POV Competition Results! “You’re going to get blindsided, I’m going home!”

POV Holder: Corey POV Competition Sept 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 5th
HOH Victor Next HOH Sept 8th
Original Nominations: James AND Nat
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots None

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-03 21-09-22-093

Power Of Veto Winner: Corey

9:15pm The live feeds return to all the house guests in the HOH room. It was a timed veto where they had to each compete individually. They talk about how Corey did the comp in 6 minutes. Corey says that was hard. Vic says dude gets to go to Atlanta! Behind the scenes! Paul says oh yeah right! Nicole tells Corey that she’s very proud of him. I didn’t think you were going to get it. I like when I’m surprised, like that. Corey asks are you serious? James asks why did it take so long. Nicole says Natalie had technical difficulties. Natalie and James leave. Paul, Vic, Corey and Nicole celebrate winning another comp. Corey says they know I’m not using it. Nicole would go up. Paul laughs that Nicole would go home. Paul asks what the longest time was? Corey says 30 minutes. The have pizza boxes with “Mac Is Back” (MacGyver) on them.

London bedroom – Nat tells James I’m surprised I got second place. James says see you’re good at these comps. James says that he is going to tell Corey and Nicole to vote him out. Nat tells James to not campaign against himself. James says if I had won it I would it I would have used it on you. Nat says If I had won it I would have used it on you. James says it was nice knowing you. Nat says you’re going to get blindsided, I’m going home.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-03 21-19-43-238

9:40pm Paul, Vic, Nicole and Corey are talking about the competition. Vic tells Corey you get to go behind the scenes. That’s what you get for giving 5 G’s. Corey says to Nicole is that not what I said when you give something you get something back.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-03 21-39-20-692

10:05pm – 10:35pm HOH room – Vic says okay lets discuss this. Paul says I don’t know both of them suck. I want both of them gone right now. VIc says I want James gone. Paul says at the end of the day we want them both gone so it doesn’t matter. Vic says but I want to make the right decision. Paul asks what are they better at? Nicole says James is good at endurance. They say Nat is too. Vic says James is smarter. Nicole disagrees. Vic says BB storm watch. James studied less and he did better. Paul says no she threw it. She wanted us to go home. They both threw it. Nicole says I’ll do whatever but Meech told me that Nat is a lot smarter than she thinks. Why would you brag about how dumb you are. She almost one the egg one, the black box and almost won the endurance. I will do whatever. She told me she won’t do good in the days comp. Paul says of course she says that. She wants you to underestimate her. Nicole says which ever one stays we just need to bring home 2 wins that week. Vic says to be honest I would rather face Natalie. Paul asks what comp has James given you a run for your money. Vic says yeah in retrospect James hasn’t given me a run for my money. Corey joins them and says lets just not tell them. Vic says lets go and pull the trigger on Natalie. Paul says James is NOT intelligent. Paul says I think we make it seem like James is going then blindside, blindside…and James isn’t good in the HOH comp.

10:45pm – 11:30pm HOH room – Corey, Vic, Nicole and Paul talk about what to say in Nat’s goodbye message. Vic says I guess the best player got the worst player out .. so I guess I wasted this HOH. Paul says that’s a good one. Make sure you take of that armpit hair. I hope the only think that deflates is your ego. Crowned king as a d*ck head if I say that comment. Corey laughs. VIc says I feel like I do get to sh*t on her because she sh*t on me. You’re disrespectful to all men. Paul says that would be amazing. Sh*t on her. Vic says she did try and make it right. Paul says she tried to make it right so she could turn around and f**k you dry. Vic says you just want me to hit her with a baseball bat and I’m not going to. Paul says I do. I do. There are nails in my baseball bat. I feed off this stuff. Nat it looks like you’re street smart but just not big brother house smart.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-03 23-45-37-657

11:35pm Bedroom – Corey tells Nicole I am 1000% voting out Natalie. I don’t care what Vic says.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-03 23-55-53-263

12am Kitchen – Vic and James in the kitchen talking about how you can make a birdhouse with two of the macgyver pizza boxed.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-04 00-01-27-330

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-04 01-22-55-374
12:28am James and Corey Tokyo room
Corey – what are you up to
James – bull shitting..
James says Vic and PAul are in bed.

Corey – how’s Nat doing
James – she’s good
James – I told her hang out talk to people.. She said she wants to spend time..
Corey – totally cool..

Corey – what else you thinking of brah.. We haven’t talked in awhile..
Jam es- whatever happens that opens this week.. I’m not really sweating it not a big deal for me..

Jam es- I love the game but I’m not going to the be the one that twists arms.
Corey – just let it play out man..
James- play out..
Corey – yeah just let it play out..
James – dude I think i’m going home man i’m the target
Corey – we’ll see..
James- don’t do that
Corey – what am I doing..
James- I’m already checking out.. You better not be doing crazy shit.
Corey – i’m doing nothing sticking to my guns

JAmes wants to get voted over Natalie
Corey – dude you better stop right now
Jam es says it’s his fault she’s up he voted Victor out
Corey says there was no way they would have known Victor coming back. Corey says Jame sis not responsible for Natalie going up.

James- I feel responsible
Corey – you shouldn’t my brother one bit..
Jame s- I try to play this game pretty good with good intentions..
Corey -I know.. I’ve been on the same page as you..

Nicole comes back .. they start to chit chat about the season.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-04 01-32-23-500

1:30am James, Nicole and James. chit chat about the season
Nicole – the showmances have made it far..
James- Paul and Victor are kinda a showmance..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-04 01-54-19-995
1:54am James and Natalie London Room

James- do you think Corey and Nicole will try to flip the votes on Victor..
Natalie – Yeah
James- thats a bold move cause Victor can’t play there’s literally nothing they can do it’s 3 against 1..
Natalie – James I don’t care.. I’m ready to go home..
Natalie – it would be a smart move cause you would be working with just them..
James- if you go to Jury and leave me here..
Natalie – Nicole and Corey are goign to vote to keep me here..
James- Victor wants me gone
Natalie – Corey and Nicole want you to stay
James- they are goign against Victor
Natalie – Victor’s not playing if they keep you and you win you’ll put Paul and Victor up is what they are thinking..
Natalie – Nicole would prefer to have you in this game over me.. I might be the target this week.. that’s why they said I hope you pull yourself down.
James- they said I’m the target.. I think they are going to blindside Victor.

