection hard, but she could have earned back his friendship over time. because she lied about her true feelings and continued to use caleb to her advantage, she got what she deserved.

I Don't Like Derrick

PLEASE!! Blaming Amber, Blaming Caleb!! PLEASE!! Amber is leaving because that is what the BS decide!! DAMN!! It has absolutely nothing to do with Caleb’s feelings for her. She is leaving because she approached Christine about a girls’ alliance, and Chrsitine ratted. DAMN!! Why do people keep blaming Caleb? That’s what I mean by so many dumbass followers.


I’m gonna take a drink everytime someone says “I’m voting with the house”

Irked by the stupidity!

Bottoms up!


Need some action… Bring back The Brachelle…


I like derrick because he’s playing the best game!! He can manipulate anyone and still get no blood on his hands, but it really sucks that he has a final 2 deal with the biggest p***y in bb history aka cody… My 3 favorites would probably be derrick, zach, & hayden. Nicole would be up there if she wasn’t working with christine and if she wasn’t so jealous.


Agree, Derrick is playing the best game. But he is so BORING. Hey, that’s his style, just quiet, laying low, getting everyone to trust him. But he is boring to watch. And on TV show, he’s boring in the DR. I want to be entertained, and I am entertained by Zach and Donny.


I hate to see Amber go,but I’ll love watching her leave. nice booty


I feel so sorry for Amber and how they are treating her just because she doesnt give into Calebs demands. I dont unerstand why Big Brother doesn’t kick him out for hitting her in the head!!! This is my last season to watch Big Brother I have watched it from the beginning but this is it!!!!!!!!


Oh no, turn off the lights and shut the doors bixbyok is no longer watching bb. We all need to go find new jobs now.

The Canadian gal

So Amber is leaving Thursday. I can’t believe how clueless that girl is…..


Truth be told, ALL of the girls are clueless! They haven’t picked up on the fact that they’re ALL in jeopardy when it comes to the guys. Each of them are arrogant/clueless enough to think that those guys have their backs. Wow – at this point I don’t even see a female in the Final 5.


Hopefully it’s a unanimous vote on thursday and amber realizes that cody & derrick are full of shit then she blows their game up as she leaves the house


Frankie and Victoria complaining about Jocasta campaigning for votes — “That’s as subtle as an elephant. And then Amber’s no better; she’s been sobbing, grabbing people aside, and taking them into rooms.” What do they expect the nominees to do? Just roll over and die? Seriously, please… Frankie and Victoria’s cattiness rivals Nicole and Christine’s snarky comments, in my opinion.

Big Sister

I am having trouble watching this group. I wish CBS would either pick a group of superfans OR a group who have never watched BB before. Mixing the two is an epic fail in my book. I am sick of Frankie (I can’t live unless I am the center of attention), Zach (seriously unbalanced), Cody (Wimp of the Year), Christine (Wicked Witch of the West), Nicole (Poor excuse for a superfan), Caleb (sickly delusional), Victoria (vapid and uninteresting), Hayden (Who??), Derrick (I used to like him, but now he leaves me cold), Jocasta (totally out of her comfort zone, whatever that is) and Amber (should have seen the writing on the wall way before now). Surprisingly, the only one I want to win is Donny.


Wimpy Zach needs to go next week. He wants to fight with the girls but is floating by with the guys. He won a weak HOH and then his nominations got smoked. Ego maniac.

Derrick for the win

Amber doesn’t want to tell everyone her personal thing in her life but she sure brings it up a lot, let’s see how long it takes her to tell it to someone. She should talk and tell Caleb what she is telling everyone else, that’s probably all it would have took but she lead him on over over again. Any woman can get rid of a guy she isn’t interested in, go to the DR report him, tell his ass off there is camera’s everywhere, house is full of people what better place to set someone straight? Wanted to play as a boy toy and look where it got her. boowoo!!


Do we all forget the first week when Caleb had power she liked him same with Cody when he got HOH she deserves what she gets


Do you guys have an APP I can download for my celly? #WILDCARD


no app but the new site should respond to mobile devices.


