Big Brother Canada Spoilers, Heather – “So tomorrow Sarah is going up”

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: Kenny & Allison
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Sarah (didn’t use slop pass), Kenny, Rachelle

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2:00AM Have nots Gremlins Kenny and Sarah

Talking about how stupid the other side is… (Well more than that.. 😉 )

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2:00AM Arlie and Heather
Arlie says he’s gone to talk to Allison trying to bring her in one the down low.
Arlie says he’s going to expose himself soon because the other side is over. Arlie says he’s close to momzi but lately he’s realized that she is way too close to Kenny and there is nowhere for him.

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2:03AM HOH Heather and Allison
Heather tells her that the person she is putting up as the replacement is the target and they are going home 110%

Allison says it’s tough to walk around the house and pretend to be “Bummed as f***”

Allison says she will 100% work with Heather and Arlie, “OH MY GOD this is blowing my mind.. my brain is racing.. I don’t know what your plan is moving forward. “
heather asks her to trust her..
Allison says Andrew is not going to believe this.

Heather – “So tomorrow Sarah is going up”
Allison – “You know what Andrew said before he left the house.. stick with Alrie he’ll take care of you”
Heather is happy, Allison says she will still be hanging out with the girls so they don’t get suspicious.Allison says she was pretty close to throwing Sabrina under the bus. Heather wanted to make a big move and change the balance of power in the house she doesn’t think Sabrina holds much influence because all her lieing is known.

Allison says kenny and Sabrina do not get along so by getting rid of Sarah breaks up a strong pair.

Allison – “I love you.. I knew it was a good idea to come in here and be nice to you” Allison tells her when she cam into the house the gremlins would say a lot of mean things about her. Allison claims to not have listened and didn’t conform to the rest of the girls. Heather says Allison has to protect herself if she’s going to hang out with the gremlins. Heather has heard things that they have said about Allison behind her back and it;s not nice. Heather won’t repeated it.

Heather says Sabrina is a sinking ship..

Allison mentions that the side of the house she is with (In air quotes) ha been lieing to her for some time. She adds that everyone is cracking Sabrina and Rachelle were ready to turn on Sarah. Heather mentions Rachelle coming up to her after the POV and saying she’s the deciding vote this week and she still holds power in the house.

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2:20AM Arlie, Jon, Heather and Neda

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-05 23-31-53-032

2:31AM HOH Neda and Heather
neda says she kinda knows what is going on from the bits and pieces from the boys. Neda thinks when Sarah goes Kenny will be pissed and come after JOn and her.
Heather says they are still 100% with their core alliance everyone else is just their for numbers. Heather thinks it’s sucks because she likes Allison.

Heather says it’s pretty ridiculous that the other side wanted her to put up Jon.

They have a laugh about Sabrina walking around all day “Am I getting backdoored … Am I getting backordered” Neda – “She thinks she’s a mastermind.. why would you waste time on her”. They both agree Sabrina really has no influence anymore.

Heather says that Sarah was the one spreading lies about Jon, It was Sarah that spread the rumor Jon said Allison was going to be like Liza and try to hook up with all the guys.

Neda thinks they should all sit Allison down and fill her in on all the Bullsh1t Sabrian would say about Allison. Neda brings up how Sabrina was saying that Allison was cheating on her boyfriend.

Heather- I Hate her so much
Neda – I never knew Sarah was such a liar.

They start ranting about Andrew and what a douche bag he was.. Heather mentions how Kenny all of a sudden wanted to “Work” with her now that she won the HOH, Heather says it’s obvious he really doesn’t want to work with her.

Neda says they have to continue acting really stupid around the boys. NEda wants to go to the end with Heather.
Neda – ‘We’re so close Heather.. we just have to keep winning.. ”

(Video coming.. It’s long)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-05 23-35-51-855

2:34pm Arlie, Jon and Adel celebrating

Jon says Sabrina is going to be the most entertaining person to watch outside the house, she goes to all the conversations spreading stories and combining them into new conversations.

Arlie tells them he’s going to be in secret next week just incase Kenny wins HOH he’ll put up Adel and JON. If POV is played Arlie won’t go up and they will still have the numbers to save the other guy.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-06 00-00-05-890

2:56am Allison and Sabrina Bathroom
Sabrina says when she’s with Allison she doesn’t feel like she’s in the game she feel chill. Allison says she feels the same way. Allison wonders who will be going up. Sabrina thinks they can still convince heather to put up Jon. Sabrain – “Tell her if she still wants to make a big move she can take out Jon.. but don’t name names” Sabrina wonders if Sarah is going up. Allison doesn’t think so says if heather had that planned she would have put Sarah up at first. Sabrina mentions how if Heather was breaking up couples she would try and break up Sabrain and Rachelle. Sabrina again wants Allison to pitch putting JOn up to Heather but not tell Heather it was Sabrina’s idea.

