Paul “I’m really going to let her know in her goodbye what kind of person she is!”

POV Holder: Corey POV Competition Sept 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 5th
HOH Victor Next HOH Sept 8th
Original Nominations: James AND Nat
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots None

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-04 12-52-00-314
10:50am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Paul and Vic head out to the backyard. They lower the awnings. Paul says that girl man! F**K THAT GIRL! Vic says I know! That demeener. Sh*tty attitude. Paul says James is under the impression that he is going and has a good attitude about it. Her .. she thinks she is staying and she’s being a c**t. Super co*ky! So we keep him under the impression that he is leaving ..send her a$$ home. Everyone sh*ts their pants. Vic says the jury will be like what?! You had the chance to send James home and you sent Nat home?! Paul says I’m really going to let her know in her goodbye what kind of person she is..

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-04 13-12-54-632

11:50am Backyard – Vic and Paul are talking. Nat joins them. Nat says I’m here to campaign. I want you guys to vote me out. I want James to stay. If I had won the veto I was going to use it on James. He’s helped me out in the game a lot. Paul says Fools on drugs! Nat says you know what it is, he’s my best friend in the house. I’m going to ask Corey too. I feel like my game is done. If he goes I would be alone and be going out next, so I would rather hang out in the jury out. Vic says I’ve made it clear James is my target. Nat says get me out first. I know James is your target. Vic says I would have to think about it. Paul says I respect it but why wouldn’t you give it a shot. Nat says If I stayed I would fight. I’m a fighter. I would not give up. Nat says think about it. I’m prepared to stay and I’m prepared to go. What are you thoughts. Vic says I wasn’t expecting to have this conversation. Paul says this isn’t Romeo and Juliet. You’re not dying. Paul asks are you going to go balls to the wall? Nat asks what does that mean? Paul says go hard. Nat says yeah if I stayed. Nat goes inside. Vic says to Paul … get the f**k out of here. Paul says reverse psychology. As if its her decision to go. If she does go home America will be like what a heroic move. Vic says America do not buy into this. Paul says she says it sucks being on the block against your best friend. Vic says yeah I have NO idea what that feels like. Paul says she must think we are f**king morons.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-04 13-00-05-028
12pm Nat comes out into the backyard to suntan. James tells Nat that he didn’t meant to make her upset. You woke up in a good mood. Nat says yeah and now I’m in a bad mood. Nat says you said it pisses me off. And now I’m in a bad mood. Everything I do is wrong. James says I just don’t understand the little things. Like when people like each other. It doesn’t even cross my mind. Nat says you know I don’t like affection on TV. James says I literally just placed my hand on your knee. Nat says at 3am?! When I’m sleeping! James says you had your leg on me. Nat says I was sleeping. I can’t even defend myself. I’m not doing this any more. James says and then last night you said you would never talk to me again. Nat says James lets just be friends. James says that’s not the first time you’ve said that to me. Nat says okay, I’m sorry! Dude I campaigned to keep you. I’m going. You’ll never have to see me again. James sits there in silence and then gets up and says thanks for campaigning. James heads inside.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-04 13-04-00-176

1:15pm – 1:40pm London Bedroom – Nat goes inside and asks James if they are really going to fight their last week. James says no. Nat says I just want to have a happy week. I woke up in a really good mood. I didn’t know I wiped your hand off of me. Can we just have a really good day. I really like you. Nat says my emotions go crazy in this house. I’m never going to stop talking to you. I apologize for saying that last night. I don’t want to have a bad week with you. James says I don’t want to either. I’ve been trying to hold us together for a long time and you literally slapped me in the face. Nat explains how she doesn’t like affection on tv. Especially after how Paulie and Z had s*x in here .. I don’t want to be looked at like that. Nat says I would be happy either way. James says same. Nat says I don’t want it to look like I’m promiscuous. James says I wish I could ease your mind. We’ll probably be hashtagged as the old couples. Sleeping in different beds.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-04 13-20-12-805
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1:35pm – 1:50pm Paul tells Vic that she (Nat) is a bigger threat than people think she is. She needs to go. Vic says I’m down with that. They agree to not tell them who is going. Corey joins them. Paul says she said she wants to go home over him. Corey says he told me he wanted her to stay over him. Paul says she kept asking where our heads were at and we were like no. Corey says says he was saying he wanted to go home over her. Corey says it makes me mad that they’re both doing that. Vic says before the veto she was saying she is in this situation because of him. And now she’s saying she would have used the veto on him?! Corey says we might need to sh*t on him in our goodbyes. Paul says Oh I’m already doing it. They talk about who they will make James think he is done so that he clocks out and doesn’t study… so he won’t be prepared for the HOH. Nicole joins them. Vic tells her that they got a fresh batch of bullsh*t this morning. He then tells Nicole about their conversation with Nat. She was the one that put us on the block together and then she tells us it sucks to be on the block with her best friend!?