Natalie – you are the one that made me trust them but if you work with them it’s your game but I won’t talk to you.. they’re the reason I’m going home and you are going to work with them.
Natalie actually tells him if he works with Nicoel and corey she won’t speak to him again

Natalie – Corey and Nicole know if I stay they are goign on the block..
James wants to work with Nicole and Corey says they want him out.
Natalie – Corey and Nicole backstabbed us.. do whatever you want. They are going to use you to get to the top now they have 3 on their side..
James- if one of us leave we’re in the middle of 2 sides..
Natalie tells him if he wins HOH he should put 1 from each side up, “Roulette.. player roulette”
Natalie says Corey and Nicole know she will work with Victor and Paul over them. Adds that they all know she apologized to Victor and Paul, “i know Paul was going to tell them”

Natalie – just let me know if you know that you are stating.. so IO can prepare for a great speech
James- they are not goign to tell me. IF this is a blindside they
Natalie – Nicole and Corey have played everyone out and you want to work with them..
James says he would never says he would stop talking to her based on a game move.
Natalie says if Corey and Nicole betray Victor and he keeps Victor safe Victor and Paul will start trusting JAmes.

Natalie says she takes it back about not taking to James, She will just not respect the game move James makes if it means teaming up with Nicole and Corey . Natalie says she trusted Victor and paul and they trusted her. She believed JAmes to work with Nicole and Corey and they got screwed over because of James’ advice she’s going home.

JAmes- that was really mean what you said .. well that was really mean..
Natalie – I’m sorry ..
JAmes- I will never say that to you
Natalie – I’m sorry I said it..

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BOOOOOOOO!!!!! I guess we might as well prepare for a Nicole and Corey final 2, barf!


I’m not even gonna bother watching the show, I’ll just read updates on this site. I cant stand corey and Nicole and I won’t be able to watch them gloat.


James throwing the wall comp was this show’s demise. Smh. Can’t watch this show anymore. I’m getting nauseous seeing and hearing N & C. Never hated any HG this much besides Vanessa and Andy ewwwwww.


Dumbest BB move of all time?
James is a wimp, playing his beloved middle. It is an excuse to hide. Like every other HOH, James was throwing it as soon as he felt safe. He’s just here for the chicks anyway.
Natalie kept saying “they played us out”. Just can’t bring herself to say her and James were outplayed….a bunch of tines, Nat.
Nat must have some life if this is the first anxiety or panic attack she has ever experienced. This is someone who is used to getting her way.


I think it’d be really hard to top Cody for dumbest move

Franks fumes

These secret comps with no witnesses just what CBS ordered …….designed to save James ass and get Corey and Nicole to the final 3….production does not want a Vic Paul final 2 obviously.


Why do the feeds have to be down so long during these competitions? If they are fair an honest why not just show them in real time? Makes me go hummmm!


I have thought that especially when they started turning Meech and Victor against each other. I remember Michelle coming out of Dr and she had changed her mind about Vic and then her goodbye speech to him was altered go back and watch it they cut some of it out. Then Michelle when she was put up she had two Dr the whole week and her first when she came out of she looked so upset and just went and steered at Victor. I also wonder if they put her up to say something about Paul’s clothes to really piss him off because he was set on taking Michelle to final three (she didn’t know this)and that one thing ended it for him . I also hate how on TV they made Victor look like he took the Bribe because he may flip on them like he was a backstabber( they also convinced Michelle of this so she would say it on TV). I think they are also telling Victor super nice things about Nicole(he coming out of DR now like Nicole is so nice) and to play up to her so on TV it makes Victor look like he’s going after Nicole Corey’s girl (being creepy) and so Corey has to turn on Victor. I don’t like that they are boning Victor now on his edit making him look like he will try to steal your girl like he’s a womanizer. Makes me so mad. Production really is trying to get Nicole and James to the end and they really don’t care about really messing with these peoples image. I guess they think they are throwing Vic a bone with that 5000, Production you are horrible,


I meant stared in my head I was thinking that production has steered this whole scenario. I really should read my writing before hitting post but it probably want happen lol sorry


Did you hear what Nat and James said around 230 there time on live feeds James said you are being called into the DR a lot and Nat says she doesn’t get the material right and she has to repeat stuff. Then Production tells them they are not allowed to talk about their DR sessions. I hate this because they are making people think real things about these people like because Michelle said she done somethings at 15 then they try to make her out as a crazy thief They probably put James sweat shirt in her bag told her to wear tiffs shirt and take Pablo(which she did not keep) out when she left I think they told Natalie to get in a shomance with James when she doesn’t like him in that fashion now she looks horrible. I also think they are trying to make Vic look creepy about Nicole but I am sure they wont show him telling her she needs to bathe!!!


Nat just has trouble remembering her clever DR line that gets on the TV episode, but go ahead and insert all those conspiracy theories if it makes you feel better when your favorite loses. LOL!


@geez Bridgette was my favorite not Nat. I also like Da,,Victor and think Michelle was funny but knew she would go. You can not deny some of the things that have been said by Paul, Nat , James ,Nic, They have said Dr or they told me to do this its on the FEEDS Corey ask Nicole where she heard something (she could have made it up) she just said somebody but no one in the house said it to her. I would not put it pass CBS to be on the sights as commenters either maybe GEEZ its you I don’t know. You maybe someone who also doesn’t get the feeds so you have not seen what myself and others are talking about. Its on the feeds get them but you maybe sorry afterward because it has made the game less fun for me


wtf is Natalie’s problem? I thought Nicole was Whitney af but Natalie is giving her a run for her money. She’s being such a b@tch to James. If I recall correctly she has been saying all season how she makes her own decision, her and James aren’t one person, blah blah blah but now she’s blaming everything on him. I know James told her it was better to vote out Vic but who knew he’d come back and if she’s makes her own decisions then it’s on her for voting Vic out.

