James – “you are a well oiled beast machine.. “

POV Holder: ? POV Competition July 23rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 25th
HOH James Next HOH July 28th
Original Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Nicole, Zakiyah, Michelle

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Big-Brother-18 2016-07-23 11-12-27-368

10:57am Bathroom Natalie, Bridgette, Frank
Frank asks Natalie if she would use the veto if she won.
Natalie says yes.
Frank saying Paulie will play for Frank and Bridgette is best pick someone she can beat or that will use it on her. Suggests Natalie because she’ll use it on you and Michelle because she won’t win.

Frank says his only option other than Paulie would be Michelle or Zakiyah two of the weaker competitors.

Frank wants them to have a chance they need that POV win, “There’s more heat on me..” he tells her she’ll stay if they Nominations stay the same.
Bridgette says she doesn’t want to be stuck in this game “With these a$$holes”

Natalie tells them they can do it they can win the Veto. Suggests there is a Jury buyback. Frank doesn’t see they’re being another buyback.
Bridgette wonders if the guys were being real to them in the safari room where they said if the POV is played they will flip the house. Brigette doesn’t think they have the b@lls to pull that off. Frank points out they would need James’ blessing first.
Natalie – I want to be honest with you I was not part of the choosing..

Frank – I’m not made at James I’m annoyed by all the drama comments.. He said all the drama is because of me.. He didn’t have to say that sh1t that shit is on TV.. I don’t want James out I want a lot of other people out

Natalie – Everyone is a liar I’m realizing that
Frank asks Natalie to look after Bridgette after he leaves.
Bridgette asks if theres something they could “Pull out of their asses”

Natalie suggests Bridgette talk to Michelle and Zakiyah and try to hash things out.
Bridgette says she tried but Michelle said about her quote “Everytime she walks into a room I want to vomit “
Frank confirms Michelle said that.
Bridgette – they wanted to nominate me on my birthday
Natalie points out how Victor is integrating back in.
Frank – trust me, Vic is next on the chopping block.. They’re keeping him cool until they can get the rest of us out..

Frank says everyone was trying to be cool with him last week but once they can get him out they will try.

Bridgette doesn’t want to pick Michelle says she will sabotage her.
Frank says the two people that will use the veto are Natalie and Maybe Corey if he doesn’t want to pick MIchelle, Zakiyah she should pick one of those two. Natalie being first.

Frank says he thought the best chance for them both was Bridgette coming off the block but this morning Frank was told by Paulie he’s the target.

Frank says Bridgette still would have a good chance of making after Frank leaves. Warns that those girls will still come after her.
Bridgette – I can beat them

Natalie says this game is all luck
Frank says Bridgette is on the block because of Catty girls that don’t like her because she has a positive personality.
Bridgette says paulie was going to tape her ankle up before the last HOH competition because she had sprained it a few weeks back. The “Girls” got bad at Paulie for helping her. Adds that Corey mentioned to her that they get mad at him for talking to her. (Michelle and Zakiyah are the girls)
Bridgette – just wait until they f***g turn on you nat. .. I didn’t ask for this

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-23 11-20-38-946
11:20am Natalie and Bridgette
Natalie – Get yourself off the block.. Play as hard as you can get yourself off..

Natalie is still trying to figure out why Michelle hates Bridgette so much. ASks “Did you say something… do something”
Bridgette – it’s 100% personal..

