Nat “I have no reason to be nice anymore. I hope you win the veto and use it on yourself.”

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-03 14-44-22-627

2:15pm Corey, Victor, Paul and Nicole are talking in the bedroom. Vic says we’re dating the same girl. I have a cold sore. She shows up with one the next day. Vic laughs. Nicole explains how cold sores work and how they come from stress. And how you can only catch one if you have it. Vic says I know you can have the virus and never get one. Nicole says I don’t have them but that’s why they want people in here to take the meds because its so stressful in here. Corey says he gets them but has only gotten 3 – 4 total in his life. Nicole asks and you’re not taking your med? Corey says he is. Vic says when my friends get them I bug them so bad. Nicole says they look so painful.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-03 14-43-25-047

2:30pm – 3:15pm Nat tells James that he sh*t on me. That means they don’t believe the apology that I gave them. He sh*t on me in his DR. James says how do you know? Nat says I just know. He said I sh*t on her. Never cared! And then BB said there’s no talking about your diary room sessions. He literally said he sh*t on me. I definitely don’t want to stay here without you. I don’t feel good. I sh*t on her! NEVER CARED! I literally just went up there and apologized and he sh*t on me. He’s sh*t on me so much this season. Like I’m big enough to admit my mistakes. He’s hurt my feelings and I forgave him. He sh*ts on me! Never cared. (Natalie is going on and one about this like a broken record.) He walks around making fun of people the whole season.. like calling Michelle Buzz Light Year. He was my target because I thought he was coming after you. Sorry. (James is silent) James says I was going to say something but.. Nat says no don’t. That’s why Vic is being nice to me. Because he knows you’re going and he can’t play in the HOH next week. They head to the kitchen. Paul joins them. Paul says they’re still hammering away (Building the POV competition in the backyard). Do you think it will be the comic one? James says I don’t know. Paul leaves. Nat tells James don’t say anything. James says I was about to. Nat says don’t get rattled, don’t get mad. I just literally don’t care anymore. Nat continues on the same rant. (I don’t know how James can listen to her say the same things over and over again.) Nat says I was being cordial not fake there’s a difference. I’m so over it at this point. I’m not engaging anyone in conversation but you. I’ve been genuinely nice to everyone this whole game. I have no reason to be nice anymore. He’s been sh*tting on people since day 1. James says if I go this week .. it will only be a couple days and you can get your mind right and if you do go out .. you’ll see Bridgette, Da, Meech. James tells Nat to just kill them with kindness. Nat says I’m going home. I hope you win the veto and use it on yourself.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-03 14-58-03-724
2:55pm HOH room – Paul says they’re (James & Nat) are acting weird. They said they heard me when I came out of the DR. We were talking about medieval times and stuff. I don’t think I said anything bad. Vic says you said you sh*t on them. Paul says oh that’s it.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-03 14-53-25-245

3:20pm London Bedroom – Nat & James head back to the bedroom. Nat continues talking about how Paul said he sh*t on her in the diary room. If I win HOH I would put him (Paul) up and Nicole. James says yeah put one up from each side. And if I am gone you only have to beat 3 people. Your odds are good.

Paul tells Nicole and Corey about how he was in the kitchen talking to Nat and James and they were really weird. They said they heard me when I came out of the diary room. I said lots of things. When I was on the block they were sh*tting on my. I never cared! NEEEEEEVVVVVEERRRRRR CARRREEEDDDDD!

3:50pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the power of veto competition.

5:35pm Still blocked..

6:45pm The feeds are still blocked..

7:26pm No feeds

No feeds never…

8:46pm Nothing yet… keep checking..

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138 thoughts on “Nat “I have no reason to be nice anymore. I hope you win the veto and use it on yourself.”

    1. I wanted James gone this week, but they need to evict Nat . she’s full of her self. and continually using the victim card isn’t gonna do squat for your game now. Simon & Dawg, all you guys need to do is copy and paste what Nat said yesterday, and use it for the next few days. she’s on this rinse and repeat conversations on the live feeds, torturing James and the viewers with the constant woe is me attitude. funny when she was HOH, she was living it up with Michelle locking herself in the HOH room. now she’s looking for sympathy from the people she F’D over.

    2. This is the first adversity she’s faced (she didn’t care about her “friends” being evicted. Didn’t impact her) and we’re seeing her true colors. She’s only nice to get a reaction…not because she’s genuine…and everybody is supposed to respond to her precisely as she wants or she throws a fit.

