POV Player Pick! Paulie “It goes from being a family show to not being a family show”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition July 23rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 25th
HOH James Next HOH July 28th
Original Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-23 14-18-57-850
Power Of Veto Players: James, Frank, Bridgette, DaVonne, Michelle, Nicole
POV Host: Natalie

2:20pm – 2:35pm The live feeds return – Paulie tells Nicole that she (Z) is really really attractive. She goes to bed in these sexy a$$ little outfits. … I’m like I’m going to get myself in trouble. If if goes for 0 – 100.. then it goes from being a family show to not being a family show. Nicole says that she feels like he (Corey) has my best interest at heart. Paulie says we all do. Nicole and Vic talk. She tells Vic at least its nice you don’t have to worry about even going up. Vic agrees.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-23 14-19-00-938

In the bedroom. Da, Michelle and Paul are talking. Paul tells Michelle and Da that if she wins it he thinks he can convince her not to use it. Paul says that Frank was good in competitions years ago (insinuating he isn’t any more). Bridgette had pulled DaVonne’s name in the power of veto player pick. Paul leaves. Da says if one of us win it he (Frank) is going to try, try, try. Da says going from 16th place to making to jury is amazing. At least I know I’m not going home with nothing. Michelle says I would really like to get a win under my belt today. DaVonne says if its something easy like the counting .. you’ve got it. If its the dice one …Bridgette has it hands down.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-23 14-19-06-634

2:35pm Safari room – Nicole, Corey, Paul and James. James says worst case scenario.. Frank or Bridgette win Veto .. and one comes off .. we going to draw straws to find out who to put up. I preferable don’t want to put someone who’s already been up on the block too. Corey has, Paul has. Nicole says I’m winning it so it won’t matter. If I put someone like Da up .. Paul says then you’re doing what he (Frank) wants. Victor joins them.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-23 14-34-17-182

Another shot at one of the clues..
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-23 14-43-32-566

3pm Nicole asks James if he was meaning she might go up if Bridgette of Frank win? Because I haven’t been up. James says no. James says if Bridgette or Frank come down .. I would probably put up Paul. I was just saying it because they have to know if they win it someone else is going up. Nicole says I am going to try and win it. I am very thankful for what you did this week and I don’t want you to have to do anything else. Nicole leaves and Frank joins James.

Nicole tells Z how Paulie thinks she is hot and sexy. Just kiss already. Nicole asks you guys are just feely? Z says yes! Nicole says people probably think we we’re doing is way worse.. he is just rubbing my leg. Z says there was a lot of touching and I was like Z is a bad girl. This has to stop. Nicole says that Corey was saying we’re good friends and obviously after this I hope we can stay good friends after this. But them he was like if anyone was in here that he liked he said he wouldn’t do anything so .. just the fact that he is doing something is good. He is just in like denial. He said I want to kiss you so bad. Nicole says if that ever did happen .. a very very slim chance .. then you are coming to the wedding.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-23 15-07-51-406

3:25pm – 3:35pm Paulie tells James they (Frank & Bridgette) are definitely not coming after us. Paulie says that Z was coming after him hard last night. I’m trying to not do it because of the cameras but we were about to make a p*rno. James asks Corey does in the morning with morning wood? Corey says he waits for a minute. Victor says he went to bed with a ragging B*ner.

3:50pm HOH room – James, Corey, Victor, Paul and Paulie. They talk about being ready for the POV to start. Paul asks James if I say sh*t will it mess you up? James says no. Paulie says Frank will say shut the F**K UP!

3:40pm – 4:10pm Frank says one of us isn’t going home and hopefully both of us. If one of use stays and wins HOH.. Bridgette says I’m going to f**k sh*t up. Frank says I would probably put up James and Da. If James puts up someone else that everyone would go after then we don’t need to go after him. Frank counts and says we have 6 votes. Paul, Corey, Victor Paulie, Natalie, and maybe even Nicole. Bridgette says one of us has to come off though. Frank says If its both of us up there .. it will be me going home. I don’t know why people hate you. Bridgette says because I’m f**king awesome. Frank says all I can think about is your picture popping up there and I’m furious about it. I can understand mine. Frank says if one of us wins it gives us ground to stand on. We’re going up on the block every damn week. Bridgette says we just have to keep wining the veto. At that point you’re playing for America’s Favourite… being the veto queen. Frank says yeah, right! I honestly think that thing with Da and Nicole could help .. Da is just going to keep running her mouth. That’s how I’m going to pitch it to Nicole.. you wanted her (Da) out and now you should want her out even more. Frank says us returners aren’t on stipends. Ya’ll are on weekly stipends, we’re not. We make it to jury … MORE! Frank says I almost hate the rest of them more .. maybe just put up James and Nicole. Maybe there will be a Pandora’s box and a second veto.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-23 15-41-21-701

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Double D

Nice draw for Frank…James and 4 girls.

