Heather says I know I have blonde moments but I just wish I didn’t have one last night.

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: Kenny & Allison
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Sarah (didn’t use slop pass), Kenny, Rachelle


11:50am Arlie, Sarah, Jon, Kenny, Adel, Neda, Sabrina and Rachelle are all out in the hot tub room suntanning and talking about random things. The cams switch to Heather and Allison in the bathroom talking. Heather says that it is killing her that she could have won that POV last night and she spelt wishful wrong. She says that she lost it all because of one letter and no I look like an idiot to my family and friends. Heather says I know I have blonde moments but I just wish I didn’t have one last night. Heather says I could have spelled wishfully. Allison tells her its okay. Heather says that she had like 6 “y” and that would have made her word a 9 letter word. I would have won it.

12:25pm Out in the backyard hot tub room they talk about how they’re 40 days into the season already. The house guests talk about other tv shows and how some of them like storage wars are scripted. Adel says out of all those shows ours is as real as can be we’re all f**king real bl*w j*bs from around Canada! Arlie says this guy can’t say d**k but he says bl*w J*b. Neda comments on how she thought she just heard it wrong. Adel says I said it wrong.. we’re all people. Jon says we’re all real bl*w j*bs from across Canada. Arlie says I think Canada wants me to tan naked… He then takes off his boxers and lays face down on the deck.

BBCAn2-2014-04-06 09-21-54-270

12:30pm – 12:55pmBig Brother blocks the live feeds.. When the live feeds return – everyone is silent. Heather is eating slop out in the hot tub room while the others suntan in silence.

BBCAN2-2014-04-06 10-17-15-382
1pm – 1:45pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds again.. When the feeds return all the house guests are frantically trying to clean the house. Adel says don’t get freaked out we have 45 minutes. ARLIE says this is COOL THOUGH I LOVE REWARDS! Rachelle says me too.. Arlie says I thought you hated rewards.. Sarah comments that there are 9 of us cleaning we’ll be fine. Arlie says it would be cool if it was a food reward .. let us off slop early and give us a food reward. Adel says we are half an hour maybe less away from eating.. Kenny jokes that the reward will be that the punishment is over. Sabrina says no I think it will be something that everyone can enjoy. Arlie says he thinks it will be something like a dinner for everyone. Up in the bathroom – Adel starts having a shower. Neda tells him that she doesn’t think he should have one until the challenge is over just in case. Adel says okay and stop having a shower.

BBCAN2-2014-04-06 10-17-37-423

1:45pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds and when they return all the house guests are heading out into the backyard. The house guests are put on a backyard lock down. They speculate on how they might be getting Chinese take out as the reward.

BBCAN2-2014-04-06 10-49-14-025

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What’s with heather and slop. She’s isnt a have not, guess she loves the slop.


Rachelle is annoying and I hope shoe goes up and is gone sooner than later! Be gone Gremlins!


I always thought that, if I thought I was close to making it into the Big Brother House, I would try to get used to cold showers as much as possible before going into the house because cold showers are just an eventuality. I’d rather take the time to get used to them, building up an endurance for them as much as possible so I could at least take a shower rather than go through the shock of it when I get there. If nothing else, you can get in the shower with a wash cloth and sponge bathe. Fun? No! But at least you’ll be clean!


Lately I’ve seen Rachelle and Sabrina referred to as gremlins a lot in the live feed recaps, and I love this but am curious where it came from? Haha did anyone in the house say it? 🙂


The HG’s started calling them Gremlins because they’re up all night bothering everybody giggling and such.


If there’s a double eviction this week, when will the first eviction vote happen if tonight is the POV? I’m also wondering how drunk the HG’s think BB is going to get them before the show LOL!


Everything in the house just feels so scattered and random right now. It’s like watching a movie where the story is choppy and doesn’t flow well and the characters keep changing.

If I were in the house, the hardest thing for me would be not letting loose on Sabrina. I wouldn’t want to be mean but I would be very direct, honest and firm because she needs to hear the truth unfiltered. Sugar coating anything with her doesn’t work because she twists it around. But the way Sabrina constantly goes around asking if she’s safe, or a b!tch, and if people believe her or not, etc., is cruel and unusual punishment for everyone else. So, for the sake of my own sanity, everything in me would be DYING to say:

“Sabrina, I can’t take it anymore. You’re like a broken record with your paranoia and insecurities so I’m going to tell you the truth and while I do, you’re not going to interrupt me. You asked for the truth and I’m going to give it to you in the hopes that you’ll just shut up about it once and for all!