      She’s a brat, carried by others, and Nicole and Corey should be all over this with Paul, that she’s the bigger comp threat and get her out.

    3. 1. If James uses veto on Nat, he i indeed a special kind o FOOL.
      2 Regarding James thinking his relationship w/ Nat will continue outside of the game… “What a fool believes, he sees” (Doobie Brothers circa 1980)

    1. Nat has been misrepresented on the feeds. She is a lovely girl. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her and James wed in the near future.

      Please give her some slack, it hurts to read the posts (we are family you know).

      peace be with you

      1. I thank you for your input, about Natalie. I agree with you, I don’t know her but I hope and pray her and James totally make it. <3

      2. Lmfao, misrepresented on the feeds?? How’s that happening. They’re live. We’re seeing her actions real time. Unless their dubbing words into her mouth we are seeing the exact true Natalie. And if you really are a relative the best thing you can do is help her not be a such a self absorbed person and quit blaming people for everything that goes wrong in her life. I hate to say it but Paulie actually had her pegged down pretty good.

  1. Don’t you have to have live feeds for the new online bb? unfortunately I don’t have feeds, I can’t. I rely on OBB heavily for my bb current updates, and I thank you guys very much for what you do, your awesome. Without cbs and bbad I feel I’ll be completely lost. Truly saddened about that. I’m already feeling left out.

  2. I’m really over Natalie’s whining. Between her and Nicole, I want to stab my ears with an ice pick.

    I’m new to this site. I freaking love it!!!! Big shout out to the guys who keep it going. You guys rock!!!!!

  3. How many people think this is a very petty season. If she actually heard him in the diary room, it is unfortunate. However, she has been faking being nice to people and participating in the talking of trash when they “can’t” hear her

    1. Seriously people need to get over themselves. Every single person in this house is “nice” to faces and talking shit behind their backs. There is nothing else to do. They are all fake because it’s the game. Although we would enjoy all the “keeping it real” to each other’s faces the Internet would blow up calling them all kinds of things. People can dislike Nat but if you’re going to apply the same logic then you have to hate Paul. And everyone else! Hate them because you just don’t like them but stop with the fake and talking behind each other’s back. It’s supposed to happen!

  4. James knows he can’t win this game so he’ll get VITO and use it on Natalie so he can lock up “America’s Favorite Player” for being a great guy, and get 25K. That would be epic….if it worked LOL.

      1. Hope James wins, takes himself down. nat goes to jury. (would love to see Nic get put up there with her and watch her sqirm.) I think Nat will have to go for james to have a chance. James wins HOH and puts up Nic and Corey. If one comes down put up Paul. I would like to see Vic win and James come in second. Paul really doesn’t seem to need the money and Nic and Corey are getting on my nerves. Dont’ want them to win. BB better check the beds for Nic and Corey before they lock the doors.

  5. The definition of irony….

    Nat on the block acting just like Paulie on the block!

    Is it too soon to do a remake of Jersey Shore and cast these 2 morons?

    1. Nat is a pain, but nobody will out do the way Paulie was on the block. That was… I don’t know what that was. His first few minutes in jury were pretty special too.

  6. Just because you apologized doesn’t mean your behaviors changed, let alone why should Paul make it easy just cause she said some words? Her words mean sh^t because her behavior speaks volumes…over and over and over again. No one owes her anything because she said some words

  7. Wish that James and Nat would start pushing Paul & Vic to get rid of Nicole this week. James and Nat could say anything. Paul & Vic don’t want Nicole in the house — they just needed to be where the power is to protect themselves. If Paul & Vic thought about it – it would be better for them to get rid of Nicole now (as they do not want to sit next to her in F2 or have Nicole pick who she is taking to the F2). James and Nat could turn this around and get Nicole out. I think production would help them during individual House Guest DR’s. Corey would probably enjoy getting to know The Big Brother experience without Nicole’s whining and telling Corey that he is mad / acting weird every couple of hours. Paul and Vic (especially Paul) have to be smart enough to realize that Nicole “knows this game.” Nicole knows Big Brother and understand Big Brother much more than Paul and Vic do. James and Natalie do not have the same advantage of knowing / understanding the game like Nicole does. It would be nice to see James and Natalie take control of their game fate and get Vic and Paul on board with getting Nicole out this week. It would make for a much more exciting week!

