POV Competition Results! Jack “I need votes.” Jackson “No you don’t, Bella’s going up. Girls got to go!”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Cliff
Have note are: Tommy, Christie, Jackson, Kat
Nominations are: Jack and Jackson
Power of Veto Players are – Cliff, Jack, Jackson, Sis, Sam, Kat

Powers in the game

Jack – Chaos
After chips have been drawn for a Veto player draw, Jack could force a re-draw for the players. This power could only be used once and is able to be used until there are six players left in the game.

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

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Power Of Veto Players: Cliff, Jack, Jackson, Sis, Sam, Kat
Power of Veto WINNER: Jackson

12:50pm – 4:18pm Big Brother blocked the feeds for the Power of veto competition.

The house guests are all in the living room talking about the power of veto competition. Jackson – every second counts as 30 seconds. If you take all three buttons off every second is 1 minute. And you have to take all three off because you have to turn and push this button that’s in the water. You have to swim through the water. So every second is a full minute. Jackson explains how he completed the comp in the fastest time. I probably did everything I had to do in a minute real time. I’m playing chess not checkers!!! Lets GO!! Old boy did what I had to do!!

In the kitchen. Jack – Way to go dude! Way to crush that! I came in dead last, not sure if you knew that. Great work though. Jack – don’t rely on nobody. Jackson – made my bed, got to lay in it. I would do it all over again. I ain’t talking to nobody! Jack – yeah you don’t have to. You’re off the block. Jack – I just have to be cool because I need votes. Jackson – no you don’t Bella’s going up. Girls got to go! You ain’t going no where! That’s how you play chess not checkers!

4:30pm – 4:45pm Bedroom. Jackson and Kat.
Jackson – she’s (Bella) going up! If Christie gives her power, I am putting Bella up on the block and I’m going to tell her this is a long time coming. I don’t trust you as far as I can throw you. I came into this week wanting to get HOH. I screwed up in the HOH and didn’t win it. I am putting you up on the block like I said I would and I’m going to watch you walk out the front door. I am ready to kick start this horse. Lets play big brother! Kat – I hope you know that I was gunning to take you off. Jackson – high risk, high reward. I volunteered because I knew I could take myself off.

4:50pm Bedroom. Bella talks to Jackson. Bella – congratulations. Jackson – I did what I had to do. Jackson then explains what they competition was like.

Storage room. Christie and Tommy. Christie – It is forcing me to pick a side. I have to talk to Cliff and see if I left it alone who he would put up. I know they’re all celebrating thinking I am going to use it. Would any of them use it on me? I don’t want Jack to go home. I really don’t want him to go home. Tommy – but you have to do what’s best for your game. Christie – but would any of them use their saving grace in the game on me? Tommy – I feel like the position you’re in you have to look at the pros and cons and its not going to be does this directly help me.. Christie – do I trust them to protect me the next few weeks in this game? Do I trust that they’re all going to have my back forever now? What if I put her (Bella) up and she doesn’t go home? (If she used her power it would be Jackson (veto holder) who would nominate the replacement) I just want to be alone. Tommy – do you want me to leave you alone too? Christie – no I want you there.

Boat room. Jack and Sis. Sis – this is good. Jack – yeah, as long as it was him or I. Sis – is Christie going to use her power? Jack – yes. If not she kind of sucks but I get it if she doesn’t. Sis – she better. Jack – I think she will because she needs to guarantee that someone other than the six don’t go up. If she doesn’t use it she could go up. Sis – very true. He f**king did it fast!!! I don’t know how he did it so fast. Kat joins them.

5:17pm Camp Comeback. Tommy, Christie, Kat and Jess. Christie – If I don’t use it, who’s going up? Tommy – it will be either me or Sis. Jess – I don’t think that it would be you at all. Christie – I made it clear to Cliff that by not putting us up it shows some faith that his real target was Jack and that we are so liked that no one would vote us out. And if I don’t use it, its going to be Tommy. Christie – and that to me is not right. If I do use it… like I want Bella gone. And to me it isn’t even a matter of saving my boys because down the line I don’t plan on going to final 6 with them. I will not win. If I go to final 6 with them, I will be the 6th person out. I know that. I am not going to final 6 with couples. My dream team would be us 4 .. maybe a Cliff, maybe a Nicole.. or if the boys are gone maybe a Sis. What it looks like to the house is that I am using it to save them.. I’m not.. I am using it to get a threat out. I’m scared that its going to look like I’m saving the boys and then have the house come after me.