Hello, a little off topic but I’m wondering when they start casting and giving information out about the next big brother. Or do they wait until the current season is completely over??
Thank you.

Turn of Events

There will be a huge outburst that will shake things up tonight im willing to bet one of Jocasta’s bow ties on it ! After todays whirlwind of events Amber(In a fit of rage), grabs BEASTMODE COWBOY by the ball bag and proclaims…”IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT BEASTMODE!” …. He will shake his head wildly back in forth not looking at her trying to be the head hancho he is….. she will squeeze harder….. beastmode is now on his knees pleading for mercy saying please stop amber i will tell the guys to keeep you just please go on a date with me after the show. Amber(being the straight up kinda gal she is) says “okay Caleb i promise you one date after the show” CALEB LEAPS TO HIS FEET AND STARTS SCREAMING ” YES YES YES YES YES” …….it is now thursday…. after a vote of 5-4, could it be….could it be… yes!!! Caleb has rounded up the good ole’ troops and saved his princess!!! As Jocasta walks out the door Amber exclaims ” WELL FU*K you Caleb and the bomb squad !!!!!!! I blew up your alliance and am now starting an all girls alliance and we have the numbers (4+Cody). Caleb aka BeastMode starts trembling in shock. He proceeds the run to the kitchen, grabbing a kitchen knife and running back towards the front door when suddenly…. (We Will Be Right Back)

zach's ironing board (f/k/a zach's lemons)

And all the while, they’re playing Aretha Franklin’s “Sisters, Are Doing It For Themselves” in the background!


Gomer Pyle …OOPs Donny


Caleb is a super stealth mode creep.
Amber is a bi***. She should have just told Caleb, a long time ago, that she wasn’t interest. Instead of feigning interest when it suited her (the whole pickle thing was ridiculous. She knew as soon as she said it that Caleb would eat a pickle just to get a “date” with her). Personally, I’m glad that she’s going home. Cody should have backdoored Caleb last week. What a pansy. He needs to grow a pair. I actually like the guy but was so disappointed. I feel like Derrick plays the best game. However, my favorites also include Zach and Donnie. Too bad neither one of them well win. I’m rooting for Derrick as a viable option to win….. He’d be much better than Frankie or Christine. Ughhhhh speaking of Christine …. She needs to go like yesterday.

Love zach

I hate the fact the Cody Hayden and Derrick are talkin shit about zach when they were the ones behind it. God all 3 need to go specially Hayden.


Amber what dirty work have u done u got brought into an alliance by devin no one wanted u in it…only reason ur still there cause ur hot, hate how cristene and other people talk so much shit on everyone then proceed to hate people saying they male fun of people such tards


It’s amazing how Cody gets uglier each time he opens his mouth. How did that shit-for-brains manage to get on BB? Pathetic gameplay.

We might as well fast-forward to Thursday and see how the house votes unanimously once again. SHEEPLE

BB16 sucks

Nicole is again being a stupid blond! Poor Amber… She’s a victim of her good looks. All these ugly bitches –especially the Giggly Hyena Christiine– are happy dancing, Caleb is on his crazy trip, they are hitting Amber with pillows during the nightsleep, Evil Gay Clown is pulling his dirty disgusting tricks, Zach is mentally deranged, Cody has no balls and constantly eats the content of his nose, completely brainless but kosher Stupidoria remains in the house as well as the Bible toting freak!

The ONLY good person in the house is Donny! As we know that there is no place for good people in the circle of winners, Donny will be kicked out in a week or two too…


I suspect the boys are going to start turning on each other now, which will be good for Donny’s game.


Victoria is trash – she’s laughing about Amber crying now? Isn’t that what Victoria has been doing all this time – crying; before she’s nominated, after she’s nominated. She’s a tramp who has earned her way there by ‘pleasuring’ a couple of boys – let’s face it.
Victoria is a drag queen in need of a punch in the face.

zach's ironing board (f/k/a zach's lemons)

Victoria should be cast in the upcoming remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Bird!” With all that “sense memory” shit she has from her childhood, she be perfect for scene when the elementary school is attack by crows! Inclusive to her day player stipend, she also gets to keep her costume, makeup and (defunct) crow infested hair extension!


