“Battle Back” Competition Spoilers


Battle Back competition results

Feeds have been down since yesterday afternoon due to CBS wanting to keep it a secret who won the Battle Back competition.

How does the Battle Back work?

One of the First Five Evicted Houseguests Will Battle Their Way Back Into the Game in a “Survive and Advance”-Style Competition

Glenn competes against Jozea, The winner of that competes against Victor. The winner of that competes against Bronte and the winner of that competes against Tiffany. The winner of that final competition is BACK IN THE GAME.

The Results of the “Battle Back” Competition Will Air Exclusively During a Special
“Big Brother,” Friday, July 22, Where the Last Evictee Standing Will Return to the Game

When the feeds come back tonight We’ll know who came back, The HOH and the Nominations. It’s a big night on the feeds. The game could look completely different from where we left it yesterday.
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Round 1 – Glenn vs Jozea – It’s the same balance beam berry comp from earlier in the season – They have to gather 10 berries for 2 columns (20 berries total). If they fall the whole column resets. They also have 1 bonus berry that will reset the opponents currents column.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-22 17-10-58-685

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-22 17-10-59-566

Round 2 – Victor vs Jozea – It’s the tennis “BB Open” Jozea tosses his balls at Victor’s face. Victor tosses his balls at Jozea’s face. Victor wins this round and advances to the next round.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-22 17-22-55-124

Round 3 – Bronte vs Victor – Bronte tells Victor there isn’t a single person in the house that likes him. In this round there are 3 tv screens showing them different photos. They have to answer 6 questions about the photos. Victor wins! Bronte tells him not to trust anyone.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-22 17-32-54-364

Round 4 – They have to search for puzzle pieces to complete their puzzle. There are also dj announcements on times they have to remember and fill in the right puzzle pieces on the wall.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-22 17-41-50-574

Glenn Vs Jozea, Winner = Jozea
Jozea VS Victor, Winner = Victor
Victor Vs Bronte, Winner = Victor
Victor vs Tiffany, Winner = Victor

Battle Back Winner is = VICTOR

Tiffany tells Victor to trust Frank and NOT DaVonne.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-22 17-47-37-835

Julie Chen tells the house guests that one of the first 5 evicted was returning through the Battle Back Competition. Paulie says DAMNIT I evicted two of them. The door bell rings.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-22 17-55-44-206

Julie tells the viewers that in the house there are clues that lead to a secret room where inside it will unlock a secret power. The living room Departures board along with destination signs are clues to a secret room that will only be in play for the next 4 weeks.


Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-22 17-56-28-892

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Team Glenn

Let’s do this!


I guess that didn’t work out too well for you. I feel like Gleen never really got a chance to play cause he never got voted out he just lost competitions which can be said about every other house guest still in the house right now

Close call Corey

And Corey was a half a heartbeat away from getting evicted instead of Glenn.


I can’t already see Victor winning this kind of competition

Butters Mom

CBS is promoting this as a first in BB History comp and even showing it on an SPECIAL extra day and reusing the sam comp they have already used this season…LAME. LOW BUDGET CBS!


I liked that they used the same comps.

Billy Bot

Need to have the Battle Back winner be the new HOH. That could rock the house.


Okay who really thought Glenn was going to win?..not me, saw that coming a mile away.

sunny dee

i know BB comps, they are 99% about physical athletics, and 1% other. i mean, doing a puzzle on a wall, is physical. running back and forth to see the pics and then answer the questions is still physical, because the fastest runner (or climber) is still going to win. a puzzle when you know what you are putting together of course, is still mentally challenging but it was still designed to be a guy’s comp. the only way it wasn’t is if bronte managed to get the answers right by using her brain instead of guess work, because victor got the answers right by going back and checking before changing pics. still speed based really.

i said on recaps yesterday it would be Victor unless something very unusual happened (as in they were all comps that would have zero physical work in them, and how they going to do that considering these people have not been in the house, they aren’t getting before and after or true/false stuff.


The Phallic jokes are just way too easy for Vixtor and Jozea’s competition


Where’s Corey when you need him?

Jimmy Crocket

It’s funny because gay is icky, even though we’re supposed to not think so.


Omg I hate them all… Ummm go Glen? Since h3 for scrwed out of a chance ..


Well, that Jozea spoiler was bull****


Ugh of who’s left this thing sucks. I hope they have the sense to send the damn person right back out the door thursday..


