Natalie “That door is Pandora’s Box right? ..and that’s where it was buzzing right?!”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition July 23rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 25th
HOH James Next HOH July 28th
Original Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-23 18-40-13-163

6:35pm James walks by the safari room and moons Paulie, Corey, Paul and Victor. Natalie heads up to the HOH room with Natalie. She asks him about what other twists they’ve had other seasons. Natalie says lets brain storm some.. If I had my wooden spoon my brain juices would be working harder. That door over there is Pandora’s Box right (the other door in the HOH room) .. and that’s where it was buzzing right?! James says yeah. Natalie says that the girls were saying Frank, Bridgette, and Victor are the next targets. That’s what the girls were saying. James asks what about after? Natalie says that’s why I’m asking you.. you know more than I do. Please don’t say anything to anyone. James says when have you ever heard anyone say James said. And if you do then please come talk to me because its not true. Natalie says Bridgette is a force to be reckoned with ..she can win comps and she’s good at them. I’m calling it right now if Bridgette stays she is winning HOH next week. Natalie says if I’m a target they’ll never tell you. James says I’ve got people in the house that will tell me. Natalie asks who’s target would I be .. I can’t win anything. James says you would just be a pawn. He tells her good job for getting to jury. Natalie thanks James for helping get her there.

Clues to the Secret Room

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-23 18-44-06-576

7pm – 8:10pm The house guests are sitting around chatting and napping. They’re all waiting around for the POV to start.

8:15pm – 8:30pm Safari room – Frank and Bridgette are talking. Frank says if I have to go to jury .. I’ll get up before everyone, turn on Netflix and not let anyone else pick what to watch. No f**ks given. Part of me does think if I do stay the boys are going to work with me but part of me thinks that might be a big charade. I’d like to think if I can get Da out, things would change for me. Maybe this will be a good week for us. Go out and win it tonight.

Bridgette says we walk back in after the veto and there’s a power that we can take each other off. That would be sweet. Frank says help a dictator and cabbage patch kid out. Right!? Bridgette says F**King Big Meech edit. Frank says its not even an edit its f**king segment .. you f**king mook. Like they have to do a Big Meech segment because no one knows who the f**K you are. Its true. Like f**k she’s playing in the damn veto .. we better tell everyone who the f**k you are. That’s the first thing she’s to me since the nomination ceremony. We have to be humble and eat sh*t sandwiches all f**king week.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-23 20-24-57-098

8:30pm Big Brother calls Natalie to the diary room .. (veto will likely start soon because she’s the POV host.)

8:40pm The feeds are blocked for the Power of Veto competition..

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Go Fridgette

I hate this week. Hope Frank and Bridgette pull a miracle.

And f*** those mean girls. The way they treat Bridgette is nasty. Michelle, Z and Da can go home.


Don’t forget Nicole most of all

sunny dee

bridget specifically left Nicole off the list.

bridget also seems to miss how much she talked about others.


Nicole and Z are playing Big Husbands instead of Big Brother.


What did Nicole day?


Don’t forget Bridgette wasn’t so nice either. She was saying shit about the girls too. It goes both ways.

Crazy Stuff

For Bridgette to be a woman her mouth is like a sailor. What’s up with her. When she look back at the BB18 game she is going to be a shamed and embarrassed how everything pretty much came out her mouth was dirty. She is not lady like at all. Trying to be something she not which is “HARD”. Girl Please!###

Cabbage Patch Turd

Bridgette is the meanest of the mean girls.


Bridget was the mean girl first. You can’t be the mean girl when you’re on top, then boohoo and play the victim when people fight back and you’re on the bottom.