On another note, wtf is wrong with Paul? I like the guy but why is he always trying to act so tough. Always saying he’s gonna blow shit up or he shit on people in the diary room or what ever that baseball comment was about. Like chill out dude you guys have the HOH and VETO and same as last week. No need to be playing so hard core and be mean to people for no reason. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the week you goof.


Nat did not vote Vic out, James was the sole vote. It was not in Natalie and Michele’s game to vote Vic out. James knew that but he did what was best for his game.


It seems to happen to every person who has been in control of the game or has some power, they seem to get overly confident and their alter ego comes out. Paul at the beginning was more respectable, but now he has few boundaries. I would not want someone like Paul working for my company.
Nor would I want someone like Natalie working for my company. The things she said to James today speaks the truth about who she is. Her behavior is not something you learn to do while playing the game. In order to be that cutting, and manipulative, you have to have a fair bit of experience.


Vic doesn’t like nic…he’s merely keeping his enemies closer! Vic is neat freak…nic wouldn’t fit into his world




Bye James. and you’re not going to get AFP! You don’t have a backbone and betrayed so many people who had your back


That’s what people said the last time…


He threw his game away for a girl last year and he’s doing the same this year. At least Meg was a nice and genuine girl who didn’t try and play James for her benefit. Natalie is a whiney annoying two faced little cunt who is just using James for his own advantage. And she’ll probably make it to final two. It’s people like her who usually make it to the end. Undeserving whiney floaters.


Natalie’s not a floater. Actually, she wouldn’t be in this predicament if she had floated


Right? A floater is someone that floats to the power. She hasn’t done that at all.

Snake venom

Natalie’s very smart, and people don’t give her enough credit for it. She hasn’t won comps or made bold moves, but whenever she analyzes something, she’s bang on. Unfortunately, to succeed in this game you need a smart partner. There’s no point in being the voice of reason when you’re partner is a stubborn idiot. Nat teamed up with the wrong guy from the beginning.


Have you been paying attention?

All Nat did for 2 months was float, flirt, and hide…then she finally listened to Bridgette once she saw it would soon be her turn to go and decided to make a move (which Bridgette with strategy and Paul with action drove) against Paulie. That was her only game, get Shorty…uh..I mean Paulie. Then she got HOH, went on a typical floater power trip, which is why she’s in this predicament. Nat tried floating back to Vic and Paul, which is why she’s angry, because she can’t float anymore and her fake niceness, hiding and flirting has no currency


A floater is someone who floats to power, but Nat has just stuck with James this whole time


Flirt and hide? Yes. Float? No. Floater means a player that switches up their alliance every week according to whoever happens to be hoh but truly has no loyalty to said hoh. Floater in the big brother sense doesn’t mean “doing nothing”. Which is what I think you’re implying. Will and jun used floating as stradegy, basically perfected it and made it a legitimate stradegy.

A coaster is the big brother term for just doing nothing. There is a big difference between coasting and floating. Nat is not a floater. She has not floated to the hoh once this season.


Nice adjective… First off, not a Nat fan, but if your going to be talking about “Whiney Floaters”, you may want to include Paul in that equation. He has talked more shit about everyone in that house, too numerous to even list and here is the best part, while actually wearing a floatations device, a rubber floaty strapped around his waist! Dies he ever say anything nice about a woman? Pure example of a 23-year-old entitled, little rich bitch boy. He Is nothing more than Andy, decorated with tattoos and a beard.


James has been sneaky about how hes been playing Natalie.
1) Going back to his HOH, he ignored her request and put up Bridgette anyway, her ally in the house.
2) Going back to when Paulie was in the house, he went to Paulie before Nat went to talk to Z & without her knowing to smooth things over for himself.
3) when she was HOH he convinced her to trust Nicorey knowing that would benefit his game & not hers. This has come to be true with the voting this week. He knew the pair would always keep him over meech & nat
4) telling everyone she wanted to vote Corey out & then reminding them about it this week knowing that Nicorey controls who goes home not victor/paul
5) dropping from the wall contest to further his trust with Nicole, while knowing that even if he was on the block against natalie he was staying

Yes, Natalie has been toying with his emotions, but James has been playing her too. I think she is seeing that now & why shes throwing out the manipulative ultimatums.


This is true, James is not so innocent. He has always put his game before hers.


I think Nic & Corey bringing James back in with them will secure the pre season alliance that Nic and James made be4 going into the house. Pulling James back into C & Nic’s alliance, Nic will be able to convince clueless James, that it was all apart of Nic’s game plan …NOT, but if she can pull him in, its a vote in any case for her. Vic is more wise then we think and needs to follow his GUT….

Plus…as I said previously, when is James gut going to tell him Nat’s using him??
I would luv to see Corey and Nic’s face going home…don’t like either one of them.

I hope James in the end if he stays, pretends to be with Nicorey only to screw them over with Vic and Paul and James as a 3some….Vic for the win!


I think you have it a little wrong about last year. James didn’t throw his game away for Meg. Meg had a lot of good ideas that would have pushed them forward, but James convinced her he knew better and he threw comps he shouldn’t have.
At least with Nat, she was able to convince him to make a few bold moves to get them forward like getting rid of Paulie. (Although Bridgette had a hand in convincing her to do it) To bad she didn’t continue to think for herself when she was HOH. That was when she let James have a say and look where it landed them. She then influenced Meech’s game, which was a bad move. If they had stayed with Victor and Paul a little longer, they could have been sitting pretty.


I think you are talking about Nicole lol She has been using James all game and is a whiny bleep

Ratings analysis

FYI, you received all those thumbs down because you called a HG the c word. Most people on here probably would have agreed with your overall point


Umm, Natalie is going.