Mike Pence

Franks got this. Shut the hell up Paul.


might as well of said 5 …..


Before being nasty to someone, might wanna work on your grammar.


Frank is going to win the POV. Brigette will be voted out, and the boys will rule. Frank is good at convincing people and they will let him in. I would rather see the showmances broken up. They are so gross to watch.


When are you guys putting a new poll up? No worries though, thanks for all the work you guys do to keep this site awesome! ๐Ÿ˜€

Da Tank

Which houseguest you would like to be in a showmance with.


A new favorite player poll.


First showmance to get the boot!


I would like to see the giraffe and Simon added to the polls.

Powder Puff Girls

you have Favourite HG – when I vote I pick my favourite player not the one I want to win. 2 different beasts.

how about
“who do you want to win BB”


Poll suggestions: most likely to be a bitter jury, most likely F2, which HG would you prefer to get blindsided.


How about a poll predicting which house guest will figure out the secret room puzzle?

Keep up the great work Simon and Dawg….

sunny dee

be sure that one of the options is ‘none of them’ lol

i can’t even imagine how they are going to figure it out when i can’t see any reason for ANYONE to even start looking for one. then the ‘dial 211 in the payphone booth’, why 211, why not 411 or 911, makes no sense at all such a random number. and the clues aren’t clues at all, since they are all over the place. if it was all London/UK based MAYBE someone might think oh, maybe the UK phone booth and phone, but right now i’m wondering why they’d even start looking for clues or a room.


Just to mention something regaurding the phone booth/number floating on the site. What I found is 211 is similar to 411 and 911 as a short cut to emergency services. So using these 3 numbers correctly may indead open the room. Also converting words like Paris could possibly use the 5 letters converted to numbers as part of the phone number. With area codes it’s 10 digits in North America. I might be very wrong but Euro numbers maybe be 11 digits in some countries. I have not been able to confirm that fact. Simply I suggest 211 alone could be the whole code or maybe a word converted using the phone maybe whole or part of the correct number. Must say it’s fun reading the many great idea on the code here at OBB. Some of you are way ahead of the HG’s

Muffin man

Has anyone been nailed in the BB house since Mcranda? Random question I know…

Powder Puff Girls

lets end the great debate of who is the meanest with a poll

Double D

Does it really say at the bottom of departure board to go to the HOH phone booth and dial 211?

Makes sense the rooms up there since they usually have a pandora box room off the HOH.


OK, I know there have been a few theories about the secret room. Here’s mind:

The travel/vacation destination signs each have one word in green. Combined, they say:
“Secret Destination Departing Now”

The London sign states: “Departing On Quarter Hour By Ben”

The Departures sign shows 4 different destinations that occur on the quarter hour, but only one of them has a room in the house associated with it: The London Room. The departure time is 3:15

The London Room has a telephone in it.

The flight time listed for the London destination is 22B, which equates to 222 on a dial pad.

So, my theory is to dial “222” from the London Room at 3:15


OK, I know there have been a few theories about the secret room. Here’s mind:

The travel/vacation destination signs each have one word in green. Combined, they say:
“Secret Destination Departing Now”

The London sign states: “Departing On Quarter Hour By Ben”

The Departures sign shows 4 different destinations that occur on the quarter hour, but only one of them has a room in the house associated with it: The London Room. The departure time is 3:15

The London Room has a telephone in it.

The flight time listed for the London destination is 22B, which equates to 222 on a dial pad.

So, my theory is to dial “222” from the London Room at 3:15


Yikes! Sorry for the double post!! Is there a way to delete one of them?

secret room

The model airplane says “CALL” and “PARIS” written on both sides. I’m guessing that when the houseguest dial “211” on the payphone the door will open into the secret room, what used to be “Pandora’s Box”.