(Allison doesn’t give Sabrian any hints that she’s working with Heather.)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-06 00-21-34-688

3:19AM Heather reads her letter one more time before bed

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Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don’t love this. Kenny staying in the game is bad news. I had a feeling he would win POV, and I have that same bad feeling that he’s gonna win HOH on Thursday.


Isn’t double eviction coming up next? So anything can happen! I don’t mind that Kenny won POV. We all have our favorites but I think it’s boring when one side of the house goes on a back-to-back winning streak. It’s more exciting to watch when they squirm over power ;D

Russ from Van

I’m looking forward to having them send Sarah’s ass back to all the trash in Langley. I wish the cameras would be there for her to explain how she was getting touchy feely with the guys in the house, while preaching about being a married mom. Bye bye Mumsi;)

ihate sarah

lol…she should move to surrey she would fit right in!


I love how things have changed. Cant believe Heather was the one to talk some sense into Allison. Maybe now we can see her playing the game. I truly hope that Kenny or Sabrina leave during the double eviction. Its so ironic that Sarah was the vote that kept Heather earlier in the season and now she will be gone during Heather’s HOH. Heather has truly proved herself this week.


The power will eventually switch to the other side so i doubt kenny will leave next i wouldn’t be surprised if kenny wins and i can guarantee that jon and arlie will be on the block assuming of course that arlie is being straight because it wasn’t that long ago that arlie didn’t want adel to make it to the final 3 because he didn’t want someone who is just floating through the game either way the line will be drawn


Heather is really smart!! She was down playing herself the entire time and acting like a dumb blonde which didn’t make her look like a threat to the guys. Looking back i am glad that Ika’s plan of getting heather out of the house didn’t work. So ironic how under the guys pressure Sarah voted to keep Heather instead of Paul and now she’ll be leaving under Heather’s HOH.


It sure is funny how things play out sometimes.


Is there a video of Arlie telling Allison that he is working with Heather and Allison is safe this wekk?


Thanks! Very unfortunate, I wanted to see Allisons reaction. But it probably will be shown in the show though, so hopefully we’ll see it then.


I cannot wait for Arlie to expose himself (not inappropriately) to the crippling F5 alliance. Sabrina will be so upset because of their “late night talks.”

The only thing is they won’t have much time to react, because Arisa will drop the double eviction bomb on them and then they’ll go straight to the next HOH comp.

Thursday night’s episode should be an epic one.


So dangerous for Arlie with the double eviction though!! If the other side wins HoH then he’ll go on the block for sure!


True if they have an argument right after, and Kenny wins HOH then he may put Jon and Arlie up because he would be so shocked with betrayal.

Im just hoping Arlie sticks to the plan and Arisa does NOT tell them its a double at the beginning of the voting because Arlie may switch his vote thinking he may go up in just a few minutes.


Not if they thing it was Rochelle who flipped. As far as they know, Arlie has been loyal to them the whole time.


Arlie’s in trouble but then Jon or Adel would still probably go. I’m really excited for thursday and hopefully Arlie really sticks with the outsiders. He is in a better position on that side because he has a final three deal with Adel and Jon, and he could have another with Allison and Heather. The thorn on that side would be Neda (who has a final two deal with heather and is really close with Jon) and I’m excited to see how they would crash. From my perspective Arlie and Neda are the two best strategist in the house.


They won’t have enough time to figure out that it was Arlie who flipped. He’ll play it cool like he always does. He’s the best bullshitter in the house.


This was Heather plan B all alone to get out Sarah I knew she could do it.


I wish there was a ‘Canada’s Player’ instead of these silly twistos twists!


Hmm…as the dark-side sits in the have-not room, verbally ripping Allison apart…A. I hope she realizes how lucky she is to have been given not only safety, but an escape from these vicious bitches…and B. Rachelle was being very quiet through all of the vileness…I wonder if she is starting to wonder that if Allison goes, she will be the next one that they gather together and gleefully hate on…especially if the other side wins HOH and they need a scapegoat…


That’s giving Rachelle way too much credit. She was probably quiet because she got distracted by something, like a wall or wondering why that chair was so chair-y.


who wants to make a bet with me? prediction kenny wins hoh on double eviction and jon or adel goes home? likely jon goes if he doesnot win pov…


No, I think if kenny wins he will put up Jon and Arlie since Arlie is the one who back stabbed them


In the confusion Kenny may not realize Arlie voted against Sarah.


I’ll bet! If you lose, you have to be locked in the have not room with Kenny and Sabrina for a week.