Mister pickles

Get Nat out before she wins something!

Canuck Chick

Natalie: “You’re going to get blindsided…I’m going home”
Um…first, learn what blindside means and secondly…not soon enough!

lol what?

Apparently you don’t understand what it means!


James thinks he’s the target and his going home. Therefore if they actually vote out Natalie, it would be a blindside.


Are you confusing a blindside with a back door?

The Donger

Ill read the updates for the Big Brother online only show only if Dawg isnt in the polls anymore… the guy really needs to give the fantasy up


You need to get a sense of humor.

lol what?

I took it as him making a funny joke and lol’d maybe you need a sense of humor


I like Dawg being on there. He is my choice when I have no other choice. When there is a top three I usually can only come up with two so he’s usually my third.


Vote Dawg


Dawg always gets my vote!


Lol Dawg! I love your’s and Simon’s sense of humor! It always puts a smile on my face. So please continue to keep Dawg in the polls!


Dawg – you don’t owe anyone an explanation for anything you or Simon do on this site. I’ve voted for you a few times when I didn’t like anyone left in the house. Vote Dawg! You guys are great!

Super Pac

Dawg for President!

Final 6

I always cast a vote for you! You’re my go to vote when all of the other choices are sketch. So I vote for you. A lot. Like, literally, a lot.


I must give credit where credit is due. Dawg and Simon I give you both 1000 thumbs up for the way that you handle some of the negative and disgusting posts that are left on your site. You both deserve an award.

Chump Shrillary

Are you a citizen of the US and at least 35? I don’t like my two options for November either. Can we get you added on those ballots?


For a better tomorrow vote dawg..


Dawg stays. You can go.

Grandma G

Pretty sure this is snark and everyone’s snark-o-meter is turned off.


Voting Dawg is like voting third party in the US. You know they aren’t going to win but you hate the other choices and you really want to vote.


You should add Zingbot to the polls.


Dawgs gonna be sticking around, we’d be said if he was gone. You on the other hand……don’t let the BB door hit your ass on the way out! Y’all don’t come back now ya here!

About to upset people

A statement made by a person that is clearly licking the window on the back of the short bus.

If you don’t like any you choose Dawg. Perhaps you need to consider living in the real world and stop taking yourself so seriously

Final 6

I was hoping Jatalie would win just to make the next 5 days worth following. I really wanted to see Nicole on the block.


Too Bad! Nicole not going anywhere for awhile.


Smh James, u went on this show for your family especially your daughter & you’re willing to throw it all away for someone you’ve only known for less than a 100 days (you have no idea who she really is in the real world) & lives hundreds of miles away. What a hopeless romantic smh. At least Meg made was honest & wanted to be just friends instead of acting fake like Natalie. Bro wake up!


James is playing weak, lowering his threat profile. In case you haven’t noticed, the 3 people voting want Nat out this week.


He’s just saying all this shit for the cameras again. He knew he wasn’t gonna win the Veto, that’s why he kept saying he’d take her off so he’d look like a hero, and now that it’s over he’s still saying it. Believe me if he woulda won, he woulda took himself off. This douche knows the cameras are on them 24/7! Everything he says and does is for AFP. He makes me sick. He’s even allowing Natalie to make a fool of herself in the way that she’s talking, cause he’s threatened that she might win AFP. That’s why he kept telling her to say that they’ve been shit on by everybody the whole game. She’s just to nieve to realize it.


I agree. He knows full well that with Nic and Corey voting he is not going home, but is trying to make it look like he is willing to sacrifice himself for Nat.


what does smh mean?


Shaking my head.

James' tank tops

Google it, yo


so rude loser James’ tank tops…took u as long to type that than to just answer the question…does everything have to be on a ‘smart ass level?

James' tank tops

Why do people ask simple questions they can google instead of asking others?


Why is everyone dirty except Corey and Nat?




I’m to the point I could care less who wins as long as it’s not Nicole ! I feel bad for James. He really is a nice guy just maybe not cut out for the cut throat game of Big Brother.


Lol, nice guy? Don’t think so. That weasel would sell out his own mom for AFP and the $25000.

About to upset people

James fans don’t seem to remember that he went against Nat and Meech. He also is known for breaking every deal he makes. “You can bounce checks in the BB house”. The guy is not nearly the person you all seem to see him as


it’s called BB, he was loyal to Nat and basically prob screwed his game for her…he was also loyal to Nicole and would have been to Paulie if he wouldn’t have made other deals all over the house..if it weren’t for James, Nat would have been gone some time ago…should she be upset that she might be going home..sure, but not fair to take it out on James, it’s called being a sore loser…


The only thing that could salvage this season now is if Corey uses it on James and sends Nic to jury so that he can avoid breaking up with her after the show. I know I know…..only in a perfect world. Although Nicole does like being surprised like that. Vic for the win. Simon and Dawg for second place they deserve the money.


Not only is Nicole NOT going to jury, she decides who DOES go, her and Corey control the vote. So the season seems to be going pretty well so far.


That’s not going to happen. He was fishing for compliments from her because she was saying she was surprised how smart he is. You know she likes giving him back handed compliments all the time. He’s very insecure and she puts him down a lot. Corey was really affectionate after winning the veto, and I think he wanted to prove to her that he is a good competitor.


Corey started singing a song by Jet called are you going to be my girl and pointed towards her.


Corey started singing a song by Jet called are you going to be my girl and pointed at her.


No, Corey just wanted Nicole to backhand him or forehand, he’d take either. Isn’t that what’s been going on nightly under the covers?


I’m sure he’ll call her an Uber at the wrap party.


Uber straight to Ubly.


You’re just bitter cause you never get an Uber, you just get kicked straight to the curb.


Awww: yeah it’s such an honor and privilege to sit in an Uber. I can only dream.


I was really hoping the quote was Corey to Nicole–“You’re getting blindsided, Nicole, you’re going home.” Corey would be smart to do that–stick to his final 4 bro alliance and save James. I hate him but I also want Nicole gone immediately.