    1. That would be great, but Vic won’t do it because of the $5000 bribe they gave him last week. The best chance of getting Nic or Corey out is if Nat wins HOH and nominates them. If James stays and wins HOH, I think he’ll go right back to Nicorey and target Paul and Vic. Grrr. . .

  8. Of the remaining 6, Vic is the most deserving winner. I really want to cheer for Paul, but his constant swearing and bad mouthing the houseguest is nauseating. Plus the fact that Paul has his clothing business and Vic is completely broke. Rags to riches story for him.

    Now some people would say Vic got evicted twice and does not deserve to win the game. Big Brother controls the buyback and Vic is right place, right time.

    Who else would you cheer for if you are anti Vic?

    1. I agree. I liked Paul but his mouth is so foul and he goes too far on the hating of the other houseguests. My #1 choice is Vic. I can’t even come up with a second choice. Last choice is Nichols. She was one of my favorite players in season 16 but she just seems mean now.

  9. Oh Good God! Now we have to hear Nat say he said “He shit on me, Never Cared…that hurts my hurt.” 200 times this week. Plus, fries! I don’t know how you do it Simon & Dawg.

    1. I can’t believe that Paul actually sh%t on that girl. Isn’t there a rule against that? Did the cameras catch it? My goodness, these young folks are full of surprises.

  10. James just said:
    I was gonna say somthing to them but…….for the millionth time this season! …..Nat is already throwing James under the bus…….knew it!

    1. James trying to impress Nat with his tough guy act just shows how much of a pussy he really is. Same with how he kept trying to impress her with his “knowledge” of the game. Its not his first rodeo. He thinks he will be America’s Favorite Player again but I can’t understand how he is anyone’s favorite.

      1. He is my favorite, as in I would like more people cast like him.
        I cant handle vic. Chiseled abs, young, chasing after girls, and bro-ing out… . IDGAF. James is a good guy, the only dude I think I would get along with. Who cares if he is stunted when it comes to the ladies, or he doesnt have the best intuition? Clean, easy pranks pass the time and is more appreciated as you age anyways…
        I dont like how he just seems like hes rolled over and died when $500k is on the line though. Im just thinking he probably wants his time in Jury, odds arent in his favour when there is nothing but comp threats left. I am good with him going though, and I am good with anyone winning but Nic… I couldnt stand her in her own season.

  11. Natalie Natalie, woe is you. The world is against you, boo hoo. Grow up Natalie! You’re pathetic. You back stabbed and lied and were probably the gayest person in this house. And you led a guy on and then threw him under the bus and jumped ship as soon as it started to sink even though HE is the one who got you this far. But just keep convincing yourself you are a great girl.

    1. Paul needs to be evicted because he has a smart mouth??? Why, because he hurt your heart too? I thought as others, he need to be evicted because he’s playing the game, a very strong player and a big threat.

  12. I’m sorry, but that girl is off. She is so frign self-absorbed. I can’t tolerate the whiney, poor me, victim card. Every single thing she’s pissed about she did to others. The laughable week of her and Michelle’s HOH she turned on Vic and Paul. She was the one that convinced Michelle to go after Paul and Vic instead of Nicory. She was dumb enough to follow James advice. If I hear one more FT comment I’ll scream. She cries poor but can spend 2 grand on tits. She is an attention whore but wants guys to not comment on her chest. Give me a break. She is the perfect analogy “all that glitters isn’t gold”

  13. Thanks Guys, Just made a donation to OBB Creative Solutions. (But it would be great if you could ease up on the Nat bashing. I know a lot of people enjoy insulting the girl HGs, but just as many prefer updates that are unbiased.) Thanks!

    1. Pretty sure they mock both genders as necessary. Some people bring it on themselves like newbie messiah, Devin, Stalker Caleb, Corey setting off the gaydar, Paulie’s last stand, even Vic has had his moments of being mocked when he told Nicole he planned on getting out the vets right off the bat on like day 2. I’m sure if Paul or Vic did something stupid Simon and Dawg would have some humorous commentary about it.