Everyone in the house knows you lie more than you tell the truth. Nobody trusts anything you say. Your lies and accusations and loyalties change with every person you talk to. We’re all aware that you think of yourself as a Master Manipulator but a strong player but you’ve become a worse annoyance than Anick was. People do want you gone but the reason that you’re not on the block right now is that you’re not a threat because you’ve dug your own grave with all of us. You talk too much. Period. You’ve told lie after lie to every person in this house. And another thing, please shower and brush your hair. And get some self-esteem because we’re all tired of pretending to tell you that you’re just fine. Finally, you need to realize that this isn’t the Sabrina Show where everything revolves around you. If you find out someone is targeting you, you think it’s unfair and you call them names like a middle school child would. Grow up! PLEASE! Now, I don’t care what anyone else tells you after this, I swear on your Nony, your head, your necklace, your lipstick and your ego, no fingers crossed, that everything I just told you is GOSPEL TRUTH that you better believe and plant your flag on.”

It would take every ounce of strength I had to not tell her all that.

bb is a house full of crazy

The last part about the targeting could be about Kenny too.


I’m pretty sure she’s got NPD (narcissistic personality disorder). The only thing you would accomplish with your speech would be making a lifetime enemy. People with NPD only hear what they want to hear. Anything you accuse her of, she will turn back on you. It might make you feel better for a minute, but she wouldn’t take a single second to consider anything you have to say. She would immediately set out to make you look like a liar and bully to everyone.


You can’t reason with crazy people.


@ Mel,
someone mentioned Histrionic Personality Disorder also.
Makes for an interesting read with sab in mind.


” while I do, you’re not going to interrupt me ” LMAO
She would still interrupt you though ..


” while I do, you’re not going to interrupt me ”
LMAO! She would still interrupt you ..


I hope Sara goes so that Kenny has to play the game with the others. I think he has been too influenced by Andrew and Sara.


is it me or doesn’t Kenny look like Robin Williams, especially the eyes?


Whether Heather puts Sarah or Sabrina up makes no difference one of them is going home. Providing Arlie stays true to his word and votes Sarah out – or Sab. Kenny will sh*t bricks if Sarah goes home and I am sure Arlie wants to see that and rattle Kenny. Can’t stand Allison but at least she knows to suck up to the other HG’s knowing that she was part of a sinking ship. I pray that double eviction takes Kenny or Sabrina out same night!


Heather –
She’s honey and root beer ! She’s piss and vinegar !
She can cuddle a teddy and fight pirates from Srinigar !
(Or bearded dicks who parade in their underwear)
She’s silk, satin and lace and a prickly pear !
OK, maybe her head has some room for air
but she’s not ALL about her like some people there.
She’s pixie feet in hobnailed boots,
she’ll go toe-to-toe with abusive galoots,
she’s manicured nails in chainmail gloves
and her HoH has impacted the House.

Needy Weepy McStreaky (AKA clownbrows-on-meds)
will soon be a star on The Cuddling Undead.


So…where’s the hidden veto? It has to come in to play this week, right? And why do people keep calling it a DPOV? Did they announce that on the show? It just says “hidden veto” on the site.


This double eviction is going to be interesting. The house is so split and people on both sides still so it is could be a real surprise to see who gets evicted.


Not really it will all depend on who gets evicted this week if sarah goes then the other three know he betrayed them if she stays then the other people know he back stabbed them (unless he does what he told sarah and try and set someone else up) from what have seen it does look like arlie is trying to stop her from going on the block not sure if it will work but arlie definetly is the swing vote and since there literly only four people on that side it will be impossible for him to hide his vote easier on the other side to hide it. It does seem sarah is committed more to arlie then kenny and arlie has been trying causesly to get jon or adel to not want her on the block maybe it will work.

I think depending on who goes will dictate who will be put up for the double


It’s sad that Big Brother has to bribe them to clean up that house. *smh*


Have you noticed the people that have no sense of humour are the most miserable (plus they say it’s a sign of intelligence). Sabrina laughs at people – has not had even one funny remark or done one funny thing. Same goes for her ‘sidedish’. Rachelle thinks putting her underwear on her head is funny.
On another note; yesterday Heather commented that Rachelle was gorgeous. Am I missing something because I find she is not even photogenic.
Any opinions?