If Nicole, Corey, Paul, Victor want to win BB they have to take out James and Natalie back to back…..

here is why…..

If james were to make it to final 2 …. He would likely have Natalie, Michelle, Brigette,Davonne vote….would only need 1 more vote….

If Natalie were to make it to final 2….she would likely have James, Natalie, Michelle, Brigette, Davonne, Zakiyah vote…..

Honestly I think if Nicole did not make it to final 2 ….even she would vote for James, not sure about Natalie.

My other brother darrell

So Natalie would have Natalie?? Can she vote for herself?


It’s the true power of the Never Not Pass.


I think the only way that James has a chance to win is against Cory or Nicole.


Corey won………..Yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here comes another year waiting for Thursday to come….


James will get AFP b/c of edits. Let’s fast forward please to Thurs. This is getting mundane.


No way! Paul & Vic have had great edits and their families were featured. It’ll be between those two!


Your joking right? Paul and Victor are douchebags who act like they “like” people to their faces and then talk mad crap the moment that person isn’t in the room….AFP is without a doubt between James and Natalie, more than likely Natalie since she seems to be everyone in the houses favorite person to shit on……




James is an embarrassment to BB and deserves nothing. The problem is it could be Victor & Paul in the final 2, eliminating them from winning AFP.
So a player who sucks at comps, has terrible social game, can’t read any situation going on around him as well as lies about being there to win for his daughter(you don’t move states away from your daughter to take a Walmart position if she’s truly your main priority) but somehow has fans is going to win AFP.


His real life has nothing to do with the game so stfu was set up to be in a good place for end game the jury buy back screwed him with Victors third chance witch is ridiculous then Nicole boned him after saving her showmance

Would James...?

Who actually believes that James would have used the veto on Natalie? I don’t think he would and was just using it as a ploy to manipulate America for AFP. I don’t think he realizes that it looks bad to America to throw your game away for a loser girl on a game show when you have a daughter that needs you. Way to have your priorities straight. Thumbs up for he’d use on himself. Thumbs down for use it on Natalie!


James the Martyr


You idiots seem to have forgotten Dan Gheesling, “The Greatest Player In Big Brother History”. There’s a martyr. Anybody remember Dan’s Funeral? It’s all gameplay.


Are you still unable to get live feeds in Canada?

Missed all of last season and haven’t paid too much this season….

no/tech kid in house

You guys are the greatest, but I’m a techno moron. Have been trying,for an hour now to do your tip jar. I don’t have paypal.. . .do you take u.s.visa debit?


You feed stealing Canadians can use:

Not sure if the link will work from the post but you should be able to cut and paste.


Hmm…Your post doesn’t make sense? BBCAN feeds are free for Canadians. The link may however help those who don’t live in Canada get to see them as well.

As for your feed ‘stealing’ Canadians comment – if we use the work around info that Dawg & Simon provide we also have to PAY to see the US feeds, so there is no Stealing involved.

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It’s all tongue in cheek. I’m aware they are still paying.


Forgot you also have to use AmEx (prepaid if you don’t have a regular one) to pay for them as well.


I truly can’t stand anyone left, even and Paul and Victor are starting to get on my nerves.

A Girl Has No Name

Thank you for saying it! The way they sit up in the HOH room and constantly, constantly, CONSTANTLY bad mouth the other people in the game and then the last two in the house….when the bleep did this show and HGs get so petty???? He said/she said…I mean really…its a game of lies and deceit. Paul sits around talking shit about everyone as though he hasn’t ever lied to anyone or talked shit behind people’s backs. Nicole is a floating, insecure, back-stabbing POS who acts like every single female has done her dirty, Corey is a girl…a gossipy girl at that and Vic…PLEASE get over the betrayal enough to see Nicole was behind you and Paul going up and James voting you out…it’s the nature of Big Brother. This childish, nasty pettiness makes watching this season difficult. The constant juvenile behavior is getting old.

I was behind a Vic/Paul final 2 but I’m at the point I wish they would just cancel the show NOW because there just isn’t one likable person left. Not one. If floating Nicole wins…I really will find something else to watch next summer.

On a side note: did anyone see BBAD last night with Nicole doing her hair and makeup in the bathroom alone? What, exactly, was that?


It was Nicole doing her hair and makeup in the bathroom alone. (What, is she supposed to have an audience?)


I’ll admit that I’ve laughed at some of the things falling out of Pauls mouth this summer and up to this point have been rooting for him more often than not. That said, these bongo circles being held in the HOH with the final 4 group lately, especially today, are beginning to remind me of what high school was like. Yes, Paul and Vic were betrayed by James and Nat and they have all the rights to be upset/hurt by this, but this talk about what exactly to say in Nats goodbye message to achieve maximum humiliation by sh*tting on her is already old. It’s like, well done guys, you’ve made it through so much and are still in the house, good on ya. Y’all put her up with James and will be sending her to jury, you’re getting what you want and are excited about that but do you need to go to these lengths of douchebaggery? Vote her out, high five each other and move on. The constant celebration of “oh man, I sh*t on her so hard, fools gonna be crushed, hah hah hah” was a bit funny the first time you said it, but you can stop now because it’s becoming salty a gross and it really doesn’t need to be. Blah.


Mind games. At this point in the game, it’s about saving face of the evicted, and empathizing with the disappointment the HGs are feeling-to come this far and then get voted out. All the remaining HGs re gonna break out into a rendition of Kumbaya I their good byes. If Paul manages to manipulate Vic into saying some stupid shit- he hands down deserves to win. I think they’re right to get out Natalie- for selfish reasons. Can’t stand her. Didn’t think all the drama over her fake boobs or imagining Paulie was trying to kiss her were legitimate. She latched onto this poor schlub James when her appeals to the other guys were rejected. There was a lot of “girl power” talk and they got the girl part right- but they should have cast women..