I totally agree. Brig shouldn’t have threatened to shave off Michelle’s eyebrows. And Brigette is the one always calling the other girls b**ches. Frank and Brig need to go home. Ans Nicole needs to put aside the romantic notions and play the game because Corey is going to stab her in the back at any time


Seriously though people seem to forget that with all her I’m a victim nonsense


Go Fridgette….I totally agree with you. I hope they both stay. With the exception of Natalie, the rest of the girls are nasty witches, and I can’t wait to see the tears when they go on the block. They feel so secure right now, and don’t even try to play the game. With the exception of Frank, the other 3 vets are a huge disappointment for me. Nicole is a horny toad just looking for a boyfriend. DaVonne and James are just like they were on their first season. DaVonne acting like the bitch, and James without a spine. I am afraid if Frank leaves this week, that “Don Paulie” will just skate to the end, and the balance of the season will be extremely boring.

sunny dee

frank isn’t going to take Paulie out, he thinks they are working together. the only way he’d find out they are not is if he gets evicted and paulie does a ‘i masterminded all this’ farewell speech. if he stays in, he’s still not going after any male HG period, other than picking off the stragglers like Vic and Paul.

It sounds like vic couldn’t be nominated, nothing really showing that or not, but someone made a comment that made it sound like he wasn’t an option.

really, in order for a change to actually happen (as in put paulie in danger) is for day to become HOH. if frank is gone, he’s about the only one she would target, so she’d do paulie and corey, and replace with someone no one is going to vote out or victor as an OK he can go, option. if she was able, she’d pull him in to work with her, but he wants so bad to be one of the boys, he’s already in with frank/paulie/corey team


With all the pranks and hiding and whatnot that James was always doing I figured he’d be the one to realize there’s a secret room to find with those clues.


Can’t wait to find out who won the Veto! If it’s not Frank or Bridgette then I’m sure Frank will find the hidden room soon


I agree. What I’m confused about is do the hg even know they’re supposed to be looking for clues?


you can tell by some of the conversations, that production had to force out some clues to certain HG’s. all of a sudden they are questioning specific things in rooms. smh…. these idiots have no clue.


Julie made a comment to them on eviction night to check the boxes and be ready or something like that. Then something about expect the unexpected. The HG’s all had puzzled looks on their faces like what did she say. So not sure they caught on.

Yeah yeah

Yeah yeah the girls are nasty mean girls right? … But Frank, ass slapping Frank, misogynist Frank, farting Frank, nasty lying Frank is a hero.
.. There is a problem here
Go figure.


The problem is just how boring your life must be.

BB ever

Frank may be don’t have manners, but he is not mean

toot toot

The average person produces about half a liter of farts every single day, 14 – 28 and even though many women won’t admit it, women do fart just as often as men. It is healthy to let farts go. It is not recommended that you leave a fart in you can suffer dizziness and headaches. our colon becomes bloated, and theoretically, the methane and other lethal gases could add enough toxins to your blood to poison you!

Get over the ass slapping Frank apologized sincerely about offending her. Da could have said she found it insulting at the onset. She played tit for tat with Frank – she called him a Douche he responded with slut.


Sure hope they show the POV on BBAD.

Coaster Dive

Frank should be embarrassed if he can’t win a physical POV against this lineup. He’s got it in the bag. But, if he chokes, there’s always the supapowa.

Tonight on 2020

So basically people in the house now to look for clues to the secret room because the secret room is upstairs next to James room where there’s a buzzing. . . so there are some pretty big clues to start looking for clues a buzzing room would definitely tell me I need to figure this out… so it’s kind (rigged) for someone to find it .. now do I think it’s rigged for Frank I don’t know everybody on the site seem to think the battle back was rigged for Tiffany to come back so I don’t know ….

just saying

If I heard ringing behind a door in the hoh room I’d kick that bitch off the hinges especially if I was Hoh. Would be cool if they had put the room behind a wardrobe in the hoh and if you found the key you could enter Narnia


Win the veto Frank !!! If he doesn’t win I’m figuring the drama will begin with the secret room Then we can all stress over whether he will be the one all week and be able to save himself. Why do I enjoy this crazy game so much !! It will be like Christmas to me when Paulie goes on the block. I’m so tired of trying to watch BBAD and listen to the F word every other word. Someone needs to ask him if he kisses his momma with that mouth. Just stop.


I only kiss my dad.


In the previous thread, I did ask if he kissed his mother with that mouth. On Jokers, they noted he dropped 38 F bombs in something like 3 minutes. As Lady Violet Crawley once said, “Vulgarity is no substituion for wit” so that means Paulie is totally witless. And he’s a foul mouthed jerk.


