“Hopefully, it’s a fishing pole contest.. There’s no other next week”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Cliff
Have note are: Tommy, Christie, Jackson, Kat
Nominations are: Jack and Jackson
Power of Veto Players are – Cliff, Jack, Jackson, Sis, Sam, Kat

Powers in the game

Jack – Chaos
After chips have been drawn for a Veto player draw, Jack could force a re-draw for the players. This power could only be used once and is able to be used until there are six players left in the game.

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

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9:00 am houseguests mostly up and getting ready for the day.

Jack used his redraw power. (First pick was Cliff, Jack, Jackson, Holly, Jessica, ?)
Power of Veto Players are – Cliff, Jack, Jackson, Sis, Sam, Kat

9:40 am Feeds come back Christie and Sis

Speculation if Cliffs nominations were to flush out all the power.
Christie- Bella is going home, home, home not to Jury Home

9:50 am Have nots room Holly and Jackson
Holly – I’m a little worried with Sam playing and worried about Sis
Holly says if Sis wins and Christie doesn’t use the power Sis will use the veto on Jack.
Jackson – the only person we can’t let win is Sam or Cliff

Jessica and Cliff are working together now

Holly – duh
Jackson – Jessica is so obvious

Jackson – I threw Cliff an olive branch that’s fine.. I want nothing to do with him
Holly – try to fake it still
Jackson – if I win HOH he’s going to the block beside Nick or Bella ..
Jackson adds if they can get Bella out this week they can try to work with Nick and put Cliff/Jessica up.
Jackson – Sam would be a backdoor

Jackon is scared if Sam win “I think this week he might throw it .. Christie uses the power than he has to pick someone”
Holly – he’ll pick Jess he hates her
They agree if Sam was smart he would throw the competition to stay neutral between the shittysix and Nick/Bella
Holly seems convinced that Sam would put Jessica up to stay neutral
Jackson – if Cliff was smart he wouldn’t want to try to win either (LOL)
Jackson says Jessica is just as bad as Cliff
holly – she’s not a good player
Jackson – she’s not a good player and she’s socially ignorant in this house
Holly – she’s not a threat in any capacity
Jackson – she’s annoying as hell and clearly talks sh1t begun my back
Holly – behind everybody’s back it’s not just you

9:50 am Kat, Nick, Bella
Nick says even if Kat uses the Veto it’s fine. Nick doesn’t think Christie would use the power and if she did Kat wouldn’t put them up.
Bella wonders if Sam will blindside them. Nick – I doubt hit, why would he ever do that

Kat says she would use the veto “Probably Jackson.. that makes the most sense”
Nick – saw we have a thing
kat jokes “I’m still in love with you” (LOL)

Kat says she would put Nicole up if the power is used.
Nick – then Jack would stay
Kat – ohh f*
Nick – you have to put up Tommy or Christie
Kat – Is CHristie safe …
Nick – no
Kat – ohh sh1t
Bella – you wold be a BB legend
Nick – she would stay
Bella – I know it would be Funny

Cliff joins them
Nick – Cliff if he doesn’t go this week he’s never going to go (Jack)
Nick – first let’s win the veto another one needs to win the next HOH
Nick – Once we get Jack out Christie and Tommy will try to run back and then we have them in our pocket and we f*ing bury them
Cliff – I’m not going to say I’m not trying I’m trying to do what I need to do. If it doesn’t work it doesn’t work
Cliff tells them if it’s a veto that includes prizes they have to go for the veto

9:57 am Tommy and Jack
Tommy going on about Sam throwing the veto “it’s best fo his game he’ll throw it”
Tommy plans on going to Sam and tell him the 6 that voted last week are not the 6 he’ll go to the end of the game. “It’s a free for all.. everything is a mess. ”
Tommy – I don’t want other people to say that because I don’t want to to appear like we all had this plan that we’re jumping ship .. I want them to doubt our numbers more
Tommy – Kat’s going to throw it, Sis is on your side.
Sounds like the first draw of POV players were Jessica and Holly
Jack – Sam’s going to try and earn our trust back (LOL did shitshooter lie to him)
Jack – I’m still going to beat him it doesn’t f*ing matter

10:13 am Jessica and Kat
Jessica and Kat hate Bella and can’t wait to see her f*ing gone.
kat – she’s going home

10:15 am Kat and JAck
Kat says she’s not throwing the comp she wants to put up Bella. “She just tried to drive a wedge between me and Jess”
Kat goes on about Bella telling Jessica that she has a power.
Jack goes on how he’s going to gun for it hard if it’s endurance but if it’s a puzzle one “I’m going to try”
Kat is talking about how pissed she is at Bella
Kat – f* that, I’m so pissed

(image is how Happy Jack is about Kat wanting to get out Bella)