Ahem!!!! Well said! It is getting very old and childish listening to Paul/Nicole/Corey continue talking about childish behavior. I am noticing that Victor is starting to pull back a little on the bashing. Wake up Victor and continue YOUR HOH. Nicole and Paul are running it. James is the bigger threat to your game Victor. Natalie will go after Nicole, Corey and Paul. But that only depends if she wins the next HOH. But I am sooooo over listening to them do nothing but talk about crapping on other people. But go ahead Paul/Nicole/Corey and send out James and Natalie with nasty good bye messages because you seem to forget that when they go to the jury THEY are the ones to vote for you or not. I think VIctor is smart enough that he will not do that. Because he is not saying as much in the bashing. I am voting for Victor to win.

Go Vic

This is Vic’s chance to redeem himself for the bead throwing incident. Back then he was a gullible moron ( sorry Vic but it’s true) and he let Paul and Paulie talk him into behaving like an idiot at the nomination ceremony. If he falls for it again and let’s Paul convince him to be a di<k in Nat's goodbye message, then I will concede he is just as much a loser as the rest of them. Please don't let me down, Vic!!!!!


Agree, plus you want a message that helps secure their vote once they are in jury.


Amen it’s cause they cast people in there 20-27 year olds who live at home and need to grow casting trying to make showmances instead of game players



The Donger

There will be a frantic set of fingers under Corey and Nicole’s sheets tonight! Well done Corey, get as much as you can before the season is over…… Dem fingers smell like Red Lobster


Some people keep speculating that at some point Paul or Vic are going to turn on each other and take someone else to the F2. However, Vic is sooo big on loyalty that I don’t think he would ever backstab Paul. And although Paul has been sketchy with other people I think his loyalty to Vic is just as strong. I get the impression that both of these guys would be happy with 1st and 2nd place together, just like Derrick and Cody were.

Grandma G

I don’t believe Paul wouldn’t turn on Victor.


Although at this point he may see she has a shot at the money too. In that case he’ll take Vic. Right now I see Corey as having the weakest resume’.


Vic won’t turn on Paul, but Paul would turn on Vic because he knows he can’t beat Vic. This is why he’ll keep Nat in the house and take her to final 2 if he’s the deciding vote.


I cant stand that beard. It needs to be set on fire.

#pissed #freePablo

Re: Poll Fall Season

Being Canadian, it is a hassle to get research to get the best VPN, buy reusable credit card, put in a US postal code to sign up. If I could sign up directly to watch BB19 I would have no issue.


Hey Simon & Dawg, how come the photo shows Paul & Michelle’s as the Noms ? And it shows Corey as the POV Winner ? Just checking to see if you are aware of this.



I saw it a had a little freak out cause Michelle was back up too. I was a little miffed as I thought yet another buyback had occurred. Thanks for evicting Michelle again.

#pissed #freePablo

Is James jumping on his sword to save Natalie some sort of twisted game play. “Paranoia Nicole” will think he wants to leave to poison the jury, or have something up his sleeve.

Or he just wants to get laid.


Is it Thursday yet?


After James or nat goes. Both v/p and c/n have to be smart enough to turn on each other. I see Paul and Nicole going there. I can only hope it MAY get interesting after next week. If not really hope it’s v/p who win the last comps to take out n/c.

James "best game move"

James 100% did horrible on this veto on purpose. He is making himself look extremly weak and finally turning Nat into his shield. I will guarantee Nat will go home this week and James stays. Nicole and James will team up and go to the end. Just watch how this week will play out. Paul wants Nat gone and Nicole will make comments here and there to influence the group to vote out James. Bb is about to get interesting.


Yahoo!!!!!!!! Corey won the VETO …… and Him & Nicole want James to stay……

Doesn’t really matter what Paul or Victor want……

….only takes 2 votes to evict……

Here is why I think Nicole wants James to stay……

If James wins Next HOH; she can remind him that she and Corey never put him or Natalie on the block but Victor did; blame Paul for that…..Remind him that they both saved him from eviction this week….She will also remind him about their final 2 that they had back since week 1…..she will also explain that its best for their game to look out for each other because they are the only 2 returnees left and if they both make it to the end, they have a 50/50 chance of winning….better odds than sitting by a newbie…….Also, If Paul wins HOH …she can remind him and victor about their final 4 and explain that James has to go because he will have Natalie, Michelle, Brigette, Davonne vote in Jury and would only need 1 more to win……she can also remind Victor about how James turned his back on them when they vote him out during Natalie/Michelle HOH……If Nicole or Corey win HOH….I think she will put Victor and Paul on the block; use James as a replacement if one of them comes down….she knows that she can’t win against victor or paul in the end……

…. Corey will do what ever Nicole wants…..

….I can also see Paul wanting to keep James ( thinking he can get him to target Victor, Nicole, Corey) if he was to win HOH…..


I know there are many who feel that Victor doesn’t deserve to win BB18 because he got evicted twice and was given a chance to come back – THEY wouldn’t vote for him in final two because of this. Did you ever stop to think, that had Victor been evicted and NEVER came back, you would be watching the season premiere of Hoarders, because that is exactly what the other houseguests would have done to the house by now if he’d not come back. Maybe Victor is just CBS’s little $500,000 cleaning boy. Just saying. 😉 <3


I see it as a positive that Victor was evicted twice (once back-doored) and battled his way back into the house.

Team Nat

Nat is smart. She knows they are going to vote her out not James????


I’m glad that little weasel is getting evicted!!!!!


Which one? When you say little weasel, you have to be more specific. Could be either Nat or james


I think James would have used the veto on Nat. He knows his game is screwed and he thinks someone would take her farther along. The dude is just a nice guy! I’m going to vote for James for America’s favorite player! He doesn’t bad mouth like everyone else does! Something his daughter will respect about him when she gets older!


BAHAHAHAHAH @ Nicole being HOH on the HGS icons.

Anyways, Nat is gone this week. Paul/Victor will be the next 2 evictions
Nicorey wins.

Can we move onto BB Digital now? Or back to real life?

Sorry, but I am just over these 6 HGS.