Ohio Smile

It has to be something to do with Paris. Obviously on the plane it says,”call Paris” then on the departure board, Paris is the only city that doesn’t have a dedicated room (yet). The first flight listed on the board is Yosemite (backyard), London ( bedroom) Tokyo (bedroom) Waikiki (HOH room) Nairobi (the room between kitchen and bathroom) and Ochos Rios (bathroom). Like the above mentioned reader said, call 211 in the phone booth at 3:15 to gain access to the Paris room.


I wish BB was a scripted drama instead of a game. That way, they could ruin the game for everyone in order to protect my feelings.

Also, I have a pink jersey supporting the NFL team I root for. But, I can’t name any of the players. Who cares? They should rig that too. I’m tired of them losing!

I like Game of Thrones! But, I don’t know why!


If you want scripted shows then go watch MTV lol. BB is a game first, and should stay that way. Screw creating a narrative b/c people don’t like who’s playing better than others. If people let Paulie (and his army of minions) steamroll them then that is their own fault, not his.

Tsk Tsk

I’m pretty sure OP was mocking a type of BB fan.


Oh I picked up on the sarcasm, I was just adding my own feelings into the mix. I get the BB fandom’s wants and needs for drama and power shifts (I love them just as much as the next fan), but I’m sitting over here like calm down. It’s week 5 in a game that last what? 13 weeks?

It’s very likely that a perspective HG (Day/Nat) will discover the clues needed to find the secret room on their own (w/o production assistance). If say Day does find said power and ends up on the block you can believe she would use it and put up one of the showmances (probably Nicorey).

Paulie may be playing well now, but people who play hard at the beginning rarely get to the end of he game. I suspect he, Nic, Corey, etc. will be going eventually.

I just started watching BB during season 16. I fell in love with the game first and foremost. Yes Derrick was boring, but got damn if he didn’t run that house.


Apparently, your sarcasm was lost on more than a few

So anyway...

After this eviction in which either Frank or Bridge will leave, Paulie, Michelle and Paul need to be evicted. ASAP!!! Then maybe they’ll start thinking for themselves.

Anonymous too

Production probably only put all girls names in for the POV so Frank is up against girls giving the advantage to their fav.


Don’t they dump the chips before the draw?


Of course they dump the chips.
This is just another twat who will say anything to justify his stupidity in hopes to get up votes cause he still thinks people dislike Frank.


hey dawg how you doing see what I mean about pulie Nicole an zarchrey an michell they already talking about showmance
they turning the game into a dating show I want frank to win pov so bad in then find the scret room then win hoh next week so bad by the way michell an zarchery kids watching the show too have some class I guess when you mean you don’t have none you know


I will be really socked if Frank does not win this one ( of course CBS will make something he can win)..


Paranoia like Trump


Simon or Dowg, Did I hear wrongly or the ChenBot said that the veto winner can replace the two persons on the block this week?


Thanks… i should stop multitasking while watching. ๐Ÿ™‚


Nicole’s an idiot.
Take it loyal to the end and hash that out. Y give Frank the chance. Just cause he’s a cover? Nicole u suck


She’s horrible and so is Paul. Always talking sh!t talking about telling people off but he never does it. Just a little bi!tch dog nipping at the air. Sounds like James made a deal with Bridge and stabbed her in the back. Hope he goes next


Lol! I love that James wants to pull straws for a potential replacement nom. Sounds like he’s also subtly hinting at wanting to put up one of the girls who have never seen the block (Nic/Z/Mich). Doesn’t sound like James wants Corey, Paul, or Day as replacement noms. Is a Paulie BD possible?

Nic thinks she’ll win POV? Okay Jan, sure. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Powder Puff Girls

James “we going to draw straws to find out who to put up. I preferable donโ€™t want to put someone whoโ€™s already been up on the block too.”

Just another way of not getting blood on his hands kind of like the skittles move in BBCan. The question: will he include straws for HG’s Paulie, Paul and Corey and Da? of just for those who have not been nominated?


James’ game play is weak and I don’t think he’s actively trying to win. Why would he nominate Frank and Bridgette?? He knows full well that Paulie, Corey, Nicole, and Zakiyah are controlling the house with Michelle and Paul on the fringes. Day is looking to end the showmances so she definitely won’t go with Paulie. He could of had numbers with Frank, Bridgette, Natalie, Vic, and Day but instead he bitched out. Paul being the rat that he is would of went with the stronger side. Michelle is insignicant and just a number until Paulie cuts her loose. All James did is make things easier for them and set it up for him to get evicted sooner than later. If he grew a pair he could use it on someone from the other side but that’s highly unlikely.