Simon how can you allow such ugly & violent comments?


NOW Amber wants an All-Girl alliance? Should’ve listened to Joey instead if joining the All-Boys alliance and having them protected. Bye Amber.

beast mode cowboy creeper

Honestly Im still confused why they are even backdooring her to begin with. What did she do? They should of got out a power player, this isn’t a “big move” in my eyes its a pussy move. Im so confused…

Donny knows all

It’s because people are telling them she doesn’t trust them. Of course that is their game play, but the egos in the house can’t grasp someone would lie to them.

Christine's crazy eye

All of this because she told Christine she didn’t trust the guys. And she was right, they weren’t trustworthy, but neither are the sisters grim.


Wow I hate Cody so much now. And Hayden is starting to bother me too now. As for Victora telling the guys about Amber trying to rally the girls, heaven forbid girls sticking it to the guys. Why is she even there? They all suck except for Donny.
If Cody is in final 2, I’ll throw up!


Frankie — good old granddad must be turning in his grave.

Derrick for the win

How bout let’s leaving granddad’s and kid’s out of the mess.


Agree : lets draw the line at grandparents and kids but continue to keep race, looks, occupation, character ,sexual orientation and religious persuasion within bounds.


Amber now talking to Caleb. He’s trying yo read the bible to her and she walks on him. Lol
He’s a coward. She told him Zach said not to talk to him. He is saying he did not tell him to tell her that. Lol lol. Now he blaming it on the alliance. Lol

He looks like a pothead. Lol


All the females were too happy to be pulled into the all guy alliance, including Amber. Joey said the boys would pick those stupid girls off one by one. Caleb will self destruct with his creepy obsession. Derrick got the 500k on lockdown. Team Derrick.

Dumb house

It’s ridiculous to blame this on Caleb, the people running the house manipulated him as much as everyone else. No one will play any other game but theirs, it’s sad. They are in complete control and I don’t understand why they are afraid of being blown up any longer. Caleb is a love struck ding bat who believes anything and Amber is getting what she gave week 1.


They are backdooring Amber because they all have no backbone. I don’t dislike or like Amber but the sole reason the house or in this case the people with all the power Derrick, Frankie and Cody want her out is because she is not in the alliance and stronger than the other weak players(also not in the alliance) Nicole, Victoria, Jocasta, and Donny. What I don’t get is why are these other plays so dumb if they banded together they could easily take out the “house” aka the alliance. Zack isn’t really in the alliance they just need him for a number same with Christine(major floater) and Caleb basically by himself….they are all just gonna be picked off one by one time to get a major player…I get sick of the rest of them living in fear wakeup because Amber is just the first to go the rest of you sheep will follow

new to BB 14

I Love how Donny and Jocasta aren’t even mentioned

So Amber it appears is being evicted Thursday night
Oh how now would be such the perfect time for a Donny and jocasta HoH win

Donny could put up Cody and Calib(cause they hate each other and probably would not work well together in a BoB)
Jocasta could put up Frankie and Derrick(Frankie cause he put her up and Derrick cause Donny would remind her Derrick ha never been on the block) then whoever wins BoB and PoV they have the option of backDOOring Zach

I amn can dream LOL

cody sits when he pees

oh yeah, not only remove #wildcard but do it via backdoor

bunch of spineless pathetic hg’s

getting to last year territory for me


This just may not go down the way they want it to. Stop telling Amber to go talk to Caleb. He just may put two and two together. And blow the top off the bb house lol


I don’t care about any of this girls.. guys, go ahead and pick them all off


Is casting so damn difficult that they A-gRods people cant find more stronger, funny, cool girls? I was not a fan of Joey but she had some of those characteristics .. Enough to get Americas first vote. Its all about the casting. If we have to sit through bitchy girls who are also weak, we also don’t want to look at girls who are better suited for radio, or boring pretty girls . They seem to get a great mix of guys most seasons Maybe A-grod is having her own on women by not casting strong ones who can win HOHs. Hmmmmm.