PoorJames. Has any other pretty girl out there seen/done how easy it is to manipulate someone like him? It’s very sad to know I was once one of that type& worse to see the guys still pass out/fall out for PHONEY USERS like Nat. Girls are over this board about girl power, etc, but where are the defenders of female prefators?? They exist, you know & Nat is a typical one.


“Nicole tells Corey that she’s very proud of him. I didn’t think you were going to get it. I like when I’m surprised, like that. Corey asks are you serious?”

I’d like to know if she’s serious too? Am I taking this out of context at all or is this the billionth time Nicole gave Corey a backhanded compliment (read: effed up)? Really what is her deal? I’m honestly not really rooting for either one of them (or anyone at this point) but if some sort of divine intervention happens and Corey uses the veto in order to have Nicole put up, I wouldn’t be mad if she left instead of James or Nat (and yes, I realize this is likely not possible but I’m trying to be optimistic these days). I’ve heard that he makes comments to her that aren’t that nice either but lately there’s quite a bit of weird “great job Corey, you’re not as slow as I thought you were” type sh*t coming out of her mouth and I find it increasingly odd. That coupled with whatever the hell is going on with her interactions with Vic lately has me wondering wtf is up with her/them.


Lillystark, I think that you hit the nail right on the head. It did sound like a back handed compliment. It was totally rude of her to say that.


Yeah, and I really cant with that sort of thing, it’s maddening. And it would appear that this is bugging Corey at least a little as I’m currently watching Nicole do her “Coreyyyyyyyyyyy what’s wrooooonnnggg” broken record thing with him. Sounds like she said something out loud to people along the lines of her not thinking he was going to be good at mental comps. He replied “you know you don’t have to say that, right?” and I just died. She’s now saying its strategy, she says that so people don’t see him as a big threat, and as much as I’m trying to give people the benefit of the doubt these days, I’m not really buying this. I don’t know if she’s doing this stuff on purpose, she could be one of those people that are oblivious and not recognizing they’re making really douchy comments, but I suspect it’s more that she’s backtracking by calling it strategy because the girl can’t own up to things. Wasn’t it earlier today or yesterday when she was telling Corey she was worried about James telling Vic and Paul that there was a final 4 deal with James, Nat, Nicole and Corey because she denied it when they asked her? Corey told her to just own up to it but she didn’t want to. I swear, she’s a kid that would rather spin weird stories and dig herself deeper in situations when she could just fess up, apologize and move on.

Also side note: I wish people would realize that if you’ve got to ask your significant other what’s wrong and why they’re being weird at least once a day every day, it might not be the best relationship for them.


Lol Lillystark I noticed that too. She gets paranoid rather easily. Whenever someone gets evicted from the house, I noticed how scared she looks. She has this look of terror on her face. It almost looks as if she is holding her breath the whole time. And when Julie says “”So and so” you have been evicted from the big brother house.” You can actually see Nicole exhale even though she is not on the block. So funny.


I want nicole gone more than anybody all season… Buuuuutttt in all fairness, you always deny, deny, deny. Just like to the fuzz. The more concrete info they have, the more they can shove in your face. Vic latches onto disloyalty like nat latches on to FT. If they dont know for sure, they can figure it out themselves. I wouldnt come clean until the wrap up party. I hope she does come clean and gets evicted though.


I agree. Corey actually saved Nicole’s butt in the pov last week. You could tell at first she was shaking her head like what an idiot when he put 1billion. But actually what he did was very smart and literally saved her. She would’ve been out.

You can tell she doesn’t think he’s intelligent at all. I’m thinking he just hasn’t been applying himself, because that was a pretty intelligent move.


And we have a winner for…. “Mean Girl of the Day”


Poor James. The insecure pretty girls always go for the weak guys. The weak guys are always flattered by the fake attention given them by the unattainable chicks. And they always fall for it. James (yeah, y’all saw his baby-mama–no offense) is overwhelmed by the POTP.
James needs to lose the tanktops, are
style his hair, go back to button down long sleeves, & STFU with the apologies to fake/phony Nat, who will dump him immediately if not sooner. Sheesh


Just shows how stupid he is, people have been telling him all summer what she’s doing, and the clues are all there. It’s his own fault. He back stabbed more people in this game than anyone, and none of them were strategical moves, not for him anyway. He did whatever the person in power told him to do. By far the worst player to play the game, along with his two year old pranks. He only had about 3 of them. Kept doing the same ones over and over again. Grow up dummy, and maybe try to find a real job after this is over ( might be hard with a criminal record though)


I give James credit for putting up with Natalie’s constant bullsh*t! If I had to sit and hear her say over and over and over about “I could have won that comp”, “I should have won that comp”, “we should have stayed with Paul and Vic”, “they keep talking about me and my FT’s” blah, blah, blah, I would have snapped loooong ago. I would have told her to give it a rest already!! You didn’t win the comp, you can’t win a comp, and no one is talking about you anymore so just shut up! And then to blame him because she is too stupid to think for herself and is incapable of making decisions on her own would have sent me over the edge! She takes no accountability for herself!

James has listened to her crap and dealt with her mood swings for over 80 days, and still wants a relationship with her outside the BB house. That doesn’t say much about him and his choice of women but she should grab onto him because I doubt most guys would put up with that sh*t in the real world.


I vote to Evict The Donger.
DAWG… you are safe.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Ratcole succeeded. She will rescue James b/c she has a preshow deal with him, and then she’ll use his BB-life as a shield to go to F3. Little rodent! Little bitch!


If James stays…. Paul Nicole and Corey will use James to take out Victor.
Victor’s mom called it.

Reality Check

You think that Nicole and James had some sort of pregame arrangement?

Seeing how Nicole still cares for James at this point of the game is so sketch. Nat did say she wants to put Corey and Nicole on the block, will James honor her wishes?

Reality Check

AFP to Dawg please.


I 2nd that, Reality Check! My vote goes to Dawg too for AFP!


Don’t forget Simon.


I’m going back to voting for Glenn.