  14. Is the comic one usually with 6 people? I think the morph one is at the 5 people left mark.

    I think nat could do the athletic part of it, but not sure she can remember the differences well enough. pretty sure vic can do both memory and athletic. corey won’t try. nicole might try, but probably will think she should let vic win and keep tallying up her brownie points and his countdown to 10 wins.

    i think the veto should be used on nat if james wins it and if nat wins it, fine as well. nicole is going to be campaigning in her sly way to get nat out the door. my guess is if nat doesn’t win the veto, if they show the times, she will be closer 2nd than james so nicole will have even more fuel to add to the get nat out fire.

    also, let’s face it, she is going to assume if james is still around F3 that he will want her sitting with him at the end. i kind of think if it comes down to it, he is more likely to pick vic, then paul, then corey, and last would be nicole.

      1. He didn’t do the comic one with Tiffany, he did a giant poster puzzle. He did a similar one with Bronte trying to answer little questions about which HG was in the most pictures, wearing a red hat type thing but no comics.

        1. Oh, my bad, I thought it was comic covers — I don’t know the comps that well obviously ! Thanks for the help :) Dang, this is sure taking them a long time to do !

  15. and seriously, james, why put one up from each side, that’s dumb. put up a pair, plain and simple. you put up paul and nicole, corey wins the veto, both nicole and corey are staying in the game. put up paul and nicole and vic wins the veto? hopefully he takes paul down and corey goes up. that would pretty much break the 4 up, and definitely will make sure one of them is gone. put nicole and corey up, and no one but themselves winning will bring them down, and we’ll see who the boys vote out.

  16. Nat needs to go because she is starting to lose her mind and she is becoming more annoying than ever. Shut up try to win the veto you drama queen.

  17. Natalie fails to see that her apology appears empty because she is on the block. If her or James had won HOH I bet she would have sh*t on Paul again, When she was HOH she said and repeated and repeated some very unkind things about him, Her current tantrum makes be doubt the sincerity of her apology,

  18. Let’s call Nat out for what she really is, a passive aggressive manipulator! She knows exactly what she’s doing planting seeds by repeating over and over to James that if she won veto she would use it on him and then saying would you use it on me, etc. Setting James up before the veto by pissing him off saying she heard Paul shitting on her in the DR because she thinks he said “meaningful” instead of “medieval” conversation to make him fight for veto cause he’s made it known he’s given up. Tired of the shit talker victimizing herself…god is watching, my ass..he’s as bored with the live feeds as the rest of us.

  19. Two buy backs……

    Let me guess, the next time victor is in trouble, we will have a rewind week……

    ….this season really sucks…..

    1. The first buyback was to protect the vets as CBS figured they’d be early targets. The second buyback would benefit the girls more than the guys, except for Paul and James. Other than Corey, Vic was the most disadvantaged in that comp because of his size and weight. Vic is just determined. I do agree that the two buybacks plus the round trip fizzle was too many chances for the house guests to return. Although I do like that Vic is back.

  20. This makes me very sad, for James. I sure hope Natalie didn’t throw him under the bus! James is really a good guy. I can’t help it, I feel sorry for him. I did my research and James really is one of the good ones. Can’t find out to much on Natalie.
    Paul has money growing out of his beard! He really does own a clothing line and several stores. Corey and Nichole both come from family’s with money. Vic is like James, he has to work for his money!

      1. Was just gonna post the same thing, he’s actually one of the worst, tried not to pay child support in the beginning tell baby’s momma took him to court, then still proceeded not to pay and went to jail for that. Also a lot of stories of him having a big mouth at clubs and getting the sh*t kicked out of him cause of it.

      2. 1. I know James was (key word: WAS)) a real stinker in the past! 2. I did do a lot of research on each of these people. If I put down any false info, it was because that is what the site said. 3. I haven’t judged any other person on here. 4. Bulling anyone is not very smart, I will not be bullied, pushed, or treated like I don’t have the right to my own opinion. 4. I am not on here to argue or bully anyone into agreeing with what I say, Everyone has the right to voice there personal opinion, Now you all have a wonderful evening and may you all keep enjoying BB18

    1. I dont know what you call money but Nicoles family does not look like they come from money. They were sitting on the stairs in what looks like a very moderate house in Michigan.

      1. Look Nicole up on Twitter or Facebook. They do come from money/ or I should say they aren’t hurting for money. Cory has said several times that he went to a private school and his family belongs to the Country Club. Due’s for the Country Club is $50,000.00 for each family! I read there web pages on Twitter and /or facebook, so if it isn’t right then that is where I got the info. Have a good evening and hope you enjoy the rest of BB18,

        1. Corey’s family has money…. Nicoles does not. Maybe we consider “money” differently. idk.. but they featured Nicoles family on the previous season she was on and her family looked like middle class Americans and as far as Corey’s family having money… they arent hurting by appearances but they arent the Trumps either.