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-04 13-26-45-245

2:10pm James and Nat head outside to suntan. Nat says if I stay, I would work with Paul and Vic and if you stay you would work with Corey or Nicole. James says I could work with Paul and Vic. Nat says if Nicole or Corey win HOH you would have to work with them. You have to work with whoever is in power. Pretend they didn’t betray us. Meanwhile – Vic, Nicole and Corey are making lunch. Nat says just let me know if you know. James says its better for their game to not tell us.

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Houka Inumuta

I was wondering who do you guys think would win America’s favorite?


Hopefully not James.

Nina Young

I suppose Nichol could always win. LOL NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reality Check

Dawg for AFP
Simon for Assorted Frozen Pizzas (AFP) + Kraken Rum


CBS will make sure either Nat or James – or BOTH – get America’s Favorite Player; just like they made sure Brendon came back in the house to console Rachael a few seasons back. CBS has the control and I’m pretty sure you can take this one to the bank – James or Natalie (or both).


At first I thought America would vote for Natalie but now I am not sure any of the houseguests deserve it. But I will be voting for Natalie anyway cuz she makes me laugh and chuckle. That cheerleader kick and hearty laugh. I feel bad when her heart hurts.
I think Natalie has been suffering from serious anxiety lately, with the tightness in her chest and all. I hope the BB staff is helping her deal with this.


Other than the decision to vote Natalie AFP how’s that lobotomy working out for you?


Natalie is one big act! She uses every old trick in the manipulate, play victim, talk trash, do the same things to others that she uses to call them bad people. Wake up. She’s not nice. Especially using James as she has.


Paul and Victor are right. When Natalie said I’ll go home wont campaign against James…reverse psychology, don’t fall for it people. So if she goes home, she looks like a hero and saves face. They have her number.

Big Jim





Paul is such an ass, I can’t wait until he’s evicted.

Ian's Lament

Im surprised Paul wants Nat out. She would be a number for him and Vic. There is no way she would work with Corey and Nicole and its very likely James will. I was thinking Corey and Nicole would have to convince them or blindside them but Natalie is doing all their work for them.

sunny dee

Nicole started planting the seeds during/after the HOH comp. pointing out how close nat got, paul/vic denied it, but nicole was watching and saw it. it took a while for them to get it, i think after they figured out nat was also 2nd to win the veto. but yeah, nicole has been agitating to get natalie voted out while saying “i don’t know’ and “i’ll do whatever you want’ and similar things. As soon as i saw that i knew what she was doing, she thinks she still has something with James, and james probably would still do a F2 with her. she’s hedging her bets with keeping him in the house, even nat can see he’d go to them. and yes vic and paul are pushing nat away, and she is the most likely to work with them and not put them up if she won, and she’s the most likely to win. james is more likely to put paul and vic up, and work with nicorey.

either way, either of their days are numbered, they would have to win HOH then veto then HOH again. then veto, then finale, it’s a lot of work at this point to not be winners and to be working alone.

Ya know...

