POV Gold Mining Costumes.. Jon says I want to BLOW THIS SH*T UP!

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: Kenny & Allison
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Sarah (didn’t use slop pass), Kenny, Rachelle

BBCAN2-2014-04-06 06-30-46-888

9:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Big Brother asks Arlie to put his costume back on from last night and come to the diary room. Arlie says that the ninja took his hat, so I don’t know if that matters or not. Arlie heads into the bedroom where Jon and Allison are and tells Allison you still have to hangout with them this week so we should be nice. He tells her also spend as much time with the Gremlins too. Jon says and then next week we can say suck it, suck it! Allison laughs. Up in the HOH room – Jon asks Neda who goes to someone you are working with and says I want this person out! Neda says that Rachelle did it too when she was talking to Heather she asked what about Neda going up. Jon says I want to BLOW THIS SH*T UP! Not long after Big Brother asks all of the house guests in the competition to out their costumes back on for diary room sessions. Their costumes from last night are Gold Mining outfits with overalls, a shirt and hats. The house guests realize that the slop bucks had been left out and are now bad. They’re worried they won’t get any more. Kenny eats some of the slop any ways because he’s starving. After Kenny is almost finished his old slop, Allison tells comes out of the diary room and tells them if the clean out the slop buckets they will get more slop.

BBCAN2-2014-04-06 06-43-14-042

10:30am Allison tells Heather that she will continue to be nice and get information from the other side but that her loyalty will shift to their side. Heather says thank you, I appreciate that. The gremlins (Sabrina and Rachelle) head out to the hot tub room. Sarah, Adel and Allison join them. Jon joins them soon after and they tell him he looks really good in his POV costume. They talk about how fast Kenny blew up that spelling competition. Sarah says that she thought for sure Heather had won the competition. Jon says he knew Heather didn’t win because she spelt wishful wrong.
BBCAN-2014-04-06 07-28-02-006

10:35amm- 10:45am In the living room – Sarah says that when she came in to the house she said she would go after the couples .. and we are a couple as much as we can be. Sarah says they want to break us up. Sarah says that she thinks her getting so excited last night when he won the POV has f**ked her now. She thinks she will be going home and says that it’s okay. I will still be cheering for you from home. At the end of their talk Sarah kisses Kenny.

10:50am – 11:20am In the bathroom – Sarah says that she doesn’t trust the Plan B side because their actions speak louder than their words. Arlie says oh I know. Sarah says that from the things Neda was saying .. she thinks Arlie is at the bottom of the totem pole. Sarah says if by some chance I don’t go on the block and don’t go home then at least I have options. Arlie says that Kenny is a beast! Sarah asks Arlie if I do go up are you going to go with the other side and vote me out or are you going to tell the others that you 100% trust me. How are you going to play that out? Arlie says I would need at least a half a day to figure it out. Sarah says I don’t know what to do .. I f**ked up and I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to fix it. And the fact that Kenny is so blatently going for Jon. Arlie tells Sarah that Jon has A LOT of pull. Sarah says I know this side seems harder to beat and I know you’ve had more conversations with this side. I feel this side doesn’t trust us. Arlie asks which side? Sarah says Plan B. Jon joins them. Sarah asks him what he is thinking who will go up. Sarah says I know its between me, Sab, and Rachelle.. but that Heather already told me it was just between me and Sabrina. Sarah tells JOn that she feels like Kenny and him are her children and she hates that they are at odds. Jon says I hate that you’re associated with Kenny ..because I hate Kenny.

BBCAN2-2014-04-06 07-53-57-686

11:25am – 11:35am Sarah talks to Allison in the bathroom about how she knows she is going up. Sarah says f**king 2 days ago Jon was trying to kiss me! I know he was trying to suck me in with his charm.. Sarah asks Allison – If I go up and go home will you promise me that you won’t flip to the other side and be there for Kenny. Allison hugs Sarah. Sarah says I am honestly more scared about him not having someone than me going home. Allison says she will be there for him. Sarah heads downstairs. She talks to Heather in the living room. Heather asks her why she didn’t use her slop pass. Can’t you use it now? Sarah says no she can’t use it now this week since she already said she wasn’t going to use it. Sarah says that she is like a hoarder and doesn’t like to let things go. She says its also like a little club. She says she honestly forgot how hard it was to be on slop.