5:30pm Jackson and Jack. Jackson – I made a deal with you to go to final two and I’m going to do everything I can to stick to it. I don’t care who I have to vote out. If Holly has to go, I’ll vote her out. If Sis has to go, I’ll vote her out. If Christie has to go .. you might not like it but I shook your hand and I’m sticking to it. I’m not letting Cliff, Nick or Bella stand in our way. Jack – I’m right there with you. We have the possibility of bring Christie and Tommy to a final 5ish with a spare leg out there flying out. Everyone else goes and we duke it out. Jackson – after this point every comp matters. We’re going out there for survival. Cliff took a shot at the two biggest physical competitors in the game… and he done goofed! Jack – there’s blood in the water. Jackson – he poked the bear .. you and me are the bear.

5:30pm – 5:40pm Camp Comeback room. Christie crying – if I use the power and she (Bella) still stays.. I am f**ked and I don’t have that power to save me any more. Our two strong couples, would they use it on me? I am so torn like I want my people to stay. Things could go wrong. Bella could fight and convince people that we are strong .. and then Jack is gone anyway and Bella is here coming after me. Its a tough situation. No one asked Jackson to volunteer. He did that so he could win it and then hold it against me. And I love Jack ..but this is my game too .. I just don’t know what to do. Kat – you just have to do what’s best for your game. Christie – I don’t want her (Bella) here.. evil can’t win in my world. I don’t expect him (Cliff) to put her up because he wants Jack gone. Jack joins them and the conversation ends. Christie – I came here to escape because I feel like everyone is looking at me. I feel like the weight of the world is on me.

Christie – I have to talk to Cliff and I am dreading it. Jackson – you don’t have to. Christie – Yes, I do. I have to see what his plan is and if he supports mine. And is the whole house going to hate me. If I am going to use my power, put someone up and if that person stays then I am f**ked. Not only does my enemy stay and I don’t have a power. There is a lot riding on this. Jackson – but at the end of the day the blood is on my hands. Christie – there’s not blood on your hands.. yes there is but giving my defense up to a specific person to change what the HOH wanted and B put someone up that might not go home. We only have guaranteed 5 votes. Jackson – who I put up is on my shoulders. At the end of the day you’re not picking who goes up. Whether its Bella, or Kat, or Jess or anyone going up… I am still giving away something that I won in this game to protect one side and someone from another side is going up. Am I f**king myself!? Jackson – lets give you your space. Christie – I want to know what Cliff wants and if he supports getting Bella out. Jack gets up and leaves. Christie – I just have to make sure that if I do this … Bella doesn’t stay.

HOH room. Cliff, Bella and Sam. Sam – if Christie is telling me that she is working with me and Cliff .. and keeps saying she isn’t going to use her diamond then she is obviously trust worth. But if she pulls out when we’re about to have the meeting .. then that clearly shows the side and then that is over because then I will feel betrayed too. Cliff – if she doesn’t use it I will probably put it up on Tommy. If she does, then it is out of my hands. I assume its you (Bella) or Nick. And then we need to depend on Nicole and Jess. Bella -if they put me up.. then I am going home. Sam – if they put you up, I think I would vote out Nick because he has looser lips than you do. Sam- if Christie uses the power that changes everything.

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Well if it was going to be Sis, jack, Jackson I would have chosen Jackson.. LOL


Simon who do you think will go up?




Definitely Christie will use her power. Because she hates Bella. So all powers will be gone ! That’s a good thing !


Yeah all the powers are now flushed except for the Chrwsitie/Tommy power.

Franks fumes

I bet Crusty won’t use her power to help Jack she’s too concerned about her own safety the next 2 weeks……they will tell Jackhole he has the votes and blindside him on Thursday lol. His ego will be his downfall trusting Crusty Tommy and the rest of high self opinion set…..good riddance asswipe….at least I hope so…..(they are very stupid).


I don’t think she will use it. She has another week where she might be in danger. Why waste it this week? It would be stupid.


Kindly, I disagree. If she doesn’t use it she loses a number for sure and pisses off her Alliance. She only has three more weeks to possibly use it. Six shooters will have all six playing in the HOH if they can get Bella out

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

These people never learn. NEVER tell anyone about your power.


if she doesn’t use it cliff would be a fool not to put her up, and he’s not that stupid. fortunately the 6 are dumb enough to put up bella over nicole so bye bella, no loss (though cbs, losing 4 minorities in the first four evictions, might be concerned).