He was growing on me. Then he didn’t get his way and the @sshole side came out and he truly is acting like a bitter @sshole. Victor and Nichole aren’t any better. I’m amazed at how mean those three are being.


when james convinced nat to evict victor it really was the smartest game move.. its only in hindsight it seems foolish due to the stupid jury buy back allowing vics 3rd return which really sucks and seems unfair to james at this point.. if vic was in jury where he belongs nicorey would have stuck with jatalie and no doubt paul and/or meech would be going this week.. at this point nobody can stop vic and paul and one of them will win 500k period which is fine as they both are more likeable than anyone else in there anyway but again it just seems really unfair to james who made the smartest game move by getting rid of victor and its gonna cost him 500k smh

Nina Young

In my opinion I don’t think Vic should have been allowed to come back in the second time………totally unfair to the rest of the people playing this game and had to go home!


Here is my thing with James: all summer long, he has been telling the HGs what comps to expect and when to expect them. DE and Jury Buyback are staples in this game, so he or his gut should have known. It was the same thing in his season: 5 jurors equals buyback.
James then THREW an HOH, although that may be a stretch as he was in serious pain.
When Nicole was HOH, not ONE person from the J/N/M camp went to talk game, campaign, etc. even though Vic and Paul were up there 24/7. James was the one who shot down Nat and Meech whenever they brought up the topic of visiting HOH.
James was the one who spilled the beans to Nicorey that Nat wanted to vote out Corey yet he is betrayed and surprised that Nicorey took a shot.
As for the whole Nat thing, James knew in his gut he was being used but the one tie hs gut is right, he chooses to ignore it.

Just Me

James didn’t go talk to Nicole when she was HOH because he didn’t want anyone thinking they were working together. They haven’t really spent time together the whole season. Nicole is an idiot. It’s funny how Paul can change his personality. The true Paul was out when Josea was in the house, he changed when Paulie was running things and now the true Paul is back. He really doesn’t like Vic, he knows Vic will get him the $500k tho.

Give Me A Break

The same jerk coming back into the game TWICE is not a staple of the game.


Oh my dear word Natalie! Really!? Many people said you’d do this to James but I wanted to give you the benefit yada yada …
You truly are a cruel little spoiled rah rah school girl! I don’t know how James can sit and listen to you?
I’m sorry Simon I hate to dis your gal. 🙁


James is finally getting the hints he was straight used on national tv.

Nat realizes James is no longer her ticket further in the game, so she is done with him. Goodbye.


Jeez..people can have petty arguments! Life isn’t always going to be sunshine and rainbows..even if you are Nat. She is a nice person and just b/c she has weak moments you trash her for it??
In other news..Paul is a complete asshat and I hope he’s on the block & leaves next week


The only person who did not have a chance to battle back in was Frank and it was only because of how his eviction fell.
The first five houseguests got a chance to fight their way back in; the first five jurors got a chance to battle back also. It just so happens that Vic was in both groups.
I do not see where his re-entries have been unfair; he fought fair and square to get back in.


I knew from day one Natalie was a user. She tried to flirt with Corey and Paulie to no avail. Paulie was right. He saw right through Natalie’s persona of sweet, innocent “i don’t know the game” crap,and he and Nicole tried to warn James. Anyone who catches on to her, she calls a bully, or a bad person and trashes them even when they’re out of the game. Poor James, wake uP!!! Believe me, if Paulie or Corey would have taken the bait, she wanted a showmance with one of the jocks in the house.. Now she’s trying opposite psychology on Jame…”I would use the veto on you James, I won’t campaign against you..all the while telling Victor everything was James’ idea. GET HER OUT!

Deez Nutz

“opposite psychology” ?? that made my day…thank you! 🙂


Part of me wants Nicole to go next so she feels like an idiot for aligning herself with all guys. If it didn’t work for Britney and it didn’t work for Christine, why would it work for her?


@MXD because Nicole is so SPECIAL she’s not like those OTHER girls she doesn’t get jealous or act needy or flirty/hoey like all those OTHER girls out there. SARCASUM I hate her TV edit and when the announcer says sweet Nicole I say no she’s not acting sweet to the girls at least. She is fine with how horrible Paul was with her(when he yelled and lied to her face and she knew) but oh no Michelle cant yell at her she says look at how emotional Michelle I cant play with her doing that stuff but so OK with Paul. I personally don’t like slamming on Nicole because we ladies go through so much that men cant understand vice versa I’m sure when ladies act like Nicole about other women it just makes me disappoint and not like her especially when she’s being a hypocrite.