Bridgette – Da’Vonne came up with Cabbage patch kid and comparing me to other seasons..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-23 11-39-48-602

11:31am Safari Room Bridgette and JAmes

James says He knows he promised her he wouldn’t put her yup. Blames it on being tired and having a lot of people in his ear.
James – A lot of people wanted you and Frank on the block.
James says he’s not against putting a second target up if Bridgette/Frank come down.
James says he doesn’t feel bad for putting Frank up.
James – I told him I want to work with Frank but his name is all over the house.
James – Natalie didn’t want me to put you up

James – she had your back.. I’m sorry I understand if you put me up
James – you are a well oiled beast machine..
(The HOH was endurance Bridgette and Frank were the last 2 standing)
James says if it’s Bridgette and Frank left on the block Frank is leaving, “He knows I would rather you stay in the game I don’t think he’ll ever get the heat off him.. “
Jame s- I hope you stay in the game.. If I can help it I will help
Bridgette – I just have to win the Veto I guess.
Bridgette – I’m going to pick Nat
James – fine I want you to pick Nat..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-23 12-33-42-867

12:22pm – 1Everyone but Bridgette and Natalie sleeping..

Bridgette going on about the what the mean girls did to her.. Again brings up Corey and PAulie getting in shit for talking to her. Natalie gets fired up sayss he’ll talk to whoever she wants.
Natalie says she knows what it’s like to have nothing in life she’s experienced more than most people in the house will in a life time, “I don’t talk sh1t about people.. I don’t do petty sh1t”

Bridgette – I trust you and I trust Frank you’re all I have.. and I trusted Bronte.. they have been playing us for 2 weeks..
Bridgette says Zakiyah, Da and Michelle are the big bullies.

Bridgette starts uploading all the stuff learnt from Tiffany last week. Fatal 5, 8 pack, things the girls said about them etc etc..

Bridgette regrets putting her hand down during the HOH comp. (From what I piece together HOH was endurance with Bridgette and James the final 2. James promised to not put her up so Bridgette dropped out.)
Natalie – I should have told him to fall.. If you fall i’ll give you a kiss.
Bridgette – I feel like i’m being played by everyone
Natalie – I feel like disposable income .. I wish James would have fallen.
Bridgette – I really trusted James.
Natalie – I know I told him that… I was like She really trusted you.

Bridgette says Da’Voenn told everyone Frank called her a sl*t and a whore says it was all bullshit
Natalie – but she was crying
Bridgette explains she’s trying to get all the girls against Frank putting the largest target she can on his back.

Zakiyah rolls in

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Road Rash

Get Frank out!


I think Frank makes for good TV. The rest will be a bit boring if he leaves. I know he’s a scoundrel, but he’s fun to watch. So sick of the C/N and P/Z showmances. Gag!

Another Anonymous

I don’t love the showmances either, but at least they aren’t as gag inducing as Austin and Liz last year. I find the people this season much easier to tolerate than those in BB17.


I think Nicole and Z behavior is downright desperate in how they are emotionally trying to trap Corey and Paulie. Nicole is an embarrassment as a return vet. Nicole and Z are over the brink in being obsessive in trying to walk out with husbands than the 500K prize. .


Nauseating it is. They are acting like middle schoolers.


Well, if you think about it, if you can sucker a guy into marrying you, you are in his wallet for the next 40-50 years. Thats worth a lot more than 500k


NO! He’s the one that keeps it interesting,he’s quite funny


it’s no surprise in the situation that Frank is in. hell, everyone watching should of known once Frank was introduced as a return vet that he would be public enemy #1. Frank has been the only one playing the game.he’s the only one who has had any logic and common sense not only to position himself in the game, but to help other position themselves in the game. I believe he honestly gave truthful analysis to Paulie and and Nicole to further their game with vital info that can help all them as allies. they cold up front backstabbed him. smh @ James if the reports is true that James promised Bridgette safety and she threw the HOH to him,

Another Anonymous

Yes, you are characterizing Frank’s positive attributes, but you are ignoring his negative ones. He is a fart machine. He hits people on the ass (because his whole family does that?!?). He had no idea that people viewed his behavior negatively or that they thought of him as a dictator. He is vulgar, boorish, and lacking in self-insight. Even after he heard the dictator comment, he continues to badger people relentlessly (and unsuccessfully–e.g., keeping Tiffany) to switch to his point of view. Sure, he is good at strategy and competitions, but that is only part of the game. He is weak in the social area, which is also key to success.