  21. Play the game, Natalie! You’ve been on the block like once this season and were never in danger of leaving. You betrayed Paul and Victor. You can’t expect them to accept your apology. That’s not how apologies work. A genuine apology tries to make right what you did wrong, not so you get something in return.

  22. Fries, Sh*t on me, never cared! Omg I’m so fat. Can we please just mute her? It’s a game, get in it and stop crying about everything. I can’t believe that sucker can cook fries. Move over Rachel Ray Super pissed friendship Paul is coming your way!

  23. Nicole is so consumed with jealousy. She’s in panic mode because her lies and shady behavior might be exposed. God Forbid another girl is left in the house with her. She not only feels threatened but jealousy takes over. She can’t relate to other girls no matter who they are. She’s mentioned she has only one girlfriend mostly all guy friends. Regardless her wanting Nat out is strictly personal jealousy. She craves all the attention for herself.

  24. Don’t fret Brat. Your “nice” is so frickin’ phoney, no one wanted it anyway. You and Nic holed up with your boy toys all season and this is the outcome. Own it missy……keep trying and who knows, you might win one.

  25. “I don’t think I said anything bad.” Vic says you said you sh*t on them. Paul says oh that’s it.

    LOL after Natalie incessant ranting about it. Dead.

  26. I would really enjoy watching James and or Nat call Nicole out. Sorry but would love for Nicole to squirm and have her shady behavior exposed. She really believes her own BS that she’s perfect and never has done anything bad to anyone. Ugh Bet her parents are disgusted knowing YouTube videos of their daughter having sex are all out there for public viewing forever. Nicole only cares about Nicole. Clearly no respect for her family due to her lack of self control. Not a Nat fan but would be great if she stays, wins HOH and gets Nicole out.

  27. So Natalie, in case she wins HoH she is going to put up Corey and Nicole, oh no wait Nicole and Paul but if Victor wins…….. and the fries……. but if i use it on you…….. Nat CALM DOWN! Before you think about next week try to save your ass this week because unless you win the veto, you’re out

  28. I hope they get evicted…not making final 2…whats the odds guys? I hope Nic has to go first to face jury lol by herself. Hope nat gets 3rd with vic n paul to the end, VICTORIOUS as winner.

  29. Just to know in case the final 2 are Nicole and James who would vote for who? I think Corey, Paulie, Victor and Paul would vote for Nicole and Natalie, Bridgette and Michelle would vote for James and Z and Da would be the swing votes. It depends on how much bitter they are….

    1. Z would definitely vote for Nicole to win. James had a big hand in Z getting evicted by nullifying votes. Nicole and Z were always on good terms.

      Da is a toss up, but I think Da would also vote for Nicole.The both screwed her, but I think she was hurt more by James doing it… plus I think Da would vote for a woman unless Vic Or Paul was in F2.

  30. I’m kind of excited about the online big brother coming up. I’m hoping they’ll cast real players since they’re not trying to appeal to a tv audience i.e. No siblings, vets, or you tube sensations.

    I’ve been on my feeds like twice in the last couple weeks lol. I’m only keeping them to check the online version out.

    On a side note idk why but I’m feeling kinda sorry for Nat and James. I still don’t want either of them to win but I do feel a bit bad.

  31. I hope Vic wins. He’s the only one left that has had to truly play and keep himself safe, plus he hasn’t been mean and nasty. Paul doesn’t deserve 2nd, the crap that comes out of his mouth is just disgusting. The other 4 just floated by.

  32. Does anyone actually enjoy watching these vapid 20 something girls?
    Would it be a ratings disaster if they cast beautiful women with an IQ higher than a fruit fly’s?
    No fan of James, but I’m not sure even he deserves listening to this toddler howl on and on and on and on…

    1. He kind of does deserve it, because she wouldn’t still be there without him. Sure she would’ve acted the same way if evicted sooner, but with more people in the house it wouldn’t be on the feeds as much.

        1. Are we bashing Alberta again?

          First game of NHL season:
          Flames at Oilers

          For the American folks, two crappy NHL teams and yet the fans here will fill up the seats. Heck if you put these two teams at a gravel pit or at a prison, guarantee sell out.