11:50am Arlie, Sarah, Jon, Kenny, Adel, Neda, Sabrina and Rachelle are all out in the hot tub room talking about the slop. They comment on how this batch of slop isn’t that bad. Arlie talks about wanting to put dish soap or bubble bath in the hot tub and turn the jets on to make suds everywhere. The conversation turns to talking about rappers.

BBCAn2-2014-04-06 08-44-36-005

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How does a grown woman spell wishful wrong ?
The pov competitions reminds me of my funniest memory of bbus when not only did Jeff make up the word ‘Technotronic’ but he made is plural, ‘technotronics’ lmfao

Johhny (the European one!)

You just spelled “competitions reminds” wrong. It’s either “competition reminds me” or “competitions remind me”.
I guess Heather was in a lot of stress due to playing for the Veto. How about you?
Oh, and Heather didn’t point out your mistake BEFORE spelling something wrong. Now THAT would have been funny… Thank God I’m there for that. 😀

fly girl

I AM SO SO GLAD AND ELATED THAT KENNY KEN WON THE VETO now hopefully he wins this next double eviction hoh and gets rid of stuck up fake JON i am not buying that fake ass goofy neufy act he has going on he is a deep down homophobe those remarks he made a while back are a true testiment of how he is in real life he just felt bad that he got caught. I HOPE KENNY WINS NEXT HOH and puts JON AND MARILYN MANSON I MEAN SQUIDWARD SORRY I MEAN NEDA the queen floater of the house she is the only one that has not done anything in this game except talk all this smack and hide behind Jon she does not deserve to be there her DR sessions even suck so bad probaly the worst i have ever seen in bb history even the UK version. I just really need Jon or his lapdog to leave on thursday during the double.


r u watching the same show? kenny is the fake ass bully pretentious homeless looking schmuck


No one is a Bully in this game, I hate when people throw that word around like yesterdays trash. Not one person in that house is weak and scared to the pointed they can’t defend themselves. Look up the Definition please. The worst that I can say about some of the house guest is that their unnecessory mean at times. People are so dramatic


Neda is not a floater, she doesn’t float between alliances, everyone knows she is loyal to John. She is a coattail rider that hides in the background and lets other people do all the dirty work for her, but she isn’t a floater.


Neda = definitely not a floater. BB Can 2 isn’t a floater season. I love float wnen it is played well (Shelly BB USA)


I don’t like it when people say that Sarah has a good game. She doesn’t.

-She can’t control Sabrina. Sarah emotions come out too obvious
-She does not even bother branching out and making alliances other than Kenny.
-Sarah avoided Heather for the last 2 days and barely talked to her. Hellooo Sarah Heather is HOH, this is when you start trying to save your ass even though its tough
-Sarah has not even approached Heather about any game since Kenny won Veto, and its not like she doesn’t even know she’s in danger. The worst part is she does know and doing anything about

Basically Sarah is just a vote for Kenny….she’s basically a step higher than Rachelle (who btw is doomed)

OMG if Rachelle wins this year….i can’t. Honestly i think anyone can win against Rachelle in a F2, even Adel


I am so happy someone shares my feelings. The good side people are referring too are horrible. Both john and adel have used the f-word. They are the real haters. I hope Kenny comes out to the house soon and makes them feel like complete idiots.


I think it’s really funny that you talk all this shit about Jon being a homophobe but then call Neda Marilyn Manson and squidward… The comments Jon said were wrong and offensive but you are clearly no better.. So just calm your jets and look in the mirror. Maybe Jon was sorry, you don’t know how he feels about anything. Kenny just thinks he’s better than everyone and HE NEEDS TO FUCKING GO!!!!! I hope Jon punches him in the face when they gets out and cuts his beard when he’s sleeping!!!!

Hahahaha @ Andrew

Hi Andrew, it doesn’t matter who wins because you are already OUT Hahahaha


SPLAT! ?? Shoo fly, don’t bother me ??

Hahahahaha@ Fly girl ( ANDREW?)

Hi Andrew , it does not matter who wins as YOU the Bully is OUT of the house LMFAO. Hahahahahaha keep writing as nothing else you can do at this point lolzzzz


Arguably the worst comment I’ve seen thus far


Shut up. You PC people make everything into a political issue.


What were the comments that Jon made? I must have missed that.




Straight?!?!?! What does being straight have to do with anything you creep?!


Yeah..NOT GAY !

Team Kenny

im glad kenny won veto to tierd of the jon neda adel side being made out to look like angles in this house and the other side out to be bad no one sees the bullying going on on the other side to . should put up adel and jon or arlie and jon


Why has no one been smoking? Did they quit?