Will be interesting to see if this will be the week frank gets voted out.

If he does, corey, nicole zakiyah and paulie will be strong as long as they can get victor out.


I wish James would have put up Paul and Nicole


Hold up… Did I read that correctly?
The last 3 were James, Frank & Bridgette and James promised them he wouldn’t put them up, then immediately went against his word????
What a disgusting tactic. I would of never of thought James would do something like that just to be “the cool guy” for a week.


Irony or sarcasm?

Double D

That’s a typo above…The last 2 were James and Brigette. No mention of a deal.

Joe Kerr

That would mean he has balls.

Well, he DID get that haircut. So maybe he has some somewhere.

Joe Kerr

My bad. I was thinking about Paulie, not James. I deserve those thumbs down.


Looks like Frank or Brigette will be out the door next…kinda wish it was whiny Nicole.


Have the clue posters always been in the house since the beginning? I can’t remember


Yes they have


The clues have been there but I believe the allusion made was that the room was just now able to be accessed. There will have to be hints in the DR because the house guests knows there are hidden places in the house with a variety of access points because that’s how some of the camera guys gets around.


So many bad game players this season kind of sad cbs went for pretty instead of bb fans


BB fans on the show is over-rated.

Big Brother Is Life

Just because your a big brother fan does not mean you can play the game good. Like just cause you think you know the show don’t mean you are fit for it. When they out people who aren’t die hard fans they tend to play their own game. “Superfans” try to play like Derrick or Dan or Vanessa. Or try and it gets annoying. For example Michelle is the die hard super fan of this season but look at how she is playing. People like Paul who don’t know the game is actually integrating into his own player that moves him forward through the game. And that’s hard for someone with a Jace/Braden/Jeremy personality.


I am a Big Brother fan… outside the game I like to look at the strategy and what would be the best move…. inside the house. I would go bat crap Audrey-esque crazy. Blow Up everybody’s game, tell everybody what everybody else says about them…. call people dreadful human being…

Michelle: “Careful with those bricks you’re throwing honey… you might shatter your house.” … “Whats my problem with Michelle? she talks crap all day yet for some reason won’t do crap around the house.”

Nicole: “You would know somebody is sketchy honey… it must be like looking in a mirror.”

Corey: “Hey I’m gay I can look at Franks ass… isn’t that right Corey.” “I can’t believe you guys want to get Nicole out so you can have Corey to yourself… oh hey Nicole, I didn’t notice you sitting there.”

Paulie: “I bet your nickname is school was D-Bag.” “I am not staring at your ass… I am visualizing the target you have put on your back when people realize you talk mad crap about doing something and then don’t…. Dom Sketchy.”

Da’Vonne: “I know somebody did ____ and you can’t believe _____ so what’s new… been loyal to anyone today.” “Oh Girl, you’re not getting Frank out, that would require winning something.” “I don’t know why Nicole and them are threatened by you… seriously why be threatened?”

That would just be the start… I get bad when I am in a bad place. I need my private time and being a have not and having NO coffee… I know I would be a terrible houseguest. Just because you watched the feeds and the show does not mean you can adjust to the group dynamic and they have never done a BB History test about past seasons… really no advantage. You really also have to know yourself to win… I think that means more.


I would suck in the game. I have serious issues with being lied to and would flip. It’s not for me.




I hope Frank or Bridgette find the secret room. I definitely don’t want Paulie, Paul, Michelle, Da’Vonne, James or Chima to find it out of anyone else – if they even think to look for the clues. It seems like maybe a feeling of desperation would make a person try to search for a secret veto or some kind of power. The people who feel safe probably won’t even have it cross their minds.

DR Sesh...

Is it a coincidence that a secret power suddenly becomes available right when Frank goes on the block…?
Allison loves him, she’ll find a way to save him.


Yep. Production are Frank fans.


I don’t think so. Julie already said a secret was being revealed before they even knew the outcome of hoh etc.