I don’t think Heather realizes how killer her HoH is going to be… she gets to get rid of Sarah… she got Allison in her side… This will also expose Arlie as playing both sides which will better everyone else’s position in her alliance and since Allison and Arlie is with them now…the chances of Kenny going home after Sarah just increased by a lot…Heather is no dummy…


Not really Sarah isn’t really the much of a player everyone is acting like sarah is some huge player which she isn’t her only thing in this game is she is a vote for kenny but she hasn’t won or even come close to winning anything and she doesn’t have any connections on the other side so getting rid of her does nothing in fact sarah wasn’t much of a threat to heather. I think is heather is playing jon’s game kenny was a threat to him so he wanted him out if she is smart you take out the strong players who will win as soon as the other side doesn’t need her they will vote her out.
As for Kenny this by no means lessen his chance of winning the next hoh if anything i will bet either kenny or rachelle will win hoh and in that case i am sure that arlie and jon will be on the block. As for arlie i am not sure what he is thinking if he is being honest about getting rid of sarah which is really dumb on his part he really has no one that will be on his side once this goes down the others are going to want to take him out.


you make it sound like sarah is some master mind when in fact the only thing sarah brings to the table is a vote for kenny she hasn’t won anything or is close to winning anything the other side doesn’t trust her so i don’t see how this is any great move on heathers part all this does is put a target on her back and piss off alot of people. Also kenny is a strong player so i will predict that he or rachellle will win the next hoh which means he will more then likely put up jon and arlie (since arlie would have backstabbed them) and if one of them wins pov then adel will go up. Kenny still is teamed up with sabrina and rachelle. I don’t see this as a good move on arlie’s part because sarah wouldn’t have voted against him and the other side will definetly take him out. As for allison i think her only loyality was to andrew now that he is gone she will flop to whoever has power.


Why would Arlie think he won’t go up if he votes sarah out kenny isn’t an idiot he will know that arlie is the desiding vote there is no way kenny won’t put arlie up or back door him after this i think that arlie is delisional


Arlie might throw the blame on Rachelle. Allison would back that up since 2 nights ago Rachelle told Allison she would keep her in the game.


so by the looks of things JON, KENNY, HEeathr , or Adel will be the next too go


Heather’s game has been brilliantly unique. She has admirably battled physical scars emotional trauma. She did not get better, just better. She kept her strengths very well disguised. Most Underestimated Player.


Heather is BB Canada All Stars material IMO.


I meant to say she di not get *bitter, just better.


I’m loving the Neda-Heather rantings. Their rantings are not as personal as the others and is really funny to watch. :))


LOL, for real. Neda was being very catty and mean during that conversation. Well, doesn’t surprise me at all. She’s been like this from the start.


And Allison gets a chance to redeem herself……….


I want to scream at her, “Now don’t fuck this up!!” and punctuate it with some fingers snapped in a Z!


Really, I kind of hope Adel goes this week. He runs his mouth way too much and I’m kind of hating how he thinks Canada is his personal army.


this is amazing! i’m just hoping the good side wins HoH and POV next week to get Kenny out so he can leave crying with his momzy 🙂


Shame. Should be Allison going home.
This girl may now get another free pass…..into jury? It should be out the door for this dissapointment.


Since it is a double eviction I don’t think Kenny will have time to figure out who voted Sarah out. Plus Sabrina and Rachelle want Sarah out because of how close she is with Kenny, so Sabrina might want to vote her out as well. Having Sarah up on the block is really tempting for Sabrina, since she knows or thinks she knows that Allison is her ally. So if Kenny wins Hoh on double eviction day, then he would probably put up Adel and Jon, or Neda and Jon…..Arlie can just say that he didn’t vote Sarah out, and blame it on Sabrina…..and Kenny, knowing how much he hates Sabrina and how a big liar she is, would probably believe him. Arlie is still in the best position.

Pinocchio Obama

Good point about the double eviction Chela.


Did Allison win POV??? And why not put Sabrina up??


Will be interesting to see how hard Kenny will lobby for Sara to stay. They know Sabrina and rachelle are iffy. Will Kenny use his so-called attraction to rachelle to ensure Sara’s safety. Why keep his sexual preference a secret if he is not going to use it to his advantage of keeping Sara.


Bye bye Sarah!


Oh they just posted it…SHIT Kenny won POV 🙁 too bad! Heather NEEDS to put Sarah up and she needs to go!!


Heather is killing it….she may not have gotten Kenny out, but she’s backdooring his right hand woman, and setting herself up well for next week with Allison who will have sway over the other side ( likely keeping her and Arlie safe).