  33. Does anyone know what Nat said that caused Cory to lose respect for her? Apparently it happened before live feeds started, but maybe someone heard Cory discussing it after they started. I apologize if this has already been asked a gazillion times.

    1. From what i gathered on live feeds, Natalie liked Corey the first week and called him sexy. Then, Vic started paying a lot of attention to Natalie, so she went for him. Vic broke that showmance up before feeds started, so we never got to see it. I”m guessing that Corey was jealous Natalie’s attentions turned so quickly to another, and Corey has never liked her since that time. Natalie said Corey won’t even make eye contact with her since then.

  34. Whats really funny is I think for once James’ flying under the radar game may pay off for him. He’s gonna hide in bed all week and let Nastalie be a pain in the ass so everyone will want to vote her out.

    How much you want to bet if Nat wins veto she’ll no longer be ready to go and her whole attitude will change? She’ll become flirty Natalie and try to worm her way in with Vic…

    Problem with that plan FOOL is Vic NEVER CARED….

  35. Nicole has stated she didn’t watch her season or see what was written about her on various sites. I have a feeling she will this season.
    Nat, on the other hand, will pour over every BB website, twitter account, and youtube video like they were the oracles.
    Both young ladies are in for a rude awakening.

  36. I’ve been a Natalie fan from the beginning . She seemed intelligent and didnt cry all the time. Everyone hooks up with an ally unfortunately James was a very poor teacher as it was obvious she was not knowledgeable about how BB is played. I think she comes off fake to others because it is not in her nature to be deceitful and lie a lot so when she tries it comes off as not sincere. So James was who she had to settle with after no go’s with the other guys at least she tried and made what she could of it and trusting his dumb (gut) judgement to boot.
    Still like her . BB just isn’t her game and she really is to nice not to give vic the lowdown on Nicoles siding with her and James against V&P during her HOH.

  37. Dawg, my heart hurts… Simon is Team Nat, why are you against her? Haven’t you heard ft Nat Nat tell you how nice she is. I mean she’s the only real and nice person in the whole house and you’re sh1tting on her? Never cared

    1. LOL its difficult when she repeats the same things over and over and over again. You can tell even James is annoyed … half the time he doesn’t even respond.

  38. I know you guys don’t agree BUT I’m tired of Paul and Victor saying they have been sh@T on by James and Natalie — don’t any of you remember Paul and Vic saying the next eviction they were going to cross James and Nat? James and Nat struck first go back and look.

    1. Big Brother is a game of social, physical, and psychological skills. Don’t take anything personally or you’ll lose.
      To win this game, you have to play head games with a gullible houseguest, target another’s weakness, be an expert liar, be lovable, and be fake (good acting is a must in this game). Play or get played. Oh and win competitions, of course.

  39. Are we seeing the real GNAT or has the BB house driven her to this constant whingeing and perpetual pity-party? Was looking at comments made by friends when BB started and you would think she is the happiest, most cheerful and outgoing person in the world. She strikes me as high maintenance and a lot of work. Whoever hooks up with her had best be a very, very strong individual who does not give into “my heart hurts”. Run for the hills James. Go into protective custody. Have facial surgery. I don’t think she is in any way a stalker but when she finds people outside of the BB house no longer wish to listen to her constant complaining, she may wish to contact Jamesy cause she knows she found a patsy.
    SORRY SIMON — Did not mean to insult your “lady”.

  40. I’m sorry, but how about playing the game and trying to get yourself off the block? Natalie, you were on a power trip when you won HOH. Instead of running your own HOH, you allowed James to make the decisions for you. You ruined Michelle’s game too, because she wanted Nicole on the block. You screwed you. Stop acting like a pre maddona and scheme, throw Nicole and Corey under the bus with the final 4 you all had. Don’t be pissed when you brought this on yourself. James was so far up Nicole’s butt, why wouldn’t you question that? You are not a good game player and neither is Lames.

  41. James brought this on too. He could have been touching base. Asking questions. He didn’t ,Because he thought he had it in the bag. Natalie followed his lead and didn’t do anything herself. Michelle could’ve talked to Nicole but she let pride and stubbornness get in the way.
    All of them – M,N and J stayed in bed all last week doing the shit talk amongst themselves and letting the game go on around them. If they cared so much they would have put in the work instead of taking a nap. I put most of that on James. He’s the vet. The two whiney spoiled brats listened to him.