Allison knew that the majority of the house had planned to put Frank up if they won…she knew. Hell, I knew.


Yeah but how would she know frank or Dora wouldn’t win? Doesn’t even mean either one of them will find it either.


Oh Yes Oh Yes Allison Grodner did know the outcome of that HOH beforehand – because she had RIGGED it for James!!!! And since she knew she’d RIGGED HOH for James, she also knew that she’d now need to create a special power (or ROOM!!) to RIG the next week for Frank’s safety!!!! And I also heard that she and Victor are cousins and used to have sex together – and that’s why the Battle Back was RIGGED for Victor!!!

This posting has been my impression of an idiot… thank you.


You think only rigged because you can’t deal what’s going on. If everything was going in your favor, you wouldn’t even think about the show being rigged. The secret door was actually revealed by Julie before James was even HOH. You’re such a dummy!

Paul's One Ball

Geesh KG! Do you not understand sarcasm?

Myster E

The special room twist was brought up before the HOH comp and the nomination ceremony. So it was not put in just for Frank. But, we will see if Frank gets any clues handed to him about it. Then we will know if he is being helped.


Let me get this straight…
If Frank, the only one playing this game, figures out the secret room, then it’s rigged??
My guess is people that think this way are the type that get upset that other people get promoted at their job while somehow they themselves are never considered for “some reason”.

Myster E

I was defending Frank in my first comment. But, was also saying we will know if he is thrown a hint. If Frank comes out the Diary room and just starts looking at the clues then there is a good chance he had a little help.


Frank is secretly Allison Grodner! In order to fully transition a person has to live as the gender they identify as and what better place than the big brother house?!

I’m sure those were regular fudge brownies I made…


Yes, it will be so exciting watching Paulie steamroll to the end. If Frank leaves there will be several weeks of nothing till it gets down to about 5 players. No thanks. Frank needs to stay and I would like to see Bridgette stay as well. Get one of these bitchy girls on the block and lets see how they cope. Or better yet, lets see Paul exposed for the rat he is. He has such a big mouth about what he is going to do, and then does nothing. Can’t stand the sight of him.

Franks fumes

Please oh Grodner great god of rigging please do your thang!


So exciting!

Min O'Pause

Sooooooo…what if the secret room was….”THE RED ROOM!” And *shudder* what if Crazy Eyes figured it out first? Would he take Pauline in there or would he take Nicole? There’s got to be a ball gag for her whiny mouth somewhere in that room.

Butters Mom

Before they announced the comp last night, I noticed that during the after dark show twice this week and once during the taped show, they zoomed in on the Narobi sign. I think it has significance since they zoomed in on it.

Daisy Rose

I NEED Frank to win POV or Diamond POV or Coup d’etat or something. C’mon, Frank! I don’t wanna be stuck with Cody 2.0 and the Mean Girls!


Sounds like James went back on a wall deal go figure

I See

Just like Dan BB10. That worked out okay for him!


Let me see how Shelli feels about wall deals with James…

Skips mom

If CBS really wants to make an impact on anti-bullying, they should show how bad Bridgette has been bullied…..Yes Bullied by Michelle and Zakiyah. It made me sad to hear Bridgette recount to Natalie just the instances she KNOWS of yet alone what is said behind her back and done to her face.


Bridgette talks shit too. She did it while she had HOG. Her pillow talks with Frank were full of mean talk and she laughed at all of it. I hate how limited your memories are.

Anonymous too

I like Bridgette but she has conveniently forgotten that the spy girls were very mean in the beginning and has said some crap about the girls in the house – shaving someone’s eyebrows off isn’t something to be proud of. Also, just because it is your birthday doesn’t give you the right to stay off the block. She has listened to Frank too much and has given him total control of her game. She should own up to it, stop talking about it and feeling sorry for herself and move on.