Powder Puff Girls

well said!


I think it’s awful that in the HOH comp it was just James and Bridgette in the end, he promised her if she let go he wouldn’t put her up. Sad


That actually does kind of remind me of Tim’s skittle strategy (which was both entertaining, and a very clever way to learn how other players looked at one another). Not that James is the kind of strategic player that Tim was, but a similar concept.

Honestly though I think James will just slap Mich up there if anyone comes down, b/c he’s over her bitchy attitude.


hey dawg I whould like big brother to invite three people who not on the show at all to play a game who ever wins get to save somebody in give him or her power I think that be a great I deal for next year to let people
know how much they like in not to me michell should go home in zachrey too they are so mean to bridget
if they was coming to me for job interview I be like sorry we not hiring right now even if we are


right on plus add Paul


James is so disappointing. He will make it far because he is a lap dog with blinders. Once his usefulness has run out he will be put to pasture (jury),


Exactly, just like last season.

sunny dee

it’s the usual. top dogs say he’s in with them, he thinks he’s in an alliance, then turns out that they are not with him at all. altho maybe it is fairly sincere, he’s #4 on the list, maybe #5 tied with Paul, but he’s there due to his gender, if Paulie has anything to say about it. Like BBCAN Bruno, another Italian stereotyping himself by thinking the female HGS are only props and votes for the real players, the MENS.

Anonymous too 3

They will probably put on comp that would make it impossible for Frank to win. They rigged it for the girls.
It’s a game where they see who can put on make- up the best.


I think Paulie should be the replacement nominee. Frankly, I wish Michelle and Paulie would be on the block on Thurs, but that can’t happen. I’ll settle for Paulie up and gone.

Backseat Driver

Yeah Paulie take your new haircut and leave……


And never come back. We don’t want to see your sister, grandma, aunt or anyone related to you in future seasons. Thanks.


Again, it’s a nice thing to want. But if James puts Paulie on the block against either Bridgette or Frank, he stays. Paulie has five votes to remain in the house — Nicole, Corey, Zakiyah, Michelle and Paul. He isn’t going anywhere. And James creates five or six new enemies and is a goner within 2-3 weeks. He’s a realist in the game. Which might not be a winning strategy, but it is the right one this week.


I agree. Unfortunately at this point if Franks wins the POV James can’t put Paulie up. It’s a lost cause. If he was smart, he would have nominated 2 people from Paulie’s group of puppets and replaced one as needed. His HOH is a complete waste, just like Bridgette’s was.


Can James just leave since he obviously not interested in playing the game…why did he even come back? He puts up Frank/Bridgette because it was what the “house wanted” then he says if the Veto comp is reward/punishment he will go for the prizes….really James? YOU are HOH its your nominations and you will go for prizes? then he says he wants a group decision of who goes up if Veto is used….just go home James…PLEASE Frank win this veto and help him or Paulie leave next week


well my best guess is that James is not going to renom anyone that would get voted out if POV was used. So win POV or you might go home. I think they vote Frank out if he is available. Week seems easy…..Frank loses POV he’s gone(maybe) He wins replacement HG versus Bridge and Bridge goes.
Now the maybe…… Production has put up this secret room. If the want Frank to stay one option would be a special veto, they could keep him safe or take both off the block possibly. The time is short between POV and the ceremony tomorrow so it won’t be easy to fix. Yeh I said it ….production fixes event to help the story lines in the show.
Production seems far more invested in Da and James IMO than Frank. He better win POV or I think he’s gone sadly.


James is a little b*tch. Being used by Paulie and Nat.So blind Never really liked his antics. Him and Paul are the of the same mold, douchey and annoying.


James is playing the same game he did last season. He hangs out with the underdog crowd, clings to one of the girls, last season Meg, this season Nat. He then goes after the big players, but does nothing else in the game. I was hoping for more from him this time, but no same old James.

Kaine and Unable

I agree with you about James. He is so disappointing this year. I hope Frank wins Americas favorite player and knocks James and Paulie down a few notches.


I’d be curious to see the departure sign from earlier in the show and then now. It may have changed.


Does anyone have an image of the departure sign that’s legible from before the twist/secret was revealed?


Ha, I see the favorite showmance poll. I would add one more choice: None!

Powder Puff Girls

I would have added Paulie and Paul to the poll

Stomach churning

Ah this just sucks.


I miss Tiffany. She was hot.