  42. First, thank you to the authors for allowing me to fill the voids of my life with catching up with what I miss on the livefeeds…. second, I liked Nat at first, until it became obvious she was using James, and played this innocent girl role…. then showed her malicious nature…. Corey and Nicole have cuddled their way to Final 4…. and some think it’s unfair Vic got two chances… well, that’s Big Brother. All sorts of twists. All’s fair in love and Big Brother! Vic and Paul deserve final 2. Though I was upset when Paul would call people harsh names, we all reach a boiling point. I can’t imagine that atmosphere so I can disregard his comments. He and Vic actually played Big Brother. Nat latched on to James, who took her far. Nicole and Corey,they have just been lucky. But Vic and Paul actually played, so they deserve it. Vic most of all. There is my 2 cents, not that anyone truly cares. But I always wanted to post on here :-)

    1. Kills me to see Nicole and Corey still in this game. They have done nothing other than hide behind powerful players. It’s a travesty.

  43. WTF? When they are talking about cold sores Nicole says they are caused from stress and that is why production wants them to take “the meds”. Is production feeding these people anti anxiety meds? That would explain a lot of the HGs behavior., sleeping all day, spacing out, crying, even some of the poor hygiene. Personally I would need a boatload of Zanex to be locked away in this fashion but I wouldn’t be okay with the show thinking every HG needs it.

    1. I thought Nicole might be talking about an antiviral drug like acyclovir, which helps stop herpes breakouts. I’m not an expert, but I do believe herpes can still be spread even when there’s not a visible sore. The virus cells shed and can infect another person. So Nurse Nicole might have cause to worry about those “cuddle sessions” with goat boy!

      1. Maybe she was just talking about Corey needing meds. I don’t know. Herpies sores aren’t “caused” by stress but stress can cause a flare-up of symptoms. Perhaps she was covering his behind trying not to let others know he has herpies.

  44. Big Brother is a game of social, physical, and psychological skills. Don’t take anything personally or you’ll lose.
    To win this game, you have to play head games with a gullible houseguest, target another’s weakness, be an expert liar, be lovable, and be fake (good acting is a must in this game). Play or get played. Oh and win competitions, of course.

  45. Singing* True Colours*…From early on…some HG’S said Nat was fake.
    Damned straight!..The giggly good time girl ..kaput. Her plan? flirt.. showmance..pick a strong guy to latch onto.
    James was the only one to be desperate enough to get caught.
    Yes..fine to spoon and glob on to Vic…but..oooh-errr..when it comes to James…she just CAN’T! Because NOW * Her family* are watching. Yeah..sure.
    Whilst under James’s wing..Hunky dory. Sun, fun and makeup. No prob continuing the happy act.
    Her and meech ganged up on Paul and Vic…and treated paul like shite.
    Nat cockily said..when deciding the sea weed was good..* Oh..we’ll go on this seaweed diet.* Entitled. Sure.
    And she certainly DID not put Paul up because she believed he was putting up James.
    We have heard her tell James a ton of lies about most of the guys getting too touchy with her.
    But here’s the thing. Corey and Vic like Paul more than the like her. In fact…the guys can’t stand her.
    Now..for the first time…when in danger of going to Jury….THE TRUE NAT comes though. Loud and clear…No mistaking what she is. This is who she is. The previous Nat was fake.
    Manipulating James so that he feels he doesn’t have the right to save himself. The * I’m going home..I have chest pains…I’ll save you. Bull. What she’s REALLY saying is..* YOU F***cked up my game. YOU owe me*. I choose to orget what a bitch I’ve been. I choose to forget the things I’ve lied about. AND better forget as well. I will KEEP telling you the way I want you to remember….so listen up..and I’ll brainwash you until you do.*
    And now we’ll get a soap opera..sweet edit from that little nat-nat can get her AFP. Same rigging as the care packages.

  46. Paul should not ruffle Natalie’s feathers right now. She could be the next HOH and the more he aggravates her, the chances are that she would put him up on the block with Nicole. So why get her upset and take that chance. She was more upset with Corey and Nicole and most likely to put those 2 up. All he is doing is putting a target on his back.

  47. lol. the live feeds have been down for over 4 hours due to the POV. I wonder if production gave James another wall comp.

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