Exactly!!! Nicole, Bridgette, Bronte(before she got taken down a few pegs) and Michelle are three of most two-faced, trash talking females in the house. Bridgette has one the nastiest mouths, with all those “f-bombs” and constantly calling females bitches. Zakiyah just recently joined the “foul mouth club”. Some of us watch the live feeds and know exactly how these, supposedly “grown women” act.

Skips mom

If CBS really wants to make an impact on anti-bullying, they should show just how bad Bridgette has been bullied…..Yes Bullied by Michelle and Zakiyah. It made me sad to hear Bridgette recount to Natalie just the instances she KNOWS of yet alone what is said behind her back and done to her face.

Please let it be...It's a coup d'ètet!

If the secret room is Paris themed, I’m hoping Frank finds a coup d’ètet in there which sticks with the French theme. Please Production make this happen this week. Can’t handle the feeds full of relationship woes and girls talking about their showmances or lack of.


Bridgette is a moron. Defending “her man” at all costs. Plus making deals with James during an endurance battle? REALLY? Haven’t you watched his first season, hmm BB Super Fan Bridgette?


Are we forgetting about how Danielle was snowed by Dan? This has happened before


Danielle could be snowed by an Eskimo in the middle of a blizzard and still be surprised. Nice girl, but not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree.

3 Legged Table

And Dan wasn’t even her showmance, it was the Shane dude.


James is a little bitch! I actually liked him but lost respect for him taking the easy way out with noms. I mean come on! How stupid are you! Day said she’s coming after couples and youreally too stupid to put her up cause you don’t want to rustle feathers. Gtfo here James you lite punk


Cry more.


Losing respect for someone because they didn’t put up who you wanted. James isn’t playing for you. Get over yourself.


I’m not sure what so many people are upset about. Putting up Frank/Bridge was the best move James could make for HIS long term game. Nobody was coming after James so why would he create unnecessary enemies by going after Paulie, Nic, Paul, Vic, etc. (even though we’d all love to see the showmances booted)?

This move doesn’t put James in hot water and even better, Frank/Bridge blame other people for the noms.

Honestly I would much rather prefer that Frank go home this week. He’s a terrible social and strategic player who is STILL going around telling different people different things like people aren’t going to compare notes on him. I’d much rather see Bridge stay and go after Mich/Z/Nic.

If Nat, James, Bridge, Paul, Vic, and Day were smart they would pull together after this week to start targeting the showmances. Or they could let Day be clipped b/c she’s still not a very trustworthy ally.

Hopefully production doesn’t just give Frank the secret power. That’s just an insult to the game. There’s literally so much game left to be played (we’re not even halfway), and the showmances are very unlikely to all make it to the end.


Production told Frank that he’s definitely going home.
It’s supposed to be a girls win season.
Or James and DA’ .
So, Frank won’t win the veto.
Looks like Frank has given up already
I feel bad for Bridgette. She has done nothing to deserve the treatment that she is getting.
Too bad that we can’t see any of the other girls squirming for once.
James and his stupid excuses.
He’s had plenty of time to figure out
What the hell is going on in the house.
I hope the giraffe wins AFP.


Unfortunately, I think Bridgette has aligned herself with Frank and since most want Frank out of the house, therein lies the treatment she is receiving.


please frank win that veto me in my family going for you if you go home they should cancle big brother
this year come on frank get that pov men


Get rid of Nicole and Zak…free up these cute, flirty boys!! Would love to see their game play without those girls!


2nd time james promised the last one against him in hoh comp.. that he wouldnt put them up….but he did anyway after promising! his word is shit…did same last season….pussy!!!


Glad to see Vic coming back in quietly it seems. But all hell broke loose with frank and Bridgett being put up so there is plenty of drama for him to hide behind right now. I’m so confused as to why James put frank and Bridgett up tho. There seems to be different opinions from everyone. But with Da actually telling James couples have to go. He reminded her he and Nat are a couple. Da was just on the block. No one would have gotten mad at him for putting her up. And she is a spoken threat to him and Nat. It seems like he is isolating himself to a degree with Nat that he isn’t seeing the entire picture of the game. He is on the bottom with anyone that could advance him in the game. I like him but in my mind he isn’t seeing everything he needs to when he’s laying low with Nat. He will need frank in this game if he hopes to get around Paulie and his group.