@eek The first part of what I said was sarcasm. I really need to read over my stuff I have been busy so I am typing fast and using no punctuation or spell check eek…

Ian's Lament

If their final four holds I would think that she would be the most beatable in final 2. In a season where the girls wanted a girl to win she is disliked by most of them so may not get their vote.


It didn’t matter when she aligned herself with girls either! Lets just chalk this one up to Karma.


Looks like she’s the last female standing, so I’d say it worked for Nicole. She would never have made it this far otherwise.


I want her to go because she a total b!tch this season. All the girls that she’s jealous of she goes after. Then she whines…omg does she whine…whaaaat? I haaaavent doooone aaaaannnything toooo aaaannnybody!


Last week Paul got mad at Michelle for kicking people while they’re already down, yet all he has done this week is talk about all the mean things he’s gonna do to Natalie before she gets evicted. I actually started to like him for the last couple of weeks, but now I remember why I hated him before that. After Natalie’s eviction, Im surprisingly rooting for Victor to win, even though he already got evicted twice.

It's a F*cking Pelican!

Yeah, Paul really needs to stop already. He’s going to get his wish. Either Natalie or James will leave, most likely Natalie. He needs to get over that she put him on the block. It was sh*tty of her to do and she betrayed her alliance. But get over it, man! You’re in final four now! Stop making enemies out of the people you’re sending to jury. He’s throwing away all of his potential votes. I’d take Paul to final two, because I’d win 9-0!


It’s a f*cking bird!

Wesley Sims

i agree Paul is too harsh on people with his comments that too is why i stopped liking him

Just Me

Remember when he was all over Paulie about how he was acting when he was on the block? Then he does the same thing. He a jerk in my opinion. I hope James stays and Corey remembers how Vic and Paul backstabbed Paulie and do it to Vic and Paul.


Also, just curious, which three houseguests do you guys think are gonna be in the top three for AFP and which three houseguests do you want in the top three for AFP?


Top three for AFP should be Victor, Glenn and Bridget.


Glenn, Pablo, and Mr. Jenkins.


Yeah, a blowup floatee, a plant, and Glenn. Three of a kind, except the the two got a lot more airtime than Glenn..

It's a F*cking Pelican!

That’s a tough question, because these houseguests are getting less likable by the minute. It really depends on who wins the whole thing and who is runner-up, because (and someone can correct me if I’m wrong), but AFP can’t be the winner or the runner-up of Big Brother. With that said, I think Bridgette can win AFP, if Victor and Paul make it to final two. If either Victor or Paul don’t make it to final two, I think one of them will get AFP. I’m throwing all of my votes behind Bridgette regardless.

Literally at the end of the day

Really tough question. Only one I can tolerate is Victor. If forced to vote for someone else it would be between Glenn and Bridgette.
I think it’s an open field how others will vote, but probably be between the vets, Nichole, Frank and James because of their existing fan bases.


Should: 1) Bridgette, 2) Victor, 3)….uh….hold on….um……..

Will: 1) James, 2) Nicole, 3) Nat

To a large majority BB is just a show on CBS….that’s how the vote will go.


In the running for AFP should be:
Victor – played a clean friendly game but may win it all.

Nicole – has a large fan base who will vote.

Paul – played a strategic, loud and manipulative game but may win it all.


I think the top three are gonna be Victor, Natalie and Bridgette.


I’d like to see James,Vic,& Paul X Paul out final 2 James and Vic Vic as the winner!

Just Me

I don’t get the love for Bridgette. She was mean with the comments about doing things to others. I also didn’t like her two personalities. When she knew she was on for CBS she talked in this innocent little baby voice but the rest of the time she had a bitch tone.