Franks fumes

Don’t discount the meddling of Grodner’s monkeys they might want Jack gone for PR purposes and 4 minority’s leaving first may be all the motivation they(DR) need to talk Crusty into saving her power….or not lol.


Jackson won? Why can’t we ever have nice things?! Sigh…..


I know, dang it. My only hope is that Christie decides not to use her power and then gets thrown up on the block when Jackson pulls himself off. Who am I kidding though, of course she’ll use it.

If she does decide to use it, Jackson better put Bella up, if he puts Nicole up for some stupid reason, I will lose it.


Waaaaaaa:( sniff 🙁 I need a little hope?


if somehow jackson does put nicole up, i think bella and nick would vote her out over jack and try to get back in with the 6. but i don’t think jackson is thinking strategically, so he would prob put bella up.

Franks fumes

He’ll be flapping that ventriloquist dummy jaw of his all week….sigh.


I’m confused. Why is Jackson saying that he’s going to be able to pick the nominee when he takes him self off the block. Is that because Christie is going to use her power on him?


That’s what he thinks, but Christie said she’s not going to use her power on anyone but herself and she’s a damn idiot if she does.


She’s an idiot if she doesn’t use it! Cliff could (should) put her on the block and that would be pricelessssssss


Dang it! If Christie uses her power, then the stupid Six Shooters won again this week. 🙁 I counted the votes and if Jack & Bella go up, Kat would be the deciding vote. She is sure to go with that side. Ugh!


Freaking shitshooters ..


I’m not convinced she will use it. Bella going home would not be the end of the world, though.


I don’t know about Kat going with the sh*tshooters. She knows she is no better than #7 in that group. She hates that they leave her out of stuff praying she goes with the expendables.


kat’s strat is clearly to ride the middle. as long as she can keep both sides relatively equal she can coast pretty far. it’s the exact strat jc used last season and he coasted all the way to third. it’s a really difficult strat to win with, but it can get you very far.


So we have two courses that could still see one of them go: first Christie could choose to not use her power and Cliff picks the renom. Christie might do that if Cliff can convince her she’s safe (Tommy?) and second if Kat votes with Nick, Sam, Nicole, and Jess assuming it’s Bella on the block.

So Kat is the swinger…vote wise this week at least.

Double Ds

Somebody has got to tell Christie if she uses it SHE is going up next week.


Christie will use it. She’s too paranoid not to. Stupid stupid powers..


Omg Jackson is such a douchemonkey! First he’s flipping out that he’s put up and he’s gunning for Cliff next week and now that he’s safe it’s “I volunteered because I knew I could take myself off” guy is a goof

The Corey's

So is she going to actually use it?

I personally think best case scenario is she doesnt use it and then cliff puts her up.

Shea dumb to use it in any scenario that doesnt directly get her off the block


Poor Jack. Too bad it wasn’t a hair flipping contest. He’s all talk, no action.


Last place. Buwahahahahahaha!!!!!


He’s gotten all his action.

Jack's He Hive

Best anal retentive “refrigerator usage” control hag contest!


Jackson is indeed a “hag controler” of the highest order lol.

Feeds Gold

fake tears christie is going to milk this and make it all about her and change her mind 100 times for tv effect

christy clearly has 6 votes needed…5 of the six shooters and kat(kat just said she would vote out bella in front of both sis and christie)

now she is questioning if she wants to use it right in front of sis…what an absolute moron christie is

needlessly risking herself, tommy or sis going up should not even be an option

losing one of her closest loyal people when instead she could get out bella who wants her out would be dumb

pissing off your entire alliance and handing over majority to the outsiders just so you can continue to schmooze i think would be silly

getting bella out they have the numbers 7 to 5, and 7 on 4 in the hoh

Feeds Gold

almost the entire house wants bella out, even cliff hates her, nicole/jess hate her, even sam wont hugely care, and nick knows bella has ruined his game

christie knows bella wants her out…keeping the 3 headed snake

last night christie: “bellas got to go”

kat hates bella and will overwhelmingly vote bella out(likely jess and nicole who bella screwed over will vote her out) so christie knows she has the votes to get bella out

christie: “im freakin out”

sis is thinking: “these hoes aint loyal”

if bella goes and sis survives i could see her flipping to work with sam and nick in near future


Cliff cannot tell Christie that his replacement would be possibly Tommy. She’ll use it for sure in that instance. He needs to say Sis; someone disposable to Christie’s game would be his best pitch. He needs to convince her that Bella is a target but that they need her for this vote to get out Jack.
I miss the days of Big Brother where players would make short term deals.


i miss those days too, but they never made a ton of sense. as james huling put it “you can bounce checks in the big brother house” and those are exactly the type of checks worth bouncing.