10:25 am Cliff and Kat
Cliff – if this doesn’t work we’re all gone
CLiff telling her that the outsiders are her, him, Nicole, Jess and Sam
Cliff noticed Jessica and Bella arguing over some frivolous things that happened last week and who had the power, “who cares no one knew who had the power”
Kat doesn’t think Nicole will vote Jack out
Cliff – you don’t think so
Kat – not this week
Cliff – we’ll see if so that’ll make it real tough. there’s no other next week if she doesn’t do it this week he’s in this house for good then that power six
Kat – I know
Cliff – there only so much we can do
Cliff – you thinking Nicole and Jack are that tight
Kat – they are making her feel like she owes them something
Cliff – she’s got to know she’s just a vote for them they are not going to keep her before anyone else in that group
Kat – mmmhmm yeah

Cliff – I need you. We all need you on this side
Kat – I know
Cliff – we can go a long way we really could
Kat – I’m nervous about this move
Cliff – I know but if we didn’t do it we would just get picked off
kat – I agree
Cliff – we’ve all been put on the block and we would just keep getting put on the block
Kat – I’m nervous about who wins the veto
Cliff – sure
Kat says if one of the 6 win veto Christie will likely activate the power
Cliff says Nick or Bella are going up if Christie activates the power.
Cliff – that would be really tough. we would have to see at that point if we can count on votes there’s a chance we couldn’t but we can’t worry about that until it happens.

10:45 am Nick and Christie

Christie going on that she loves Nick and Bella if the guys are against them they aren’t saying anything to her.
Christie – Sis loves you
Nick – I love sis
Christie – I’ve never heard you spoken about in my presence.. I swear to you Nick (ZOMG)
Christie says Bella is digging a hole for herself “With the house it feels like every conversation I walk by it’s like Bella. No one really trusts BElla”
Nick – I’m trying to disassociate myself from her
Christie – I don’t want to see you do that either I adore you I see you guys outside of this house as compatible

Christie – enough people love you that no one will take a shot at you. I don’t even see people taking a shot at her because she scares people
Nick – I’m paranoid you will use your power and get me out
Christie – no one is getting you out
Nick – what if Jack and Jackson did it
Christie – I wouldn’t allow it. straight up .. first of all I don’t plan on using it I want to use it for myself

10:58 am Nick, Cliff, and Bella
Cliff says if jack wins veto Christie will use her power and put up one of them
Nick says Christie told him that she’s not using it she wants to save her for herself

Cliff – I’m turning around and putting up Holly ort maybe Tommy
Cliff – one of us has to win and Christie can’t use her power. Jess we’re going to have to cut her at some point I don’t trust that girl further than I can spit
Cliff says if one of the 6 wins the Veto and Christie activates the power there’s not much they can do they don’t have the votes to do anything.
Cliff – no one says we didn’t try.. hope for the best
Bella – good luck cliff
Cliff – hopefully, it’s a fishing pole contest
Cliff leaves..
Nick – you have to be careful everyone is on your case.

11:41 am Jessica and Christie
Jessica goes on about how she really needs to keep the power in case next week she ends up on the block.
Christie – are these two guys going to have my back down the road.. I am not as tied to them as people thought.. I wish Cliff knew
Jessica – you still have me and Kat
Christie is worried kat might put her up

Christie – I’m putting my trust into the universe
Jessica says this week isn’t the week for Bella to go. “I want Bella to go so bad”
Christie – I want to be the person that personally does it. You are toxic you are the common denominator in everything that’s evil in this house

Christie – She’s after me I know she’s after me I can see it the way she shifts her eyes at me I can see it in the change of her body language

Christie asks if Sis wins the veto takes down Jack who would Cliff put up
Jessica – he never told me, Someone, that would have the votes (to stay)
Sam joins them
Christie says she’s scared that her or Tommy will go up as a replacement
Christie says Jack using his power was stupid

Sam says he’s not using the veto
Christie says if Sam wins and doesn’t use the veto she won’t use her power.

12:11 pm Jessica start lusting over a girls alliance.. Christie says it’s because of girls like Bella why they never work.

12:15 pm Jack, Nick, Bella
Jack – I could use a DUB .. I could use DUB .. Jackson that boy could use a DUUUUUUUUUUUUB (A dub is douche slang for win)

Jack leaves. Nick goes back to tell her they’ve been playing too hard.
Nick – Bella please .. I want you out there talking to everyone but don’t talk game EVER
Bella – I feel like regardless what I do

Nick says he’s going to put Nicole up next week … “how do I not put Cliff up”
Nick says he doesn’t want to win the HOH but he will if he has to protect Her.

Bella starts to cry
Nick – I’m never going to leave you I’m your number one .. I don’t want you to be sitting here alone.