Just Me

I know a lot of people aren’t liking James this season but I still like him. He may have taken Derrick’s advice to not win anything a little far, but while the rest of these fools are acting crazy he keeps saying “it’s just a game”. That’s why I like him. I think he’s the only one that has never said anything bad about any other person. He understands nothing is personal while the others can say it but when they are on the block all of the sudden it’s ok for it to be personal for them. CBS really needs to add psych evals for the contestants, Vanessa, Tiffany, Paulie, Michelle, jeez.

Big Jim

James is a complete idiot putting up with Nat’s bullshit and getting nothing in return. At least when McPussy was getting dominated by Amanda he was sleeping with her. Please vote Natalie out on Thursday!!

Tiny Trump Hands

Right, Because, the only way a guy would team up with a girl on BB was if he was boning her?

Big Jim

Mutual team up is fine. She is using him to get ahead so he should get something out of it


The only reason I’d even consider watching the online version of BB this fall is because I heard (not sure if it’s true) that the casting team is gonna be different. Also, I’m hoping since it’s no longer gonna be on TV, they can actually edit the show properly.


Apparently anything Nat does isn’t right according to them.
My thought is this is not a personality contest and if Vic and Paul are smart they will KEEP Nat. James is the worst player ever and if they haven’t figured out he is totally controlled by women who are smart enough to make him think he had an original idea. First it was Meg, now Nat/Nicole. Nicole wants Nat gone because she will def put her up but James can be easily swayed. Vic and Paul are idiots if they vote her out. If they do – Nicole deserves the win since she basically played all these fools and none of them seen it coming and she did it Derrick Style!

Nicole Rocks!

Nicole/Corey control the vote, so best move for their game, Nat should be going. Oh and not many on this board see it coming either. 🙂

Cory will see the writing

Nicole is next to go


I would evict Nat as she is the stronger of duo. And now that Nicorey have abandoned James, it will be easier for Vic/Paul to pull him over to their side to take shots at Nicorey.

Count Em!!!

There’s only so many votes to go around. The brat leaving furthers Nicole’s vet alliance with James.

sunny dee

they are winning, they have the choice to be classy about it or crappy about it. vic seems to want to stay classy, but if they continue this then i am about to do a real flip and say i’d rather nicole be up there as F2 with vic than those other two.

It’s crazy that they are so unaware or paranoid that the truth is said to them and they have no clue what to do with it. really takes the wind out of their outrage and vendettas lol

Ron Burgundy

You stay classy, Big Brother!


You gotta love that the only guy in the house that Nat is a nun with…is her showmance…

But I’m sure she really likes him a lot…

Reality Check

James you just spent 82 days in the Big Brother house proclaiming and professing your love to Nat Nat and she literally spit on your face. Hopefully James finally got the hint that she will only be her friend and that is it. Perhaps James can salvage his image for the next two weeks and start playing big brother. Cause Corey and Mr Nicole (Mr Nicole because she hates women) are keeping you.


I’ve never seen any indication that Nicole “hates women”. She tried to befriend them in the beginning, and they either weren’t interested (Bronte, Natalie, Bridget, etc.) or they stabbed her in the back (Day, Michelle). The guys are nice to her. The “girls” are catty and rude. I know who I would hang out with too.


Nat threw James under the bus. Period.


Jammmmeeesss! Wth!! Open your damned eyes! Shes not for you! Or anyone! She’s an attention sucking Pitty me entitled play the victim twit! Ugh.


James screwed Natilie over by not beating out Nicole for HoH, just gives it to her on a silver platter and told Natilie to put up the boys when Meech wanted to put up Nicole! What excactly are you saying? Natilie needs to fight on her own an get Cory to take off James and put up Nicole! The games not over!


After Natalie leaves this week, I hope Paul is the next one out. I cannot stand the derogatory names he calls women in the house. How would he feel if someone called his mother or female family members these type of names. He has a superior attitude problem.


Glo, you are definitely right. Some names you do not call women. It is a sign of real immaturity.


It’s official.. Paul Vic and Corey are Crude Cocky and disgusting. They are acting worse than the petty girls did combined . All their egos won’t fit in that house. No respect for any of them. Add Nicole to the mix and they all belong together. Nat is on a emotional roller coaster. The whole lot of them are so disappointing. Enough already….