“Victor VS Victor, Winner = Victor”

You don’t say. LOL


LOL crap .. thanks


He beat himself, vigorously


Omg I cant handle this.. I’ll have to come back after it’s all posted in getting anxiety. I hope Bronte comes back because she’s useless. Only for boring purposes. I hate u tiff. Stay away. If it’s tiff and Victor (we know Bronte won’t win ) we r in for trouble. Just turn around and send them back guys!!!


Not a Victor fan, but he is BETTER the Jozea, so glad he beat him


is HOH going to be played tonight? I know they will not show it until Sunday. But when will it take place?


I’m sure once the feeds come on we’ll know who won the HOH today


I was hoping Glenn was coming back. Next person in line is Victor. I hate that when he comes back he will be on Frank side. I don’t want anybody coming back that is going after the girls. Tbc..,,


Paul is Victor’s boy so once he finishes talking to him he’ll end up aligned with Paulie (you watch) that and Victor wanted Vanessa out originally anyway. Still, he’ll probably have Da’Vonne high on his hit list just b/c P & P dol. I wonder if they’ll try to oust him immediately again given the house will know he had to win 3 comps to return so he’ll be viewed as a comp beast.

The question is will they target Frank/Brig/Da first or decide to immediately go after Victor. That’s what Frank said when they were discussing a pre-jury buy back. Though Frank did say if it happens we send them right back out….. UNLESS IT’S ONE OF US (typical in house mentality).


If Bronte is NSA material the States are in trouble.


Come on Tiffany!!!


ugh!!! This is nerve wrecking. I’m so happy he beat toddler voice Bronte. NoW it’s the amaZonian Tiffany. It’s a complete toss up who wins this. Tbc…


…but Victor has a whiney/nasally voice, too. His Jon Snow looks are A+ but that voice has got to go.


Pls let vic win the last one
I cant handle more of tiffany.


I wonder if they just modified the backyard right after the original comps for the battle back while the house guests were still in lockdown. That’s what it looks like to me.


I thought they might have done it in another studio. Would have been alot of work for production to set up 4 comps in 2days. I don’t get why they had to wait 5 weeks to do the comps and keep 4 people sequestered. Would have been easier to start after Jozae was evicted since their battles were what the next HOH comp was. Winner goes on, loser goes home…but I guess they couldn’t do a special show without spoilers.


I think that that is Jessie voice during this victor and Tiffany comp. lol


This was sooo set up just in case Frank or any of the vets were booted out right away. As were the teams. Put in place in order to save the vets longer. Such bull. Hilariously enough, none of these Battle Back people are vets. I hope Tiffany gets this!


Woo Hooo!! Let the bodies hit the floor let the bodies hit the floor lmao. So happy Victor pulled this one off. They are facing a rude awaking when they find out Vic is back. I know he has his mind fixed on taking out Paulie but if he was smart he would come in humble, be everybody friend, don’t talk game with anyone until he feels out the mood/situation of the house,and just win comps.
Bye tiff and Bronte.


He’s a good competitor but clueless about the game. Hopefully he’ll take tiffanys advice and team up with frank and not douche Paulies side.

I thought tiff left with dignity. I’m proud of her.


Victor did say that he regretted some that he aligned with and CBS shows him and the messiah, Jozea, hugging. He also said that he’d go after Paulie if he got back in.
He seemed to have a good relationship with Paul when he left.
The dilemma now is that Paul worships Paulie and maybe vice versa… That haircut says it all.
I hope Victor takes Tiffany’s advise and listens to Frank, and goes for Paulie and the other showmance. The only one between them, that has surprisingly good instincts, so far, is Corey!?! What happened with not letting a boy derail your game, Nicole?! I liked Paulie at first, but am now over his Don Mafioso act. With Zakeyah, the same. James and Natalie not included in this and I’m not wanting them out.
I just hope that Victor isn’t misted by Paul to go to Paulie’s side. That would be a shame.


Paul says to Victor “nice beard”….thinking “wanna haircut bro”

So anyway...

???? Sorry Tiff lost but glad it’s to Victor. I hope he evicts Paulie.


Damn it Tiffany!!!! Wtf that was your comp!!!!! I actually kind’ve hope Victor wins HOH now though…


They should dock some of Tiffany pay for trying to give out advice to Victor. I hope he is smart and know that that was Tiffany battle and not his when he comes back to the house. I think Day hit the worst nerve on Tiff when she was singing during her eviction.


Nope she’s right. He should definitely work with Frank. I’m sure she told him other valuable info that CBS just didn’t show, which is great because nobody wants to see 1 side dominate all season.