Weird that pov is starting so late! I dont think they have ever showed pov on feeds or after dark. Does anyone know if they have b4? I hope frank wins pov or gets a power. Im tired of a one sided house where these girls dont have to do nothin and just skate by week by week.


It was extremely hot outside that’s why they delayed the POV


There’s been a whole lot of smoke from the fires, they may have waited until the wind shifted a bit. During the day it was blowing towards town. It’s hard to breathe that stuff.

Tonight on 2020

OK I just have to say this because everybody is harping on Nicole Z and big Meech being these horrible horrible Mean to the other girls .but the fact of it is (oh and day ) the fact of it is that when the show first began the Spy Girls separated themselves from the other girls ….and they all cliked up together …now I don’t remember Bohnet being all that wonderfully friendly and sweet and kind and wonderful to the other side of the house no ..bridge talks like a freaking sailor like seriously are her parents in the Navy because her mouth is a major potty mouth one side became more powerful than the other but believe me the spy girls were in control they would be being just as mean and Caddy as the other girls. Now does any of this excuse bad behavior no it does not meeh is on a whole Nother level but I really believe that both sides contributed to this problem… and just for the record Frank has said some really mean things to the girls and nobody is going on and on about that .

Punt It

Oh, I wouldn’t say they were Caddy. I think they were quite Seville.


The word is catty.

Tonight on 2020

And I’m not understanding all the Nicole hatred.I don’t think she’s being really mean to bridge and if she is why does Frank want to work with her so bad.Frank seems to really really want to work with her for real . Now if you don’t like Nicole because she likes Cory I’m still not understanding all the hatred towards her .do I think it’s good that she’s completely thrown a way her game for Cory when he will not do the same no obviously that it dumb like why would she do that . But I do not believe that makes for a bad person because she fell for a boy …the only way CBS can stop Romance in the house is to get really ugly people I guess.. I mean from everything I am reading on this site Seems like you all want somebody to be really mean the paulie but the girls acting mean to bridge to separate herself in the beginning of the show is just too much and they’re all just mean mean girls . People are mad at Paul for brown nosing but the girls not brown nosing bridge that just mean This is big brother you’re not there to make friends or fall in love right you’re there to play game they don’t have to be nice to bridge if they don’t want to but do I think they should be yes throwing away the girls cookies is just horrible like why would you do that how does it help your game hiding a gorilla is childish be going out of your way just to be mean to bridge is not kind but I am an outsider looking in ….

Powder Puff Girls

You forgot to mention Da – Z and Da laughed at Tiffany while she was crying – Tiffany had her eyes covered they did it right next to her, Da also patronized her at the same time. I think Natalie may win America’s favourite player if James does not win it again. She is very nice and caring and has gone to both Tiffany and Bridgette when the other HGs gave them the cold shoulder. Even Paulie told the HGs not to communicate withTiffany to make her feel bad (he used different words). He should get a mean girl status for that comment.


Well Paul is back to being the as*hole he was back in the first couple weeks of the season.

Also what exactly is the reason for Paul’s animosity towards Frank? It seems to be no history to back of the anger.

Powder Puff Girls

He is just doing it to please Paulie to be one of the the cool kids.

Joe Kerr

Because all the cool kids hate him, so he has to find a way to…fit in.

*cue music*

Why am I such a mis-fit…


Man, I’m watching BBAD and I thought that we were going to get the chace to see the POV. They’re showing type the Battle Back Competition. Live feeds showing Jeff. So disappointed.

Titty Boss

Everyone here has an IQ below 96

What's with the directing ?

More like it’s rigged for James. Now that people are saying , James is the great brain that will be the one to solve the secret room.
Your wish is now the producers command.
He’s on the most popular poll
So why not right?



Frank wins POV and saves himself.
James nominates Paul.
Bridgette is voted out.
Frank wins HOH.
Frank nominates James and Natalie.
Frank wins POV.
Frank keep noms the same.
Natalie finds the secret room.
Natalie uses her superpower to replace herself with Victor.
Victor is voted out.