Am I the only one supporting Arlie here? For my money, he’s the biggest strategic player, is likable and is playing the house impeccably. If it wasn’t for him (and Canada of course) this power shift would not be happening and I don’t think he’s getting enough credit here. How are Kenny and Sarah getting more votes in the poll? I think it’s crazy and really want to know why he isn’t getting the love and respect I think he deserves.

Big honorable mention to Adel using the Rob Cesternino playbook and getting people “on the bottom” together and Heather for keeping her cool all this time and having the most successful HoH so far.


Now it’s time to pull another play from the Cesternino playbook and take out the undecided swing vote in Sarah


That’s funny, considering what just happened in Survivor this week with their Sarah 😛


I like arlie and think he is a great player i just think if he votes sarah out he will regret it because the one thing she is right about is they will take him out as soon as they can. Jon needs to stop acting like a child and get over it that sarah can be friends with both of you the fact he is pushing to get someone out of the house that has his back just shows how little he is playing the game and it will come back to bite him if he was smart he would take out sabrina becasue rachelle will fall apart kenny won’t he is way to stratigic.

As for floaters the only person right now that is that would be allison she all about heather but as soon as the other side gets power she will be backing them

ihate sarah

i think it is a great move to get sarah out…its about time that arlie and jon have realized that sarah DOESNT have there backs..literally the only back she has is kennys and she has shown that in many ways(washing,cleaning)…so i would have to say that sarah is the one making the horrible game play..you should NEVER put another players game before your own!


If they were smart, heather should put up Sabrina before jury starts.


I really don’t think Sabrina is able to manipulate anybody’s actions anymore besides Rachelle, so her in Jury isn’t a big deal as it may have been a few weeks ago.


Getting Sarah out is the only sensible thing to do at this point. I knew Kenny would take himself off the block, so the next best thing is to take out his closest friend. Sarah has nobody to blame but herself, she had so many good moves open to her and she burned them all to be Kenny’s number one. With Sarah gone and Allison on the other side, Kenny is left with Sabrina and Rachelle. He has been making Sabrina feel like he doesn’t like her, which is about the worst thing you can do to Sabrina. She is a liability instead of an asset because nobody tells her anything true anymore and nobody believes a word she says except Rachelle. And she won’t be winning any competitions that involve endurance or strength, so she is not likely to be able to protect him either. If Kenny wins the next HOH, he buys himself one more week, but after that he is really vulnerable. I still wish Canada had put him up with Andrew. Kenny would have left, Gordo would have said a million inappropriate and nasty things to solidify the divide, Sarah would have imploded and Andrew would not have won a spelling competition, it would have been Andrew and Allison on the block with Andrew going home. But it wasn’t to be.

Jon should have played it cool this week, he got too cocky, and I think its a given that either Adel or Jon or both will go home during DE. Adel is a loose cannon, he talks when he should shut up. I can’t see him making the end. Heather and Neda are playing smart, they manage to stay out of the drama and let the others tear into each other, they are so underestimated. It could end up as a girls alliance of Heather, Neda and Allison if they work together. Arlie’s game will sink or float to the top depending on what happens during DE. I won’t miss Sarah, she lies as much as Sabrina, and I don’t mind lies in the game if they help your game, but Sarah’s lies always hurt her and help Kenny. I really can’t respect a player that puts someone else’s game ahead of their own, they deserve to go.


I disagree because with sabrina it literly takes two seconds to get back into her good graces and it already seems they have patched things up and kenny is way to strategic to lose it if sarah goes he will just get mad and jon and arlie will be next to go up. Yes i agree sarah did do it to herself and she knows it. It wasn’t that because of some game move she pissed off jon because up till now he has been trying to get kenny out and get sarah on his side so in jon’s world you are either on his side or kenny’s side but sarah isn’t really any huge threat she can’t win anything, she doesn’t really have much pull on the other side but for jon and arlie bad move becasue unlike the other three she won’t put them up or vote them out. Sarah maybe his closest allie but kenny is a strong player and he will just bond with the other two and if he wins which i think knowing bb the power will shift he will go after jon and arlie and adel is the back up


sarah is a married woman yet her and kenny kiss well mudo sick .. this woman triffling with her marriage big time


I don’t see this effecting her marriage for one thing kenny is gay so he has no interest in her that way and for another i think her marriage would be more sucure to with stand something that is meant in friendship lol


Not sure why you have to call the house guests bad names it’s just a game everyone playing dirty.

ihate sarah

wow way to go sarah you played such a great game…way to represent your home town..your hubby and kids must be so proud of you!
you f%cked up your game for kenny know lets see if he f%cks up his game for you…lmao we already know the answer to this dont we?