Truth Hurts

Frank is such a bitch. He never owns his own game. Always blaming others for his situation.

Can't stand Frank

I’d like to see a eulogy for Euly…


But, you see, I hate Paulie. I hate him because he has been in power for so long, and I envy the powerful male. This triggers my irrational, emotional nature and I will support any person, twist, or act of God that will free my psyche from this waking terror that is the female mind. Even if that means supporting Frank the abuser.


Nicole at least confirmed that Vic has immunity with her comment “She tells Vic at least its nice you donโ€™t have to worry about even going up”.which explains why James did not put Vic up with Frank. I wonder how many weeks of immunity BB gave him as in the past it’s varied from 1 week to 3.

Double D

Vic just played 4 tough competitions. He was exhausted. And HOH went 5 hours. So they probably gave him one week of safety


He played those comps during the week that nom was evicted. The only comp Victor played in for the battle back Friday was the puzzle one which seemed the most grueling anyway. I’m sure he was tired from that comp.


This is a tough place, voted down for letting people know that Nicole confirmed Vic was given immunity… ๐Ÿ˜€

Or mb

people down voted the assumption. Nicole’s remark is not conclusive proof of immunity. He may or may not be immune. Did he compete in the HOH comp? If he did then he would not be immune.


You know you get like, secondhand embarrassment or whatever while watching prank shows like Jackass or Tom Green back in the day? Whenever Z opens her mouth about Paulie not kissing her or giving her all his attention, I get that feeling. Straight up cringing sadness. Girl. Stop it! I get that being in the BB house can make a person give mixed signals or whatever but there is zero mixed anything coming from Paulie. For the love of God girl, self evict and go a few studios over to a dating show because you’re acting a fool and it’s not cute. It’s frustrating and sad to watch.

And Nicole, nice try. Corey is just rubbing your leg? Sounds super legit to me -_-


Yes to everything you said. Z is so pathetic and desperate about Paulie. I wanted to like her, but her need to kiss Paulie and, moreover, to talk about him INCESSANTLY is diving me insane. Maybe he’s just not that into you, ya know? Get a clue.

Lady Mormont

I agree. She will cringe when she watches the show back.


Sadly, she may not smell the desperation wafting from her pores like a 60 year old drunk on a bender.


Yeah it’s rough seeing Z not pick up on the “not interested” vibes. He could write it on his forehead and she likely wouldn’t get it then either. She’s going to be embarrassed when she watches this after the show for sure and I almost feel sorry for her.



Oh Paulie and Corey have nothing on me. I would of turn Tiffany straight. Lol…


Frank 100% has to win this veto pull himself off and find a way to save Bridgette…if Frank goes this week this season is gonna crash into total boredom…


There are no have nots this week. Heard Nat say it on feeds.


The “showmances this year” , Are they not suppose to like each other to be called a showmance? They don’t seem to be like the ones in the past. Hilarious about the “ick factor” when it comes to the “stuff” with Nicole and I don’t know if Corey is in this or not haha.
Paulie likes Zak but doesn’t bother to tell her and say he doesn’t want to start this in the house but he does like her that way (if he does). A guy like this should know that if he doesn’t say something and quick, his “showmance” will turn on him in the drop of a dime. Woman scorned and all that…tell her or let go of it.
James likes Nat but I don’t think he actually believes that she could like him. I think a lot of comments were saying the same thing. They don’t believe it. WHy though, because shes pretty and hes not your average Joe type guy. People are so friggin shallow.


SIMON or DAWG. Frank says that the Vets aren’t getting stipends. Are they being paid one flat fee to be on the show ?


If they aren’t getting stipends then I wonder if they are paid by hitting benchmarks. Making it to jury, comp wins, surviving the block, etc.


I know this is an old post but I think it’s illegal not to pay some kind of stipend (depending on the hours ‘worked’).

Jack Handy

Frank needs to win this veto. Poor SOB he thinks he has Paulie and maybe Nicole. OMG he’s totally arsed! The house wont be any different with out Brigette. You will notice Frak gone because he has a big personality. I cant stand watching boring people.

Someone mentioned in a comment somewhere about how the person commenting must have “Liked Evel Dick”…I liked Evel dick too. He was entertaining to watch in all his prickness glory. To live with, different story lol.
I liked Tiffany too but to watch her was snore fest 2016. People were running from her because people don’t like to be around some one who is emotional. Whether it be right or wrong people don’t like it because they don’t know how to handle some one who is crying and crying, people will run from that and then that’s how you start to feel isolated. It’s more because they feel uncomfortable around it not so much they don’t like a person. Of course expect for the assholes telling others to not talk to someone. How immature can you get.