It also keeps Jon and Adel as targets…which seems okay with those boys. So the other side is feeling pretty confident at the moment.


Big Brother thank you for keeping this show interesting by managing which side has power! If this back and forth can keep on going until the end, I will keep on watching. If one side takes over, most people will probably lose interest. My predictions are:
Sarah gets voted out, Kenny wins HOH, second eviction happens right away and john gets the boot. Soon after, adel gets voted out, then rachelle, then Sabrina, then Neda. It would leave the house with Heather, Allison, Arlie and Kenny. I would love for them to be final 4.


so sarah will get evicted, and probably sabrina. thats my guess…i bet kenny or adel will win dpov


Am I the only one supporting Arlie here? For my money, he’s the biggest strategic player, is likable and is playing the house impeccably. If it wasn’t for him,(and Canada of course) this power shift would not be happening and I don’t think he’s getting enough credit here. How are Kenny and Sarah getting more votes in the poll? I think it’s crazy and really want to know why he isn’t getting the love and respect I think he deserves.


Big honorable mention to Adel using the Rob Cesternino playbook and getting people “on the bottom” together and Heather for keeping her cool all this time and having the mos successful HoH so far.

another name

i thought it was arlie and jon’s plan and they brought in adel…did i miss something?

another name

best/worst case scenario supposition theory (depending on which side you like)
how to manipulate the house into keeping sara.
sara is put on block. kenny goes to key people that play the game emotionally instead of logically. he tells them the reason he and sara have been spending time together is because he told her he is gay, and that he had hid it from the house because he was afraid he would be judged differently because of it. site the comments people were making about adel when they thought he was the gay cast member. he can also use this reasoning to explain to jon why their relationship has eroded: jon’s f@ggot and queer comments. this could lessen the size of the target on kenny’s back if he were to apologize for being so hurt by jon’s comments, and if he were to emotionally manipulate the play with their heart players properly, save sara out of guilt. horribly manipulative method… but it would get kenny out of the closet like he said he wanted, and be the only feasible way to keep his ally in the house. reprehensible, but the only real option i can imagine that would alter the foregone conclusion.
i know…. complete fiction, something i would never do usually, but it was something that crossed my mind this morning. still wondering if it would work though. not sure if i would want it to.

Nana Jo

I think if Heather had put Sarah up originally, even if she had won POV, she would have given it to Kenny, anyway. Thus, either way, Sarah’s destiny is to go home to her nice, wholesome Momzie life …ahem. People have differing values within couples, but perhaps BB should have a marriage counsellor on stand-by instead of a psychologist. No… wait… they’ll need a whole team of psychologists on retainer for the next year just for Sabrina!

If I follow my heart, I really want Heather to win. However, from a strategic point of view, I think Arlie is the best player and stands a good chance if he can get past the ‘outing’. Funny that Arlie will be outed, and not Kenny, so to speak. A good plan would be to throw Sabrina under the bus as the betrayer. After all, she has lied to everyone, cries crocodile buckets regardless, and no one believes anything she says. I think HGs might have difficulty believing Rachelle would have the gumption to actually make a big move like that what with Sabrina pulling up her knickers for her and directing her every thought. It would be funny to watch the gremlins implode.

another name

at this point in the game i do agree that the strategic player of the game so far is arlie. he’s manipulateed everyone while staying pretty much under the radar. if he were to make it to final two, he would have to hope the jury would vote strategically and not emotionally. i only say this because he appears to be in final three deals with adel and jon, allison and heather, and jon and neda. add to that whichever members of the other side that will make it to jury. he would have to burn at least two more alliances. since the house behavior has been noted as immature, they might vote heart instead of head. he’d have to hope to be in final two with someone that is disliked more than himself and has played a less strategic game.

Nana Jo

If Heather had originally put Sarah on the block, had she won the POV, she would have just given it to Kenny, anyway. Thus, in either scenario, it’s Sarah’s destiny to go back home to her nice Momzie life…ahem. I know couples have different ways of defining a relationship, but perhaps BB should have a marriage counsellor on hold for when Sarah walks out instead of a psychologist. No wait …. they’ll need a whole team of psychologist on retainer for the next year just for Sabrina!

My heart wants Heather to win, but from a strategic point of view, I think Arlie stands the best chance if he can survive this week’s outing. Funny that it will be Arlie that is outed, so to speak, and not Kenny! I think they should throw Sabrina under the bus as the flip vote. After all, she has lied to everyone, cried buckets of crocodile tears, and no one believes a word she says. Most HG’s wouldn’t believe that Rachelle is capable of making a gutsy move like that on her own. She doesn’t wear big-girl panties yet, and Sabs definitely holds the sides of her pull-ups!