It's a F*cking Pelican!

America is itching for a woman to win Big Brother, and CBS keeps casting the whiniest most cowardly women possible. Zakiyah and Da’vonne jump after like ten minutes in the wall comp (ie., they quit). Michelle and Natalie don’t even campaign for themselves (ie., they quit). That’s four out of the eight women on the show who didn’t even try to win. CBS needs to stop casting for showmances and looks and get some smart, strong, tenacious women to compete.

Michelle's double chin

Uh oh. I sense heartbreak coming for James. But I love that they are each campaigning for the other and it is mind f $#^^!* the final four. When things are out of your control often the only thing you can control is your attitude about it. Its maddening to orhers.

Also, why is it when you gain power in the BB house you become a complete ass and 100% unlikeable? One of Jatalie is going home, why the need to sh#/ on people and be mean about it?


I too tried to give Natalie the benefit of doubt, but she proved to be a true user. Bye Natalie. I’m glad your leaving. Smh


it Pisses me off that everyone is ragging on Natalie for doing what Corey is doing, only Corey is Worst! At least Natalie hasn’t had sexual relations with her “showmance”. Corey has stated that he doesn’t see his relationship with Nicole going anywhere after the game! Talk about double standards, I respect that Natalie has not led James on in any way that would lead him to believe she would sleep with him, that’s his problem!

Anyone but Natalie

With the way Natalie is being right now –I want her to go home/jury over James. I knew that she was just being fake with that act that she’s been doing. She was never in jeopardy until now and she is showing who she is.


James screwed Natilie people!

She has her own mind

She has her own mind. She could have gone against James if she really wanted it. She was just along for the ride.


James needs to run and I mean run away from this chick. I’ve known girls like her…high maintenance…all touchy feely with emotions off the charts. Its always me me me. I couldn’t stand Paulie but he was on target about Nat. I think James is a good man and over time Nat would rip him to shreds.

Min O'Pause

I had me a college roommate like Natalie. She manipulated guys until she was done with ’em. They wouldn’t give me a thought except as a friend. But they fell all over themselves for her attention. She played innocent but she was a barracuda. There will always be girls like Nat.


Paul really is a mean, vindictive, little man.

Annoyed Fan

You right about Nicole. She is jealous of all girls! Michelle was too. That’s why girls never win, they go after each other. Nicole should of went after Paul and Vic and remained true to James final 4. Instead she goes after Michelle. Paula and Vic will kill them in comps where they had a great chance to beat James and Nat. Big bad game move. James doesn’t deserve to win either. He through more comps and gave Nicole that HOH. I hope VICTOR wins. He really did play his ass off. I hope PAUL doesn’t place 2nd. I don’t want him to get any money.

Reality Check

This is why an all girl alliance never works. Every year, the girls want to try an all girl alliance and sigh every year, it implodes.


Gatdamn Nat sh:-\ on James like he hasn’t been carrying her on his back ruining his game for her all summet. What an ungrateful lil brat she turned out to be. She just proved she been stringing James along having him believe they have “something” after the show, when in reality she was using him to get ahead like everybody’s been saying all summer. SMH


Yikes … I mean this Nat chick is the epitome of ” looks good on paper ” . 4 foot 11, nfl cheerleader, 26 with a fake rack … Sounds spectacular, right ? But then reality comes into play and holy freaken crap! Dude, the victim card is played out buddy . Legit the worst type of girl . I won’t bore you with details, cause you guys can see what I see too . And James…. Buddy, ur 32 and fell for her and it . It’s like guys,come on, your both coming off so …. I dunno ? Weird? Tough to explain . It’s like they are playin like a villain role.. Kinda .. Idk.. I’m vexed


Nat should of told the boys that James will side with Nicole and Corey……….that is her smart move. It is bad enough that BB put vets in the house {along with siblings and friends outside of the house} and gave them special treatment…….even to try to sway the HOH {Vic not to put up Paulie, telling Nat America loves the showmances and want you to work together} but they are also giving out special information. BB this year has been totally screwed up, the only thing worse………certain players are really getting screwed over…..hint it is not the vets!


need do something big because nfl starts up so watch rating dropoff big time!