You can tell by Da’s face she wanted to say “James
stop playing… i’m talking REAL showmances!’ At that time to the casual eye it seemed like James was crushing, as usual, and Nat was just tolerating him. However, we now know she actually likes him or is willing to ‘like’ him to go further in the game. James and Nat definitely have the cutest, CLEANEST showmance this season.

Now to the filthiest. Nicole has really become a raging whore in her return hasn’t she? Besides doing unmentionable acts on camera, she is also encouraging Zs delusions about Paulie. Nic needs to keep the two showmances together to take the heat off of hers. Paulie refuses, rightly so may I add, to engage in heavy petting with Z much to her and Nic’s chagrin. The girls, instead of realizing his mind is on his money keep begging others to ‘talk’ with him so that he’ll kiss her. While Z wants a kiss she doesn’t know that NurseRatchet is receiving free pap smears from an instrument less Corey.

BTW is it my imagination or did Corey bring up his ex AFTER tickling Nics insides for a few nights. She went and found Z to cry to. If so that move is much like gnawing his arm and running from a slumpbuster?


I want frank to win pov an find the secret room I ask 29 people what they want cause we all watch the show in they said the same thing if michells get it or puile gets it I think it be miss up I do not want them to get reason I want frank to get it cause the whole house want him out what they do if he got double power the game a be very good then who they target then


English is not your first language, is it?


Never was a fan of Frank but wow the odds of Paulie/Z/Nicole/Corey steamrolling this game are pretty high if he’s evicted. That or ANOTHER season dominated by a guys alliance, which happens way too often and is starting to get very boring. Pray that Victor, Nat or whoevers left of Frank and Bridgette get the next HOH and put one of those showmances on the block.


I really think james is in the best place. he is aligned with nat, who is no threat and the couples will be attached soon and i don’t think his will be the first. So the detached couple will go to him and then there are 3


Message to CBS: listen to your viewers, we do not want to watch the Paulie show all summer. Please rig the show and get rid of him. As an added bonus, please have Victor evict him.

Frosted Flake

God I hope Frank wins the veto. I want him to go far in this game. He is rough around the edges and needs to ease up on the bullying which I feel is more aggressive roughness and not hurtful on purpose bullying. As in if you tell him he is being too aggressive or bring it to his attention something that is bugging you he will listen and try. Anyway… I want him to win veto and be safe. I hate the fact that he thinks Paulie is truly on his side and will help him. I hate to see that he trusts him and thinks things are okay now. Yes I know its the name of the game but as a player, I like Frank way better and would rather see him go far and not Paulie.

I think James made a good move, I just hope he can get out of it and be safe for the aftermath of it.


I watched the live feeds & frank hasn’t bullied anyone IDIOT! Its been Mr. Da, Muchelle, & Zachary. Frank is on the outs cause he sees those ” things ” for what they are. Petty ugly hateful skanks! If i were in that house i would feel that same way.


Who are you calling an idiot, slug. It was pretty clear what was said up there. WOW I guess you have aggression issues. Time for a nappy change and bottle feeding yes? Night night.


First of all Bridgette acts like she is 12 years old !! She doesn’t realize she is being used by Frank ?? I can’t wait til she sees those episodes !! Then she claims she has a boyfriend but still cuddling up with Frank ?? I see her as a Christine !! Wonder if she will be angry at Frank after she watches the show ?? This season would be boring if they didn’t have Mama Day or James !!

3 Legged Table

Do people not know how to have a conversation or make a comment with out letting everyone know you’re a moronic assclown. It’s called tact and decorum people, look it up. Try and remember what your moms taught you. Have some manners.


Franks fumes

He only promised Bridgette…but still a chickenshit move.