Hey fly girl. Tell us how you really feel. Haha


It’s funny how as soon as Jon’s side of the house came in power, they became exactly like the “bullies” people claimed the 1st five to be. Holing themselves up in the HOH room, making fun of the others, talking about how much they hate everybody, hiding food ffs. Adel’s ego has taken over his brain. Basically everyone sucks when they’re in power. Stop trying to pretend any of them are better people than others.


Thumbs up to this a million times!


Exactly like the Stanford prison experiment


Isn’t there only one person left to go before jury??? I keep hearing people say 2 more. If Heather were smart she would take out Sab or Rachelle bc NO WAY are they gonna be a vote for her in jury. That’s what she needs to be thinking…. NOT trying to make a big move for her alliance!


I think the houseguests are speculating that Canada might have a vote in the jury and that’s why they keep repeating two more evictions until jury starts.

ihate sarah

sarahs new saying should be “nothing comes between me and MY MAN”


I hope Heather’s plan stays under cover until nominations later today so we can see a lot of running back and forth gathering voters for “their” side, whichever side it is. One side saying the other side is dumb because they didn’t do their bidding is pretty dumb in itself. Last night Kenny, Sarah and the Gremlins were laughing how dumb the other side was, when in reality, the other side was making plans, gathering votes and being nice to Allison, making sure they had the numbers.

It’s time people started really playing the game by making moves that impact this house and their own game, not for any so called alliance member. Alliances turn on each other when they see they are in a no win situation. And, a whole alliance can’t win . Just one person gets to the end.

Some people are more likeable than others, some people play the game openly, while others plot, plan, observe, listen and make their move when it’s time. The openly loud people are disliked because we know whether they are on the side we like or on the “other” side.

The observers,are generally disliked because we don’t know what they are thinking or planning so we lump them in with floaters as useless. Heather was one. She kept things to herself and watched what happened when others got their Hoh and they listened to people about who to put up. Why, even comments on this site accused her of making a dumb move by not putting Sarah up with Kenny but she knew what she wanted and she still will get her wish, if not Kenny then Sarah.

Neda is seen as a floater because we don’t really know much about what she’s thinking. She may be a floater but she may also be a lot like Heather and plan and plot in her head,
waiting for the right time to strike.

Arlie, Jon and Adel are all loud, sure of themselves and think they have this game all sewn up but they are underestimation some of those quiet girls.

The next new days should be very interesting.


I wonder if they put sarah in the war room….thoughts?


The War room must have a bigger purpose than just letting those three use it. Maybe the jury members will be housed in there so they can see but not hear what goes on in the house and make a better decision when voting. Just a thought.


I was thinking that it’s possible the war room will be used to secretly house the first 3 jury members with a Canada’s vote on who will go back in


This is the difference between bbcan and bbus that canada plays way to emotioanally then game i couldn’t figure out why jon wanted sarah out it didn’t really make sense for him she would never vote him out or put him up, she probably could convince kenny not to put him on the block. His reason he told heather seemed really flim that sarah was the glue between sab and ken but in reality they will be able to move on because they have no choice but to work together but now we know the truth it isn’ t game at all it is pure jelousy. Jon is upset that sarah is friends with kenny they are like five year olds fighting over a toy and sarah is that toy.
Arlie is another one i get he doesn’t want sarah to leave because she has there back but he can’t get around jon without exposing himself but from starategic move sarah is a bad choice for the boys so they didn’t get kenny there are other hoh eventually they may get him but if they take out a player who isn’t after you then you have three who will go after you. Arlie is is a bad spot if he votes sarah out then it won’t be long till that side will take him out if the other side wins we know they will kenny and co no matter who gets hoh will take you out and arlie is the most disposible on that team he is really dumb if he goes with this plan.

ihate sarah

“hallie” please stop trying to clean up sarahs image it isnt gonna work….(yawn)


You must be the same person who has been posting negative comments about Sarah’s marriage on nearly every comment section this season. Seriously, Get a life! How can you hate someone you don’t know?


Arlie can easily vote out Sarah. He can blame it on Sab or Alison.


I did mean to say Ro Ro not Alison.