The ‘C’ word is just not acceptable. It probablt a generational thing, but Paul and Vicor….remember you Mothers are watching. And that said, your not s**ting on the girl, your disrespecting your mom.

Only can wish

I was just defending Natalie, then she’s keeps on trying to find excuses to be mad at James. She is starting to get on my nerves with this petty bull crap. Just vote her a$$ out, good grief!!!

Chris t

I actually love the ” lets pretend we are booting out James and blindside nat 3-0. I think that’s a good enough fuck you, right there. I’m not sure they should unload on her too bad . I’m aware of her actions, but if they blindside her and really -really crap on her, yikes. She may legit jump off a bridge . Guta think all those nfl dudes prolly treated er like crap for her to be this twisted up . Kinda feel bad .


Eww, I can’t stand how Paul is acting. Someone needs to shit on you Paul for the disgusting way you talk about women. Yeah, Natalie has grated on my nerves in recent days, but I still like her better than Nicole and I hate that she’s setting herself up well for F2. If Victor and Paul were smart, they’d stfu and realize that they’re playing right into what Nicole wants. At this point I’m rooting for Vic. He seems to have SOME self-restraint. Vic would be smart to take Paul because he will get zero votes. But then again I wouldn’t want Paul or Nicole to win any money at all.


I found it strange that immediately after the comp last nite all of them were dirty except Gnat. She was in bed with make up on her hair fresh.





Just Me

If they were smart that’s what would happen, but I don’t see it going down like that. Nicole is an idiot.

Just Me

You are right, that’s what should happen but I think you are giving Nicole too much credit.


Only consolation is Paulie will be in the house with yet another female who so does not like him!


I think James should leave Nat in the London room by herself. He is a wuss in this interaction and she deserves no better.


Paul and Vic (especially Paul) are playing too emotional now and may have lost their edge. When they look at Nat all they see is b*tch. What they need to consider is that as the last 2 vets standing James and Nicole have a connection. And when it came to crunch time James voted out Vic despite Nat wanting out Corey. Instead of looking at the obvious and taking the time to have a legit talk with Nat they just want to cr@p on her.
If she goes next week HOH when Vic can’t play it will be Nicorey plus James vs Paul. Odds are good that that either Paul or Vic goes out next week.

Natalie's chin hairs

I really hope James sees what an user Nat is. I knew it from the get-go she was just using him since she couldn’t get with Corey or Vic. As bad as a player James is, I think he’s a good guy and doesn’t deserve to be used like this. now that she’s getting voted out, she’s done with James. I can’t believe she freaked out just cuz he touched her knee. Didn’t she call out Paulie for this?! smh… she needs to go to jury and finish plucking her chin hairs and waxing her arm pits!

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James must know he’s not in a real showmance. She lies in bed with him but has never kissed him or really touched him in a living way. She admitted to him she was after Cory and victor and flirted with them. Nicole and Cory are a showmance, and it will be over when the show is over ….. A real showmance. But James just can’t be that crazy. But he does say he was in a showmance with Meg who never kissed him and told him they were just friends, so maybe he is that stupid. Guess he needs some coaching in the romance department … or is his showmances his part of his play to win AFP. .???

Shut up you:

James is not a good man. He is an idiot who doesn’t know how to play the game and should never have been allowed back in to play another season. I can’t stand that dude!


the GNAT is going to go into complete meltdown when she reads all the comments people have made about her. I am sure she feels that she is loved by all of America and that she can do no wrong. Does CBS have psychiatric help available when season ends?

America listen

I was hoping Nat was not using him but the signs were there too many flags was super nice when hoh was coming up Also I can’t believe meeche took Nicole’s fondation that’s wrong ????????????


Is it just me or does it seem like Natalie is love sick over her Big Meech gone?, like the wrong showmance played out and we didn’t even catch it. Seems like James may have thought about it a few times with Meech always in the way of him and Nat hooking up, like interference was planned between Nat and Meech to keep James at bay, not like oh yeah a 3 some showmance, but more like a 3 way stopmance cause the girls were the real showmance! Anyone?