Don’t get me wrong… I’d love it if Christie doesn’t use her power and Cliff puts up Sis/Tommy with Jackass going home…. BUT I’d love it even more if Christie’s worst nightmare came true and she uses her power, Bella goes up, it’s a 5-5 vote, and Cliff evicts Jack. Christie loses her power and Bella’s still in the house! She would lose it BIG TIME!!!


I think she has to use the power. Cliff could put her up and flush out the power that way


It’s so funny to me that whenever Christie is freaking out she literally tells the entire house. I’ve been watching big brother my whole life and I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone completely spill all of there feelings to literally everyone in the game Hahahaha it’s gonna bite her in the ass real soon.


christie is amazingly bad at the game. if people didn’t know she had a power she’d be in such a more comfortable position.

SD Bird

Christy is performing to a packed house, a captive audience. She plants seeds, makes people come to conclusions ‘on their own’ *lol*, confuses the issues and hopes to take a final bow. Tommy is best supporting actor as she plays on individual player’s insecurities. Her tears, ‘paranoia’ and ‘hormones’ are costume changes. She’s working off her own script but is great at improv. She’s out in front of the pack. I think Cliff, Sam somewhat and recently Jack are beginning to see her actions as game.

Feeds Gold

production can you please tell christie to take her meds and stop with the fake tears

its so corny


Christie – do I trust them to protect me?

Hahaha. Trust is not something you rely on in the BB world.

another name

Oh for god’s sake.
Crusty crying to the left of me.
Smella crying to the right of me.
I’ll be back later. This battle of the ugly cries can continue without me for a while. They aren’t even pacing themselves. Oh good. a snot bubble. eyeroll.
Veto meeting is Monday.


Either douchey Jack or Bitchella leaving this coming week is a win-win for me…..seeing Anal move in on her man too is satisfying……..keep calm & rash on!

Feeds Gold

everyone has learned to completely avoid the christie hystrionics

Feeds Gold

holly every day to anyone who will listen: “we have to get nick out we have to get nick out we have to get nick out we have to get nick out we have to get nick out we have to get nick out we have to get nick out we have to get nick out we have to get nick out we have to get nick out we have to get nick out we have to get nick out we have to get nick out we have to get nick out we have to get nick out we have to get nick out we have to get nick out”

stfu holly

Feeds Gold

it would be funny to see cliff swindle christie, her not using the power and herself getting backdoored, with her power unused

Feeds Gold

im so over ‘the christie show’ – please cliff just backdoor her @ss…if cliff goes through with screwing her over he may as well also put her on the block rather than tommy/sis/holly…does cliff realise that if he puts sis on the block that jack would likely stay due to the 4 votes of six shooters plus kat/jess?

if christie is dumb enough to trust him, handing over control of the game, her getting backdoored would be deserved…im not sure if cliff is lying or not, but if bella was to be backdoored i wanted to see jackson do it

against christie i think jack may have the votes of sis, jackson and his 2 ladies holly/kat, with kat/jackson convincing jess(with cliff breaking the tie if jackson convinces him)…or bella votes out christie(the influence of christie over the house and the point of sending home her power could be the difference)

its astonishing and very strange christie and much of six shooters just blindly trust that cliff will keep his word, particularly christie who herself could be backdoored…”oh cool hes backdooring bella, no need to use the power, ho hum, lets not even doubt that for a second” as if its not possible he could lie…the jacks have absolutely no reason to trust cliff after being nominated by him, but they are trusting him only because christie says they should…so dumb

christie is as fake a schmoozer ive ever seen on bb, even moreso than andy bb15

christie is basically telling sis sorry but my power is more important than your life in this game…im gambling with your life and i dont give a sh!t…now christie overacting “oh you look pretty” and being all fake with sis after ignoring her for 3 hours, but sis sees through the bs, the damage is done, from this moment onwards, that solid trust is now shaken

should cliff keep his word or christie uses her power and bella goes, i want to see these 4 game level trios rather than 2 sides…

cliff/nicole/jess(fellowship of the zing + jess)
nick/sam/sis(boohoo + nick)