12:28 pm
Kat – I’m so freaking pumped to for this veto comp
Kat says she doesn’t want to lose to Sam
Nick – he hasn’t lost a veto
Sam – we’ll find out today

12:44 pm Sis and Bella
Sis – my hair is really f*ing dead
Sis – gawd my hair is so dead
Bella – it looks really good
Sis – I had a dream and I was home and I got it f*ing chopped off (her swearing has increased to every other sentence)
Sis comments on how her one braid is nice and tight but the other one “I got to f*ing redo it”
Sis goes on about her hair “look how dead this is. It’s literally a wig it’s disgusting”
Sis – I wish someone knew who to cut hair in here. Jess said she can trim it but I don’t know scared of that .

12:50 pm VETO TIME

2:47pm The feeds are still blocked..
3:50pm Still nothing..

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put Tommy up to watch him squirm,vote out Jack tho


I hope she does that way it’s one less thing for her to be indecisive about


smart play says keep it for yourself, i believe she is a smart player, so she will not use it.

The Beef

Great. Now it’s up to Crusty. Play it or not? After what Nick said in the story above (about putting up Nicole and Cliff next week – what a moron), I’m not sure it would be a bad thing if his ass got thrown up on the block next to Jack. How stupid can you be? All six alliance members turned on them, Cliff throws them a life-line, and Nick wants to put him up next week. I don’t think any of these people know how to play this game.


I’d love for Cliff to win the veto, Christie’s power is worthless as she’s put up on the block next to Jack…that would make for some golden feeds. Only thing better is if Cliff says at the veto ceremony: Jackson, I’ll take your deal and I’m replacing Jackson with Christie.


as much as i want jack/jackson to go. if cliff or sam win, i think they have to try to take a shot at backdooring christie. that power’s too dangerous for them to allow to stay in the house.


Now that’s a fact.

The Beef

If she doesn’t use it, I would put her up too and vote her ass out! The only problem is that leaves both the douche bags still in the house to seek revenge.


This is what I’m hoping for too. She would lose her freaking mind. I’m worried for the misfit bunch, if they don’t stick together and stick it to the shitty6 (haha I love that name Simon!) they will definitely get picked off one by one. Nick is already talking about putting Nicole up smdh, seriously dude wake up! I hope Kat sticks with them too, I’m just worried that she’ll do the 6’s bidding should she win veto and Christie uses her power.


So agree…I think Nick is still in La La Land and that everyone loves himand that he can get far in the game (even with Bella). If he is so intuitive he should see how Bella is bad for his game and NIcole would be someone he could trust.


How delusional Jackson is saying if Cliff was smart he would throw the POV. Smh


For sure…does Jackson actually think people are so dense that they wouldn’t be playing their own game??? So happy he is on slop, so sad for the other havenots and his farts.


kat has me nervous as hell. she has a terrible read of nicole and seems to be considering putting her up. kat’s in a super safe swing position and can really do whatever while everyone else has picked a clear side cuz they have to. meanwhile the sixsh*tters think jess is more of a threat than nicole, showing just how bad they are at this game.


Jack pulling his junk…….aaarrrggghhh!
It seems that no one has a clear understanding of Christie’s power.

another name

I’m still in moral quandary land. I really don’t care who wins veto.
Jack, Jackson, Christie, Nick, Bella. All seem like the prevalent choices of who would be on the block post veto.
Any one of them going home pleases me. All of them going home would be better. Any one of them going, pleasing.


Ya all know it won’t go the way we want


You know what, I actually think this will be one time when it does go the way we want because Cliff is not some young wanna-be or an older still wanna-be. Cliff is playing like I wish everyone would play…keeping his friends close, his enemies closer and keeping his mouth shut.

King Silva

Have faith!

J e t s jets jets jets

I’m really worried about Kat. If anyone one of the misfits flips it’s going to be her. With the choices of veto players I think the only situation Christie uses her power is if jack wins and even then I think it’s slim. The misfits really need to get in a room and talk. I really hope cliff wins again. Even Jackson winning would not be awful.

another name

if nick thought he could get back into the six, if veto and power were used, i suspect he would flip his vote. just a gut reaction.


fortunately the 6 are too dumb to realize they should be working to pull nick in rather than trying to throw nick and bella under the bus.

another name

i’ve been thinking about it. Since Nick has already gone about separating the 7 into a 5 and two throwaways, there would be paranoia about getting all 7 together to talk. Especially with Telebella already doing what she did in her last 3 alliance plans, trying to pit everyone against each other on a week where she could have sunk into obscurity. She was in with the 8, tried to pin them against each other with every conversation. She was in with the widows, and from the get go tried to get them distrusting each other. She was already pushing everyone in the flaming five to distrust. Even without the Kemi drama she helped to keep on a front burner, even without the nicole drama, she has still been spilling every secret she knows, and saying every suspicion she has as a fact. Can you really all get into a room and talk everything out, when Bella has been Bella-ing? And many are now sharing notes?