I think Paul and Vic would be stupid to let James stay just to satisfy their dislike of Nat. She would actually work with them. There are so many signs that James would align with Nicorey. It seems like Nicorey controls the votes this week but I think they could be tricked. Nicole and Corey have both agreed to let Jatalie think Paul is the deciding vote so I don’t think it would be hard to convince them to actually each vote one for Nat and one for James while agreeing to let Paul cast the vote to get out Nat. God knows the way Paul talks sh^t about her no one would doubt it. They might see it as an advantage to let Paul take the fall for the deciding vote with jury members and the remaining member of Jatalie. Then Paul can vote out James. If P/V let James stay they deserve to lose to Nicorey next week.

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I agree it think it is a bad move to keep James, Paul is pulling a Natalie playing personal. Hopefully we are proven wrong. It is Victor’s HOH I think he needs to re-think this move and tell Nicorey who he wants out. But if he thinks this is the best move for his game then so be it.

Paul has a lot of pent up emotion and needs to get over the comment and berating he got from Natalie and Meech last week. He needs to be the better person and is no better than her at this point. Natalie gets a hall pass for what she said to Paul about inappropriate touching, French fry-gate. Paul will never get get a pass for the “C” “B” word. It was okay for Davonne to call Frank a douche but once he called her a slut it was literally game over for him. I wish Victor would take Paul aside and calm him down. I do not watch the feeds do not know all what has happened today just catching up.


Whether they know it ir not, unless Paul wins HOH, they’re making a huge mistake keeping Janes in the game. Nicorey is still in a good spot and she definitely won’t evict James. I don’t trust Production. There’s a good possibility they have another comp coming up that James is good at. BB is trying to set Nicole up to win the game

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Last night James told Natalie that “they” would do the opposite of what James and Natalie wanted… so if Natalie asked them to keep James… they would do the opposite… and today Natalie is asking them to keep James. Paul knew right away that it was reverse psychology… glad no one is falling for her kindergarten level bs. She talks and acts like a 5 year old playing dress up… loving glitter… the color pink… jumping on beds… girl power… cheerleading… whiny voice… boys have cooties but I flirt with them … she admitted to James last night that she also flirted with Corey to try and use him for something but quickly switched to Victor… If James doesnt see it (which he has to)… ugh… Ready for Thursday. Get Natalie the brat out!


James says “little bitch, little bitch, let me IN”
Natalie says “not by the hair on chinny, chin, chin.

Natalie Sucks

Natalie is such a disgrace how she is treating James. Again today out by the pool the way she was talking to him it was like her fake facade was gone and the deep voice mean user Natalie was present. He walks away and then she must realized how she looks so she goes into the London room with her fakeness in full glory to manipulate him again. It’s hard to watch.

I know EXACTLY what she is doing. If he does stay and he wins money, she is not burning that bridge in hopes he will buy her that car. Once the show is over and she can evaluate exactly what is in it for her, she will leave him.


Yeah, I was a Nat fan, but this doesn’t smell right. This fight… Like she’s screwing with his head. And last night on After Dark while she was tryIng to explain how she started out “liking Cory”, & that it had to do with game and trying to get Nicole out for Josea… And supposedly she knew nothing about game before James, the look on Jame’s face was like he realized he didn’t really know her and he’d been played. He’s sacrificed his “game” for her, and I think she’d cut him in a minute. Just getting a 6th sense about her I haven’t had before.


I really do hope that the real reason Nat is trying to distance herself from James isn’t because she wants to use flirt as a tactic with Victor. It really would break my heart for James to have to witness that.


All of you-“Nat is such a brat! Someone needs to put her in her place!”
Paul-“Nat is such a brat! I’m gonna put her in her place!”
All of you-“Paul is such an ahole!!”


Nicole for the win 🙂

Nicole Rocks!

Hey I agree! But now you probably done gone and stirred up the NicoleHater’s Nest. And just when Nicole was getting a bit of a break this week while everyone is bashing Nat and Paul.