Yes. I was praying she would tell him that. When she said it I was like yes tiff!! Thank you!!!! Lol

And to the op, the hg always tell the returnee crap sometimes DURING a comp. They have done that every since I can remember. It’s not against any rules.

doubt it

That’s an oddly specific and purely random thing to be praying for…


It’s called a figure of speech. Google it.


Hopefully Paul doesn’t get in Vic’s ear and he can team with Frank to get Pauline and that idiot Nicole out. Secret room? There’s no way production will use that to help keep a HG in the game will they? Surely not


So true! I hope he’s learned not to just trust anyone with the loudest voice, and doesn’t let Paul sway him to Paulie’s side. I liked that he might have listened to some of Tiffany’s advice and sat by Frank when he came in. So ready for feeds tonight!


So that is what she meant by secrets. Most of the house guests will stumble upon the room only by sheer dumb luck


“Dumb” being the key word in that sentence. This gang couldn’t tear their way out of a paper bag.


I’m sure there will be some helpful “hints” from the DR. I can see some house guests getting the hint: The room is between the bathroom mirror and the Safari room, just push the center panel.

sunny dee

secret room is a ridiculous idea if they aren’t told that there is one, why would anyone go looking for a secret room that they don’t know is even possible.


The feeds don’t come on for another 3 hours so I’m guessing that the HOH will be played right now and they all had endurance comp clothes on.

NSA Mathlete

Bridget, Paul, James, or Nat win a wall endurance comp. Yes?


It’s because the show hasn’t aired yet on the West Coast.


Everybody see Frank plant his self next to Victor! He can’t wait to manipulate Victor to get him on his team. If Paulie was smart he would go to Victor and bring James, Paul, and Corey with him and talk so Victor would get the vibe that Tiff and Frank were just the misfits of the house. Victor got evicted last time for being part of a Misfit group .


victor went and sat beside frank


Lol right. Team Vic isn’t so much team Vic if they want him to side with icky Paulie no mance side.



It does not appear as though Paulie has any interest in working with Victor.

If Victor puts his trust in “Your Boy The Muffin Man Paul,” Paul may steer Victor in the wrong direction. Paul alone in the house appears to have erroneously trust Paulie. Paulie could manipulate Paul into making it seem as though “it’s a One Hundred Percent clean slate with Victor.” With Paulie really working to get Victor out of The Big Brother House.

Paulie has been safe being a member of Frank’s team. It does not seem as though Frank has been interested in winning HOH during the Big Brother Team set up.

The HOH Power has appears to have gone to Paulie’s head.

It would be nice to see Frank / Bridgette win HOH. This would allow the viewers to see how the rest of the players adjust to the change in power.

Even if Victor wins HOH, it will be interesting to see the house adjust to the change in power. Hopefully Victor would nominate Paulie.

Nat, Nicole, Z, Paulie, James have talked about hiding if Victor comes back into the house. I never saw Victor behave in a hostile manner in the house. If Victor did ask Nat out on a date, why would this be so upsetting for Nat? When in the house Victor cleaned up after each of the HGs, cleaned The Big Brother House, and walked around talking too much. Hopefully Victor’s eviction has allowed Victor to learn how to refrain from telling everyone valuable information, information that Victor should “play close to the vest.”

Frank does appear to understand that the only currency in The Big Brother House is loyalty. It appears as though Frank’s challenge in playing the game of Big Brother is that others view him as a competition beast and therefore it makes it easy for The House “Mob Mentality” to label Frank as a dangerous target and threat. It does not seem as though Frank’s challenge is honesty, being forthcoming, and loyalty.

Battle Back Comments

– I feel bad for Glenn :/ I hope that he got some money out of it.
– Jozea –my goodness…so freaking annoying
– It was a little boring…
– Go Victor!! (AKA: Jon Snow of Big Brother –mostly because of his hair and he sort of came back from the dead :D)


I’m glad Tiff gave Victor the heads up about Da. Also Paulies hair ???? Looks like a big squirrel’s tail on his head. ICK Why on earth would he want to look like Paul? I don’t get it but to each his own.


Did u see how Vic took notice of the matching hair do’s of his boy Paul and his enemy Paulie? Lol…


Bet he could still get almost any girl he wants with that hair though lmao

Powder Puff Girls

Was Da the only HG not to greet Victor with a hello or a hug? Or did I miss seeing it?

Texas Star

You’re right, Da seemed none too pleased. Neither did James.

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

Yeah James won’t be to happy. What’s sad is it doesn’t have anything with Vic being a comp beast. He’s worried about his snuggle buddy. I would love to be a fly on the wall when James is sitting in a bar 3 months from now and he realizes ” I pissed away a chance for 500G for a girl that I will never talk to again”. Dumb a$$!!!