Exactly, how Nick still clings to Bella is disheartening and will ruin his game.


Kat is for sure working with the couples, holly and Jackson bizarrely are like her number ones. Every single thing she hears from cliff or Jess she runs back and tells to holly and Christie so she’s just using the “misfits” to get intel.


I think Kat is a little wiser than we are giving her credit…I often wonder if she is playing the ‘dumb blonde’ role intentionally because she was an early target and now just wants to go with the flow to the end.

Yo Believo

How is Christie getting away with bullshitting people about her power? I thought there was a rule where she could not lie about the specifics?


say if kat wins the veto and tells christie she is going to take jackson off the block, christie activates her power for kat to put up bella, at veto ceremony kat decides she is not using the veto and leaves noms the same, is christie’s power now gone?


No it’s only if it’s used. She can go in and say if it’s used i would like to activate it. If it’s not it’s still in play. It’s only good for 1 more week.

The Beef

I think it’s good for two more weeks.


i’m curious who the original veto players were. a draw with holly and jess seems pretty good for jack.


fairly lateral move with the repick, but this power has never a safety power it was a guarantee a backdoor power. using it was a mistake.


that was a shitty power that Jack had.


It’s only real use was a way to attempt to avoid a real backdoor. Say if Jack wasn’t on the block and didn’t get picked for the veto he could force a redraw and hope he got picked the second time. That’s pretty much the only useful thing.


Total waste in using it considering how long it is good for


The longer he held it the less power it has. Fewer people in the house means fewer people sitting out of the veto comp.


I’m really appreciating having a level-headed HOH this week; Cliff gets it and isn’t power-tripping. I never thought I’d be cheering for Boss Hogg but these HGs are some slim pick-in’s!


I honestly didn’t think he had it in him, boy was I wrong. He has been impressive this week, if he wins POV too, he really is a Boss


Same here…he got busted on Cliff notes and backed away from Nicole to save his behind but he’s come through and now sticking to his original thoughts and ideas…that’s what I call a damn good player.


Slime pickings


So Nick doesn’t want to win the next HOH and if he did he would want to put up Nicole? Omg, he is a little B!*#% Even Cliff has more balls than him! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised after seeing his noms last week.

I hope Cliff and Sam aren’t afraid of to win veto. They are already seen as “comp beasts”. Might as well go all out and show um wussup!! Eat shit Jack!


Quite the lying fest today.

Everyone is lying to everyone about everything.

I really really really want Bella gone.

But Jack or Jackson will do.


Bella crying everytime nick tries to go into a different room is insaneeeeee I don’t know how or why he would want to put up with that. Crazy


This is her MO – passive-aggressive manipulation. And Counselor Nick doesn’t see it.


No one has the balls to lie about the fries though!


What does ZOMG mean?

The Beef

It means Oh my God with a little extra Ziiiing to it!


Anyone know what was up with Jackson saying he has been pouring out the mouthwash?


He’s been trying to make the others unhappy by (1) taking four long showers so there’s no hot water (2)pouring out the mouthwash (3) throwing out food he knows they want and like such as cookie dough (4)running the hot water to wash his hands many times a day……just acting like a total immature jerk.

I can’t imagine how any company would want to hire him after this.


i thought have-nots weren’t allowed hot showers?


What a total douche – or should I say what a total Jacka**.

Joe Kerr

Come on, Cliffie! Keep that power. One of the AssBros has to go home.


I really hope Cliff wins veto. It’s the only way to ensure that this season isn’t dominated by the 9/8/6/ (whichever) alliance. I can’t stand when one side just sweeps through comp after comp… especially when the side winning consists of douches running the alliance. I am ashamed that my first impression of Jack was a good one :-/


Good God I did not need that image of Jack! His rash must be getting worse 😀


Scratch scratch scratch… ewwwww!


Jack is nuts about his nuts!


Anyone else feel like this is been the longest POV ever ?

Jack must implode

I am tired of Jack and Jackson. I hope Cliff can pull through and send one of them packing. It will be nice to see those two campaign against each other and tear the alliance they built apart!

King Silva

Please Lord Jesus let Cliff win to be 3-0 this week and have everyone shooketh at him now being a legit comp beast or let Sam continue becoming a true Veto king by winning his third Veto!

Rotten Tomato Rankings for BB 21 HG’s

Now all I need is for Jackson to use the veto on himself, Christie not to use her power, and have Cliff put up SIS and watch Jack spiral.

One can wish.