Franks fumes

Nicole will get her way and f#cking James will stay…… then have a 3 to 1 chance for HOH to get Paul or Vic out…….James will help her and Corey get to the final 3. I hate these secret comps when its so easy to manipulate the results for productions benefit……they want Paul or Vic weakened in my opinion!


I hope Natalie tells Paul and victor. She seems to have it figured out.


Ugh…. corey really at this point the only thing that could make this week interesting is corey using the veto on James or nat and sends nicole’s ass to jury funny thing is nicole still thinks she can still win with James in the house the only way she’ll win is if corey’s in the final two but I have a feeling she’ll take James to final 2 all I know is if I was in jury I wouldn’t vote for nicole idc if she’s a girl (and I’m a girl speaking) all she did this season was latch on a guy again and also finger that particular person in bed as MEECH said she can’t play big brother without a showmance which is the most accurate description about nicole gameplay in BB . PS BB please do not bring back nicole ,James, and the calafiore family again ( cody was ok but paulie a big no no and if they even try to get the sister that paulie was talking about that’s really pushing it granted they’re mad about the edit of paulie 🙂 they won’t come back ….. right ???? )


I think nobody understAnds this game. Paul said some cruel things to the women. He was playing the game. He couldve.won but his mouth flapped too much. They all backstab that is part of the game. I liked him and sbouldve gotten back in. I like Victor but he was voted out twice, should be out. James is wrapped around Nat so tight he can’t think for himself.Quit criticizing everyone and it will play out. I like Nicole and Corey. Michelle cried over everything. Paulie cried but he was turned on because of Nat. Yes he said bad things but that’s the way to play.


Well, if they keep James an James actually starts to play the game it would at least make it interesting to watch. I was trying to like V/P but then they have to start being hateful an nasty about other people again. Hard to root for any of these people smh!


Yup. Called it- nicole, corey and James make it to the end. James once again wins AFP. Just like he said he would.
I didn’t know how it was going to happen, but I knew it was going to happen.


I’m not sure if this is has already been asked yet but who does everyone want to see go this week? Would you rather Nat stays,or would you rather James stays? Up for Natalie down for James.


Can I vote for both of them to go? Lol! We could really use a double eviction this week. On a serious note, either one can go and it wouldn’t make a difference for me.


I’m really pulling for James to stay

James will have a 1 in 4 chance of winning hoh (since Victor can’t play) & a 1 in 5 chance of winning veto

I would love to see the house turn up side down. that 4 person alliance needs to be broken up.

Another Anonymous

You are basing those odds on the assumption that James is equally good at comps as the others. But, he’s not. He’s only good at endurance. He sucks at the other stuff.

Katie Girl

They’re so mean to Nat. Nicole is such a b!tch. Corey is gay. Paul is a d hay. I Iike Vic, Nat, and James.


Dog goes ‘woof’ Cat goes ‘meow’ Bird goes ‘tweet & mouse goes ‘squeak…WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY (vic) ~ ding ding ding ding ding dingeringeding ching ching….

OKAY…James tells Nat what Corey suggested, Nat runs as fast as she can to inform Vic & Paul. Vic & Paul give James a even better choice, with James pretending to be on board with Nicoli, only to blindside them bother and going to f3 with Vic & Paul…. Nat and James give back some loyality to V & P and V & P forgive and go for the win I LUV IT


I just watched a good conversation between James and Corey (Nat was in DR, Nicole was in another room) and Corey basically implied to James that he was staying and Nat was going. Now I have a strong feeling that Nicorey always trusted James but not Nat and that was why they took out Meech and hooked up with Vic and Paul. It would not surprise me if next week Nicorey wins HOH that they take a shot at vic or paul with James voting with them. I just get the feeling that Nicorey still trust James and it would be in their interest to knock out a strong competitor like Paul or Vic next week.

Anyone else agree with me?


Didn’t James blab to them all during a fight that Natalie wanted Vic to stay (over Corey) and Nicole heard that?




Things have turned out quite well for Nicole/Corey. They used James/Nat to drive a wedge between them & Paul/Vic. They used Paul/Victor to put up James/Nat (We never put you up!) & will vote out Nat. Nicole knows she would win nothing with Nat in the game. Nat will leave this week. She’s showing her mean side to James big time!

Can’t trust any one of Paul/Vic or Nicole/Corey. Paul is a cruel person…wouldn’t vote for him for dogcatcher.

Believe it or not, Nicole is playing a perfect Derrick game. And I can’t stand Nicole!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am not so sure about that most of her strategy and help have come from PRODUCTION

Nicole Rocks!

Great observation! Someone on this board finally had the guts to admit that Nicole is playing a good game. Good job Ugh!

Butters Mom

Exactly… everyone on here blames Nicole for backstabbing, convincing, and using another player, but no one is giving her credit for playing the game… they want to give production credit for her actions but blame her at the same time… its called playing the game.. nicoles game… not derricks game. Give credit where credit is due… you may not like her but she is obviously doing something right… she’s still there and she’s sitting in a pretty good spot. For all the hate she is getting, she obviously had to do something to deserve that hate.


I think Corey is playing the best game of all…no enemies, only winning comps when he needs to (and he is good at both mental and physical), and making good game decisions


derrick did not spend his entire season in bed…no comparison at all. the only reason nic and corey are even up is more than likely production told them they need movement outside the covers

Paul has a really nasty side

He actually enjoys shitting on people. He can also dish it out but not take it.

Nina Young

Paul is totally out of line, as well as Paulie! Neither of these should never been allowed to be on the show. It brought CBS and BB down as far as I am concerned. As far as those goodbye speeches, totally inappropriate and beyond decent behavior. So disappointed in BB18, probably won’t watch any of there shows again. Bye all , be good and have fun. Don’t let this trashy show get ya down. 🙁 Just my humble opinion. 🙁


You keep saying Bye and that your not gonna watch anymore, but you keep posting. Leave already!


get Nat out, and Names not even want to be there two birds one stone. in the end Nicorey vs. PV