Jimmy 64

I’m glad those early reports that said Jozea won weren’t true
Hooray we don’t have to see JOZEA ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!


From the eternal darkness I will rise again and re enter the hou ….. oh crap ..

Only you...

Only you, Jozea, would spelled your own name wrong…

Mel C Sick

I’m just glad it’s not Tiffany.


Well good, now you can sip your haterade in silence.


I just hope one of the winners goes after Paulie. Starting to like Frank which I never thought I would say. Love James but he is not playing the game. Want to see Paulie, Corey, Nicole and Michelle sweat it out this week.


Frank abuses and molests women. But, he worked with my favorite crazy person for a week out of necessity, so heck, I’ll root for that gasbag. You betcha!


I am now team Frigette. Never thought I’d say that either.




Dawg/Simon are the feeds up?
Who won the HOH?


9pm PST / 12:00am EST

Looks like The Live Feeds will come back when BBAD on POP begins Saturday July 23 Midnight EST / 9pm PST.

Hope this helps!


Without a doubt the secret room has to do with the British Phone booth. To my knowledge they’ve never had a phone in the house. Why is it there? I was looking at a picture of the departure board online. All those cities from the posters are on it. What if they have to enter the numbers corresponding to those cities on the phone and something unlocks?


You’ve been in the DR! 😉
In all seriousness, that’s an awesome guess at how it might work.

Jimmy Crocket

Frank is the luckiest bad player in the history of BB. He gets saved with twist after twist. And now, when the teams break up and he is exposed what walks through the front door? A bigger target and a powerful ally.






Now we’ll see.
It didn’t seem like James was jumping for joy like some of the others when Victor came back. I really hope this doesn’t affect the thing he has going with Natalie. She seemed obsessed with Victor at the beginning.
I guess now we’ll see where her head is really at.
I just hope she doesn’t hurt the kid.

Jimmy Crocket

James is her meal ticket. She won’t cut him until the well runs dry.


Provide one piece of evidence to support that.

I’ll wait.


The people that don’t believe this still think Will and Janelle are married because they know true love when they see it.


I’m sorry but some of you are stubborn as hell. The girl is completely into James. It’s obvious as hell. The fact some of you continue to doubt that says a lot about you.


So you can’t “see where her head is at” when she tells James she likes him, tells everyone in the house she likes him, and tells America she likes him?


It would be more convincing if she wasn’t so aware every time a camera turns on to them. The whole “you really hurt me” drama seemed meant for tv (camera time). I like James – not so much his game right now because he doesn’t have one, but in general – and I want to see him find someone. I just don’t think Natalie is for real. Hope I’m wrong.


While I’m sure James is a good guy, Natalie probably only flirts with him because she’s bored and it’s fun. I mean there are only five guys in the house (excluding victor) and of those five James is the least offensive.


Bronte showed her mean b*tchy side again when she told Victor that “nobody in that house likes you”, Her I am a nerd who plays an honest game and talks in a baby voice persona is fake. She is not very nice just like she wasn’t before Josea was booted and her alliance found out how low on the totem pole they were.

Texas Star

Bronte was the worst kind of fake mean girl.


I see Tiff is salty telling Vic not to trust Day. Vic is only interested in getting Paulie out


I couldn’t disagree more. Tiffany gave him the absolute perfect, correct advice. Love her for that.


I wonder if Paul’s wonky vote will get exposed now!

Powder Puff Girls

I can see Paul brag about being Pauie’s pool boy, being a double agent, and giving Victor protection if he runs with him!


no victor sited next to frank frank did not sit next to victor I hope those two work together

Just Sayin'

I thought Tiff was supposed to have this 140+ almost genius IQ. The POV ice cream puzzle was uber simple and she couldn’t beat Corey who at first was doing nothing but try and copy her? Then Vic (granted who is no dummy like Corey) beats her in another puzzle. I think it is time for a retest.


The battle back puzzle wasn’t just mental. You cant judge someones IQ off an ice cream competition in big brother lol. Wtf


Now victor’s back this should get interesting (I hope) .


Good job Victor . now go shake up the house.

Rubber Ducky

Hurry up, Pacific States! Why are you always holding up the live feeds for the rest of us?


dawg it would been a good twist if the battle winner would of been made HOH

One Drop

My new boot order (because you want to know):


Quoth the Maven

There are so many people I want to see leave next, I find it impossible to select a preferred order!

what about...

JAMES? lol


The final two are not evicted.


My boot order:
1) Paulie
2) Da’Vonne
3) Zakiyah
4) Michelle
I don’t care about the rest…