What are those?

What are those 2 pictures of? Is that supposed to be the secret room? Was that shown on the feeds?


I do feel bad for Bridgitte and also felt bad for Tiffanty. There is no reason why they can’t treat each other with respect. Their hatred is only hurting them in the long run. By hating others they take away their own peace. You can tell by looking at them these are not happy girls. Da’Vonne walks around like she is mad at the world and has a chip on her shoulder. Michelle is not a happy person and Zakiyah is full of insecurities. Stop hating and maybe they would be happier and more at peace with themselves.

Frank all the way...

Frank for the win!!!


I think James messed up his game and will be gone in the next 2or3 weeks cause if Frank goes he’s basically clearing the pad for Paulie to win the game. cause Paulie and Da’vonne know they can’t get Frank out on they on so they got James to do they dirty work for them. telling him the house want Frank gone but how does that benefit James none because Frank was looking out for James kind of. and paulie got all his buddies running and telling them every thing Paul, Corey, Z, Nic, Mich, all tell him things and would choose getting rid of James than Paulie anyday. cause all the girls & guys like him think he’s the coolest. and they all are over James pranks. and also Paulie has Corey,& Paul, and Z, Paul has Victor who does James have Nat.


James is Paulie’s bitch. Only reason he’s on top of the favorite list is because of all the women that watch this show who are more into watching the bachelor and wanting to see James find love then actually wanting to see BB stertegic play!


Sounds like they know where the room is but not that there’s a way to currently get there. I’m pretty sure the producers will start giving clues and the longer it takes the more obvious the clues become. They don’t want to waste the “twist”.


I would think Frank has to know that Paulie isn’t on his side. Even though he talks to him like they are on the same side. How could he be so blind to that?

love this show

Bridgette grow up and own how hateful you were and still are to the other ladies in the show!!!!! You started the catty attitude with your horrible comments first. Frank OMG get a clue you are not the Godfather of BB act your age and realize without your mentor from your season you would have been a nobody. James I love ya bud but please think with the head on top of your shoulders. Enough said I am done.

Powder Puff Girls

Frank is obviously a somebody if he was invited back to play a second season. Far from being a nobody, with all the warts he is the best player so far this season.

Crazy Stuff

I have no respect for Bridgette her mouth is dirty and she is the mean girl. Very hateful!


Wow Michelle… Worst OTEV winner in BB history. W.T.F.


Damn Michelle won, this sucks really really bad. I can’t stand 70% of the people that are going to be left after this week


BIG MEECH pulled out the win in the OTEV comp! I cant wait to see the show tomorrow. I love OTEV. Lol.

Buford Anderson

Big Meech won the veto!


OMG Michelle won the pov


It was OTEV comp…completed in under 2 hrs. Michelle won

So anyway...

I repeat….Paulie, Michelle and Paul are running the house. I hope they all don’t get to the final two.

Ken Adams

” Frank says help a dictator and cabbage patch kid out. Right!? Bridgette says F**King Big Meech edit. Frank says its not even an edit its f**king segment .. you f**king mook. Like they have to do a Big Meech segment because no one knows who the f**K you are. Its true. Like f**k she’s playing in the damn veto .. we better tell everyone who the f**k you are. That’s the first thing she’s to me since the nomination ceremony. We have to be humble and eat sh*t sandwiches all f**king week.”<<————-ONE of the best rants I have heard/read in a long time, I was laughing out loud and read it again. Big Meech haha if I hadn't seen that the other day I wouldnt have known who the F it was.
lols @ Shit sammiches, its so true.


Frank is a little biotch! How are you going to hog Netflix so nobody else can watch any movies on purpose in jury? He is one mean ass little biotch! Get your ass smacking crap talking racist behind out of there! I don’t see how some people can even stomach his entitled attitude. Hit the road A-hole so that i can see your back followed by Bridget then Nicol. Im sick of you “entitled” skanks! I see Frank’s keeping his hands to himself lately….Im so glad frank will get booted out BEFORE Da and that alone is going to kill his hating arse