Go Frank Win this Veto!

String Cheese Theory

haha da’ nicole and michelle playing pov


I dont think we will see any big fights this season at all….and this season will be the longest one so far,,,,,that`


I dont think we will see any big fights this season at all….and this season will be the longest one ever,,,,,that`s gonna be a long summer.

String Cheese Theory

Will you dummies stop saying production rigs the game for certain people?

The Roach Coach

Big surprise… After weeks of Paul claiming he’d bang on pots and pans over a sleeping frank the morning of Franks POV while on the block, Paul didn’t back it up… scared much? I mean I had to hear about these pots and pans at nausea… all bark, no bite… Go Frank goodluck in the veto!

The Pot Said What!!

I would like to see it. These dummies should be lucky that Frank doesn’t have some nasty temper. Everyone seems to want to threaten him with something. Like piss off already. In the real world. I think you might have your hands full with Frank. Im pretty sure he spent some time “play wrestling” with his Dad and Brother (who is a monster btw, Frank is the smallest lol). Because he knows he can , he doesn’t, I like that.
Paul hahahaha okay little dude. There’s only one E Dick thank god. Ans he had his big mouth to back him up. Not just a long threatening beard. (lolololol jks) I like the beard.


I’m sick of Frank’s attitude. He thinks he’s too important to go to jury and too important to be booted pre-jury. He’ll throw everyone under the bus, then piss and moan when that blows back on him. And his little follower Bridget has adopted his attitude.

And don’t forget, he’s one of the biggest cheaters in the history of BB. They’d better watch him or he’ll downright steal the POV.


Frank is really over doing it trying to get Day out. He needs to worry about winning the POV.


I total agree. I kinda feel like Frank may be slightly obessed with Da’. I know that she wanted him out and the natural reaction to that is to want her out, but his has been after her since the middle of Bridgette’s HOH. Dude know one is biting try to pick another target. Especially now since your BB life is on the line. Frank really needs to stop focusing so much on Da’Vonne.


Frank’s play has always been to take out Da and James because they have kids. He said that in earlier week’s. – James has always known that piece of info though from Da. The fact that Frank did so much talking in his first few weeks in the house did him no favours in the house, so much of his game has been exposed to the other players now. They know what he is planning. So James putting Da up I really don’t see it happening unless someone wins Pandora’s Box !!!! – But it also depends who wins Pandora’s Box – if Michelle wins it she may not use the power right away and decide to hold on to it for a few weeks !!!
What I would love to see happen is Bridgette win the Veto and James throw Paulie up as the replacement – now that would be a hard choice for all them have to make for the vote on Thursday. You would see some DEALS being made left, right and centre for both of them to stay !!!


I missed it, is Victor safe this week after BattleBack comp?


Frank is by far the most popular player. He’s a fan favorite unlike the Pauls and most of the bitches in there.


Win the POV Frank
Or this season is in the tank.


I think Frank knows exactly what Da taste’s like. Her name is always rolling off of his tongue. Take your ass home you pervert! Da is laying low and not thinking about your skank behind

Powder Puff Girls

Don’t worry I think Frank will stop talking about Da’vonne when he comes down and she goes up as he got the job done.


Paulie looks like a hillbilly nightmare in that picture with the knife and I hear banjos playing in the background to the theme of deliverance.


Oops! I thought Paulie was holding a knife but it’s just the background of the picture


Paulie needs to go soon. He is annoying as much as Paul. Did Rutgers teach him to say the F word every 10 seconds He is gross


Who won POV ?


No one in that house is talking about getting Paulie out. he’s clearly the biggest threat right now especially with his bro army supporting him. I’m so mad at James for nominating two potential allies that he could have worked with. He’s trying to remain low by making “safe” decisions but he’s failing to realize that he is sitting pretty low at the totem pole and only truly has Natalie. those decisions will catch up to bite him later on just like it did last season


How is everyone not all about getting Paulie out? The guy just calmly tells everyone what “needs to happen” and they’re all like “cool”. Any other season and someone would’ve moved on him. He does have balls though. Thinking he can dictate in a friendly voice cause no one’s called him on it. Corey almost grew a pair when he wanted to keep Tiff over Da’ but the disappeared when Paulie told them too. So sad. Nut up folks.